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Daily Yellowstone journal. [volume] (Miles City, Mont.) 1882-1893, November 19, 1885, Image 4

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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"Wa an Ingot-3.tu,.a the Jmws d
the Moiler-The Milling Nlirhln#
?Te Steel Diglte ul tim
Cola Iwei&
n1 h i lbt4l l bin I 'r. ,
The visitor followed an In,,ot into the
aimers' department. The'i ineot Ithas inl it,
Mllsa, with its suggestilns of trcanurt,
illeoas and huccaneers, about a.I tile
1iaSece there is in the nouwlilatur3 of
tabey. it has in itself ci I wo:th of
sliver pre are.l by the nitc ei t'r tle
oliner B ue, til bshape of a btIr twelve
Ilches lod tw inuches wile an I half an
inch thicc. It has a rape I. v.iri. and
rather ir itring experience Ibefore t i, on it,
way into d, i r shape. The l.rt to in in
the coiner, dupartieul t w:ts ful ,! ar
tialn rilt..t drawing, ci~uA :i..- : i ,.i
ing th, il guOs.
i . . 4t Itt iN Tile i , I.
Throullh shier force is the lr t of the
coiner s ai te .i: ised on the ll It '..a
which the t- .tois hal folhlo," i twi ll
aertetd bett' , , the Jaws oft , I, i.t rol
lei anl It w t' went throu.:h i , .. s of
dqil, iliol ti wni an iron thl, .t. T'iwelie
times it lI. wo go throlugh th s ordhal. the
pressll i I. i.a. increasei by dt l narrow
ig of lit s!t'ce through whica, the ingot
palsed b a sixteenth ot an ilcih each
time. It is then twice its foier lengthl
and bi re cdi in this pres that wit,,
split in titIn middle the two bars which allt
prilcedli tt ist the thicknless of a bt.
I i .,- rilling processt ll, i arti a hit
to thie iltt, which necesitaltie the use of
bhad.in: i ai.d a brittleness to o\ cOiul
which ilotuer trip to the frtia:li. Is re
`oniic cfintr of imperl a Illoie tt i
doubt' es a ion2 time at halnulllaerlie out
Judas ihrtiy pii~.es of ivntr. Tlue ili
chine wh:chl was workinl gacro. the Io ,ll
from the rollers cut otit in the IIl., ii,
which tha viisitors looked at it ios: t..:,t
times a ni many piices is told, so:t.
lord for- I,. all toll-u, I,- up l :
process about ten I a. of ell :a \\ t i
had ellen heated in a f' la t'' 1 I
straiihbteued :u a dr w.ug uiI,.h u, - .:
they r, at led the en' itr.
"tt'I ,e a gi' cutting ohu to .
said o. a:icrice as lie watthi,: .
machine h lankin" silver like . ,
bos. 1 a(h liar ,f cuttings .w . : ;
three fo l. by a "orkman as the Ihn .a :i
AnihIdi wxu it , ad stowed .I a , \ for it
return to the in :ters "bheu It mr ,,,ui
ach:e was s . t whirling. It :, th
drcubir pate steel, with .r o i, e.lge,
revo!vlu inl a uircular hoo:, of -',e, with
its ins d, edi',e alsa, grooedl .t r.st of
the mIe C: i.Iks from the cuiter was
dropped t i ii a tube. ., whi, i
the botont was the space between
the wir, ngt and the stationary
groov. a .,.n the m:ling mnachlie began
s* t:'el,." tet e ,, troui a .ij in its cir
cular sain 'Tial di..,, when thev came
oat. hla a 'i;.d e., ,on e ,e a lt They
be.an ti io o l.a. d"i a.r. , err 'u1h and
7tic like rn . rni dol"ars then .er,., low
ever. The vwsitors to wed thel into ban
adjo;n n_ room. where they were plunged
intoan ac l bith adl th.. placed in a
revo!vilg w re rail e with a -juantity of
hot s~ t Iul t lTete they were left. turn
ingbrilIi er and more dollar like etcr,
The ad unt:ng-room, where tie tout
aext led loH ked not unlike a meeit'l of
a I ornai o,..ciety. for at .east a score of
wnouen rnatr, oly lo,.ing for the ui.'
{tart, sat and stitched in knots of three an:
four. la,.l . i meantime in low tunei.
__ They are sewing vo:n ba.;5, " aid 1 oL
But of all the t1 ing tn er in toe 1,-iav
Irani, Ow a o~i scullrot nal Irllri.u
useemeid the scl digits of the ( c~oin
It l*crel lv ,tilre of humaiu;t: to one
wan hi a IIt Tc wrkiiigi o01 tlt, ..&rl.l
that It -Ii, ,.d do i.s toLuc anl lit ii : 1...
who rua l d ,tliuuid do so hitt k th.
share 11w 1,uiet lady- ice l. .sea',
whit 4a If~ll~e the preas I It pci u " ,I
tlon ' w n4-.1 l placing pile at .r l.c If
brglht s I er 0nuou it i. t .l,, "lile,,
e'er. I it usrter Elf a st"c ii tii. I~
*tWii Tk' I ne .f the mach-oc w .i ,1ct
Whe l ,t Iii :w l 'If th tile , lit " .t it
iU (,.u -, r, t. plate ! etwet~u t I . , -a-ll I
leave t e. c- hen. W itb a pr. -'irc t
sixty ,. e erted. e, rr thicc it . rr et
s tucuId Itlhe head of £ iherty a uo" camp
down on th e ae hItenathi aInd the i.% cr
mo-tl, between rcceiied tl.e.r lut re~
'I" 1 he vcr limo ,bs Wh.CIh Irup froth thIIIe
coiU rca lire d"Ilar, tow. i.r e~n" th.c
fta.ce il the ct. Ipre a the ( 11, ,," ,to 1.I
the trceiIsury -it., artoic t I l t iic d1,
upon i.,c.r clailn to be doitars. 11w cot
scums! of tLe treasury delinrt 10011 ", tliP
w el.. LItoachine. The viaiorn -iaw the
that_ Ii 1W Iato It, recesses a coinl. TIWv
saw it , .1 It there fur aCeeua v e( Ol4lr
wilii it "r.sliel it and t. en ,iido I" int t
Coe sI: t I ,u , m'ddle troiit.h" ou a rw of
four tI l'..e conaclen e had to-inid tI
00: 0 ..taut It wIold lha e ,eft it re
bui,:in 1, trou..;h at the .ett en cii
the r ',e It it hall foud It 1, ray
It .' I nll IIl l lft It in t u r;_Lit
hazl 'r u_1 'I Ii. I, u~ tnl I' wit
Lt l I. I 1111' 1 n th , 4V, till.. a 11110
Ute a!i Ell . 'eto uh. en it I rualrtintl
full tilt -, ct t cllClIte wnts W male
is Ai~tra ..*ic. Luwarddr all ill rop
eil e I I' .,' 'i.,:lr enterlIlt.. i¼s 1,orn
aid a iI.l tIu amn unt 1,. Is 1 I, the law
*~t-ait i. i I., vart. 31.,re. tat this
It Iis nmpi..' e to d s, rnc thit cons, t~ifi.
Illel , a tAhCe at the tar ciii. of the
mmow the vIittors saw Iealipso rf ,I lars
UqIL1DIg to be raarSIuat, l to Ili Itl ci"l ity
054611. i they trinnenu I ill '.t irk Ill thle
world. i our olditiiry Ill. rt.o. - 150rt
sad three rw,ýniel--,h-xd lýl·!l wilt II1e
cbatuiusl tilger. busy mill g Close dor
swat tore!.
1 hey carl counut thleotlut illf f I(K) Ut)0
*day. sa il iI.ia ur Ce "\o" It .l0c Iii
tgijulfl a I4jH(ial knack, oinly c ,;s'rll..c "
Coc..anut Oellilose is a inw ii.Il ýii:*il"
aod if It pousa.ev the quillty 1 *ie 'i ur
. Ekugland uray) go L*&d Lu Lwr %o *Ir
walls will, nIitu1 and beat up wr ir l"
destruci' e rami for old irurll. I he pIt.
sinass claim that a hlp .amu tpit he suiik
by shot or shell if only she ball taken tho
a iULbI ofoming into tie ;,git with
ihYs pe uliar tisue as a great coai. \'"LenI
ab ot, u" matter wLa& its tlieneo~yuuu,
stlike the Bide of the frigate the I.irpncl
r ant] hIe Ifltntt need not jump ti (ratW
the ol lb tie pii igi. for the 'el ul :'e: !il
inS1uuctl) ci iew, and a drop of wugler will
V Rot eutu"l
tin nr (riqesI map of thei w, r1 b}
whkh Ii A sucer %I. divided I -die
whlch , I.S II the i' s i thit
V atica.l it I l.e! pIe 9i t I oilusl ý-tsto
fom a Ii l'ucae marledl "'jIa d in
];seas ,a< "" jr, 'I be land of t Uil'isur
A R.p.,t~v 1e tH.-'t.ft
* ntri I.' ' r P.
Col. Ware. by 'irglaia, wa+. ef uw tie
late "unplen~a It&tbea" r o'iajel Ire, lWr ",f
lance shtvp which be oa t ti eziftlit 't
the r abultn. u'cii itiou of th~ : it a
SIat.f aririell lurI m'iCety. Ile was a
met her of the exOCutivO cuOOnlitt4 .i
Ihat o,"' t~V. aii.I b'cauie iitimwake.y
Ii iiI 'A 11.1th ( of II. '. tc I ott. noiw
4tudyw- Illtdoo rpirlluallsum It Indu:r
'Ilcolt w ;I ,th el co nuecte d with tin N tn
~ irk Tlriit,iu.lc and wia aunt to ir&,lial
) utia.. If puo~rirle an aecount of eLu
* ;ecu.I it . l.uh I Brown Iii l~A Ii)
ich . a.l heii n a:gIiaed to ge't IhI , III
sdmtlii tutu the raa"ks of it vuI IIIItc
l'uw tn, wit ch had some I"'I·c uul
form,. anid he way thus a wi'ni ,, it the
"."e uiui at which the bra~- ol I ielut
% i1 I stnidin'. at ink 1ii t - I or whtile
. '. .\i",Ut Will, e"Irnnuu vi I 111" trollls.
lii) rii ,;Lt have a ben r '1- A tiith
Ii II "t~t nttureti Liraa: I( ' by feieu
inl;; bliI.Iiiiii he couul 1 .waiy titlin.
-urvcel bt'. ho ruin ti .l l .u i·c r..,uk uni
l} liter an rivuwl. xi iiiIi 1 " the par
I rmajaile. .\,tI~ r,.% cii .: ii i cr. nc
.ohitpanuitd hi .ui II ,Iml. r ,t l11i i tirv
i Al' IiI, c i S 'l% Itu thul ii I, " i x
' G1 i i~ t r. t i :. idl Ili~ii IiiI t t"
wa'II hiiiu I fti nI I\ *Ire, wiji Nº,I
one: ofi t. .r_,Ilii imlithi V. .ihouit any
the L, I. i :i .pLurailc u, i re 'lcolt
Io ii unt jill iiall .tur ii- coiluntai.
he liiiu~tl alntil retint ieIint aiti
7, I irir t. a I 'xi, oat hi a wi, mid in
t fir Lo , ; itr~ teI t ii
ý, .."a, of Ltr1) wi1 o Up .II1! II~lr. L IIIU
'Il:~ei~ ~~wecr. t ..:, . V ll"iý'
*u 1 *I· ~l *Pt I I...if~·l ~i t P FPP*v
1 .IIu rtr fromt lhr:&in wari -r
.n .. I a ut htin are thet "Ul
o: ur a ..il,"d,ei,e of the orail. iu h
ýWtc ' ur :lit ir. I up.. iii coin
a,Ii.U-I -II am loiru!l to ( .!. o,,ti I-,ar
I o., t iii nrac~n cvt~rtc tIcut or ,It Lilo}·c
zuceu cjud In ,netluiug stri-: u
I In I- is b,,we'er. ussl .:t :t i iurk,-lt
dl".a I- tr, iii lii'PtruiL'llt rei if litalihi.
1 wihll t rl Itewict i, liii:- - nurierIlcll
"i[il to "t " a. ti r li t r I y -o or
not. I.I lit, not fuel hi, "u' 1 -c f h
noI ti -0:, "u g adtill w0 ell 0o Ii .-jiitv
as lie i to (1 e ic a t h III 2rasp "t l u
lautis i.. N%,i I. lie I,ýss ltatle fur LI v kiul
if ea. is , % Itihir intellectul or olthet
.i-e" .s Ii. Ii Iiuu.,.ihiiteS the Icatlu lucrie
o; thI.u.iI' l, e wiuld fairn wik a ifo
y .re.:u t~lIrjies h~ut tio do ei biut the
IiOWrr to " hitmiur at it does~ not vut-ly e\
st in lhi bratil. ju-l h is se ed tuill wor
ried, andh r it bre I w r,e 1n co-i te telle
Iii,' ozry Imyiasuri;} fanlito Iitgr e
extenllt. al hisi utiuc; chal lweri ,;uier*e
ductil to La Io'er e',,uul bii? liutric.t or
a vauy 1.1.1 Thilete it. to it-- hionue, y
l ingtua_, .i "ni -tay ""in the luervous
p wer. , It j. if it can h~e .htudijel htr
an hour or tIa o, to ,1.i greatly to refrut
1eople or crmru t i, 'I hey utwaki iuii
arise m re I. 'i tUl an t! mare lull of
strengthl liut. aai the tirst C.\uhtcumcut
blows it all LJ
:,1-lv ý1,". , n el· ( *·rhynpilion
The =eneral rule is that a man can du
oniy two tiltIgs well- the tirst is, to til.cl
his spihere, thec ,e( mid. to k,-ep It. TI-.
general rule is iILa..rIl tIIe.S to '.br
trowel. carpenter. slick to ynui pit .c
lawyer, stick to.your brief, ii ~ uistir. si cis
to y~ur pulpit, and dori t go ot iecturi u r.
The mighty mien of all professions laeI
Lbee,, for the mo-t part. meln of one occiu
1p i- u. - o ~ fniet I ai~ man i, prepared I h
provilien e through a %ar.ety of (Wcui:L
Lionsl5 fr soime gCrcat tIi'ision. Iflettites
nei. gi" pr&4i vd for their positions iu
Itfeb Iber truullcs. 'IThey go froim dis
ilppi) 1jrj1eii to disap;lo ntno' t unti. tl~eV
.rhudiit'- It Ilie uniub ci t of h..rd knocks.
Tlo.e old pHwt, u'.el to ta'k of a man
_,'tthiut lisp ration by s cepitig on Mount
rai'u- It I, lit the mIen on the
ucIunIII fL I i ut fIII, intu'aii on the man
tIut Ii rt-in to the pit on for which
4111 , t, fill, ( I them " 1"11c dit l ~elte i"
'o hions in 1 he is u", so mnuili a lit
tc,- ~c iu f. ,i~fulu .". f ucru catiou a, it
ill l,, ,"i - 111, ·t· ice f tihe n lilt-ll Il
I ii It i.i, it ¢r ar : i'r tit ef *tick ti~ I
t,v:,. S. I. ,er a.l your necr.Ii
linto Ol-IL" i."iir',, lbi not he afraid to
*~ a.idA an Ill, . I fi iii' M lletter haist
one ra .l a ii. t, a buni Ired Iiit~e oIL's
toll in 3 iuiI, i. t tel)KiitUtS Lr er Ierd I
ýtau~l. . it 1 ie lII n.1 - 11.1~ j li teniiiuii
will get IS i'ct-o u li1 yet, t- iii utl
rider, I nav ugaiu get o.1 at thc thrlt Ife,.
ink~ of 'Ii -res 11 bt t mtattehr if aniother
"i,'" + I i t. U. e his ' it a m all , l I t, ver, lT
k. ,;i, llrll_. if teit eCA'e' iClljcil. ii a
w anri. soi maiy have greater Iruitti e
in '.i rt manny a! inotagel.
ilii i.' .+ a .I iii ly gi adijied ~ea'c to
lie ull 'I e rit' tr+l1u. , the experienice "'
ri.iere. It. i. .4 iris g;'ion up atd d&,% ii
hilii 'I Ii iin, itLee are blth itiIus: : i..
seoraifuily ret'i'e to diem.'.. tili the 11,1
chinea ruit . .on in a steep hill. and tie
plunge ulo%%it hill at a mot reckless r.~
'the rider thu Etiure tautluu-. as a rule
li hils, eapecialtly goinig downi theiu. 'ri."
one knouws what the duaier is. the oalt r
eithier bthinks nor cares until the suits!.
conies when the machine ur th"i brake i:.
to Itl1ite never the rider.
is ..f I il- Icf.t..%crlni stwt S,.c.,
P, eit sltettictlr show that fIrom \
u.c'leer. I,,,, to lone, IP"'l. tlere wet.
on tie New . ersev coast .711 wruck,, mill
ctlIar dis,hslers. Ivlvexiengia jruierty to III
talus .,f " I Ill .,1, and a teast of :.,jV
A~c.s. e flthls it regale, SNI) vessels anil
all but firty w., :I tritons wire rescued
be lt, tiee ie of :. life saVLtI4 stationi
wil he thte pero!. ry sacver! b;. thcemu
amouieted in v'alew to Wle),28It.ei. That
is to say thie avirue lop of lift per year
for lice' I at tiirle(-it yeas on t ew
.irjtlie ccitt hasr mieneP but a fraction ox er
ie cei'.' whie previous to the estab
lisbnwmei of the resent system hundreds
of liven anl millionse cf d liman worth of
properly wire lost annually o:0 the New
..errey atInd Iohg Isla-.d ell &
I ..v I. Iv,., lui ' .tlcce~
c i.., 14. calt
A heeLp6. cr 'laving teen told that it
lid, 1r1111!h el' Irg repeate l y slung by
berm. I t. I" ~,' Inmiervluu tie a'ly uin
pletuIe t 'r l en wlchn altec iLend b)'
theni, r.c vet ti etxpericent Old hlug own
Ierm .r kill a rec.rd of lIII number
of tiiu'" Ii' i~t,. -t neg, and wh-"'I he IM
lanto r ... I. hleW, c ', o~f thee
sting, I ,, I' 'ar kil it Ill ýNMdS of
feltueg I t, 11'c, he le bb'. iaStu V
WIbrt, iii,. t a .ti~ti a fe.w wee
I aml now ready to deliver
All ~aaul ig it can leate order at
Is (aaII, 1 l.nl d and Ia . the I t r , -)li ,on
I..n t in it r te ount. 'I le ral is
On the .. rth of the rlise fruom t y ferry to
the road Ir..e ed north t d outlh.
Manufaeturers and Jobbers of
Hats, Caps, Furs,
Large Stook
216, 218, 220, EAST FOURTH ST.,
St. Paul - Minn.
Finest Line of Goods in the City.
Sld at
Always on Hand
I I .nhotI t, hla n ineulyrp.' ird iI furu
.led, and is the favurite tjlll1ig il·ce o
And thone ealo h]*ire
Quiet House.
Havinlg leak t k l r , L r Iy ar tie i aw at llI
I WilI a ,,Itonce Ii,.Ia. -the Imaniifaicti re of
Of a lllerl'r , j t and . . t. now rea ,y to '1
tatrl for al)y . i.h ly f.r full n l iit -
BO)Xt ^, I'l-T ()FI.I(
The stn,., MusnTy. U.v.. a F"w V's'ed . a
Ash ts to Ji1m nv.
"Antil .'llmy,' I went on. 'you milst
be ofci err , at your work. A1 ertfect
batrbh rr .i sipluiflt. a c.lLlba.ouL a
workut I ,in actor and a geutLie hai
beep o:u i,.ur, sharp ruth *r tihm youtr
tongils Ner ear that ap. It 1,is a lver
do r at .' I.:4'nce us od 2r~eed aIcks.
M Make fIt Is witlL all men, but watch
your r.a I- i they pass ouL I lVe lastvilce
o fliy Iso, it-Iist m whomi you li not wtide
to t.' :lI In talking as atei as ~Il
shave:ie., tirifiit lout to rip up I.1 -,ores.
Mtont "'5 1,. a vt the wrong Iv t i~U.stei
y'OU dssi 1 t .11t l '..ur foot. 1 1 ..1 e, 'lie
man at1. I li Itmany frienti+ st1· ill youtr
debt fl. : t itt three tush c, .\e%s'r
Cstto Il I' , 0i ('U·ln r th it lie is III.,
tk le al. e thiC .!Ijl~ii'.:i. tl
dii.ar I,. I Iif tisill 011hzes+ n Itlitti
d ns :it. iss isl ro It o ii t .i.c
who Wit, [it ,t tilpl, ke lpt II t , L i, t illll
j:ilt iiiall colr to tut: It tutu
ge iit . I111, I .,10 MI (ape 1 , I. I~e inn
tIsis-. ; Is .- or a 11011e, - I y tc sll cv.u it
but ~ it ts e 'si u,.! Is it tsr I Ian
conic, ,.. L 11. I its .ir' rs'iiuti ii ito
St (a · ,I. t1 . I -:t I" i c "seer u· ile
8t.tt2 ui Is - t .s. i 'sit I Ous il ' it., h :i
ai d chuqi Is i Iti 0ii ,1 ss1,il' o
UIan 1sa s'. tI ii - lil I a 11i1s a r :dIsrs Is. Ir
or sin nlt"ies L. II, il'
"To s~iul whos 1" i tt , s ull :ill lie
kniow., s'tir, ,. sit t., to I I. s lo,, ttcst
call b Itt l a t lii 11 P ttiii litrt' :IiIt:t I rssse
to sInur ' -le f his htsa.1 iia I It t. irv
tsue it Lii it. .% 11111 i 55 ,1 tI a, . itS .01
sil aut hi u. l ri ttt . . It
oW5u clef ei ui-s a di t slutr I, 's t 1
pit-y 11~* e i ('i:iilgse their ' I ", slit1
t hen' Ill 1Is, "ili). a the's' s tl.l Ii 1A , -_
talkiii l I :ittI n s:l'lv lIsts s Il " "" Is'
.roan I . ui t out the Laul *5 t rI
c iV rtilt c I put, isa it a iift ti r I, 1.
I. iii k thi sIon iiil. I sliat-i s't . a _oi
i~t1 ls s Isit at it ti-I Letstu a tt i s, a ue _
liii sl Iii' Is swits' sitl Lii tah, ,: nIi s I ho
Itarni al -isha n thii Li' st-i Is. ttsiii
'uhe sI~s du Iu 1 mani is anciittc ir, wastle
ihu thus is a prssle~issiil
......mm I rr I .,1)ji ii
-.1 ~I I~ I
U~enr~c i.i(latr'is, waaer mechaiuic (f
the lilo~Ihi a t roviiiuuc~c raatruau1. whot
h~t unitk iuiul, a tour 1)t i.uropc, ,Iys the
I. l,1cuaic.n". a, the ca(r, tarc cli VI
arc i, ier nilA slai! Yr tuau our;, ind are
Imics it, rum in ,i wheels. Ia L tar is
pro, dCie it achi cunit wuith ion, ca o :u
anld i lip fur cuuucrti on. I he a ,,once
of landl t~ra!:,s is sujite uitic,"a',le. but
Hit ru t aito !,~tetul braise on the hItI·.a e
Val. I lie t:,ci'. as it ru e. are tti',t (i~t,
Irio and -idc ii couts~a largely l~it. t,.:
tr ii.e tier,. At I.irCrjo 1 it:III't, i is
loundon. laicr' arc ii .s ,a iii I 4I.& C-. %:i
;ti rains a I .i A ;i the tith'u iii lIou,t~u
ututler I
itu of till style, of locontityc, vcorn n,
into Use ii I upland ii calledl Weubb s cotu
piluul. It lurns I niruokulet's , tl, An
other, whitces is cusitlered very dlesirarble
for shot! d stakces, is a double en ler.
about Iwenty three feet long, which j:irses
ver frec.y aruni curves andl ru is very
easiiy i i-.ngii-hl loCumlOt cns there is
ltit her bI.lil pilot nor hieailighiat si
aol thten' is little u e for these. towin; to
the kitnuiun tir in whiatch the tra'k is fun (--I
o I frna the public The average zlewr;
(,at tn. utccr would brvai tap the En; i-ha
freigrht train in a dlay by clumnsy 'hanhin".
Th le teni ler, of iocuifl'tiyta run ota titee
r-a rit ofi ..c whijuls witiwutL trucks. In
iiugLiid tausrs i' absauce of oaUire aid of
hcit Ii ticlltn Ut of cart Y('ou will Lier'
lion! n~u~i in a liuston statiioG is a di.
han on aI the trailis in l.1) i ai9 i in a
wick. i.og ah enginleers ctnti'ner t he
., merican titl *"r an e pen'i e allair
which in _tItt be imlprov-l II; the alit, nee
of triutcki.s 'IIet' alu believe h'a :Ii hitS
a a uric fit dr rathtr Itlci an iei i
I agte
IL. I r DI .. ; I, 1 1 .1 Dt1 p nh'u I'D (in / Ii
T it'nJ:l C,t rev Dlutia) i is IDi' 4ý
wDI i,I I 'It I i'* re in Ihi ;L TiL ill' I
fac ''i iI ,,, D: ifl~ .L I~tDi,'l .D1 of lit ' :1
er,. "I h, J'.; tr, arc rtl iki t he pu, 1D
In, III cliiiI it i.lrojID:&I, will
.t m"i~ Ili t. The ealula l i, supp.:(! l· I.!
f. , i i t ýIuai1 t"It ral'u.c h
I .rigi~lt ruili kºldI Amucrsan caiDtalists.
t'hire t, I'. IIIIg to lireicUt Iltl (cIrUuit
tieuil U I I, lD. ur uILi q all 01ser thi Iie thnuS
eiiie w id iii a Ii couax 1uence rulerI air
Ilouuzi ' 'It ' .Ir of public upliui in. 'it
((arse, iu 1Cr at 'ikin nor i·i thc I;ruv
0c, u Ii II t he natv e 111in Jiunis Wuu 1
one of Ii s' .ID.I 'inDcit Slu I' a
h well to 11.1 ,1tut h'jLlpily thlc t I Dr
ji cleInor, IIar hetlwoi the rvacd of thei
ociii ial.
At first of c .IirlD. there wa', 1it) hi Ini
DlignaiDtuiI it Il " tree spoken pre~s, but
now it Is 'tid evenl the rtilerrtaiku kiiiii
to th~ese Du\D " ID n oI~Df IDubIic IDJpIinon f *r
the ci iIrci-i -,f III" IDDIr fn' spa~re u Ii eilD
doe s, (I I a1..'w Di~tl) id 'iiivliial (i'1D'*
ho tier resort, Cr I~CIi~n 0;, h~nmeilf, he Is
verD" wet. eDS I wi' hi Icl D IeDmplloratry
I I' 'J I 'Iu i IDIDIDSC L 11'in the
DiI) p~re~iss Iii! 'if J~I i tA. to 1* (0 10(iD
of fIue w -'.", Wolf ID whoD ever ruldI!I reg
ularl r n:b, tiec Di litlia 10 iroads and
is Doftn it I uciji cinh her actions b, their
1, * '.k 4 Vt r , V
The citioen who Itravel alouj the hi.lh
ways of this coUa.trV, rsseld by railways.
is warned ui many ways of the d,ii cer
which tllrea e'i hi n. At one cro.hing he
is warned to ",.ook o It for the car " At
notther, " l.o, okut fir lihe in olitive'
At a third, .,K out for the .'..1 "'
Fourth. " iler sy crus'iig " i llth,
"LAo(n ,u1 f r theill train' " ixth "I.
ware I s.*r itU. l. -ig " etl , etc li
most w.1r ,1'1. 1I5., ', Ie ii conveyerd th.at
there .. it oIe thin.I aboult a railway
tra n tl t ,r a, hs to "look oult" for at a
cros..,_ the enr*i',e, the locImotlve or
the c:r. The ._ wL could probably all
ie c ulrchenl,.,i it one style of tione.
"1.O,,K ,ut fur Itopirelf" Tho railway.
with It. Ilp;lLr t ullicesl generally man
age,+ ,:u k (I. lor itsel.
1 ", ( ." ito "HarIea Iiit lLnk."
.,"it Fr ' j *r.4
.\ A rench phianlbropist and scieutlit
at .wv , ork wibhee to form a syndicat+',
wi ,from .1,000 to $1,1.)0JO capital, to
"br t, the beak"' t Monte ( ari. 11e
Is nt a gambler, but he has madll, a lit.
tlo sltIly of roultlte, anil lor at that l 1I
cau beit the game and will 4.;, , Ip U,
a y .r. if thu syndi,1tv i, firn 1. lie
to hiac a royalty of 2~~ Ir ccn fr bh.
'1I h be tter r~rdlling of all ,r, I think,
a4ys a liman :,'ls urur, " s aI ' tii',II pIa rll
Imýu rtL to the eaght h) ,r ii tallu, "
lineeng and Seneoa Rqot
101, 10U .ad 106 Ser*l4 t. North,
Shipment. Solioted. Wriate for Clroulapr.
TWholesale andB Retail =ealerzs I
Keep constantly on hand a full line of
Manufacturers of Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware, Tin
and Iron roofing and round-up stoves.
IN Till:
The Price for Braid, s is Only
$5.00 Per Year,
Uncle Sam is one of our best
salesmen. Every mail brings
us a large number of orders
from out of town customers,
who obtain from us a superior
quality of Clothing at a very
low price.
Men's All-Wool Winter Suits ........ $$ 0
Men's All-Wool Winter Orvercoats.... 10 00
L.As' All-Wool Winter Suits......... 5 00
IkBov' All-Wool Winter Orercots..... 7 00
We are complete outfitters
for the whole mankind.
IT Our Reaut/ful lalutratsd Catalogue
and Iulel for Self-Measurement sent FKES
to any addreYn Goods sent on approval t
J any piua of the Wet. Address
corner Third and Robert Streets,
Lower than the Lowest!
If you have left your last winter's overcoat
with your "Uncle" I can sell you one cheaper
than you can take it out of hock. If you have any
idea of going through the winter with last ye
suit, come in and I will show you new sults at
prices that will make you ashamed of yourself.
Having cleared an immense fortune in the put
two years I am now doing business for fun, b'd
am perfectly reckless as to prices.
Manufacturer of
7] rt.1 , |n Ilnn-Wi lt arnow bingl1mm e
hc rewndl 1t IIj. i anI d as rrll I to .av satý.in i.
f lun, \ ' l r,';ed to ll all orI a ite r os
1,000 TO500,6OP
M ,IufaI tul r of ail kinds o

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