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Daily Yellowstone journal. (Miles City, Mont.) 1882-1893, November 09, 1882, Image 1

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711e tflj Ml htl~er "r walrr 1'0".."w
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N 'i:II li ,T1. 5. 'NTA\A.
B Plaut i gi a'' F. u:\ .,, .irinr .,~' .~. rli ~,l"'" ,a ile-"r
n ndu.at anlgi .-12.1 net. Mar:a .-t n". i, rtrand
Off/~ice , ii~~ lt'I.j( n1·1.n
J H. L:.'Il N -lIE.l IM. I, - - IN
Altonw's mi I'll. t tI.....v d'· I \ ..r1( s.r (u
I. y a r. ,til., ('.ya ".Iii.g,.T
Pracul lr" inall ,Iuurli ., t16 ll Itur).
.10N. L I(::IuIT'. - P'IIETItINT.
ICICH'I) E. ý"I'0WIO'V , (l ci 1Eit.
.%,iI1ttri~t.I C s.p~ituI, - - Z~ º((I
l'aid u11 ('rp~taA, - - $ "AI),IAJ.
DI hI:FCT4I{i4;
JA:'. .. I:R!UtiN, C. 4 A.
rOOlr. rffYII):Sc. .
Chathagm N' ii"",aI Aha.k %.~. York Pitt.
Merchant. l..ii anti rrl,.. C..., /'hicagn.
I MYr kajtab Natiunal iank. St. Paul, Minn.
'I t.L
sJvo. c -IBIBS
Siperior QualitofCOI
Order. tinn"n I tit at h i .411ccr nr at ih," C..tag.
1'110.,1 I 1, I. .h'nlt I et a Id Cui alunvIutsIl ll
W. . Burlae& VS. SmW.
SaisfactIo.A Cen I
The Returns Show a Democratic
Clean-Up all Over the
The .Entire Mass of Working
People in Massachussetts
Stand by Ben. Butler.
The Delegate Fight in Montana
Still an Uncertainty--Much
A. C. Botkin an Even Thousand
Ahead in Lewis and Clarke,
Gallatin and Silverbow.
Leighton, the Deadwood Mur
derer, Respited, and He will
Probably Save His Neck.
Lelgsteb. Reps .
Special ti the DlaUy Journal.
I)EAIDWNOD, ii.T I.,.,ov. 8, 8:U1 I. Il
Leightn was grantetd anothlr, .:.-p|e
Iy the' goveria'lr. Strong hi|wes are
( utertuiuted for ua (coluiiUutatiolU of sen
At the L.amilg.
BES.oN'St LANIIAN, Nov. 8, 9:00 p.
iii.-Th'e following votes were pulled
arroa the river: MaginniN, W-, Bot
kin, 719; Edwards, r:, Burleigh, 765.
At tlhe OapMll
F:EI.ENA, Nov. n, i, p. m.-Botkin
Ilas all e.tiultatted luajority of 1,UlIl in
Iewia and ('larke, RSiver Jlow, ualla
till, Jetti".rn, ludisonjM,. Deer lodge
and Ikaverhei.ad. No interest Ilausl
leited except ior delegate.
Delaware Demearela.
SIL.MINII ON, NoV. b.--(Colplete
returns Itrsm the tntire satle give
,tockley, deluiwcat cuandidate for gov
entor, a msajority ol I,5A. For con
grebs LAvre, ulasoerat, received a
nugjorlty uw ,'.;.
It D0ets.
DEAnDWotI, t0 a n-Re-sult of elee
tosn o lsixtmuin prqeaisets so far as re
ecived are I:r vo,,gre .; ltaylond,
13i17; IBruokin.gs, 749;
JlI.aAItt KC , i0 as ui--Biurleigh (ounty
·itizenus tijkit elected by overwhelms
ing majority; To'tal vote poh 41, 1; 7;
Ilt.nuold etrlties eouuty by I.t- nl
jortv;. Legislative Rtepu;b:,ira tickei
The C.ante in Alaheme.
'I4)1 Tt iM I BY , Al:t., Nov. N.-The
only colttlayr. in hue stacle for (ongrtba
auen were tIx't. w1r Hoctes, desuwcrat,
aand tlwilh, epublacana. in the first
diibtrli*I, liirhIr.z, .kesIaOcrat, and Allen
Itite rejpsaillieaalu ilto thMeselod dik ridt,
hlelley, deleaotarait, andi Craig, rej uIull
tan, an thet iourlh district, and Prior,
desuawrat, aind LSherry, rt.pujibicarin In
eighth dixtriet-all gone denauerutic
Oata waas elcted in the third district.
l am In Gemmel.
MTILLWAI1IIt, NOV 8, 3 1. In-Thcre
were oaa.e IasaaaalTed aind twenty votes
polled at this prwcinct; I3..tkin, li;
3Iaginuis, 29; Iluricighl, b8; Edwardla ,
ll'LI. (2atI:m, Nov --Ten votes rust
-J3,otkin,, l; . la~giinis, 1); Burleigh, .5;
Fdwaras, J1; llurleigh, Jr, 9; Erwin, 1;
SFomnc, 1; Curry, 7; 'l'ay r, b; Hater,
10; Rich, N; McNeil, 10.
(lRAVulyAmD Bini'ow, Nov 8-T--Tt. I
ty-seven Volte east. Brady nine wad
('arland three ahead; Leighton, 8;
HuIlartI, :;D; cSNtdl, 30; HulabiII, 0;
Blurletla, :4.i: ;('ox, a; Biur'legh, Jr, 34.
Boz1"::.ºAN, 101.1 . a. nt.-Htk~u, r:cºb;
'Mt iaakIu i. .
K in 1.1. 11 a. m.-Fify-our vottw
SpIlItNI. Mnkgtesvb., 4t1 $totikln, b; Ed
iHtuili.aN.r III: at. ai.-Iatklaa, :IWi;
:lItagiaý.k'i , .,* -
('L t It 1 ('I a. II: 11:19. aaa.- ugtahnis
Hi.I tA Iias. nn-Fi'vs. t4SW pure
(111 in ltr Mogi jIgl, 1111 114.9I I: lI, II25.
SIaN I t hi v i, 1(a.:iJ-\ýitaguiýah alias
IiiII l~t :s, 1I:2. a; jaa;~-tE oa ht to at
I In ni ':I'e.It a.!V.te 'sI lea Id, .4I2; 1I :sgi i
SI"' I 1'rtslt Ii. 37_; Cox, 147; t..
I lurlelI I; Jra, :ia;7; Mle~dow, -. Lr
%%wi, : IlsIt4I~l, 145; I t , t, 7;
3111111140,it UfresIy, ý!' M4; ('ea1alustl,1 7a;;
3C!R; Wa',l':tr, 17.1; Slueat. lil, V4i; O'( nn
nor, 142'; ltealel, htNI; Woodt.~. * 4, luntes,
177; (laiw, 541; Liagruim, .'JU; T'rsw ,
)fedad, liii; ppie r, 10.4
Jority is 2..hi,411 hltte. ('It*;
li11, Iholkh,, L5 E.IwattIu, 1.17; Hue'
Lhigh, I
PHILADELPHIA, Pl., Nov. 9.-O-1.
cial and estimate returns from every
county in the state, except Elk and
Firth, give Patterson democrat, for
goveruor, 3.,122 plurality.
BloIoN, .Nov. 8.-The total vote of
Jtassachusetts, all but one town, gives
Butler 13,1M14; Bishop 1,21,12; AIbing
1,8:29; Butler's plurality 13,392; returns
show plurality on republican state
ticket, except Bishop, of about 16.350;
total green back vote in the state 32(0.
The following are the pluralite oon
gres.men elected: First district, Robt.
T. Lkvis, republican, 5&(Mi second dis
trict, J. D. Long, republican, 89.i;
T'hird district, A. A. Kenney, repubil
can, 3105; Fourth district, P. A. Col
lins, democrat, 8334; Fifth district, L.
Morse, democrat and independent, 2273
Sixth district, H. B. Lovering, demon
erat and greenback, W-09; Seventh dis
trict, E. F. Shone republican, lU);
Eighth district, Wm. A, Russell, re
publican, 52; Mlnth district, T. Ly
itan, civil service reform, endorsed by
democrats, ±.1; Tenth district, W. W
tlice, republican. :23; Eleventh dis
trict, Win. Whitnev, republican, 6776;
Twelveth district, i(. I. Roth, republ!
can, 35& . Additional returns mnake
no change in the result foreshadowed
in the dispatches last night in Welling
ton district. M4a. Green, democratic
congressman may reach 1000.
RIt'HixOND, Va. Nov. 8.-Unoleial
returns from the flth district indicate
the election of Caball, demrcrat, by
nearly 1,M n majority. Iteturp from
the seventh district show a v ' close
icontest between Oferaal, democrat, and
Paul, coalltion. Estlnated and ollcial
returns give Oferall 240 majority with
Higland county to hear from, which
mnay go for the republican. J. S.Wise,
tor congretman at large, certaluly
elected by a handsome majority. Coa
lition headquarters at Petersburg claim
Wise's election by 10,000 majority,
while democrats there say Wise's ma
jority will be greatly reduced, and
when all the returns are all in will
probably elect John E. Moseby, demo
crat. S. Hopper, coalition candidate
for congressman in the fourth district,
has a m jority of over 9,000 over
Waraze, democrat.
BItAINm iD. Minn., 8, 3:30 p. I.
Count of ballot In this city up to this
hour gives Kindred 2,000, Nelson 154,
Barnum 432; total vote polled 2,5688.
The count will not be finilhed before
6 p. m., but will not change the above
fiilures m .aterially.
!PIEIL":, .1.. .Nov. 8.-Ntumber of 5
votte ":L l Iu 'lqYe, Hughes county, I
Uakcta i,,r republican party are as (
follow . For delegate to congres,
Raymond, 2;0; for district attorney,
:uith, 780; couneilman, McIntosh,
213; for representative, Sterling, =-. J
Democratic party: Delegate to con
Frew, I.rookings, 68; district attorney,
'hompeon, 47.; councilnman, Harris,
5; representatve, Dancan, 46.
)EADW(WOOD, NOV. 8.--Election ina
sixteen precincts so far as rece veld:
For congress, Raymond, 1,3387, rJr.ook.
Ings, 74); for sheriYf, Knig'at, u0J2,
Jlannigr, 1,289; for distrlct '.ttorney,
Plowmnian, 1..02, Miller, t,I;.9; for
eoun(llmna., Wa\habangh, 1,.W0, Dud
ley, 1R4; fir legislature, I).oranfle, W01 ,
Bowman, 181, Willson, 874, U teau,
1,195, t-pith, 1,42.
BRAIN MaD, Minn., Nov. 8.-Total
vote in fifth district 17,9i5. To this
hour Kindred 8,M4,2 Nelson 7,556, Bar
nuln 1,574. Offlcli mreturns, Brainerd
city gives Kludrral 2,048, Nelson 151,
Barnum 42.
'Cosonu,D, N. Y., Nov. 8.-Revised
and corroeted. returns 2&. towns, give
-ale 37,54). Edgerly 30,174, sattering
9'21. Of cliveu remaining towns a-n
jorities then received which with
governer vote of 81 and remaining
six toy no, give Edgerly 170 majority
whicht makeu Hale a majority of 257.
This majority probably canuot be re
duced below '1i0, and may reach 800.
The senate stands 11, republians 4,
democrats i. The district mat es no
change and two districts In doubt. The
relpublleas will have about sixty-tive
majority. Four out of five cooncilors.
Haynes and Ray republican candi
dates for coalreas have about two
thousand plurality each.
COLUMBIA, & C., Nov, 8.-News
fron all of the state indicate a
quiet aa nevential election. Demo
eratle state and county tickets elected
by large mnajorities. Democrats elected
a comgrewslean from the sixth distrlict.
In the neventh Mackey, republican,
i probably elected, although ofmeal rl
turni cunnot be had before Tuesday
MILWAL'KRnt, WIs., Nov. A.-The
following cotgretsmen uhave been ele.
teil ; I'rtt district, John Winuns, dem
ocrnit ; Second. U. H. Cuimnamer, demo
crat; Third Blure Jonte, tdemnocrat;
Foutth, P. '. *,uuter, deumocret; Flith
J~sueldi Rankin, denen)rat; Sixth, W.
U, Price, republiemn; ninth, sauac
Steplaheuson, republican. Wihan's
eletion ls not conceded by all relmbtU
can. Private advices received to
aiglnt frham arellable urce, state Wlu-.
iolu's election by a mmall majority. i
(' Hl'A(, Now. 8.-Returns trum all
over theltate ttt ilS V nd at
thlx hloi, eleven o'elrk, t i sUtll I.- I
p i u t(te the. 18, tlt hg et
u~ut.ltr I" closh. !tuMnles! Ia
will have a ma.ity of t.bae to one
joinot ballot in tim ste gtlatue,
though dunmgn ts. prebably haves
uarlty Ia tlde tlus. rLtest restu
InItcate tant on couag. uwna tbes.
publllans held their own, whi.
I wenhirt Uvlves udi.l, Iur I Il
these return. give following conara
sional delegation: Ilt district, Dun
ham, republican; 2d, Fiunerty, ijle
pendent democrat; 3d, Davis, republi
can; 4th, Adams, republican; 5th.
Ellwood, republican; 6th, HittH, rt
publican; 7th, Henderson, republican;
8th, Cullen, republican; 9th, Payson,
republican; 10th, Lewis, republican;
llth, Marsh, republican; 12th, ,tigi-,
democrat; 13th, Springer, democrat;
14th, lowell, republican; 15th, Can
non, republican; 16th, Shaw, demo
crat; 17th, Moulton, deumosrat; Ihth.
Morrison, democrat; 19th, Townsend.
dem.crat; Wth, Thomas, epublican;
total, republicans 13, democrats 7.
TOPEKA, KaW. Nov. 8.-Republicaun
concede the election of Glyck, deno
cratic candidate for governor. I)Deo
crate claim he will have from 12,000 to
a0,000 majority.
BAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 8.-The total
vote of the city conceded forty thous
and and seventy-four, of 146,04)1 count
ed Stevenson 3147 ahead of other demi
ocratic c:ndidates show such gains
that repullicains will not elect a single
municipal ,"ticer.
DENVEl, ('ol., Nov. 8.-Returns of
the state cousing in slowly, 179 precinut
give Grant democrat, tor governor.
133'i iiajur.tv. and Belford, republican,
for c;ngre:--ttan, 1157, with six city
preciucts tuo leal from. Later indica
ticmi show (irant and Bellord both
elected. I-x-Sen. Chaffee concwdet the
state to Graint by about 500 majority,
the senate und house still in doubt.
This is the ,iost bitter fight Colorado
has ever k.i,wa.
NEW YHLK, Nov. 8.-The Times
says the a.-vinibly of eighty-three will
consist of *.t republicans and 84 demo
Crats, giving (democrats a mafority of
41. The: et iate which held over from
last year. c;,,siita of 17 democrAts and
15 republic a-..
DEBLuQI,.., 1owa, Nov. 8.-The dem
ocralt elehlc. t;,in" congrewsmen, and
the greenbtw-kr, one; Murphy in see
ond diatrtlt: \Weller in the fourth,
Frederiek in the. 11 th, and Pussey in
the pinth. 1rlsp.stches received here
connrm the news o,' Updegraft, repub
lican, defeated in fourth district, by
one thousand inab.ority. Henderson,
republican, in t!s d.istrict, has from
tl0 to 1000 majorit;. Debuque gives a
democratic maj4ri:\, ranging from
three to four thoun: . 1.
At Large.
CMICAGO, Nov ,, tr a mn-Pennsyl
vania electa 1'attimon; Maesachunetts
Butler, New York, Cleveland; The;
Democrat& gain two congreisnun in '
Connecticut; No news from Indiana;
8T. PALU, Nov. -.-Latest returns
give the following: Cleveland a ma
jority in New York of 17,500, Slocum
cungresmanu at large, same state le(,
100. Pennsylvania gives Patterson
27,000, but entire legislative ticket ex
cept one probably republican.
NEW JEkREY. Nov. 8.-.egislature
stands senate, republicans 12,democrats
9; assembly, republicans 26, demo
crats 33; independent 1. Democrats
have a clear majority In joint ballot, I
securing them an U. 8. Senator.
Democrats concede the election of
John 1. Wise, as uungresnman at large.
Election In frst district very close,
with chllnce in favor of Biernan.
Fifth district hotly contested, but at
present NelaMn is ahead with t,.'1* to
2,0(0 majority. This may lhe momewhat
reduced when the returns are all in.
In second district Wakefield, republi-,
can, third straight republican, fourth
Washburn, republican, elected.
Butler elected by 15,000 majority.
The ret of the republican ticket, in
cluding AmwC, lieutenant governor, is
Hall, republican, is elected by a
small nmjority.
Democrats elect their state ticket by
85,000 majority, and three out of four
congressme, a gain of two.
Democruti: -1lid.
Democrats elect six congrt4Wsam n.
Democrata carry the state by a imaIll
PMolea m. .
Nv:w YOK, Nov. 8.-Nortlhelrn
Pntcite ($. t1:, preferrtel $.!N. St. 1'aiul.
,Minuealupolla & Alllitolni *?14'
sb*ek Mketets.
('m1ICA(O, Nov. t.-Hogs, rtv'lptts
3, 4a1, lhllpmente 8,4iU; dteitildl fair;
I.."' lower thanl Tulsay Ilorning;,
mixced i.7<(i U0.7Tb Iwvy' fi.m(i' 7.( l
light 1.1(m A^ k lp, €tltw4.t. ('iAt
tie, rtWcptl 8,t1a,, sldlpnimnts 2,.4.
Market fair.
POlTT2ViI.oL, P'I., Nov. N.-,.xplenonl
Sof g* In anl exhaustetd working (ltrdi
collery at Ulirrdvllk thin at
1 M Venrft.ircl f-ttt wnttr*"
hi feet in the air anld mctterti to a
great *lUtance. Windows and dirn
I werr blown In, houes scattered and
pr eM ti. w.r dm own, but aUe IjurAed
ii"He a.' · *
DULUTA. lMinn., Now 8;--Dtr of e
of the Daily Tri6une wtas vhited yu,
terday afternoon by ao.uut fort~.of t.,
Pupporten of (indred fur oangaym, -t,"
:oren the editor of the papmr, R 4'
MitcheU, to apologise 'to thena per
monally and in the next a*urinls isu',
for having an aeount of Kindnee
torch light proceasion on the prevtmi.
evening headed by the hummers. T''hey
were followed by'a large erowd ?agrv
to see the fray. Att ie the 1MainMe
were bold in theirdea naa slnd w",ul:
take nothing but sa unridiJon.a:
apology. The editor, however, though
alone T the offee with a clerk, did mn
amake the required prornine,and fluialt
the warlike crowd gave out, and tih y
left, saying that they would expeat the"
apology in tihe next. muaningl papa.
This morning the Tribu .e came-out i,"
a long article calling the row.,l i,ul*
dozers and namehig many of theru a ,
bullies;Ja aa consflqluence the lirtle?
pants in the aflair are not aatisfled an,.
while no see,nud visit has thus fai hear
t.ade tothe oflce.theairisfull,;f ruuvni
of velngence and some of the portv
are swearing persrmal chtutilsemnnt. .'
is not likely, however. that any thron
will crme of the matter. The atffai
will appear quite ridiculouti after th,
election exeitement, which has beei.
very high, has died away.
Illes Cil & Spsarfih
Stags Line,
Connecting at Speufish with Rodger'
Daily Stage for
AWThe stage lavmr Mile. Ci?
Monday, Wednesday and FV-Ma..
morning at 8 o'cluck. r'or pInmPag
any infonnation apply to
I Main Street, MUeo City, 31. 'I.X
It isto the inere~t of ll who tie r..aqusiat ·
with the quality of Coal of ii,. country, bhr·.
making srranmotat fur winters fuel toeabaut'
the coal of the
"Signal" Brand
which has baa. I. nee he for the pauit thm'.' :u -
sad ale. We pas· maIsel satiaft le. Th is,.
ia ute a, 1r=11add. All tlnrdr I'rutvt pi
Ilia. leaahle discount for Lag.I t
Le.re Oer. lKe
@. ice. se'S. STORE.
POFTOFfICZ APDR>' tatX 21i6.
n. Pt: r'y Co:
No ctce s k .bs mbd tr , tandU oef "i tl+ t
part of the teem Ofifi M C.ty Lecta.d .;'
the a. V. 4 . f te A Q.,j ad lte o. t
1and Of. ,as .Sa J t6 R i.e 47, '.
t { nd flat [email protected] feld eSt . ctcd :ý
I j pJ ;e rr
trfffr~s r cwh*JM tfkt~f os. «rr "!·
' I "
S'trot to M~at~nnkfry '

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