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WARNING! Say “Bayer” when you buy Aspirin.
Unless you see the name “Bayer” on tablets, you are
not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians
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, Colds Headache Rheumatism
Toothache Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
Accept only “Bayer” package which contains proper directions.
[Tandy “Bayer” boxes of 12 tablets—Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggist*.
Aspirin U the trade mark of Beyer Manufacture of Mouoacctlcacidester of SallcyllcacM
SPOEYS distemper compound
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Influenza, Distemper, Coughs and Colds
so prcvrlent among horses and mules at this season of the year.
For nearly thirty years "SPORN'S” has been given to prevent
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sional dree “conditions’* your horse and keeps disease away.
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_* _ _
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of All The Family
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by the average person—may be
had at your drug store or general
store in a“V.V."brand. "V.V."
means Freshness, Strength and
Quality—thoBest. Insiston“V.
Tl\e SK* Id V.” medicines and accessories.
ti Van Vice t-Mansfield Drug Co.
1 __ _ South's Largest IVholesals Druggists.
| i rQtCCtS lOll. Memphi*, Term.
Resemblance Noticed.
Mrs. Beanie was admiring Mrs.
Den re’s baby.
“Oh, what a darling!"
“Da-da! Goo-goo! IIo-o! Da!” re
plied the baby.
“The dear!” exclaimed Mrs. Beame.
“He's trying so hard to talk!”
“Yes; he talks that way all day, but
he doesn’t say anything,” ventured
Bobbie, the Jive-year-old brother of
the baby.
“The baby is so much like his
father,” Mrs. Deare commented—
apropos of nothing, of course.
Surprise parties seem to have gone
out of fashion because they so sel
dom surprised.
Desire for spreading “reform” often
arises from mere irritability at the
performances of others.
Almost a Tragedy.
Jack—Did you hear about that ter
rible accident at the ball last night'
Jill—No; what was it?
Jack—Bess got too near an electrh
fan, and two men who were standing
near were almost suffocated by tin
clouds of powder.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle 01
CASTORTA. that famous old remed*
for Infants and children, and see that II
Bears the
Signature of
In Use for Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher’s Castori*
When once a man forfeits his repu
tation for integrity he is thereaftei
served neither by truth nor false
Every department of housekeeping
needs Red Bross Bail Blue. Equal!}
good for kitchen towels, table linen,
sheets and pillowcases, etc.—Adver
Educating the public is no greai
task if it is anything in which tht
movies can educate them.
Yeast Vitamon Tablets
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tiNuiNi V VTiBL«f Every Meal or Money Back
Prosaic Man.
v. . am _ . __ He—Doris, how does love begin?
f\ l^j J 1B She—With licart-beating.
Live Wire Salesmen Bead she-with longing, then?
_ He—No; love begins with an L.
We are open for good men that are ______________________
well known, to represent us, to
sell shoes direct to the consumer.
Must be capable of earning $75 to
$1^0 a week. For full particular* writ*
US Weal Mata Street
vmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmm i
r '
Our New Balloon and Airplane Carrying Ship
lllilllil I III! Ulillli nil—_^
This Is the steamship Wright running down the Hudson river for final tests. Just before being token to the navy
yard for official transferal to the United States. The Wright was built for transport service, but was converted into
a balloon ship and plane carrier. Six wells have been built In for the stowage and Inflation of six kite balloons. The
vessel is equipped with a hydrogen gas generating plant, and has complete repair plants for balloons and planes.
« m — - --
Germans Adopt
Yankee Sports
Boxers From the United States
Find Rich Pickings and
Easy Bouts.
Civilians as Well as Military Engage
in Games—Workers Suspicious
of Middle Class Clubs, but
Have Many Themselves.
American sports have become the
rage in Germany. The few American
boxers who have filtered into Ger
many have found rich pickings aud
easy bouts. Recently in Munich I saw
a bout between a clever German pro
fessional and a young German-Amerl
can, says a correspondent of the
New York Herald. The German had
the footwork technique of a fencer,
and he always mude a regulation num
ber of swings before placing a blow.
He also had several extremely pretty
fancy steps with his feet. The young
American was a trifle wild and un
scientific, but he had learned how to
use his fists in Milwaukee. He was all
over the ring, until finally he stretched
the old school scientist out on the mat
in the third round.
This Instance Is one common in Ger
man sports generally. The old con
ventional etiquette games in which
people learned to defend their honor
are giving way to sports which people
play and pay to see for the fun of the
Duelllnn Yields to Football.
Mensur, the old formal duelling, and
gymnastics, the only purpose of which
was to give athletes a chance to dis
play their muscles, are giving way to
football and track sports. If the
Hohenzollerns hope to win their way
back to the hearts of the German
masses they must discard their plumed
helmets and shining armor and come
back In football togs. The young
i princes must make a name In races or
track meets and show a willingness to
rub elbows with the crowd at the races
and themselves take part In track
As long as exercise meant drill, some
thing connected with duty, German
youth did It because they had to. and
tried then to offset the effects by over
eating and drinking and complete In
ertia out of hours. Their distaste for
sports began in the schools, where
they had only drills preparing them to
be soldiers.
German universities had a way of
mixing sports Just as they did learn
ing, with stiff collars, court etiquette
and fifteenth century Ideals of honor.
Only duelling could thrive In this at
mosphere, and this could be defined as
blood letting Intimately connected with
much smoke, more beer and mostly
formality. Such sports were marks of
social superiority and never a pastime.
To be sure, tennis had begun to come
in but it was made more a rendezvous
and tearoom than a sport.
The only organization where physical
exercise held sway were the turn
verelns, gymnastic societies, such as
those In the middle West in America.
But these, too, were crippled by the
efforts of political parties and the
Government to nationalize and par
ticularize them. They became and
still are entangled in political preju
■ - '•
i :
j |
dices. The burgers have their turn
verelns and the workers have theirs.
Under no circumstances would they
think of contaminating each other by
having a meet. Indeed the workers
are more exclusive, Insisting that
members have union cards and In some
clubs that they be members of Socialist
Atmosphere of Democracy.
The fall of the Hohenzollems, the
end of universal service and the
gradual spread of democratic Ideas
has created an atmosphere for the
kind of sports which people follow to
enjoy themselves. American welfare
organizations In Germany ar^ over
flooded with requests for trnlning In
sports and equipment. The world
student federation movement has made
this a part of Its work here. Several
American sport experts have been
coaching secrets of soccer and track
One of the army trainers with the
Coblenz forces has been offered nn at
tractive post In Germnny when the
army of occupation goes home. In
Dresden and Halle the students have
laid out track and athletic fields on
their own Initiative.
Soccer has become almost the na
tional game. Swiss, Dutch and Aus
trian teams come to Berlin to play.
Some time ago a team of British sol
diers from the Berlin military mission
met a team from the German military
police. As might have been expected
nationalists on both sides were highly
scandalized, but the men enjoyed
A significant transformation also
has taken plnce In the German army.
Now that service is no longer com
pulsory the German staff has had to
make it attractive. The new drill
hooks In nddltion to prescribing setting
up exercises have a Inrge place for
sports. Army championship games
were held in the Berlin stadium this
summer. They had running, shot put
ting and swimming, organized as
elimination contests. Some of the
running was military, with full pack,
bu< most of It was on American sport
Boxing and football are not, how
ever, Included as compulsory. The
major in charge of this training told
me that these games are permitted
but because they Involve a certain
amount of bodily risk the army does
net want to face the responsibility ol
having to pay damages for injuries.
Army Barred by Allies.
The army teams also cannot plaj
with civilians on restriction from the
allies' military control commissions
The reason Invoked is that army as
Fight Rattlesnakes
With Mustard Gas
The Department of Agricul
ture agents ut Husorn, Wash.,
have adopted a unique plan to
rid the state of venomous rep
tiles by the use of mustard gas.
The gas was forced into a bed
of lava rock, which previously
had proved an impenetrable
fortress for rattlers. Soon there
appeured snakes ranging from
Infants a few inches long to bull
rattlers nine feet in length.
Dazed and blinded, they easily
were clubbed to death.
■ -■=*
sociations In sports might make It
possible for the German staff to train
a large number of civilians for ulti
mate warfare.
Sports have taken on a popularity in
Germany with the men on the street
which never existed before, and crowds
attend the track meets. When there
are long distance runs the roads for
miles are lin#d with enthusiastic fans
I saw a communist meeting In Dues
seldorf scatter while an orator was
harranguing for domination of tin
proletariat, not because the police
j were raiding, but because a cycle race
was scheduled on tire square.
But political considerations still
continue to determine lineups in sports
more than mere qualifications. Tli«
workers continue to he highly suspi
cious of middle class sporting organ
izatlons, but they are tlie llrst in in
see the gtlmes. They have enormous
vereins of their own, totaling sonic
2,000,000 members. Arriving at Dres
den one Saturday evening. 1 found
no room to be had because workmen's
Saxon turnverein was holding an an
nual meet the following day. Next
day I watched their parade. 15,000
strong, and saw a part of the game.
They came as a delegation of 20.000.
Men of all ages were in line. Many
of them heavy, ldg-handed. angular
workers. Muscular strength they had.
hut were clumsy and green at their
games. But they were full of enthusi
asm and energy, and took part from a
real love of sports. The political angle
to these games was the presence of
workers’ delegations from Austria and
Bohemia. One Dresden placard pho
tographer showed “Yesterday,” a re
view of the Imperial guard by his
majesty, Wilhelm II, and under It “To
day,” showing the 15,000 workers at
their games. The heading over the
picture was “Strength Gives Victory.”
Mention of the Olympic games Is a
delicate subject In German sporting
circles. They would like to go to
Paris, even though many hacks would
he turned on them. They welcome out
side contracts and participate in any
oontpst where the mark has not fallen
too low for them to travel.
Only Woman Bishop in the World
Bishop Alma White, A. M., the only woman bishop in* the world (conse
crated In 1918 at the annual convention) and heud of the Pillar of Fire church,
which she founded In 1902, In less than twenty years Bishop White has seen
missionaries spread her gospel In every country In the world.
Experimenters In France Successfully
Control Pilotless Aircraft
From Ground.
Paris.—Ingenious devices were in
vented to control the operation of the
pilotless airplane which' has just been
successfully tested In France. Some
of these operated automatically and
others by wireless.
The airplane, having been started
by the mechanic, ascended automatical
—■‘ * . ' --
ly after It hod attained sufficient speed.
Thl* was accomplished by increasing
revolutions of a small fan located be
tween the wings which put Into motion
a mechanism which. In turn, placed
the control surfaces of the machine
Into position for ascent.
Once In the air, the airplane was
operated by wireless and was made
to rjrcle a large field and descend.
The descent was accomplished by
pressing a wireless key on the ground
which released underneath the air
plane a roll of wire with a weight at
| the end. This weight switched off thi
I oaglne and moved the rear surfaces
j of the plane Into position for a smooth
At another test an airplane was op
erated by wireless for an hour. II
carried a pilot who took no part In Its
operation until he desired to land
whereupon he took control.
Town Bars Sunday Movies. •
Palmyra. Mo.—A “blue law" pro
hibitlng moving picture shows on Sun1
days was adopted here.
Man Return* from Philippines After
Learning First Papers Are Not
Omaha.—Max Schroth of Manila.
P. L. traveled 8,000 miles to the Uni
ted States In order to complete his
American citizenship after he had la
bored for twenty-one years under the
delusion that he was a citizen of the
United States
r '
Born In Germany. Sohroth came to
this country and In 1892 enlisted In
the United States army at Norfolk.
Neb., serving In the Cuban campaign
In the Spnntsh-Amerlenn war, and
Inter In the Philippine Insurrection.
Tie had 'his first papers and thought
that his citizenship could not be ques
tioned, only to learn that he would
have to leave the Philippines, where
he was employed In the government
transportation service, nnd return to
America to obtain his final papers
Schroth set out nearly a year ago,
leaving a native wife and six chil
dren In Mnn'la, and came to Nebraska
where he took up residence In Omuht
until he obtained ills Anal papers.
Panama Canal Set* New Mark.
Panama.—In spite of the world
wide business depression, the volumi
of shipping traffic through the Pnn
amn canal In 1921 set a new high rec
ord. The,tolls for the calendar yea
wer* $10,325,nS, approximately $30
000 more than the previous yea* *f
cording to the official report
Taste is a matter of
tobacco quality ,
We state it as our boned
belief that (he tobaccos used
in Chesterfield are of finer
quality (and hence of better
taste) than in any other
cigarette at the price.
Liggttt V Mjtrt Ttkstn Ca.
• *
qf Turkish and Domestic tobaccos—blended
Lower Prices **
20 now 18c
10 now 9c j *[tJl
(Two 10'»—l$c) *
Clever Fellow.
“I got off something fine title morn
“What was that?”
“fThe Mauretania.”—Life.
If Your Face is Your Fortune,
Don’t Look Like a
Who does not want red lips, a good,
clear, healthy complexion and bright*
flashing eyes?
Some people have such wonderfully
good health nothing seems to hurt
them. Others could so easily have fine
color and more strength and vigor If
they would help nature with Gude’s
Fepto-Mangan. It Is a splendid Iron
tonic that physicians have prescribed
for thirty years. It Is not an experi
ment. It is not merely a temporary
help, because it makes plenty of red
blood and, as everybody knows, red
blood is the only sure foundation of
permanent health and strength. Get
Popto-Mangnn of your druggist—and
tnlre It a few weeks and see how mneh
hotter you feel and look. Sold In liquid
and tablet form. Advertisement.
Amending It.
Mr. Nngg—I suppose now you wish
you were free to marry again?
Mrs. Nagg—No. Just free.
Red Cross Ball Blue la the finest
product of Its kind In the world. Ev
ery woman who has used It knows
this statement to be true.—Advertise
“Dowager Mrs. Smythkin#" Might
Better Have Not Spoken to That
“Butler" of Hera.
Wlien the D. Smythklnses got on In
the world h little, Tim, their handy
mun, was promoted to a decayed dress
suit and the title and emoluments ot
butler. In this capacity he had been
taken severly to task by Mrs. D.
gmythklns, Sr., for' allowing some
visitors who inquired for her sou’s
wife to go away without having an
nounced the fact that site was al
“If this happens again, Tim, yon
must say, 'My mistress Is out, but the
dowager, Mrs. Smythkins, is within
please step aside,"’ she wound up
And Tim promised to obey.
Long words, however, were not his
strong point, and when a few dayf
later more visitors called, the wore
“dowager” refused to remain in hli
“My mistress Is out, sir,” he sale
“but the—er—ah—the owld badger h
within. Prey step inside. Sure y<
needn’t look surprised. 'Tis what she
towld me to say herself.”—London Tit
Sam says: Workers never kicl
and kickers never work.
No work that you farmers do is too
rough for clothes made out of Stifel's
Indigo Cloth.
All Overalls, Jumpers and Work Clothes
made of this cloth last looser, wash bet*
ter and keep their “looks.”
See that you get it. Look tor thie boot »h*pod
trad# mark • tamped on the back of the cloth.
Garments sold hy dealers everyirhere ■
We are makers of the cloth only.
Indigo Dyer* and Printer*’
Whe.Ua*. W. V.
2SO Church St, New York. N. Y.(
» V r w * - -
Easy Selling.
“He gets along admirably with his
“Yes; he gives her everything she
wnuts.”—New York Sun.
A Lady of Distlnet'on
Is recognized by the delicate fascinat
ing Influence of the perfume she uses.
A bath with Cutlcura Soap and hot
water to thoroughly cleanse the pores
followed by a dusting with Cutlcura
Talcum powder usually means a clear,
sweet, healthy skin.—Advertisement
Short, and & the Point
"I say, Mrs. Subbs,” the theoretical
head of the house demanded Impres
sively, "did you Inform the cook that
I find her cooking most unsatisfac
"I did,” Mrs. Subbs replied gently.
“Yes, of course, since I desired It!
And, ah, what did the cook say, pray?”
“She said,” Mrs. Subbs reported
dutifully, “that so far as she was
aware, there were no strings tied to
you, and that If you do not like her
cooking you are at perfect liberty to
take your meals at any restaurant you
may select.”
Protecting Men Against Themselves.
No person can travel north of Fort
Smith, in the Canadian Northwest,
without the official approval of the
Royal Canadian mounted police. To
go north of there, the traveler must
explain his reasons for going, prove
that he has raad^ arrangements for
transportation into the country and
out and assure the officials that he has
a sufficient food supply to last until
his return. If he can prove that he Is
able to travel In the wilds and not
starve and that his business Is legiti
mate, he Is allowed to go on.—Dear
born Independent.
Powerful Naval Gun.
Ordnance engineers In the United
i States have developed a new 16-Inch,
i 50-cnllher gun, said to be more power*
■ ful than any naval gun now In exlst
. enee. The gun is 60 feet long, weighs
340,000 pounds and requires 350
pounds of smokeless powder to propel
; Its 2,400-pound projectile approximate
ly 22 miles.
Better to be called tin Impractical
Idealist by the present generation than
a fool by the next one.
Use Vacher-Balm; It relieves at onca.
If we have no agent where yon live,
write for a free sample to B. W.
Vacher, Inc* New Orleans, La.—Ad
Silence Is Golden.
Harper’s Weekly tells a story of twe
soldiers who had been waiting for
weeks for a letter from home. Finally
one of them received a letter with tha
home-town post mark on It, but when
he opened It up there was nothing in
side but a piece of paper blank on both
His buddy laughed. “You haven’t
got anything on me," he said. “That’s
no letter."
“Sure It Issaid the one who waa
holding the silent missive. “It’s a let
ter from my wife. We’re not speaking
to each other.”
Her Escort Decamped.
When I was about fourteen yean
old, all the older girls were accom
panied home after church by some
boy friend, so when one of the boys
asked. “May I see you home?” I of
course said “yes," I walked along,
feeling quite grown up. Wheu pass
ing a house where there was an ex
tremely vicious dog, to my horror out
came the beast growling—and around
on the safe side went my escort. I
settled the dog with the toe of my
slipper—and saw myself home after
What Did He Mean.
Frederick Franklin, head of the
Boston symphony orchestra. Inspires
his men with his voice as well as with
his baton.
Mr. Franklin one day at rehearsal
was displeased with the lack of
warmth that the orchestra was putting
into the decidedly warm second act of
“Gentlemen,” he protested, “gentle
men, this wou’t do. You’re playing
like husbands, not like lovers."
I One third of your life is allotted 9
to sleep. Do you get your share1 |
The most important period in the
process of applying nutrition to the
repair of the body is while you are
asleep. For the most favorable trans
formation of digested food into nerve
I and cell tissue, so doctors tell us, sleep
is absolutely essential.
Is it any wonder that those who
suffer from lack of proper sleep are
weak, pale and lacking in energy or
- ambition?
One of the causes of insomnia is
nerve-irritation from tea and coffee
drinking. Tea and
coffee both contain
I caffeine, which has
a tendency to cause
undue stimulation.
The irritating effect
of caffeine often
results In insomnia, depression, and a
weakened nervous system.
You can easily overcome these
troubles by drinking Poetum instead of
tea or coffee. Poetum is a delicious,
satisfying cereal beverage, and it is
absolutely free from caffeine, or any
other harmful substance. *
Ask your grocer for Poetum. Drink
this delicious, refreshing beverage for
ten days. Then see if you do not feel
better and more clear headed, and if
yon do not sleep better at night—as so
many other people have proved for
Poetum coma* In two form* Instant Poetum
(In tina) made instantly In tha cap by the
addition of boiling water. Poetum Cereal (la
peckagea of larger bulk, for tboee who prefer
to make the drink while tbe meal la being pro*
pared) made by boiling for 20 ninnies
ostum for Health
"Tlure’s a R*uo»”
Pcwtmn Cereal Co., loc^ Battle Cre*k, Midi.
;•» '. ■<* ■ *\ i ■ • '•'•■.*•-.1 :.' ' v'-> ■ . '*• •: •.-. §V\ r W- ■■’«■• .» ■ . .» ■,'.. *,- •■• • «• W.#

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