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She Wae Told That an Operation Waa
Inevitable How She Escaped It
hen a physician tells a woman suf
fering with ovarian or womb trouble
that an operation is necessary, the very
thought of the knife and the operating
table strikes terror to her heart, and
our hospitals are full of women coming
for ovarian or womb operations.
cvl ' \ / I
?r V ~ j i
' Nse^ v
|/; r/fjyfo rgpel Jtferkhy f
m-. ~.. w%# ♦ 3 fr* -■■ ■ i rS
Ther ■ arc casts where an operation
i ■ the only resource, but when one con
siders U.e great number of cases of
ovarian and womb trouble cured by-
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Coin
pound after physicians have advised
jx l rations, no woman should submit to
r,-ii. without first trying the Vegetable
•' <‘-m oun<l and writing Mrs. I’inkham,
Lyon, Mass . for advice, which is free.
Miss Murgret Merlcley of 275 Third
Street, Milwaukee, Wis., writes:
Do av Mrs. Pinkham;—
■* o"S.s of : trngth, extreme nervousness
‘snooting t-ains through tba pelvic organs,
.earing down pains and cramps compelled
no to uvdi-Til ailvi: e. '1 he doctor, after
Making nn exananal ion, said 1 had ovarian
•'inble and nice ration and advised nn nperfc.
‘U to t hi> I strongly objected and decided
to try Lydia K Fmkharn’s Vegetable Com-
D'-'und. The ulceration quickly healed, all
.fit- bad symptoms disappeared and I am
nice more strong, % igoroii? and well.”
(tvarian and womb troubles arc stead
ly on the increase among women. If
the monthly periods are very painful,
jr too frequent and excessive if you
'.rive pain or swelling low down fn the
eft. side, bearing down pains, leucor
•sa a. don’t neg'ect yo;nv‘lf try Lvdia
i irkhamM Vegetable Compound.
/ ' ' S '' Vi -f* ‘ a
i ■ , - ■ , ■ ■ o.
15..-- i \
\ t , s. TV /V I
l'-y ' y \ ' .'Jil
•■V-- * >■., - • : • • s ".vv t’.
Vo jr.-'-- .i I IT* crop of ct.k! potatoes, t!ie ■ j
i? s-.d imi.itcontain pi. My. f I B j
i ‘t'ortatw melons, cabivsee, fn::p?, Ptt-.’ce H j
M —in • • . iv< rem laige QiUDti- I
n ties ot Fou-.sh from il-.e soil. Supply H
i C& csln 3
u -liberGiy Sy the iv-e of fertilizers containing- H
.V,.i (>. ;,i IP per cent, actual l*oia?iil g
B F -Her and more prolitalrle yields are sure to H
i, Our pamphlets sre not advertising circulars B
b-'-)nr.ing rpc.ial fertilizers, but coutain v.i!u- B
i aMe infrnrojion to f.trtners. Sent free for tire R
u New Yorl '-'J N'as-..-su Street, or
Atlanta, ' ,a. —?j : - South llroad St.
Nyty ■■’'■XSUft'toittrSir
‘t hare snffered with piles for th.irty-ai* year*.
One yar ngo laet April X bccnn tokinc Carearet*
for constipation. In the course of a week I noticed
lh. piles heg*a to disappear and at the end ot sis
weeks they did not trouble me at all. Caacarets
base dono wonders forms. I am entirely cured and
fed like a r.cv, tnau.' 1 Ooorco KryUer, Kapoleon, O
Plsasark. Palatable. Potent. Taste flood, no Hood,
Kever Sicken, Weaken or Orfre, 10c, 25c .Vc. Scyer
•old in liulk. The centtine tai-let stamped CC'O.
Guaranteed to cura or your money back.
Sterling Remedy Cos., Chicago or N.Y. 593
Your Baking Powder
than other baking powders and raises the batter quickest and very thoroughly.
Good Luck is only 10c a pound. By giving the best at the lowest cost Good
Luck is now being shipped in car load and train load lots to ail parts of the
- - —country. It is the idea ot getting these beautiful presents free, in addition to jga— ■ ~
the high quality and low price, that makes this a remarkable premium offer
is packed in 6 ox. and 1 ib. cans. The coupons necessary to get the
nian y useful gifts, are printed on the label of each can. Cutout
w I . some free premium. For details read the little book to be found
'/ r I in every can. Don’t forget to ask for Good Luck next time. jfi
Save worry, save money, and last but not least save the cou
it, send us his name and we will see that you are
I FITS p#*rmanoDtly 3ured- No fit* or nervons
-1 tit-?saffpr first dav’s u of I)f. Kllne’a Gre.it
! NervelbPtorer,t2 trial bottle andtr tatlsefr.e
j Dr. H. H. Kline, Ltd.,931 Arch St , Phila.,ra.
More than half of Russia's export profits
come from the ,ale of grain,
Mr?. Wluslow’a Soothing Syrup for ehHdren
loot hi ag, soften the gum?, reduces infiamma
tioagillay? pain,cures wind colic,2sc.abottle.
The wildest birds generally make the
lamest pets, and vice versa.
'do not believe Piso’s Cure for Coasump
llonhfis anequ il for eotighs and cold.— John
F. Boyer. Trinity Soriuzrs. Ind.. Feb. 15, 190),
A Forest Srlmol ha; hern established ir
the suburbs of Berlin, Germany.
Dahlias, 20 kinds,•*!. If. Burt,Taunton, Mass
Vienna. Austria, has the largest public
l ath in Europe.
Itch cured in 50 minutes by Woolford’s
Sanitary Lotion. Never Vails. Sold by all
druggists. sl. Mai! orders promptly filled
by Dr. E. Detchon, C’rawforJsville, tnd.
Carl Beers, of Bangor, Me., runs a worm
farm. Tl*> raises them for hail.
Taylor’s Cherokee Remedy of Sweet Gum
and Mullen is Nature’s great remedy—Cures
Coughs, Colds, Croup and Consumption, au i
all throat and lung troubles. At druggists,
25c., 50c. and ?I.o> per bottle.
The most fashionable part of Switz
erland. the Engadine, is to have a
mountain railway.
Scalp Hum or Cured by Cilfieura Soap and
Ointment After Ml Else Failed.
“I was troubled with a seveie scalp hu
mor and loss of hair that gave me a great
deal of annoyance After unsuccessful ef
forts with many remedies and so-called
hair tonics, a friend induced me to try
C’utieura Soap and Ointment. The humor
was cured in a short time, inv hair was
restored as healthy as* ever, and J can glad
ly say I have since been entirely free from
any further annoyance. I shall always use
C’uticura Soap, and i keep the Ointment
on band to use as a dressing for the hair
and scalp. (Signed) Fred’k Bus; he, 213
East 57th St., \. V City
Net Leya! to Her.
Mrs. Newbride —Yes, I’m de
fermlned to leave him. He has doubt
ed my wo: and
Her mother —P.ut surely you won’t
leave him simply because he doubted
year word ?
Mrs. Newbride —It’s too hateful ol
him. He should know I’m always
right, even if I’m wrong.— Philadel
phia Public I edger.
Uesi of Backs Give Out TiiJer the Burden
of Dully Toll.
Lieutenant George CL Warren, of Nn.
:? Chemical, Washington, O. says:
"It’s an honest fact that Doan’s Kidney
Pills did mo a
great lot of good,
and if it were not
1-vJS t rn '-' 1 would not
recoin mend t v *:n.
"*n? the slrr.kA
of lifting that
~rm,- h t ° ui ' ,npy
■ ])/ trouble and weak
ened my back, hut
’ since using Doan’s
Kidney Pills I have lifted GOO pounds
and felt no bad effects. I have not felt
the trouble conic back since, although
1 had suffered for five or six years, and
otl)“r remedies had not helped me at
For sale by ail dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Cos.. P.nffnlo. N. Y.
(jueen Alexandra confesses to being sixty
years old.
(f))//', y fT) ■ £ FCB *
y r it f r/t gj| Bargain
To better advertise the South’s Leading
Business College, four eeholan?hip are of
fer-ed young persons of this county at lees thae
praphy College, Louisville. Ky., open the who e
rear. Students eauenterany time. Catalog free.
United States G< vernment is spending
SIU.IHXI.OOO on New Naval Station, adjoining
which we offer 10 > to first. lOOpurchasers a t
low price of $125 each. Send $5 to day and
secure best unsold lot. Balance $5 monthly.
New electric railway budding through pn
perty. $50,000 viadnet. many factories and
improvements building in same neighbor
hotel. Their co-npleiion w 11 advance prices
five hundred per cent. MEXICAN GULF
Olerans, La.
Horrors of the Battlefield Depicted in
True Colors.
Never will the few foreigners who
saw the battlefield of Liaoyang on the
morning of September 4 be able to
dismiss from their memories the fear
ful sights they witnessed. Already,
in the mists of early morning, hun
dreds and hundreds of crematory fires
dotted the plain. Just a layer of fire
wood, then a layer of dead bodies, and
above them another* covering of fuel.
As the flames crackled the dead shrank
and shriveled and rose up, tortured,
to sink back in ashes, while hideous
skulls, with empty sockets, grinned
through the quivering heat. The air
reeked with the fumes of burning
flesh, and the smoke blew scalding
into one’s eyes. Fuel was scarce’and
the dead numbered thousands, so as
many ar.ore of the stiffened corpses
were thrown thudding into the hollow
trenches, in rows a hundred yards
long, and covered from tight with n
blanket of earth. The living, gaunt
and tired, shuffled stumblingly as they
[ wearily dragged in the dead to pyre
and pit, or piled up the rifles and am
munition belts of comrades who had
served their country for the last time
into huge stacks. *’ Poor chaps!
Eleven days of a carnival of war, and,
after all, they had failed to accom
plish their great purpose —the forcing
of Kouropatkin into a decisive battle.
—William Dinwiddle’s War Corre
spondence, in Leslie’s Weekly,
Photographs Wild Animals,
The African explorer Shillings has
brought to Berlin an extraordinarily
interesting series of photographs of
wild animals taken by themselves.
His method was to attach to a piece
of meat a string, which, on being
touched, brought on a flashlight ex
posure. Leopards, hyenas, lions, apes,
rebras and other animals were thus _
in the most diverse attitudes.
Who Owns the Knilroadf7
IT. T. Newcomb, of the District of
Columbia Bar. has compiled statistics
showing that 5.174.718 depositors in
savings banks cf six Eastern States are
directly interested in the joint owner
ship of 5442.354.08 U of steam railroad
securities, that insurance companies
doing business in Massachusetts hold
5545.8Hp.008 of steam railroad stocks
and bonds, and 74 educational institu
tions depend on 947.-U58.327 invested in
similar securities for a portion <d their
income. Other fiduciary institutions
own enough railroad securities to bring
such holdings up to more Ilian a billion
and a half dollars, about one-sixth of
the entire capital invested in railroad
property. These investments represent
the savings of the masses, there being
twenty million holders of life insur
ance policies in the country, as many
more of tire insurance policies, and au
even greater, number of depositors in
banking and trust insdlntions, where
investments are largely in railroad se
Ancient Thanksgiving Proclamation,
Col. E. J. Copp has discovered
among the archives of the office ol
roadster of probate at Nashua, N. H.,
an original copy of the Thanksgiving
day proclamation issued by Cov. Han
cock of Massachusetts in 1790.
They Coniprorni sctl,
"Will you be my wife, Cuenivere?”
“No. Charles. I think far too much
of you for that. I still want your
friendship. Let me be your steuogra- ;
pher That is the only way in which 1
can submit to man’s dictation.”—Cin
cinnati Commercial-Tribune.
Statf. OF Ohio, City of Toledo. ~
Lucas County.
Frank J, Cheney make oat'.' that he It
senior partner of the firm of F. J. < iieney &
Cos., doing business in tuo City of Toledo,
County an 1 State aforesaid, and tnat said
firm will pay the s im of one hundred dol
lars for each and every case of catarrh
that eagnot bo cured by the use of Hall’s
Catarrh Cure. Frank J. Chen
Sworn to before me and subsoribocl in my
.. presence, this 6th day of Decam
* seal. • bor, A. lb, 1886. A. VV. Gleason,
1 -—. — ' Notary Public.
Hall’s Catarrh Curds taken intern illy, an I
acts directly on tin blool and mucous sur
faces of the syste n. Sen I for testimonials,
free. F. J, Cheney Sc Cos., Tole 1 >, O.
Sold by all Druggist?, 75*.
Take Hall’s Family Fills for constipation
Would Shock Her.
“Papa, what would you say if Mr.
Featbertop should ask your permission
to marry me?”
“Put your fingers in your ears, my
daughter, and I will rehearse a few of
the remarks I shall probably make if
he ever does.”—Chicago Tribune.
A new application of wireless
graphy has been introduced by two
English inventors. The device is pure
ly for entertaining purposes, consist
ing of the operation of musical boxes
placed at different points from one
center. There is a receptacle in which
the coin is placed, and immediately a
musical box placed at a distance, such
as in another room, commences to
Although diptheria antitoxin as a
mode of treatment is expensive it Is
most satisfactory. It consists in sup
plying the patient with a fluid which is
!an actual antidote to the disease.
When injected this fluid at once coun
teracts the poisonous raateritM given
off by the germs. This material cir
culates in the blood and produces a
kind of blood poisoning.
Near the city of Pickucalco. Mexico,
which lies about 50 miles southwest
of San Juan Bautista, are certain oil
seepages which are considered worthy
of serious investigation. The seepages
are found along the outcropping edge
of a conglomerate which is imbedded
with blue clays and sandstones They
are about 650 feet above sea level and
lie at the foot of the eastern slope of
the Sirerra Madre. The first distillate
of the material have a density of .84
to .87, a flashing point of 55 to 75
degrees C., and an ignition point of 85
to 120 degrees. The oil is heavy and
dark and similar in some respects to
that of Batoum. It is believed to rep
resent only the o'xidized residue, and
it is thought that lower horizons would
show the usual proportions of lighter
The Torrey Botanical club met at
the New York botanical garden. Octo
ber 26, 1901. The first paper on the
scientific program was by Dr. N. L.
Briton on ‘‘Notes on the Flora of the
Bahamas.” About 950 natives and nat
uralized species have been reported
from the Bahama islands, an unex
pectedly small number, in part ac
counted for by the fact that most of
the land does not reach an elevation
of more than 25 feet, although on one
of the outer islands a height of 400
feet is recorded. The flora is remarka
ble in the very unequal distribution
of species, some being recorded from
only one key. It is related to that of
Northern Cuba, extreme Southern
Florida, and in a lesser degree to that
of Haiti. While the collections have
as yet received only preliminary studj,
it is probable that ten or twelve new
species will be founded on forms
formerly thought to be identical with
Cuban or other West Indian species.
Burial alive is not so rare that a re
cent discovery of Dr. Icard is entire
ly without its value. This investigator
has just given to medicine a method
which seems absolutely sure of deter
mining the fact of death. The test is
performed with fluorescine. When
there is injected into the tissues a solu
tion of fluorescine, if the circulation is
still in existence there appears a yel
low discoloration of the skin and muc
ous membrane, produced by the
absorption of the injection. The eye,
however, becomes absolutely green,
the color of an emerald. If there is
complete arrest of the circulation no
effect is produced. If after the lapse
of a certain time there is no manifesta
tion we may conclude that the person
is dead. A return of life is manifested
by a recommencement of the circula
tion. that is, there will he automatic
production of (he yellow coloring of
the skin and the green coloring of the
e ve. —Translated from the Review Sci
entifique, Paris.
Next Election of Cardinals.
In the next Consistory Pius X. will
not create many new Cardinals. There
are only nine hats vacant, and as it is
the custom to always have two or
three on hand, the Princes of the
church will ?iot be more than six, or
at the most seven.
It is a well known fact in Rome that
(he Pontiff is'not very well disposed
toward those who have lived all their
lives in the diplomatic world. The ab
solutely religious bent of his mind has
already expressed itself in the men
he has chosen for certain positions,
thus, as the time for the Consistory
approaches, those who tinder the late
Holy Father might have looked to the
red hat as a filling reward for their
political or diplomatic achievements
are now said to be anxious, while
some modest but thoroughly spiritual
bishop or monk may receive prefer
ment least, expected. —London Pall
Mall Gazette.
Discovery of a New Plant.
The director of the observatory on
Kcenigstuhl mountain. Germany, has
discovered a now planet of the thir
teenth magnitude by means of a celes
tial photograph. The number of minor
planets, sometimes known as aster
oids. discovered up to the end of 1900,
was 463. In 1901. by means cf photo
graphy, 36 were added, and in 1902 43
more, while a considerable number
was found in the last two years.
The diameters of these planets are
in general only a few miles, those of
the four largest being about 470, 300,
240 and 120 miles respectively, while
that of Eros is about 15 miles. By
the magnitude of a star or planet is
meant the degree of its brightness. No
star or planet of less than sixth mag
nieude is visible to the naked eye.—
Week’s Progress.
Natural Soap.
It is said that in a mountain near
Elko. Nevada, there is an inexhausti
ble supply of pure soap. One may en
ter the mine with a butcher’s knife
and cut as large a piece as he wants.
It is beautifully mottled, and on being
exposed to the air hardens somewhat.
Jhe mountain of clay is of fine texture
and it contains boracic acid. soda, and
borate of lime. Its color is given it by
the iron and other minerals. In its
natural state it is rather strong in
alkali, and removes ink and other
stains readily. At one time it was
used on Pullman cars but when its
peculiar origin became generally
known passengers appropriated it so
extensively for. souvenirs that the com
pany was forcetpto go back to the com
mon soap of commerce— Waverley
Female Weakness Is Usually Pelvic Catarrh. Pe
ru-na Cures Catarrh Wherever Located.
0- ♦ to restore me to health, that Peruna was the ♦
I j it in a ♦
j and certainly my is well worthy |
J‘l began to have severe pains across my; \|y if,
Jback about a year ago. brought on by a| I ■
| cold, and each subsequent month brought | Jj Ml [TIRS-
I 1 Your remedy was prescribe hand the way ; w/A/ •.• • '
♦it acted upon my system was almost tooj I
* good to be true. I certainly have regained ♦
|my health and strength, and Ino longer VQ/
J suffer periodical pains and extreme lassi- # nia( j e cati ,,•,•], ami f-atanii.il <li* in !’•
{ fade." —KatieBradford. , * We m ' h ’ * ! ' 1
**************ll **** J’eruna cures nilanii. whether of the are re*. ■■••;! y Pi. Hai man e.erv w ..
Thousands of V/omen Cured Mery Jfo j x .j c ol .g an;J or any Ollier organ of the - I lout l‘im‘,i In
Year by Cotrespondence---This is human body. ' ,IS * W 11 ' '
What Dr. Hartman Proposes to Pe-ru-na, a Natural Beautifier.
Do For You Without Charge.
Peruna produces clean, mucous mem- J If yna ilo not derive pi unp! and *
Women who suffer should read the evi the basis of facial symmetry la}. , ; * t
• Imre \Ve have thousands perfect complexion. jinu. ' ,IU • * £
of letters from grateful friends who tell the The women have not been slow to dis-| jman. •mga in I sta emem. 01 " *
of ietten, xrom giai r that a course of Peruna avill do more Joase id he will be pleas <1 to
'nab the ills that are peculiarlv woman’s : toward restoring youthful beaut\ than ail j\ ( >n li- \ alualrr ad\ice g; j ■ , $
W \U 1 - |
weakne. s beauty, many a matron lias lengthened the ; Johm, ,\ll correspondence liC;d slru P} >
- days of her comely appearance I>\ using 1 ectmiii a a;.
ing determined its real character. He iia- Peruna.
Faint Praise.
Senator Depew, at a recent convert
Lion of railroad men, had occasion to
Introduce a well known speaker from
the West.
“In making introductions,” ho be
gan, “it is possible to say some very
pleasant and agreeable things. I am
always pleasant and agreeable when
[ make an introduction. I wouldn’t,
if I could, hurt the feelings in any
way of the man whom I present. In
this respect I differ from a certain
“This Dakotan arose in a crowded
ball to introduce a lecturer from New
York. He swaggered to the front of
the platform, put his hards in his
pockets, sneered, and said:
“ ‘Ladies and gents, I am called
>n to interduce this here man to you,
but I can only say two things in his
'avor. One is that he has never been
l n jail. The other is that I don’t know
why he hasn’t.’ ”
Had a Derelict in Tow.
Admiral Evans one day noticed two
sailors in earnest, confab. One of them
was Imparting information to his com
panion of a very agreeable nature,
judging from his beaming coun
The admiral, in relating the inch
dent, says the manner of the speaker
amused him very much. As he
passed by the mate raised his voice
with the unmistakable intention of
being overheard, saying to his com
“I mean to give up this seafarina
life when my time is out. I am go
Ing to marry a rich widow woman,
the derelict of a butcher.”
By Mother's food and Drink.
Many babies have been launched into
life with constitutions weakened I y
disease taken in with their mother's
milk. Mothers cannot be too careful
as to the food they use while nursing
their babes. The experience of a Kan
sas City mother is a case in point;
“I was a groat coffee drinker from a
child, and thought 1 could not eat, a
meal without it. But 1 found at last
it was doing me harm. For years I
bad been troubled -with dizziness,
spots before my eyes and pain in my,
heart, to which was added, two years
ago, a chronic sour stomach. The
baby was born seven months ago. and
almost from the beginning it. too, suf
fered from sour stomach. She was
taking it from me!
“In my distress I consulted a friend
of more experience than mine, ami she
told me to quit coffee, that coifee did
not make good, milk; I have since as
certained that it really dries up the
“So I quit coffee, and tried tea and
at last cocoa. But they did not ag’.ee
with me. Then I turned to Postum
Coffee with the happiest results. It
proved to be the very thing I nee,led.
It not only agreed perfectly with baby
and myself, but it increased the flow
of my milk. My husband then quit
coffee and used Postum, quickiy
well of the dyspepsia with which he
had been troubled. I no longer suffer
from the dizziness. Mind spells, pain
In my heart or sour stomach. Postum
has cured them.
“Now wo all drink Postum from my
husband to my seven months old baby.
It has proved to be the best hot drink
tte Lave ever used. M e would not
give up Postum for the best coffee we
ever drank.” Name given by Postum
Cos.. Battle Creek, Mich.
There’s a reason.
Get the little book “The Road to
Weilvlile” in each pkg.
onr-ifort, |
S S" U I
*2 I'j
ST 3 fcj
jv— : Cy-y • '■'*•■
I' Trulfcs that Sfrll;e Ho ise
Tour grocer is honest and if he < '‘ > <
I von 11 • rtf he knows very little t
t soils you. How can ho’l.now, win originally r*-me In-m, . :
H bow it was s ted— or V/!m1 V(!t3
coffee loose* v the pouuc. bov,
-mm—. you expect pu nu*l uaiionu .' ! 1 j ■
1 lion |
fffvt i'VSL I ALL PACKAGE COFFEES, is f f-j
Jm. 1 I necessity tu llcrm In q-. I >i y
|j i tIL I strength r: i tiavor. 7 • r (y -'
B B t’.-- standard (.■•i--- ~,
I I LION CO' FEE is rare J.’ 1 !-- P' p
P * ~g at our tar I,: >s. until cprr.rd
your hone, tiV r : o rnanre cl :.
!eratcd, or o! er uing In ccr.ii-'-- vviS;
dirt, gcrr.\3,cr unclean htnds.
In each package of LION C'Or *■ i.i’j you get OHO *
k pound of Pure Coffee. Insist up u getting tun
H (Liou bead on every package.)
(Save the Lion-heads for valv 1 • premiums.)
| 501,0 BY GROCERS < h/ERYWFfs?,
Auru) CABO THICK. Five - aril* hdd at
Rtf? the tips of fitißei* Instantly cl I appear:
cards Immediately produced apaln from any P|ce
performer detlies. Full lastnictlorssent b> n. -H foe
|l. Address. J.U. Vaaclei havta.Tararet,i la.
On the Trail followed li-.a
~un we i ran trail froin Texa ,
•with a Fish Brand
Pommel Slicker an overcoat when
- ■' ...■i..—. cold, a wind coal
when windy, a rain coat when it rained,
and for a cover at night if we got to bed,
and I will say that I have gotten mere
comfort cut of your slicker than any Other
one article that 1 ever owned.”
(Th€ name and addre** of the writer of this
unsolicited letter maj he had on application.)
Wet Weather Garments for Riding. V/clc
ing, Working or Sporting.
■ J ■. ■■!■■ ' ' ‘ ' 1 -I - : 1
Tb* Sign of U* i.!
soeroir, tr.a. a. .^7°
CO , Limited " ..."
t* *
1.300 Gallon Cistern, 61S
~\ J .553 Gallon Cistern, 21-11
MOO Gallon Cistjra, 23 -51
fesST.". i '.rpress, Sasb and Deers very cheap*
\7ire Scroeua aul Doe i cho. •
S-i. V. & CO., *
316 1-2 Baroiir.e Stioct,
Senfl fer Catalogue. "Write for Frier u
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Thompson’s Eye :
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