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Southern pioneer, and Carroll, Choctaw and Tallahatchie Counties advertiser. (Carrollton, Miss.) 1840-1842, June 26, 1841, Image 2

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SONIAN DAILY. Encouraged by the admin
istration, by the extensive measure of favor
trith which this journal was received during
the late Presidential contest by the People, by
the gradually increasing support which has
since acceded to it, and which has given to it
a circulation as large as that of any political
journal in the Union, it is now proposed to
enlarge its sphere of action, and thereby it is
hoped us held ot usetuiness, by puDiismng
niii.V. on or before the oDemnsr of the I
tra Session of Congress on the first day of June
next. . . . .
The design is to give to the administration
of President Harrison (whose confidence
.:n u - .,:i unDort, so far as it is
worthy of han to maintain its cause yvith
efficiency against the m?Z
foco-ism'. To explain and diffuse the princi
ples by which the administration will be direc
ted todisseminate truth to defend the rights
of the States the liberties of the people the
imerests and institutions, the honor and the
faith of the country and to spread before its
readers the earliest local news, and political
and general intelligence.
One great revolution, viz: a change of men,
to some extent, has been accomplished. An
other, and more important one, remains to be
consummated, viz: the restoration of the gov
ernment and the country to a sound and health,
ful condition. To execute successfully the
great and patriotic trusts which the people
have assigned to Gen. Harrison, it is essential
that every department of the government be
invigorated, and that those whose votes de
cide all questions should sustain him justly, if
not generously. Kemembenng the patriotic
zeal which distinguished the great mass of the
people during the memorable campaign of '40
we look to the same quarter with confidence
for a firm and steadfast support of the admin
istration they have chosen, so long as it ad
heres to the principles which called it into
The Extra Session of Congress to convene
on the olst of May, will doubtless be one of
great interest and importance. A corps of
stenographers wil be encaged to report liter
ally, as far as practicable, the public debates,
and to spread before the country the results
of the daily deliberations of Congress.
The editorial columns will be strengthened
cy some oi ine Desi laieni in me country.
As, however, the publication will be atten
ded with a very heavy expense, it will not b
undertaken unless the accession of subscribers
to the daily edition, and the disposition of the
citizens ot Washington, shall be such as to
give an earnest ol permanent support. If the
indications be unfavorable the paper will on
ly be published as heretofore every other
Daily paper per annum, $8 00
Tri-weekly, do. 5 00
Weekly, do. 2 00
The cash system will be adopted, and pay
ment expected semi-annually in advance.
Those who are at present tri-weekly subscri
bers, desiring to receive the daily paper, will
cblige us by sending in their name at an
aarlv nerioJ. Subscribers at a distance are
authorized to transmit under the frank of a
postmaster, if the order be written by the lat
ter. New subscribers in the cities where our
several agents reside may send in their names
to the agents, who will wait upon them at
some future period for the amount of their
Washington City, March 19, 1841.
We trust we shall be pardoned if ', at this par
ticular juncture, we avail ourself of some of
the voluntary expressions of the press of Vte
country, to show in what estimation the Madi
sonian was held during the late struggle.
One of the best political papers in the coun
try is the Madisonian, published in Washing
ton. The way it shows up the political sins
of the present administration is a sin to evil
doers. Boston 3Iass.) Whig Republican.
The Madisonian. This able, fearless ad
vocate of the principles of the illustrious states
man, whose name it bears, is rendering good
service to the People, in opposing the corrup
tion and resisting the misrule of Van Buren,
Benton and Kendall. The friends of Harrison
and Tyler cannot find a more firm and ef
fective champion.
Albany (N. Y.) Evening Journal.
TV a uUcmvA of the minions of power at
Washington to break down the Madisonian
will not succeed. The jjeople will uphold and
protect it, and the more it is persecuted the
more efficient will be their support of it.
Harrisburg (Pa.) Chronicle.
The Madisonian is conducted with dis
tinguished talent, and maintain the principles
of unchanged democracy, in the South, with
great force and success. It may justly be con
sidered one of the most prominent Harrison
journals in the country, indeed we do not know
of one to which it should be held second.
New York Times and Evening Star,
The Madisonian is one of the most vigor
ous Harrison papers in the Union. It has
battled in the late conflict with the power of
giant. Let it be liberally sustained as the
champion of Harrison's administration.
Fort Wayne (la.) Times.
The Mnrlisnninn has "fouffht the POod
- -whw'.aa - O O
W with a zeal and energy which left it no
superior. It should, as we have no doubt
therefore, receive an abundant support
me whig party. Every good and true
Whig who is desirous of receiving the latest
JJ? ost correct information of what is tran
TOg at headquarters, and at the same
wmlngtorewarda fouhful champion of
"Jg&od cause, will effect both objects bysub
afongfor the Madisonian. '
T ir Evansville (la.) Journal.
Jvt Madisoiwan. We caDnot too trong
ftmc5e?d to the friends of Government
abetler.times thb valuable publi-
Thmt who desire a paper printed at
the seat of government during the session of
Congress, cannot possible spend their money
to a better advantage than by subscribing to
the Madisonian.
Madison ( Wisknnsrm) Exprss
The Madisonian, at Washington is the
best or among the best Harrison papers; a
thorn in the side of the Administration. It
brings to light and makes public the very things
that robbers hate the wor to know it
touches them up in all the Mer places.
There is no paper we take out,f the pst of
fice wnn more real pleasure.
Peru (la. Gazette.
We know of no other journal in the United
States, that has done more in brineing about
the glorious political revolution that has iust
taken place in this republic, than the one con-
ducted by Mr. Thomas Allen, and it should be
well supported. Indiana (Pa. Resri&ter.
Tiie Madisonian. We ereet with Dleasure
the return of this vauable iouraal to our table.
It comes to us in a new and imDroved dress.
and sives cood assurance that it will do hat-
tie as manfully as ever in the cause of a suffer
ring and oppresssed country. The enterpris
ing proprietor, Thomas Allen, Esq., suffered
very considerable by the burning of his print
ing materials, and well deserves renewed and
increased patronage from the public.
Knoxville, Tenn, Times.
We cannot too strongly recommend to the
friends of Government reform and better times,
tnis valuable publication Toledo, O. Blade.
1 hk viADisoNiAN. We congratulate the
Whigs and the country on the re-appearance
of the Madisonian. It has risen from its ashes
with renewed vigor. Elvria. O. Atlis.
The Madisonian is one of the most spirit
ed, able and efficient papers opposed to the
reuerai numinisirauon, in tne union, ine
editor holds a vigorous and manily pen. Sit
uated at the capitol, where the numberless
corrupt acts of the Government pass under
his constant review, he is enabled to render
good service to the great cause of the People,
and he discharges the duty thus devolved upon
him with a zeal, fidelity and effect worthy of
me nignesi praise.
We understand that the circulation of the
Madisonian has been greatly augmented. It
certainly deserves a liberal support.
Western, N. Y. State Journal.
The Madisonian. The publication of this
spirited and valuable paper has been resumed.
Cincinnati Republican.
Madisonian. There is no form in which
correct political information can be so cheaply
disseminated, as by a free circulation of this
excellent journal, and it should be the duty of
every w nig m ine otaie to am in nis own
person in this work.
' Mobile, Ala. Advertiser.
First in hand, if not first in point of merit,
of all our exchange papers is the Madisonian,
Thomas Allen, editor, published in the city
of Washington. This we consider one of the
ablest papers in the Union. . It has been an
eloquent and efficient advocate of Democratic
Whig principles, and receives an extended pat
ronage from all parts of the Union. All its
editorial articles are written with ability, and
throughout the late canvass have been freely
copied into the Whig papers. Having long
served the people in adversity, it will lose
none of its efficiency in the time of prosperity.
Seneca, N. Y. Courier.
Drs. Harris Sc McLean,
TTAVING associated themselves in the practice cf
JLJ. MJSDIiaJNJS & oUKtrKKY, respectfully ten
der their services to their friends and the community
generally, in the various branches of their profession.
Dr. McLean's long and laborious practice; with Dr.
Harris' almost universal success in the treatment ot
diseases incidental to this climate, induces them to
hope for a liberal share of patronage.
0"Their Office is the same formerly occupied by
Dr. Harris. Carrollton, April 1841.
At Tchula.
iujnstajn 11 Y recemnff, Dy tne suoscnoer, a
V- general assortment of
Summer Goods, To-wit:
Nankeens, Cottonades, brown Linens, do. Drillings,
French boil'd Linen, Blue Lowels and Negro Cloths;
Apron and Furniture Checks, Tickings,
7-8 and 4-4 Lowels,
3-4 and 4-4 bro. Domestics,
Irish LINEN, Dumask TABLE-CLOTHS, Table LI
NEN, Russia and Towel DIAPER, MUSLINS,
all of which will be sold us low for cash, as can be
bought in New Orleans; adding the freight.
' ' ' Levee St , Tchula. 1
May 28, 1841. 24 tf.
To all Persons interested in the Real
Estate of Lindsey C. Hall, decd.
MORE ESPECIALLY, the south east quar
ter of section eleven, and north east quarter
oi section twenty-two, township seventeen,
range one east.
AGREEABLY to an order of the Honora
ble the Probate Court of Carroll county, Mis
sissippi, we will sell on a credit on Twelve
Months, at the Court House door, in the town
ot Carrollton, on
Monday, the 26th day of July next,
The real estate above described, tor the pur
pose of making distribution of the proceeds
thereof, amongst the lawful heirs of said de
Ceased. A. C. HALL,
Adm'rs. of L. C. Hall, dee'd.
June 14th, 1841. . 27-6 w.
Printers fee fourteen dollars.
'A C'ard.
T. & ftJ. r.
Attorneys at L.awCarroilton Miss
JTheir Office is the same formerly occupi
ed by Marsh 4r Ayres.
January. 1 1841 4r-tf
The Committee of arrangements for the
celebration of the approaching anniversary of
American Independence, take this method of
tendering a general invitation to the citizens
of Carroll and adjoining counties to meet at
Shongalo, on Saturday 3rd. of July.
An Oration may be expected on the occa
sion, after which the company will partake of
a Barbecue to be prepared to which all and
every one are invited.
Shongalo, June 9th, 1841.
Washington St., Vicksburg.
S now receiving trom the North
and East, a large and entirely
New stock of ,
Which he offers to dealers and customers, at New
Qrlean prices, for cash.
800 pieces common Prints,
350 do. assorted fine, do.
200 do. printed Muslims, and printed
La urns. .
25 Bales 3-4 brown Shirtings,
10 - 4-4 " Sheetings,
200 piece 3-4, 7-8 and 44 bleached Shir,
tings and Sheetings.
50 pieces Russia Diaper,
50 " Apron Checks,
Gloves, a full assortment,
Bed Ticking, and Mar silks Quilts,
Brown Linen, Cottonades, and other sum
mer Pantaloon stuffs,
Cotton Hosery, Buttons and Thread of all
kinds, and other small articles of ewry descrip
tion in the Dry Goods line, to make up a coun
try Stock.
Hats & Shoes.
50 Cases Fir and Russian Beaver Hats,
bfk. and white.
100 Doz. common palm leaf Hats.
Leghorn, assorted, do. for retailing.
Ladies Leghorn Bonnets, and willow Hoods,
noes j a full assortment of every kind.
2000 Pieces Paper Hangings.
Vicksburg, Uth April, 1841. 17-3m.
P. S. The subscriber also offers for sale at
Tchula, a general assortment of Dry Goods
Hard-ware and crockeries, 6fC. CfC.
To Country merchants
'HE undersigned are now receiT
X iog, aad oifer for sale, at New
Orleans prices, for cash, at their
Store in Washington street, Vicks
burg, a complete and extensive assortment of
Hard-Ware, er other a and Gtass-
nvarc in jxt.rt, cnas sting of
Table Knives and forks, fine Ivory, ditto,
in setts,
Pocket, do., Bread, Butcher, cook and cane
Scissors, shears, shepp-shears, razors, carvers
and steels,
"Carventers" and American Kim Locks.
English and American mortice and closet Locks,
Trunk, Chest, cup'd. and pad Locks; cast Butts, pa
tent do, "Clark's" broad Butts, Parli'mt. Hinges,
Screws, cut Tacks, cut Brads, ButcheV cast steel,
mill, pit and Hand-saw files, horse Rasps, common
and best polished and bright Augurs, Rafting Ausrurs,
augur Bitts, cast Steel Chisels of all kinds, Plains, a
fall assortment plain Irons, Adjes; Drawing Knives,
hand and Panel Saws, brass and Iron back Saws; key
hole Saws, Table, ditto; Iron and steel Squares, Try
Squares; mortice Guages, Bevils, spirit Berils Mill
X cut and Pit Saws, a splendid article; Jack Screws,
Corn Mills, Ames' Shovels, Long handled ditching
do., Spades, Pitch-forks, iels, Anvils, Sledge Ham
mers, Black-smiths Bellows, weeding, garden, cane
and grub Hoes, 'Collins f Simmon's' Axes-broad
ditto, broad Hatchets, shingling Hatchets, C. S.
nail Hammers, lathing Hatchets, Hand Axes, Ger
man, American, and English Blister and cast steel.
cut and wrought nails; cotton and Manilla Tow Lines
Afanilla Bed Cords, Bed, Halter, Trace and Tow
Roj es. Cotton, Wool end horse Cards Ox, trace,
Log Chains, sweeping Brushes, White Wash, clothes
Hair and Comb, ditto, Feather Dusters, cedar and
painted Tubs, in nests, turned Keelers, Trays, Pig-
gtas, lour, rails, nests round raxes, dry Measures,
willow, market and ciotnes iJasket, willow Wagons,
Bird Cages, Roller Tins CbSee Roasters, Japaned
Candle-sticks, a new article, egg Boilers Iron, brass
and Hand Seives, Wire dish Covers a few verv fine
Brittannia Tea Setts, with every variety of furnishing
articles, ALSO a general assortment
Earthern, china & GlassulVare,
Consisting of Tea, Dinner and Toilet Setts, Ameri
can and French forms, Cut and Pressed Glass-ware
a full assortment Astral, Hall and Stand Lamps, of
various patterns, Looking Glasses, Looking Glass
plates, &c. &c.
2000 Pieces Paper Hangings.
Washington street, Vicksburg.
April 14th, 1841 . 17-tfm.
To all jjersons interested in the estate of Fran
cis Beasly, dee'd. t
I WILL, at the July Term next of the Probate court
of Carroll county, present my account for allow
ance and final settlement as Executor of the last will
and testament of Francis Beasly, dee'd.
Carrollton, 24th May, 1841. 24-td.
Printers fee seven dollars fifty cts.
To all persons interested in the estate of Hen
ry B, Pack, dee'd.
THAT at the July Term next, of the Probate court
of Carroll county, I will present my account for
allowance and final settlement as Administrator of
the estate of Henry Bj Pack, decd.
D. O. SHATTUCK, Adm'r.
Carrollton, 24th May, 1841. 24-td.
PrijatETt fe sevfz dpjkjrs .fifty et.
2- -y-
- " " " - , - , II , m III uiMriiijijiinl I.,,,, iniiniu,i i i I mi
A Gazette of Current American and Foreign Liter-
ature, Mutic, the Artt, Fashion and Novelty.
THE first number of a new Mmrin nnder ha
above title was issued from the office of the Brother
Jonathan, on the 15th inst.
This Magazine is intended to cmhmr RpTMnn
from the choisest current literature of both Hemis
pheres, anJ Original Papers from some of the most
celebrated pens in this country; and the ample sour-
w puiMutiaji uuia.iuiug cany copies OI IIIO
choicest works which fall from the European and
American press, the readers of the Brother Jonathan
need not to be told.
Engi-avings on Wood by some of the best Ameri
can artists, illustrative of portions of the letter press,
wiu appear in every numoer.
nates of the Fashions, beautifully engraved, will
be given four times in every volume, with full letter
press descriptions, compiled from the London & Paris
- i- -i..- j ,
ueriuuicais. a. txiuice aim pupuiar Piece OI iYLUSlC
will appear in every number.
The Dollar Magazine will be issued on the 15th f
every month, embracing Thirty-two large'quarto pa
ges, printed in a neat and convenient torm for preser
vation, and sent to supscribers by mail, for
Post Masters who send three dollars at one remit
tance, free of postage, will receive a fourth copy
gratis, or seven copies for five dollars.
oingle Copies may be had of all the principal News
men in the United States.
Letters and communications of every description
should b addressed free of postage, to
& Co., Publishers,
162 Nassau street N. York.
Office of the Brother Jonathan, )
N.York, Jan. 20, 1841. $
BABCOCK, Tchula, has just received pr. Steam
ers "Maid of Arkansas," and "Tchula," a full
assortment of Men's WEARING APPAREL, con
sisting in part of the following:
French Summer Cloth, Frock and Dress Coats,
Bro. Linen, Rowen Cassimere& Grass Cloth;
Fancy Gingham Frock Coatees:
Bro. Linen Pants, Fi ncy Drill, do; Summer Cloth;
Casinette, do; Jeans and Cottonade, do;
Vests, Drawers, Linen and Cambric Shirts;
Bro. and white Cotton half Hose;
Linen Gloves, Cravats, etc. Alsc
Russian Reaver Hals,
White and Black.'
JLeghot n isafs, Palm JLcaf, do.
Together with a full assortment of
Rrozans, JYu litters Shoes, etc. j
Which will be sold low for CASH! !
ILli(DWAii:, crockery and
Together with a general assortment of
Produce & Family Groceries,
Can be found for sale low at BABCOCK'S,
May 29, 1841. Tchula
Taken up Bv R. P. Stephens, one sorrel
mare, all legs white, blaze face- no marks or
brands perceivable, shod before. Appraised
to forty dollars.
By Thomas T. Young, one bay horse, 9 or
10 years old, 15 ha has high; a few saddle spots,
a little white on the lower part of the hind
foot, black mane and tail. Appraised to $40.
By M. D. Kimbrough, one iron grey mare,
left hind foot scared, some saddle marks, 15
hand- high, 4 years old. . Appraised to $55.
By Stephen Frazier, one bay mare, no marks
nor brands perceivable, seven or eight years
old. Appraised to $55.
By James Standlev, one black mare mule of
common size, branded thus (B) worth $37 50
June 5th, 1841. 25 16.
Printers fee fifteen dollars.
Do hereby forewarn all persons from trading for
L a note for Forty Dollars on Wm. Noland, due
January next, date not recollected Also a note given
by myself, payab e to John f. Marshall, tor iiuy
Dollars, due January next. The consideration for
which said notes were given, has not been realized,
and I will not pay the same, unless compelled by law.
April 15th, 1841. 18-t4.
I hereby forwarn any person from trading
tor a note given by me to Rhesa Williams for
one hundred and forty-one dollars, or therea
bouts, dated about the 19th day of February,
1839, and due 1st. January 1840; as said note
has been fully paid off and discharged, but
was not taken up. .
Carroll co.,28th April, 1841. 20-t5
Chancery Notice.
- At becemkTfrrrv 1840.
John M. Maury,
Ira S. Mitchell, et. al.
UPON opening the matters of this bill, and
it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court,
that the defendants Charles L. McGehee, Jon
athan Jordan and James P. Tolliaflero are not
inhabitants of this State, but reside beyond
the limits thereof, so that the, ordinary pro-
cess of this Court cannot be executed on them.
unless the said defendants appear before the
Chancellor, at the Court Room in Jackson, on
the first day of June next, and plead, answer,
or demur to said bill of complaint, the several
allegations will be taken for confessed as to
them, and such order and decree made therein
as the Chancellor may deem equitable and
It is further ordered, that a copy of this or
der be inserted in the "Southern Pioneer,"
once a week for two months successivelv.
R. L. DIXON, Cl'k.
By D. R. Russell, D. C. -April
1st,' 1841. 16-tm.
Printers fee twenty-five dollars.
Receiving, forwarding, Commission Mer
chant. i
Marinf Yazoo Hirer, MiitiisippU
The If eir World,
Edited by Park Benjamin $ Epes Sargent..
With multiplied resources for rendering the New
World more valuable than ever as a compendious
newspaper and repository of elegant literature, wt
enter upon the second volume (folio) on the 24th of v
October, dressed in a beautiful parb of new tvoe.
cast expressly for the purpose. It will therefore ba a
fitting to commence new subscriptions, as well a
for the renewal of those which may then expire.
curing me nrsi year ot the existence of the New
World, it has acquired a reputation and circulation
superior to that of any weekly paper in the country;
and has furnished to its subscribers during that pe
riod, (besides all the . current news ef the day, do
mestic and foreign) new and valuable works by Tal
fourd, D'Israeeli, Thomas Moore Miss iWitford, Mrs
Jameson, Charles Dickens, Ainsworth, Knowles, Bui.
werf Marryat and others works, which in London.
could not be purchased for fifty times the amount of
the subscription price of the New World. In addi
tion to works of interest by these eminent authors, it
has contained the cream of the periodical literature of
the day, as well as original articles from the pens of
some of the most popular writers of America, among
wnom we may mention Miss Sedgwick, Orville De-
way, rroiessor lngtellow, the author of Yankee
Notions, Simms, Street, &c, &c.,
In politics we shall, as hitherto, maintain an armed
neutrality. Our columns will as hitherto be unob-.
jectional in a moral point of view. In criticism we
shall, in justice to the public, maintain a perfect in
dependence, even though we incur the vengeance of
all dunces. We shall in 'conclusion, earnestly strive
to render our sheet not only worthy of the unparal
lelled favor it has experienced, but of a continually
extending circulation. While we continue to fur
nish with all possible promptitude the most attrac
tive literature of the day, we shall, as our means en
large, afford that compensation to native authors
which may induce them to make the New World the
medium for presenting to the public their best pro
ductions. Our excellent London correspondence will
be continued, and due attention will be paid to the
commercial, agricultural and news departments of
our paper.
Of sixteen large pages was commenced on the sixth
of June last, in order to meet the wishes of a large
number of subscribers, by giving them its rich and
varied contents in a suitable form for binding. This
we have done without having enhanced the price,
that new subscribers, and others on the renewal of
previous subscriptions, can take their choice between -the
Quarto and Folio Form. But a few sets of the
Qurto, from No. 1, now remain on hand in the office
and we shall therefore, not be able long to supply
TERMS Three Dollars a year in advance, for ei
ther edition; or Five Dollars for two copies. In all
cases letters must be free, or post paid, or they will
remain dead in the Post-C ffice.
All Post-masters who will act for us are our author
ized Agents, and may retain 25 per cent, on the sub-
scription price, l$J,J ior commissions, it remitted
in New-York or Eastern money or fifty cents on
each, if in notes of other solvent banks, which may
be at a discount here.
Letters relative to the editorial department must
be addressed to Park Benjamin & Epes Sargent, Ed
itors: those relative to the business department, to
J. WINCHESTER, Publisher,
New-York City, 1841 J
." Look Out.
ALL those indebted to Thos. Hawkins, will
please come forward and settle up immediate
ly, as I design leaving here in a few weeks to
spend the summer, which will render it abso
lutely necessary to have all accounts closed by
note where the cash cannot be had. All that
have accounts with the house are considered
debts of honor, and it is therefore confidently
expected that all will comply with this request.
May 29, 1841. DAN'L. REA D, Ag't.
ON the night of the 2nd inst., a large bay
horse shod all round about seven years old;
some saddle, and gear marks on the shoulders;
.wo or three of the feet are white. Said horse
was brought from Tennesse a short time since.
Any information respecting him will be thank
fully received. ROBT. W. DORSEY.
Carrollton. June 4lh, 1841. 25-t4.
Commissioner's Notice
THE undersigned having been appointed
by the Honorable the Probate Court of Carroll
county, Commissioners of Insolvency for tha
estate of Thomas Rhodes, decd., NOTICE is
therefore given to all persons interested in said
estate, that we will meet at the house of San.
ders & Bryan, in Carrollton, on the first SaU
urday of every month, for six months succes
sively, for the purpose of examining all claims
against said estate.
By order of Court.
February 6th, 1841. 10-6m
Printers fee 25 00.J
JUST received, a choice lot of Spanish, A
I merican and Side SADDLES, and a general
assoftiu-U1 ol xjfwJL.u3 luarungaies, uinns,
Cinangle'fialrored lower than
has ever been sold in this section "cifilUlTy
Those. wishing to purchase would dowell tcT
call and examine for themselves.
May 29, 1841. THOS. HAWKINS.
JLiquors 4 HHncs.
TuST received, a fresh supply of Cow. Brandy,.
v. -pranay ynernes, aiciiy JViadeira, Ularet, c. &c.
und for sale by THOS. HAWKINS?.
ALSO Tobacca, Sugar, and Coffee, Rice, Molas
ses, butter Crackers, Candies, Salaratus, &e. T. II.
To ah persons interested in the esta te of Sam
uel Meek, dee'd.
TAKE NOTICE, that at a special Term a
the Probate Court of Carroll county, to be
holden at the Couit House thereof, on the
25th day of January, 1841, I will exhibit my
account for allowance and final settlement as
Administrator of the estate of Samuel Meekr
By order of the Probate Court of Carroll
of Samuel Meek, dee'd.
December 0th, 1810. nS-Ssq-tL

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