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|| ' ' “.*J| ; $ I
|Mrs. L. C. Glover, Vice Pres. Milwaukee,!
” r
Wis., Business Woman’s Association, is
another one of the million women who
have been restored to health by using
Lydia E* Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
*‘DBAS Mbs. Pixkham: I was married for several years and no children
blessed my home. The doctor said I had a complication of female troubles
and I coaid not have any children unless I oould be cured. He tried to cure
me, but after experimenting for several months, my husband became dis
gusted, and one night when we noticed n testimonial of a woman who had
beep wed of similar trouble through the use of Lydin E. I’lnUlmm’s
VeijCCtaWo Compound, he went out and bought a bottle for me. I used
your medicine for three and one half months, Improving steadily in health,
and in twenty-two months a child esma. 1 cannot fully express the joy and
thankfulness that Is iu my heart. Our home is a different place now, as wo
to live for. and all the credit Is duo to Lydin E. Pinkhnm’s
Vegetable Compound. Yours very sincerely, Mbs. L. C. Glover, 014 Orovo
St., .Milwaukee, Wla," Vico President, Milwaukee business Woman's Ass’n.
Women should not fail to profit by the experience of these two
women; Just as sorely as they were cured of the troubles onumo
ratod la their letters. Just so certainly will Lydin E. IMnkhnin’s
Vegetable Compound euro others who ftuffer from womb troubles,
Inttammuflon or the ovaries, kidney troubles, nervous excitability,
and nervous prostration ; remember that It Is Lydin E. Pink
hantfryeKetable Compound that Is curing women, ami don’t allow
nny druggist to sell you anything else In Its place.
An Indiana Lady Tells of a Wonderful Cure:
H I ••-*
“Dbab Mrs. Piskram : It is a pleasure
, It for me to write and toll what your wonderful
medicine has done for me. 1 was sick for
three years with change of life, and my
w wi physician thought a cancerous condition of
■n <5? QNk the womb. During these three years 1
■ B ’ la VI suffered untold agony.
ff msS3 press my bsd feelings. I did not expect to
yg JfeJf over see another well day. I read some of the
' ty V*—testlrnomsU recomundlng your medicine and
■■■PS? , decided to write to you and give your treat-
Vpo.' \ t ment a trial.
1 /"tT / l J ~~ ' “ Before I had taken half a bottle of
I / J Lydia E. Plnkiiam’s Vegetable Com
< f pound, I began to sleep. 1 bare taken now
'./ \ \ six bottles and am so well I can do all kinds
sWSSK, I VI * I of work.” —Mrs. Lizzib Hiauix, Salem, Ind.
If there is anything in your cose about which you would like
ip(W>l advice, write freely to Mrs. Pink bum. Bbe can surely help
you, mv no person In America can speak from a wider experience
la mating female Ills. Address is Lynn, Mass.; her advice Is free
and always helpful.
i mmnSltlft FO VIP KIT If w * cannot forth wl produce the original letter* and aignaturee of
--v I,t 111 above testimonials, which will prove their absolute genuliienoer.
lOOJUUU Lydin K. Plnkham Med. Cos., Lyna, Mum,
Sjfemighten Your Hair
Slf ***• ® l, rt s oat of I*. nv\k it soft snd fflowsy
f by nslnff
R I (nnwvHK or TMirATiofl )
SBSPiH one i wA#k—that hll thst is neo-
I- oft . "JHcr hAIP sn-t hsslthy n*lp sr
I Maksi th b*lr grow. too.
I Bny it of yonr dnurcrtat. or sond ns tht prlo*
I In stamp*.
Louisville, Ky.
I"Sr "our TiverTiakel
BtW fnjiutlgo os Itrth
El offer.
n immense stock of fine
it wns recently closet
il* of this country. W
results will bo trlra
batin liiitmf, sud tbs i
Write today for sam*
pe measure We sbeo-
UuntsTllle, Ala.
'mic* Good. Use PfS
British Statesmen Rewarded by Thel
In former times members of tin
British parliament, who serve now en
tlrely without pay, wore rewarded fo:
their services by the constituonciei
which they represented. However
the member took big reward mon
often In goods than in specie, a no
surprising matter, seeing that nione;
was not the common possession o
those from whom he levied tribute
The last payment freely made o:
which there Is record was that whlcl
Andrew Marvell received. It was i
barrel or herrings. In 1677 parlla
ment formally discontinued payment
of Itself, but the practice had beei
gradually lapsing for some time, foi
ten years earlier Samuel Pepys hoc
lamented the disappearance of tb<
paid member, "so the parliament h
oecome a company of men unable t(
five account for the Interest of th<
place they serve for,” The old pak
member was very much the servant oi
the house. He dared be absent onlj
By permission of the speaker, on pen
ally of a fine equal to about |260, U
iddltion to the stoppage of bis wages;
while Imprisonment was at times sub
itituted. Further, the members whe
appeared at the house later than 8 a
oi., and so missed prayers, were pen
allied, not even the speaker being ex
empt from the order as to attendance
sr pajAnent of penalty in case of r
New Use for Aluminum.
Aluminum ie superior to any sßone
for sharpening cutlery.
Dark Hair
“ thsve used Ayer’s Hair Vigor
for a great many years, and al
though I am past eighty years of
age, yet I have not a gray hair in
my bead.”
Geo. Yetlott, Towson, Md.
We mean all that rich,
dark color your hair used
to have. If it’s gray now,
no matter; for Ayer’s
Hair Vigor always re
stores color to gray hair.
Sometimes it makes the
hair grow very heavy and
long; and it stops falling
of the hair, too.
$1.09 a bottle. All tfranfsU.
If your dniffgiat cannot anpply you,
t*nd us ono dollar and w* will express
you a bottle. Be sure and giro the name
of yooi nearest express oltTcs. Address, 9
J.C. AYLB CO.. Lowell, Maas. §
■ APWimwio wwwmrwbwr>-
l Ofmil. at Turnip ami P,i4?
milAdJ IMsganta.
Many jpqsKm# been mdoiy
Inoeked-to fmir that s’flower for which
H'lluips they gnva a ccnslderable sum
iml .which they took to bo genuino
irovod subsequently to bo artificial in
.■very particular, Within our owu cx
jerlcnoe not long ago the nttentfon of
i gentleman sitting at dinner was
irawn to the fact that bis shirt /rout
ind coat were gradually being cov
;red with streaks of a brilliant red
;olor. He was wearing a bright car
latlon in Ills buttonhole which at quite
i short distance, as It appeared subsc
luently, deceived perfectly. Even the
icrfume was admired. The “flower”
tmd just bscn watered to freshen It
ind it was then seen that on the water
iropj detaching themselves they were
}f a brilliant red color, while the "car
nation” gradually assumed a faint va
riegated appearance owing to some of
the coloring matter being washed out.
Sonoral Incredulity was expressed
that, at first sight, the flower could
t>e anything but real. A laboratory
examination, however, soon brought
the whole truth to light, and the re
mits are remarkable and certainly a
rrodlt to the Ingenuity of the designer.
There was not the vestige of a carna
tion about it. The "flower” consisted
>f slices of turnip nentiv cut and dyed
with acid magenta; the stems and
leaves were of twisted cloth dyed a
lark green with chromium, the bloom
was a very tine starch powder deli
cately dusted over the stem* and
leaves; nud the support to the whole
clever fabric was a concealed iron
wire. A synthetic ember-colored oil
known ns “oelllet” completed the de
ception In giving a perfume wonderful
ly Imitative of the genuine carnation.
Altogether we con hardly conceive of
\ cleverer deceit and it Is satisfactory
to he able to add that so far as our
observations went It is free from posi
tive harm except to wearing apparel.
On carefully searching the various
materials for irritating substance* and
poisonous metals we could not obtain
the slightest evidence that such were
present. It is clearly possible, how
ever, that the colors used for artificial
(lowers may contain substances inju
rious to health, such as, for example,
arsenic.—X-aucet. 'i
The only way to have a friend is to
be one.
A show of daring oft conceals great
What we learn with pleasure we
never forget.
It is easy to tell a He, but bard to
tell only one lie.
A rolling stone does not make much
of an up-hill fight.
A maximum of talk ts a sign of a
minimum of thought.
The man who is satisfied with him
self does not want much.
In (lie game of love, diamonds often
rank higher than hearts.
True merit Is like a river, the deeper
It Is the less noise it makes.
It is not every man who can save bis
money and still remain popular.
The younger a man is the more you
can flatter him by calling him a cynic.
When a man does not know what to
say, Ills attitude is often mistaken for
dignified silence.
Even the people who are always ex
pecting the worst to happen may some
limes be disappointed.
.Sometimes a man is willing to re
main at the foot of the ladder for the
purpose of pulling others down.—An
Brick Venn. Wooden Dwelling..
Experience show* that the average
two and one-half story house with
the usual fittings can be built for three
nr four dollars per square foot of
ground covered, according to the qual
ity of finish desired. The advance in
the cost of building has been from
twenty to thirty per cent. In the past
ten years.
Many architects rrgo their clients,
where they can afford It, to build of
brick rather than woed. The cost of
brick is relatively loss to-day than
It used to be. Wood shrinks, and
swells, and burns. Wood has to te
painted, and grows shabby with time.
Brick takes on a better tone and text
ure with time; does not shrink and
swell, and won't burn. Vines will
grow on the brick wall; repairs ars
less; Insurance rates are less; the brick
bouse Is cooler in summer and much
more economically heated In winter,
and built with a hollow wall It le en
tirely free from dampness. The cost
of a brick over a wooden house is ten
to fifteen per cent., as a general thing.
Rut the difference is made up in
smaller bill* for coal and paint—Good
The Bible Brick.
E. O. Acbeson, of Niagara Fails,
while be was searching for the best
clay to make crucibles, read the state
ments in the fifth chapter of Exodus
about the use of straw and stubbie In
the manufacture of ancient Egyptian
bricks. He procured some straw, had
it boiled and mixed the dark red liquid
thus obtained with clay. He found
that the plasticity was greatly In
creased. Investigation showed that the
tannin was the active agent, and
when he treated over clay with a solu
tion of tannin In water he obtained
surprising results. The strength and
plasticity of the clay are increased and
the tendency to shrink and waiv le
greatly reduced. In this process sun
drying is far superior to burning, and
in ten days the clay is better tempered
than in mouths or even years by the
old process.
A New Indnttrj.
The mending of expensive Bilk stock
ings is anew profession which Is not
overcrowded, and which pays exceed
ingly well the few women who are
fitted for it. A single evening’s danc
ing often rubs a hole In a silk stocking
and there are comparatively few
women who are rich enough or ex
travagant enough to discard an ex
jenslve pair on that account. Nearly
ill the better class shops employ one
or more expert darners and pay them
well. These women are able to match
the weave of the stocking so precisely
that tiie darn is absolutely Impercept
ble. They also crochet or knit a Set!
to certflctlon,
One* on a time there was a man who now
made mistakes. ...
And all the people stared at him and aaid,
"For pity sakes,
It must be very nice to find ones life a
grand tweet aong;
To bo ao very proper that you never can
go wrong.
But soon he grew ao lonely that he knew
not what to do,
For conversation always ceased when lie
came into view;
Ilia moat surpassing qualities each praised
with ail his heart;
But each seemed quite relieved when ho
was ready to depart.
So ho bought himself a parrot—the project
caused him pain.
And studiously set to work and learned a
word profane;
And still he wasn’t happy, fur the gossips
raised a fuss.
And aaid, “Ain’t he deceitful! Why, he’s
human, just like us.”
—Washington Star.
“No one should over Judge (lint man
by the company ho keeps." “Why?"
“He's the warden of our Jail."—Troy
She—“ Which do you prefer, a blonde
or a brunette?" He-“ Both! a blonde
girl and a brunette veranda."—lndian
apolis Sun.
When invited to —eddings
We oft contract debts
By sending our presents
Instead of regrets.
—Philadelphia Record,
“Whnt kind of lend pencil is best for
writing n love letter?” asked the blush.
Ing maiden, "Soft," replied the prac
tical man, with a laugh.—Chicago
Mrs. Kiilckcr—“la Mr*. Amos a well
informed woman?” Mrs. Bockcr—
"Yes. Indeed; her cook has lived with
all the other families in the neigh
borhood.”—New Yorker.
"We had planned an ideal life; love
In u collage and all that, you know."
“Well, why did you not carry It out?”
"The man who owned the cottage In
sisted on rent In advance.”—Houston
Maud—" You cnu't make me believe
an opal Is an unlucky stone. I was
wearing one when I first met Henry.”
Irene—"lt certainly brought good luck
—to you. What was Henry wearing?”
—Chicago Tribune.
She—" They don’t seem happy to
gether. He once told me that bis wife
was the light of his life.” He-“Ah—
but the light was always going out."
She (catching the Idea)—"And leaving
him entirely In the dark."—Punch,
Young Short was only five lect two,
H is girl was six feet one,
Anil, though they oft would bill and coo,
■No kissing e’er was done.
The nai ling ho would ne’er prolong,
hut hastily would snv; "So long!”
—Philadelphia Record.
Kmbryo Artist—'“What do you think
of that for a painting? You wouldn’t
believe that Is the first thing I ever
completed, would you?” Careful Crit
ic—"l might think so, but 1 wouldn’t
say so for anything. ’-Boston Tran
"Our minister gave voice to some
great thoughts in his talk this morn
ing.” said tho good deacon. "Yes,"
replied the village librarian, "thoughts,
In fact, that bnvo been thought by
some of our greatest thinkers.’’—Chi
cago News.
"I should think yon would be ambi
tious for political distinction.” "No.”
answered Mr. Cumrox.’T don’t care for
It. My daughter has studied paint
ing and her pictures of mo arc funny
enough without calling j;i the aid of
any professional cartoonist."—’Wash
ington Star.
Mrs. Patty—"Do you really think Dr.
Duckman Is a skilful physician?” Mrs.
Ulhlin (the patient)—"l don't know so
much about that. But he has such n
disquieting way with him! When I
said I Imped I shouldn't he hurled
alive, he said he'd look out for (hat.
Wasn’t that thoughtful of him?”—
Boston Transcript.
On* Method of Iledaclng Fleafi.
“I tried medicine until I wns sick,
dieting until I wns almost starved,
pulley weights until I wns weary, and
walking until my feet ached, before I
found out that tho modern skyscraper
is the fat man’* best friend If he wants
to take off flesh,” said a man who has
an office In the Empire Building, on
Broadway. “There are enough fat
postmen and fat policemen In town to
demonstrate that walking alone will
not reduce flesh. But what Is the mat
ter with walking up twelve or fifteen
flights of stairs Instead of taking the
elevator? That will take off flesh Just
as surely as mountain climbing, and
It has the immense advantage of being
convenient and Inexpensive. I walk
up twelve flights three times a day,
taking about fifteen minutes each time.
In two weeks’ time I have token off
so much weight that I am able to do
half the distance two steps at a time.
But that's work to wind an athlete.
Try It.”
How Ants Make and Hold ftlaven.
Not the least wonderful fact about
ants is the way In which they kidnap
and enslave other ants. In Harper's,
Professor Henry C. McCook, President
of the American Entomological Society,
writes entertainingly of the slave-mak
ing ants, their methods of kidnaping
and their military strategy. Professor
McCook Is an authority upon his sub
ject, and has for many years expended
much time and energy In personal
study of ant life, to the literature of
which he has contributed several Im
portant volumes. He has had a varied
career, having been chaplain both In
the Civil end Cuban wars. He Is now
pastor of the Tabernacle Presbyterian
Church of Philadelphia.
Too Many Stones.
Ted, aged four years, whose home
was on the wide prairie, was visiting
his aunt in the Great Smoky Moun
tains. Never having walked before on
rocky mountain roads be bad many
falls. After one of these tumbles he
Inquired: “Auntie, vhat docs make
so many stones here?” To which she
replied: “God put the stones hero,
Teddy.” “Well,” he responded earn
estly. after a little thought, "I’m very
glad He didn't put sc many • tones la
a hmer'was-^Z^
OUTHT of a high
sg er recommendation
. arT y than I can tlml
Affl words to express."
WWgUf ■ This Is what Mr.
VW I J. H. Flangmnn (of
—. W W I Sherman, T e x.)
say* of Doan’s
Kidney Pills. He
tells his experience In the following
words; He says, “Sometime In Septem
ber I was taken with a dull aching pain
across the small of my back, directly
over the kidneys. 1 paid small attention
to this at flrnt, thinking It would pass
off. Hut Instead of getting better It
became worse and In a short time the
pain centered through my left hip and
pain across down my ,e
[jL „ as far as the knee."
f/fc Small Or This Is precisely
*what kidney trou
ble will do with the
It docs not al
ways show Itself
at first, but ap
pears Just In this
way, when some
unusual movement
or action brings
sharp pains and
exhaustive aches,
telling of sick kid
So Mr. Plang
mnn's experience bore this out.
Continuing, ho says: “I did not
know the cause of the trouble, but
I am led to believe now that It was
first brought about by Jumping In and
out of the wagon and In some way I
may have strained my back.
“I was constantly growing worse," he
continues, "and I became very much
alarmed about my condition. I knew
that something had to be done or serious
results were sure to follow. I went to
a specialist here In Sherman, and under
went a rigid examination.”
Then he relate* how the doctor told
him that It was n serious case, but that
he could cure him for fifty dollars.
Powerful Music.
Whon tho big organ commenced to
play In tho Sydney Town Hall tho
vibration caused by Its 42f00t open
diapason pipes broke several windows
and brought down a few hundred
weight of plaster from tho root. The
other day some member of u Now
York choir had a rehearsal. They
sang their fortissimo passages with
such vigor that tho colling collapsed
upon their heads.
Tl Frenoli Kamulir.
The number of recruits accepted for
the French army for 11*04 Is only ICO,-
000, against 238,000 for 1003, although
the difference lu the number of men
on the lists Is not more than 000. The
decrease of 87,000 Is due to a more
rigorous examination of the conscripts.
Hole's This?
Wo offer Ono Hundred Hollars Reward for
any rase nl Catarra that canno! be cured by
hall's Catarrh Cure.
if. J. CHXSXT A Cos., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, hero known if. S,
Cheney for the last IS yean, and believe him
tierfooily honorable In all enaimnu tranaao
lions an i financially able to carry out any
obligations made by tboir firm.
W*st A Troax, Wboloeaie hrugglstv, Xolado,
Waluiko, Rik.vas A MAims, Wholesale
JDrugglste, Toledo, O.
Halt’s t alarm ( lire ib taken InUmally.aot
b'K directly upon the blood ami nincoua sur
laccs of the system, 'J oalimonlale seni froc.
Price, 7'4e, per bottle. Bold by ail HraggUte.
halt’s I amity pills srj (ue best.
Three Conoratlons of "Comps.”
Three generations of ono family are
compositors In tho office of the Tren
ton (Mo.) Republican-Tribune They
aro "Grandpa" Allen, aged sixty-five:
his son, 0. A. Allen, wtto Is foreman,
and the latter's sou ami daughter,
Thomas and Mabel, aged fourteen and
sixteen, respectively.
FlTSnermarientty ourod. No (lt or narvo'n
n after first day’s use of Hr. Kline’s Orel!
Nerve Restorer, f 2 tri nl bottle and t reatlsofrnj
Hr.lt.H. K I.IXI, Ltd.. 981 Aroh St., Phll i., P i.
From a woman’s point of view a ponulnr
man is ono who understands dress talk.
All creameries use blitter color. Win
not do a they do me .luNK Tint Hut
tfr Col on
The egotist who enjoys his own society
Is never lonesome.
JamsnrePlso’s Care Mr Cons imv.lon s tvs 1
By life three yavrs are.—Was. Thomas Hos
kins, Maple K. Y., Feb. If, W).
Buck won't always boost you over the
rough places.
Mrs Winslow’s HoothlntSyrun forn’llblm
teething,softer, the gums, reduces Inflnm na
tion,allays pala.oures wind nolle. Mr. :t bottle
A lawyer isn’t always cross, even in
School Music and Mad Cat*.
A ladles’ school of music In a sub
urb of Vienna has owned three cats
during the course of the past year,
and each has gone raving mad, ac
cording to tho testimony of a veterin
ary surgeon. The diurnal discord with
in the establishment Is reported to
be ear-torturing In the extreme. The
school now owns a deaf cat, which
sits out the strumming of a dozen
pianos with sphinx-like Imperturbabil
Senator Henry Heltfold of Idaho
‘.ells many a good story of the days
when he was a "cow puncher" on the
plains of Kansas. One day he met a
woman, who, In summing up her mis
fortunes, said: “Yes, Mr, Heltfeld. It
has been a black year with us. First,
we lost our baby, and then Martha
died on us; then the old man himself
died, and then the cow died, too, poor
huzzy! But her hide brought mo J6.*
Pitch In and Win.
We need assistance and hereby offer
a large reward for a dictionary con
taining half a dozen rhymes for "elk.”
Rhymes for “deer,” "moose, ’’ "rhinoc
eros" and "elephant” will 1 not do.—
Baltimore News.
Powerful Wrecking Cranes.
Railway wrecking cranes are now
constructed as high as fifty tons’ ca
pacity. Such a crane will swing a
loaded freight car from any place
within reach or raise a locomotive
after Us easily detached parts are re
However, necessity knows no law and
Mr. Plangmnn paid halt down and took
the treatment und followed It faithful
ly for four weeks.
Naturally, he thought that ho would
soon bo rid of the trouble, but In spile
of the doctoring ho goes on to add, "I
was In such misery that It was almost
Impossible for me to do my work.”
“It was at this Juncture that Doan's
Kidney Pills came n . .
to my notice end I ram w
procured some from 7 /•/ . .
the drug store of C. I£II AmC
E. Crayoroft. I y- —
used these pills
according to dlrec
tlons and to my / Oriel
surprise X was con- I Vi
slderably relieved jVIJ
on the second day \
and in a short time \
completely cured," * Tf
’ This ’is’ tiio‘ uni- \
versnl experience of ■ / /
those who have VjjM"*
been sufferers from
Kidney trouble and who have
tunate enough to test the
Doan's Kidney Pills.
There l nothing wonderful or mag
ical about this remedy. It simply does
the work by direct action on the kid
neys. Doan’s Kidney Pills are for the
kidneys only and this accounts for
Paw throuth 23L.TS2.
S Early Indications
of kidney trouble
come from two
sources, the back
and tho bladder.
Tho back becomes
weak and lame be
cause the kidneys
are sick, and re
lief from backache
can only be com
plete when tho
kidneys aro set
Is Bad Blood Breaking Out?
Have You Lost Your Appetite?
Have You That Tired Feeling 7
Do Your Liver and Kidneys WorK Right ?
BLOOD SYRUP Cares Such ComplaiqU
Wc would like to convince you with a FREE TRIAL
bottle, sent on request.'
TM ACHED. MEDICINE CO.. Chsllsaeegs, Terns.
GUARANTEED CURE for all bowl
blood, wind on tha stomach, bloated bowels, foul mouth, headache, indigestion, pin plan,
pains after eating, Ilv*r trouble, sallow skin nnd dlxzlnooa. When your bowels don’t morn
regularly you nro sick. Constipation kills mors paople than all other diseases together. It
•'“y* 9 l * r ™!£* ,lmant * Bnd lon * ye*™ of auffeHn*. No matter what ails you, etnft taking
CA3CARET9 today, for you will never get well end stay wall until yon get your bows la
right Take our advice, start with Caacarets today undrr abaolutu guarantee to cure or
money refunded. The genuine tablet stamped CC C. sold in bulk. Sample nod
dress Bterlii poojr^Chjcn^
A Mother’s Touch Is not softer or
kinder than an application of
to Cuts, Wounds or Burns. Heals
* and Soothes Pain.
m ens -niiow no -gnus-
A<JW Tg$ Waterproof
%O\o AAOVMb TNC ■oau* pTn\\ \\I J J
rasnut canumn ax u—n tckmtq. cm* j / Vm /
§ Biopsy
Remote* nil swelling in 8 to jo
days ; effects a permanent cure
in 30 to to days. Trial treatment
given free. KnihittifCftn be fairer
Write Or H. M. Oreen’s Sent,
9peci*lii‘.i. 60* 0, Atlanta* (t
Irrltntlon of the . . . . .
biudder shows that / lHOVulll 1 fISOL
the kidney* are out ef-rairrw/t
of order. Delay In jaJ>iiaillCU
prompt attention
often enures serl- "*y
ous complication. CSCkI S
Relieve and euro
■lek kidneys and
ward off dangerous Uj
diabetes, dreaded f&e iJK-J
dropsy and Bright's J I /] I ~ J
disease, by using l_U| / I
Doan's Kidney yA/ jm I
puis. ruolM wfflfHall,
They begin by Vij|||j||j j T, ; P|S/t.
healing the delicate \>l MM M(J li|jl>
membranes and re- 2>J
during any Influm- "
motion of the kid
neys, and thus making the action of tha
kidneys regular ami natural.
Arhlug larkt are eated, Hip, bark, and lots
paint overcome. Smiling rtf Iht limbi, rhntenor 1
litm and dropey eigne vanieh.
They correct urine with brleh-duet sediment,
high-colored, exctttlve, pain in patting, drib
bling, frequency. Doan't Kidney Pillt dittolvt t
and remove calculi and gravel, Alievs Heart
palpitation, tleepleuneu, headache, nervoutneu.
Foster-Mllburn Cos., Buffalo, N. Y.
B%&[Kldnqy (mM
Pills, p|s|
w9Ai% •• c.r*y%.
For frr* trial bo*. mull thU nonpoß k
router Mill.urn (.Jo., Piiuftlo. A T If abort
•rme-ti | innufflcUmt, writo ftddrats <m top*-
mt llp.
. A
b* best djapepsl*
medicine ever made.
LWh‘7’ A/ a hundreil millions
of them have been
: A|f sold tn the United
States In a single
year. Every illness
srlslng from a disordered stomach is
relieved or cured by their nee. Bo
common is It that diseases originate
from the stomach It may be srfely as
serted there Is no condition of 111
health that will not he beneCtcd or
cured by the occasional neT €t Uflpane
Tubules. Physicians know IhO and
speak highly of them. All druggists
sell them. The flve-cent package la
enough for an ordinary occasion, and
the Family Buttle, sixty cents, contains
a household supply for a year. One
generally gives relief within twenty
SIOOO gallon Cistern - - tit.3
1830 gallon diatom - . - 21.40
8100 gallon Cistarn - - 23.31
Cypress sssh sad doori very ekes;
Wirt screens sad do in okeap.
H. F.LEWISa CO,,Llmlled
81) Havanas MI,,
Send (or Catalogue. Writs tor Trice*
Xhaavoraira American rltfsan d£nothaeti
irprti<l moitty on ftxiritii*nta, yet no pao-
ICTaew* non raadi*y rconrnia* a
K>o<l thin*” wbn ihtry aea It, and omr
tra without dawbt tha W* thing of thrtr kind
* l n r w Pmc. Wa bava tbain in atewk
all cut cud framad ready to put a|>, WHtata
Mention this paper Vix. 45 OS.
Thflmpitn’a Eft Watw

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