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rV< r‘-- ~;:•*
Wrapped to insure its perfect
condition in ail climates and
seasons. Sealed tight— kept
right. The perfect gum in the
perfect package.
That Depends. Fleeting Ills.
“Is the place within walking <U- Leary—Still wailing for your ship
tance of the carT' to come in, eh !
“I dunno,” answered the landlord. Weary —Oh, they’ve come in. Whole
“How far kin you walk?”—London fleet of ’em. All hardships.—Philadel*
Answers. phla North American.
|| " ’
! ji “Meats in Storage” |
f , $ |jj||
j . ii |lj;|
Every working day of the year
75 000,000 pounds of meat are required
|| to supply home and export needs —and
only 10 per cent of this is exported. |: ; i
These facts must be kept in mind
I; j
when considering the U. S. Bureau of
Markets report that on June 1 1919,
there were 1,348,000,000 pounds of
t ~
meats in coki storage If the meat in
storage was placed on the market it
would only be 20 days' supply. I
This meat is not artificially withheld
j from trade channels to maintain or
t ' I jf {
li| advance prices. |
Meats in storage consist of—
-65 per cent (approximate) hams, bacon, etc.,
in process of curing. It takes 30 to 90
lif days in pickle or salt to complete the
| j
10 per cent is frozen pork that is to be cured
|il later in the year.
6 per cent is lard. This is only four-fifths
of a pound per capita, and much of it will
have to go to supply European needs.
19 per cent is frozen beef and lamb, part of
which is owned by the Government and
was intended chiefly for over-seas ship
ment. If this were all diverted to domes
tic trade channels, it would be only
lYz lbs. per capita—a 3 days’ supply. J
From this it will be seen that*‘meats
in storage” represent merely un
] finished goods in process of curing and
the working supply necessary to assure
the consumer a steady flow of finished
Let us send you a Swift “Dollar".
It will interest you. . I
Address Swift & Company, |
Union Stock Yards, Chicago, 111. j
I Swift Sc Company, U. S. A. I
IS //^S* g r*E Ijjp
|L- —JiH
W£2£?y ssz °l)i I SBB
Glimpse of an Empire
• by the Peace Treaty
L ■■■■■■■■! ' r-.ri, , * rsd
Bedouins eating in their camp near Bagdad, one of the greatest cities in
all the old Turkish empire. The Bedouins are wandering clans who seldom
stay more than one year in the same locality. Their half Gypsy life will not
be much changed by British or allied rule in Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia's
farm lands now produce food enough for less than a million people. With
modern irrigation methods in the Tigris and Euphrates valleys the region
could feed twenty million people.
Pesl Which Causes Suffering and
———l ■ HUM I ■ ■inriwiß II ■ ■ wiiimi
Mosquitoes are man’s inveterate tor
menvoi's and foes. At the seaside, on
the undrained prairies of the West and
Northwest, in the far North, by wood
land pool and mountain meadow these
bloodthirsty brigands in countless
myriads waylay the individual on busi
ness or pleasure bent
Swamps, ponds and marshes, how
ever. are not the only places which
breed mosquitoes. A little rain water
in an old tin can or uridrained roof
gutter, if neglected, will supply mos
quitoes for a town or city neighbor
hood, spreading discomfort, causing
insomnia and tempting to profanity.
If mosquitoes were merely a bother
some plague, there would he ample
■justification for unrelenting warfare
against them, hut when it is consid
ered that several species scattered
over the United States disseminate ma
laria, rendering many legions of great
fertility almost uninhabitable, and
that one kiiid of mosquito found in the
South will convey yellow fever, no ar
gument for lighting them i accessary.
Loganberry Juice May Soon
Become Popular Among the
“Soft” Drinks in Demand
“Soft drinks” — “soft” in sbmg mean
ing “easy to get”—may attain new im
portance. Soft drinks made from
fruit juices doubtless will at tract many
new devotees, who will find that bev
erages made from pure fruit juices are
j decidedly healthful, cooling, refresh
ing and invigorating, says tin* United -
States department of agriculture.
Because of its pleasant flavor, the
1 juice of the Logan blackberry, com
• monly known as the loganberry, is
very popular as a beverage. The berry
j is also used in making jams, jellies
1 and soda-fountain sirups. Methods of
J extracting and treating the juice are
! constantly being bettered. This in
| dusrtry. already a large one. is growing
i rapidly.
I Loganberry juic<* is naturally so sour
j that it is necessary both to dilute and
i to sweeten it to obtain a drinkable
article. The berry has a characteristic
flavor. It somewhat resembles that of
the raspberry, both red and black, but
is more acid than either.
Adding enough sugar to reduce suffi
ciently the tartness of the juice makes
Ia product 100 slrupy to drink, unless it
j is diluted at the same time. The sirup
i prepared for soda-fountain use is not
| diluted until sold over the counter,
i Some of the sweetened but undiluted
juices have been labeled by manufac
turers as “concentrated.” This de
scription is unwarranted, as the juices
have not been concentrated or evupo
t rated, but simply sweetened. They
should be properly labeled as logan
\ berry sirups.
To find work, go to work Hitd
look for It.
Before taking certain steps
consult a dancing muster.
A wise barber asks the young
man If he wishes a haircut.
A small boy's idea of a board
of health Is six meals a day.
However, the early boom
doesn't always catch the nomina
Never place your clock at the
head of the stairs; it might run
Tobacco Far North,
Tobacco growing at 50 degrees
north latitude would seem an impossi
bility in America, but In the Odense
district of Denmark, which lies
tween 05 and 06 degrees, the cultiva
tion of tobacco has been'taken up by
many farmers since the war.
Lowly Angle Worm an Aid
in Fertilizing the Soil,
an Authority Declares
That the despised angle worm, which
for ages has been the choice food of
the robin, the terror of “Little Miss
Muffets” and the joy of fishermen, has
all this time been working for the
benefit of mankind without any par
ticular credit is an interesting fact
brought to light.
According tb .Prof. Frank Smith of
the University of Illinois, who is an
authority in this country on angle
worms, most of the real grounds for
complaint against the angle worm is
due to an introduced species which is
common in the northern tier of states.
There are few infected areas, some of
which have their origin, traced hack
to accidental importation by the tnite
plantation of trees from northern Illi
nois. These worms are of large size
and have the habit of pulling leaves
and small twigs into the mouths of
their burrows, and together with the
earth brought tip by them, they form
the little mounds which make the sur

face of a lawn quite rough, and hence
they make mowing more difficult.
Professor Smith states that apart
from the roughness of the surface of a
lawn, the results of their work Is
doubtless beneficial. An earth worgri
makes its burrow from one to three
feet in depth, these burrows providing
means for conveying surface water to
deeper layers, and also for aerating
these layers, in this work they have
been important agents in making the
soil fertile through t lie years.
Oh, Fudge.
“What’s all that noise, all that hub
bub in the shops?”
“We manufacture tennis goods.”
“And that fellow is making a rack
Had Only to Act Natural.
Youth —1 don’t
~n want to take that
q 1 character. I’ll
S j make a fool of
km* krg f\ Lady Stage
f-Wj Manager Well,
flfiji jf M JQO you you
*s, wanted an easy
Mrs. Newgilt —What is your objec
tion to buying that lovely French bull
Her Husband — I won’t stand for a
dog that turns up his nose at me.
The Difference.
“What’s the difference between base
ball and trigonometry?”
Swallows Feed Almost
Entirely Upon bisects
If you want to free the neighborhood
of mosquitoes, encourage swallows to
make themselves at home, says a re
port of the American Forestry asso
ciation. These birds feed almost en
tirely upon obnoxious insects and they
will do much toward protecting or
chards and other trees from insect
pests. No better investment can be
made, therefore, than some houses set
out for martins or other swallows. Of
the blue swallows the purple martin is
the largest, the male being entirely
blue above and below, while the female
is blue above with a gray breast. Swal
lows are highly migratory, most of
them spending the whiter in South
America. v
Food for Thought
There are many troubles which you
cannot cure by the Bible and the hymn
book, but which you can cure by a
good perspiration and a breath of
(Ur. —Henry Ward Beecher.
They may talk of love In a cottas®.
And borers* of trefksffl vine—
Of nature bewltchingiy simple.
And milkmaids half divine;
They may talk of the pleasure of sl''%n|
In the shade of a spreading tree.
And walk j*i the fields of morning.
By t>* side of a fop.tsten free!
ffiit give'me sly flirtation ,
By the light of a chandelier—
With music to play in the pauses.
And nobody very near;
Or a seat on a silken apfa.
With a glass of pure ohl wine.
And mamma top blind to discover h
The small white hand in mine.
Your love in a cottage is hungry.
Your vine is a nest of flies—
Tour milkmaid shocks the graces.
And simplicity talks of pies!
You lie down to your shady slumber
And wake with a bug in your ear.
And your damsel that walks in the mor#<
Is shod like a mountaineer.
True love la at home on a carpet.
And mightily likes his ease—
And true love has an eye for a dinner.
And starves beneath shady trees.
His wing is the fan of a lady.
His foot's an Invisible thing.
And his arrow is tipped with a Jewel
And shot from a silver string.
—M. P. Willis.
Locusts as Food Date
Back to the Days of John
the Baptist, and Others
It was not necessary for a learned
entomologist in the Johns Hopkins fac
ulty to prove the edibility of locusts by
eating a few of them arid surviving the
experiment. For unnumbered centu
ries these insects have been an occa
sional. hut considerable, part of the
diet of millions of people in several
parts of the world, and if ever those
people hear rtf the Johns Hopkins man’s
exploit they will smile superiorly and
wonder tK the helatedness of his au
dacity. The history of John the Bap
tist is not the only recorded instance
in which empirical persons have anti
cipated the scientist.
Of course, locusts are edible; so are
hundreds of other insects —thousands
of them, probably —and if might not
be at all Injudicious at this time, when
so much of the world's population Is
going hungry, if more attention were
bestowed on what is. alter all, the
largest of new food sources. Still, the
locusts in this country tire not in much
danger as a result of the professors
revelation, oven though he does say
that they taste like shrimp.
Dancing. Saturday Night
Program for Haitians in
Their Little Villages
Dancing to the music of a drum, sax
ophone and flute is the chief source of
amusement for Haitians in their little
villages on Saturday night, according
to an article by William Alinon \Volff
in Collier’s Weekly. Beginning tit sun
down every Saturday night, he writes,
one will come to a wine shop, if one
follows the sound of the drum. The
drummer sits outside. His unceasing
drumming marks the rhythm of the
music; what melody there is. is borne
by a flute, and almost always there
Is a saxophone. The music is the same
at every dance. It is in common time;
a single cadence Is repeated, over and
over again.
Dancing in Haiti resembles the satur
nalia among the Australian aborigines,
Mr. Wolff writes. The dancers are
frank and unashamed, and one gets
little or no feeling of a personal note
between the two one sees dancing;
rather they are staging a spectacle.
“Give it up.”
“A woman will pretend to be Inter
ested when you>e trying to explain
baseball to her.”
A Desirable Entertainment,
“A successful jew
man must study -*B#-,
the faults of oth
“Well. I don’t
know that it will
make a man sue- JL L.
cessful. but -it g jTTJ / I \
ought to be a de- r //, y\
lightful study.”
F rankness.
"What do you know of International
“Nothing, but that doesn’t keep me
from discussing them as though I
knew all about them.”
Her Equipment.
“How is it that female pickpocket
got so much plunder before she was
“I dare say it was because she had
such taking ways.”
The Popular Fad.
“Everybody seems to be affected*
with it.”
“The strike fever.”
“What's happened now?”
“The wife and children have struck
for more spending money.”
His Choice.
“Children are a lot of core.”
“True, hut I’d rather spend my
tfme with them than waste It chasing
a bull pup around the neighborhood.”
Its Nature.
“This abolition of capital punish
ment Is mere child’s play.”
“What do you mean?”
“Why, isn’t it skipping the rope?”
Jewels Compared.
“Look- what a fine ruby I have on
my finger.”
“Humph! It Is nothing to the car
buncle I have on my neck.”
Just So.
“I don’t see anything to laugh about
tn the'cat’s drtaking up my milk.”
“oh that’s the cream of the Joke.'
f Drlw Out MslwfA ‘jf ,
Arndt Build rp The SykNo*
Take the Old Standard GROVE'S TASTE
LESS chill TONIC. You know what you
are taking, as tha formula la printed on
every labeL ehowtoc *t 1 OTTININE and
IRON la tasteless form. ?he drtwa
out the ulalarla. the li*m builds OP the
system. Price #oo.
Value of Magnesium on Cancer.
Extensive experiments upon mice,
Conducted by Dr. Shlgemltsu Hand at
Qoftapbla university, lead him to re
port to tile Journal of the American
Medical Association that there Is seri
ous doubt If magnesium Is of any
value in treating cancer In human be
ings. |
Save the Babies
INFANT MORTALITY is something frightful. We can hardly realize that
of all the children born in civilized countries, twenty-two per cent.,
or nearly one-quarter, die before they reach one year; thirty-seven
per cent., or more than one-third, before tney are five, and one-halt before
they are fifteen!
We do not hesitate to say that a timely use of Castoria would save
many of these precious lives. Neither do we hesitate to say that many
of these infantile deaths are occasioned by the use of narcotic preparations.
Drops, tinctures and soothing syrups sold for children’s complaints contain
more or less opium or morphine. They are, in considerable quantities,
deadly poisons. In any quantity, they stupefy, retard circulation and lead
to congestions, sickness, death. There can be no danger in the use of Cas
toria if it bears the signature of Chas. H. Fletcher yj
as it contains no opiates or narcotics of any kind, [<*
Genuine Castoria always bears the signature of
Indiscreet charity Is better than
chronic penuriousness.
Lift off Corns!
Doesn’t hurt a bit and Freezone
costs only a few cents.
ra\ V
With your lingers I You can lift off
any hard corn, soft corn, or corn be
tween the toes, and the hard skin cal
luses from bottom of feet.
A tiny bottle of “Freezone” costs
little at any drug store; apply a few
drops upon the corn or callus. In
stantly it stops hurting, then shortly
you lift that bothersome corn or callus
right off, root and all, without one bit
of pain or soreness. Truly I No hum
bug 1
A lot of folks we know would gif
along better If they traded their
tongues for an extra set of ears.
Why Vacher-Balm stops all kinds of
pain and soreness so quickly Is that It
stops inflammation, therefore nothing
gives quicker relief for Mumps, Head
ache, Burns, etc. It also quickly re
lieves Catarrh, and being harmless
may be used Internally.
If you cannot buy it locally write
for Free Sample and agent’s prices.
Beware of imitations. E. W. Vacher,
Inc., New Orleans, La. —Adv.
A pessimist Is a bird who always
believes the weather bureau when it
forecasts rain.
Nothing Like Plain Bitro-Phosphate to
Put on Firm, Healthy Flesh and
to increase Strength* Vigor
and Nerve Force.
Judging from the countless*prepara.tion3
and treatments which are continually be
ing 1 advertised for the purpose of making
thin people fleshy, developing arms, neck
%nd bust, and replacing ugly hollows and
angles by the
soft curved
lines of health
JHWK there are evi
dently tbo u
sands of men
and wum e n
VR W iDHS who keen 1 y
jßHWMßdvQyfeel their ex
kffl® cesslve thin
■jnt S&m
/dgtijggSgMhrtr TANARUS! ;nn-ss end
S '\ w-'c-’ess are
nothing that will supply this deficiency
o well as the organic phosphate known
among druggists as bitro-phosphate
which is inexpensive and la sold by most
all druggists under a guarantee of satis
faction or money back. By feeding the
nerves directly and by supplying the body
cells with the necessary phosphoric food
elements, bitro-phosphate should produce
a welcome transformation In the appear
ance; the increase in weight frequently
being astonishing.
Increase In weight also carries with It
a general improvement in the health.
Nervousness, sleeplessness and lack of
ene.rgy, which nearly always accompany
excessive thinness, should soon disappear,
dull eyes ought to brighten, and pale
cheeks glow with the bloom of perfect
feealth. Miss Georgia Hamilton, who was
once thin and frail, reporting her own
experience, writes: *‘Bltro-Phosphate has
brought about a magic transformation
with me, X gained 15 pounds and never
before felt ao well.”
CAUTlON:—Although bitro-phosphate is
unsurpassed for relieving nervousness,
sleeplessness and general weakness. It
should not. owing to Us tendency to In
crease weight, be used by anyone who
does not desire to put on flesh.
Kill All Fites I TE[ cTslall ad
KKAhflffi. sasawas a
BUW ° a in re— -a. UiUall sea -
of metal
anything. Guaranteed.
WHBhmSt yocr dealer or
HAROLD *Hrvoklra, N- T
New Is ik Tims le Get Rid of These Ugly Spots
There's so longer the slightest cubed of filing
sshstued of yMr free kies, as —donbi*
• ■ ea*ti! Is guaranteed to Ssao*£|Uiee hemely
Simply get an ounce of Othfai—-dwW*
strength—from your druggist, and appbr a littio
of it night and morning and you should soon see
that even the worst freckles hare begun to dis
appear, while the lighter ones hare eanlshro rn
tlrely. It Is seldom that more than one ounce
Is needed to completely clear the skid sod gain
s beautiful clear complexion.
Be sure to ask for the double strength Otbln-.
as this Is sold under guarantee of money back
If it falla to remove freckles.—Adv.
It’s hard to warm up to the man
who is always putting on airs.
Radium will never make a good sub
stitute for the gold brick.
■■ 11 —■?
For many years druggists have watched
with much interest the remarkable record
maintained by Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
the great kidney, liver and bladder medi
It is a physician's prescription.
Swarap-Root is a strengthening medi
cine. It helps the kidneys. liver and blad
der do the work nature intended they
should do.
Swamp-Root hat stood the test of years.
It is sold by all druggists on its merit
and it should help you. No other kidney
medicine has so many friends.
Be sure to get Swamp-Root and start
treatment at Once.
However, if you wish first to test this
great preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Cos., Binghamton, N. Y., £fn a
sample bottle. When writing be sur® and
mention this paper.—-Adv.
A groat city—a groat solitude.
“Swestk Bacoiv.
Mt. Pleasant, la—“ When I found sickness appear
ing in tuy herd I got a 80 lb. yall Of M. A. Thomas
Hog Remedy. Before I finished feeding It. I was so
satisfied that I got another, and when nw bogs wers
all well 1 not a third pall and find that twice a week
teed keeps them well.” Jim Kermcen, H. No. L
OLD KENTUCKY MFC- CO., Inc., Paducah. Ky.
p3|| money b/^k
■ IMPwfiW withoutquestion if Hunt’s Blvw
g treat Kc|etuaj
8 raf S treatments 8 failed Hnm' Salva
S baa relieved hundredsof sucbcasea.
50 ** 3 Ton can’t lose on our Mont*
Q liork Onarantre, Try It at onr risk
& TC\)AY. Pries 7so. at dm* stores,
p Of A. B. Richards Cos., Sherman, Texas
Often Caused by
How can anyone with a sour, gassy
stomach, who is constantly belching, has
heartburn and suffers from indigestion have
anything but a bad breath? All of these
stomach disorders mean just one thing—
EATONIC. the wonderful new stomach
remedy in pleasant tasting tablet form that
you eat like a bit of candy, brings quick
relief from these stomach miseries, EATON
IC sweetens the breath because It makes the
stomach sweet, cool and comfortable. Try It
for that nasty taste, congested throat and
"heady feeling” after too much smoking
If neglected. Acid-Stomach may cause you
a lot of serious trouble. It leads to ner
vousness, headaches, insomnia, melancholia,
rheumatism, sciatica, heart trouble, ulcer
and cancer of the stomach. It makes Us
millions of victims weak and miserable,
listless, lacking in energy, all tired out. It
often brings about chronic Invalidism, pro
mature old age. a shortening of one’s days.
You need the help that EATONIC can glva
you If you are not feeling as strong and
well a* you should You will be surprised
to see how much better you will feel Just as
soon as you begin taking this wonderful
stomach remedy. Oet a big 60 cent bog
from your druggist today. He wIM return
your money If vou are not satisfied,
(Tor t6dr AdD-sroMACgi
the ideal and nodern
Name Treatment ter Female Complaint*
12 treatments by mail $1.25
214 Broadway Cincinnati. Ohio
AANTED A lady representative for each locality
Warned Tailoring Agents Big money from
the very- start —opportunity of your lifetime
to gd in your own business We are ths
largest made-to-measure tailoring house la
the country, furnishing elaborate sample
equipments, including 500 brand new woolens
and guarar'ee fullest, satisfaction perfect
fit, best woi krranshlp or no sale. Write for
our line and all accessories to be sent free:
earn from *75.00 to *150.00 per week State
whether you will travel or sell in your owl
town Address SALES MANAGER, A L
STEVENS Lock Ror 4T Chicago. TlUnols
Girls, Have a Clear, Beautiful
Complexion by the Milk Diet
Guaranteed to banish pimples, eruption*,
blotches on face, sallow skin, gives the skin
a smooth pink tinted color: fills out hodow
cheeks; rids the body of all poisons, purlfle*
the blood. Complete Milk Diet Instructions,
sl. Satisfaction guaranteed or money refund
ed. F. T. Konkle, P. O- Box 454. Klralra.N.Y.
I -5 * PaßkTr , 3~~|
A telle* preparation of merit.
Helps to eradicate dandruff.
Far Res taring Color tod
r-*SI Baaaty to Gray or Faded Hair,
AGENTS —Thousands sold. Pershing s Hiorj
American Army lu France. Forty pageu c
tion, Illustrated in colors. Liberal terms Sam
pie 36c Southern Sales Cos.. Dresden, T*n

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