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Daily Yellowstone journal. (Miles City, Mont.) 1882-1893, October 18, 1882, Image 4

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Wedmeday, October i, slts.
BArTlIm CHR.c. Corer tf Paar sa
Trb ta. ervesll aIt A.M.iad 7.0 P.m.
*ry Un-. R ydterbtel M 10 A. r. Cite00s
et tra«nme cords.lly larted.
akv. 0. i. DOWNrS, Paeer.
CATHOLIC (fHUilC, MaiJa treat ernr
Teuth. Ito. Lledmitkh, Pater.
EPIeCOPAL CBURCH, ie. HwalI pear.
ervices at s r. M.. ver Grsahu' sst.
PRBITTrRIAN CHrICH. Servies will be
beld Io the new .eldln dl J. J. Graeam'
Mela steM. wer JoCruM. ee. Pwewkr at
Il . M. 1abbetbSehlt OlA. M. CLtUas sa
loiaen eaeoUllJy Lrited.
& P. LxrtM., Pster.
The DAILY JOURNAL ess be prcnwd *rmy
ornin g fm a serpe of *l ieleit wsbers oe the
Maeta or at oar eountn tra .
MOTICZ TO 73catmIs ,
E H. Becker in the authoried car
rier and collector for sulacriptions to
will supply all peons in Miles City
and Fort Keogh every morning before
breakfast, with the paper at 50 ts. per
A littler r ell tlle;
A lttle womar well willed;
A Ittle buete well skilled:
A little pper wellOId
Thos who d'L Ulike It 0e6t to sb kille.
Impending snow storms.
Fine printing at the JOURNAL office.
The hardware men are reaping in the
Martin Maginni* is on his way to
this City.
Beef-tea, is one of the latest drinks at
our city saloons.
The ditch will be completed entire
by Denmiber first.
A new dwelling hotse is going upon
Ninth sireet near Bridge.
Monday as a rainy, disagreable day
-the harbinger of winter.
Fred. ouuthier has built a nest fence
around his rildeuoe on Main St.
The "Bank of the Yellowstone" sems
to have been a myth. Where's Hyde?
Mel. Powers, formerly of Glendive,
has opened a variety theatre at Bl
inps. _
A car lad of vegetables arrived from
St. Paul yesterday, and was easily dis
posed of.
MlE!, ity bas better prospects than
say town between Bismack and the
The Epacopal church is being shln
gled. The work is progressing rapidly
and well.
Three new brick houses are going up
on Leighton A Jordan's addition to
Miles City.
Several new actors are expected to
arrive on Saturday, at the Cosmopoll
tan tlU: 're.
Knl, 't's Mile City directory will,
If poslble, be delivered to subseribers
by Saturday.
A large force of nien are still at work
on the ltrick yard. Another kiln will
be fred to-day.
W. B. Andrews & Co., the new
druggfsts have placed a neat sign over
their store door.
J. W. Watson will open bisdry good
ston inl tlhe Fist National bank build
lng In a few days.
The Eplacopallons are to have an
oyter supper In J. O Grham's ball
about November let.
The shlling of the wind to the north
made Gres and overooota decldedly
oimfortable, yesterday.
T large pl ateglis for tbe aew a1k
beudld arived on Saturday and were
at onse placed In positon.
Frelgt rate advance on the . P.
med Nov. IlL Do thou, a the be., lay
In thy wllteI stoe at ooeo.
The eona hs leased of 0o. Gould,
hie ew beMig ner th. e lr , for
Spuirposes, r t presenL
GOre BoeM- s eo tiea o the Int
Wmud if t ar e tdsme sm Wadw Ad
WM via asdlt GPe bbh
k-(iree eeorf Ot ll. g a . uI
~~to 0h a m gImps ef the new
rmsW ore s- me read y to twet
mhlrhL euvery m s nwayr
sia y- but pulled p at the bara all
O0. w wheXt sasMhig anytheig.
lgamawef , al| e I Ce, II ose .
lm i hus e ms heek itoisg
A ity telegraph office s to be opened
in a short time, on Main street, i the
vicinity of the DAILY JOURNAL build
be delivered to all parts of the city free
of charge. Leave your order at this
Thomas Maloy, of the B. & H. brick
yard, intends erecting a brick residence
on Pleasant street, work to commence
a0 once.
It is almost impossible to glanee
over an eastern paper without catching
sight of those magic words "Miles City
A too too idiot from Minneapolin
registered at one of our hotels by uwing
a rubber stamp having his name
All the new brick business blocks are
nearing completion quite rapidly, and
are beginning to show up to good ad
Major Borchardt, last week, put in a
stock of books and atationery, which
he will operate in connection with the
post olece.
Outhrie & Ming received a huge
sausage mill Monday and are now
grinding up the toothsome bologna at
a rapid rate.
J. P. Carroll, formerly manager of
the Cosmopolitan theatre of this city,
is now manager of the new Palace va
riety at Boaenan.
C. W. Horr has resigned an a candi
date Ibr county commissioner, a busi
nes will compel his residence in the
east for the winter.
The incoming of Chinamen from the
west is a marl of our good times, for
Chinamen seek locations where money
is most In circulation.
Fred Oker has moved his "Trivoll"
to the Schmalmle building, next to the
Union Hall, and taken Edward Chap
man into partnership.
W. A. Burlelgh's team ran away
yesterday, but Walter beat their time
in his hurry to order an advertiement
in the new DAILY JOURNAL.
Ritter & Co. of the Chicago Beer
Hall have changed the nameof the
place to the Chicago Hotel, and will
shortly open up a good house.
An illustrated history of Montana is
being published by two Philadelphia
chaps who are at present. In Helena,
gathering material and statistls.
Dr. Girard, of Fort Keogh, will In
a few days change his location from
Savage's drug store to the new estab
lishment of W. B. Andrews & Co.
C. M. Strader has fnished his wood
cutting up the Tongue river, and will
commence hauling to Ft. Keogh, to ill
his contract with the government
A brother of the great pugilist Bulli
van was a little too demonstrative on
the street last night and was severely
handled by a bar-tender In an up-town
A gentleman Just in from the Poplar
River country informu us that when
he left there It was snowing very hard,
and that the weather was decidedly
All ehew players of Miles City are
requested to meet at the court house on
Saturday evening of this week at 8
o'clock P. x., for the purpose of organ
ising a chew club.
Bullders are praying-if they ever
do mueh a thing-for more settled and
better weather than we have been
having so that they may be enabled to
complete their contreeat.
The theatre was crowded last night
with an appreciative audience, while
the tinkling of the bells led the rr
porter to beieve that the wine rooms
contalned mery erowds.
Through some overniht the name of
Andrew F. Burlgh, eandidate for
distret attorney, was left t o of the
tieket In the W RXLT JVOCU AL. It
is lserted in today's daily.
Leightoo, Jordan Co., oeeupy a
premlmeat plae n our adverteing
edoims, toay. They appreieate a
good, ive dlly ueh as the JouVxAl,
ad eamh on with the boom.
MaIy eO Dr. O.rewed's emrlton
wlI r to lea that be mmtly
spralnd hie ankle at Billtag a it
will .ee-mie a f.rtbhe land-of of
hs aseesm-wileh are lqies.
. . GooM's mew staoe I ew
wearly mpleted aUd will be redy for
6supaesy In a fow dayL. This phM
I do mkm be emaery smight oif.
The hM l bs
Leighton, Joedan & Co's large new
brick businas block, l approachlng
completion. The exterior Is fnolshed
and workmen are now engaged on the
Mrsn Kilkullum, who has bees con
fined to her ronm for over three weeks,
seriously II, is now rapidly conva
leasing, under the skiliful treatment of
Dr. Lino.
Werthelmer & C., pawnbrokers and
Jewelers, will on Monday next move
their large stock of goods into the store
moom now occupied by the First Na
tional bank.
Fred. A. Routhler, the popular and
prosperous oontractor and builder, ad
vertises in this essae. Mr. Routhler
keeps on hand a ine assortment of
burial oases.
A. T. Drinkbhouse, fr a long time
connected with Ievl' restaurant a
chief clerk, has resigned and H. H.
Polk has accepted the position thus
vacated, and is now Levi's right band
"Our boys will probably have to go
down and help 'em out;" was the
remark of a tither to his son, in Bach's
saloon last night. But ain't the little
daily a daisy, without the help of "our
boys ?"
Mr. Fritz, conductor on the N. P. R.
R., has enmmenoed a new residence in
the viclnity ofthis ofee. Hispushing
qualities will be of use now, as he asys
he is going to live in It ths winter, and
he will.
The western bound train was de
laved about one and a half hours last
night by some mishap at the Bismarek
ferry. The bridge will be ready sat
urday, when further delay will be
A special train consisting of Villard's
private care pamed through to-night for
the west in charge of Mr. Starback.
It was filled with ralroad odlelals and
their friends. Mrs. Oakes was one of
the party.
The Mile City postal clerks are to be
compllmented for their dispatch In dis
tributing the difbrent mails as they
arrive. A vast Improvement is notiee
able, both as to dispateh and polite at
&entiou to patrons.
All of our doctor agree as to the
eanw of typhoid and malarial fver in
our midst, and declare if the decaying
animal matter was removed, and the
city eleansed up, we would resume our
usual healthy state.
The Catholic Society ar to shortly
raffle off a fine Cornah plano, Ibr the
purpose of securing fonds for a eburch
bell. Tickets are $2 eaeb. The bell
will also be used for a irmalarnm until
the city procure one.
Mrs. Horsnhl, the worthy Epbisopal
Rector's wib, will shortly tarta parish
school In the new church huilding.
This is onmething greatly needed and
should receive the undivided support
of good Eplseopallan.
The Rev. Mr. Horfall will go to Bil
llnp to bold church services the first
Sunday in December. Bome kind of
religious services are certainly needed
In that plaoe, and doubtless Mr. Hor
1ll will sow the good seed.
Thee is a great soardty of workmen
at the railroad works in Glendive.
They have sent to St. Paul twice for
men, without avalL Their force is
large, but the extent of the works now
going on many more are needed.
Our county offoers went to Miles
City laet Friday to ake preliminary
steps toward our separaton. They re
turned Saturday evening and reported
tbemselves as handsomely treated by
Custer's oflem.-O(emndie fln s.
Our city is so spreading out that Mr.
Borehardt, the pot-mater, eontem
platea putting a pstal receiving box In
front of the YsJLLWTOwr JoVRNAL
ofe, as aan experlment. Iftbhiprove
a mecoose, may others will be put up.
,*(e4 ikt sa4 d os( wed e -
The MM *s Un 0 it b O sme.
wa about the way a pilgrim expreed
t u he got up frm a "td" table last
evenag, broke. "If I bad woa I
would t have loot," was ali beald a
hso eat tall went through the deer.
BAt waten ran dep. The ea of
poltles s as yet very pladd, but it s
alive wth ppoUtl e spsntsoons tobe
saeem toher ee They a et a ll
whealm by any mamer of mem, al.
thoghb ves to a od dalof e 'pe
SMe w we reslved tibe LltUa nu
ba r tae U16000119 Prm, Glro
s POWer. I s A very
rm. Xpe e ^4 m l a i.a e
I -1 eIlM i o - nn tasr.I
< W&1-1^--L t ta^Ul^tf
P. H. Fisher closed the Merchant's
hotel Sunday hst. This popular house
has always done a large business, but
the rent-4U00 per month-is by far, too
high to realize any profL It will prob
ably remain vacant until the rent is
U. S. Deputy Marshal Hatbaway has
summoned a number of persons to ap
pear at the IU. S. Court now in session
to give further testirnory in the Me
Elrath embeatlement case. The prose
cuting attorney says he is instructed to
push the matter to a conviction.
It is reported tlhat 'nl. Paudem gave
Judge Conger a severe scoring the last
day court wu In seiton, and that he
could only be stopped by the adjourn
ment of court. These present my that
they wonder the Judge did not ine the
colonel $1,000 for contempt of court.
Levi, the rustling restauranter of
Park street advertises that he has the
best table in the city. Levi has huots
of friends in the Black Hills who will
read his advertisement with pleasure.
His rooms are considered to be the best
in the city and are always neat and
clean, and his prices are reasonable.
J. H. Sullivan, superintendent ofoon
struction on this division, has resigned
bin position, to accept a similar one
with the Memphis, Springfield & Kan
ms R. R., the headquarters of which
are at Memphis. Mr. Sullivan will
carry with him the very best wishes of
a hat of friends along the line of the
N. P. R. R.
Much trouble is caused and much
cumin' Indulged In by w.ine of our
citisens who have been patiently wait
ing the month past for their freight.
It seems to us that the Northern Pa
cific ralroad should put on more cars
to transport their freight. As it is
now goods are from two weeks to a
month coming from t. Paul.
Rev. Mr. Horsill held services In
Glendive Sunday, and had a very large
congregation. The parish has been
called St. Mathews, and Mr. George R.
Tingle has been appointed by Bishop
Brewer as lay reader, who will read
services the Bundays Mr. Hontfall is
abseent. A chureh will be commenced
there this week, as eunsderable money
has been raied thr that purpme.
The Bowman (biO k1r perpetrate the
the following libel:
"It Is rumored that a Custer County
woman recently made application to
the court for a divorce, on the ground
tlat her husband had been eaught in
the set of kisling the hired girl, and
that Judge Couger promply dimmssed
the ose, asyi that the oatas was
Swbolly J) detla In view oPthe ex
treme houmelinesof thle mggeved wife.
The mase will be appealed."
All kinds of hot drinks to suit all
weather and tastes artistically cou
pounded at the Keg saloon. Itf
ew ewlrry.
A fine large stock of the latest styles
of Jewelry, consisting of Ib chalts,
I gold and silver watches, opera chains,
cuff buttons, and a general martaUsent
of fine goods have just been reulved at
trout's Jewelry store. Itf
Do not pas the Keg maloon without
dropping in for a nice drank of good
r liquor or a fine ciar. 1tf
Charlie Evans' oynter bay on Park
Ptreet is doing a splendid bniness, and
it certainly deserves it. At this oyster
lay canu at all hours of night or day be
secured a choice dish of oysters, cooked
in every style and served without
waiting a long or tedlous time. Charlie ,
Evans understands his busines and
should be patronized. 1-tf
special 1(eU1e.
Having had an experience of twenty
five years in the repair of watches. I
warrant my work to satisfy the rusto
mer or make no charge. 44-I f
Big glaises of beer and a fine cigar,
or a drink of choice liquor can always
be found at Payettes, on Park street,
Miles City. Itf
A God Iasweetneat.
For the purpose of improving my
Main street property with stores, I will
sell five lots and housew for $1,000 ach,
that are now rented for 625 per month
each to good tenants. Also, five loto
for $600 each that, when improved
with a $400 cottage, will rent for VM
each per month. Property is nto the
heart of the city. Apply io person, or
by letter, to
JAMa 8. BasnIrx, Fort Keogh.
Miles City, Oct. 18, 1862.
e4*d»4 Ferryag.
From and after this d(late the rates of
toll on the Yellowstone terry at Miles
City will be reduced oe*4bif.
Miles City, Aug. 12, '82. 86af
mousee of Dimelaties.
Notice Is hereby given ilihat the
co-partnership heretofore xlhting he.
tween B. Mason and C. Nutaon ande.
the firm name of Mason &k Nutaon,
doing a general buaness at the Dead
wood croWsing of Powder river, M. T.,
was, the 19b ol October, dihsMlvd by
mutual eonsent All debt de the firm
and all oblUpms of the Arm will be
onllWected paid by the remnntalaing
Powde4mver, M. T., Oet h WW
Phl Brady i In St. Paul
Dr. Borleigh left Mondny for the east.
"Fat Jack" from the Maginnal mine, ar
rived In town yesterday.
Ex. Gov. Austin, of Minneapolis, is doing
the Yellowstone country.
Dan. MeMillan took in the rights of dbsty
Billings, he first of the week
Splitter Jack, otherwise kiown a Jack Tit
ler, s again located in Miles City.
Mrs. Ladd, one of our enterprising furni
ture Irma, in a latejrival in our city
UL. Partello's wire left Kengh yeterday for
Chicago, where she will join her husband.
Min Nellie Howard, ol Tongne River, made
the JAML JoUCnaL a pleatant call Monday.
Bid Erwin, of Canyon, of the flrmof Erwin
Bros., merchants, is sojiurning here to-day.
Iph Davis, a proeperous rancher and
mighty Nitarod of the Yellowstone, is i.
Paul McCormick, of Junction City, is in
tOwn and will attend the republiqa meeen
tion to morrow.
George Tingle, wife and child, one ot
Olendive's prominent citizens are registertl
at te Inter-OCean.
MaJ. Logpu, who eh been on dot at Fort
Cunter, will return in a few days to head
quartes at Port EKogh.
Mr Cahn and family are now nicely loc.
ted in their new and beautiful home, and are
having a splendid time.
Capt. KrEdlerreturned Sunday from St.
Paul, where he went an esort to Mrs. Wel
Sbher way to Washington.
Mr. Greenleaf of Rebud, who claims t
he has the Anot land in the world on his
tom, wa in town yneterday.
R. M. Dryden, of Maiden, the metro
of the Maginnis mine, in in town shaUd
hands with his many friends.
B. Daniels, a repreentative of the Wash
ington Star, in fieating on the beauties of the
Yellowstone valley. this week.
B. T Smith, of Munfordrille, Ken.,anold
time friend of P V. Bummer, a JeoW AL
print, arrived in the city Monday.
John W. Cobb, of Junction City, and
Kugene Parker, of Duluth, arrived this week
and "took case" on the DAIoT Jo.nl a&.
C. A. Broadwater, ee of the demoseie
wire-pullers, was in towa Monday, amdlnt
the day loulng over the political u.S.*
W H. Contant, "chief" of the eew
for the Arm of Scott & Hanks. tof
River, is sojorning in the rsy,
The thly of Mr. Jnoph Leightl o
from the ..t lat Sunday. Mrs. rig~ir i
health has greatly improved during her we
in the at.
O. E. Riehards and Marens Stino, m
York, atemalve trvelerare quartered qthe
GrndCentrl fr a few dkay, gauing'Lthe
beautie of te Yel!owtee valley
George Aldrson Nrteal on
train from the at. Ne has bee
friend s ath state for the pat t woM
Mrs. Alderso will rsem l in tb he
Harry Gerrih rernmed from hb
tripto Kph Davis' ranch, yeerday. .d 4
net kill any wild der, hut rather tha .s
no game t all, he killd t an ianoee ~
mud hen.
Mr. uacet, formerly r lowa, no w aj.
parrea racher ofPowder river, wa i I as
City yeterday, awating the arnrval Of
family He enrolled his name for theJu
and is Ltied that he will get the mew
Wm. Martin, eromerly a promleet tl
nes man of Billing, passed throagh
eity OR Sunday, enUroUatoClnuutti, OWte.
He lntends to pend the winter i t he sgt
d retrn ia the spri gt tart bmusi I
Mile Ciy.
Mr. Pews, and family, oColembus,
wrestoppingattbh later Oce. Mr.
will losee bherP d . khis let witkh L
shoued wisdoemt brG Igi t rhis l, a
baving to go rbek snar th a nb m
igrm do.
asm 2. MeOowan, Bmarly wkh LtNeo
butcher, am now be fon4d a uathlb &
ming's mariMt. eam b a plar Yam
left th owilds ofhisMp ad led i
dlvilisi MUm.
Bill Barbeak, an ol4LiAwo
whom we had thlght had mwtho
was aoarthad t' sero r sg~4 at
yeterdrr, whore he ddmMtshe
aem naLl, w eI.
bu, alnstarl.r4, aeW the o
amesdt Se, slv Ctb dM
i errait Ti r ate. war
somclm ICHk y.
Clhoice brands of liquor* at K
saloon. 1-tt
Finest of fruita e uandles aI
fresh and nice at RiO a Orrett's.
Payettes candy me on Park
Is in the lead w: d. Alwu
on hand a choios as Mlotof
all Idt of 5 vn t a vtt I
Fine wateb, oavr and
chains, and a 4llliatnt
fine Jewelry i exhibition
Strunt's w ty U, Main
MilesCty. Cit Iy
HjttAG ' aii pas

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