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Star Drug Store.
TsVtaVl TTrMla Toilet Soap, Perfumery, Sp-mnos, to. Try Gram* Liver Regulator
1 OOU a sura case tar all all diseases or the liver.
and sd-Presertpllonscompounded day 01 night. Orders by mall prompt
1 fNi Tl OQ attended to.
LiiC/UiLmoo. Turpentine, F'alnta, Oils, Etc.
Soda Water and Finest Syrups.
Entered at thn Bay St I/xila postoffloe as seo
ond-olaaa mail matter.
Subscription $1 per annum, in advance.
CHICAGO; Represented by Lord A Thomas.
45 Randolph street.
NEW YORK Represented by Rowell A Cos., No
10 Spruce street.
PHILADELPHIA: Represented by N. W. Ayer
A Hon, Times Building.
Publshed every Haiti rtlay. Subscription, 11.00
jptr annum, strictly in advance. No pay, no paper
Office, 3-J. Residence, 3-3.
SATURDAY, NOV. 15, 1902.
Louisville A Nashville R. R. Schedule.
Takes effect October 6lh, 1002.
south round—Arrive:
No. I—Limited passenger,dally, <:4H p m
No 2—Fast Mall, dally, 6:2sSrn
No. s—Fast Express, 4:lft pm
No. 7—Coast, Ltd. daily, ex. Sunday,..7:lo a m
No. v—Sunday Excursion 7:14 pm
north round—: Arrive.
Ko. 2—Fust mail daily 9:50 pm
No. 4—Limilod passenger, dally, 10:47 am
No. 0— Limited Express, M:sfl am
No. H—Coast, Ltd. dally ex Sunday,... 5:58 p m
No. 10—Hnnday Excursion... II:44 a m
JOHN A. OKRBN. Local Agent.
(• •
!• '•
(t ... .
There is projected for Hay St. Louis
another grocery and general merchan
dise establishment. Captain Sadler in
forms us the location will be on his
beach lot, and the building will soon he
started, next door to Breath's dry goods
store. That the business of the city is
constantly expanding and that there is
always room on the top is evident.
Already preparations are being car
ried out for the annual Christmas fete
by the ladies of the Catholic church for
the benefit of the poor of the place.
There will he no “tree entertainment”
this year but a bazaar held instead, at
the dining hall of the Clifton House.
Good Sister Agnes, foremost in the
wotk, has been out during the week in
the interest of the cause.
Anticipation is running mgii among
the young ladies and outside pupils of
Bt. Joseph’s A to fit.
Cecilia's Singing Society. On Satur
day next will lie the feast flay of the so
ciety's patron saint, and in celebration
oftfie day an excursion by rail to Ocean
Springs is planned by the sisters. The
day will be spent in picnic past-times
and a most enjoyable lime is promised.
Tho interior hallway, office and par
lor of the Clifton House is being remod
eled in a most attractive manner, and
rendering an improvement decidedly
over the former arrangement. The
walk ami briek supports are being cov
ered with Hie prettiest ceiling of natural
wood, coming from Edwards mill, and
this will be treated in hard nil effect, in
harmony with the handsome dining room
Dttill last spring. ’ - 1
The ordinance adopted at the last
meeting of the city council to embrace
more territory in view of the object
which prompted the action is to be com
mended. This will incorporate addi
tionally 1500 feet of the water front,
from the shore line out, and gives juris
diction to the authorities over such par
ties ns may tie guilty of misdemeanors
cn or around bath house property. The
wisdom of this expansion of territory is
clearly evident.
On Monday, November .‘loth, the re
gular fall term of Circuit court for Han
cock county will be held in this city.
Judge Neville will preside, with Hon. W.
A. White orosecuting attorney for the
State. The usual amount of business is
on both tho local and State dockets and
the session will consume about a week’s
time, with the usual crowd of lawyers,
litigants and witnesses in this city. The
visitors patronize hotels and boarding
houses and the local trade receives anew
impetus that will be more than welcome
at this time.
All ravages of the great August storm
of last year are being obliterated and
now all signs of visitation from the fu
rious elements are about wiped away
the work being effected gradually in a
manner that in scarcely felt by the tax
payers. For this the city administration
deserves much credit. Mayor O’Brien
is having filled with shells that part of
Front street where the breach was so
wide as to necessitate the building of a
bridge, and vehicles are now passing
over the newly-made street with securi
ty whereas over the wooden structure
in time as it would weaken danger
would be courted.
Avery pretty wedding was celebrated
Wednesday afternoon nt the church of
Our Lady of the Gulf, Very Kev, Father
Blanc officiating. The contracting par
ties were Miss Stll i Dillmann and Mr.
Alfred J. Arnold, both of this city. Mr.
H.Seubewas the best man, and Miss
Burratini maid of honor. The bride, i
1 rof Mr. and Mrs. John Dill- ,
m..r.a, well-known residents of St. 1
Charles street, was gowned most becom
ingly in Pearl gray silk with trimmings
white, with large white hat with
sweeping white ostrich plumes. The
bridegi., m is connected with a large
mercantile, establishment.
If the Mikado were to eome to Bay St.
Bbuis at the present time it would not
be difficult to have him draw upon his
imagination the belief that this was his
own flowery land, gorgeous ns the city
is with his favorite flower, the chrysan
themum. The Bay has long been noted
for its many beautiful gardens, and at
this particular time the queen of the fall
garden is reigning in spectacular splen
dor that attracts more than ordinary at
tention from every passer-by—from the
enthusiast to he whoso thoughts run to
things more prosaic. The “mums” have
captured the city, and in your outing to
morrow drive through the different
streets and view the show.
Died.—At the home of her nephew
Mr. U. C. Hart, in Bay St. Louis, Miss.’
Friday, November 14, 1802, Mrs. Eliza
beth E. Ball Hart, widow of John Hart.
The deceased was born October 27th
1825, in Yazoo county, Miss., and the
remains were taken yesterday afternoon
to Harltown, Yazoo county, for inter
ment Religious services were held at
the house yestemoon at 3 o’clock, Rev.
W. W. Cammack officiating. Mrs. Hart
had been ill quite a while and the last
two weeks death had been momentarily
expected, duo to the hardening of the
artaries leading to and from the heart
Mieses Ora nnrl Belle Word returned
Tuesday night from a day’s visit to Now
Miss Ida Edwards returned to Now
Orleans Monday morning, after a brief
visit home.
Hon. Richard Mendes delighted his
New Orleans friends Tuesday with a
visit to their midst.
Hon. E. J. Bowers and Hon. W. T. (
McDonald visited Governor Longino at|
Biloxi Monday night.
Mrs. Jno. A. Breath is spending a few
days at Biloxi on a visit to her daughter,
Mrs. James T. Eagan.
Mrs. E. J. Bowers returned home Sat
urday night from a visit to Now Orleans,
accompanied by Mr. Bowers.
Mr. John Dunn arrived from New Or
leans Wednesday and will take a clerk
ship is his uncle’s proposed store.
Mr. Fred Sutter, well known in Cres
cent City circles, was the guest of Mrs.
A. Beuchel and family last Sunday.
Mr. Wm. J. Gallup spent Sunday at
Biloxi, visiting his former employer, Mr.
Joseph Comboi and his estimable family.
Christian Dom, formerly of this sec
tion, has moved his family to Gulfport,
where ho intends settling permanently.
Mr A. G. Tamasioh was in New Or
leans Wednesday with his little son, con
sulting a specialist for the little fellow.
Friends of Prof, and Mrs. C. E. Luns
ford will leant with pleasure of the ar
rival of a little stranger at their homo at
Miss May Powers returned home on
Tuesday morning from a very delight
ful visit of several days to her friend,
Miss Cuneo.
Mr. J. M. Pilquist, a former Now Or
leanian, was in that city this week at
tending to business and meetin gold ac
Captain A. Sadler, who Has been vis
iting his son in New Orleans since last
August, returned home this week and is
glad to be at the Bay again.
Frank M. Sadler has (dosed his groce
ry business corner Valmont and An
nunciation street, New Orleans, and has
returned to his homo in this city
Miss Theresa DePnoli and Mr. Fred
DePaoli were in New Orleans Monday
to attend the marriage of their brother
Mr. Thomas J. DePaoli to Miss Nathalie
A. Land).
Dr. J. M. B. Spence has been at Lacey
during the week visiting his father and
attending the wedding of his sister Miss
Maggie to Dr. J. M. Smith of Poplar
ville, Miss.
Mr. G. Bayhi returned Sunday from
a week's stay in Now Orleans, and dur
ing the week entertained his aunt, who
arrived Monday morning from a visit to
Pass Christian.
Cashier E. H. Roberts of the Hancock
County Bank, accompanied by Mrs.
Roberts, attended the convention of tho
National Bankers' Association in New
Orleans this week.
H. H. Posey, in the employ of the G.
& S. 1. R. R, at the office of the engi
neering department, came down from
Gulfport Saturday night and spent Sun
day mingling with friends.
Rev. Irenaeus Trout from Gulfport
was a welcome visitor Tuesday between
trains. This being his first visit since
Ins departure for Missouri in August,
many frienks were glad to see him again.
Mr. M. Raynaud, popular young bus
iness man and summer resident of tho
Bay, spent from Saturday to Monday in
this city, visiting the Messrs, Edwards
and family and Dr. and Mrs. M. E.
The friends of Miss Amodine Wagner
were pleased to have her in their midst
Sunday, a visit that was of equal pleas
ure to the lady herself. Miss Wagner
was the especial guest of Mr. and Mrs.
A. Matranga and family.
Mr. Roe, the energetic and popular
representative of tho English Mfg. Cos.,
of Mobile, spent several days hero this
week in the interest of his firm. Mr.
Roe tells us Mobile is progressing at a
lively rate, and that municipal owner
ship there is successful.
After an absence of several years’ re
sidence in New Orleans, Walter Saucier
accompanied by his family, will arrive
iu a few days at the Bay, to succeed his
brother Sidney in the bakery business.
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Saucier have rent
ed the Pulatsek dwelling.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Ligon and family,
from Fulton, Ky., have arrived to be
come residents of this city and are stop
ping with Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Cameron
on Union street, waiting for the arrival
of their household effects before moving
in the dwelling they have rented.
Among the many visiters during the
last week at St. Stanislaus College are:
Mr. and Mrs. O. A Bullion, of Baton
Rouge; Mrs O. W. Bcrgg and Miss J. j
Remind, of New Orleans: Mrs. L. Mc-
Grath and Mrs. F.C. Hoffman, of Brook- i
haven; Mr. and Mrs. W. S Fluker an 1 I
Miss L. Uhlhorn, of Now Orleans; Mrs. i
Goldwaite and Mrs. M. Kernion, of New !
Orleans; Messrs. Benijah and Goo. Wil
bert, of Plaquemino; Mrs. V. M. Lefeb
ure, of Plaquemino; Mr. Edward Dunn,
of New Orleans.
While in New Orleans a few days ago
it was the editor’s pleasure to meet
Mr. Gaston G. Oardebled, the contracts 1
or and builder, who left some few weeks
since to erect a store and dwelling
building for hie brother at Lafayette,
La. Mr. Gardebled says the difficulty
of securing material has delayed him |
considerably on his contract, and it will 1
be sometime yet before ho will be ablo
to begin building. Wo were also pleas
ed to meet his brother, Mr. D. N. Gar
debled, who accompanied him.
From Pass Christian Beacon, Nov.
16th: Mr. and Mrs. John H. Lung cele
' brated their silver wedding Wednesday
' evening last, when a family reception
was held and an abundance of season-
I able refreshments served. They were
1 the recipients of many beautiful and ap
' propriate presents, and the occasion
was a most enjoyable one. With their
numerous friends the Beacon congrat
ulates them upon this happy event and
hopes they may be spared to celebrate
their golden wedding.
j ©:
Ike Bay’s
Mercantile Co.’s
i Will sell goods on the
installment plan In
the future to respon
sible parties.
: finest assortment of
Heating and Cooking
Ever shown in Bay St.
Louis, All Goods at
New Orleans prices.
Res] cctfully,
The Bay’s Mercantile Cos.
©■©■©•©•©.©© ©■©■©•© © ©
© co ©:■©:©■© © e ©■© e ©■©
IMW © ©•©'■©•©©■■©;
FOR SALE—One Bay Horse. Ap
ply to Eugene H. Roberts.
A. R. Cuevas, well-known citizen of
the county, purchased the Laeoste farm
at Ansley on Wednesday and took im
mediate possession, Mr. Laeoste and
family moving to New Orleans.
Today’s Pass Christian Beacon an
nounces that the branch of the Wood
men of the World of that place will give
another excursion to Now Orleans abont
the middle of December. Prom this it
is apparent there are barrels of the coin
in this excursion business.
The Echo learned this week from pri
vate source of the critical illness from
Bright’s disease of Judge W. G. Hen
derson, formerly of this city, when he
was collector of customs under the Har
rison administration, This morning’s
Biloxi’s Herald confirms the report ns
follows; “Judge W. G. Henderson is
critically ill at his home, with an attack
, affecting his kidneys. His health has
! been somewhat feeble for a long time,
duo partly to his advanced age, but not
until last week did ho take to his bed.
Since then he has grown gradually
worse, and his family is alarmed about
his condition.” Judge Henderson has
many warm friends in Bay St. Louis
and the nows of his demise would be re
ceived with profound sorrhw.
The city has very wisely caused a tel
ephone to be placed at the residence of
the marshal for the convenience and
safety of the public needing by day or
night, the latter time particularly, such
police protection as occasion may de
mand. The territory embraced by the
city limits is so vast as to render it
impossible for the marshal to effectively
patrol it, and by means of a tetophone
he may he had any time day or night.
Every day he may he found at the City
Hall from 9 to II a. m., Alderman von
Gohren having introduced a resolution
to this effect at the last meeting of the
Board, which was adopted. Dr. von
Gohren is making a splendid alderman,
introducing new measures that regulate
the municipality’s working.
A" sncakT thiel entered Miss Carrie
Terry's room at the home of Mrs. Bos
well Monday and stole her purse con
taining thirty-eight dollars. There is
no clue to the thief. Brookhaven Miss.,
Times, November t.lth.
Although the Times carries no adver
tisement to that effect, we are under the
impression Brookhaven has the usual
banking facilities offered to the public
in a community of that size, and had
Miss Carrie (unless special occasion de
manded it) carried less money in her
purse and placed the balance in bank
for safe-keeping the foregoing would
have no occasion to appear in print. Our
local renders who have failed to take ad
vantage of the security offered by the
Hancock County Bank should open an
account with this well-known institu
A called meeting of the I. H. H. and
L.Piro Cos., No. 1, was held at the com
pany’s meeting room on the corner of
Unicn and Second streets Tuesday even
ing, with President Mendes in the chair.
There was a goodly attendance and after
the object of the mooting was announc
ed to be the discussion of ways and
means to raise funds to enable the con
struction of a two-story truck house and
hall combined much enthusiasm pre
vailed and several ways of raising nec
essary funds discussed at length. The
result of the discussion on ways and
means finally resulted that a speedy and
profitable means would ha first to secure
the hall; that within its walls could be
held a series of sociables, balls and other
forms of amusements now not to be had
for the lack of hall facilities in the pity.
With what funds are on hand, that with
one more “benefit” and by public sub
scription sufficient money could be real
ized to commence the building and to se
cure its completion. The company has
taken the matter up in earnest and is
determined to push It to early fruition.
Next summer will find Bay St. Louis
equipped with at least one public hall.
We owe it to oqro"'vesand to bur city.
Stand hy your ho;no paper if you want
it to stand by you. The Newton Record
takes occasion to give this food for re
flection: “The Laurel Chronicle has
added a Simplex typesetting machine to
[ its equipment and increased the size of
its paper to ten pages, all home print.
There is not a bettor or neater paper in
the State. Another paper whicn has all
along been par excellence, and which
has increased its size of late, is the Ya
zoo Sentinel. One reason for the suc
cess of these two papers Is the fact that
' they have ablo and progressive men at
| the helm, hut another reason, just as
necessary for success, is the fact that
people of the towns In which they arc
published are full of thrift, enterprise
and energy, and appreciate the value of
a live paper and also the value of judi
cious advertising for themselves, and
they are accorded liberal patronage.
These papers not only advertise indivi
dual firms, but they advertise the town
in general, and were it not for these
hustling newspapers not one-tenth of
the outsiders that now know what ex
cellent towns Laurel and Yazoo City are
would be aware of the fact. The news
paper is a medium through which the
people of a town and county toll what
they Jiave done, what they are doing,
what they can do and what they will do.
It is a wise plan to stand by your homo
paper if you want it to stand by you.”
Notice for Publication.
, _ Departmmtof tho Interior, >
Mnd Office at Jsclwon, Mtaa . Nor. 11. tHB.
Notice la hereby (rlren that the following
settler has Med notice of hia Intention to
make final proof In support of his claim, and that
said proof will bo made before the Circuit Clerk,
Hancock county, at Bay Bt. Louis, Miss., on De
nemt’er 22,1'JtK. rls: Lowta V. Smith, H. E. No.
51827 for the S, E. 1-4 8. W. 1-4 Section 18. T. S
S., It. IA West of St. .Stephen’s Meridian.
He names tho following witnesses to prore his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
ssM land, vli; William P. Me, James R. Hester,
James C. Breland. Loreni Ladner, all of Caeaar,
Mississippi. FRED. W. COLLIffo, Register.
Notice for Publication.
. . Department of the Interior. /
Land Office at Jackson, Miss., Nor. 4, 1(102 j
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has llled notice of his Intention to
make final proof In support of hlsclalm, and that
said proof will be made before tho Circuit Clerk.
Hancock county, at Bay St. Mills, Miss., on
December Id, 1108, viz George W. Walker Jr ,H.
E. No. 81580 tor the S 1-2 I.ots :i and 4 and l-ot S,
Bee. J. T. (1 8., R. 1H West of St. Stephen’s Me
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of said
land, via; ClaltKirne C. Heal. Jam™ H. Stewart,
Alfred p. Megehee. Jamea L. Megehee, all of
Picayune, Mississippi.
FRED. W. COLL/NS. Register.
Notice for Publication.
. . Department of the fntmior, I
land Office at Jackson, Miss,, Oct. uf, 1(103. i
Notice IS hereby given that the fbflowlng
rtamed settler has filed notice of his Intention to
make final proof In support of his claim, and that
sa proof win ho made before tho Circa ft Clerk
of Hancock county, at Bay St. Mills, MOW,, 08
December 17, l*B, viz: Albert L. Lnmpklmr. H
E. No. .Ki.VSu tor the W l-2SEI-4 Beo.il. T. *B.,
R. 11l West of St. Stephen’s Meridian.
He names the following witnesses to prove-hts
continuous residence upon and cultivation of said
i!. 1 ”!; T AN ARUS!?: Kaln. Silas Penton, Eugene
Wells, Emanuel Penton, all of Taeey, Miss.
FRED W. COLLINS. Register.
rr r. BOWERS, W. T. M" DONALD, p. b. H.CHAFFIf
Bar 8t Fault, Miss. New Orleans, La
Bowers Chaffe & McDonald,
Offices—Hancock County Bank Building,
Hay 81. Louis. Miss., and Rooms E. and F. Mor
rls building, New Orleans, La.
Practice In the State and Federal Oourta’of
Mississippi and T/iulsfana.
Office—Hancock Cbunty Bank Building.
Buy St. Louis, Miss.
K.!S I Physician
2tosp. m. j and Surgeon,
Offlee Front, near Ilend ,
Union Streets, . . ,
Residence— Gilmore Fayard’s House, Keller
•venue, Office—Main street. Hancock County
Bank Building. Honrs, 10 to 11 a. m.,to op. m
Cumberland Telephone No. 81.
Farm For Sale.
Seven teen and one-half acres, with four-room
house, stable mid sheds, all under fence, and part
under cultivation; 6000 grape vines, assorted
fruit trees, hogs, cows and chickens; one good
wagon. Located on Main street, 2 miles from
boac* M. MELITO, Bay Ht. Louis.
Gaston G. Gardebled,
Contractor and Builder,
Contracts taken for small and large Jobs. Esti
mates made free,and plans and designs obeef
fully furnished. A liberal share of patronage
solicited. Orders left at Gardebled'a Drug Store
will receive prompt attention Residence on
Carroll avenue
LT M. QEX, Agt.,
General Merchandise, Fancy and
Staple Groceries.
Comer Ilanoookjand Washington Sts./Bsv St
Louis, Miss.
Illinois Central
Railroad. Effective November 2,1902, there will
bo Inaugurated by tho Illinois Central 11. R. Cos., a
and St. Paul
via Rockford. Freeport, Dubuque, Waterloo
and Albert Lea. over which
will be maintained constating of a fast vestibule
night train, the ’Limited,” handsome
ly equipped with
Through Sleeping Cur.
Through Buffet-Library Oar.
Through Reclining Chair Car.
Dining Car Service Enßouto.
This line will be convenient for patrons of th<-
Illinois Central's lines In northern Illinois and
eastern lowa, and particularly so for those from
south of Chicago,. *.sit connects In same statlor.
at Chicago with trains of the Central from the
south. A special descriptive folder of this new
service as full particulars concerning the above
can be had of agents of the Illinois Central and
connecting lines.
General Passenger Agent, Chicago.
University Oississsppi.
Next Session Opens September 18, 1902.
Twenty - five schools in
in Departments of Science, Lite
rature and the Arts; Professional
courses in law; Electrical Engineering,
Mining Engineering, Pedagogy.
to men ana women, except in Law
School. All expenses very low. At
tractive location. Complete water, sew
er, lighting and heating systems. Per
fect sanitation. Purest deep well water.
Enlarged scientific equipment in now
buildings. Special accommodations for
women students. Special opportunities
for students of limited means.
Session of 1902-03 opens September
18th, 1902; Summer Term, 1903, opens
June Ifi. For catalogue or special in
formation regarding courses or expenses
address, R, B. Pulton, Chancellor,
University. 'Ho-.
WoidlmvD Suinwry anti Musical lusmuir,
0 0 0
A boarding-school for girls. Compe
tent and experienced instructors. Pri
mary, Intermediate and Academic de
partments. Thorough course in music
and art. Beautiful and healthful loca
tion. In the foothills of the Blue Ridge
Mountain. All the surroundings of a
Christian home. Expenses very mode
rate. Send for circulars.
EDGAR STINSON, M. Sc., Principal.
typewriter H
ihe World's Columbian Expoal- l|
1897 GRAND FR,X ■*•"*) P
iS 1808 DlnoMA OF honor H
I highlit anard) at Luxembourg. Hj[
m 1899 D, c p h LOMA OF HONOR B
3 <9OO AND PRIX .outranking all IBw j
mcdxli ) at Pam. -■,
% 1001 adopted as officialdom
j!<p y TYPEWRITER Of Pan.
; , *
B y Lord Tennyton , !
■ 3 i -i . .. .. ] J
| "THE BUGLE SONG” la universally considered one of the flneat. If < •
not the very flneat, of abort English poems. In writing of Tennyson,
i Dr. Henry Van Dyke, the American preacher-poet, says, “He hn* the
* power of expressing the vague, delicate, yet potent emotions, the , ,
feelings that belong to the twilight of the heart, when the glow of , ,
J love and the shadow of regret are mingled, In melodies of words oa < •
, simple and as magical as the chime of farolt bells or the echoes of a ' ’
< i bugle call dying among the hills." '
!| - •
< ■ HR splendor falls on castle walls J [
] ' Ami snowy summits old In story; t >
V f M i 11,0 long shakes across the bikes,
< > I mv’bJß And the wild cataract leaps In glory. , ,
A,‘.-: Blow, bugle, blow! set the wild echoes flying;
i I Blow, bugle; answer, echoes—dying, dying, dying! < I
\ i Oh hark, oh hear! how thin and clear, < .
1 > And thinner, clearer, further golngl _____ < '
I O sweet and far, from cliff and scar, Jflff , I
The horns of Glflnnd faintly blowing! ] J
i I Blow! let us hear the purple glens replying; b < .
< ■ Blow, bugle; answer echoes—dying, dying, dying! < I
O love, they die In yon rich sky;
I I They faint on hill or field or river: I ,
] ‘ , Our echoes roll from soul to soul, JSa. J [
< > And grow forever and forever. SttAEaJl . >
] J Blow, bogle, blow! set the wild echoes flyfng, ] [
, > And answer, echoes, answer— dying, dying, dying! < .
An Ordinance enlarging the Imundarios
of the City of Hay St. Louis so as to
embrace additional territory not em
braced within the limits of said city.
Bo it ordiiinod by the Board of Mayor
and Aldermen of the City of Buy Saint
Section 1. That the existing bounda
ries of said, city are enlarged so as to
embrace the following additional terri
tory, beginning at the water's edge on
the south side of the Bay St. Lotus, or
Mississippi Sound, where the .line be
tween ranges 13 and 14 intersect same,
thence north 45 degrees east 1500 foot;
thence southerly along amt parallel with
the shore and 4500 feet from the mime U>
a point 1500 feet oast of the point where
the north boundary lino of .fames Mc-
Connell’s land intersects the waters of
the Mississippi Sound, thence- northerly
along the water’s edge of the Mississip
&l Sound and Bay St. Goiiis to point of
Be it further ordained. That the boun
daries of the City of Bay St. Lotos, af
ter enlarging the same as hereinbefore
provided, stuili boas follows: Beginn
ing at a stake at the water's edge af the
Mississippi Sound, at a stoke where the
north boundary line of James McCon
nell’s intersects said Mississippi Sound,
thence running north 70 feet along said
boundary lino to the township line, be
tween Townships 8 and If, south of range
4 W, thence west to the comer of Sec
tions 36-36-2-1, Township 8 8. Range
14 W., thence north-easterly to the cor
ner of Sections 25-30-36-91, Township 8,
thence south on the line be I ween Ranges
13 and 14, Township 8, where the same
intersects the waters of the Bay St.
Louis; thence north 45 degrees east’ 1500
feet east of the place of beginning.
Section It. Be it further ordained that
this ordinance shall take effect one
month from this date, and the same
shall be published for three weeks in
the Sea Coast Echo, and copies thereof
posted for three weeks in three public
places in said city.
Approved m open board November 3,
1902. B. E. O’BRIEN, Mayor.
Attest: Richard Mendes, Sec’y.
Notice is hereby given that the May
or and Aldermen of the City of Bay St.
Louis, Hancock (Sounty, Mississippi,
propose at their regular meeting on Sat
urday, December 0, 1902, to issue the
bonds of said city in the sum of SIO,OOO,
or so much thereof as may be necessary,
for the purpose of raising money for the
erection and furnishing of a city hall
t > be erected on some site hereafter select
ed and the purchase of land for a site there
for, for the City of Bay St. Louis.
E. E. O’BRIEN, Mayor.
Attest: Richard Mendes, Sec’y.
Notice is hereby given that the Mayor
and Board of Aldermen of the City of
Bay St. Louis, Hancock county, Missis
sippi, propose at their regular meeting,
on Saturday, December <>, 1902, to issue
the bonds of said city in the sum of
SI3OOO or so much thereof, as may be
necessary, for the purpose of raising
money for the erection or purchase of
an electric light plant aed purchase of
liuid for a site therefor for the city of
sippi to see that the law is enforced to
Bay 9t. Louis.
E. E. O’BRIEN Mayor.
Attest: Richard Mendes, Sec’y.
Notice is hereby given that sealed
proposals will be received by the Board
of Mayor and Aldermen for the painting
of the public school and furnishing ma
terial tor same, according to specifica
tions on file at the Secretary's office.
Bids will be opened at the December
Term, 1902 The Board reserves the
right to reject any and all bids.
By order of the Board.
Bay St. Louis, Miss., Nov. 8, 100?.
To the Honorable Board of Mayor and
Aldermen, of the City of Bay Saint
Lcuis,in Hancock county, Mississippi;
I, John Payard, a male person over
the age of twenty-one years and a re
sident of said city, do hereby apply to
your honorable body to grant me a li
cence in my name to sell and retail in any
quantity vinous, alcoholic, malt, intox
icating or spirituous liquors at my place
of business located on the corner of
RaHroad uvenuo and Keller avenue in
I said city, known as the Gilmore House,
upon my compliance with the law in
reference thereto.
To the Honorable Board of Mavor and
Aldermen, of the City of Bay Saint
Louis, in Hancock county, Mississippi;
V our'potiiionors whoso signatures are
hereunto undersigned, respectfully show
that each of us are legal and qualified
voters of the city of Bay St. Louis, Mis
sissippi, and are residents of said city
and that each of us do hereby recom
mend John Payard, a resident of said
city, to be of good reputation and a sober
ana suitable person to receive a license
as applied for by him, as appears for in
the foregoing, to sell and retail in any
quantity vinous, alcoholic, malt, intox
icating or spirituous liquors at his place
of business In said city, as related in his
applica'ion, and your petitioners will
ever pray,
James Gilmore Payard,
Ferdinand Henry Egloff,
Alphonse Payard,
Etienne Ladner,
Frank Claude Bormond,
Louis Spotomo,
Louis Natale Clement Spotorno.
Oscar Lagniel,
Willie Joseph Gallup,
Joseph Laurent,
Prank Joseph Taconi, Jr.,
Anthony GabrieiToma ,ich.
John Joseph
Prank Sr.,
George WilliftflHHßrd,
Bears the The Kind You Haw Always Bought
Peter Ramond,
Claudius Eugene Saucier,
Leopold Bangard,
Cyrillo Bourgeois,
Andrew Theodore Manieri,
Johh Osoinach,
Sylvan Ladner, ’
Alcide Moran,
Cyril Ladner,
George Muller,
Richard Mendes,
Robert Warner Peter Joseph Toulmo,
Charles George Moreau,
Waiter Joseph Gex,
August Taconi,
Joseph Evariste Saucier;
Daniel Butler Seal,
Thomas Joseph Conway,
Hector McKenzie Graham,
Alcide Ladner,
August Rcherges,
Frank Pahre,
Felix Joseph Payard,
Theodore Jacob Braun,
Jefferson Rmelker,
Robert Pulton O’Brien,
Martin Luther Ansloy,
Johny Bnsford,
John William Colson,
Robert Eager Maynard.
•Carl Beecher,
Paul Dillmann,
William Lucien Bourgeois,
Joseph Leon Pavre,
Horrnogeno Edmond Nicaise,
Peter Capdepon,
Henry Egloff,
Joseph Victor Bontempa,
Joseph May Bogle Spenoe,
Luoien Myrtle Gex,
John Dillmann,
Pasqual Lutzzi,
James Henry Breath,
Prank Joseph fjidncr,
Philip John Schcib,
Peter Joseph Boudin,
Robert Hypolite Poire,
Henry Francis Cuneo,
Honors Moreau,
Albert Eugene Joyner,
James William Watts,
Henry Roi Picealuga,
George Rodolph,
Peter Tudury,
Edwjtrd Charles Joseph Gardebled,
George Weinberg,
Patrick James McGinn,
Charles Peter Taconi,
Paul John Chauvet,
Charles Edward Ham,
Charles Helmstotter,
Jesse August Cowand,
Charles Tavlor Cowand,
Otto Sange,,
Bernard Strong,
Daniel Butler Bordage,
Conrad Sick,
Henry Betz,
John Monti, Jr.,
Peter Paul Combol,
Andre Bankston,
Bertrand Bordage,
Claud Monti,
Albert Monti,
Henry Scubo,
Robert Christian Engman,
Julius Sohwall,
Eugene Ladner,
Arstrido Ladner,
Alfred Carver, Sr.,
Felix Valanan Saucier,
Charlie Hillcn,
David Riddle,
Charles Sanger,
Frank Clement Bordage, Jr.,
Prank Dillmann,
Thomas Ames,
Frederick Laurent,
William Lubin Gamier,
Eugen" Dupre,
Hypnlita Augustin Perre,
Harry Hood Beyer,
Leon Bartholomew Capdepon,
Michael Dougherty,
George Hypolitc Combel,
Robert Joseph Murtagh,
Andrew Vassalli,
Walter Duglass Maynard,
Albert Joseph Carver,
John Smith,
Joseph Combel.
Thoophilo Combel,
Henry Thomas Payard,
James Victor Dunbar,
Charlie Alfred Breath,
Optine Richard,
Joseph Diverlo Saucier,
Oscar Roman Carvor,
Ludwig Harman von Gohren,
James August Taconi,
State of Mississippi,!
Hancock County. (
This is to certify that the foregoing is
a true copy of the original as the same
remains on file at my office.
Witness my han 1 an 1 seal this 4th dav
of November, A. D. 1902. 1
Secretary City of Bav St. Louis.
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