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Daily Yellowstone journal. (Miles City, Mont.) 1882-1893, October 18, 1882, Image 1

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no Ojclacwl r Jwof Ebaw ap.
Every Morning Except Monday.
Ti; DAILY Jovuzuisulto all Amacb ateI s
t in Mlhj Poed is thet
gimphk ftlIOttI.
Tenumr f nbwripkll:
S Itlfin, 0ne yar.................... AS
kin.,. six mouths..............»... KM
LCoa, tbesmmmtbU...... .......... 6.
jIIIti ler, EIvey Mourng., at Fut
,u jh amd M'ills Mty........... par t k.
lie M..th............ ..». ................ ............ LIP~U
Mz· Ywh.......-............. ~
Thin uathiw...................» ... UIS
Adveflh.iu3. Rata :
4-m4-m- HU 114
"'n w ýa "1N1 I
1 lack... SICOD1. 175J(20 218 3U PO 5
* n1~00(b173.37553.11 I8 U)k
7 MCd... 7IfI 8 lS 175356P1
GI .».P 11{ 17I 1$4$ I 1
The abrev rasa . l 11 strkIWly mMlaw,
AU advertiatuI ctu'..s- payral qI m1r. h
tdca5 uwtke-Ts..7ll oina 11. Use dw m
rd cSa et per line r.ee wmaqm. Usefla
WIw tup twenty emta per Ilan.
'*0. D. LUSH?. Powmku
svmusIn CIAus.
RTHI'R H. Ot00>r<(1>R
RH O nORtsad Kan hPle.
A% DEE F~. ýDR1.)lf(iU,
BIRON VREELAUP. ArbLLet an dsl cr.
Pl..m and ipecliealloa tuhei. .rnp rlm.
wadluu and sawltae. Maim Stret .utoamd
hWindg. miles CMt, outma a
4 L L . LCUU U . D
/".T STUUV3LL A QGAzamw Ce
* Mneveys Leeu. 06mleer
AUUnwp IIernIa. H.MIe k.M go Co
SlAN WILDS.J auqji . DIM.p. N.T.
'Uhw~ll rr~l &Atrlcl
PraM . d h aIla,
A'lthorlyd Caplital, * 2- S000O.
'ald up Cidta , - $0,000.
J««. LvEIIuToN, RICK. E. MMowan.
ALFRED MVYIas, Wx. H. OGmsRnr.
(;in. M. MaI', JorA J. GRAHAM.
JAs. S. BatSW, U. S. A.
sbithae National amk. NOW Tork CM
Mrcbants Loma Man Trust Co..
it Mefthale MXlU-1 &Vk, atr mies.
-AeMT ?01-
ULiverpool, London, Globe
O1Er1 flU IBLS. C.
Ov U4.yx. T EW TOM.
r.Y&UAA" 00Aadre
*i nvjw At"*urr
or O7 .aspIO a
Meagre Rport Last Night. i
Another Phase of the Great
St. Louis Tragedy.
Biamarck to Have a Paper Mill.
Politics in Dakota. Repub
lican in the Lead.
Two Despradoe Downa i the
South. The Chicago Herald
Dies a Natural Death.
Railroad Extension Proposed to
Yankton. A Pnsion Agent
SFraud Braght to Grief.
Other Telegraphic Reports to
Ponder Over at the Break.
aat Tbls ths Morning
Mw at Saulns.
FoarCu.sa, M.T., Oct. 18.-Qute
a ware mewtorp now rging here.
The stnm esa mit t Juaetlon City.
Ssolftfo r smarek.
BasAacx, Ocr. IL-Arrangemnb
are being peratg to orgaln the
Bhsnarek papr tDll company. Eat
ern capitallsts ae to put in O1,000 I
the eitizens will funish the same
WNam" fer God.
FAumo, D. T., Ot. IT.-The Con
grqatluil laloteis of the North
. w Met m la uednh to-dayy.Minnesota
and DakJ a well reprmented and
Sbulr~eatimcuch moment totheohureh
I. beinag rassMs. Ouset are enter
* taed b the dissaM of Fago.
-m«e, 0«. am -l s P. Octha
veemao t s Oihdmge Olmutery
whim *hag an C-Iags wasae,
Sat ed iq tw mea who dot him in
the a m9 ttook fta him al s
ChaI ntel m g mt allL Tb at
tk u1 mea-t publi prt
tPnLAsata Ot b tith.s -iuan
e afon, winel tto te ther
anormiU , ula to tIaw oir
aoavn r w- hsw ass tha
athe Fpawnse, det - fe ew"
that be did ar iMWe was a
wadt « utIs 1,eamtih he soked
Or Newk e-% taea.
VtOc1oN, Oct. 17.-The political
exoitemeat bee for the past few days
pending the county convention has
waxed warm. All the oficerm, es
peelally for members of the legiulature
were hotly contested. William P.
Dewy, formerly surveyor gment of
Dakota was nominated for the councill
and Jones B. Wyna for the hose.
Oft marsi
GULAND RAPIDS, MicH., Oct. 17th.
Burglars broke into Zierlyns Jewelry
store, opposite the Norton House, last
night, and drilled into a heavy safe.
They carried away three hundred
watches belonging to customers, and
dsx a'dred dollanrs n hapnda large
number of diamonds and Jewelry.
The total value of the plunder Is estl
nsited at frm OM to Io0,000.
iftei.&ie. an es
* MILWAUK, OCT. IT7.-4SMt1idaeble
exoitemnat was asused in Madison to
day by the smet of CoLt Thomas
Reyfotl who was for a mber of
yearn state penaon Qsge The arrnt
was made upon IsaphaMt of Leo
Rassodma, -overmt ' -si ad
chaging aReys"ade wl bhsft bqd
-OmOM of perses dsoai~t penistea
at Ik e&Zb
WAsuumOwe, D. C. OeL lih.-The
I puod h - latrvsi y wMtO
setal low*
A OkiWa Pqaper iM
CHiCcm I,. Oct. 1-W. boott Smith,
of Washiin ton, to.day id a bill in
the circuit court asking he appoint
ment of a reelver fbr tes Chicago
Morn.g .erald and an bljunoaton to
restrain the holders of to mortgages,
aggregating $100,000, from fordosing
the amue on the ground that they
were fraudulently givem In aid of an
alleged conspracy to deaaud com
plalnants mad other iechldern.
WagWW s Obees.
ButxAwCK, D. T., Ot. leth.-Alder
man Kimaer, of Paro, lforms a re
porter of the t. Paul GObs, that the
main Interet of the I ~ legislative
convention at Fargo, eentm on the
nomination of Ma. Edwards, who
Kimner thought a demooeg He con
ceeds that he will be leted to the
legiaturs by a very l. p mnority.
notwithstanding the oppoltUon of a
ore-head betion of a kidgloed, short
haired, smoothed-lpped ebeek-overed
Sr. Lots, Oct. lTtL -James and
Ed. BeMry, the dpa who kllt
ed the eity marZabel ofwell, on
the ard of lt June, and wo attempt
ed to murder the deputy dberi f fu ,
of Van and county, Tes,s mnset tme
ao, and who belonged to the gang
that planlI theI rbber of the T~a
Phale r.ilnu.d trl bear DlaUs,
abht a month ago, but which was e
tnted bryaheavy stom wereoverta
by a posse, under eas l Hamvy,
new Mselt, Wedeseday. The lmer
was lItanly kifed.
YAnKrOK, D. T., OK 17h.-A eor
respndeat fth e (ra-o ike
OesA, wiMat l lhg e 1m D. T.,
say: ''"h extezi n er way,
of a armn e b X Io wa divi,
Uk, bhM (CaIope. o k~V s auro, v
Idrs, w ie will gr y be a
ia tof dow -af Daob-l
Cneeel doiU ~b l tw.* aS
Northwastemn llar, of lowA, awl
the Daktadiatelaa Uthrouh renote
bomn Cheap, will be shostemed by
over sixty .nu , ethee m ourbs te.
The. wUl belelear iead leadhg diret
tm the lei Umns to oenta Dakota
man _mas espa e s o Fro&
ORAXD FoltKs, Oct. 17.-W. 8.
ewell aud A. C(Wolcott proninent
residklent, 4tti< DeIvilAsL eouniTry In_
an Intrviecw sr.y.that everythlig i.:
not going alog 4 I evils LAke with
the sweet serenity that is fesined by
Lieut Creel. AUl his fle timber [email protected]
on Rock bland have been Jumped by
Montana cow boys who have come to
stay and are not to be buildoned by
any threats. Creel Is patroling the
country with a poe of men armed to
the teeth with Winchester rifles and
has ordered several parties off, but
they reftme to go. There ae nearly
fbur thousand acres of timber on Rock
Island and the Creel syndicate were of
the oplnon that th had it prettUy At,
but they had not omsldered the cow
boyoontlagemq. Iseauid thatpsomi.
nent partles at Larmaok are at the bot
tem of the baOIL
ThO UNm,. Trembe.
BSr. IocS.OO IT.-QuAlte assasmation
was created I* alsmo. by a pseprt
which wo eMed U ta the stbet, that
Moarts Mlobhael, pawabroker at No. 6
Fourth utuest, had decolared that the
plitol at John M. Me4ufa had te
UtlSed W have taken away Witn C(,
gSybamk Ia th ahottdag aflib at the
Post-&pOeAM, leat Fiisa *
ing, ` tea qs 6*o 8laybeek, a
that lo hMWalý W adod f to la es.
Dr. Freak, the Jes me, late
the -OM tea .*
bibe1k bweds tik
-ae in"
1um e uses ammeath of now.
George ash, a French Canadian,
hung bl If In Houe Canyon lat
Thunday L
The Butt eemetery ooutals the
grves of rty suicides, seven heat
oldes, and t ety-one pesons killed by
The rWes rgrted riot at Oooke
City didn't am t to muah, eaftr a.
The only dom wau aI oin m
getting his ig l er shet ve
Fourtees men ae reported
at work n wst end of the orth
ern Pauio Nlhead This Is shlst
equal, In at o( numbels, to Usle
Sam's arm
Olat's aseedg party am now
engaged lan a the Park brabeh of
the N. P., i Beneon's landlng, the
survey ha proved the rmut to
Boaeman be Impracticable.
Hallett, perlntendent of eonstrue
tion on t wetemr end o the North.
ern Paadf had to call on the trpa at
Miloula, quell the riot eased by
the recent tre awamong his workmen.
It Is rat4 by the Iat lake rWhm e
t James Morrison, pmpdetr of the
Mullen Tmpel boading boase at
winter, has to mling aeon July.
and la belevJ to have bee murded
on the Yelwton, and has body
throw Into the river.
J. . Bowls, whoae obituary nodes
has been going the rounds of the terri
toral pros, In varioe l esa, su espeotr
ed to arrive In Benton In bw dsp.,
aooarding to the Jhwr Ae We In
Cr from euh h statement, that Bowle
was not hung by cow-boys near Fort
Magnula, a reported
Frederik Bniing of the Northern
Panlde milrod, has purebased, obra
headsome um, the library eo the lte
GOw P. Manb, the pImde-sm-r of Mr.
Astor, as alier to Italy. The per
shese is undentee to bu" been made
fAr he pdrpIe of pelaUga the Uira.
ry to he Uhels at Verrm , it
Another bad mr with a lkn ,aew.
ed up le stMedo y l to he pemee e
Gea PFptrlik, who has eea la h
romnro edpleyat ess-eni asue. me
made an atwack on Michael Farrell,
whe sought protection in thestore room
of his place. Deputy McClung canme
along and arrested Fltzspatrick, and
he now languishes in the cooler, when
all such disturbers of the Olendive
ieae are sure to go.-Olendise Times.
Saturday morning about, 10:M3 a.n.,
Sone at the frail sex whol aeuraw the
creek, indulged in a
exerciwe, with aChln
She fired six bshots at Mr.
and only hit him once, the ha
Ing orff his chat bone without Injuring
him very much. She claim that 1e
rAibbed her of $10, and took this method
of righting the matter. Her name Is
Fraukie, and she now langulishes In the
county jail.-Basemwn News.
lbe Northlerm~a.~~ 1sp.
The Flmnaimalm Committee of the
Northea Poolo Company have de.
cided to -iemead thU d«eelariUon of
a sorip divide o 10 per oeat Oc this
pefbwed shook Their srip will be aw
deemable In met bo than Ove yeam,
and will bear lateeMt at 6 per oat.
The reo eaon of the commit.
tee, It is unadrtiood, wa adopted at
the diroetor' meetmg' s-n ly -d
th*t the divedo. bae dealmaa a ari
dividend payble Jha y 1, lai, ftr
the total amount due OR thedgji
stook The dirdead Is theO t
of the hot t" t Inthe ma ab et
* piser, a" P mar -C. b im
alveI" nheo wasm ofs(*
asem softme*
A "1e pe.
ets hirseg
as we aug39me
City Orug Sore,
Balur isu
IMgs asd McPlsi
Cmnsu a trupsedsh wmk aew.'
A * . . m . *
I MuilS aiuMkMt ,M. T.
"iSignal" Brand
S . ASZ a W&. NIwS

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