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.J HM l. . .. V.
' V.'
MOTTO: For forms of Government let fool contest:
What'er is best administered, la best.
For modes of faith let graceless xealots tight:
His can't be wrong whose life is in the right. Pora,
vou x.
NO. 18
TbeEiad of Men Needed
. Times: Before the wily
JSns begin to -circulate
Smaut the Rubes, it is whi u
JSKdhI together and decide
w kind of servants are wanted
no boes or .
.nvorice. first, wr
4D'H ., ,nVin have the eourasre
So their full duty in the ..inter
Stof their employers, the people.
The time has passed Jor voting
fo" some dressed up jumping
lack or smooth-tongued. .fourth:
Fr' v it oollhcp . nnliticia-n
rate. sui --'--- r : , . . . ,
and a half cent drink
niB v '
of booze won't go any .more nor
will his selfish, studied politeness
null the wool over our eyes again.
v nr. mcitit ahle men those who
are capable of standing np for
the rights and reflecting the
wishes of those' to whom they
iaktari fnr their elevation to
office men of brains, v We don t
need the fellow who parta his
hair in t he middle and - has to
carry a step ladder to enable him
to see over his collar, or the one
who, as soon as he gets in office,
forgets all about the wishes of the
people, or purposely goes back on
his promises, whether expressed
or implied. No "Smart Alecks"
noi unniw. We want our aer
vant to stick to his post, and ,
should he be in a position to vote,
we want no dodging no laying
m. at. hi boardinz huf6 with
heuiuatim, lumbago or neural
gia, a.l modern names for a plain
old drunk. Nor do we need any
more incompetents, because they
are from our town or OCR neigh
borhood, or because they are
clever fellows. jl ' V
t.t.' wfijo-h them in the old
Jeffersotnan scales (wnica never
vary) and if they are found capa
ble," faithful and honest, it will be
safe to vote for them. We must
not permit ourselves to be dic
tated to or influenced by any con;
'tomnt-.ih1nltt.tti rinc. or " bv anv
little one by two politician, re
;gar..s of their elfeupposed
influence. A few more sugges
tions may be offered at the proper
time by a -
. : ' tvTJBB. -.
Editors Worth Knowing
TOWN. " i ; . V
The thirtv-seventh annual ses
sion ol the Mississippi rress
Association will convene at
Greenwood next month, says the
Meridian Star, and the people of
the Delta metropolis have pre
pared to entertain the editors in
royal style. The best baked cat
fish to be found in the headwaters
of the Yalobusha will be served
up to the hungry men from the
hills, and mind and matter will
be mixed in endless confusion
during the three days' s' ay in the
town of Vardaman and Gillespie.
We wilt not be able to see and
enjoy the many Curtesies
lies that are going to be extended
the visitors, and regret not being
able to meet personally the many
strong men who have entet tained
us daring the year past with their
bright and sensible observation-.
There's McKie, the industrious
president; McGuire, who works
the secretary's office jam up;
Birdsall, the graceful; Cashman,
the unconquerable; Hurt, Dim,
Abby. Passmore, Vardamau.
Garrett, St. John and those many
other elegant and eloquent pencil
pushers with whom . we hav
never, collided socially. The
men are all worth ' tneetiug an.
the press.who remain away front
the sessions will be the losers.
A t250.OO factory haa been
erected on the Kenilworth plan
tation, sixteen miles below New
Orleani, for the purse of making
tog paper from baaasa, of which
tbey have on hnnd at present
12,000 tons left from last year's
Qgar crop. .
Items from District 2.
On April 23d we laid to reBt in
the old ' Lipscomb cemetery
Frank, the younsrest son of Hon.
and Mrs. J. N. Lipscomb. The
little fellow was tenderly laid to
rest beside his sweet little sister,
who preceded him some time ago.
He sleeps sweetly. Peace to his
ashes. -'
The heartfelt grief and sym
pathy of the enti.ie community
pro out to Mr. and Mrs J. F.
Lipscomb in the serious and con
tinued illness of their little son
George. The little ft-llow has
been confined to his bed for
about three months of abscess of
the lunsrs. Manv silent suddu
cations go up to God for the res
toration of their dear son.
The manv friends of Mr. and
Mrs. Chun. L. Hinton are indeed
glad to know that their little son
Eugene is on the road to recovery.
Tohn P. Lioscomb from the
Delta is over visitine his father,
J. P. Pipscomb. John's many
friends here always give him a
hearty welcome, and hope that
his stay among us may be pleas
ant, r ::: ,. ;
On Mondav niirht. Mav 5. Hon.
Luther Manship will give his
'Evening of Sons- and Story"
herein the City Hall, for the
benefit of the M. E. Church. A
larcre and - enthusiastic audience
wilt greet him.'- He is known as
one of the finest comedians in tne
South. . ' ;'.': .
On the nisrht of April 22, one
of the most darins; burglaries
ever committed in Mississippi
was committed- at the nome or
Mr. Jesse t James.5VMr. James
and family had left home for the
niVkt. When "Sauire Mathews,'
George Mathews and Sam Brad
ley repaired to the dwelling.
George Mathews guarded with a
Winchestet rirle, wnne tne oiner
two robbed the home of every
valuable it contained . L-oi. J no.
M. Greaves oreanized a posse
and hunted the robbers to earth.
They were given a hearing before
Judge Bennett on the 28th. Hon.
T. S. Ward of. Canton repre
sented the defense, U. B.wreaves
tv. tViA State. Thev were sent to
jail in default ol bond, $1,000
a heartless assassination a few
miles west of here took place on
the eve of 15th. when frice mc
Graw without warning ambush
a rMua . Vfarshall. There is
va .
great indignation among both
white and biaen. ,0. weaves
nf Flora, has been retained for
the prosecution. In the lan
guage 01 a certain vuuawuio
ui.us ia nnw "Non comtnu-
nia in Swamno ' The Sheriff
is on his trail.
Tkara CAAITIS tO be ereat en
thusiasm about the reception of
Admiral Winfield &cow ooiey
in Canton on May let, Hou.
W. S. MtAlister has no doubt
made himsalf famous by getting
.h. Admiral to visit Madison Co
Mr-Schley did what any other
good man would have done, spkhj
to hin post and won a victory,
and for this the American people
are gratified, so let him rest
It can be plainly seen that the
l stations in Dist. No
2 are gradually getting together
and they are going to vu
gether in 1903.
. tha most nrominent
men in Canton remarked in the
Flora Commercial otore i"
davs ueo that the cause of thi
,Vl:".v fat in 1899 was
pnvcRTT. Friends of District
No. 1, is that true?
-Shine of the wi,"' .
That this all that's left of thee r
-,T n;.trtt 1 has aJwayi
KaS ted of the loyalty of District
No. 2 in their political
God DEUVE3 us from our
friends. I for one had rather
be a dog and bay the moon, than
to be such a Roman. Gentlemen,
we remember the' "Alamo."
The fight is on.
Semper Idem.
"As vultures to the oarcaas sweep down.
So the fruit drummers have invaded the town,
And as trews show which way the winds blow,
So do straw-berries show where the drummers
o." -
There is but one topic of
conversation strawberries. To
broach any other subject is to
place one's self , on a list fit for
the insane hospital. In fact,- a
proposal of love would hardly get
a hearing, so busy are the young
ladies dressing berries.
Miss Nell Wilson of Jackson
is the fair guest in the home of
her cousin, Mr. R. W. Stewart.
Miss Helen Stewart will be
with her sister,; Mrs. Will Dorroh;
for some weeks.
Miss Florence Bennett Jones.
youngest daughter of Dr and
Mrs Li. U. Jones, will be "at
home" to' friends during the
Mrs. Ella Chilton left this
week for Providence. R. I , to
visit her daughter, Mrs. Caleb
Vfiddleton. She will be absent
during the summer.
.' Charles Clilton. who has been
in the Delta for many mouths,
is at home aain looking im
proved by ; his, ? slay beside the
'father of waters.'
Mr. Frank Hov has imDroved
so mu:h that Mrs. Hoy felt she
could re-uru to her home in Bir
Mrs. J. O. Hair of Meridian
made a flying trip to relatives
here last week, x ears ago as
Miss Kate Montgomery she had
many friends who still- hold her
iu kind lemembranee.
The man v freuds Mr. Wynn
Hrtllornau iu this county will be
glad to learn that he has won
a fine medal in oratory at tne
iTniversii v of Uireitia. Missis
sippi boys seem to hold their own
whenever they go. v
Mm. Xj tl TKAmnann ia "Vnrth
on a business trip. He , reports
The many friends of Miss
Annie bethel are pleased to
welcome her buck to Ridgeland.
Large quantities of Asparagus
. t talcrt et.ra.tl?.
IS Deillg ouipf",
berries in car-load lots. The
strawberry crop is immense, and
the outlook for other crops
splendid. , -
The new wagon -lactoryy is
ruuning in good shape.
The Hotel is full to the last
notch with "Ye Commission
men.' This speaks well fo the
fru)t industry of Ridgeland
Mr. J. U. McKay, who haa
been en the sick list for a num
ber of days, is reported conval
escent - ' Intek Alia.
I have 6old Chamberlain V
Colic, Cholera ' and" Diarrhoea
Remedy for . years, and would
rather be out of coffee and sugar
than iU I sold five bottles of it
tn threshers that could
triwiMi. ... .
no farther, and they are at
work again uis iuwuiuf. .
Phelps. Plymouth, Oklahoma.
A will be seen by the above the
threshers will be able to keep on
ith their work without losing a
single day's time. You should
keep a bottle of this Remedy in
your home. For sale by U.
McQrath & Sons
Selling Out.
We have had such a big rash since the opening
of Spring trade that many people have asked us
if we ar4 selling out. We are not.
Bio Bargains
Such as we are offering in every department are
bringing the people our way. Do not fail to in
spect our lines of
Clothing and Shoes, ;
Dress Goods and Laces,
Millinery and Fancy Goods.
Our stock is complete The variety immense
The price the lowest. Everything marked in
plain figures one price to all.
Baldwin's Old Stand.
"I have been afflicted with sci
atic rheumatism for fourteen
years," says John Edgar, of
Germantown, Cal. "I was able
to be around but constantly suf
fered. I tried everything I could
hear of and at last was told to
try Chamberlain's Pain Balm,
which I did and was immediately
relieved and in a short time cured
and I am happy to say it has not
since returned." Why not use
this liniment and get well? It is
for sale by B. E. Jones
One of the attractions in a New
Orleans theater this week is a
decided novelty, just from the
London musio halls. It is the act
of Mile- Chester's $10,000 statue
dog. The animal is a beautiful
snow white setter, so traintd that
he poses in living picture style,
under a strong lime light, against
a dark background. The poses
resemble statuary, and are said
to be perfect in every way.
Nothing of the sort haa ever been
put on the stage beforp. ,
A woman who has had experi
ence with this disease, tells how
to prevent any dangerous conse
quences from it. She says: Our
three children took whoopinjr
cough last summer, our baby boy
iing only three months old. and
owing to our giving them Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy, they
lost none of their plumpness and
t-arac out in much better health
than other children whose pa
rents did not use this remedy.
Our oldest little girl would call
lustily for cough syrup between
Springville, Ala. Thi remedy
is for sale by B. E. Jones.
'Phone 140 when you want Job
If You Anticipate
Buying anything in the Jew
elry line, go to the oldest
. business house in Canton.
You will find the largest stock
to select from in the city at
the lov- est prices. Special
agent for Elgin Watches.
Long Distance Phone 12.
Can be reached by 'phone at
any time. Prices reasonable.
' it.tt
Saves Q 5

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