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Daily Yellowstone journal. (Miles City, Mont.) 1882-1893, November 02, 1882, Image 1

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IIeu (Eijsriel 1'relwr n( ('uatrr (ekre.eJ.
Every Morning Except Monday.
The DAIIN. J.I0"It I1.A uiltr.'. all NPocirate.I 1'n. .
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Advertising Fates:
Pprcc. -Z
I Inch I'I 13 (1I4 2. 2 eI 5 ilK)! i
lnch. "t ...~ t*ri 6 .'. "5 ! I't t ?41
tr'o . 7 1ot1114.119 ti9
I .1 (ul .. '' v4 II I I : 1 l ..!2:17, 1'45
Ct' ' .. isIII 1.`. t* 1: ? 11I T .i $61 Ir..
Col.. S1 176 ,a 11 ! :.t lI2I'
I 'el .. p ll l g1. ?S: .±dS .u.; !" !72 S]t II:14
T'he lb. ml. rate. will 1w trict I adlered to.
9 111 54I.1 iivitg (.eI.t r.. Ii'il, quarterly, In
Incal I4.t ire .-Fi-*tc.Ieci rtw It.erh r.r Iret slnd
t."n nnt~ I. " itu leer ca, Ie tvr ftlet ihiettlut.
.II I 11% . lilt 1.1)1\l.
.\ltAtorher.atLaw and Nwarv rublic.
VA" I iI0.hSY-.1 LAW.
MLL'4t:1 Y. - MONTANA.
BYYt4N YILf.EL.ANIt. Arebitert and Builder.
B al.ait and glw iti.artiru ttirni.hrd. 14ulertn
ltaaalding. Mit.. Cit y. !Itit ana.
B. LBlly pl'l11lw.r*. M. It. rl Irtc
(M)fi. at t'ity IDrug tuore.
IJ IY'llrt~itpN ANt? SURGEON.
(J ce Iw~i.w thme Jimurm:1tiaatBidmg. Main S.tree't.
J, ~1. 11. tjARL~CYK.
Attorneys at Law. t bity. niw mnuor Weat of Court
itua... ,M ile P.it y. 4 tv ntamma.
SAMWtLIttE. Attmiori at Law. Bliftngr, N. T.
t3 rrctie in all cur. ..t the Territury.
Authorizetl('uidtaI, - $25OOflO.
Paid up ('Calital, - $ 50,0oo.
Jogl. L1l:lc:11Tox, Ru-nl. E. STfowER.
Ai RF:I) M311'Etw , WII. If~. (.lUTHRlE.
Outo. Al. aiLt.-t, JON J. GRAHAM.
J4. S. IIIItIUN, U. S. A.
'hauamn National BIaunk, New York City.
Mehuants tIan .uad Trust *o., Chicago.
I ),rrt'ianti N atiouna Bank, %t. Paul, Min..
Liverpool, London, Globe
American Central
UV"FIb Risk. Sollalted on Dwlinp,
lowmsold GoodE sad Preliyed Smtkok.
Oitlylwh C. W. Usvs& C., O., Co r
Mimo sao Io"th kI lel , MA. ClSE. I
Wafted Westward Over the
Wires of the Western
Union Route.
For the Readers of the Lively
Little Morning Yellow
stone Journal.
Fleet footed Horses Making Good
Records Over the Fleet
wood Park Track.
Further Particulars of the Great
Seguin Tragedy Which
A Worthy Man of His Entire
Row in lows.
NEW YORK, Nov. 1.-The origin of
the fire which destroyed Abbey's Park
theatre, ai still wrapped in mystery.
Olwsd O..
NEW YORK, Nov. I.-Prlwident Ar
thur dined out this evening. Senator
C(ameron and .iecretary Frelinghuysen
were uamong the honoredl guests preseut.
WARHIxom.N, Nov. 1.-Garfield
hoard of audit are unable to proceed
further in the mutter of pa Niug upon
claims of physiceians ; also upon Mrs.
1Edon's claim.
Lo~sioN, Nov. l.---reat gale, accom
panied by severe floodwl, again visit
England, this time devastating south
ern and western sections. Dozen
htuses swept away at Borough Bridge,
ani railway track so badly torn up in
Somernet "and Devon that trains stop
ped entirely. Damage is very great,
but no low of life yet reported.
Thrae se,. Trgmei.
NEW YORK, Nov. 1.-The inquest in
the Seguin tcse, dis hwed the fact that
Mrs. Seguin was very melancholy and
queer, and before (cmimtting the act
sent the nurse and the hall boy out of
the house on an errand. She shot the
childreu in the left temple, and herself
in the right. The jury returaned a ver
dict that she murdered the children
and herself.
Radlrod AeddMe.
SCRAxTON, P. A., Nov. 1.--Collision
to-day, between Lehigh and Suaque
hana and Deleware, Lackawana and
western trains at Diamond orossing.
Twenty-five cars were thrown from
the track and entirely demolished.
John Glynn, watchman, was killed
and several train hands seriously In
jured. The accident Is attributed to
the negligence of the watchmnan.
AMumpet to HUsm. Pr4eersr.
CIICIN~ATI, Nov. I.--A bmmereal
Lexington, Ky., special saya troops
guardling Neal and Capt. White on
their way to the stanier Granite State
were attacked by a snob. The soldlier
fired and several were killed and
wounded of the attacking party. The
prisoners and troops got safely on
board, when the mob selaed a train
and started to head off the boat at Ash
land, Ky., where another attack was
made. The troops reruned fire and
again a number of the mob were killed
and wounded. So bar as known, but
three of the troops were wounded, and
they but slightly. Private dispatches
received In this city give the nunmber
of killed and wounded. The steamer
Granite 8tate has paned Portsmouth,
and unless kAi prevents will re.eh
May~rlbs tnuigh Where the pdwm.
ae will ht transl p thir Mlold
to be takes to Laiqeton.
Twe Fameus Trolters at FIleoweeI.
N:w VlYoK. Nov. I.-A Iltcll race
for $2,4iul asidle was ...di, by luado e
('"dlfeld. own.r of' ti*. ' *"nlt mllaire
Helene, and 0(. A. : I .,x ownler of
Overman, trottlel t .'. at FIletectw.l
Park, bet torte ii, It'e nill heatt".
lle elubl Ilolt'e and il 'mlllals were
"'Iow lWde with lotnt( ied I. a *, ef.~lsh,
lillnonl then were Wi. It. Vander
hilt, Ed. Mtolks.e Fr.lk IVooi, '.
1)ewev, (C. J. Vandcrlbilt : . er HIol
ner, \Vta. H. Turn J. Dui Ie.
HIelene hadl ait ree' a 2:21. Imadlie
June 9ith, oni the stin'.' 'k, an, ( Over
man lhad it reco(rd a :_':2t, i.kde at
liutlrulo,, Aurl. 2nd. Hiletie il.V lly lun
lletbiiall Print'e, (ouilt ofa .l M;iMxwell's
Ilmire. Overman is by Elllll, out
of u ilihiiuwk Iiuret. H eatulie teiist fr.oin
';llilifornia with St. Julianl last year,
llut 1dol I nothinglllil, an alttalk'llof pinkeye
thrawiig hitia. Las.t s.tprinig lihe lhadi
Illlotller uttiack, Ibut rIovere.l i time
to start il the graltd eircuit, where lie
staLlpeld himselfl easlltiirtaner of tl1he
first order. Helene w.as driveli v
John .lurphliy, and Overm)\'nt la:r i
owner the first helt. Helene took the
lead at the start, and lat half mlile I.at
was two lenghts uheitad, then Overnian
began c(ling lll till, aIid giainied the
aLare'is wheels tl t the three-Irlllarter post
tili4 almhtst evteni Ion tlihe home tretch.
Helene took the leald bIy allt a nek.
I time, 2:". Mieondl heat : helene lead
I.lnug three Ilengt llns aea in first
round, to whlich a 'ste Iialeal, anolll'.iher
length at Jhalf a mile, lovermllan againll
closing up at the three-quarter Iuit. he
was even with the Ilmare while las*in,
her on the homle atretclh, and takii.-:
the lead Iy half a length. Tinil 22 I.
'Third heat, Oveninil at the start was
ahead, when le list again, and the
litare was fully six le.thll on half a
miile. ()Overltan again .ght her
wheel at the three-quartetr lIst, an141
paisllg her onl the Iomlle stretclb i
length. Time 22 2". In the fourth
heat Helene again took the lead, and
was two lengths ahead at quarter, and
Helene won the nrce, making the last
mile in 22 it.
Or. Uegul's edIleaw.
NEW YORK, Nov. 1.-lt required two
paitraillille to keep the side walk, in
i'rilt of Dr. E. P eginn , house, clear,
this , .rlingi. Hurll;. '1. tl- bllue
ea;'.- " ,.,. their ba.cksr " talu,. Ilhow
' ", I .I'. ly lstanders. i : tU'' i i
miiir r,: airi ity, appllr,, ... : *e buil
dingagr Iall sturar. : ..: .e win
dows of ai tiouirth .l.." i",lnt niuaimt, in
which lMrs. Seguinl killed her three
ehlll'ren andil hiersltf. Yesterday alter
no n sorrwingK riends and relatives
bei.an arrivilng at the housae early, but
few entered, they lmerely illlquira afterl'lr
Dr. Meytuin's cl ondition, lett cardsl andl
droive oft. 1)r.'11. W. Aunhlon, brut.ier
of the i'end wollnull, alid Dr. ,.4egulin
iptl.-edl a ver' Ital night, and had onIly
been qu. itl Iby the amllnilistration of
sat.,u: i- *..< :'liia. ingre.licnlla l Illor
I i . .l.,idlan expre-sedl tear that
':a wi.u ,wer's iilind would hlie.eniedis
ordered through glrief: h!,e Ihae , lito a
tltoat attffeetollniate hustl,:,isd and father.
Dr. Anldon asaerted taat there wias
never any hereditary taint of insanity
Sli the Amidon itially.
Tro.le ever Pra ilmi I Lar.
DAVE.P.IOT, IA., Nov. 1.---On
Thursday last, the came of Koholar ik
Large vw. John Hill was tried in Dil
trict Court here. Judge N. J. Hayler
presided. Theese wla really brought
as a test of cynatitution irolllitory
almendlenlat pattsewd by popular vote lIast
June. Plaintif in a brew r, and suet
the defendlant, a snulmn kmt ir, for$ll&
for Iwer supplied, defendant refusing
payment on the ground the bill could
not be collettewd ly law. The eturt
held his deelmion underadviuenent till
morning, when it was , 'i. The
judge decided that t!' .",u II i; lent had
not lexen legally 111a , . a' statuIte Iof
the con~titutlion ( ii"ci uol I! on ~round
that the Journalsb ofl legisaatl.lr to Inot
contain the met in full on their (Iget,
and do not ctInt.dll the tIY alnd uIIYIve
taken on the mame, and dlht acnrldinK
to Jouruals Act as paaM l by senate or
11th general a.emnbly wa i itis i terms
prohibitory of sale of inltnx ie.tivem.
MIIWAUKIK, Nov. 1.-Flour qalet
and unchanged. Wheat tin.-No. 2
hard, $1.08; No. 3, :3j : Nov., 981;
I Dec., 98); Jan., WJ1; No. 8, TV; Nov.,
70. Rye, U.. Corn quiet-No. 2, 67 :
etjet, 67), Onto shadle easier-No.
2, 34(6, 16. Itve quiet and unchanlged
-No. I,. 18; 4o, 2, 58. Barley weak
and lower-No. 1, 781. Provisions
lower-mesa imrk, 10,1.1, cash, Nov.;
l8t0, Jan.
CmICAuº, Nov. 1.-Flour quiet and
unchand. Wheat stead y-rulor, 9)
(.jS)t; Nov. 04, ); Due., : 1(e.9:!;
Jan., 961{"4I.
S be T!wed Leee.
KEOKUK, IoWA, Nov. 1.-Mark
LAaie, who shot at Booth In a Chicago
theatre severl yeaft ago, will be taken
before Judge Welmnan at Quincy on a
writ of habeas crpus t.-m,nrrow and
queflon his being sane ioutimtoh to be
r .leased from theOalri insanue aaluw.
Um weell bract sL
Nttw YOIK, Nov. 1.-Henry (leorge
writes be neither entertain. .1 nor ex
ipresmed ntetion of britn:,, claim'
agalnst British (ouvtrnme,,n for hll
arest In Ireland, adu adds., r- far a" I'
am eoses ed, the expr emsl u of
whikh thke Iidth -over.tmnen. has
made i u lh t r the viad cat a
rcaovlcd, That the republicans of
Montana abide in the convicti.n that
the principles and actioln of their par
ty for its entire existence of more thiml
a quarter of a century have colllmend
ed it to the considerate approval of all
elvilization us a beneficent, moral and
intellectual force insplired by lofty aims
and engaged in heroic endeavor. It
has woven its prineiples into constitu
tional law, has given to the world a
high example of fidelity to liberty; it
has met every novel question in a spirit
of prudence and determined it with
eo.sceletious courage. Born at a time
when fiwtion would destroy the Repube
lic, and continuing during the era of
vituperation and detraction um:paral
leled in history, it has answered each
slander with a nobler deed. It has
given dignity to political action, and
renownl to the generation, and martyrs
to history.-From', Platform of Rpub
ijtan T7 rritoril bConvention &pt. 13th,
"The spectaele presented by thel
demnoeratic party of Montana, which is
the result of eighteen years of discus
sion has been reduced to a confessed
minority of the electors of Montana,
appealing to corporate intervention to
save it from merited defeat, is degrad
ina to American eitizenship,derogatory
to the rights of the people, and if it
were permitted to become succesful
would be destructive of liberty."-
E.1ract from r'solutions ofRepuyblica bl
Territorial convrention, ,Sept. 13, 1882.
Resmolved, That Montana, by its
large and stable population rapidly in
creasing in number, by the extant, va
riety, value and solidity of its material
industries and resources, by the pru
dence. ntoderation, intelligence and
imtriotism of its people, is entitled to
enmanllipation fruomt the thraldom of
territorial existence. and to admission
into the Unln as a state.--rom rc.o
lutions qf republica tverritorial con
rention, &rt. 13, 1~fI.
(ireat and exciting events are ce
courring albout this time throughout
the 'Unitedl otates. The news is daily
received of the killing and robbing of
jaeople to such an extent that all the
wicked folks must have gone into a
wholesale bulsines. Terrible fires are
uceurring so often that we believe the
old story. If there were Ice insurance
lbusiness donie there would Ie less de
struetion of buildings by the heating
process. The frequent abductionl of
young girls is good argument against
the c'ustonl of piutting long drt'nes on
them lbeflre t wv reach their teens
iand forcing thieLm ilntoYso*iety before
Ihey have finished chewing a piece of
linen cloth sweetened by a lump of
supgr being tied in the corner. When
parents have learned that colmnlant
care must be used in the brngiing up
of children there will be Il*o, broken
hearts and desolate homes throughout
the land.
Gros. .%kopidp'ia' Suoik.
Duir~ra: the liaM. twenty years it has
becomae fa~.liousable for all iiein (Pf great
reonto write a * oxk. amN ii' by way of~
placinig on rt(NNiri events that have
(PIeurred during their lifetimaes, liable
to lie overlooked loy the hist'irlan4 of
the dayv. Lient.4-ue. Sheridaan iý one
of thlisi clamo of thliitker-14, arnld has given
the readling wo~rld at IP(N~k esititftNJ.
* Ittvord (of Engagemenelts with 1Io~tile
I nuhian,'4 withint tile Miliitatry Dijvision
of the 3,11sourl rrm Pii S* toPl'*2'
Th'le hoo~k isi compijiled! fromi uelciai
reco~rds~, aind isi given lit u eolorlcm
mannter, vo.ieluthiig, it Kt'm: "I u eq I
epection with the operations of the
army withain the aaailipry division %t
the Nlitmouri niaaay linmortant changep
have talreu plave during the tficen
years &IIILPat cd by tile fuiregohimg liar
native. Muitc of the country whichi,
atI the W&ginniniig (af that lierilul, witsl
lIn(PiaPiKlizeiI 1 .Y thle liuftllo and thet
Indtain,, haw1, uo(w Iten ohiefle( toP the
sett icr, to it(-I rdilroad, tmii to elviliza
tijoa. WVithm at 1o" bo the troolma of miore
thantt a thiui,'iuttn invi amnd offtterp killed
andi wvoullnde,Ptand jaartiyas the reaiilt t f
moure thmanm four hunutrud skiruviohaqio,
vontilPwlts and battlemi-tot ineluding
111ally ipulwititN mand surrenaders (t lit
Idianpi, whens ioacttiat fighthing somteurred
-thle majority of thle wwmheful an lhow
Ui10 (MCUjJSIIIJ (if 11PiiHi(PM Of We.¶?t 01
valuable agrivultumrl pasture, and niual
cral latauh. lim% v l~s.in fuprcoi utwam rem r
vautloea unider thme mu prvialon of tile
goivernmnetl. Kttlse havt, benginad
Utally taughit a few oft thile KlIM* umufui
itludumtritv, Indian chihldiren have biet. u
1pinted lIn p'daoolm, unmder hinsrueton ith
a liettet Ilie than the vargtwiond extat
I vne to which they wveft ltin., and tht.
vsiat Ns.PeMn over which lb. wild aamid
irrespuauultinio tribam., muwa wancdemi'
and rvdmmmm troma Idle wadel. to be
m' al9&W fair milillomso @pinaye..
mzwe people.
City Drug Store,
Draler Ia
I and i etdicines.
ErWrything on hand g'ner.tty k.'
in a well regulated drug house. i
tiles City & Spar sh
Stage Uns,
Connecting at Upacra with Rodgers'
Daely Stage for
WaThe Mtage leaves Miles (Cityv
iMonday, WVedneuhlay and Fridluy
mornings at n o'clock. For pluarage r
any information apply to
1 Main Street, Miles City, M. '.
It i.,t I hi- intlre t f nil who arc u"uiquaint.I
sith the i alirfly 4f i',nl .f thin vounutry.
mnaking arrankemtiit' fur winter' fuel to exams.i
the £.&l tf Ilhe
"Signal" Brand
whichi haj IerTi in u'e hlr fu r the pat threr ve:t
Awl aIlway gave uniiicrsal mAttiku w.I Thi% . ;.,
1i al n'liiire u,, l. AltI A ll4 tr I lr Prt.pli
fili'i., wamnmable discount l>.r Large Ordilt
Leave Orde., at
C. W. &AVASE & C00'&. STOE.
Or Addroin.
N. P. R'y Co.
Notice is hereby given that all of that
part of the town of Miles City located cn
the n. w. ) of the n. e. I and lot no. t
and 3, of section 33. tp. S. n. range 47, t.
and not heretofore aod or contracted t3
be solid by the
Northern Pacific Co.
k Ardw wiihrernntr fiVas markt an I
nlt and or .re.rr for thea uw qf tfi wld
cofapany, amd alU putemo are warve 1
o to treopaM upose the anrof.
a uxr om loinM sx
S~~ ~ ~ LAtCUJlIX

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