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Sea (Toast Echo.
The Echo has been requested to an
nounce that Archdeacon Snieade will
conduct services at Christ Episcopal
church tomorrow evening at 8 o’clock.
Transact your banking business Mon
day. Tuesday will be the Fourth and
local banks will be closed for the day.
The postoffice will also be closed the
greater part of the day.
Dr. Joseph M. Suarez left Monday
morning for New Orleans, after a resi
dence in Bay St. Louis of about six
months. He will remain in New Or
leans indefinitely unless he should de
cide to remain theie.
Board of Mayor and Aldermen will
meet in regular session this afternoon.
J. R. Grimshaw is slated for the ap
pointment of school trustee, to succeed
W. A. McDonald, who resigned to be
come a member of the city council.
The local firm of a Scafide & Cos. has
been dissolved by mutual consent, as
will be seen by reference to announce
ment in advertising columns. Mr. Glo
ver has withdrawn from the business,
while Mr. Scafide will continue its af
fairs in his own behalf.
Horace Whitfield, son of Circuit Clerk
E. Van Whitfield, broke his right arm
Sunday afternoon at his home while
cranking the family automobile. The
broken member was at once set in place
by the family physician and the boy is
free from pain and doing nicely.
Stockholders in the Merchants Bank
were made happy this morning, July 1,
uyon receipt of their mail containing
the semi-annual dividend check. The
bank’s earnings for the first half of the
year, in the face of adverse conditions,
has been up to its usual high-water
At a session of Harrison county
Chancery court session, held at Gulf
port this week, our young friend, Har
ry J. Boyle, was formally admitted to
the bar, and is now a full-fledged at
torney. He is associated with Hon. R.
L. Genin in the practice of his pro
County Assessor F. C. Bordages has
a. notice in another column of this issue
of the Echo calling the attention of the
public to his filing of the assessment
rolls (personal) for the fiscal year 1916
with Clerk Kergosien of the Board of
Supervisors, where it will remain for
thirty days for public inspection before
final adoption by the Board.
Mayor Capdepon, chairman of the
committee in charge of the restoration
of the local baseball grandstand to its
condition prior to the September storm,
reports the work about completed and
the stand in readiness to comfortably
take care of the crowds for July 4th.
L. H. Heymann, resident representa
tive for the Oakland, the “car with a
conscience,” is assembling the material
for the immediate construction of a
large garage building in Second street,
near Carroll avenue, preparatory to
engaging in the public garage business.
The building, says Mr. Heymann, will
measure 40x60, and of substantial con
Stanley Beck, the well-known ton
sorialist, has associated himself with J.
E. Erwin in the Sea Coast Barber Shop
and has assumed personal charge of the
work, which will be good news to his
many former patrons. Mr. Beck has
moved his tailoring and pressing busi
ness from the Pollatsek building to the
rear of the barber shop and has a com
petent tailor in charge.
The Jordan River Lumber Company
at Kiln is always doing the handsome
thing. Manager Pettibone announces
the entire plant will shut down for the
day on Tuesday next, July Fonrth. This
will give the men an opportunity to
come to Bay St. Louis and join in the
all-day celebration to be held under the
auspices of the local W oodmen. The
crack baseball nine of the Kiln will
cross bats with the Logtown team on
that day. It is expected this Fourth
will witness the largest crowd of patriots
ever assembled on the college campus
for similar occasion.
Who can beat this? There was eut
from the Ruello farm, in Dunbar ave
nue last Sunday a cantaloupe weighing
43 pounds, according to Tony Loiacano’s
store scales. The smallest slice meas
ured b}4 inches from tip to tip and the
circumference of the entire melon meas
ured 50 inches. Mr. Ruello took this
Bay St. Louis product to New Orleans
as an advertisement of the possibilities
of Bay St. Louis soil., Mr. Ruello’s
farm is one of the show places of this
locality, and has proven most profita--
bhs, demonstrating what intelligent
handling and bnsineaa-like methods
will accomplish.
A meeting of the members of Sea
'Wall Commission No. 2, of Wayeland,
wiiJi be held at that place tonight to or
der the official promulgation of bonds
for sale and bids wanted for the con
.struction of sea wall, according to plans
and specifications. All legal require
ments have been satisfied [and the time
passed in which to file opposition, it
appears now that nothing more remains
txit the wall and the beach roadway to
be budt. However, thirty day* more
will have to elapse, the time for adver
tisement sale of bonds and bids for con
struction, befcee the preliminaries for
actual work will ht launched.
The Supreme Court of the State on
Monday fancied down a decision in the
well-knotf* JdcCloskey-Mazerat case,
rendering a to the effect which
affirmed the ded'Sio*. of the lower court,
awarding damages to Jui*3 Mazerat in
the sum of $3,000 for injuries njpejved,
ae charged, duing a personal encounter
on Wavdand beach front,three summers
when the matter of a seawall was
the subject of discussion. The suit was
ior SIO,OOO damage*, but thej ury in the
Hancock county circuit£Ourt rendered
a verdict for $3,000. Mr. Ma*n?at was
represented by Attorney E. L. Gemni
Attorney W. Ge** of this cUy,
And Is Charged With Vio
lating Liquor Law —Found
Guilty and Fined One Hun
dred Dollars and Costs —
Four Casks of Wine to Be
Destroyed; Other Stuff
On Board Was Near-Beer,
According to Labels.
Captain Sylvan Malini, owner of the
schooner “Annie Malini,” was arrested
Monday and charged with having in
his possession more liquor than allow
ed by law.
He was subsequently found guilty
when he appeared before judge Ansley
later in the day, who fined him “one
hundred dollars and costs.”
The arrest was made at 3:25 o’clock
Monday morning by Deputy Sheriff
Joseph V. Bontemps and Constable W.
j. Randolph who were suspicious of the
schooner and the movements of mem
bers of her crew.
They saw a moving skiff headed tow
ard shore loaded with four casks of
wine, which they later conveyed to the
courthouse awaiting the order of the
court that it be destroyed.
In addition to the casks of wine, the
vessel was found to contain between
150 and 180 casks of near-beer, accord
ing to labels and to information given
The Echo by Deputy Sheriff Bontemps.
Was Elected Last Night to
Succeed J. M. Consley—
Comes Highly Recommend
ed—Will Move Here Aug.l.
Prof. C. R. Talbert was elected prin
cipal of the Bay High School and sup
erintendent of the city schools, to suc
ceed Prof. J. M. Consley, resigned, at a
meeting of the Bay St. Louis Board of
School Trustees, held last night.
Prof. Talbert comes highly recom
mended—testimonials from all parts of
the State and from all sources, includ
ing a set of resolutions passed by the
board of trustees of Liberty, Miss.,
where he last taught for several terms.
Judge R. E. Jackson, of the Sixth judi
cial district says of Mr. Talbert: “A
gentleman of good moral character, and
is fully qualified in every respect to
handle any of the high schools of the
You will not make any mistake
should you elect him.”
Prof. Talbert has had eleven years
experience. He will arrive here with
his wife and two children about Aug.
1, from Jackson, where he is spending
the summer, engaged in special work.
The Board last night also elected
Miss Susie Briggs a member of the
Central school faculty.
Every Monday and Friday
are Sales Days at the SPE
center counters.
Officers of the Bay Chapter ot the
Eastern Star, No. 124,'seventeen in
number, were publicly installed at the
local Masonic Hall, in Main street,
Thursday evening, the ceremony per
formed by Mrs. State Deputy Gleason,
of Biloxi, and Mrs. Deputy Grand
Marshal Brandford, also of Biloxi.
Mrs. A. L. Stokoe as worthy grand
matron and Judge J. A. Breath as
worthy grand patron headed the list of
officers installed. Miss Cleo Osoinach
was organist. After the installation
refreshments were served and a most
pleasant social hour was had, among
the many present were representatives
from Logtown, Kiln, Biloxi and Gulf
port. The local chapter has a large
and active membership.
Mail for Soldier Boys.
Mail for the soldier boys who have
gone to the front should be plainly
addressed in order to insure its prompt
receipt by addresses.
The name of the addressee should be
fully and legibly written with pen and
ink, give his rank, company, regiment
or other organization to which he is
attached. The postage should be fully
prepaid, and name and address of
sender written in upper left-hand cor
ner on address side.
Parcel Post matter sent should be
substantially and tightly wrapped in
either very strong paper or ciotb, and
with strong twine tightly and securely
As this is a matter of importance to
all concerned, other papers will please
Present address of ‘the Louisiana
troops is *Camp Stafford, Alexandria,
Louisiana.” The Mississippi troops are
at.*/Camp Swep Taylor, Jackson, Miss
“ ■; 11 .. jjf ,
Mid - Summer Sales of
Misses’ and Children’s Hats
—t>ee styles and prices.
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Rea and
daughter Ethel returned home last even
ing from a week’s visit to relatives at
Wesson, Miss., making the trip to and
fro in their automobile. Mr. Rea says
the trip going was made unpleasant by
the inclement weather, however, the
condition of the roads showed a mark
ed improvement and the return trip yes-
terday was one of much pleasure.
Miss Catherine Smart,an accomplish
ed young lady from New Orleans, is the
guest of her friend,’* Mrs. George J.
Muller, and will remain for a few weeks.
Miss Alya Bernos is also visiting Mrs.
Muller, her sister.
Mr. Henry Lichtenstein left Monday
night fur New York en route to Maine,
where he will spend his third season at
the Mooney camp schools.
Mr. Jules Mazerat and family have
arrived from New Orleans and are at
their summer villa for the season. Mr.
Mazerat has been a summer resident of
the Waveland beach front for oyer thir
ty years.
Miss Irma Perrin is the attractive
guest of Miss Adele Rexach for an in
definite stay.
Miss May Colson has gone to Clinton,
Miss,, where she is taking a special
course in pedagogy for the summer at
Mississippi College.
Mrs. Otto Lehmann, children and
companion, Miss Miller, are visiting
friends at Moss Point, Miss^
Senator J. J. Drewe, from the Fifth
Louisiana Senatorial District, has his
family cozily domiciled in their newly
acquired dwelling, Julia street, which,
purchased from Mrs. V. Moore, has
been remodeled and transformed into a
“thing of beauty.” The Senator oc
casionally gets away from the Babel at
Baton Rouge and enjoys the soothing
breezes of the Mississippi seacoast.
Miss Edna Compagno, of New Or
leans, is spending a while here visiting
Mrs. E. W. Manar and Mrs. L. Eagan,
guest of the later. a
Miss Thelma Kellier of New Orleans
and Miss “Tuggie” Stewart, of Gulf
port, have returned to their respective
homes after a delightful visit to Miss
Rita Breath. The young ladies left
Wednesday evening.
Mrs. Williams, of Clarksdale, Miss.,
is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Briggs
and family. Mrs. Williams is one of
the oldest and best known residents of
the metropolis of the Delta. She is en
joying her visit to the gulf const im
Misses Esther McGinn and Josie
Boardman intend leaving Monday night
for Asheville and other points in the
North Carolina mountains, and will be
absent about two weeks.
Mr. Chas. J. Pettibone, resident man
ager at Kiln for the Jordan River Lum
ber Company, was a business visitor to
Bay St. Louif yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Lichtenstein were
host and hostess to a most delightful
informal dance at their residence on
the beach front Saturday evening.
Misses Carrie and Irwina Lorch leave
tomorrow on a circle tour of the East and
North, touching Washington, New
York, Niagara Falls. They will be away
about a month.
Prof. V. A. Arendale came down
from University, Miss., during the week
on professional business.
F. B. Gaulene, residing at Biloxi,
and traveling representative for the
Pathe Film Exchange at New Orleans,
was in our city during the early part of
the week interviewing local exhibitors
with a view of placing some of his com
pany’s Gold Rooster productions.
Prof. C. R. Talbert, in charge of the
high school at Liberty, Miss., is spend
ing a brief vacation here, registered at
the Pickwick Hotel, from Jackson.
Notice is hereby given to the public that H, C.
Glover is no longer connected with the firm of
A. Scaflde & Cos. H. C. gLOVEB,
Bay St. Louis, Mlss., June 30. 1916.
The personal assessment roll of Hancock
county, Miss., for the fiscal year, 1916, has this
day been filed by me in the office of the clerk of
the Board of Supervisors. Said board will, on
the Ist day of August, 4916, meet to consider and
revise said roll. F. C. BORDAGES, Sr.,
Tax-Assessor of Hancock County, Miss.
Bay St. Louis. Miss-, June 30, 1916.
State of Mississippi, (
Hancock County. )
To Elmore Williams—You are commanded to
appear on the Ist Monday in August, towjt: the
7th day of August, 1916, before the Chancery
Court of Hancock county. Mississippi, and ans
wer or plead to a petition filed by Harriet Wil
liams, wherein you arg a defendant, citing you
for contempt of court for violation of a decree
rendered against you for alimony, attorney s
fees and court costs. In the case of Harriet
Williams vs. Elmore Williams, No. 1*47 of the
Chancery court of this county and State.
(Seal'' A. A. KERGOSIEN,
1 ' Chant a y Clerk.
Bay St. Louis, Miss.. June 2, 1916:
1 Tfce corporation title of said compay is
The Weaa Lumber Company,
2 The names of the incorporators are? W. J.
Gex, postoffice Bay St. Louis, Miss ; C. L. Wal,
ler, postofficelßay St. Louis, Miss.; M. Brandao
postofflce Bay St. Louis.
3. The domicile is at Rexrille, Miss.
4. Amount of capital stock Ten Thousand
par value of shares is One hundred
dollars. . o
6. The period of existence is five years.
7. The purpose for which it is created: To
manufacture lumber, to buy and sell lumber and
piling, and own all property, and do all things
necessaiy for the said purpose or incidental
8. The right and powers that may be exercis
ed by this corporation are those conferred by the
provisions of Chapter 2i, Mississlpp Code, 1906.
v „ W. J. GEX,
State of Mississippi 1
County of Hancock j
This day personally appeared before me, the
undersigned authority W. J. Gex, C. L. Waller
and M. Brandao, incorporators of the corpora,
tlon known as the Wena Lumber Company who
acknowleged that they signed and executed the
above and foregoing articles of incorporation
as their act and deed on this the 19th day of
June. 1918. JOHN M JENKS
(seal) Notary Pablic, Beat 5,
FOR SALE wo Milch
Cows in A1 condition
worthy of investigation. J.
K. Wianer, ’phone 177.
In the Chancery Coart of Hancock County, Mis
sissippi. May Term A. D. 1916.
A. J. McLeod at als i .a™
vs. F.W. Irey et als | No *
Sale For Partition.
Pursuant to a decree rendered In the above
entitled cause by the Honorable Chancery Court
of Hancock County, Mississippi, at the May
Term A. D., 1916,1 will on
Monday, the 3rd Day of Jaly, A. D. 1916
sell at the front door of the Courthouse of Han
cock county, Mississippi, in the city of Bay St
Louis, in said State, within legal hours, at pub
lic auction to the highest bidder for cash, the
following-described real estate ordered sold to
make partition between the parties interested in
said cause and described as follows, to-wit:
Beginning at the southeast corner of Section
32,T. B.S K. 16 W.; thence running west on'
township line, 960 chains, more or less, to east
ern line of land of Octavia Mitchell; thence north
16 1-2 degress west along east line of said Octa
via Mitchell’s land 6.35 chains, more or less, to
the north-east corner of said land; thence south
73 1-2 degrees west along northern line of said
Octavia Mitchell’s laud 6 chains, more or less, to
eastern line of Gideon Holden’s land; thence
northwesterly along said eastern line of said
Gideon Holden’s land, 3.63 chains, more or
less, to the north-east corner of said
]and ; thence westerly along northern line of
said Gideon Holden’s land 4.47 chains, more or
less t to northwest corner of said tract of land,
thence north 28 degrees 15 W. along eastern line
of Malon Holden’s land, 6 chains, more or less,
to the center of a bayou or branch known as
Poplar Branch, thence following the meander
lags of said branch northeasterly, 16 1-2 chains,
more or less, to the north-west corner of the
land of Henry and Mary E.Carver: thence south
easterly along western line of said corner tract
6 chains, more or less, to the southwest corner
thereof; thence easterly along south line of said
Carver tract 11.20 chains, more or less, to the
south-east corner of said tract; thence north
westerly along the ea.tern line of said Carver
tract to the center of Poplar Branch; thence
northeasterly along the meanderings of said
branch to line between Sections 32 and 33; thence
south on said section line to the NW corner of
the SW 1-4 of S\V 1-4 of. Section 33; thence
east to the north-east corner of said SW 1-4 of
SW 1-4 of said section; thence south 8 I 2
chains, more or less, to the NE comer of lot of
land claimed by George Lee or the H. Weston
Lumber Company; thence west 3-16 chains,
more or less, to the north-west corner of said
lot; thence south 3-16 chains, more or less, to
the south-west corner of said lot; thence west 5
chains, more or less, to the north-west corner of
land of Ella Abrom; thence south to township
line between sand 9; thence west to the place
of beginning.' Excepting from the above one
piece owned by Martna Lynch and which des
cription can be found in the Registry of Deeds
cf Hancock county, and whatever interest said
Sam Favre had In and to Sections 29.33 and frac
tional Section 32. T. 8, S. R. 16 W in Hancock
county, Mississippi. A. A. KERGOSIEN,
Special Commissioner,
Bay St. Louis, Miss., June lu, 1916.
Whereas Lena A. Combel executed a deed of
trust conveying to E. J. Gex, as trustee, the
following described property situated in the
County of Hancock,State of Mississippi, to-wit:
FIRST. Lots 591, 609, 010, 611 and the East
half of lot 012*ail in First Ward of the City of
Bay St. Louis, as per official plat of said city
made by Leland Henderson now on file in the
office of the Chancery Clerk, Hancock County,
Miss., and being formerly known as Lots 22, 23
and 26 as p~r plat of partition of lands of the D.
R. Carroll Estate, as per plat of said partition
of record in Book R, pages 193-201 inclusive, and
that tract of land adjacent to the said lots, which
is described as beginning at the Northeast
corner of lot 22 of said plan or partition of the
Carroll Estate; then running North 20 degrees
East 126 feet, more or less, to the South line of
Ulman Ave.; thence North 70 degrees West 300
feet along the south line of Ulman avenue;
thence south 20 degrees west 138 feet, more or
less to the north line of lot 26 of said plat;thence
70 degrees east 300 feet to the place of beginning,
and being the First Ward of the City of Bay St,
SECOND. Lot 17 of subdivision of Lot 52 of
Second Ward of the Town of Waveland, Miss.
Said lot 17 in Block 52 as per plat of record
recorded June 29th, 1910, In Book C-l, pages
284-5 Records of Deeds of Hancock County,
M THIRD. Lot 10, Block 4, Combel’s subdivision
of Part of Lot 105, Second Ward, Town of Wave
land, as per plat on file in office of Chancery
Clerk, Hancock County, Miss., which deed of
trust is given to secure a certain indebtedness
owing to the Merchants Bank of Bay St. Louis,
Miss., dated March 17tb. 1915, and is recorded in
Vol 10, pages 73-75, of the Records of Mortgages
and Deeds of Trust on Land, of said Hancock
County; and, whereas default has been made in
the payment of said indebtedness, and the said
bank has requested the foreclosure of said Deed
of Trust: Now, therefore, notice is hereby
given that I, the undersigned Trustee, will sell
said lands at public outcry to the highest bidder
for cash before the front door of the Court
House of said Hancock County, in the City of
Bay St. Louis, within lawful hours on
M-UNDAY, JULY 3rd, 1916,
for the durxoie naming said indebtedness, costs
expenses E. J.GEX, Trustee.
June 10th, 1916.
In the Chancery Court of Hancock county, Mis
sissippi, May Term A. D, 1916.
F. W. Ivey et al )
vs. [ No. 1982.
John Nicaise and Sam Nicaise. >
Pursuant to a decree rendered Jn the above
entitled cause bv the Hono.aJ. j Chancery
Court of Hancock County, Mississippi, at the
May term, A. D. 1916,1 will on
Monday, the 3rd day of July, A. D. 1916,
sell at the front door of the court house of Han
cock County, Mississippi, in the City of Bay St.
Louis, in said state, within legal hours, at public
auction to the highest bidder for cash, the fol
lowing described real estate ordered to be sold
to make partition between the parties interested
in said cause and which land 1 will sell in
separately, to-wit; , „ . „ .
First: S 1-2 of the NE 1-4; and the N 1-2 of the
SE 1-4, Section 35, TANARUS, 6, S R. 15 West; also the
SW 1-4 cf the SE 1-4 of Section 36, T. 6, s, R. l->
W; SW 1-4 of SE 1-4, Section 35, TANARUS, 6, S. R 15
W.; and NE 1-4 of SW l-l Section 36, T. 6,5. R.
15 W.; also those commencing at the corner of
sections- |-||t. 7, S. R. 14 W.; and running
thence North 12 chains and 21 links to the South
west corner of the J. B. D. Nicaise Land Claim;
thence South 77 degrees East, 30 chains, 81 and
8.10 links to the Southwest corner of lot No. 8 of
the division of the J. B. D. Nicaise Land Claim;
thence North 16 chains, links to a stake set
for the place of beginning of the land hereby
conveyed; thence from said beginning point to a
stake North 11 chains and 27 links to a stake;
thence East 5 chains and 80 links to a stake;
thence South 11 chains and 27 links to a stakd;
thence West 5 chains and 89 links to the place ot
beginning, containing 6.54 acres, and being a
part of lot No. Bof the division of the J. B. D.
Nicaise Land Claim, In Section 29, T. 7, S. R. 14
West, In the County of Hancock, state of
Mississippi. A. A. KERGOSIEN,
Special Commissioner.
Bay St. Lou is. Miss., Junejo. 1916.
By virtue of a decree rendered on the 2ith.
day of May A. D. 1916, by the Chancery Court of
Hancock County, Mississippi, in case No. 1741
of the general docket of said court, wherein L.
Davis Et Al who sue by their next friend, are
complainants, and Pauline Davis, defendant,
the undersigned special commissioner will on
the same being the first Monday of the month,
sell at public outcry to the highest bidder for
cash, before the front door of the court house of
said county, la the City of Bay St. Louis, Miss.,
within legal hours, the land lying and being in
the City et Bay St. Louis, County of Hancock,
State of Mississippi, and which land is described
as follows;
A lot of land beginning at a stake set on the
south line of Main street, at the northwest cor
ner of the lot of land now claimed by Mrs. Mary
R. Diettel, from thence on a course N. Tud. W .
along the south line of Main Street lo® feet to a
stake; from thence on a course south 20 degrees
west -00 feet, more or less, to the line dividing
this line from land formerly claimed by John \
Toulme, now Mrs. E. Davis; from thence on a
course south 70 degrees east along said dividing
line 100 feet to the southwest corner of lot ot
land now claimed by Mrs. R, Deittel, from thence
on a course uorth 20 degrees east 200 feet, more or
less, to a stake set at the place of beginning.
Bounded North by Main Street, east by land of
Mary K. Deittel. south by iand formerly claimed
by John V. Toulme, now claimed by Sylvia
Toulme and others and Mary E. Davis, west by
land of Joseph t\ Carcneuye, being a lot measur
ingaOlepton sou tto side o£ Street. lying
between tke lot of Louis Laurent
and the lot of land herein described, being the
same land acquired by Henry Davis from Joseph
F. Cazeneuve on the 4th. day of June, 1908-
Witness my hand, this the 10th day of: June,
\ D 1916 A. A. KEKGObIEN
Special commissioner.
Sec. 1. Amendment section 27 of the charter
of Bav St, Louis as appear In the act 0.. lsßb.
‘ Be tftunher enacted that the style of the
ordinance of said city shall ba. B r it further
ordained by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen
of the City of Bay -St. Louis, and ail ordinances
adopted by said Board of Mayor and Aidermen
for the government of said city of which are re
quired to be observed under penalty, stad take
effect Five days from their passage unless
i otherwise ordained by said board. &aid ordin
ance, rules and regulations, adopted by said
Board of Mayor and Aldermen and ad record,
and proceedings of the mayor’s court shall be
deemed ana heid public records, and may be
proved by tJio seal of tiie city- baw Board o t
Mayor and A demon may have a code of the
oromances, rules and regulations printed and
published, ana when so printed ana published
hhaii be received as evidence in ail courts ot this
State without further proof. ‘
tsec 2. That this amendment take effect from
fpn after its appro V -1 and record thereof as by
i ApprdWi in open board, this, the 3rd day of
V ‘ lUlo ' C* B. CAPDBPON,
r j'v r •• ■
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I Try It- I * □□□□□□; I
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