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MOTTCfr "For form, of Government let fools con:
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is can't bo wrong wfcose life is in the right.- Popp
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CANTON, Miss., FUl I) AY , J'N U A B Y 3 IHt:
' , : rtGai
)l, ML ,
NO. 42.'
Washington (Letter.
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Agents find It
ths Host
rUgazIac. -
Wajhixoton, D. C, J)c 27 1895: .
Speaker Reed's muzzles ..ave in prirue
working order. He mn.7j4 the tneiu-
Ibers of ti Witys aijd llfaoscoiutriittee
and compelled them to repdi't two bills
. prcparOjU. by him; one increasing th
tariff upon wool, woolens .and lumbcY
to 60 per cent of what i was( In the
McKinley law, and raising the .tariff
1.V per; ceV, above prpi 'rites, nd
the- other providing; for he Saue of
three per cerit coin borjdn to replenish
the jrold' reserve whenever!' the Secret
ary of the lYt-asurydeeuMill necessary,
and of 8oO,pOO,()CK) ,in threfl' percent 3
year TreaBury eertiHcateisiOfJ.Ro mnch
thereof aa the Secretary of the Trea-
tnry may need froin time t)0 tiiiie. le
umzzltd the o.bjfctiair reptbV.cans who
Wonted the bills ubniiitedu a eauiens
before beiuir reported. WHtie flouKe
and lastly he muzated tbt House and
had hla bill pnsed, ootithstandin
that the democrat, did oil he; protest-
! ing they could under the ,fiee4 rules,
I : . . 1 t 1 f r t . .
tnt legislation through tbeliouse with
out debate. When oneof his own party'
went to Mr. Heed and ttshed that
reasonable time be allowed for debate
on the bills before, they were passed
Mr, Reed dismissed hiut by 'sayicg
sharply: "The Uoue isn't a debatibir
society." in fact, fur all practical pur
poses there is. no House. Jts powers
have nil been usurped by Mr, Reed and
Its only, important duties are to obey
Washington to assure Secretary Carlisle
of their willingness, to furnish ull the
gold this pover anient mtgut need, not
withstandinir their assertion right after
the. Monroe doctrine tnebsaxe was pub
lished that American securities of all
sorts had been put on the black list. Of
course there is uo probability that this
gcvernmeot will accept Russia's offer,
but it was none the less a very friend'j'
and er;icious act 00 the part of Russia,
and jt furnishes the administration
with a weapon that will inspire fear in
the mind of the European gold kings,
who. know by experience what Russia
can do in the financial-Line in opposi
tion to them: Russia has not only
made itself independent of the afore
said European money kings, but while
doing it has accumulated $800,060,000
in (rold- .More than half of this gold,
for which Russia bait no particular use
is deposited in European banks outside
of Russia. , Thai is the gold that she is
willing to loan us '. Its withdrawal
from Europe would be ' a ' knockdown
blow for the gold kings. ' ' .-
Fire In the Dismal
En. Cousxnr . GESfTtKMKX The
great "Dismal iSwamp" of Virginia, is
now on fire. The bears and other wild
animals that nlake their home in the
tangled racessee of this, the most won
derfurand truly historical swamp in
-America, are driven out by the fires
now i-Ngiog there, and invade the corn
fields of the farmers living near tbe
marking of the swamp. The soil is of
Hut there are neither Reed rules nor J a "peafy" nature, and in seasons of pro
methods la the Senate, to wl.fctj thee rt.inged drouth, it will burn fur weeks.
bills have now gone, and the country The fire slowly eats 1 itsaV ; alortV
may eouat upon their being trirjauyb iy. . burning to a depth of two or hree Or
debated beforejthey ar acteSf-ppon It is ( more feet, and many hundreds ofaerrs
don ht fnl whether either lof tnein can ! Of Umber re undermined by ..Ute tire
. . '(('I.-..
pHS& the Senate at all, and certain that j and fall down, and make ii dcAlate
neither can (ret through without being! looking tangle until the growth of
materially amrnded, 1 J green weeds, reeds and shrubs of tbe
The President Hris . week formally 1 following season covers up the scars.
declined to accept the ram Katahdin, It sounds a little odd to-note the
built by the Rath Iron Works, because 1 fact that bears and deer and other
of the failure of the vessel to make toe.' game are found within 15 miles of this
pced stipulated in the contract The seaport city of nearly 80,000 people
rejection is merely a technical .oe. j Thu UiSmal Swamp is what may be
... 1 . I ,i. I - II. . . . . .
as the aamtuistracion ana me. navai turmea a - ir.au 01 nature, it, covers
officers are entirely satisfied with tbe , nearly 800 square miles of territory.
boat and know that the failure to reach It really is a swamp on a Hillside,
the required peed was no .fault of the t.lhe entire surface of the swamp slopes
builders who merely followed , the ruu'ly ami easily towards the seat
iroverninent plan in the construction , The hfcheat point in 'the swamp is
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ir, uuuniKQUlcnut
hen desired. Prompt at
ton ud fuU market values
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e tXrsonnl anA .v,!nl
Stan o & Rr a 11
iuents will ho
'-Wof fint ti iniTi. l- (l... s-Lit Khlioh'a Vitalizer is a nosi-1 hmXt of ,hr Monroe docir ine.
Money to Loan.
' In sums to suit borro w- it
10 per cent per annum.
Bucklen's Arnica Salre.
The best salve In tfc world for Cuts
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of the vessel. It would have set a
precedent which might make trouble in
the future to accopt the vessel after its
failure to make tbe speed named in the
contract, so it was deemed pest to' re
fuse, to accept. But the administration's
influence will be used to get the joint
rcrolutioo authorizing the President to
accept the Katahdin, which has already
been introduced,' adopted by Congress,
so there is little doubt that the Kat.aU-
din will toon be a part of Uncle Sam's
bavy. .
In creating three Election committe- a
to beunce those democrats whose seats
are being contested by republisanaa to
give those republicans who are holding
seats which are coBteeted by democrats
a valid title to their seats,. Mr. Reed
overlooked one thinff that ! already
making trouMe. The committee on
Elections lias but one room, and each
the three committees "claim the
tha right to use it.
The union printers are not so glad
about the extension of the Civil Service
rules to the Government Printing
Office as they were. Already four non
union printers hate secured positions
in the building by passing the required
examination, and there will b- others,
until their number grows so great that
the office wtl. have to be classed as
no -union. ,
The report, although not j et official
ly confirmed, th.t.Ruseia has offered
to loan the L' 11 'ted Stat $100,000,000
in gold, without interest, has probably
created greater consternation among
tbe European gold kings who bve
been squeezing enormous promts out
of the United States under oar present
bad financial system than did President
Cleveland's bold aaNonscement in ne-
A heady
an areat of tbe Hoih"lt)ta has Wen to
nearly 25 feet above sea level. Eight
streams of considerable sue have their
headwaters in this swamp. Lake
Drummond occupies a position in its
centre, and at tbe highest point. It c:
copies a space of nearly five ' miles
north and south, and four miles east
and west. The lake is filled with juni
per water; so called from thb fact that
1 the swump is well covered with juni-
Ser forests, and the waters, in which
te juniper roots are soaking, and into
which the annual crop of janiper ber
ries full, are so impregnated with the
medicinal properties of tbe 'juniper
lhat they are the color of tea or vine
ifarorbeer. These waters are drunk
largely for their favorable action on
tbe kidneys, and, stranire as it may ap
pear, the water never becomes ' stag
nant or Impure, and its keeping quali
ties are marvelous.
No one can satisfactorily accoont
for tbe formation of the bed of Lake
Drummond, except on the supposition
that in the ancient past, during a st r
iod of prolonged dry weather, the wa
ters of tbe swamp receded, so far from
tha surface that the tires burned so
long aad so steadily, and on such a
large scale as to acttmlly burn out the
bed of the lake. On the return of the
usual raips, the burned out spot be'
came lined witn water, uuu so remain.
a lake to this day. Indian tradition
supports this theory, and in fact it can
hardly be explained in any other man
ner. Avt ay to the southward, loo miles
or so, is another lake Lak Matamus-
keet which, according to Indian ra
eilion. waa formed in the same ' way.
Tbe lake last nam.d was formed much
mure recently than l-aU Drummond.
nd tradition says it was 13 moons,, o
one year In burning. In many respect
eastern Virgiuia and Xu'iti . Car Iina
are remarkable sections of country.
Tbe soil of a Held here, loO miles lonjr
by 40 wide, fs largely of a'llnvlul. char
acter, and at some remote . time ' waV
washed down from the nslopcs of tbe
interior, and filled up the hhallow e
that rolled here. Underneath the; l-r
or more feet of jsoiI and, sub-soil lixrw..
we everywhere find the old sea bed; .
and on the margins of the Dismal
Swamp we now and then,, find the', re- ,
mains of the , ipastadon, - and ,; everyv
where we find old sea-hhells of exCinot
tiibes of tbe sea. ,- ,W ' , r
Then again, we see . evervwboru
signs that- this coast has - been slowry
raised up, aud we HdiI marl, (half-decomposed
sea shells? . $Q to JO feet .
above the; sea level. This marl was alt ,
formed ondr water. Of more recent
date is the oyster-shell mound, made V
by the Indians. The headquarters of
every tribe on these waters is marked -by
a huge mound of oyster-shells,
showing that ''poor Lo" knew a good
thing, and got his living largely from .
the water, just as his pale-faced sue-
cessor does at .the -present time. Ou
all sides, if one but studies carefully,
are signs that this is an old country, '
with an old history, and by closely ob-
serving tbe trend of business, one can
t-te that this oldest old is rapidly tak
ing on the airs tbe newest new. 1 "
Here are marks of Washington. a
he surveyed the Dismal Swamp before -the
first revolnt'onary war. He snr-'
veyed the Dismal Swamp Caual, and
here is 'Washington's Ditch" a smal-
ler canal, still in existence.' The Dis
mal Bwamp iiua uo. is still tn (exis-
tence, and ever since its formation in
17(j3 has paid annual dividends, exceptr t
ing when interfered with by the wars .
of 1779, .1813 and; 1860. .Washington .
wned the iargest individual interest
in tbis oldieorapany, and tfc" is stated
tbaVthestocfe ofsaid company is stiir
held lareely by the lineal decendsnfs ",J
of tliut oldest land cpmpany in An eri
ca. ..;;.,.
Some of the finest corn lands in ' tho " .
United Htatesare 'found on " trie mair.
gins of the Dismai Swamp, atid in tact, '(
the entire swamp is a rich, dark peaty
mold rich as an old muck bed. If
drained it would make a'irlgbt smart" :
corn patch, the greatest trouble being-'
to keep it from burning Up ..during ' -dry
spell. A. J., Norfolk, Vii ' - -
. Cnrad by fiiu
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
W.rdj f Cawhirt to All wh Softer treai
. Dyrpeptla.
"For Teans I was a martyr to j
rmligestloti, "d liad about given oj
up all hone of ever finding relief,
as tire complaint only seemed to jj
grow worse instead of better, o
under ordinary treatment. At o,
last, I was iuduced to try Ayers
Sarsaparilla, and I hereby testify
that after using only three hot- o
ties, I was cured. I can. therefore,
conlklently recommend this ined- J
KnixKLisrliKtK.Avoca.Ja. of
"I am TM-rnonally acquainted J
with Mr. Wk ami believe any i
f.if.Tnent. tin nmv make to De o
true W. J. MaXWKLU DniZ- ?
gist ami l'lutrmarist, AToca, Ja. j
" J have used Avers Sarsapa
rilla for general debility and, as
nblood-piirifier, find it does ex
aetlv ns is claimed for it." 8. J.
Ada, EhIU Texas.
' Aimttted for Exhibition
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