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Daily Yellowstone journal. (Miles City, Mont.) 1882-1893, November 17, 1882, Image 4

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B rV C C II A.NX 7.3 1.-.
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lt tr. ti. L. bwfttt. -mar
nCM ! u..g. Ltv htrtHk, l'am er.
Efr EOWAL CHURCH. ma,. Us.u. pIae.
D MSYTKMIAI CHIII CN. trrius will be
A. Wito the I~w bu of J. J. Uurahama
)1au L 010 Jo urrkl u-e. PgaqhLs at
1 i. Nt ºdckuo at A. K. Cfmin .i n
atrapeaa~llleurM. P. Ummtttu. ?amlae.
AMvivI aad Departure of Mail.
Emteara llole. at 2 uclockp. s
Weauto mail ckwe atl u:4O p...
Naamr mall arrirve at M: IQ p.m.
Wee.,. mall arrivesat 6:0 P.m.
The variety tllheatre at Glendive ih to
re-ope d again in a few days.
Fred Routhier hasn the contract fbr
the wood work on the Congregational
The ladles of the Baptist society are
looking forward to a sociable at an
early day.
The county com.missiloners should at
once take stepsm to eleoct a proper place
for a cemetery..
The Ildiit of the Baptist church will
give an olbt-fiihioned supper at their
saocial on Thursday, November 23rd.
The youai macn's socail club gave a
soeel last evening in Uould's hall,
which was enjoyed by those in attend
Postmaster N. lorchardt erected a
set of scale' ill hie store yesterday to
weigh candy anid other sweet thlngs
for the ladies.
H. (loodhue, a partner of George
Scott for tile heneva, N. Y. Nursery of
W. & T. Smlithii, is in the city and stop.
ping at the (irund Central.
Frank Canton, a cattle detective of
this stock di4trict, was elected sheriff
by the denuonruts In Johnson county,
Wyouipg., at the recent election.
The wols. in full of them-prairie
chickemn--waiting to be salot, and vet
our young splrtimig mlen had rather
shoot at gjia lmalls tlhan kill theim.
Persons deslirilng a copy of the first
directory of Miles ('ity em procure
the same by upplication at the Jout
NAL counting roonm. Price, per single
copy, $3.o0
N. Nathan has removed his stack of
notions and fancy goods from Nado's
store to the Inlilliul g adjoining the
iun'tolee, where lie will k eep a full
stOuck of gKois ill -tore.
tMorrisoll, the sign artist, returned
yesterday trol a trip up the Yellow
stone, where he hasI beenl painting
ilgns for tile nuitmer.us business men
between here and Bozenman.
The lecture at tile local Baptist
,hurch annollullnctd tor next Sunday
evening will be Ipstlaoned, and Rev.
V. W. Vail Ars til, the minsionary of
the M. E. chlurch, will preach instead.
G(eorge Hyde, the bilking banker,
writes one of our (itizens and ways that
he will explaui his .o*euliar conduct
later. PrKahbly Dr. Ikidge and several
others will feel sligLtly relieved from
their sulpense.
Peter Me i! .isid to Ie the fineut
s.kater on the i:,*. 'l'hese lmlanlight
nights tihe Ilai.es like to skate with
hli,. while the gentlenen enjoy seeing
hitm turn haundsprings and write his
name on Ihe lee.
James r;teplhenlwsn Perry Robinomn
ill the name or the new night clerk,
the succtesor of Wes. Morris, at the
('ommnerelal. Hie is an aec.unnm odating
nort of a fellow and klnows how to
serve up loat whne o1n short notcUe.
The Merchani hotel ban jumped Into
popularity Ironu the very start, and
James It4hlrough, the proprietor, is a
popular landlord. All the old Black
Hlbs boys have evidently remsembered
him, as they all make their head
quarters at the Mter·hants.
Some trouble oc:urel yesterlny in a
Park street .lnon, between, a mnan and
woman tUhe latter claniming to have
been roi.ed of a dianoud rhig. High
words paFneed between them, the wo
nman cutting her victim alightly witl
a knife, for which ofetcer King arrested
The ,ell lately presented to the
Episbopal congregation has arrived,
and the seata will be put In place early
nett week. Rev. Honefall offers to
ialrry the lirnteouple when the church
s finlished free of charge. Ituntle for
a girl, boys, and visit itre new chapel
Joseph Mitmer In ere.ting a new
hlldhiag on the cormer of Palmie and
Math strenta. This is a move in the
right diroetion. Mr. Miner's hbmily
antived a ftiw nmonths ago frusa Fort
ltott, Kannlal, and he Ineeds anore
rmoo thUni he (lid when a gras wid
owr. - *
Jln Conly, the jailer, who has spent
the pat anoath as Hunter's Hot
lN sin, returned home yesterday.
e has been there doet lng br rhes
. o.a.d rtureU s a and
l tgl S."' Jim wWail ew -e
a Op ever te area at th
ueRtert nhof? o I ,wlroshL
wVl.iad a few dAiep, ao
templates vtleain in ileC Qty
=r , lae peted alU the towns
Northem Paeifi ranlloed,
and gives our city the preferenoe over
all oten, showing him to be a man of
exoellent Judgment.
The omunmer.la house presents an
advertisement in to-d' paper. The
Commereial is one of the astad-bys of
the metrepolis and has been here since
the town was an infant, and with the
wonderf(l strides of progress which
the city has muuade has always kept up
to the mark.
The Miles City Directory can be had
by appllication at this oece. It Is a
neatly-bound, well-printed book, con
taing the history of Miles City from
its inception up to the present day.
and gives a fall and complete descrlp
tion of the Yellowstone valley, aloi
the names and business of every person
in our prosperous city, making it a
valuable book of reference alike to our
business men and those contemplating
investing or moving into our midst.
Price, P.
Grand masquerade ball to-night at
the Cosmopolitan. It
Baths at Ford's barber shop. 25tf
OyAer Oemau
Is the name of the new firt-.lawI
oyster house recently opened under
the First National bank. 'O)-tf
A VaaluMb. eesk.
Dr. John G. Lee, of Philndelphia,
and who will be remembnered as visit
ing Miles City, a few months ago, has
sent to this office a copy of his new
hand book for eoroners, containing a
digest of all the laws in thethirty-eight
states of the Union, together with
valuable hints to ooroners and physi
clans in post mortem examinations.
It is an ably written volume,' and will
doubtles meet with a large sale.
Grand masquerade ball to-night at
the Cosmopolitan. It
Baths at Ford's Iarber shop. 2&tf
All kinds of hot drinks to suit all
weather and tastes artistically con
pounded at the Keg saloon. ltf
Our Prim.
Mamma; what was it, a charity
ball? I don't know my child, your
papa had no invitation, though he
represents the oldest and heet paper in
the Yellowstone vadley. Why mamma!
He don't dance, and I think, my
child, they were afraid he would take
the mountain fever. Do people often
take the mountain fever at dances,
mamma? No any dear, but your papa
is subject to it.
Grand maswuerade ball to-night at
'the Cosmopolitan. It
Baths at Ford-'s barber shop. itf
A Ihr.ClIa. Plae.
The new Oyster Ocean under the
First National bank is a grand auc
ces. 2U-tf
The. rPm bl-Ceateanial.
Ranchnman (utunsoll, of Tongue
river, has presented this omice with
one of the beautiful medals struck off
to colnlnemorate the Penn Bi-Centen
nial, which was held in Philadelphlia
recelltly. The medal in question is
about the size of a gold dollar, with a
fine likeness of Willlam Penn on one
uide, and onl the reverse is tihe Lord's
Prayer entire. It la the nearest thing
in this office to a bible, andll our devil
will, we hope, in time master the re
Grand masquerade ball to-night at
the Co~sopolitan. It
Baths at Ford's harler shop. 2itf
Weather strips of all kiuds and pat
terns at
2jtf J. BAMINSKI s & B3OR.
"Jaut Before the Betle."
Bert Blake, the pilot of the(ilendive
I'rers, is a great fnlaneler evidently.
So much so that he has induced the
Northern Pacille company to give him
an unnual puaw over their rcad. But
Blake only uses it between (ilendive
alid Miles, and he uses it often. When
Sie comwllsup here, which is but four
times a week, he registers at the Colln
mercial where, rumor has it, he has
suceunllied to the winning sniles of
one of the lady Iharders of the house. ,
Tihe Tirme says Blake is building a
dugout down there, while at this end 1
tile young lady In question says she
expects to reside i (ilendive this
xwinlter, ansd to a man up a tree it looks I
as if Burdick. the Imrtner of Blake,
will he comlpelled to sleep alone during
all the cold wintry nights to comle.
The wedding cake is in the oven.
('holes brands of liquors at Keg
saloon. 1-tf
Fonr's bartb r shop is now fitted up
with the finest hot and cold bathe in
the city. When in need of a refresh
ing loth try them. 2U5 if
Fannie French will give another
uiance on Maturlay evening at tlhe
saloon opposite Keo.~t the tailors.
Several gaining tables have been placed
in the sample room, where those who
wish, ean luvest their wealth. All are
Invited. 26.L2.
w4alig Imaehles.
Now on hand twenty-five of the new
light running Domestic sewing mut
chins, . *cal terms and prices for
the Inext lftee days.
18tf M LIas & 4TRRVbLL.
Do not pam the Keg saloon without
droppingh n r a unLe drink of good
liquor enr a ne elllar. oft
Foer the next thirty das,. wOI l rlpl
dihmead, geMl aud ullvr walhbee*
'balsa, ingA he., r rest.
14US. K. Asut*t.
Milton Russell was abl to sit up
M. A. Adams, of Powder river, is at
the Inter4Oesa.
Los McTeellon, of Salmon City, is at
the Inter-opean.
Geo. R. Tinlte, county clerk of
Dawson county, b in town.
F. Johnson, of Bismaack, is in the
city. He arrived yesterday.
Ned Lorne and Morris Cahn, started
for Billings on yesterday's train.
Mr. J. Burnell, a Billings merchant
i. in town quartered at the Grand
David Leboher is hack from his
sheep ranch, looking the town over
and drinking hard cider.
Bert Blake, of the Pres, Glendive,
returned to his home yesterday, having
remained but one day with us.
The Williams Bros. of Bt. Thomas,
Canada, who are at the Grand Cen
tral, contemplate a hunting expedition
in a few days.
Capt. Paul MeCormick and Z. H.
Daniels, two old timers on the Yellow
stone, left on yesterday's train for
Junction City.
L. D. Master and A. Stagger, both
of Fort Maginnis, are in the city,
having urived yesterday. They are
at the Commercial.
W. K. Russell, the brother of James
D. Russell, recently murdered at Bill
ings, left for his home this morning by
private conveyance.
H. Goudhue, a nurseryman of Atchi
son, Kansas, came in on the train
from the east yesterday and registered
at the tirand Cetral.
J. S. McOirk, an extensive stock
raiser of Tongue river, Is in the city at
the Merchants. Mr. (. h.p about
3,0NW) sheep on his range.
Messrs. James McKenna and Will
Goodrich, of Chicago, are at the Grand I
Central. They uontenplete killing a
bulttho and then rtturning to thir
houes satisftled.
W. H. Wisner, the able assistant to
General Passenger Agent Barnes at
St. Paul, arrived in tne city yesterday,
and is at the Grand Central. He con
tenmplates remaining with us several
days before returning eastward.
Charles J. Wood, a merchant of
Denver, Colorado, is in the city,
having arrived on yesterday's train.
He contemplates itavesting In Miles
City, being favorably impressed with
its business like appearance and real
Jamnes Davis, the Ihoomer of Northern
Pacific towns, is in the city still He
has "caught on," and In the aext Iasue
of the Railway Journual Miles City and
Iher enterprising citizens will be repre
sented in a Imge. He leaves for St.
Paul to-day.
The charters having arrived, all
charter nembers l of Custer Lodge No.
7, 1. O. O. F., are hereby notlied to
tmeet at the sheriff's oiltee, on MoInday
evening, Nov. II, In8., for thitrlu.Inr
of setting the nIight of insitletullon.
By oreter J. W. Jot: . .
Fresh Oyster.
When in want of oysters cooked In
every style go to the Oyster Ocm( u,
thie heat platce in town to get frtesh
oysters. 21-tf
Baths at Ford's barber shop. 25tt
A car losd of all kindsof heating sand
cooking stovee have just be'sn rveceived
at lturleigh's miunamttl store. Now is
the tlime to call while the stock is colr
plete. 7t(
The Murdered Rlssell.
W. K. Russell, brother of J. D. Rus
sell, killed by McArthur, now in the
city jail, was itl tile city yesterday,
having returned from BHllings. He has
with itn clippings fIruto various
newspapers giving his hrother anll ex
c~ilent reputation as a quiet and
IwtuXeable citizen, who would be tlhe
last nmn In the world to pie:c a quar
rel witl anlay one. In conversation
with leading men of Billings, he
claims the murder was eoondelmnedt .su
a cold-bIlodted asnd unprovoked affair.
Mr. Rusewll also clailu his brother
never carried a gun in his life. He
leaves this morning for Deadwood by
private conveyasce.
IMtevesI Searen'
All kinds of heating and cooking
stoves, at Burleighl's. 7t.
Fresh Otpaere.
Fresh oystern cnoked in every sty-le
at the new Oyster Ocean under First
National hank. 20tt
more always seep e Tse l d
Choicest of Wines
c0l118 II mI CIT._
Mls.l Drllke a lir lsiy. . O tie ad I o
-mmbsr pSe .u. , a."
This mew end centrallyd Ieseted otel has bee
opened to the public for iestel
Jas. Rosbrough
Newly Furnished.
Table Unexcelled
Reasonable Rates
Everything First Clas.
Are among the many advantages offered to the
patrons of this house. 2
I s~~
urgas& & Thomas
Headqnartern for
Commercial Men.
3oard $7 a Week.
SWILar in connact.ls with the H e. optm.
Day and nlght. 27
Under 1st tat. Bank.
Cartr & Lyn, ropp.
lisut sa Lmrp4 tok of
Liquors and Cigars
Wholslad RAtail.
In EE vr Syt u a I asskpy.
Satisfaction is Oruatelt
3me9thtu WhFs, kga e Ni. le fkuns
Ib..a1sws U,
-ll Bi & III,
WVleal ad Elmail
Meat Market,
IMain Street, Mlile, City.
We have always on hand a Lare Supply of
Beef, Mutton,
Pork and Veal.
And having recmtly added a lure
We can furnish a fine artlele of
"4-iOrder for llotelf and Privale famill. will
rt..ive our .e Iclal attUlltiiun. Our prlj s aure te
soable. 24
W...ANDREW8 & 00.
-Dealers in
Fancy Articles
Cuarefly C.mpeod Dary or ighbt.
ML A. C. iAM, U. . A.
Has his oSe in our ore, where hI ean Ic cun -
sulted ast a beer after Is. m.
W. B. Andrews& Co.

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