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The Semi-weekly leader. (Brookhaven, Miss.) 1905-1941, December 13, 1905, PART TWO, Image 6

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Id all of your holiday planning
I<«> think of books* They come the
nearest to being the universal gift.
They are always acceptable and
always appreciated. In no other
way can you invest your holiday
money that will make it go so far
and yield such satisfactory re
sults. Our present stock affords
you an ample selection of the
world’s literary masterpieces in
single books and in sets. • All of
the late copyrighted fiction is
here, as also the finest lot of gift
editions, Oxford Bibles, Teachers’
^ Bibles, Prayer Books, etc., we
f ‘have ever carried. Whenever
x possible we sell books at less than
1 the publishers’ prices.
This is one gift where quality
is the only test—always accepta
ble if the quality be right. Infe
rior perfumes are an abomination
at any price. Every odor in our
stock is of the high grade that
you want. We have packages of
all sizes, so that you can regulate
the cost by the size of the pack
age, but in every case the odor is
ofie that will please the. most crit
ical taste.
Roger & Gallet’s exquisite per
fumes, $1.25 up.
Pinaud’s dainty packages, $1.00
Piver’s latest perfume crea
tions, $1.00 up.
Palmer’s peerless floral extracts,
50c up.
A magnificent array of others
as well known. Most of the
above we also carry in bulk.
Bring in your bottle. Of high
grade Toilet Waters we have an
equally good stock, also of fine
imported and domestic sadhet
powders, etc.
I This is one of the standard gift
lines that should never be over
looked. It affords a wide range
of prices, and in many cases no
othev gift so desirable. We reg
ularly carry ^ large assortment of
the best imported and domestic
goods, but it has been greatly in
creased for the holiday season.
Nowhere else can you get high
grade toilet articles for less than
we ask, and nowhere else in this
vicinity will you find an assort
^ ment so ample.
I Toilet Articles in rare woods
and silver are this year’s leaders.
The latter, of course, come a little
high, but for those who wish
something uncommon you will
search long and find nothing bet
ter. In addition we have a large
stock of the older favorites,
ebony, French stag, antique ivo
ry, celluloid, etc.
We have ^rushes and Comb
Sets, Military Brushes, Mirrors,
| Hand, Stand, and Triplicate;
f Fine Toilet Sets, Hair, Hat, Nail,
$ Tooth and Clothes Brushes.
Must have candy for Christmas,
of course, and it should be finer
than ordinary. We have the ex
clusive sale of Jacob’s Chocolates
and Bon Boos. A large variety
of packages from 75 cents up to
$5.00. Nothing finer than these.
Some extra fine boxes with holly
designs, wreaths, etc., to send to
your sweetheart.
There are not many gifts so al
together satisfactory to a woman
as a piece of rich cut glass. Its
dazzling beautj', usefulness and
durability make it a perfect gift.
The pieces we are now showing
are selected from the best pro
ducts of the best makers. We
sell cut glass at a much lower
price than is usual and this ena
bles you to give-a finer piece than
you otherwise could.
Pictures appeal to everybody
—no florae has too many of them.
Those we now have are exception
ally good subjects and will go
quickly. Better make your se
lection soon. At least see them
while they are all here.
What we lack in quantity in
this line is moi’e than compensat
ed for in “quality. We selected
every piece with precise care. If
you are looking for a gift out of
the usual line see these, artistic
You cannot go amiss in select
ing presents for women-from our
stock of beautiful china and the
range of prices is wide enough to
afford a gift at almost any price.
Little girls usually expect at
least one new dolly every Christ
mas and we have so many differ
ent kinds that you can give an en
tirely different kind each year.
China Dolls, Bisque Dolls, Met
al Dolls, Leather Dolls, Rag
Dolls, Paper Mache Dplls, Cellu
loid Dolls, Kid liolls, Flannel
Dolls, Patent Jointed Dolls, Bath
ing Dolls, Closing Eye Dojis,
Double Face Dolls, Mechanical
Dolls,- Masical Dolls, etc., etc.
Also Kid Bodies, Doll Heads, and
Toys, doll parts, shoes,-clothing,
doll toys, furniture, etc., etc.
You cannot match either our
assortment or prices.
We have a nice lot of the made
to-use kind of manicure goods,
both in single pieces and sets.
For young folks and many old
er folks there is one ideal gift—a
The desire to make pictures is
inherent ifi every normal human
being and for most of us it finds
its highest expression in the cam
era. Not only is picture taking
one of the most interesting of pas
times, it is of great educational
value as well. It leads to outdoor
living, which makes it one of the
healthiest diversions possible.
With the latest improvements it
is possible for a novice to make
practically as good pictures as the
expert. We have cameras that
embody all of these latest fea
tures. Don’t make the mistake of
buying a camera of antiquated
pattern—it will not do the work.
Let us. show you some of our
cameras and quote prices.
Always a favorite gift. We
have a'new line of them. The
latest'addition to the album fami
ly is the Souvenir Post Card Al
bum. Have them from 25 cents
Many beautiful and useful gifts
in this line. Fancy Box Papers
with holly decorations for the
holidays. Paper ^feighjis, Foun
tain Pens, Colei Pens, Fancy Ink
Wells, Portfolios, Etc. , . •
Never before have we shown
such a largq §|qck of choice pot
tery. We. have artistic pieces
from nearly all of the celebrated
modern potteries, both foreign
and domestic, and our prices
briDg them within the reach of all.
This Store Will Be Open
Every Evening Until
9:30 Till Christ
- •
V' : /' ' ■
Make Early Pur
chases and Let Us Lay
Them Away For You
If he smokes probably nothing
will please him better than a box
of his favorite Cigars. The
chances are that he buys his
Cigars here, so we know what
brand he likes. Have holiday
boxes of 25 and 50 Cigars and
make reduced prices by the box.
$2.00 per box up.
There are few gifts more gener
ally popular than these. Our as
sortment is ample and in.addition
to the fancy celluloid pieces con
. tains a generous selection of the
more useful items.
Comb and Brush Sets, Mani
cure Sets, Shaving Sets, Toilet
Cases, Hair Receivers, Ribbon,
Glove and Handkerchief Boxes,
Work Boxes, Photo Boxes, etc.
In this line there are gifts for f
every member of the family. I
Many are useful, some not so use- i
ful, but all aie nw and beautiful f
and you get them for less than f
you have ever bought equal quali- §
ty before. We can only hint at |
the variety In this space—but i
come and see them and come early x
enough to see them all. |
Atomizers, beautiful decorated %
ones from Austria. %
Picture Frames and Photo x
Backs in burnt wood, metal, etc. %
Cuff and collar boxes, Bibboo i
Box&, Glove Boxes, Fan Boxes, %
Manicure Boxes, etc,, in large f ^
vaiiety. t *
Japanese and Metal Trays. i
Vases, a beautiful variety. %
Odor Sets, Fancy Candies and %
Shades, Ferniers, Ormula Goods, i
Tobacco Jars, Chafing Dishes and %
scores of other items. %
Few lines afford such a wide se
lection of beautiful and durable J>
gifts as this one. Our stock is |>
overflowing with all the newest 1
and daintiest designs in rings,
fobs, necklaces, charms, lockets 4
and watch chains, ladies7 chains, 1
bracelets, brooches, waist sets, |>
etc., etc. 4
Watches—One of the finest 4
gifts of all—a constant reminder %
of the loving kindness of the giv- %
er. We have Elgin and Waltham ^
movements in eases guaranteed I
for 20 years from $10 to $25.
Let us show them to you. J ^
Clocks—An ample assortment i
from the little gilt ones for the 1
boudoir np to the handsome Onyx 1
mantel clocks. Prices, from $1.00 i
UP- $
There are perfect gifts in this f
one line for everyone on your t
Christmas list And the variety %
is so wide that yon can get some- if
thing at almost any price you 1
care to pay. Further, our line I
includes just the kind of articles i
that you would be most apt to %
choose. ^
Fine Tableware, Knives, Forks, <|
Spoons, Cream and Sugar Sets, f
Cream Ladles, Gravy Ladles,
Pickle and Olive Forks, Napkin |>
Bings, Trays, Tea Strainers, %
Candlesticks, Etc., and a big ya- %
riety of novelties in Sterling Sil- it
ver. i|
Keep in touch with old friends if
and acquaintances by sending %
them some little reminder at
Christmas time. For this pnr- %
pose we have a lot of beautiful
Christmas* Cards, Booklets, etc. I
Some of them are artistic gems. if
Have them at any price you care $
to pay. I f
I , - _ I
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I imM l
I I of Brookhaven Buildii>g. , iViloo* : |

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