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111 ■■■ ' i * 1 m
| Mil 7 HERE are many reasons why we should 1
1 JJ remember Christmas Day. Christmas ex- 1
1 alts the home and glorifies the family life. 1
| It helps to make strong the ties of kinship. |
1 Christmas away from home is not much |
| Chrismas at all. It needs mother and §
1 father and children—family groups to j
| transfigure and glorify the' Christmas. |
IF the spirit of Christmas was with us every day, it
__ would revolutionize civilization. Selfishness would H
die a death of starvation. Avarice would be hanged
as high as Haman; foolish pride would go down in
defeat; class animosities would be drowned in a sea
of brotherhood. Peace on earth would become a
_ glorious reality.
AT this Christmas time we are wishing for you, your
children and loved ones, not one Christmas Day only,
H but a whole yeair full of days guided and inspired by M
the spirit of Christmas.
Your friends,

| Howard's Department |
| Store |
| Brook haven, jMtsetseippt 1
McGrath Employes Given Handsome
A representative of The Leader
\va3 privileged to be present at a
meeting of the McGrath employes
Thursday night after closing hours,
and to witness a scene impressively
sweet and sacred—a touching dem
onstration of love and loyalty be
tween employer and employe. To
Jay McGrath, as head of the Mc
Grath concern, fell the happy lot of
giving to every employe of the es
tablishment a Christmas gift in the
shape of a check for an extra week's
MrJ McGrath realized, as never be
fore.jlhat it is indeed more blessed
to gtv#~than to receive, for in the
giving of those tangible tokens of
the firm’s appreciation of the loyal
service rendered by the employes,
Mr. McGrath garnered a harvest of
i happiness and joy beyond words.
The spirit in which the gifts were
given, the beautiful talk made by
Mr. McGrath and the words of hope
and promise for a still closer
bond of friendship in the future, bo
filled the hearts and minds of every
employe that the material part of
the ceremony was utterly overshad
The attempted thanks of the em
ployes gripped the heart, misted the
eye and tightened the throat. Their
very stammerings and stutterings
made them more eloquent than the
most polished oratory.
No Leader next Wednesday. Don’t
complain when you miss it. Our
force desires a little relaxation after
a year of most arduous application
to unremitting activities on the in
side of the office that the uninitiated
outside knows very little about.
King’s Daughters Elect Officers.
The following officers were elect
ed by the King’s Daughters at their
meeting Wednesday afternoon: —
Leader, Mrs. Ira L. Parsons; vice
leader, Mrs. Henry Flowers; record
ing secretary, Mrs. S. J. Hoskins;
corresponding secretary, Mrs. S. N.
Alford; treasurer, Mrs. J. L. Wood
Members of the Hospital Board
were retained, as follows: Mrs. H.
V. Wall, Mrs. Mary L. Flippen, Mrs.
E. M. Bee, Mrs. Frank Hartman.
Mr. L. J. Laird, who is still suf
fering from an Injury to his- arm,
received in a fall, being unable yet
to use that member, says his inca
pacity in that line does not interfere
with his ability to sell Studebaker
cars. “Really,” Mr. Laird states, “a
man with one arm could sell Stud
ebakers.” ;
JN grateful appreciation of
M your good will and patron
age I extend to you the
season’s greetings and wish
for you one and all a Merry . *
Christmas and a Happy and
Prosperous New Year.
Brookhaven Garage & |
List of Cases on Docket and
Roll of Jurors Drawn for
FIRST/ DAY—JAN. 1ST, 1923.
Ox weld Acetylene Co. vs. Sol C.
The Chas. D. Boldt Glass Co. vs.
G. W. Ard. et al.
W. M. Turnbough vs. M. C. Mont
Heidelberg Auto Co. vs. Cassedy &
Sumrall, et al.
—Open Account.
Republic Paint and VarniBh Works
vs. Brookhaven Pressed Brick &
Manufacturing Co.
W. L. Spinks vs. Columbian Wood
Claude Smith, etc. vs. City of
Town of Bogue Chitto vs. Lincoln
Geo. W. McCarlie vs. Irene McCar
Empire Cream Separator Co. vs.
Brookhaven Creamery.
D. H. Holmes Co. Ltd. vs. J. F.
Erwin. x
Hazlehurst Oil Mill & Fertilizer
Co. vs. 0. H. Hartman, et al.
W. Lawson Smith, vs. City of
Mrs. A. A. Woods, vs. City of
R. W. Noble and C. L. Ripley, vs.
City of Brookhaven. ,
W. M. Turnbough & Sons vs. Ras
Geo. C. MCLendon, Trustee, vs.
Brookhaven Compress Co.
Lincoln Co. Lumber Co., vs. B. W.
State for Use Analow White, vs.
Columbus Smith.
SECOND DAY—JAN. 2, 1923.
John M. Roberts, etc., vs. Gulf Re
fining Co., etc.
Arthur Turner, vs. Gulf Refining
Co., etc.
Leslie Turner, vs .Gulf Refining
Co., etc.
Van Vleet Mansfield Drug Co., vs.
Brown's Drug Store.
Federal Rubber Co., vs. J. F. Er
J. W. Watts vs. Mississippi Oil Co.,
(Continued on second page.)
Ijarge Crowd Hears Pupils of
Big Consolidated School
in Creditable Affair
Patrons and friends of New Sight
Consolidated School thronged the au
ditorium of the big brick building
Thursday night, in order to witness
the first pupils’ music 'recital in the
history of the school.
The music department, like the
school, was organized only last
winter, and the excellence of the
program given showed remarkable
progress in the pupils’ musical de
velopment. The piano pupils are
taught by Miss Belle Bowen and
voice pupils by Mrs. J. H. Willough
by. Mrs. Willoughby also teaches a
modern course of public school mu
sic to the entire student body.
The stage was attractively decora
ted for the recital with holly, south
ern smilax and other Christmas
Mr. 0. F. Grantham, superintend
ent of the school, presided.
Twenty four numbers were given.
There were piano solos, duets ana
trios, and numerous vocal solos and
quartettes. Several choruses and a
double mixed quartette were espec
ially enjoyed. Miss Ruth Douglas,
one of the teachers, gave a delight
ful reading. Mr. Mayfield, another
of the teacherB, took part with the
students in several of the vocal
numbers.- About thirty-five partici
pated in the program.
The large number of older boys
of the school who gave highly cred
itable renditions of songs, was nota
ble. The pianists represented pri
mary, grammar and high school
grades. The performances were re
ceived with much interest and ap
plause was enthusiastic.
Contests for a coverlet and a box
of divinity fudge, held to raise funds
for the purchase of a sewing ma
chine for the Domestic -Science De
partment, were conducted by Mrs.
May Middleton Furr, head of the de
partment. Miss Lavelle Garner re
ceived the coverlet, made by students
of the Domestic Science department,
and Mr. W. J. Rhymes, the candy.
Mrs. Furr awarded prizes for ex
cellence in sewing to Miss Rosa Al
len of the tenth grade; Miss Myrtis
Furlow of the seventh, and Miss
Ola Furr of the eighth.
An extensive display of canned
products, Christmas fruit cakes, etc.,
was shown in the basement quarters
of the Domestic Science Department,
along with dozens of aprons, dresses,
towels, handkerchiefs, kimonos, neg
ligees, table scarfs, and baskets
made of honeysuckle and pine nee
dles. Bach garment or piece of
household linen was labeled with the
cost of material used, and name of
the maker. Attractive percale dres
ses were made at a cost to the own
1jp Jijj»| * ^ | ® 11 11
O //lose of our friends whose pa- "
tronage has helped to make our
commercial relations one of the real
pleasures of life, it is at this season of
the year when hearts seem warmer, hand
i ] shakes more cordial and friendship more
*rf keenly appreciated, that We Wish to ex- nrf
press our kindliest feelings. It is with
deep feelings of sincerity that we wish
you a most Joyful Christmas, and may
the New Year dawn to you With its
brightest blessings, and every happiness
be yours throughout' another of peace
and prosperity.
er of ninety-eight cents, and percale
aprons for fifty or sixty cents. Dress
er of poplin and suiting cost the
makers two dollars and thirty-five
cents. The extensive display of
handmade pillow cases of fine quali
ty cost eighty five cents per pair for
The part of the basement fitted
up as a kitchen was impressive for
the completeness and care shown in
its furnishings. A “kitchen shower”
of useful articles mostly of alumin
um, had just been made and was
shown there. ,
New Sight is working toward ad
mission into the ranks of accredited
high schools of Mississippi, and ex
pects to be the first rural school in
Lincoln county to attain this rank.
An examiner is expected shortly to
visit the school and rate It.
A number of visitors from Brook
haven and elsewhere were present
for the recital and exhibition Thurs
day night, . for the interest and
pride felt in New Sight’s fine school
enterprise is by no means confined
to citizens of the New Sight com
Cotton is 25.25 today.
.— - - ■ - H ■ ■
Notice to Bond Buyers.
The City of Brookhaven, Lincoln
(County, Mississippi, will on January
5th, 1923, at 7:30 p. m., ofTer for
sale to the highest and best bidder,
its ($30,000.00) serial payment ne
gotiable bonds, known as Water
Works and Electric Light Improve
ment, Repair and Extension Bonds.
Said Bonds to bear interest not
exceeding six per centum per annum.
AH bidders must file a certified
check for $1,000 with the City Clerk.
F. A. Cameron, City Clerk.
Billy Parsons is ba^k from Marion.
| Everything in Our Coilossal Christmas Stock Slashed to I
This stupendous “After-Christmas Clean-Up Sale" I
will set a new Lincoln County record for reckless a
disregard of cost-marks. Every price-tag will be a
I a tombstone to profit. This f
I Mammoth Merchandise Massacre
is our solution of the problem of storage. Out growing business is crowding us for
space as it is, and we simply can’t spare the space to put these goods in storage.
So we are going to place every article left over on the sacrificial altar of necessity
and let the buying public take them. This offering of desirable holiday merchandise at
PROFIT SLAUGHTERED PRICES affords a pocket-pleasing opportunity for '
you to buy yourself some needful Christmas presents. It will permit you to "remem
ber” some of those you scratched off your Christmas list on account of the alarmina
condition of your pocket-book.

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