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The Madisonian. (Canton, Miss.) 1850-1855, March 21, 1850, Image 4

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r?t22. V lipti n question i before tie
Division, the n(v motion in order shall be
I ft. toadjiiiim ; 2nd, the previ tpiptih.
3rd,, to In j; on ti e .table; ,4ii. to4 tiitte.ii
Indefinitely; 5;li, t tik in n'den"l'e
period; Glh. o reer; 7'h,tn .hviU. if the
. sense will admit i.f it. nr $h to amend. to
-.take ptf r.Pilctice as li-rfjndiin';e,'. ml ,ne
f.l.l three to he decided wilbonr dpIiH'e.
Rule 23nl, T'n ihe rill nf I've member,
the iimj a-ity mnv demand 'hit the previous
question e put which shall silway' le in
litis fit, "Shall iIk rmnii question 4i ,,w
ptiiP' If ihtshe mired, all fiirt her rn'i,ei
omen lme nt f. amr deha'e stmll tip.exr'iufed
mid .the ipieslioit I e ,iiit W illi. mj. delay, I
lliitqnpviit.il has been ait-ended, ti e nm .
turn shall he taken mi the amendment first.
If more I It in one nniHitil meni lyiji been madi
theji' made amendment in order sIih'1 hike
pfere lent in 'be ril. Ii shall ti"t I"1 in nr.
iler t't reconsider the agreement to tuke the
jtrevious question". , '
? 2t Viii ,a question is itj.'rfi
ftnlf t v postponed, it shall mil li ncii'il on
during that or tin1 succeeding meeting.
Rule 25, A motion lii '(mm h'miI! nl
ways be in mder except 1-t. W hen h nem
t'er i in m'"s"iiH nf tlif floor: 2ml, WM'o
the veils iul nays ate being mllci?; 3rd,
When iln members are t-ot i hit; t'h. When
adjournment was the pere ing motion;
or fit h, when it has been derided that the
previous question shall he taken,
IJnk2"t, motiib t.i li im si rC'y
cannot lie amAuIed. but a motion iothljotrn
lo a givet;, lime tuny lie, audi n, en fo de
tail e. " .
Qt!FlTIo.H NoT l'RVKAnir.
Huh. 27. A tttntioii t niljoiirt', en to
nlo!iin dimt'ly. . pii, A mo'ion to Wf tm
the talili-, whim cl'invnj p'ivi'f( irt'pr .
notjier motion.' Ttr.l, A motion for tin- pie,
vidua iiieiiiii. 4tli. A inoiion to ricimu',
rr 5' h, . A motion 1 rpal, in,r. (J ti
A mil ion to nVp ii)i t t-i I it I ifi-fTM (
l)ilniiieJ 7i!, Qnen'i n of of.lvr, fiiU'
!ie pievioii nen'ii in pen lii tr. . f5!1'
Question of oi'i'er when not iipppu'eo Time
lite ilrc'tnion of'tlie V, P.
or not sulimilu
t ly Uim to the l)i i.ioii.
Ruff 23. TI e reiidin!! of Hryparpf
ntleil for, reliiMn? lo the oiljeel ululer de
Late hIiiiII nKvuvs tie in rder.' ,
Ruff 2!) W hen llie ine'iiliiiff . otTVe'
Ytt eontineBCPil iMkimt the Vote, no fender
delmtp or reinnik xhll hp ndjnitteil, nnle
attiint'ike hn heen nM'le, in which p.n the
inistilkp, kl.iill he jerljlied anil the ipeiiiiti
'liirer hIih'I rw'wm n,-e l-i'.-iior (lie e
R'e 30. When the ih-ei-ooii of unv
question is (lontliftl, thp piesi.litfj ofTlrer
bIjII dirert the Comliieror to eoimj, tile v..te
in- the .affirmative und tieinlivo and lejiott
the nanip to linn. .
, Ruin 31, The ve nnd tiayi upon imv
fpiPStlon Vieforp the Division mnv he piillivl
for hv two nienilieiJ, und upon the -menl of
oite tlmd of tl'K Bimlier proseiit, shall he
go taken. They mnv he chiI of m uny
lime hefon; tipi'in'njitiiry dii:ii(i i of the
ti l y the chair.
I'1r 32. In t ikins tin" ve'isfliid li"vn
iheCon',iiioi Nhnr ("ill the roll & n id .ihe,,
DHOie of ihoftt present and the vens im1
HHVJ "ftPP l''P roll i'.e ille I, th resn.lt sh ill
ie"red iihnid to rei'ttfv mistake, if any, f -
lr whii"'' the. R. R lihiill Initid the vo'e lo
the P. who .hill annmine the Vim
, Fulc 3- 1" votina hv iind ifiv.
all present in reeuhir atanilinir in the Ptvi-
pion must vote, iriless excused hv the Dl.vi-
aioii, lull ho tneir.hef shall vote wle was it
. . .' :i... .: .1.. :
in IliP p'liTi niirii iiiii.-iiit' ten's, iii'i . .is
pnf.f A ni'ltiSn In I'Xfiirti' shiill lie ilelilt'il
iffi'lUiul debate. ,
Rule 3t U'hen a hhink istohp fi'l'-iV
hv the names of per iiis. a vote shall he
i.lt: n n ihe nnmes ill I li orile of llieir no.
. rhinaiion; Ii. u-tien n b'-mk is m he filVd
1... i.m i.f nmii or tini moiiilseil. the
qnpstioii - 1 ie nisi pnt on tiiu i;:rgesi
luwHtid ibt swi rem tta timl-,
' !-CrMlr.TI-J! Al hl'.PFA!..
,: ' Tw?f3- A qneslii'if may he re coii'.V
.yd any 'mp initio; the fpssion. 1 r t.he
fist icjular n'ss'ou held thereafter ; bill a
.-. ..'r ....'..l. !.:,
. ' 'i'i - .1 a .: , 1 "o .1
ntlil ileciileo ti no- nci'HH". s: 11 r eo-
... u r... ..... , ..!,
lieivn. r - -.
rrV 3n. A motion M reconciler must
, , , 1 j, 1 1
bp imdean. secoinle 1v "ember who
,. , . . .1 r
Votpdtnthe ntaaon v, except in l'ie case or
. . , ... , , ,,1 ,- ,r
H rtlM" 'IT ll il r iiiupi ttr 1 'lit' "til" a I'ii
.. t,.... !t sli-.tl 1 1.. co niiwtenl To 101V e eirt'iefs
to move an Isoeond a re-posi,iriitioii. No
r... . . -- 1 j
q iestiot) l"te eieisid -re I more than
(iliee; nor shall a Vote to reconsider be re
po'is lere I. To re coll i ler any resnlut ion ,
ti. the decision of which has ii-jirltilii p-iss
(d out of the division, shall Hot h.in order.
.. 1'vle 37. rA iri"!lou 'olepedie rsp'nd a
resobition shall oflercil in wriiiu. und
inmnini' d at n'reirular sess',,u imp w vk
ipf,,te aclioii shafl he la'en 011 the nnrfie,
tind ahull only be in order when the mo.ioi
to re-consider is'iio hmijer available
-''", C'MMITT. M AN'O pCPoRTf1, '
?'' 31 The V ither tirsl teio pd mi.
committee, shall at't as ch itritian theeof
until another ischosen hy ibciri-ie'v. a.
Rule 30. All reports .if co tin ittees, pV
tept ' repot ts of rntres, shall he nialj in
.Wiiti"!?. td aictitl by a m;fjority. , .
Tvh 4'i, When a maj niiv repi rt is Cd
Jowed 1V a tepoit from the miiioi i'y of n
omm'ttee, the forit er afer being rend,
(diall lie tipn'i the tnlh until the lat'pr is
j, resented j afier which, on rrjution, vither
iniy be contdeipd.
).'e4I. WliPll 9 report ha-fb pn read
it II be rotieiileted B proparly before ill,
Jjivi- toti wi'h "'it motion to accept.
t l J, Get. lSp
22 TDi;.VE V 1T jm
r1.rtiHfv. 21, 1SV)
' . ., .1- L .l
.VIM.U l H "I'K 'i'
Coughs, Colds, Influenza,
Asthma, EronchlliP, Spil ting ol
riood, and all other Lung
Comolaint3 tending to
omioss or ihc.ri:i:sjf.
The Loiii-mlle Joiirtt-il ay:"I)r.
Itouera'a liiveiwoti and Tar tint only
uives iinmediate telii f ill eoutihs and
Holds, hnt. f olTl the testimony nf men
of the hiuheSl slalidiiii! heie und elsp.
where, it i.s niakln! soitie i ty leiiniik
able (Mites of i onsillllpi ioli."
The llahway. Keoiaier ndiN: "We
have licareil if stated, by persons of
gient leffn rtahiTity. who have ued this
inedreiiics, that it i one of I e ftiosl te
inaikahlp inrilii'i'ies of the bl'i'. lor
C.ii,'h. ("old, liillni'i.zi, liioiirhltis
A'sihmi, Puin in ihe tiilt and btejisl
"jitiiintZ of lilood, hoopini! (!oiiuh,
Hid all Limiu eoiupl'iinls,. vhii'h il'l ei.
h'l'trd, usiialtv lerodliate in eolisjirnpll.
no; andlhu rii itii" tes nlt'irhed to the
:iiferrrf.eiiirnts would srem fully Jo
jiisify this sia.teniciit."k
This iihint Ii"m. fur many phi's, Iii pii
foiiiid to tie "I' Miiuuhir-. vittue in the
rureof iiU'i'i'lioli'sl f I he Uer. Mote,
leretilly it was arertniiipd that it. pos
esi'd yiyat ptuvef III iitresliinr Uleed
iti'Mifihe fiUli'js. C'oinjhs of a rhtonir
ehai icier, Jcr and of cssetrtiaT-aeiAiee
'ti all dismasts ol it mlmoimiy thuriic
!cr. '
.': :,; TAjr.
This aiiicle i- now nniversally nr
know leibjcdto be the nio-t healing and
efficient if)iplli'itioi for di'i'iiM'il 'or de
caved liiims, 1,1 any portion of the lIehy
or irntseiil ir parts of the hniiian ITod.
Us tncdiciiiiil and pre. ei viltive qua'ities
were understood by the Kt (itians in
llie early iijtes nf the nvolld. und ll'i
doubt now exists ainouy scienlilii: iiien,
I foil "the' prep'iiaiioii list d liillieiin
liilminei.l of b.nlies, whs eotnlseil
principiillv of this iiitripdieiit. In later
ilHes.il was fmuil to he in uuiveisal
use amotiir ihe ab nio'ines of America,
anil at tins i iy 11 is their principal, all i
in f.ict, only u eiliciiie for an unsound
slate of the liuiirs. nf uny iippfo ich to
il. Tho-ewho are acipiaiuteil with the
histoiv oflhis liardv Dice of men, know
lint a nt!i fmm r.iwitntin is uu-
known uinmii; them !
medical la -
, idly in all rountiiiM appeur hi have
j hei'onie an am of the renl healinu pio-
; peiiie.s of his nitiele, and ate now yi
liodm iii; It in the;r pi-.u-iire. Dr.
j Ihii'li'in, of I'jnuhind. Dr. (Vichlon, of
St. Pefer-hiirli. Dr. a I'rienre, of
: Paiis, an Vihe ilist iiiriiilitd Dr. (loop.
er, 'have heen in ihe 4iah!l of eoinlnii-
ins it with oihei mtii les in their pre
.... I ...;.i
y i ' i'ih, itntj wnii 1-uiiiu nuii:una.9
Oy Rurai e nf Counterf-it ir d Ruse
JmiliiTiom! v
Th ueii'iiue article is signed A v
D.iEW UniiKiis, iinlhe ehgrav. d wrap
per around eacfy butt le. .
,l'i';p l "'f bottle, or n bottles for
""I" "Ihih'S
anil. retail In'
113 ChaitrM M.' I etcen Coiiti and
Si. I.ouis his.
P()ld' Cixiiki. AgintS r..n THE
SOU I UEUX St A rts..
r kno vn to
' The best r.Mit,-lv ever kno vn to mail
I ,. ,, . , .
I I Coil1 H. Astl
I11111, ('olds. Cl'nllpS
. 1)1 . ,t,l.
, ., . .
Lui!s. Diltiiu'tv of litet'MJt'J. Liver
. . ... 4. .
A lei-lions, Finns or W enki.eisnl Ihe
. , .-, , .
t Lmasi ..or Nide, I' irsl Kt.i'e.s ol vim.
' ' CV
Of P 'he pines that have I cell I'ecolil
eil, there ato ceil duty hone I'ipial to
ihe litsl -iiieiilinned. which plainly
hows, the cut Bo liiy of coii'iiiriptiiiti.
i ven hi some of its rsl f.iifns.
I rp, ii.ii.N cocv v li' l.'.'ti '" ISt'l.
Mmm. Niiithtd k P.irk -Giit.-':
This h to certify, that my wife,' Nancy
DobonV, has been in a 1 it ; i it i 1 1 stale
"of heBflli fr the last tw Vears. er
diseaa baffied the skill ttf tbp bet laedi
nil ai.l I c odd puic'uiP bet phviciaii
pioiiotiiiced lnr d a, ase ''('oiisiimptioti
in the last staiie.'- anil s d tnal her re
covery was past nil loiman hopes. As
a l ist retort, with very linllmpe,
pr-a'ioed Wister's Bilsain ef W ild
Chetry. AJ'ter usnn; a few bottles, I
liiiind to my a-iieeable hiuprise, that
her health was iiiiproin tapnlly, Slie
is now so l ir leeovere 1, as lo t. ,itiie to
attend to'lier llieiselinld dulier, wi hunt
suflVrinif uny incoiiveiii.-iice Her r.i
ind itiiMve neur au)t prmeut fleilth,
warian me in the he ief ihal nlie will
soon lit eiitiiely lesion d.
Rh 11 DonoNEy.
StRipid' Indtanii, JerTerS'tti ci tiiity, ti
l,Jtmc4,M iliimtihievs. n Justice of
ihu Peae,iu buJ (or i.uiJ coumy anj
''tatp. do certify that llip hlmvp named
Rhodes Dnhntipy suhsriibed and made
oath to flip foregoing eertifii atp Wfnte
me, tliis 27t It day FbniiT. $l'.t.
Jas. M. Tlumphreys. J. P.
t TO 'IT IE PUBLIC.lf. Jacd.
flr-en, of the eoiiiit y,"f .Tpiittttij; f"
Sljite of ImliaiiB, do henliy rerlify.thal
in "the emlv putt of last doison, wh
takpti with a vio'ent coniih, ailcnded
with a in in the hteHt, and- nme
limps fever, and that I employd.rt akill
ful physician tor some lime, uVo said
he could give me e relief. 1 then
commenced usiim Wist'ar's Balsam ol
Wtlil riietty, iitnl flt aluiosl iuiinrdi
ite ydief: and and after t j U i it t i!:ree
ho'lles, I fii.d myself in as on.l. health
is I have etiioved fof lumber of vears.
Mv restori,ioi. under the blessini nf
(3od, I llrihnit d tolhe ti-e nf the me
dicines above ironed. Jacob Green.
Mayrh ll. 149. "
Suite i f Indiaiiii, Jeimitiirs roll'ity
I. David 'I Skinnerf a Justice of ihe
Peace in and f"i' said coiiirJv and State'
In reriify that 'ho above-nHrre d .In-oli
Greeh, Subsclibeil and made oath lo
the f.'ii iioiiei cefiifii" te. Iicfue me this
(irl day of Much, 1S4D-
We would advtsp those of our tend
is who are hilio'iii" ululer ail aflfee i
11 of ihe InnuH. to makf ' unmediati
Mai of ihis truly eWelleal tnedicine
The inosl intplli ieut and Vesp'ctable
families of out city have adojiied it ;is.a
f:ivii! i'e medicine: and pi ts.uis predis
posed to cousuntplioii, who hnve iifpd
i siieak in th hi "I i est iciins of its
flicacy. .
HeHiire of connter't'ita and 101
t iu 1 1 1 -.' 1 1 1 ill alt other pe
liHiiilions of Wild Oherrv.i, ' Reineni
ber, they only imitate, in name, with
out pos.-cssiim ihe viilui. Buy noiie
but the uenuitle anil oiiaili:! Dr. Wis,
ai's ISA LSA M OP WT l-D CH K It K Y
Stu'ied 'Sinfoid & Pnrk'ou llm wrap
per aioiMiil PiH-li iMttle.
F.. I. MAUI) &. Cd. ami PI? I Eft
I.V & MOSjiiY. Cbiiiiui '-ISAAC'
M A , V . y 1 1 .1 r , n . -1 " ( ( ) r E 1 1 A 1 1 D s
nitOlHJM. rami,.,....! RLUXDRLL
Be11t1.11.-ISA AC ..'n'DA.V Car h 14
Pul l hv fi OVII. & MEAD,- 11:.
Clnirlri's T"t' Nctv Oih'an.
G('..FSUAL.' n:s Uf luc Sunth.
Daily, SewMFfetfy ' a:i;l
Pnhlisittil at Wii.ykiiiS'fiin? I
LilLriifiii r, Ond Ueiivial
. Jiit'lUfrpllK".
On and aiar the fist d iv of June
next, lhet"IJui hi" will be puhlisln-d un
der the joint eiliiie i d ,11) iiiaeemenl und
t'oii'r d of lit.' sii'Miiri'iers. ,
And as Jioth if the iindi'isiu'tied have
. bufore Mie puhlii: in dilferenl si 1.
1 ttotn one 01 im Mr nearly halt a icn-
t nt v. and tin oilier fir several years
we believe it will not he deemed arro,
until iii u- to supftose that anxt'iih'i
morn than a teno'i dei'lara'ion o' our
priiu'tples and the course which .w..- in
tend to puisne, will be tteei-s,i:iry at
tbi time. '
The political cliaraft'er of the 'Union,"
...-.I. : -1 1 t
"in rem iiu niH.-uaii o-ii. n n iS
hitherto done from the dalei.f iis puh
licatiou l the in e-ifnt time, ii Will co'i
linne to advocate ihe t'teaf pr.ni-iples
of'tlie deinocraiic parly as evio.indeil
by its-illusirioiis fniiiider Til tMis Jt-'.p.
PKitooN. 11 ud parried t in'u'.. successful
practice in . ihe MilministrH'tioii of the
iiovernmelit by ilbequeiil dem' 1cr.1l ic
J'residenls, pi inciples whiih have se-
cured for our beloved count r8n ex-
1 1
pausioti, pi'oress, ainl oUwy 11 if e tin
plel in ihtt hisl'ory of :i'ieieui "i c.ui.
lemooraiy, enipnes, an. I elevateil it to
the first rank ainoiii ihp nations i.'ili,,
earth.. Those pr.i'ciilcs Ji iv . heen
mote fully developed fu the oiion,,-,!
Pros'peciu which we pulilished. at t!n
eommeiieenieiii of tin; publicliiioii. of
ihp "UloN.", .atl I rej).ililisied in i s
colunfust a few ilays nao... Thov d.'-
maml a .s'ste'tT of i ixition ami revenue
which shill'te eipiaf: ml j.isr ftjioti anS1'' 'p'"S of ih
classes ad individuals opptessih-r miue'V" '""Wi of i!
and tivortnv; none; peon. uny i 1 th x-
Ciidiiure of the jmlilic inouv; ihp se
peratmit of tlie lise-,1 alfiirs of'thj. ,..
f'tal iFoVeiiinii'iit I'lom all'
with Stale itislilui'iotis o- cnrpmaii 'in
createil by Ll'lf; a stru t foiistruoM.Mi
of the Poii.siitnti m, c itiH.iiii!r the sever
al Winches of the (reneril loveriiineiil
Jo li.-ii p.-rin iil ir spii.'Ves .iVtioh aut
leq iiruor.,! all a tiltlif il nerl'.if .
of diitvj and especially dein indiii r ami
ms,,.,,r ,,, ,.. ',,..(,., (
IT..ii...l ..1. .0 . l i
v. " Mini not ainiii'ito i,js
hio'i powers a-i I his respousihilities (
s iuespon-ihie mini, nmler' the i, one
of a caluuel, who nr. mil ehoM-n by
the people and a iv not aiVoimndile t'
fhent an heb ill, ii-hiix.'
ire. i n,,,...,..,! ,.,.;,.;.
"WI, II... -If,,,-,,., will. adVo 'ate. u,
in perlnrii,;,,., ,1H (lje!4 whief,.t,i.j,
hive j inlly su ,,,.4, umlersi .uei'j
a.vare. thai , ftre, ., ,.;'M j,
u Devolve upon theui t
sctss tlie
po icy and measures
of ihe
pirty in
With freedom.' and perhaps, on
t m OCC INIollS tAit'i aeviiity. llm in
executing iheir t't-."!) funniotiS as en
diiciot nTlhe public press, jhey wil
not forget the dignity tiorthe Htiieniiii
dim to.itacir poihiuu, while' tbey
form llieir dot v lo the people w'ph the
fiimness and fidelity whirli ihe occasion
may demanit. ....
. Aware that ihe "lrMn" is thiile
irati at thereat sif government of ijie
great demociaiie party which repre
sents? tht peop'e of the Untied Slates
not otrly in principles and se'imeu's
but also in numbers ihe It :detsijiied
i! endeavor hi conduct it "in th il liber
al and rat Indie spirit which the true
interest nf ti! efr poutitry and patty de
mand nl tlnir hatids. Tby are not
blind to th fct that republic so ex
tensive as 1 his. ami enbracin r such a wide
lameof li'itu le and dim i'e. different
interests and dijeienf in-litnlioiis mtist
spiimj up ttpimjerllly poiiflielnm with
each othei, but, in re'iiy each poniriji
ii'ius! to I e advatieeinent ol tlie whole.
This atipaiein ciudliel if interests intl
ihslituli.ilts of course iie tise los'elili
menls and npinimis rs apparently di
verse, but which, riyhily mulei-ston I.
ami under just restraint, can ib no in-
jury to eicli nine:. 1: tr reuaru ro
1 Ipse pnhnipiiug sentiments ami opint.
mis, urowinii out of local vises and
iustituti'iits. ii will be the object nf the
utiilersitriied hot lo inlet fore except lo
iiiculcateeniices-ioh ami forbearance on
all fides and to secute lo each the j ist
protection whiilllhe collliiiitiOi 10
mises. '
Our piiilenvois will !e to unite all
the eleitients of liie iletnoct atic party in
supoott ofit.s common piiucijdes ami in
an eU'oft to retjiiu its aseelldelicVi
winch has been lost hv the mistaken
friisl ami coiifi.lence which sin f Ha
tiiftiV'ers have leposetl 111 a man, now
oceupvint the pie.Vl'lency, who had
"lined liia't militaiv hoin rs in a noble
ind pat riot if cause, and wh-i, in of.fer
to attain the highest civic honor., nude
prmiu-ies and pledsj-s "which dnvhas
fiom mcapaeitv to fulfil his iltitti s, m
j'l'0111 intentional de-iju urmsly vt d it
ed, thus beii'HVliia to the enentv those
vim confile. in him an I Ifiimfiii : dis
iface upon' I III Presidential olhce.
In carrying out ifiine pui p ' an I
intentions, the uudeisii.ied feel, thai
'hey shall land tn need of lie active
"mil eneryeth ipei ili.iu iy nl- sil).
iiorl offhe till livid, d democracy "if 1 he
i itry. The parts' In power lias seen
veil its tccehilency by a frui l upon th"'
people, and has m et sh tmefiilly vi djt
ed all il l philiics w l it h it 11. tide lo nl
tain wei. It will endeavor to m no
lain its iisi en lam y by the same un
criipiiloiis uieiltis. .
It is ti p party repleseti'ttii lie for-
eiin senl'l pell's'iind principles now loo
opeulv prev rlpnl in this eouulrv, nil I
vhii h nie at war. vitl the ininciples
jf'iiur urovei iMtrenl and with piipultr It-
opftv. Il is the irirty which always "al
lies itself with every fueiju enemy
Willi which tir c.i'i'itry miy happen to
ie at v .11 i nice. Ii i the only thales
potised tin' cans of it it I! it (in iu
he war nf 1812 an I lea'ie I wiih
Mtx co 4 1 1 the waf nf I S to. Soiitidpo
In it'ol morality, fidelity to republican
principles ai I ill it H int. of tl ie pitri
iiion which ever ft o .v.m up 1:1 irta-h
ery ri one's en miry re; iii'.; tint this
11 my sh ill h PXji"lc I fro 11 the power
which il Iris vj iiue I by such lepreheftsi
hie m'i'is and is no-.v exe'cisiu fir
s'icli iitii loili ilil. en Is Ail it. this
rreat Woik we invoke the eneriiet'u an I
UUtll lll lllll Ot eVel V U I' I lot M tl. I eVt't'V
fiien I lo popul'ir li lerty an I free g iv
eiiiuieiil. .issuriu'i them lli'it we shaM
etileivor not to btww inttu i t Intnl.
t'lfiils to 11 ci 1 iiiiIm'i til it part of th
wm k of reform which uny devolve' on
"B it while the "Union" will be m lin-
Iv dev. lie. I lo politics, it will .11)1 over
look the dem in. !s of jlhi do nesiie circle!-
It ' will coiit ii.u .all tin important
new of the d iv. nil 1 dev.'.te a rea-mmi
hie' p nt loll of in c obi n'H to muter f
interest i'l tt in x to st i,-iic.', the' arts,
d "eliei'iil liter iliire.
, F,I)IUN B'JItlv!-:.
D.MLV..' per Veil- , SI,) 00
SiiMI-WUMvLV. (.n'.lidie.l
tia weekly ibninj; the sfusiou
of ( 'otniress) & Of)
WlilCKLV.'" 2 OJ
' Club will be furnis'ied an fol
'i:fvt ' '
DMLV. f.r 41 0)
tho SJdl-
VVHGKLY. 23 0)
T 11 p -ie of ihe SUMU
WKUKLV. 3'. 03
Five c of tr, WHIiliLY S 0 )
Tell copies of the " f 0 )
The 11 lines ot' 11 1 pef i in will be en
Vied tii'ion our books unless tin piy-
itienl ot tint auiiicripii ui lijniidu 11
advance. '
)isIiiih subsi'iiliers my .irwar I. us
'noney hyleU
the p ista! on which
-Will lie
.I'd' by
ji 11 1 tiy us, in I all 1 isi ass. 1 11.
nili'.uliJhl l'4 its'i Ho ii'l l, ivs-
POSI'-M STB'ii are authorise I
to ai.las iiiir agents an'd ivill lie emii I
ed to retain for their swvievs 21 tier
ceu', onjhe t ill ainoiint ,,t stib.ci'ip
ttoii as llii'irconiiuissi.iii,
05 W'e req test the favor tf aTl mn
esclrittJes 10 iive the nhAve an inser
M01 ill llieir pipers.
la. a fewdiy ii'eucies wdl Wo f irn
ed. mi oiinore 111 vat; If Slate of the
Hoi h. In 4irocur soJiscriblions, atftl
extra ' copies if the Prospectus will be
iransmitted to mniy of oifr fqe uIh in
vtfriotiH s-.S'ttoiis of Hie country, for the
put-pose of enliatiti'r their best exerti
ons forthu j.rfeimiut) oour niibiitiip
rnosrzcTVs ...
. . .
tpilE tltidersisjiipd will pulilisti a
' W'.eekly Newspaper ii the Town o(
Canton, under the aliove Mile, rooi nen
cinst Thursday 21-tt Februa;y, 151.-
The ' MunsoNiix will h IIioiouhIUv
deima'tatic in IK courseii Up n rh
subiei'ts of a National Hank. Tirift
. . 1 I
Internal improvemei't y in- ttui
Governmeni! nnl ihedis'ii:utionf the:
nrocppds of ihe public, lauds, we c '
eiir in ibe niMui'ttit alway entertained
' m . Mpiirnr
l.y the grent l dy o the Kit. I'U Ulsl
CAN PAjlTV. 'Aside from ihe ron
s'iintton il objectioni lh it miy well hp
urned aiitot. ft Nationit Bank, pxpe-
tietii'e has dem oisl rated that tint-fiscal
und m melary MTTin j"f ih't ffoertl'ltelit
cm be sifoiv mid cntivetlieii'W man
aei'il without 1 he rid nf mid 'an Imti-
... -
11. 1 "ii. .
The (" itis'iinii.iml Tretmirv, in its'
pr iciicd beaiinsf, h isTully potne uji to
the expectations of its matt saii$-ittie
frien Is. and fal-ified the vaticinations
yf evil s " confidently tn.idt by its ene
mies, so that nt this day, the latter 110
lotitrei ii ige objei lions lo itsmal"! prin
1 iples. biil-ut" fest only mod ificatioilt in
its mtnor details. Upon the Taliffqties
lion, the " Maihs ivi m" will M'lvocato
the Freu Trinl. il ti'itiue. By Free
Trade, we do not men ihrf aliolittuti
of ('ustom Infuses; and "if all duties
nt 011 import'', but a system iif comtner
i iil inlcrroune, as free and unrestrict
ed as it "pan be, consistently with our
niesi'iil itioile of raisitio rcveiiue. In
hoit, we 1 tend th H (Jonu'iess sliuiild -live t Ihe wtdlaro of his cotitrv. i'
iliscriminaie with a vtev t 1 Jleeenue
liiniie, and not fr nnfrffioit revenue
fieinij the only object recoui,eil by the
G"iu-iriluiioii in ilw jjiMttt of tlie taxing j;aitist. thtiitll)ril C.!tpck &. baliiiic'e idfl
power. ) contained, to dcgrnde theSni:tli,it.
The power ofthe Fe.lerd G-.vf nt. 'uc vnncellie North, will ever lin l n"
mem toetnbirk in h ener il sysiem of (j, p., ail antajzursl re dy n .
Intern iUm.irove :.eiils, an I the propn-j mm.j to oppose their asilhiptiV 11
e'yot s'ictl H v nirie, nave evei 1 , m, Ho . Itnutnti kaiiio liome tlirui
.uiitl by siri'l poiisiruclio.iist.s. I he
dtdi'ultv ha been to druv the line of
disiinciioii1ietwe.il obj -els' si rift Iy mi-
Itima' iu llieir ch incter, nr. I oiln rs 1 ot
gory. V'e
with the giv
nariv. that
embraced in that- cute
111 liuiain, in coni'ii'iii
it in is if the D 'tii iiT iiic
th. general vprii iieiii
sh 'iild coi'liae it-t aid to -nicii works of
Internal I upr iventenl as belotf' to the
lormer clas. leaving all others lo ihe
r.islfjiirf careofihe local legislatures
of the several sta'e . 1 r lo lln enter
piiseof private eitiz n i believfti that
ihe li ie ol"d irkati hi between such
as re n ttimid in I si-li at are nut n
!ii. been cleaily,e1 tt-i I tied -tibly
uaii.t lined bv the !. Iiyi lent 'Polk,
in his veto of the lliver'and llubor
Bin, s ;
S'ioiiI I the -wild scherni' nf distrib i
inj; aitl eig th,. several Hate, the pro
ceed nf the public hud, be Tiro ached
by this or any oilier al ni'iistraiio'i. we
.vill d.-eiit it oir duty 'to nop !
ih eigh it justice In " ir p ili'i.nl o;i;n.
ll"li's, we.iti'isl a. I I I'lil. we do nol l"
lit'Ve it wit ever seriously eiitei'liilied
bv my very respect. ible u rn'ier of theni
to tu ike lint in.isure .1 lt' lb'i'
party principles.
It .or n- in ' the veto p 1 ver a n wise
check and a sabiuir safeg.i ud against
over m-lch-legisl iti nt. were njipotetl
t 1 any iii 1 lij' nioir of it, I utterly
con U' li't I he ib) ti 1 r 1 'it' ll spirit tint
pi'on nes to restrict It enereise.
Tne Piesi le.H of the H illed Si ites.
bein iheonly luincli of the II v-uiakill
power elected by tin -v'i i. p .i de, m iv
biregai'i ed ayt the Trihtiiie of tile pmi
pie. ai'iil.-'.l with llitj veto po.ver, to p:-e-venl
any encro iclniieuls up ii th.rir
lij'il.s 'To .ibri.l'i this n.v.'f of to
testrii't it exereie to a specifi.'-l cli
off is.es. eim neritelii s-en 'leStp-i ty
creed, or politic d c ileclii n, .v il l lie
in direct eontr neul lo i of lh.) 1 1 tin
1 Wor ls of the consliiii'i ci,
Fr en ibis brief eip.niiin'l of our
principles, it, will be see 1, lh it .ve 111:1st
lit! uecest'irily pi iced i i tlrt in it 1, iu
opp isitioii to the hum -at A 1 ! 1 1 1 1 1 i s 1 r 1
tto'l, bit II Will be l ifn"i iH opjisi
lloii. Tie " M uis oil V will uit .re
sign tin liguiiy of th Hlj'l' I'l I servile.
Iy hind itsotf to ihe ctr of inrty, hit
will reserve 1. 1 itself the 1 i g'i of co u
inuling wUiteverlt ei iy d 'en c in
uteii la'de i'l its p Jiticil einsni-. an I
of ceulutl'i w 1 itever 11 01 iy dee 11
seiMur ible ii I 'i, c 1 irsj ifr dtcy of
i;.s o v 1 frien t
Wuilst 11 1 1 1 ill mn it'll of .r,
I, ib tilts .we will lid dioe.rir.l o'lf alle
ifi nice to p uty, up 111 the gn'.ft ('l ti ui
of " .j 1 jfiern Hi riil." we .. ill .liv i
oirs U'ts of 1 ho f olin fs of 111 ie p ur
lisanshijt, 111 1 lie govern d iu o 11 co iise.
t-0 elv b woal we conceive t be fie
liitete-t o oil o vtl p il'llou ot 111 ' coil
elerai'y. Ttn'i e u)rihiii; 1 deep
ulabili ig att nMn 'a! V tin? Union,
'lie " M mis ini vx" will adv. mate the
si on jest 111 tss'ire of o ipositioi to
Nordlttfll aggression, "pl'nlill j itself 011
the )ti4,nv.rible puiilois of the
. mtheru A I. he, ami ars 1 lino ot our
own isttO Convention 111 11 wo-., 11
wil0iepreiitred to sus'ajti.i'iiith in any'
iig piiZiH pint 'f lesHtam'e, to
1 he d.i'igerou assault mido'iipon us
by the political, scheuieis and pseudo
pil iiithrontsts of Ille , sholilna sc!ioo
Sitiiitjjd i i thii ni 11 of an ilgrifij I-
l-ural 11 iil d at u, a dii4 11 il'l 10:1 of it
, --.., I I. . . In
c iiu nu win tie itevoiea 10 llieir poo
nar iiuerofciu,
A. P. HIIJ,, Editor.'
Til? Wnshi igtpnrorespondenttniL '
Rioli mull Ejqiurvr payx the il r,
'oinplinieiit to Gun. Foote ot til
"0 .til. FW", is n wnrm intj tJt.
si ist.c t(1tn;rer of the CiMiatittitintl()
!ih country, and whell lie discovert j,, I
uiy of Pie pro niiie'it mniliers n i. '
).tin'cratp nut ty, or tiny ot er rw., j
1 derelict on of .duty or 11 leaning V
these, notions nl fitti itieisni ilmt iij
;nrd the bj'iests of that CAiistitmini,.'
'in has the nerve to speak of ikmi
ihfir nclions, such ns fh miDid,,.
H indi. Gen P te wPI not ,,r,,j
frv.rn my servi" in dr'feHPeof t lie- jj,.
terest of the southern States, ftl
in def-nilniiithe. S-'iith, will he
any wU tntiiy-is over the ,frt'e Staui,';
oMh" Uniint. 11 wdl coined
thej ist netnVri of C "ii'ress.niHllorlj,1
thut H'll restrain fnrthp-r h' era,n:.?
in'nl of (iiiiaiirism upon theg,,,!
or it that cannot m nccttniplijihediuiji
t!ie foiistitiiii.nl it irnaMuiips miiHie?
etif.ircd' or tins Umo 1 " will reso',j
itself into iis orismal lenient; f,if j,'
iTirt l.i:iri) tfT.ol tho itnmirtol DcclafaJ
t on nf Independence, tljw free Stilt'
Liififlatiires have set nt imnsflit, ant
ate "iihi)!isliiiir o,nr most vnly.ible
and, altering fiitnlii'iii'iibilly, th jow.
ers oj our iroverntiiein" .Sticli in
fart is the ores nt f.ictio 1 of nonW
fiiialieifitii' aided, we fear, hy ntlie I
il tlii'CftinJii'i of men U any expoiieai-
of their feelllljJS. j
Gen. Footi! is an ahl -m:in m4
'the ripest scholars: attd one alwiysjl
souther i 'man nt-amst the Smith, if
mitre ablnrreitt to Intn, ten ftld, ilum
an open entny: and In wlv warn!
it took clTct, for' Col. B iit.on ttid
irrclc-- from tlie Senate, to linn, in Ii
leaning t i the sidn ol tljn, S nlh, mil:' i
t:ie "free soil', doums nf ihe timet, t
yiiic.! Mr. Foote dressed off M - j
Snvard of N''WYork for his iilm'i'i' J
irosjiensity, Sowa'd lias changeil Ii t
seat. li is now ensconced iKttuim i
Clay, and prays, as it were, hi. pr
tto.i from any further eh islisementfc
hiscond n t. Tttis moveiiienl of S
vvanl. c. nif-ed somu inerriinmit nllij
expense. Wu hope (1 n. Finite
ferr-l him out ifne 'dsbi1; such tlistiij
h -is ol the puhlic -tranquility an I r
bors of oilier men's property, -nsS
vir.t ,nid 'iii run Tnit.o:s are' slimi
Itave n '-rest for tlt sole nf ivii fv!'.
-vithi 1 the land wlvch lis d.'Se ri'ci
and s'lould ho a 'fiiiltv and tin'
ih t'i-l i t ihneiirih.'M.tsnisoJ aiiJdjlu I1
ted by tint sons o u);'u." - .
l):rr. IJi.i r.. " Jill
yo.w if 11 I i 1 i v j or 1 ri-i 1 t.a Hi
lie tin nasi op si aMn and ValucilJ
..s . vf i ,t coi..lir 'P iij te ni"
Til IIO I "I " V. 1 Ul vl'"ri t
loetltf clear, an. f kui.v votir leanm jf
ci I luci l luttlliJiip,,!, F.ir mti
r ie wivild 11 ! Ih' onljj Vasle 'nf te
tint, a i 111s ill to your penetralitiii j
M ich miglit be said, hut tiolliin';
leedt'd. IJelom my other j'tdjei
w 1 ild lay tlovn th 1 rulos ot law,
hera I know they have. bi'Rii iljh1
tt lied, and wisely mid Tstoi l. ll'j f
,110 lid tut aid hdind an haif
no is.t of lors, yet sen b:-'for iimC'
sp.rit ol trut i llm uiipntchased'lis1 "
nt irol law, tin J Pjo Id tena n-Jiill u
set h.f im ny ni-iuta, vision, proa If,. I
'v'.itililul a a m tjKtii: temple H k &
ti.ee. J i J je. I have.' a hottia of l
jirt.tlrt M j:i!.:Iii in my p''ij JH
th 'P'Sp;! I near yo ir char ichtf Jill
lov at to nn'ttynia ptcs"iifol fit
' V i-lic'f 'l!ie Jhjeudanlt
t'lrt j I'M'! I
S u . .') u ' ic.'- Sc! ver nt irry if
wVi l ft 1 1 nt b.il vr id ways it ,
stre.tt w!i is t u ot mini r2r i l
.11 Minims wlio jias 'ii3,nveild
i:id a 1 e upt Imd w i' will 0
intiwr wrk a 1 1 toil "wiiilu s!u 0
tiih'd an I roaJj uv.jlvinii ' ' 7.'
sickness. t- -" ",i
' i
li:s3:t3 VXll & Mi:t.-tU-iU I
Gi! lilt IH.I -I U .V IWrf" ""
lh it in if 1 no was p it i i ii"'"";1;
f ir ih' rtiH q ol'oi.iW lt-tporl tr. I! fhi
.1 u e Tiierly without .11V kii'"'( !n
r 'consent.' ld:dtlt know '"''i m
1.' I 11 - i
vss :ni e'eeUo-i pending: 1 '"' 1
veil kno.v th.U t!n tenure nl
.tid been cinn'd. B it if I ll'ld :
iwtra of'th se fids, I sli'iiiul w.
veil a cindil tc. I dislike la
von-with a p iliiic.mon; I hay "J
tiiu u fir that fori of iiotoriitty; "
1 1 disjik.! still inor- to ho rc1
seakor of iiili -es. either lar ,,ff;
At th.'sa-iH time, t properly aprf
tin ki.id iiitiiniioiis of tha Iri'
put 1 ne in noun nation. ' .
-. Very ruspeci full rynuf(rlf",
ii g. Hi, c
CwitoW, March 1th, lS.)f)
. Tha i-iyp niu.'..jopi7",'i
thod olui ikuiL'a turkpy'1
ait h ir bui'ore 1 10 iiird U Kiled' .
He 1
fofrundy- is poured doW P. -
wine 1 protliicc- cnmpiew t'
auj tlia il .sh of tlw fapsex
piir a Mi'laites-irsup'"1''
. ll. Vlip$t?& j wijichj3 produced, by lengi

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