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—Rotation In the garden to a* neees
tar)- as in the held. Different kinds of
vegetable* requite different kind* o|
food- While manuring trill help much,
it is in every way desirable to reverse
the order of planting every year. Bet
ter crops will result. — Chieagd Journal.
—Alexandria Pudding. One pint of
sifted floor, three gills of milk, one gill
of rich cream, six app'es, tour eggs, a
saltaponn of salt; pare the apples, and
take out the cores without catting them.
|$»?at the batter Tery smooth, and pour
* over the apples. Pake one hour; serve
with cream sauce.—The Household.
—Any one Who can get a piece of last
year s growth of grape-vine, with two
or three eves on it. esn make mhimself
independent of nurserymen and tree
peddlers. But by gett:ng well-grown
roots one or more year’s time may be
saved where that is a more important
point than the money cost of root*. —
To‘.( do Blade.
—For. e must never be used to e' tract
anyth ng from the ear. The best and
sa'est plan is to inject lukewarm w a'er
rather forcibly by means of a syringe.
'Phis will rarely be found to fail. Should
the ear have become swollen, a little
sweet oil must be poured in and lett
there till the next day. when syringing
may be again used. - -Vetroit l\>st.
—-Whentfce b ossotns all from «ur
rant bushes ft* mav be suspected that
the borer is at work in the sterna To
discover this cut off the branch, a* I if
•’the borers are in it a slender hollow will
be found where the pith has been eaten
out. All tins invested wood must I ecut
out and burned and new shoots grown
to succeed it.—*V. Y. Times.
—Baked Fggs: Put a tablespoonful
of butter in a pie plate and set it in
th oven until it me ts and beg ns to
smoke. Take it to the table, break six
eggs, one bv one, in a c p, 1 uiekly
pouring in each one caret lly into tiie
melted butter. Sprinkle with pepper I
and salt, put a small dot of butter on
top of each and set in the oven nn il
the eggs are “set” Four min tea n a
quick oven are enough for this. Rich
gravy o; any kind will do instead of but
ter. — Cincinnati Times.
•_ How many little things one muht
do if they were only suggested to one
nt the pro) er time. Here is one of the
manv: The high chair for the baby is
always too large at first; th s is a wi e
prov sion o growth but not always a
comfortable one. but it may e madeso
by niak>ng a padded (ovcri g for the
seat and bae'; of the eh tir. The smaller
the child the thic\erthec ishionsshonld
be: UHH a chair that is 1 rge enough for
a child of five may hold an in.ant of a
few months.—A. Y. I'o.i .
The ABCof Blitter Making.
Thf general demand for better but
terand the rejection of a large amount
similar in character to that which in the
past found sale at some price lias caused
a mo:e general inquiry by theprodu -e s
as to the elements that compose butter,
the principles that govern its i roduc
t on, and tb * in tuemes which have an
erect in height, ning or detracting from
its quality.
It is but a few years since that m Ik
was regarded by the masses as a iitiid
of one quality that made butter, condi
tions being e |«ial. of one grade, the dif
ference being charged to the respe t ve
makers. Now it is understood that the
cow governs the qual ty; the food in
fluenees but does not control the result.
There are cheese and butter cows, good
and poor footl for butter-making, and,
quite as important, there are two ways
of making butter, as well as two de
scriptions of apparatus, valuable and
worthless—e’ther of which results in
the ! est butter or a suspicious com
'1 aking it for granted that we have a
butter cow. well fed, and that on health
ful and butter stimuli ting foods it may
l e well to inquire what Putter is, and
whether it is animal or vegetable fat.
’The first thought is that it is animal;
but a second is that all aninr, 1 life is
the result of nutriment drawn from
vegetable sources, so that the butter
would be the o'Is of the grasses and
grains transformed to the m lk. It is
more than likely that both o these
views are partially correcl, and it may
be well to inquire into this matter a
Presuming that butter is of both ani
mal and vegetab'c origin, its vegetable
character is not wholly speculate e,
when vegetables with high I avoring
oils like onions, leeks and the like show'
their presence within a short time in the
milk a ter having been eaten bv the
cow. The old theory of the total de
composition of all foods and re ompos
ing them into vital and other fuids
seems “out of joint.” for the presence
of these unmistakable I’avors, reappear
ing in the milk and unmodified, evi
dences that they were taken directly in
to the blood, carried through the blood
and the proportion secreted in the ud
der was discharged into the milk <ucts,
an I in due time drawn and carried into
the dairy, where their presence is not
mani est alone in the fats. This being
the character of volatile fats of plants,
the same maywte«c!amed for those
lyjown as non-volatile, that give color
and o her peculiarities to the butler and
fatsipfraumals. .*
j II Duller Ittlo BrYCIrtl CHtUJCUW
that can not be found in vegetables.
„ Butryne and cafroine^ara examples; so
we are then to infer that these are of
animal origin, as they have a special
flavor and composition apart from food
('om|>etent authorities who have made
a life study of this matter like Pro!.
Arnold, assert that the bulk of the but
ter fat-is derived fiorn vegetable mat
ter, while the les er elements as men
tioned, along with others which com
pose the I'a or. aroma and the like, are
of animal orig n, and though not exist
ing as fats, yet w hen brought in combi
nation with the oils that comprise butter
fat. such as glycerine, palmitine, etc.,
they aw changed and become, in ap
pearance »t least fats.
vl'his is an important fact to know,
and we have no reason to doubt such
soientis s as Arnold, Caldwell, Voeclkar
and others, and the tine butter of the
future will" be produced from butter
foods, the office of the cow be ng to
color, flavor and give texture by the aid
of well-developed organ", which sha'l
produce these needed fats, and co n
binc wi h vegetable fats whioh shall he
led to her in other words, to transform
vet more perfectly our Jersey a Short
horns and other well known breeds into
butter mach nes. The claims o' phys
iologists, that fats in food can only be
digested and absorbed by the blood, by
the act on of the liver and the other
vital organs, do not have much we ght
with the dairyman, who is told by bis
cbeni st, and i-ees daily de 1 onsirations,
though perhaps unscientifically made,
t at the fatty mat er he feeds his sow
is returned to him in the improved form
of butter and not greatly dissimilar eo
far as it relates to the fats themselves
He therefore leeds his cow uuderstand
inglv and with profit, and the consumer
of his butter is delighted-(/., in
Maryland farmer.
Brother Gardner’* Ifaa of Charity.
“las’ fall,” said Brother Gardner, u
h^gszed down upon KVder Tootf In a
paralyzing way, “I made »ome remarks
upon the subjiok of chxritv. It seem*
dat my poxbhun was misunderstood, an'
dis evenin’ I hope to make it plain.
“I>e Good Book speaks of charity s
thousand times, an' a big sheer of de
people believe dat de word aa used in
a# Bible means dat we mns’ open onr
purses to de poo’! In de fust place, I
airnestljr believe dat de charity of de
Biole means lookin’ lightly ujion de
faults of our feller-men. It means dat
we mnst oberlook, excuse an’ forgive.
Charity covereth a multitude of sins!
Does dat mean a loaf of bread passed
outer de kitchen Soah to a beggar, or
does it mean dat he who oberlook* de
faults of others shall have some of his
own condoned? I hold to de latter.
“ But let us admit dat de charity of de
Bible means aidin’ d^ poo’. If I aim
ten shilling* a dav an’ work in cold an’
heat an’ rain—if my wife economizes
an’ I am kcerful—if we go slow an’
dress widin our means an’ manage to
lay up a few dollars, what man or wo
man on airth has de right to tell us dat
1 mus’ pass any part of my savin’s out
to people who am poo’ frew their own
fault? Whar’ I have worked they have
loafed. Whar’ I have pinched dey have
squandered. Whar’ I have denied my
self dey have cut loose wid a free hand.
“Dar’ am not an able bodied man in
America who ean’t airn sufficient to
board, clothe and school a family of six
and send his wife to church on .Sundays.
Dar’ am not a widder in dis kentry who
can’t aim at least a dollar a day at some
occupashun. Dar’ am not an orfan who
has ae shadow of a right to ask any
man fur a nickel.
“Our public charities am so many
frauds uj»on tax-payers. 1 defy de most
ardent philanthropist in dis kentry to
show me one case whar’ a city poo’
fund dealt out to paupers has lifted any
body above axin’ agin. De city which
raises de nioas’ money has de moas’
paupers. Figgers prove it, an’ yet
philanthropist* won't admit dat it.
proves anything.
“Let me start out to morrow an’ ban’
five dollars each to one hundred so'.cit
ors of charity an’ how many would hare
a dollar left by night. At least half
would spend a portion for beer, whisky
or tobacco, and not twenty of de lot
would buy wood, flour or clothing.
“He who gives to a tramp encour
ages loaferism, thieving an' a dozen
“lie who gives to manor woman ao.e
to walk de streets am a supporter of
vice an' idleness.”
“Rat’s whar’ I stan’ on de one
side of de queshun of charity, an’ ea-:h
passin’ day turns up somethin’ to con
vince me dat I am correct. But now
whom I do feel fur, an’ to whom kin I
give? If I assist an able-bodied man to
airn his own bread, dat am charity. If
I kin prevail upon a father who am
wastin’ his money in drinic or at card*
to put it into his family, dat am charity.
If ray poo’ nay bur lo^es his horse I hare
a five dollar bill fur him. If he loses a
child I have ten. If he breaks a leg or
an arm I’ll sheer my meat an’ tatcrs
an’ wood wid him until he kin work
agin. If a father falls sick an’ has
nuffin ahead my kind o’ charity chips in
fur a shake-purse to pull him frew. If
a stranger comes among us an’ am ill
let us make him well. If fire or flood
devastate a section, let us send relief. If
a widder am left helpless let us fill her
coal-bin an’ flour-bar’l.
“In twenty years America has raised
np a class numberin’tens of thousands
who shirk work, who make saloons pay,
who have doubled the number of police
and jails an’ prisons—who steal, rob
and ravish—who infest street corners
an’ prowl frew alleys—who add noth
ing except to illiteracy an’ vice, an’ she
has raised 'em up by her system of mis
taken charity. Philanthropists may
squirm an’ women make wry faces, but
de preachins of de one an’ dc sympa
thies of de odder have made de word
charity synonymous wid Vice and Wick
edness. Let us now assault de ust al
programmy.”—Detroit Free Frets.
Compliments to American Organs.
l)r. John Stainer. Organist of St.
Paul's Cathedral, London, than whom
there could not be higher authority in
regard to organs, organ mus: o, etc . has
shown his appreciation of Afneri an in
struments bv preparing an instruction
book especially for the Mason a Hamlin
organs. It has already been published
in London, but will be immediately re
published in this country by Messrs.
Ditson & Co. Messrs Mason v Hamlin
have also received very recently two
noteworthy cornpl ments for their
organs from I ondon. One is in the
sale of an organ to Her Ma esty Queen
Victoria; the other is the announcement
that one of them will be used in West
minster Abbey on the liith, 12th and
13th of this month, w'ith full orchestra
and chows, in the production of
Gounod’s *• Redemption,” under the
direction of the Organist of Wes’ min
ster, Dr. Rridge. The same organs
were used last week in the pro luction of
the same work by the Philharmonic
boc:ety of Brooklyn, N. Y.. under the
direction of Theodore Thomas, and
will be similarly used next week in the
production of the same work by the
Cecilia Society of Philadelphia, under
Mr. Thomas’ direction.—Boston Journal.
Good Enough
A wagon containing a calf in a cage
was on the market yesterday morning
with a farmer’s wife in charge, and a
butcher with an eye to veal stepped up
and inquired:
“Madam, is that calf for sale? ”
“Yes, sir.”
“Is he a Durham?”
“He may be.”
“Isn’t an Ayrshire, is he?
“Like enough.*’
“Don't you know his breed?” he asked
in a surprised voice.
“No, 1 don’t.”
“Then how do you expect to sell him ?”
“All 1 know about that calf is that his
father hooked a justice of the peace to
death and his mother chased a female
lecturer two miles, and if that ain’t
breed enough to ask four dollars on you
needn’t take him!”
The butcher said the breed was all
right.—Detroit Free Press.
—Benjamin Franklin’s old “bull’s-eye”
watch is owned by a man in Lancaster,
Pa. 1-arge offers have been refused for
this watch, including one of $ 1,000 per
annum for ten years, from a New York
watch company, simply for the loan of
the watch during that period to display
in the window of their office on Broad
way.—Pittsburgh Post.
—Sergeant Ballantyno didn’t escape
the interviewer In America. At the
Savage Club in London the other, night
he spoke of this American product and
said that “if the Angel Gabriel should
come down they would guy him, iqterw
view him and describe bis born id the
A Philadelphia Itemb-Xahcr.
George Holgate, the manufacturer rd
explosive machine*, who lives in this
city, says that from the de«cription of
the effect ol the explosion of the infernal
machine under the Government Office
in I/ondon he feels confident that it was
caused by a power much greater and
more destructive than dynamite. Mr.
Holgate, who makes no secret of the
business in whioh he is engaged, has
probably made more infernal machines
than any man in this country. Within
the past six weeks he has constructed
four explosive machines and sold them
to parties in New York. Each con
trivance can be placed in a cigar box,
and possesses an explosive force equal
to 900 pounds of gunpowdor. He has
also, he says, constructed and sold two
burning machines, which can bo set for
I any number of hours and when sprung
create a flame equal to a hundred gas
jets and an intensity of heat equal to a
thousand such jets.' "I know nothing,”
said he, ‘‘of the uses to which my
machines are put. I no more ask a man
when he buys one whether he proposes
to blow up a Czar or set fire to a palace,
any more than a gunsmith asks his
customers where they are about to
commit murder, or a match merchant
asks If his purchaser is about to become
an incendiary. I make the machines
for those who want them. 1 don’t
believe in killing Kings with bombs, nor
do 1 think that it is proper to assassinate
statesmen with knives, but I would not
have the cutlery business stopped
because bad men make improper use of
the daeger. If the Nihilists arc in
earnest, if they possess half the courage
they are credited with, they will be
supreme in a few years. I do not be
lieve that the Czar will be crowned.”—
Philadelphia Record.
—The Atlanta (Ga.) Constitution says
that there has lately been a vast im
provement in that city in the matter of
private libaries, springing from tho
desire of parents to place in the hands
of their children a better class of litera
ture, and to develop a taste that has
heretofore been sadly neglected, mainly
on account of the press of business
cares incidental to a city new and pro
■■ ■ ^ m -
—A fashion item says: “In many stores
devoted to the sale of elegant lingerie is
quite a display of Elizabethan ana Mary j
Stuart ruffs.” And at a funeral of aj
prize-fighter the other day was quite a
display of New York and Brooklyn
roughs.—Norristown Herald
The Ffedcrlckton (N’cw Brunswick, Can.)
Htporter says: "Nobody oan but admire the
persisteut enterprise manifested by the own
ers of St. Jacobs O 1 In keeping the name be
fore the public. It receive la big *se.d off
In the House the other day by the Hon. Mr.
Perley, who warned bis colleagues In the
Government of the danger of Beir Killers re
ceiving two bounties for one nose; the judi
cious use of the Oil causing rapid growth.”
“Back ’kr up Here.”—A well dnessed man
•tood upon a Brooklyn street corner yester
day and two U'ch ns across the way made
bets as to whether he wr u’ 1 fetch up In the
gutter or upon the sidewalk when he felt. A
car approached. and as It came abreast of
him, he wived his cme majestically. The
driver put the brake down hard, but the rear
pi tform had almost reached the opposite
side of the crossing before the car came to a
stand-still. The interlocutor looked at it a
minute, straightened up, and with Impress
ive dignity said : s he again waved his cane
imperiously: “Back’or un here.” The con
ductor gave tlie hell-strap an lmpitlent j -rlc.
As the car moved off an injured look over
■niead the countenance of I he left one. He
clasped* frlendlv telegraph pole anl mut
tered: "Never shoe such ln’pendent cusses
as ’ese ’fernal monopolies are gettln’ to be.”
—JSrooklyii Eayle.
Health is happiness and long life. The
priceless blessirg of health cm be retained,
or if lost recovered, by using a medicine
which the experience of years has convinced
an intelligent public Is both safe and eiliea
cious, and that medicine la Dr. Uuysotl’s Yel
low Dock and Sarsaparilla.
Lip* is a tiresome journey, and when a
man arrives at the end he is all out of breath.
“ My skin, which has been covered with scaly
sores, has become clean, smooth and soft as a
lady's. My hands were covered with little dry
s abs. They have disapjieared and I'm better
than I have been for twenty years, using l>r.
Benson's Skin Cure.—A. M. Noble, Selma, N.
C., July 3, 1882.
Woolen goods are quote 1 quiet, because
of their uap.—Baltimore Every Saturday.
“Dr. Benson’s Celery and Chamomile Pil’s
for the cure of Neuralgia are a success.”—
Dr. G. P. Holman, CUristianburg, ,Va. 50
cents at druggists.
“Come down,” said the young man, strok
ing his upper lip.
TheVoltaic Belt Co., Marshall, Mich., will
send Dr. Dye’s Celebrated Electro-Voltaic
Belts and Electric Appliances ou trial for
thirty days to men (young or old) wh > are af
flicted with nervous debility, lost vitality and
kindred troubles, guaranteeing speedy and
complete restoration of health and manly vigor.
Addressas above. N. B.—No risk is incurred,
••thirty day’s trial is allowed.
A oooo guess at a tailor’s name—Mr. So
and So.__
If you w. nt to be a Telegraph Operator,
send 25 cents for the Most Complete Tele
graph laalruc'or in the world.
C. E. Jones & Bko., Cincinnati, O.
A platin’ man: A homely musician.— JVl
T. Commercial Advertiser.
* Cot ou oh Soke Throat Mould not be
neglected. “ Brown's Bronchial Troches" are
a simple temed* «nd gtv • iinn e'late relief.
mi "gospel or relaxation”—teaching to
a man about losing bis grip.
TnERR Is an uud'-rgrown lad in New York,
who h is been the faithful nurse of a feeble
mother ever sir.ce he was five years of age,
and in the twelve years of his devotion, he has
never spent more than half an hour at a time
outside of the darkened chamber.
The whipping-post is the punishment that
has some snap to it.—Exchange.
What is a house without a baby! Well,
comparatively quiet.
The Government decided recently to pay
the Gulteau trial experts at the uniform rate
of twenty-five dollars a dav, with the ordi
nary witness fees in addition, and the whole
amount to be paid will range between twelve
and thirteen thousand dollars.—-V. T. Trilb
Speculators who get squeezed In a pork
deal naturally squeal.—Chicago Herald.
The Italian Government Invites artists of
all uatlons to compete in furnishing designs
for a monument to the late King Victor
Canned fruits are sealed proposals for fut
ure lunches.— Chicago Tribute.
Robert Toombs, of Georgts, has forgiven
his granddaughter, who married against his
will, and who was offered $90,OU0 to change
her mind. The leconclliation was effected at
the funeral of. Geueral Du Bols, who was the
father of the youn g lady.
The dasd drone has ceased to bee.—.V. 01
Mrs. Ellen Berminqbam. a native of Ire
land, died a few days ago at Louisville, Ky.,
at the advanced age of one hundred' and
seven years.
Mrs. Andrews, who keeps a boarding
house In 8ico. Me., was smoking a pipe the
other afternoon, when her dress caught fire
and she w .» terribly burned before help ar
rived. and died shortly after. A young mm
named Chadwick was also badly injure! In
giving assistance.
What • «-aXy af Orem* FT—In——
to Say A hoot Bor Sax.
(Button (Hub*.)
On s recent trip by a representative of this
l«ier to the city of Hnverhill, Mm, a moat
import'it Incident occurred, which cannot
fall to be of the grestest Int-rest to all, eape
dallj toourlady reader* The newspaper man
met a ialy a trifle psst middle age with lux
nrioua white hslr that contrasted strikingly
with piercing hi *ck eyas. She possessed a
straight, full bshit, womanly, but command
ing, combined with manlier, wholly iady-ilke,
and yet pronounce 1. . Any acute Judge of
huu.a.i n.ture could see at once that he was
iu the presence of an unusual personage—one
destined to aicompi.eb more than most of
her sex, and to ex.-rt an Influence far reach
lug in Ita pow.-r. lh s lady was Mrs. M. W.
ttiug.tr. AUuo.t from childhood she has
taken a special interest In the bodily troubles
of her sex and has probibly bee i more suc
cessful In relieving suffering and saving lives
th in any other woman In America. Indeed,
she leems to have been to women wbal Flor
ence N'ightrngile and Dorothy Dlx were tl>
the suffering soldiers. The Instances of wo
men who were in the gre.tcst agony an l ap
parently beyond (lie reach of human aid. that
she has resumed to health and happiness, are
almost lunnri.crab.r, ml it was only natural
that the scribe should become specially in
terested and wish to converse with her more
<n detail.
‘•How- long hive you been engaged in the
practice of medicine, Mrs. Wingate I”
“For more Ih n tw enty-five years.”
"A long time certainly. How did you hap
pen to enter the held at Ihit early day when
women lu the professions were specially
frowned down upon!”
“I think I must have inherited a taste from
mv father. Professor J. C. Wood, of Harv rd
College. He was eminent In the profession,
a hard worker and equally earnest In Ills rec
itations. He bunted contlderat ly, and 1 re
remeinber when only nine years old 1 used
to dissect the birds and animals he had killed.
1 felt infatuated with nrcdiual scienc even
then, and the infatuation has continued up to
the present time.”
“And did you begin your studies so early
in life!”
“I can hardly say when I began, for I can
not remember when 1 did not read medical
literature. Tcuwould scarcely believe it,
but I was a slender girl and did not weigh
over 120 pounds, but Fused to sit up night
alter night until two o'clock in the o: mug
por.ug over my studies and never dreaming
of tire fi ght of time. It seemed ns though
calls for oy attendance 'on the sick always
came unsoi cited. 1 certainly can not fix tha
d te when 1 first began practicing. Ol course
most of my patients were Women, and the
natural sympathy 1 felt for mv sex has in
creased during all these years where I have
been brought so closely in contact with them
and have learned to anticipate their needs and
sympathise with their sufferings. After the
opening of th.1 Boston Medical College I a|>
pe red before I lie faculty, passed examination
and received a dip nma. 1 had practiced for
years previous to that time but thought ttde
sirable to receive smother diploma, which I
did without any effort.”
“Yourexperience with the many and seri
ous diseases of woiqen having been so exten
sive must aso be valu .bie! Can you give me
some tarts regardt g them!”
“ 1 find ih .t womau seems born to suffer
ing, an 1 where she avoids it, it is by reason
of some care on her part or owing to some
special renewing power. It is true some
women go through life without unnsutl suf
fering, t«it they are none the less in danger,
for there arc er.tlcal jieriods all along their
pathway when the utmost precaution Is re
qu red. The innumerable complaints called
femVe weaknesses; H e irregularities of life
and changes of the system all ind cs'e the
perils w hich hang over every woman’s career,
and which, unless attended to, may result
••But Is there no way by which these terri
ble troubles cau be avoided!”
“That has teen the problem for years. The I
habits of life and the demands of fashion are !
clearly st wir with the health of women. I 1
have been, perhaps, unusually successful in
my treatment of their troubles, but there
have been many cases that seemed specially
stubborn. I recall one iu particular. I had
exhausted all the usual ex| clients and the
results were not satisfactory. I became
worried over the case and really dll not know
what to do, lut finally thought I would try
something oat of the usual line. I bad heard
a certain remedy recommended very highly
and so 1 procured some and made s chemical
analysis of it. I foun 1 it was perfectly pure,
and that the Ingredients were unusually .ala
able. So 1 began giving It to my patient,
changing it, however, Into a bottle of my
own. To my great joy it S ’emed to have an
almost Immediate effect und a complete cure
was the result. Since then 1 hays used It
constantly in uiy practice and have cured ev
ery form of female weakness, as well as dis
placements. drops cal tumors, cellu dropsy
and all such troubles. I h .ve also used It
with the best of results in cases of pregnancy
and gestation. Indeed I have found It of un
told value and benefit.
•* Have you any objection to giving me the
name of this remedy of which you speak!”
"Noue whatever! It Is Warner's Safe
Kidney and Liver Cure."
“ Why, that is a proprietary medicine!”
“Ceriaiuly, but what of that! 1 have but
one end iu view in the treatment of my
patients, namely— their restoruflon to health.
In the accomplishment ef this end I prescribe
what I believe tobf beneficial, no matter what
the professional consequent e< may be.”
“I notice in the New ’York papers that
Doctors Hammond, Agnew and other promi
nent physicians are taking a similar stand,
Mrs. Wingate.”
“Yes, aud all Independent thinkers in the
profession are bound to do so. I am. how
ever, on ths best of terms with iny profesaion
1 brethren as you can see,” and the lady pro
duced a be utiful gold me dal mounted in the
form of a badge which had been presented
her by the medical society, known as the En
sign of tiie Humble Family, of which she is a
I rominent member. A ter examining it close
ly, the re| orler remarked th t t he medical
profession evi eatly were proud of what she
hud done, as she might well bp in the posses
sion of such a medal.
“I am proud of tint” she replied, “and I
was also pleased a short tl a since to receive
an offer at a large salary to take the profes
sorship in the new medical college at Walla
Walla, on the Pacific coast. I do not know
how they heard of me out there, but I was
obliged to decline their offer.”
** And so, in your experience with the dis
eases of women, you hn ve found success, and
that Warner’s Safe Cure has been a most
efficient remeJv ?”
“ Yes, I have had unusual success and ths
remedy of which you speak has been proven
of great benefit, 'lhere are, however, some
base imitations of it to be found in the mar
ket; these are liadand should he avoided, but
the genu ne remedy is one of the very best.”
“ Aud has not the practice of your profes
sion injured your health!”
“No, I am better now than ever before in
my life. I froze my limbs last Winter, while
riding one cold uigbt to see s patient, and
was obliged to remain indoors for over two
| months Otherwise I am healthy, as you can
see by looking at me.”
‘ And may I publish this Interview, Mrs.
“ Ye*. If what I have told you should be
the me tM«f*ss|tttac.aBy wfbmen who may
be suffering, I sha l be perfectly- willing to
have it published.”
“Could ye Jin 1 me the loan of a pipe and
tobacky?” said Fat; “I have a match.”
“ Throw Physic to the Doga, I’ll
None of It.”
We do not feel like bla , lug Macbeth for
this expression of dis.-usL Even nowadays
most of the cathartics are great repulsive
pills, enough to “turn one’s stomach." Had
Mae he h ever taken IN. Fierce’s “Purgative
Pel lets” be would not have uttered those
words of contempt. By druggists.
Whin s man gets high he is considered n
very low (allow.
“Golden Medical DisooWert" (words
registered as a trademark) cures sll humors
from the pimple or eruption to great virulent
eating ulcers.
A difficult point to grasp—The end of
an eel's taQ.
The “F vorlte Pre'eription” of Dr. Pierce
cutes “female weaknes*” ind kindred affec
tions, By druggists. ■.
Ruff on royalty—The historical collar of
good Queen Bess.—A. Y. Ansa
Redding’s Russia liaise Is Sn Invaluable
dressing for inflamed and sore joints- Price :15c.
Oxb patrol boots or shoes saved every year by
using Lyon's Patent Metallic Heel Stunners.
*»*“Mean people take advantage of their
neighbor’s difficulties to annoy them.'' Mean
diseases, such as plies rhe .matIsm, consti
pation, dyspepsia, malaria, lau.e backs, etc.,
take advantage of people’s exposures and at
tack these. It is thru that Kidney-Wort ap
pears on the Held sn<! by its timely ageucy
puts to rout this lock of evil ailin'nIs. It h
• (flood in need and therefor* sfriend ad—d.
A r>M Beyon" Itelp.
Dr. M. H. Hinsdale, Kcnawee, 111., advise
us of a remarlt*We«urc frf eonsfiwit turn 1%
says: A neighbor’s wifs wss attacked witl
violent l.nng disease, and pronounced hrytwv
help from Quick Consumption As * last _rc
sort Uie foully wss per-uaded to trv I)n. » >i
Hsxt.'s Bai-sam ron th* Lass To tlee ns
tonishment of all, hr the time she had u<t.
one half dosen bottle* the was about th.
bouse doing her own work. I saw her st he
worst and had no Ida* ahe could recover.
Tbk electric lltht Is plcaaint to look at
but perfects shocking «he:i the wire* ar.
grabbed.—Philadei’JUa Chrtmieb- Herald.
A Remarkably Soccessfnl Bnslness Honst
—Free Fan.
The Baltimore (Md.) Dai’g Amrrirnn ol
February 9 editorially comment*, to the ex
tent of several column*, upon the rast busi
ness of The Charles A. Vogeler Company of
that city an.l the unprecedented popularity o.
Its gdods. This house (successors to A
Vogeler A Co.) will be better known to th
general public *s proprietors of 81. Jacobs Oil.
the great pain cure which has become a house
hold word the world orer. The new company
1* composed of Mr. Christian Devries, a lea I
Ing Maryland merchant. President of the Na
tional Bsnkof Baltimore, etc.; Mrs. Vogeler.
widow of the late Charles A. Vogeler, and
Mr. H. D. Umbstaetter, whoaa rare genlu
sad ability In conducting and directing the
advertising department of hi* housj bare
been so conspicuously successful. Thus
possessed of s meritorious remedy backed
by ample capital, experience and bralna, ther.'
la every reason to predict for tha new firm the
largest measure of business prosperity.
The latest and most unique feature on the
advert!'lug programme of this enterprising
house Is the publication of a neat and attract
ive little work, the title of which is “St.
Jacobs Oil Family Calendar, 1983 4, and Book
of Health and Humor lor the Million.” It
Is largely composed of original (copy-righted)
articles, written expressly for this book by
the leading humorists of the day—such as
M. Quad, D trolt Free Frit*; Spoopendyke
cf the Brook’yn Eagle; the editor* of Texas
Sifting*. Uncle Kctnus, Josh Billings, and a
doz n others, all In the very l est vein of thes
representative fun-makers. The illustrations
are by the l>est artists, and the book contains
best le, numerous testimonials from dlsti.i
gu shed authorities, and other matter of value.
This racy little b >ok is being printed by
the millions. In the larger cities it will be
distributed/res from house to house, and at
other point* by druggists. Any one ra iy on
tain a copy by addressing ‘‘Suppy Depart
ment The Charles A. Vogeler Co , Baltimore,
Md.,” and eucioaiug a 3-ceut stamp to pay
Hale's Honey of Horehoiind and Tar
Stopsy.iurthmat hurting. Why don’t you use
it I rike’s toothache drops cure In one minute.
Ir afflicted with Sore Eyes, use Dr. Isaac
Thompson’s Eye Water. Druggists sell it. line.
We Preieal no Pretended Miracle.—
m Truth is Mighty and Must Prevail.*’ —
So Sophistry cau Withstand the Power
of its Honest Utterance.
Editor of Evening Press:
L)k\r Sir—Feeling deeply grateful for the great bene
fits which 1 have received from the use of a very valu
able article which has Its origin and home In our beau
tifui city, and hoping that others who are afflicted as 1
have been may find like relief from its use, I beg the in
dulgence of a few lines In your valuable paper lor the
privilege of communicating to you a brief statement ol
facts, for the benefit of the multitude of sufferers to b«
met with on every side. Many of my friends well know
that 1 have been very severely afflicted with heart-dls
ease for a number of years, and have suffered from It
as only those can suffer who liavo that disease: It re*
duccd my strength so low that 1 Could scarcely walk
across my room, and Lho least exertion rendered me so
short-breathed that I dared scarcely move, and life
seemed very burdensome. I was treated for my mala
dy by the best physicians, and derived no benefit from
their treatment or proscriptions until I was advised by
my family physician to use Hunt’s Remedy, as my
trouble was caused by Inaction of my kidneys, which
affected very seriously the action of my heart. I com
menced taking It (having little faith In U or any other
medicine), and it has helped me wonderfully, and 1 an)
now a great deal better, and have been ever slnct
I began Its use. In fact I have taken no medicine that
has benefited mo so greatly. My breathing is ussy, and
I hsve gained In strength so much that 1 am able to do
my housework. 1 cheerfully recommend Hunt’s Reme
dy to all who may bo afflicted as I have been, or who
arc'sufferlng from general debility and nervous pros
tratlon. Ueapectfully, Mbs. A. O. Rock will.
Pearl Street, Providence, R, L
A standard medicine for coring Bright’s disease,
dropsy, kidney, bladder and glandular maladies Is
Hunt's Remedy. Female weakness, pain In the back
and loins, gravel, diabetes. Intemperance, excess, and
prostration of the nervous system are cured by Hunt's
Remedy. Hunt’s Remedy Imparts health and rigor to
the constitution when It has become debilitated. Hunt’s
Remedy restores the Invalid to health.
fIR A Day at Home. No peddling; 12 9amples Free. 8end
■tv IJc for postage. Acme MTgCo., Brockton. Mass.
C79 ^ WEEK. 812 a day at home easily made,
yt'ostly outfit free. Address True A Co, Augusta. Me.
SumHhM^ Epilepsy or Fits in 21 hours. Free to poor
■■* s VIM6£ L>b.Kbusb,Arsenal SL, St. Louis, Mo.
II I Catalogue of t*t0 Books free to any address Agents
Wanted. Nat’l Hook Co.. 73 Beckinau SL, N. V.
Murwhtne IlabiUured la 10
Ut’IUrol « NopavtllM uied.
Vl I wlvl hx J. .'STKPiHcNs, Lebanon, Ohio.
KBook for Agents. Dr. Chase’s Family
Physician.**. A W Hamilton A Co.. Ann
loh. ’Table of contents sent free. Terms liberal,
noil I mi an«1 WBISRY HABITS cured
w* Iwlwl at home without psln. B olr of par
ticulars sent free. 11. M. Woolley, M.D., Atlanta,Ua,
Who! sale and retail. Send for price-list.
Goods sent C. O. P Wigs made to order.
E. BURNHAM. 71 State Street. Chicago.
AGENT* WANTED for the Beat and Fastest
selling Pictorial Books and Blldei Prices reduced
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A nrilTb Reliable iuNiuance agents and successful
MUCH IQ canvasH«Ts.m> matter what you air doing,
you can do better. Address J. U. Rutledge, St.Louls.Ma
9Cia MftP^dtvmthom*. Samples worth •s
13 IB iZU Ine Address SllNSON A Co.. 1-urUaail. Mb.
i jzm_
Bent Cough Synin. Tantengood.
Une la lime. Sold by drug* ini*.
I have a positive remedy far the above disease; by Its
use thousands of cases of the worst kind and of long
standing have b~en cured. Indeed, so strong Is my falta
tnita efficacy, that 1 will send TWO BOTTLES FREE, to
gether with a VALUABLE TREATISE on this disease, to
any sufferer. Give Express and P. O. address.
DfL T. A. tLOO'UM. Ill Pearl *L. Eew Tort.
RELIEVES AT ONCE. Cures inflamed and
weak Eyes in a Lew hours. Gives NO
CAIN. The Hest Remedy In the world
for granulated tide. Price *5 cents a bot
tle. Ask for It. Have no other.
DR. J. A. DICKEY, Proprietor,
(Use Dandriffuge for the hair.) Bristol. Teun.
® TXTUT13.
- I; i. r.ro.l,
KWIVBSSSHCW t .r 1 ti" <’llri- of Cuaeera.
USiUei I t...... 1*. I lttn, ». iotula
HWKS33MH and Skin Dissasr.. without the
«M of kstfe ur li>.( or BLOOD, and little pais. For
IIR. r. L. POND. Anrttra, Kane Co.. III.
_„ A WEEK.
opinions expresseu in language that can be
jutue/atood; tip promptest, fullest and most accurate
Intelligence of whatever In the wide world is worth at*
tentiou. Thalia what everybody Is au re to find In *ny
edit on of THE bUN. Subscrlntfon: Daily (4 pages),
by matt. 45*. a month, or H6.4Mba veer; 8i vi»a v (9
Invalid* who are
<cov«rlnq vital Ma
nilla, declare In
crateful terms their
appreciation of the
merits, as s tonic, of
Hostetler's Stomach
Bittern. Not only
does It Is part
strength to the weak,
hut it ale* corrects
an Irregular aeld
state sf the stomach,
makes the bowel*
*rt at proper Inter
vals give* ease to
those who suffer from
rheumatic sad htd
ney trouble*, and
coaquera as wcS sa
c icvents fewer and
ague. For sal* by ail
PruggM* sad Ml
K«l terra and cares
Sciatica, Lumbago,
quinsy, swellings,
tratiaa. ®
SWWMI. Cuts. Bruit*t,
m r >*, arsLiis,
And nil other bodily acbei
and pidna
Sold by all Drowtstaand
Dealer*. Direction* In U
The Charles A. Voqeler Co.
(ftoeaaowra «a k. YOOILBR * 00 )
MtlBtaw, lAo C. I. A.
Only Vegetable Compound that act*
Directly I’pon the I-tver, and Cures
Liver Complaints, Jaundice, Bilious*
ness, Malaria, Costiveness, Headache.
It Assists Digestion, Strengthens the
System, Regulates the Bowels, Purifies
the Blood. A Book sent FREE.
DR. SANFORD,24 Duane Street, N.Y.
irroa sale by all dri ooists.^]
- ' The New American Dictionary Price only
*1 AA Contain* 1,000 Engravings and I oo page* morp
♦ l.Vy# than any other book of the kind ever published.
Thl* oeenil ana elegant volume Is a Library and KncyclopeHia or general
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cloth aud gilt. No pocket affair, but a large volume. If contains every useful
wordlr **e English language, with lie true meaning, derivation, spellingand
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Science Mythalogy, Bi 'graph j , American HlMory.li.sol vent land and Interest
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Dictionary coals $».»«> and the New American Dictionary costa onlj $1.00.
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cab **A valuable addition tonny library N. Y Bi b. "There ts more real
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The New American Dictionary ordered January 15 a * {‘? ”*** * an!,“a „
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. . V *, V ** IjtK B B H #1 i »Ii ft son *h Anoilyno Liniment
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ig X f. SB: ft 5" Bo (S s* III inst.inianenuslv relievo these ter
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The Old, Well Tried, Wonderful
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! liver complaint, regulating the bowels, purifying the
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Eve fro# book, *Oaroo#
Biscuurrox, *.
Jt contain! over 800 fine portrnlta and engraving* of
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please **y you aew the advertisement la
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