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How a Baltimore Girl Recov
ered Her Health
■ " I" —
Baltimore, Maryland.—* Tor several
Booths 1 suffered with severe backache
and general weak
ness. I could not sleep
comfortably at night
for pains in my back.
I found your book at
home-one day and
after reading it be
gan at once to take
Lydia E. Pinkham’s
Vegetable Com
pound. I have had
very good results and
some of my girl
friends are taking it
now. You may use this letter to help
other girls, as the letters in your book
helped me.” — Rose Waidner, 8018
Roeeland Place, Baltimore, Md.
That is the thought so often expressed
in letters recommending Lydia E. Pink
ham’s Vegetable Compound. These wo
men know what they have suffered, they
describe their symptoms and state how
they were finally made well. Just plain
statements, but they want other women
to be helped. •
Lydia EL Pinkham’s Vegetable Com
pound is a medicine made from medi
cinal roots and herbs, and without drugs,
to relieve the sickness women so often
have, which is indicated by backache,
weak feelings, nervousness, and no am
bition to get anything done or to go
anywhere. It has helped many women.
Wny not try it?
8ounds Rather Like William.
"Your majesty, there's a creditor
"I,et him go without.”
Stops Hair Coming Out;
Thickens. Beautifies.
Ine" at any drug store. After one ap
plication you can not find a particle
•f dandruff or a falling hair. Besides,
every hair shows new life, vigor, bright
ness, more color and abundance.—Ad
No Reason.
If wives only knew what stenogra
phers think of their husbands they
would cease to worry.—Life.
Even a sick child lores the "fruity”
taste of "California Fig Syrup.” If the
little tongue Is coated, or if your child
Is listless, cross, feverish, full of cold,
or has colic, give a teaspoonful to
cleanse the liver and bowels. In a few
hours you can see for yourself how
thoroughly it works all the constipa
tion poison, sour bile and waste out of
the bowels, and you have a well, play
ful child again.
Millions of mothers keep "California
Fig Syrup” Landy. They know a tea
spoonful today saves a sick child to
morrow. Ask your druggist for genu
ine "California Fig Syrup” which has
directions for babies and children of
•11 ages printed on bottle. Mother!
You must say “California” or you may
get an imitation tig syrup.—Advertise
Surest evidence of Americanization
Is a taste for pie.
Love will open a pocketbook when
Judgment won’t.
Remedy Is Very Simple.
Relief Is Positive.
Croup has lost Its terrors In thousands
•f homes. No more frantic calls to hurry
the doctor, who Is coming as fast as the
law allows. No more tense moments of
anxious waiting. No more gasping and
strangling little children, whose sufferings
awsmsd almost beyond belief.
When the choking sob wakens father
and mother, they may phone the doctor,
but they are also telling him that they
uslnr Nash's Croup-Pneumonia Salve
and he knows things are going to turn
out nicely. 1
First apply a little of the salve up each
nostril with finger. This clears the nasal
Passages at once. Next place hot wet
cloths on the little fellow's chest and
back. After three mlnutea remove and
quickly rub salve on thickly.
A miraculous change will oome; he will
breathe easier and easier. Now cover
chest and back with warm whits flannels;
a quiet, comforting sleep will come. Form
bedclothes around chin so that vapors
will be Inhaled and all’s wsll. The doctor
will be pleased; doctors know Nash’s
Buy this salve in SO-cent and 40-cent
bottles at the drug store nearest you.
W. N. U, MEMPHIS, NO. 5-1922.
,1—Kadio-controlled boat exhibited in first American Boys' exposition in Washington. 2—Old oaken trigate
Granite State, pride of the navy In the middle of the last century, being junked in North river at New York. 3—
Chung of Lamar, first prize winner In annual show of Pekingese Club of America.
Washington Conference Goes
Far Toward Establishing Real
Open Door in China.
Foreign Policy of New French Gov
ernment Stated by Premier Poin
care—Irish Free State Formally
Installed—Postmaster General
Hays Announces Coming
STRONGLY bucked by the British
and Italian delegations to the
Washington conference, Secretary
Hughes and his American colleagues
last week pushed far toward comple
tion of their plans for the establish
ment and maintenance of a rea! “open
door” in China. In effect, it was a big
week for China and a rather unpleas
ant one for Japan.
Mr. Hughes submitted to the Far
Eastern committee a set of resolutions
by which the powers in the conference,
other than China, agree:
“(a) Not to seek or to support their
nationals In seeking any arrangement
which might purport to establish In
favor of their Interests any general
superiority of rights wii^i respect to
In any designated region of China;
“(h) Not to seek or to support their
nationals in seeking any such monop
oly or preference as would deprive
other nationals of the right of under
taking any legitimate trade or Industry
in China or of participating with the
Chinese government, or with any pro
vincial government, in any category of
public enterprise, or which by reason
of its scope, duration, or geographical
extent is calculated to frustrate the
practical application of the principle of
equal opportunity.”
Chinn, for its part, declares its “In
tention of being guided by the same
principles in dealing with applications
for economic rights and privileges
from governments and nationals of all
foreign countries whether parties to
that agreement or not.
Provision is made for the establish
ing of an International board to which
questions of compliance with the open
door principle may be referred for In
vestigation and report. As first draft
ed, the resolutions mode this applica
ble to existing concessions. France ob
jected to this and the Japanese,
though accepting the plan “in princi
ple,” were plainly nervous and wor
ried and asked for time to study the
text. In the interest of speedy action
the objectionable clause was with
drawn, and thereupon the plan was
given unanimous approval by the
committee. The Americans did not
look on Uiis as a defeat, for, under
their conRruction of the resolutions,
It will still be possible to bring before
the international commission any open
door question involving existing con
cessions, including the privileges
which Japan by her notorious 21 de
mands forced China to concede in 1915.
The Japanese maintain they got noth
ing through those demands that vio
lates the open door principle. Ambas
sador Shidehara does not believe the
board of reference plan is practicable,
uui uuaiij uvicjncu 11.
It really looks as though the com
mercial open door In the Far Enst Is
about to become. In the words of Mr.
Hughes, a fact Instead of a motto.
In the latter part of the week the
committee was considering the matter
of the reformation of China’s railway
system. The British proposed that the
powers undertake to abolish all trans
portation discrimination in China, and
the Americans suggested that China
unify her railways under her own con
trol “with such foreign financial and
technical co-operation as may prove
Some dispute, unknown to the public
at this writing, held up final comple
tion of the naval treuty. Apparently it
involved the question of fortifications,
and members of the British and Jap
Ottawa and Georgian Bay Waterway
la Proving to Have Many Friends
in the Dominion.
Ottawa.—While the project to pro
vide a great international chan
nel for ocean-going ships by improving
the St. Lawrence river to the Great
Lakes is being studied by the govern
ments of the United States and Canada,
proponents of, the proposed Ottawa and
Georgian bay canal, are seeking to en
list support for their “All-Canadian”
Advantages claimed for this route
over the St. Lawrence ship canal In
clude its position entirely within
Canadian territory, its immunity from
the storm hazards of the lakes and the
saving it otters In mileage.
Canadian government engineers have
made an exhaustive study of the proj
ect and say the scheme is practicable.
As surveyed, the canal would follow
the St. Lawrence from Montreal to the
junction of the Ottawa and St. Law
renoe rivers; thence the Ottawa would
be followed to Mattawa, and Lake
Niplssing and the French river would
provide outlet from the Ottawa river
to Lake Huron. x
The length of the canal would he 440
miles, with twenty-seven locks totaling
758 feet. Twenty-two feet would be
the minimum depth on the entire
length. This waterway would consist
of twenty-eight miles of canal proper,
sixty-six miles of Improved river
navigation and 346 miles ef river and
Baby’s Big Cigar
A traveler in South America writes;
“So far as we observed, the landlord's
four-year-old daughter had not ac
quired a taste for rum, but she had
already laid the foundation of a habit
which Colombian women, at least the
rahk and flld, have acquired In ad
vance of their northern 6lsters. Sit
ting crossdegged on a bench chatter
ing baby-talk, she contentedly smoked
a larg* black cigar, around or partly
around which her tiny forefinger
colled In stereotyped form. Her moth
er gave her a light and seemed un
felgnedly proud of her offspring's ac
Goldenrod Our National Flower.
Mexico has adopted the nopal cac
tus, or prickly pear, as Its national
flower, and Canada the leaf of the
sugar maple, remarkable for Its beau
tiful coloring In the fall. By popular
vote the goldenrod has been chosen as
the national flower of the United
States, though there has been no olB
clal adoption.
Few Gas Blowers Now.
A great many glass articles and par
ticularly the finer grade commodities
are blown by hand. In the past the
glass blower was an essential and an
indispensable employee in the glass
plant, but today be has lost a great
deal of bis Importance. The lung
power of the blower is being re
placed more and more by compressed
air in the glass-blowing ma/»hip^
\ . •> ,•/ i- :
anese delegations blnmed each, other
for the delay. It was said the British
wanted to limit the fortifications sta
tus quo to the parts of th| Pacific
where Japan and the United States
have neighboring possessions, and that
they insisted tliut in any event it could
not affect Singapore, wjiicli is their
most important naval base in the Far
ALTHOUGH Poincare and Lloyd
George exchanged honey-worded
notes of esteem and assurance of cor
dial desire to resume examination of
the questions at issue between their
governments, the new French premier
took a firm stand in bis ministerial
declaration made to the chumber of
deputies Wednesday. He said the
government was determined to base Its
foreign policy on the Versailles treaty,
and was anxious to maintain and con
solidate its alliances. Germany, he
Insisted, must make up its mind to ful
fill the obligations It undertook at Ver
sailles. Before agreeing to take part
in the Genoa conference, be said,
France must have guarantees from the
soviet government of Russia. In talk
ing to correspondents, M. Poincare
said he would not go to Genoa; that
French business men might meet Ger
man and Russian business men there,
but that France desired tliut the Genoa
conference should not be the means of
Bolshevik propaganda in Europe.
The Russians are very enthusiastic
over the Genoa meet and already have
announced the list of their delegates.
It is headed by Premier Lenih, whose
place will be taken by Foreign Minis
ter Tcldtcherin if the chief cannot go;
the other members are all prominent In
the soviet government. Leon Trotzky,
however, does not think the confer
ence can be a success unless the Unit
ed States participates and takes the
lead. He adds that Russia favors gen
eral disarmament, but it is skeptical
THE soviet government Is not yet
at war with Finland over the
Karelian revolt, but hostilities seem
not far off unless the Finns yield com
pletely. They offered to have the af
fair arbitrated, but this the Russians
refused. Tchitcherin now demands
the Internment, disarming and surren
der to soviet Russia of all Karelian in
surgents on Finnish soil, the surrender
to Russia of their arms, and an indem
nity from Finland for all damages
done to Russia through the Karelian
IN ACCORDANCE with the decision
of the reparations commission, Ger
many is paying $7,500,000 gold every
ten days until further arrangements
are made. The first payment was made
on Wednesday.
THE French were much aroused by
a resolution Introduced In the
United States senate by Medill Mc
Cormick of Illinois. It calls on the
State department for full information
concerning the financial condition, the
budgets and the amounts spent on mil
itary establishments by European
countries that owe money to America.
There is a belief in France that the
resolution was aimed at that country
alone because of Its stand concerning
its land forces and on the subject of
submarines. There was no indication
that the resolution had the approval of
the American administration, and it
may be tlAt in stirring up something
of a row it has done all Mr. McCormick
ever expected it would do.
LORD FITZALAN, British viceroy
of Ireland, on Tuesday formally
turned over Dublin castle to the pro
visional government of the Irish Free
State, the official designation of whlel
is Rlaltas Sealabeach Na Heireann
The government for the present con
sists of Michael Collins and seven as
sociates. Griffith, who is president of
the Dail Eireann, believed that body
should be kept separate from the new
state organization and so declined to
head the provisional government. As
rapidly as A jaactlcable the British
troops are being removed from the
Island, and as they leave there are
many outbreaks by the irreconcilable
republicans. Collins and his col
leagues are plnnnlng to send a commis
sion to Canada to study the Dominion’s
form of government and draft a con
stitution along Canadian lines. The
Bank of Ireland has agreed to lend the
new government a million pounds.
O OPE BENEDICT XV passed away
* rather unexpectedly after briel
suffering from a cold which suddenly
developed Into pneumonia. Until al
most the last his physicians insist
ed that the attack was not seri
ous, and the passing of his holiness
surprised as well as shocked the en
tire world. Benedict was born in 1854
and wns elected pope In 1914. He
won general esteem by his wise courses
and counsels as head of the Roman
Catholic church nnd by his earnest and
continuous efforts to restore peace and
umlty among the nations after the out
break of the World war. Beenuse a
fatal outcome to his illness had not
been looked for there has been no dis
cussion yet as to his probable suc
* has announced his retirement from
the cabinet about March 4 for the pur
pose of becoming the directing head of
the new National Association of Mo
tion Picture Producers and Distribut
ers. President Harding. In regretfully
accepting his resginntlon, expressed
the opinion that Mr. Hays was about
to take up a work of great public bene
fit. It is believed Hubert Work of
Colorado, now first assistant, will suc
ceed Mr. Hays as postmaster general,
with the understanding that he will re
tire In the fall to make way for Sena
tor New of Indiana in case the senator
is defeated for renomtnatlon or re-elec
tion. Mr. New’s opponent In the Re
publican primaries will be former Sen
ator Albert Beveridge.
V M A ronnrf ♦i’nnr>r*iDfnA 4 A a nnn
..... — —
A ate the federal trade commission
charged that three of the largest to
bacco manufacturing concerns In the
country—the American, the P. Loril
lard and the Liggett & Meyers compa
nies—have engaged in conspiracies
with many jobbers’ asociations to keep
up jobbers’ prices. The commission
promises prosecutions where the evi
dence discloses violations of the law.
The report says the jobbers’ agreement
became effective last September when
It was learned that the commission’s
investigation was under way. The
three companies named were formerly
parts of the tobacco trust which was
dissolved by the Supreme court
VX7’ ITHOUT .waiting to be asked,
the American government has
intervened in the dispute between
Chile and Peru over the Tacna-Arica
territory and the treaty of Ancon, and
has invited both countries to send
delegates to Washington for a confer
ence. The invitations, sent in the
name of President Harding, say the
American government has observed
with pleasure that the negotiations be
tween the two Soutli American repub
lics "seemed to forecast a settlement
In conference of the difficulty involv
ing final sovereignty of the provinces
of Tacna and Arica.’’ Recent dis
patches. indicate this is a rather optim
istic view of the situation, but It may
be Justified.
THROUGH Ambassador Richard
Washburn Child and General Al
• len, at the head of a composite bat
talion from the army of occupation,
America on Wednesday paid tribute to
the memory of Italy’s “unknown sol
dier," who Is buried In Rome. King
Victor Emmanuel and all high govern
ment officials, as well as the entire
diplomatic corps, attended the impress
ive ceremony, which was witnessed by
an immense throng. Ambassador Child
delivered the oration and bestowed on
the Italian warrior the Congressional
Medal of Honor, and Premier Bonoml
responded for his country.

An ENCOURAGING start has been
made In the collection of the rail
lion-dollar fund which the Woodrow
Wilson foundation will administer by
making annual awards to persons ^who
distinguish themselves by* their serv
ice to humanity. All over the country
the pledges came in thick and fast.
One of the most significant contribu
tions was that of $1,000 by the mil
road shop crafts unions. The resolu
tions accompanying It said the con
tribution was “a testimonial to Wood
row Wilson for his unselfish Ideals In
behalf of not only the people of the
United States but of the entire world
who loved liberty and happiness, and
for his fairness in dealing with facts
that so vitally affected the welfare of
the American people.”
It’s Quicksilver, Salivates, Causes
Rheumatism and Bone
The next dose of calomel you take
may salivate you. It may shock your
Uver or start bone necrosis. Calomel
Is dangerous. It is mercury, quicksil
ver. It crashes into sour bile like
dynamite, cramping and sickening you.
Calomel attacks the bones and should
never be put Into your system.
If you feel bilious, headachy, consti
pated and all knocked out, Just go to
your druggist and get a bottle of Dod
son’s Liver Tone for a few cents which
Is n harmless vegetable substitute for
dangerous calomel. Take a spoonful
and If It doesn’t start your liver and
straighten you up better and quicker
than nasty calomel and without making
you sick, you Just go back and get your
Don’t take calomel! It can not be
trusted any more than a leopard or a
wild-cat. Take Dodson’s Liver Tone
which straightens you right up and
makes you feel fine. No salts neces
sary. Give >t to the children because
It is perfectly harmless and can not
De Style—Did your generalship
save your life during the World war?
Ex-Soldier—No; good trees.
Thousands of women have kidney and
bladder trouble and never suspect it.
Women’s complaints often prove to be
nothing else but kidney trouble, or the
result of kidney or bladder disease.
If the kidneys are not in a healthy
condition, they may cause the other or
gans to become diseased.
Pain in the back, headache, loss of am
bition, nervousness, are often times symp
toms of kidney trouble.
Don’t delay starting treatment. Dr.
Kilmer’s Swamp-Root, a physician’s pre
scription, obtained at any drug store, may
be just the remedy needed to overcome
such conditions.
Get a medium or large size bottle im
mediately from any drug store.
However, if you wish first to test this
great preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., for a
■ample bottle. When writing be sure and
mention this paper.—Advertisement.
No End to It.
‘Tm tired of living.” “Wliat’s the
trouble?” “It isn't the trouble. It’s
the expense.”
Each package of "Diamond Dyes” con
tains directions so simple any woman can
dye or tint her old, worn, faded thing,
new. Even tf she has never dyed before,
she can put a new, rich color into shabby
skirts, dresses, waists, coats, stockings,
sweaters, coverings, draperies, hangings,
everything. Buy Diamond Dyes—no other
kind—then perfect home dyeing is guar
anteed. Just tell your druggist whether
the material you wish to dye is wool or
silk, or whether it is linen, cotton, or
mixed goods. Diamond Dyes never streak,
spot, fade or run.—advertisement.
Farmer’s work is so often well done
because he does it himself.
Don't expect your opinions to fit If
you obtain them ready made.
— ■ . ■■■ - - " -«
Here’s How to Get Rid of the Cough
and Rebuild the Body
Greenback, Tenn.—“In the winter of
1916 I had the L&Grippe very bad and
had a very hard cough. The doctor got
me up ana going about, but I did not feel
well and could not do anything. In De
cember, 1917, I was taken down again
with LaGrippe, also had a cough. I ached
all over ana my back hurt so I could not
stand but a few minutes at a time. The
doctor attended me until February, then
I sent for Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical
Discovery. By the time I had taken half
of my first bottle I was feeling better. I
took eight bottles in all and then felt as
well as I ever did. I think the ‘Golden
Medical Discovery’ saved my life.’’—
Geneva L. Wallace.
Procure the Discovery in tablets or
liquid from your neighborhood druggist
or send 10c to Dr. Pierce’s Invalids’ Ho
tel in Buffalo, N. Y., for a trial pkg. of
the tablets and write for free medical
The Infanta* and Child ran’* llvgnlatar
At all drocgiets
Non-Narcotic, Non-Alcoholic
■ " — «
Oakland. Nebr., Feb. 28.1S20
Anglo-American Drug Co.,
I am more than glad to tell you
of the experience and result obtained
from your wonderful Baby Medicine.
Our second baby is now seven months
old and has never given us a moment’s
trouble. The first and only thing she
has ever taken was Mrs. Window's
Syrup. She has four teeth and is al
ways smiling and playing. Cutting
teeth is mad* easy by the use of Mrs.
Winslow’s Syrup. Most sincerely,
(Name on request)
218-217 Fulton Street, New York
Gen. Selling Agent* : Harold F. Ritchie & Co., Ine.'
New York, Toronto, London, Sydney
LITTLE aches grow Into big pains
i unless warded off by an applica*
tion of Sloan’s. Rheumatism,
neuralgia, stiff joints, lame back won’®
fight long against Sloan’s Liniment.
For more than forty years Sloan’s
Liniment has helped thousands, the
world over. You won’t be an excep*
tion. It certainly does produce results.
It penetrate* without rubbing. Keep
this old family friend always handy
for instant use. Ask your neighbor.
'At all druggists—35c, 70c, *1.40.
* ■**
W C»n be Mt ilx weeks before taomepow:
^B plena, and will bead i Mtfkt mtUm. X.rl
for *1.50; loss lor *3 50. po.tp.ld. By eipre.
*1.50 par 1000. Special prim, on l*r*e tot
« IMaMl Pl*»t Oh. to S O, AlbUV. at
Gathered from All Cor
ners of the State and
Told in Briefest Form
A prominent land owner of Cold
water has found hiB farm property to
be a liability rather than an asset dur
ing the past two years. The rent has
hardly been enough to pay taxes and
keep up Improvements. He recently
offered his tenants use of two farms
this year if they would pay all taxes
on the property and not require him to
spend anything for upkeep, but they
declined to accept the proposition.
A campaign to raise 325,000 in Mis
sissippi for the Woodrow Wilson foan
dation was opened at a meeting at
Jackson, when addressed by Mrs. Chaa
Simonson, of New York, who originat
ed the movement. Oscar Newton, a
prominent Jackson banker and chair
man of the movement in Mississippi,
believes the quota assigned this state
will be easily subscribed.
The record of marriage licenses is
sued from the office of the circuit
clerk of Noxubee county for the year
1921 showed a decline as against
those issued iu 1920. The record for
1920 was 49 white and 295 colored,
with a total of 344. In 1921 it was 41
white and 270 colored, making a total
of 311—a falling off of 33.
The four banks In Webater county,
by their published periodic reports,
show a considerable increase in depos
its. But where one man makes a de
posit, there are at least tea in the
county who have nothing to deposit,
and here is where the general trouble
comes in.
Butter is being sent by parcel poet
to customers in Memphis and Little
Rock by Mrs. W. M. Presley of Prog
ress Farm, near Coldwater. She also
has a number of local customers and
during the past year her total sales
amounted to $263.
The Quitman County Federal Farm
Loan association has recently been or
ganized at Marks, and announces that
it is now ready to receive applications
from the white farmers in Quitman
Recommendations for pardon for 8
men serving sentences for murder
have been signed by Macey Dinkins,
acting chairman of the pardon board
at Jackson
The wheels of commerce are once
more beginning to roll at West Point,
as evidenced by the fact that the cot
ton mills have reopened, running night
and day, and the Corinth sawmill, one
of the largest in the state, is now run
ning w(ith a full force.
Senatobia now has a modern wire
less station, N. R. Siedge having in
stalled one in his home a few days
ago. Every night Mr. iSledge enjoys
concerts, public speeches and press re
ports from the cities of the Atlantic
and Pacific coast.
Byron Burford, secretary of the Y.
M. C. A. of the state of Mississippi,
has been in Senatobia arranging for
the older boys’ conference for North
Mississippi, which in all probability
will be held in Senatobia some time in
F. B. Fulmer, prominent real estate
man of Sylacauga, Ala., was found
dead Tn bed at a Natchez hotel. It was
stated by Dr. H. M. Smith, who had
attended him, that Mr. Fulmer had
been in ill health for some time.
According to the last ginners’ report
for the 1921 cotton crop in Yalobusha
county there were up to Jan. 1, 3,204
bales of cotton ginned. At the same
time in 1920 1 there were 3,268 bales
The American Legion post at Cold
water is planning the erection of a
clubhouse to be built of logs and fin
ished in rustic style. The post has 21
members and the membership is stead
ily growing.
The Ole Miss campus is a scene of
great activity and will be such for a
week. The mid-term examinations are
on, and claBs work was suspended Sat
urday, so that all may have some ex
tra time in which to review for the
The Gulfport harbor now has a depth
of 22 feet since the government dredge
boat Pascagoula began work on It some
time ago. A Portuguese steamer,
drawing 22% feet of water, went out
Nearly a dozen dentists met at
Brookhaven to organize the Seventh
Judicial District Dental society, to be
a component part of the State Dental
Unless her sentence is commuted to
life imprisonment, Waxie Ward, ne
gress, will be hanged March 5 for kill
ing her husband with an ax while he
was asleep.
More than $1,000,060 will be disburs
ed among members of the Staple Cot
ton corporation, according to announce
ment just made from Clarksdale by B.
M. Brownell, manager.
• • • • •
Three days after his arrival at Yazoo
City from Chattanooga to accept the
post of Boy Scout executive, J. P. Sis-,
son disappeared. r
The teachers of Marshall county re
cently met at Byhalia and perfected an
organization to be known as the Mar
shall County Teachers’ association.
• • * • •
Traveling Men’s Club is 'Jackson’s
newest commercial organization, J. D.
Robertson president.
• • • • •
Ellis S. Chapman, bead of dry en
forcement division in state, reported
capture of nine stills during past week.
• • * • •
Work of laying the branch line rail
road between Poplar Corner and Leach
▼Hie is now under w»v
Use Leftovers.
To make a delicious dish with left*
over pieces of meat or chicken, make
and bake a rich biscuit dough or short
cake. Brown your meat In frying pan,
and make a thick gravy. Pile meat on
the shortcake, cover with the gravy,
tod brown In the even.
Oiling Iron.
Iron and steel when not In nee may
be protected from the action of the air
and moisture by a thin coating of oil
such as vaseline, melted per alia wax,
cottonseed oil or tallow.
■ *•/ Si #
Newspapers throughout the entire
state are urging the white men and
women of Mississippi to pay £helr poll
, and all other taxes on or before mid
night of Feb 1. Falling to do this,
they will he denied a vote, not only in
the primaries next August, where cir
cuit judges, chancellors, eight con
gressmen and a United States senator
will be nominated, but they cannot
vote in the November election, or at
any bond, local or other election. In
addition their names will be published
In the poll tax delinquents in the news
papers in their respective counties.
Moreover, It is pointed out that this
poll tax is used for educational pur
poses, a most worthy cause. In addi
tion to paying poll tax, all the men and
women who expect to vote must reg
ister four months before the congres
sional election in November, 1922.
A new registration has been order
ed for the city of Jackson by the ctly
administration, and a county-wide reg
istration has been ordered by the board
; of supervisors of Hinds county, and
persons Who have registered even up
to two weeks ago, must re-register in
, order to vote in any election this year,
and register in the county four months
prior to the November election in or
der to vote fin the November congres
sional election. Three new precincts
j were established in Jackson to meet
; the growing voting population which
f necessitated city-wide and county-wide
| registration.
jacitson, ime a number or towns in
Mississippi, has let many miles of hard
surface street paving contracts.
Strange to say, there are mud streets
on three sldee of the beautiful new
capitol, and the peop'e who come and
go from all parts of the Btate are won
dering if the state is not going to pay
its part of this paving, which it ia
pointed out could perhaps be done
with some of the five million dollars
of bonds issued for public improve
| Visitors to the capital from all parts
i of the state corroborate the reports of
returning prosperity, and point to the
wonderful showing made by the banks
throughout Miseisslppl in the matter
of heavily increased deposits and busi
ness. Tlie recent interview of State
Superintendent of Education Bond
showing the wonderful progress of Mis
sissippi, which he characterized as a
great agricultural state during the last
10 years, is still being commented on
with pride and pleasure.
The bill providing for county librar
ies seems to grow in popularity, not
only throughout the state, but in the
legislative body. City libraries have
proved so- beneficial to the people in
towns the* it is proposed to give them
to tile psMiple of the counties. It i3
said that the educational interests of
both county and state look with favor
upon the establishment of county li
Under the constitution, the salary of
the governor may not be Increased, or
decreased during his term. Should the
proposed hill reducing the governor’s
salary from $7,500 to $5,000 pass, Gov.
Russell, while unaffected himself, will
veto the bil^ it is understood, believ
ing that 97.500 is not too much salary
for the governor of this state.
Unlike the salary of the governor,
the salary of the lieutenant-governor
may be changed and become effective
during the tenure of that office. It is
said that the pending legislation, which
may reduce the salary of the lieuten
ant-governor from $1,500 to $750 a ses
sion, is having effect upon embryo
candidates for lieutenant-governor.
Chambers of commerce throughout
the state and in Jackson are wiring
Secretary Weeks of the war depart
ment to oonsnmmate the Muscle
Shoals deal with Henry Ford, and re
questing the Mississippi senators and
congressmen to use their Influence to
that and. It is pointed out that such
ownership will promote the progress
and prosperity of the south.
Newspapers are Insisting that since
motor trucks have entered into active
competition with common carriers,
such trucks should be made to bear a
very heary proportion of the upkeep
of the public highways which they use,
just as railroads do their roadbeds.
The bill to substitute electrocution
for the gallows seems to be popular
in the legislature. It provides that all
persons sentenced to be hanged shall
be sent to the Parchman farm and
Former Governor Earl Brewer, of
Clarksdale, was in Jackson a few days
and rumors around the lobbies of the
hotels and In legislative circles were
that he would perhaps announce for
the senate in the near future.
The race for the Williams succes
sion in the U. S. senate seems to ba
now fairly on. A. recent Vardanian
meeting in Jackson selected Hon. S.
W. Mullens, of Holly Springs, aa his
campaign chairman, with Judge D. W.
Houston, of Aberdeen, as vice-chair
man. The secretary and executive
committee are to be announced later.
A bill to abolish the office of state
revenue agent is said to be no new
thing, the same having been done In
the case of Wirt Adams and J. C. John
ston, the predecessors of Stokes V.
Robertson, the present incumbent
indications are tnat me dui to re
aportion the circuit and chancery court
districts of Mississippi, If It passes,
-will not make many changes In the
districts. There are seventeen circuit
and eleven chancery districts In this
It seems a foregone conclusion that
the legislature will return all county
officials to the fee system from which
they were taken, two years ago. A
I maximum is llkley to be fixed, the ex
cess of which will be converted into
the county treasuries.
• • w
In stuffing green peppers for heMng,
If they are greased first they will not
turn brown in the oven.
• a •
A delicious filling fer tee sand
wiches is honey mixed with chopped
not meats.
Grape fruit stuffed with white
grapes is appropriate for an aUbamta
Spread a few leaves of mint under
the upper crust at a lamb or muttoa
pie. These give it a delicious flavor.
i V
it y,\ • ■ ; ■■ =■,.* ■ «
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