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The Weekly Picket.
11. d, .oss, Editor and Manager.
'" p W 1 a"".
Announcement (Bharges
" We have agreed upon tlie follow
ing schedule charges for announce
ments, and will strictly adhere to
them, v No announcement will be
. published until fee is paid :
"State: Officers......; $13.00
'District Attorney lo-OO
RpnYpsmit.-itive 10.00
hanwv Clerk 10.00
Circuit Clerk. 10.00
'Sheriff 10-00
Treasurer 10.00
Assessor 10-00
Superintendent Education. . .10.00
Supervisors 5.00
Surveyor ' 5-00
Coroner. ''Tr
- Justices --d
Constables 2.50
' Calls and cards of announce
ment will be charged for at the
.'rate of-5 cents per line,
Cask must accompany each an
nouncement. Please do not asls
for credit.
C. X. Harms, -Jr..
. ' Editor Herald.
11. (r. ROSS,
Editor Ticket
We are authorized to announce the
following for comity offices, sub
ject to the action t the Demo-
; ' cmtic j arty :
y , Tor State Senator
('. B. (i HEAVES
For Chancery Clerk
For Circuit Clerk
lr Sh'-iff
.S. T, i." -UVI-'
j ti 1.13. J:. i- l.J.' ' ."...
;' -J. M. GilLAVl-JS
For Tax Assessor
To Become a Candidate for Sher
' iff of Madison County.
To Jno, M. Gkkaves, Living
btou, Miss:
We understand that it U cur
rently reported thai you will no1
carry District No. '2 for Sheriff if
you can. We earnestly request
that you announce for this office
at once. We have implicit faith
in your honor and integrity and
we believe no man in Madison
county is better qualified for the
office, and it will give us pleasure
to note for you :
W L Koss, P O Howard, J F
Lipscomb sr, W B Nobles, O li
Fore, I II Harbour, J A Ham
mack, E A Duval, E Collum, J G
Sigrest, G W Fore. T C Hawkins,
W T Harris, C C Campbell, J
Sebulsky, M Sebulaky, Kay Chil
dress, Jack Lorauce, B Gra
ham, Jno li Klkin, G N Manning.
J W Russum, L W Aduiston, L
S Hawkins, R A Puckett, AV E
Alexander, J A Hammack jr, J E
Lane, J T Waldrop. C E Williams,
B F Beauchamp, W E Harris. A P
James, B T Camp, Jesse James, li
C Harris, J C Wilson, G W James
I H Coodloe, O C Thornton. DaD
Fore, E R Kearney, W B Jones,
A M Lorance, A A Gary. AN
MoAlpin, L A Pitman, E B Chil
dress, T J Blann, P A Haly. S L
Childress, HalJonea, PEAbern
athy, M J Wren, J L Robinson jr,
. E C Lane, E F Lane, J S Abern
athy, A G Williams, Walter
Hughes, T E Sandidge;" D W
Taluar. G II Goodloe, J T Black,
M L Long, P F Simpson, W E
Varnell, F M Goodloe, E S II0U0
way, R-W Rowland, L L Udu
chillon, C L Hinton, G B Waller
jr, G E Smith, Jas C Harris. J W
Borden, H A Garrett, J R Ander
son, J P Sigrest, W E Hammack,
J E Waldrof, II W Taylor, Sol
Diamond, J F Bradford, C 1)
Greaves, R B Whitehead. - W J
Moulder, A Marchant, J J Mar
chaflt, J I Marchant. R L Penn,
M II Hammack, C R Sigrest, M
W Dowering O S Thompson, G E
Crawford, J C Hardy, J J Hardy,
J T Hardy, J II Hardy, R N Tuc
kett1, C L Puckett, . M W Lutriuk,
G W Gardner, T J and A Gardner,
S G Griffin, Bryant Clark", T E
Abernathy, A W Gary, J C White
head, A C Whitehead,1 S E Liles,
T J Gardner, II V Murphy, L T
Murphy, T L Grishani, W E
Martin, E A Sigrest M D, A H
Bradley, W J Waldrop, C S Tally,
S Bailey, R L Elkin, V II Vaniell,
H C McDauiel, II ,P Thompson,
S M Gary, A G White, V J Gary,
Jesse Gary, J M Marchant, T J
lipgitts. . - ,
To John M. Greavics, Living
ston, Miss:
We, the qualified electors and
voters of Livingston reposing
3onfidence in your integrity and
ability as a man request you to
lecome a candidate for sheriff
ind pledge you our support and
ote at the polls if you enter the
race for tlie office.
A N McAlpin, J P Haley, G.nE
Moulder, J H Moulder, J E Jack
son, H J Axtou, J E Harnett,
R D Ajtton, J E G Barnett, W J
Williams, E R McAlpin, G B
Whitehead, R F Keyes, A Mnr
mant, J M Marchant, J I Mar
jhaut, A W Powell, G F Graham,
ierschel Robiuson, O A' Wig
gins, N P Goodloe, J A liennstt
r, E D Cox, A E Man a, J D
Iann, II W Gray, C I) Maun,
f A Bennett sr. C D Bennett, J
f Moulder, W B-Ricks, W U
To JcThn M. Greaves, Living
;ton, Miss:,
; We, the qualified electors and
oters of District No. 3 voting
Vi. mi : n1. M'nrlisrm .Sta.1
ion, Miss., reposing confidence
n your integrity and ability as a
nan, pledge you our support and
'Ote at the polls for the office of
sheriff: , '
F M DeVelling, W A Bricker,
.llen Brown, J .N Battlfty, E C
umpton, I F Wiggins, G-W
)avis, John R DeVelling, E W
4iner, J P Cooke, W B Baker,
f GRieder. G W Barton. J M
hoedes, J P Rhoades. R Thomp
son, N L Eusor, W F ProsseT,
L C.Sykes, J M Ash, Walter
a Moffet, A T Davis, A J Holk-n-neck,
W C Bush, G W Ho worth,
rhos Capp, W C Taylor, J D.
Miner, E D Robinson, C L Foilett,
3 P Walton, O D Bentloy, W F
3attley, H B Woodridge, John
Williams, H W- RhoadesS B
Adcock, J P Gilbert, J T Adcock,
A J Montgomery, Juo W Cox,
Geo Bi'arr, E LDrutnmo'ud,
Mr. Greaves Consents to Run.
To the Voters of Madison County
who signed the teveral calls on
me to become a candidate for
Sheriff of .Madison County:
Dear Sirs: It ia needless for me
ro say to you that I feel deeply
grateful tor the nonor you nave
hown me in asking me to become
i candidate for Sheriff and in
pledging me your support ia the
coming election. I will say to
you, and to all the voters of Ma
dison county, "that should I be
selected as tha Democratic candi
date for Sheriff at the Augu-st
(j.imary, I will devote my entire
time and attention to the duties ol
the office and the enforcement ot
the laws, and know, no law abid
ing man that supported ma, will
have occasion to repret bis action.
Again thanking you for your sup
port and confidence 1 remain,
. Very truly, .
For Kent.
.sOO acres in Bermuda Grass,
plenty water, ail under fence.
Th6ma3 Oliver Meaux,
. GlucksUdt, Miss.
Remember $ l.'Jj in advance gives
vi u the Picket and the Weekly
Commercial Appeal for on year.
Application for L-
cense to, llelnijfi
i' ' - ' ' -7 ;". Jt '
To the Honorable Board of
Mayor and Aldermen ' of the city
of Canton, Mississippi. "
Tim uudernigned respectfully
your honorable- 'body for license
iu icuiu viuous, Hiiuious anu
malt liquors inquantitioa lees than
one gallon in tho city of : Canton,
Mississippi for the period of twelve
mouths and state-that" they and
each of them are- rpsident of said
city and qualified .voters therein,
auil that such liquors are to be sold
by them ,iu tho ttore housq now
occupied by them as a", saloon
known as Vic Tiolio Saloon, on
the public square on the Wtside
of Union Street, in said city uuder
tlm firm name, ; of Vio Trolio
Saloon and ask that such license
be granted unto them.
' Vicfoit Alexander Tkolio,
' Charles TroAjo.
To the liorioi able. - Board ot
Mayor and Aldermen of tncjty
of Canton, Mississippi.
The undersigned and within
named petitioners respectfully
state that they and each of Tshem
are qualified voters of the cfly of
Canton, Mississippi and reside
therein, that' Victor. Alexander
Trolio and Charles Trolio, the up--plicanta
for license to sell vinons;
spirituous nud malt liquore -in
.quantities of less than one gallon
in said city in the store house now
occupied by them . as. a saloon
known as V 10 Trolio Saloon o" Jhe
Westside of the court square in
said city of Canton and each of
them residents of said city and are
qualified voters therein, and that
they and each of them recommend
the said applicants VictotAl-
autier Trolio auu unaries irouo i
be each of good reputation and
sober and suitable ' persons to
receive such license, and therefore
ask your 'Honorable 1 Board to
grant" nuto them as ..partners in
trade; 'under the brui name or
Vic Trolio Saloon, such license for
the reriod of twelve months.
Charles Trolio
Louis Charles Garbariuo , .
Victor Alexander Trolio .
William Wohner
John Wohner Sr
Israel Price
1 Price .Mf . A
jei Gross Leeb - V ,. ,. j'
, Leo 11
"Morris L. Colin
Rowland Clayton Hoole
William West Warren, Jr
Walter Trolio " -
James Vincent '. ."
Jjouis Phillip Hossley ' '
Spencer Armor Smith
Frank Bi-igham Pratt
Henry Christian Hansen
Mike Wohner ' - '
Jefferson Robert Davis ., .
Cliff Gober
Louis Lindemann.. , . '
William Mosal
George Washington Pilchard
John William Stone -
Charles Simon Lazard
.John Joseph Molouy "' I
Jake Abraham Klingtr " '
Joii-pll Aarou .
vOils Reed li argon
S.uii Ucsni
Abraham Ik'Mii '
Lambert Humphreys
John Thomas Schick .
John Marion Maxwell'
James Wade ' '
PuulJome-j Priestley
Dave Mayer Perliuoky ,
John Morgan Dnrham
Charles Coatsworth Pinckney
-, Henderson ' ' ,
Henryv Trolio - ' . .
William Clnrk WalKer .
Autharies I'urvianee
John Steele I .
Willtam Owen Baldwin', ; '
William Benjamin Wiener',.;
Alexander Weber ,' -
Leon Hesdorffer , "
Henry Bradford Luckett, Jr ,
Albert Hesdorffer .
Odie Hill
William Schneider
Isidore Hesdorffer ' ' .
William Kin Baldwin ' '
llobcrr liamilton Powell .;
;eorge William Coington
OseMller ,
WilHam Hamilton Powell.
Benjamin Leaoock Roberts - -.
Henry Clay Cage
Robert Sidney Powell ;
Jesse Dawts Goother
Harry Tardy Huber t .
Augustus Parker , - -Mack
Fulton Rucker . i -Theodore
Clements Siede ,
Jhn Francis Fionrnoy, Jr
Augelo Garbarino, Jr
Angelo Garbarino, Sr.
Melnolle Sappho Hill ; :.
Ijouis Keifler Levy"
(iairett Sommers
Gerald George Farrell
Frank Chamber .McAliistsr
Leo Levy ' -J ,
IlcDry Ring
John Arooiti
Jacob Aaron ,
John Knox Sealer .
Ben Leland Johnson
Edward Willie barnea
Thomas Peyton
John Upshur Handy
Perry Allen Shropshire .
Claud Leonard Brodigan
Florence Hoffman Parker
John Leone, Jr '
Jim Daley.
John Jlosea Ri miner ,
Percy Joe Eat ma u
Quince Hall ,
James Smith Priehard v
William Lee Dinkins
Louis Jacksou Copeland
John Li velar ,
Huron Wilkerson Virdeu . '
John Haider Livelar
William Martin Yaudell '
Marquis D'Lafayelte - Shelby
Eugene llesuortter v
Emanuel Hiller
.- William Joseph Boersig
James Krone Livelar
Leo Lehmaun
August Boersig
Charles Maas
Benjamin Maas
, Alonzo Newton
John Joseph Kvans
Louis Napoleon Riser
. Sam Smith
William West Rucker
Thomas A. W inborn "
George Burnett Gouldman
Charlie Peier Chapuis
George Clint Gunther
Willis James Thompson
Jonathan Hurley Drake
Jacob Loeb
Herbert Poiudexter Ricks
Alphonso Paul Orrick
Robert Davis MnBroom '
John Bole Robinson . '
! David Levy
Fred Jones
James Alphonso Tull
Edward Joseph Leonard
Harry Priestley Mayfleld
Eranto Oivardi
Hugh Clifton Short
' Andrew Jackson Lewis
Ralph Raymond Moses
John Alfred McGregor
Solon Odom
Robert Berkley Norvell
Henry Clay Hull - - .
Allen Peray Durfey "
John Valley Foley
- Milton Rucker
Ignatius Seinmes Luckett ,
Gustav Charles Hansen
Cornelius Crews
William Stewart Gwinner .
Henry - Bradford Luckett, Sr
(Lewis Maurv Garrett ' ."
. Aaron Henry" Lehmann
' YReuben Dresunee M,arks '
Albert Henry Gross
Morris Rexie Copelaud
David Meyer Hiller i
Mat Hiller
Artnnr Jonas Hiller
Percy Cameron Parker -
' Thomas Mikeal O'Mera
Thomas R. Anderson. ; '
Mack Jackson .
Joshua Whiting - , ..
Hugh Marshall Short .
Howard Galloway Ross
, Charles George Whitmyer ,
- Isidor Gross
Daniel Glick
James J. McOrath
" Emilc Levy
William Henry Sidcll Gould
1 ; Ben Moses Hesdorffer ; '
. .Elisha Bryan Harrell
Claude Cameron Dinkius
William Daiugerfield Smith
v. William Joseph Lutz
Ernest Waller .;
" Theo Weathersby Owen
Thomas Susannas.St. Vincent
Charles Shack leford Priestley
Abe Cohn ,
Pietro Troha
: Joseph Henry Browu
; Mike O'Meara (by Brown)
. John Frederick Miller '
John Anderson Sutherland
" James Robinson Jiggitts
Joe Buohignapi k
' John Harter '
William McBride Yasdell ...
John William Owen : '.
Andrew Finis Lucas
' William Henry Roberts
Thomas Frey - : :.
' John Francis O'Malley
John Richard Wohner Jr
Paul Percy Cratin
William Bennett Jones
Oliver Augustus Harrison
Frank Berkey
Geoege Vandyke Law
William Jones Sutherland
' Ivy Thompson
Harrison Duffy Thompson
Harry Battley Greaves . .
George Handy . , '
Louis Lehmann -
Alexander Stuart llandy .
William West Warren
Julius Gross Loeb
; Sylvester Cratin . ! - . .
George Henry Tucker
' William Powell Dnrfey
Carroll Smith. r
Felix Hiller
' David Fulton .
Jessie Amiie Strowd '
Richard Leonard - . 4
William Mortimer Wood
Herman Steiner
' Robert Edward Bacoa
Joseph Stevens vrhltmyer
Will prove to you that you should buy Fertilizers
of me From Bulletin No. 97. You don't want to
have a filling aud get no return from it. You want
your money spent for a fair returu. Below is com
parison of all Fertilizer sold in Cuutou.
Paragon ,
guaranteed. .:
relative value.
High grade Aeid Phosophate, guaranteed...;...,...-- -
High grade Acid Phosphate, relative value ..
Capital 1'e'rtilizcr Company
Red Star, guaranteed .......................
Red Star, relative "Value
Bieh arrade Acid Phosphate,
High grade Acid Phosphate, relative value-.... ...15.57
Ilazicliurst Fertilizer Company.
Imperial, guaranteed..............;;; ... . . r $19.55
Imperial, relative value
High grade Acid Phosphate,
High grade Acid Phosphate,
y(nd you will now find 6zands sold By
. . we and tieir values:
Jackson fertilizer Company.
Royal C, guaranteed..-;.... 1- $19.60
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Cotton Seed Meal Mixtures, guaranteed....... ..
Cotton Seed Meal Mixtures, relative value..
High grade Acid Phosphate, guaranteed.
Hieh grade Acid Phosphate! relative value.-.....-,....-. 20.22
Virgrinia-rCarolina Jliemical Company.
Scott's GosBipian,'" guaranteed . .. $19.20
Scott's Gossipian, relative .'value :...r. 21.45
High grade Acid Phosphate, guaranteed....: 15.20
High grade Acid Phosphate, relative value .16.03,
You will see from above my Gulfport Acid Phosphate means
in dollars and cents 88 cents more value than highest grade on
this market, and $4.65 more than lowest sold in this market.
You will find from a close study of Bulletin No. 97, that Scott's
Gossipian and Royal C are among the highest grades sold in
this State. We keep a full supply of eight brands on hand nt
our seed office, and will sell for cash May 1 on approved note
payable Octobpr 1, at 8 per cent interest per annum. Call and
see ns. , " , - ' ' '- - -( .
,N. B. Analy.a No,188 Ja. 1907 shows Scott's Gog'
sipiau now being old by w, relative value is $21.02.
T. S.
J. C.
$12.50 PER M.
State off Mississippi " -s
County of Madison V
' City of Canton. - j
The foregoing application of
Vifttr Alexander Trolio and
Charles Trolio for liceone to retail
liquors in said city and the forego,
in gr-petition of the qualified eleo.
tors of said city asking BUeh li
cense be granted and recommend
ing said Victor Alexander Trolio
and .Charlea Trolio to be of
good reputation, and . eaoh to
be sober ana suitable persons to
receive such license, was this day
presented to the lioaia ot Mayor
and Aldermen of said city., at a
regular meeting of said Board and
filed in accordance witn law tins,
the 6th day ot Maron A. v.,
1907. - : v
v E. B. Hakrell,
City Clerk and Clerk of the Board
of Mavor and Aldermen of the.
City of Canton, Miss. '
State of Mississippi!
County of Madison V j
. City of Canton. J '
I. K. B. Harrell. Cit Clerk"and
ciik of the Board of Mavor and
Aldermen of . said fity do hereby
certify that tne roregoing la a trne
and correct copy of the application'
Af ficinr Alexander Trolio and
Charle lrolio for license to retail'
liquors in taid - city and of the '
petition of th qualified elector
1 paid cny ana 01 ioe cenincat
.f filing same as appears from the
riinal now on file with mo.
Vt'itcfe my bisnatnre, this, the-
Oil Mill.
guaranteed .- ...
relative value..... ,-
-.....$24. 13
Turner, - Prop.
Pace, Manager.
7th day of March 1907
Tfr.B. Haerell,
City Clerk apd Clerk of the Board
of Mayor and Aldermen of the
City of Canton, Miss
All the Latest Hews
to tit Lcadtnrr DnioatW
Paper f tfta Satlt.
rail AjMo!kto4 PrM ZMpteW
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DaOy Stock aad Krkt Bperl
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ptclal Daily OoauMrolml rwvlnft,
SllTtrd tX lm fMUSflii
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Ma. tO.M
II to SO pafaa, I yaar, iLM
sa-nsiT STATES,
rakUaMBrarr Wt4Uy mat
atarday 104 Ocpwa at a
a for 1 1.00 .
I i t t t i ( ( S'

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