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Formorc than Forty Years
Cotton Growers have known that
More than 11,651,200 Tons of Potash Salts
had been imported and used in the United
States in the 20 years previous to January,
1915, when shipments ceased. Of this
6,460,700 Tons consisted of
. which the cotton grower knew was both a
plant food and a preventive of blight and
rust, —with it came also 1,312,400 Tons of
20 per cent
which has the same effects on Cotton, but which
was used mainly in mixed fertilizers.
Shipments of both Kainit and Manure Salt have
been resumed but the shortage of coal and cars and
high freight rates make it more desirable to ship
Manure Salt, which contains 20 per cent of actual
Potash, instead of Kainit, which contains less than
13 per cent actual Potash.
MANURE SALT can be used as a side dressing
on Cotton in just the same way as Kainit and will
give the same results. Where you used 100 pounds
I of Kainit, you need to use but 62 pounds of Manure
Salt, or 100 pounds of Manure Salt go as far as 161
pounds of Kainit.
MANURE SALT has been coming forward in
considerable amounts and cotton growers, who can
not secure Kainit, should make an effort to get
Manure Salt for side dressing to aid in making a |
big Cotton Crop. j
Muriate of Potash 1
50 per cent actual Potash, has been coming forward
also, —100 pounds of Muriate are equivalent to 400 *
pounds of Kainit or 250 pounds of Manure Salt.
These are the three J
Standard GERMAN Potash Salts
that were always used in making cotton fertilizers
and have been used for all these years with great
profit and without any damage to the crop.
The supply is not at present as large as in former
years, but there is enough to greatly increase the
Cotton Crop if you insist on your dealer making
the necessary effort to get it for you.
Soil and Crop Service Potash
II H. A. Huston, Manager
I 42 Broadway New York
Felt Like Eating”
Man and Wife, All Run-Down From Farm Work,
Were Greatly Helped by Ziron.
jrY WIFE and I, after a hard
M spring on the farm, were tired
and run-down,” says Mr. E. B.
Mulkey, of Route 1, Ac-worth, Ga. “We
neither felt well. I knew nay blood was
bad. as I had little bolls on the back
of my neck.
“We felt we needed a builder. We
bad heard of Ziron and thought it must
be what we needed. It certainly was.
We took it faithfully, and after a week
or such matter we began to feel bet
ter. My wife felt like cooking, and I
sure felt like eating.
If love were really blind age would
have fewer terrors for the fair sex.
Lift off Corns!
Doesn’t hurt a bit and Freazone
costs only a few cents.
With your fingers! You can lift oft
my hard corn, soft corn, or corn be
tween the toes, and the hard skin cal
luses from bottom of feet.
A tiny bottle of “Freezone” costs
little at any drug store; apply a few
drops upon the corn or callous. In
stantly it stops hurting, then shortly
you lift that bothersome corn or cal
lous right off. root and all, without
one bit of pain or soreness, Truly!
No humbug!—Adv.
Utter Silence.
“The sounds of battle have been
stilled these many months,” declaimed
the orator. “No longer do the shells
shriek, the bullets whistle, the ma
chine guns spit out their rat-tat-tat
“And you might add,” interposed
the ex-soldier, "that our peace-time
slumbers are not exactly disturbed by
the popping of corks.” —Home Sector.
r Two weak partners are seldom able
“Ziron sure did us good. It made
us both feel stronger and better for the
fall work, which everyone knows is
‘some work’ on a farm. My boils began
to dry up, though just at first they
seemed worse.
“We are much better and can highly
recommend Ziron, and gladly do so for
it sure did us good.”
Ziron is a safe, reliable, tonic medi
cine, good for men, women and chil
dren, when an iron tonic Is indicated.
It is easy to take and contains no
habit-forming drugs.
Ask your druggist or dealer.
Her Chance.
Seven-year-old John had just begun
to trade at school. His pencils, pens,
paints, and even tablets are traded for
all sorts of trifies. His sister, much
disturbed, complained to the family,
and one after another all except his
aunt, reproved hirti. He smiled, seem
ingly not hearing while they talked.
And after they were through he
called his aunt to one side. “Say,
do you need a bottle of ink?” he
asked. “I’ve got a chance to trade
one for a pencil, and you’ve got
about six pencils on your desk in
there.”—lndianapolis News. .
Bayer Company, who introduced Aspi
rin in 1900, give proper
The Bayer Company, who intro
duced Aspirin, tell in their careful di
rections in each package of genuine
“Bayer Tablets of Aspirin” that to get
best results one or two glasses of wa
ter should be drank after taking tab
“Bayer Tablets of Aspirin” to be
genuine must be marked with the
safety “Bayer Cross,” Then you are
getting Jhe genuine, world-famous As
pirin, prescribed by physicians for
over eighteen years.
Each unbroken “Bayer” package
contains proper directions for Colds,
Headache, Toothache, Earache, Neu
ralgia. Lumbago, Rheumatism, Neuri
tis, and Pain generally.
Handy tin boxes of twelve tablets
cost but a few cents. Druggists also
sell larger “Bayer” packages. Aspirin,
is the trade mark of Bayer Manufac
ture of Monoaceticacidester of Salley
licacid. —Adv.
Insuperable Obstacle.
“I am sorry to hear you have left
your husband. Couldn’t you get 01
with him?”
“Oh, ye*, but tb* dog couldn’t”
Mr. Dodson, the “Liver Tone”
Man, Telis the Treachery
of Calomel.
Calomel loses you a day! You know
what calomel is. It’s mercury-; quick
silver. Calomel is dangerous. It crashes
Into sour bile like dynamite, cramping
and sickening you. Calomel attacks
the bones and should never be put into
your system.
When you feel bilious, sluggish, con
stipated and all knocked out and be
lieve you need a dose of dangerous cal
omel just remember that your druggist
sells for a few cents a large bottle of
Dodson’s Liver Tone, which is entirely
vegetable and pleasant to take and is
a perfect substitute for calomel. It is
guaranteed to start your liver without
stirring you up inside, and can not
Don’t take calomel! It can not be
trusted any more than a leopard or a
wild-cat. Take Dodson’s Liver Tone
which straightens you right up and
makes you feel fine. Give it to the
children because it is perfectly harm
less and doesn’t gripe.—Adv.
The unfortunate man’s friends live I
a long way off.
Texas Lady Storekeeper, Who
Carries Black-Draught in Stock,
Has Found It “Best Liver
Medicine” Obtainable.
Barker, Tex. —Relating her experi
ence with Thedford’s Black-Draught,
Mrs. A. L. Fromrae, of this place,
says: “I had for some time used . . .
and other liver medicines, which
would nauseate and make me feel bad.
We have a store, and our customers
called for Black-Draught so often that
I decided it must be good, so thought
I would try it myself.
“I began its use and found It just
fitted my case. It neither griped nor
nauseated me, was an easy laxative
and not hard to take.
“I had had headaches a great deal,
no doubt from torpid liver. The
Black-Draught would cure them. The
best way I find to take Black-Draught
Is to take one or two good sized doses
until the liver begins to act, then tapei
the doses to just a pinch after meals.
“It will insure good digestion, do
away with the gas or bad taste in the
mouth, and is without doubt the best
liver medicine in the market. I have
found it so. I can recommend it to
my friends, for I believe it will do
them good.”
Get a package of Thedford’s Black-
Draught liver medicine today.
Most dealers carry it in stock.
More man would marry only for love
if they could afford it.
“California Syrup of Figs’*
Child’s Best Laxative.
Accept “California” Syrup of
only—look for the name California on
the package, then you are sure your
child is having the best and most harm
less physic for the little stomach, liver
and bowels. Children love its fruity
taste. Full directions on each bottle.
You must say “California.” —Adv.
The Proper Place.
“Where in your desk shall I put
these articles on the dove of peace?”
“Put them In some pigeon hole.”
i ___________
For many vears druggists have watched
! with much interest the remarkable record
maintained by Dr. Kilmer’s Swamp-Root,
the great kidney, liver and bladder medi
cine. . .
It is a physician’s prescription.
Swamp-Root is a strengthening medi
cine. It helps the kidneys, liver and blad
der do the work nature intended they
should do. , .
Swamp-Root has stood the test of years.
It is sold by all druggists on its merit
and it should help you. No other kidney
medicine has so many friends.
Be sure to get Swamp-Root and start
treatment at once. , ,
However, if you wish first to test this
great preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Cos., Binghamton, N. Y., for a
sample bottle. - When writing be sure and
mention this paper.—Adv.
Good Reason.
“Did Billy caM up his girl on the
long-distcnce phone?”
“No; he was too short.”

Few women realize how beautiful
other women real \f are
Be 11-ans
Thousands of women always have
tn the boose- At the first sign of
any brmdarfty a timely dose la
ommrMd thrm their ***"
cess for ever half a century. FOR
After you eat—always use
—one or two tablets—eat kke candy.
InstantlyrelievesHeartburn, Bloated
Gassy Feeling. Stops indigestion,
food souring, repeating, headacheand
the many miseries caused by
EATONIC is the bestremedy, it takes
the harmful acids and gases right out
of the body and, of course, you get
well. Tens of thousands wonderfully
benefited. Guaranteed to satisfy or
money refunded by your own drug
gist. Cost a trifle. Please try it!
■ iJkbw *■— Jm § m
p jay H I
HTnoney back
m ||u3|l without question If Hunt’s Salve
m WL I falls In the treatment of Xctema,
■ H ■ Tetter, Ringworm, Itch, etc. Don’t
II sciv I become discouraged because other
H h ■ treatments failed. Hunt’s Salve
I H I has relieved hundreds of such cases.
■ ■■ ■ Too can’t lose on our Monty
■ ■ Back Guarantee. Try it at our risk
■ |B ■ TODAY. Price 7Sc, at drug stores.
M :■ I A.B. Richards Cos., Sherman, Texas
micv n V Ifll I CD placed anywhere
\ JtlnSSiri&iMwfrJM elean,om£.rr.entsl,con
venient, cheap. Lasts
EffS all season. Made of
metal, can’t spill or
tip over ; will not soil
Ksy 4<^ < Pli or injure anything.
Guaranteed effective.
fia/fTvVßß^tUJJ&ftflßvs MSold by dealers, or
prepaid, $1.25.
HAROLD SOMERS, 150 Da Kalb Ave., Brooklyn, H. Y.
Too many working men make a spe
cialty of working others.
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications as they cannot reach
the diseased portion of the ear. There is
only one way to cure Catarrhal Deafness,
and that is by a constitutional remedy.
through the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces
of the System. Catarrhal Deafness is
caused by an inflamed condition of the
mucous lining of the Eustachian Tube
When this tube is inflamed you have a
rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing, and
when It Is entirely closed, Deafness Is the
result. Unless the inflammation can be re
duced and this tube restored to Its nor
mal condition, hearing :.iay be destroyed
forever. Many cases of Deafness are
caused by Catarrh, which Is an Inflamed
condition of the Mucous Surfaces.
case of Catarrhal Deafness that cannot
be cured by HALL S CATARRH
All Druggists 75c. Circulars free.
F. J. Cheney & Cos., Toledo, Ohio.
Slight Complication.
“We must economize on our table,”
said young Mrs. Torkins.
“That should be easy enough.”
“Yes, But it must he managed with
a little discretion so that Charley
won't spend all his money on lunches
9 i
Iking pin!
I Has that good I
I licorice taste I
I uou'vebeen I
I looking lor. I
Let Cuticura Be
Your Beauty Doctor
Soap 25c, Ointment 25 mwl 50c, Takuai 25c.
RUTH are World Champions for the present,
Is a World Champion, not for an age but for
all time. We guarantee it to positively cure
the most stubborn case of Dandruff in the
world, or refund your money. For local skin
trouble it is a sure remedy. Cures shingles,
insect poisoning, pimples, tetter, eczema,
chapped lips and hands; once a user always
H user. Price $1.25 per bottle. ‘ Dandruff
Hammer Hair Tonic Cos., Desk C, P. O. Box
<sl. Gadsden. Alabama. Agents wanted.
Exhibition Laying Strain S. C. White Leg
horns. Kansas Citv, Nebraska State winners.
$2 & $5 setting, prepaid. Direct or send for
folder. Robey Yards. Maryville, Mo.
TOBACCO —Kentucky's fine, long, silky leaf,
chewing and smoking tobacco for sale. Sat
isfaction guaranteed. Direct from farmer.
When vou buv from us once you will buy
from us again.’ Write for sample and prices.
Adams Bros . Bardwell, Kentucky.
FREE CABIN’ SITE in Minnesota, the Play
ground of a Nation, on the Mississippi v alley
Auto Hwy. Write for particulars Vermil
lion Trail Lodge. Pioneer Bldg., St.Paul.Minn.
LEADING SHOWS for five years. Satisfac
tion guaranteed. Write for mating .Ist.
Harry Grimes. Chula. Missouri.
AGENTS—SOOc*c profit to represent us in
your locality. Unlimited field. Experience
unnecessary- Samples, particulars free. Inter
state sign. Dept. N, 2020 N. Halsted, Chicago.
FREE—One six-way display necktie holder
with six Everlasting Necktie Wrinkle Re
movers (no Ironing). Send sl.
eity Cos.. 190 Pilgrim. Highland Park. Mich.
BEAUTIFUL POSTCARDS —25 fine birthday
25c, 25 fine lovers’ 25c, 60 U. S- views 35c,
25 comic 20c, postpaid. Grand Leader Pub
lishing Cos., Dept. N. Minneapolis. Minn.
Hampshire Weanling Pigs for Sale.
Registered, gaar&nieeu. V*,. J. Craig, Glen*
cairn Farm. Bowling Green, Kentucky.
Thousand Dollars Vearly, home work_\\*orld
beater: Get county rights firrt. Quarter
eet# aamnle outfit. Dow Tate. Cotter. Ark.
• 1
rari^e ed tjy
inc opoßAreo
“■DULL” Durham cigarettes; you roll them
J3 yourself from genuine “Bull” Durham
tobacco; fifty from one bag.
No machine can even duplicate your “own”
roiled from genuine “Bull” Durham tobacco.
Good old reliable “Bull”. Always genuine;
since 1865 he’s been everyone’s friend.
"Buif Durham
Love is not always the least harmful
if the various intoxicants that make
the world go round.
should be the ambition of every worn
an as there is nothing so attractive
as a fair, smooth skin. Neither soaps
nor powders can give this. Thou
sands of southern women know from
experience that Tetterine will quickly
rid the skin of its disfiguring pimples
and blotches and give it that bright
clear appearance so much admired.
Tetterine is sold by druggists or sent
by mail for 50c. by Shuptrine Cos.,
Savannah. Ga.<—Adv.
When a girl under 25 declares that
she will never marry she hopes she
isn’t telling the truth.
Another Royal Suggestion
From the New Royal Cook Book
k r'rr, . . „ sng and beat until smooth.
REAKFAST IS too Bake in greased muffin tins
often eaten as a duty in hot oven 20 to 25 minutes,
rather than a joy. The sue- Com Stiffing
cess of the day may depend
I \ cup com meal
upon the spirit of break- 'I noynj b^o*
fast The Royal Education- ..it
al Department presents 2 tablespoons sugar 4
Some breakfast dishes that . 2 tablespoons shortening
will send the children to legg
school with a hip hip hur- Sift together corn meal, flour,
rah and his majesty man
to his dany duties with the 18a B ning and well-beaten egg;
“up and doing' feeling a| SJjjf' ij&SL H mix well. Grease muffin tins
which knows r.o discour- ERf VL JB BMi SI and drop two tablespoons of
afrerrmnt m m SI MtM mixture into each. Bake about
agemv. 1. 35 m jn U tes in hot oven.
2 cups flour ipH -a-* m W7"WTk.l4~* Popovers
3 teaspoons Royal Peking /m g Iml m 2 cups flour
Powder i j9rMS&A.I 1 VI % teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar • 2 eggs
Vt teaspoon sa!t L 2 cups milk
2cges mi i __ __ _ m, _-inu Sift together flour and salt.
1 tabiespoon she-*-'" T j Make a well in flour, break
Sift together ■- J [ • WWWBM 8t 1% eggs into well, add milk and
powder, sugar adu stir until smooth. Pour into
milk, well-beaten :nd hot greased gem pans and
melted shortening; mix well. m Pu9*f* bake 25 to 35 niinutes in a
Grease muffin tins and put very hot oven . if taken out
two tablespoons of batter in- of oven too soon they will
to each. Bake in hot oven *.O falL
to 25 minutes. ———
Eggless Muffins SENT FREE
2 cups flour New Royal Cook Book con
teaspoons Royal Bakins talnlng scores of delightful
Powder economical recipes, many of
2 tablespoons sugar them the most famous In
1 teaspoon salt use today. Address
1 cup milk boy aI. BAKING POWDER CO.
2 tablespoons shortening U 9 street
Mix and sift dry ingredients, New York City
add milk and melted shorten
“ Bake with Royal and be Sure” S
Hope springs eternal. Every mar
ried man hopes to he able to do just
as he pleases some day.
When your shoes pinch or your corns ana
bunions ache get Allen’s Foot=Ease, the
antiseptic powder to be shaken Into shoes
and sprinkled in the foot-bath. It will
take tne sting out of corns and bunions
and give instant relief to Tired, Aching,
Swollen, Tender feet. Sold everywhere.
Don’t accept any substitute. —Adv.
Tree Surgery.
Another new and growing work akin
to forestry, is tree surgery. This was
originated by an Ohio man, who now
maintains a school to train his work
ers. all of whom find employment with
the company at the satisfactory com
pletion of the course. This work is
interesting, scientific, well paid and
gives a boy a wholesome out-of-door
life. —Boys’ Life.
\fj @iniULT®K[n(S
AUa a fUa Caaartl StrtagtUaiai Teak. At Ail Drag Stana.
\ Honey back without question
\1 if HUNT’S SALVE falls in the
•Ow \| treatment of ITCH, ECZEMA,
fj I P# Itching skin diseases. Price
I J A 75c at druggists, or direct from
I'i Al.llchartt Wailclae Co..Shemnß,Tai.
Many t man lias been turned down
while waiting for something to turn
Some dignified men are hustlers.

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