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Daily Yellowstone journal. [volume] (Miles City, Mont.) 1882-1893, November 20, 1885, Image 2

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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S'4TAIlI.i .1%HEI. i11.
KI~d4HT & GOi3nOJ. EJitrcs jld Publishers.
No bills against THE YKL.Lo .,TotNE Jolt'INAl,
eontracted by any of thet etull.lll of sail pap.r or.
other., will be recogniredl u',l.e+ a.',oanied by s
writtel order lignedl bY t1h l lbh r or tnot ,
All letters and conlllunltatllln containintg brat
tll iltenued for publication in tltis ipapr., hould
be addlesed to THK YKl.I..W'TONE JO tNAL.
and the name of the writer must Ie given to lsture
The editor of TIyt. Yet Low.TrSE. ,ot'r IAI is tnot
responsible for any of the opinions or utterLances f
Its cornespondents.
Notice is hereby given to all cot,,nerned that THn
YILLOWSTIO3 JOUaliNL hobts the contract from
the gvernor of Montana, to do all Jprinting atid
advertising. of whatever nature chargerabe t)o l'n.
ter county ; and is also the designlatel ar.t noluy
pciwr in Cluler cointl in which secrtul, by. pub
tlcation can be Ieill ,zy made. Legal I ,,II.s pul.
Il.ed in other papers of tllnster I nInty. rt rid
and worthless, as has. en ,I., I.l.d y t!.r o ir;ts of
Friday, November 20. 1885.
Thie A.\n aIn people have always cauve t,
thankful to .\lruighty iGod, whose watchful it.
anilgtiiliug haveb en rmanuifletei in every .'a;e
of their na tonal life, guiding and protecting th tit
in tiimer ,, peril and safely leadl ig thoui ill the
tour if d.rklnes aIId danger. It Ic fi'til' anstld
iprUl 'r chat a urti n thus favored4 shUouI onil in,
day in icry year for that purpose ''Io olly alp
.I,.i , ,. u.lihcly actkn ,wle.ge the g io .,, s, tof
G, nl It r. tri thanks to Him for a'l ti I gr. s
1 letefre I (;rover i'lrvel.ani, I'ril.nt f 1 ,
I'i :ited Sat, of America. do ie, riby dersie i , i
r.e apart Thursday, the .Ath day of Nov. : .
t utll. ma day of pullic thaliukgiing anl I a ir . I
aid rirvke the ob.ervance of tihe laitiur v i, n.
Ij otle of tihe rlaid on that dlay. 1..t a.
,llsine-s ire auipi led and let the I.pl,,'e ..
in their usual placer of worshiijp id w I:. (. 1
.nd songl ur I rarse devout l t "st:fv th. 'r I ti
rude to the i.cer of evtery go,,I alnt prrl,. .I i It
a.ll that lie har done for ui in the tar lhit i ,
pI' Le ; fo our ou r er-erv. tionlr r Ia uti.1 1i I t.,
.ild for our delise ranlle froutl t I,. "he L aL, I 1I :, r
,t politial convullion; for thi' lh-ieing, it . a,
.anid for our saletly and quiet a rile. ar. a. i I :
of tars have agitated arid astlt led it h r I, l;,-i
of the earth ; for ur eururity niAlltni t I . , ulrr.
Bof I'." ltir eI . which in other i.tin-. L. , i t,, I i .
lad b.,e tI hui andhi i- ain lled i hi -ir .t- w ith
iururtri, for tihe pleiteurs t r.n, to b . h Irw ari
tile lai r iof the rhusit nmnilrrar til I Ii r-,it,. our
.at loli'. w--a (Il. and for tihe ( orlltr linir '-. I irli.jghl
, iTt Irt I rirde lr whitr fallow. in the train .f proi
lierity a l abunlldan e; anil let ihr.-, al-, i ., io
tle .- la t . t apart a runii n fllllll , I - 1, -
tItit .1, I , .alt-n d lbe t-luhd r Ithi ilo artl asi o
. atoInr .A. I let the arso al ilts.:(i . 'ute iof Iri, Il
withll plea..tt reitnii cenu t-, rnll ltI Itlir i of a -
f,., tur a I i s.re gthrln tlie lli.,n- of[ ll i.:, fi0-hlirr
an t .111 1 tn I tI IIlll i fll l or " lt, w1 ll. w gitsethh nkll,
li i. l r t i 'v ri rira r l h, arts i ,re i ii. nll ed itI
i-l irlty. ai I tha, knrl aint i ti,, .Iful ni- Liii
raIri n it lit ' -- ti r iI illldoui i the p- i-."Ir of our
i-ri ll,l .in i rreudilir ouir fraiie ainri hiiaikcgc Ing
n r -, teaptall Ii tihe inih of Ill Lordi
i-rse iat I.- (l'it. \' a-linir toni tiih, - -'inI daty
of \uotrnile r. one thous uni, e:nrt hliortrit ai I
eilr;hty tru., i ,I (flte ti . I. rliteen tht liUitr,
i.ur. th e,,,u iriti-lred an I ihth
I ' th. Ir--i i n. t,
1 I'. I . kn,, ?e itar of -ti .
In the inll'! of the abundant ,i.i i , ti-. ,f u, r -
perity. h alth and hai pines: that .urroun' , u ont
eety a de, I dertem it brfttitg that lit i.-ple of
31.tltana thbli t joinrl it a g tr ral thankig:rv in I,,
the A.lw:.e .ing fr. a ho-w hand tti on etlh every
g t.l and pejrfec.r gift.
T"hereftre. in aec rl rt e . ith 'hI.- *-lt.'ih .
uIag.. and in I onilfin i% with%) the pl r i Ilnt lIII ofi
,I" tihe Preasident of ,II - lh, u rll", ateal o, , . 1.
Ila-- r, .vr, or of It. T ritory of Monta.a, do
iea lit'h- 'haind lh.ay ihI 2t di y of C o eitiber.
1"'- . a l i,~l lof th t l k- i; i,- . a. I, prf i.t to the
-ipn 'ie i'ller of the I ti.er.e. I i. t the ipe.t)
lIe t.tlher t.ritiri to a prinrr . - vi rr ,,. tof thl.
lar I.tt i- return tthank, to the 1itl.,1, ( ,t
for Ii- iant ,l i it utlt-t1.- anI hl . - tig alt I Iln
-vre.,.a tiln l ealit f i-lk - i ., i',r ,11 pir,
I t.11 -tullllnlan . 1'" 4.f I ha e I.t . P , ..t to iy
hial| .aid 1 .+ u d, the 'ealot t he ',I tr. ,,r of .None
tlallt It -i a x, l . I t.,,"l at Il Ite i' . Ih e. I pital.
I!tis -, ,tl11 tai ILy f Nn.u Xiii. r. I ti li .,,ar l1 oi r
l, ,r lo, ", th ma. . ,ir i|,::h a lt h llt ld, a, .. Itt t .h-.
Lr I 'l ,.,, r , ,Nr "-. \ l:.i
.t.T, t, f ..l ,.inta lh
It' the n.ilI * f the P1olpe ehllii l -
lupon azll tru. ft, hr\\ l' ,l f . the e.)lr r. ll
to denleijo -t r:a'e tlheir tiae!t t., their r. -
ligion by l,::rti."ilpatlin Ill ,I, ph. - '... t
polilftle Il all -r('l llull1':'- thi '}- inhI a it,
i, he.elel, an It i. likely. t- .. it w ill
ulaturalr (cause the other reI.i.ln.
-et't- to Unll itute an examI l, hl. whi.Ih -.I"f
pre--r\ iutiln and prote .ti,,l will IIe
,-e-I-itate. In o fur the enfiree.d impar
tiiitRion of the better elemlent- of
, ., t" in the el lUr ti *se , the e('itViiv -
ti I -. aniil Ii'e 1.gislaive h oldi'. cit the
,,.l Il1 wii k fur g".od. lTh Ilan
.u:,, ,, th h ',' C.lical letter whih en
j".iu. il- t .h. e. -i e ' n the fli p lrt of i all
good ('tittol,' i' plllinl. T'Fla Pope ex
irt- "ill L.... Il itlili"le who w ,ip ]ld
do-vo' e ll t'Ire 1111 wtion t., publi' m i|
ter- to tI.ke .i. ;. Ive part in all lull
Ililc i l ftl:ir, uaidl .ele] itin-, iand to
further the prinil. - it the urclirh in
all pulell ervijee, mUietilng and galthi
erlngs. All ('at hlijh must iake
thenmselves felt a*- utlve i, elelments in
dally politicatl ihle In the 'counitries
where they live. TIv. y Itlltlt Ie,.ne
trate wherever Ipos,.ble ill the, adealin
latrati.nl of civhil allair,: nmust :eilnl
-tantly exert the IltIoslit vigilance
and energy to pIrt.elt Ilthe IuigesK( of
liberty fromn going hIeylnd the liilitU
fixed by (Jlud's lw. AlI ('atholijl
should do all ini their lov,ier to, c'uuie
the constitutions of staths and I. gisla
tion to be tuwldeled inl th(e prinuciple of
the true church. All I 'atholic w riters
and joIurnaliists hould neiver lose for
an instant from view the abolve pre
eriptiuns." This language lie not to,
ie liittakei. llHow far its aidoption
will "ceause lhle constitutions ofl state
and Ieglwlation to be miuodeled in the
ptrlneliles of the true church," de
pends ulpon the activity of the oilier
religious scts in circumventing the
movement. Thus far In this country
the Catholic denomination is not ab
solute; but It is likely to become so if the
Pope's encyclical Is observed by his
followers as faithfully as their wont,
anid the nmembers of the other Sects
(oXutinue to look upon Iolities as the
umost htaiportant though Ieii rtgardet~d
e.'bi hdtrst Lon of t he tiiuea. -Al iiinenp.
tdlis Journial.
O.N us K of teit wors~tlMarket., if 1lite
-4a, n buyr % a+ lihruld to rati~ut
liay atiithiii fir their white f~tait or
the hl~n d thatl is ill Ilium1." 1'1"II is
tIa~inly true, its the cattle i it, j ti..11
',V 1' gradlcs shiowing julst a tuth ott
Iltriehrtl llttid, whIilie th :it inual
were nit fattented so :a- fto 1 iii attrac
tive condit~~ion. But lruttler. iiu "Io'
for the 4lhlte face.. andthe flu aiid that
treetting, tie aniiiaail- have hazd goodt
feeding. 'ti' his week tight hIadl of
I,!NMilpiuiad 1llrietiril steefl, Mtiltd to a
('Chica ticl heliir at p ei·r cwt. i,
iwheU "it fiwlluhi 1 i1Ki(, I i(HI-ijiiiuih
fhwtat l .id due.ia cut -se i~tl
-Ih Jrva' Jtuartial.
Ii a. llj.pople of .INuaI Jlcllataat, O.,
tlavIv l dddat net!lt tt inL e toIt t ew ter
al is aLe tewrxper rtce town and no
salooins, i have Lett allowaetcd to cxist
there. .1r' ,w di- aig- three young
Wle LI n E eil a 'a loon. 'ThIe Itpe iple
bell ta Eetlg tand hihignaitly
tt".td, liru w~ithoaut arty vji,ilt* effect.
7I lv tiun ijtiale upj EILoney t hotugh to
bu v ti. *-&itoi keepaers out, andl harn
iu :l 11 Eatie ±ot tire to the saloonI arid
iii Eavdit El uj. M3toilt l'letasaaut will
-El lettle attnoadH mraaket thr -ecorid
I., ui *taooi astck'..
'\tliii; 'rviiiai an Bul IIriaII- hiave
Io Atrioti~I ail war, and I th hadve
appeat~led( to thet AliIgh~t to hel~p
themii out. .1- tothI appjear to ma~ke
out a cIear case of ri~Ihte!)1-Ia--, the4
onle. W ~itI sall 'alt the decki-ogi
w~ith iujtere~t, but adv:i... iieithiir to
omiit thet. precautiola of providinig the
%% riling King Mdilani hI*lanul the
I trge.t-~. armiiy, and it alreaulv no'g - the
flii ..ariatu h''rdvr.
'liii New York politicians aie .tias
illg'" Logan hlcau-e Ie lhe l ly %pki his
so ,timlnts during his stumping tour
in that state. If anybldy expects to
ge.t Black Jaick to snmother his opin
lIs for co.ur'esy's sake, they have
doubtless discoverted their error.
\VlWatever e'se nWay e saidl of the
Illilnois eUnatotr, he never hesitates to
e,,eak as he think*, and he speaks and
thinks as hie lights, from the shboulder.
A ntumtb *ruif ttctdeutt., 14001 iif theta
with ftatul resalt., arte repurted frota
Butte aUd its ietighbbriiig camp1111..
f."w Iý." as sora Wrinter Ic. *',j
.1 ho' k ",iti v si~rvji'.' ixamtina'on,
at il i bury 1,;t the othi n jtet, ,,
It torte it ¢~od (I "a I (icf :1111,1·'e,';·: t .) tile
large I1IIII1) "r ~f pursS~l" %%,o lir " t I,"
eatL A a~rie 'ait4 V., for utalt many oft
our nlot pi';ml Ir :adieS antot e hUew"n
ta:;in; a Jpart ill it A 801ia, of tLme
'tle 3h wti. r4 21 vle wire its IIICll' ~
:LIIIIIIInL'. and often~l ludicr ,u~s. .\I1II .1(.1
',t- I i .Iter I isi every 1111It u iitie
V a Ir ' '2. tan uni one gate 1thi. (.urr-(t
utto \ It' ht s ite was atit I a tlutilcc to
tit I blot r~ight a variety (at au.w.'r..
c oirl ,aid 11th,, o'le Texs, slt . '
\ ea'l., ,ien annal. and onr c r
re,-ly 3' MI%' pr.t&1 olI llo. W ere
tt ,s \tt ,,,I, "11 ti ta? t ' a tr . t
S'nape~', its \i :s-h *amtot, ii the 'liI -r, ;
'iii sea In ( u(!(lianaa. md t' ," ai ,,ortly
vice correctly, the ie anl .jf (ir-ji ia The
i ,t:ance of ite earth tr ,tn tlj sun mwa,
a-,itmatiiI at all the way fiioitt 1.II l l all.l
mhiajit to 1.114ii 1,,1'11.
'Ife i ter r tiln watt asked II w many
tam, i s t..: tillioo rev ol. :gratuI lthe
ill u1 the e, urw ~f a tear, anu n' I a
toum ir i' ,e Sad four tilt, - tlta
l.ai t,", s' Il i~eerost hive time, ant
, Il i*iI· n Ii-acar-iradOton titu. I lie
l~n ",i tn Is i' i rI i, v was it Iuus I
u, 11 I ,it. Petroleum ..N Ilow I'I
aim (lte w '. traust fiitr to vig~hs.. ýu
'a:d tit, p I I t, were Ithi trib. sun.
toonttanl t a , Thi: fri, i piiijin of
waver Ii, I attn nnheit tac Lii ,ioeter wits
ati' to lie .S LI, ; -," . 1 , -' ,_ degree,.
,:, egm·rees. aIt sirý, . l.,t .' degresi
thse irut teCt ill) Ill *. \ , trotei " r.ty j
aII"r n i I ill tr, , ', ar Ii lari
l fung azt~wi rest on ti~,'i Oiii'IA
I nugfclll)w
V- 'Al tv * f .I , i l. , mt .1t.
IT " n Its
Oflicials are all Speniar'l; Itlhinilitj,
a'id aent out by the Lhnu., g,,r. meat
anti an inliatn of miniitry ait * Ilanges
(tiu I.tr tiny uot in fre. touut t Pto -al
whlte to iii.! it lortfoliot, if --ily for a
IJay incititl'4 tine t~t a peugiotn .,1 1. o a
vinnr will tii'4n''t tinoim al. It In (-pill
ninlt ret ortel thintt these olrcItIN iJ i
their p "*itl in, ,i It merit t but nunntnllv
anti I liii tihe atur't wmv to secure a asning
appolan ittentl IsIti mike your apiplicaiiou
to the it, s:r ,a io the marn .u power.
Suchb ,or cs .%pitil Ltrange ill the uinme
tIentlh ceritiry I,tut 'j.at u Is sull iII Ite
nulCrbte in ~ii.
II i, and that it liany (a-e% the greater
part 4 the ralary is reta;neil hoy the
latron an Itnat tlhe otTclal thus tippi oltel,
know. iitl Eio what conttogeutie, h it telure
oif ll,tl, kle.rl I. is fati tI make the
mtoat he tall p r a I ole Iudilrecw A
gets' tc mn it n: n:.DIn in tuba Oddn
mre thusr Ll had bun on terms~
otf itol irCy with a former col
IC(uor . n i 'tuhnin In 4'nira This
Ltila b,' I hi.. poat for Iwo yea's.
lie itait t t. ui I home the whoiili of his
salary t. theI plttrtn who appii ittd him.
sati b I, ft t ulna with 60,tJO) net ,rot
But o ,lit iNrculatio, is pIart of the
tIYpaiintn 4 t.te'n every mail whim pulls in
oar Ilt ItIe gov.'rtmtun galley thinks hum
me'! at ;11 rt I dip is Is plvalio~ but kent
at the $;-line tItne..
Vlligesl or Piisoles In i.etaim-Itlwarb
of ('entral Alriea-'-Aster Ehildren."
Mrs. Alice I e lo$g,'o i writes a clrious
a. a iint. II. p !lI· ! iu The cie.ittijic
.\ mn ri t.i. tI -,ne t illa;e, of pigmies
dic,, ie.l b.L her hI..Iusband and herself on
.Le t sternl cOa..t o'f 1 (ieatlia It is inll.
2ilar t at rl t't ct:ltlolog c i diicoveries
in varil, liar., of iheI world have relatod
to tdwart ti .th,. inl Mlr Le oliongeon.
before d,.Triblnu the i.illput anL tuWiis of
1 uIClltan reLittIIndI u+ tllbtt n number
of allone tuliimb were found a few
)'ears ago Oin lih banks of what
the irinlitd aroiunt calls the river
lerrimIl , COlintiini , ii hlu!t Jill
luau i ke etoill 'cl three feet long, and it
is lprotb..1 thatl the colnuiialion of l en
tral .\lrll ill lshow the existenice of
lanl tril es ,of liit!e men. In Mexico.
particular. v in the south, the dtlw;rfs play
a large part iL the I raditions of the nativea.
who altrthute to them the conistruction of
the ruined hu Idings found there, and
sjmet nlln- i prfe to have seecn them. tor
to have i. cnl disturiiwd by the %oultd of
their ti:ti ntrini at iiiht. The place
Lis'st fre uiilnte I by the " warf ses to
have b.i ( t/iumnel i'ain. a iow, Ilut reef,
about tIwenty tour mi:e' in length olf the
east .horIl .f I ucatan.
tun th;s Iand still exslt the ruins of
pigmty I·ties of considerable llportance.
with teimpiile built of carefully hewn
stoan, the larest of which ,, fourteen
feet I, n: and nine feet higLh and has a
doorway three feet high aTnd eghteen
iuchc, widel anld near by are we.I col.
structed triumphal arches nine feet high.
(;n the neighluriing coa't are still to be
seen the reln.d.isof viilages, ah the houses
in which are of stone but so niatll that
no one larTer th.in an ordinary child of "
'years i. u:d c(om'urtably get into them.
Thetre is some rea-ol ti, suppose that the
little ruae ,till survives
Accordlinlr to the ludian guile who led
DIr. and M.tll le lltlngeun too he ruins,
and m ho Irofcsed to have se,,i the
dwarfs fri. uently. they are ve'ry sma!l
an111d (u:ie 'lly. apparing o.ly Iat ni;rbt.
winh large ih ts ,ui their heatl, a ndl ie r
.-lakii t tho.ie a holll th.y n i-t't. 31all,
of our rea lers are old eno.Itlh to ha. e
Seen the "At e children " the thiuinutive
.lpeciilitn, of a ra e sIuppo-e I to le ex
tliuct, wh cl w, re e\thiittl ili utt the
coultrV taenty the %ears no. and it is
not iiipos.uII.i Il:iat the remnillant of tribes
which uic cull. I tile clltry Ionu hefore
the T'l'Ihci iIt aIt ll Itv Ie foiun I in the
valler., ,f th,. 'orlil lera. jut t i~ repre
sent.tti., o: Ii rly all the ancient EII
roltanl rn .re fuint still exlstlaL_ in the
rcil, 'cr A. i~Iliu '.:.lt SI
ir.tth i* :ll ultlrl h or ,lrN, cl|.
A lea,,id w':tecri on.lle f the sc'enti.ic
ma-a,iu s ca l ,an that ,-.011 b h:atn ing
is the oint humai. Illnetll d of pIttiug
crihlna', - it ,t the ,. %*d Iiust has yet
been dil ve[Ied. 1 roW Inutler.,u ob
seraatiou, It e\tc'ltoous, a'it careful cow
putations of t me re 'laired for the censor
nerves to cat ry the feeling to the brain.
he thinks the pang occasioued b, the fall
is very blief. antd pluces the time which a
man is c~ucIous of his ownIl 'elilsl.
after br;nigti up at the e, d -,f the r'pe,
at .o2", of a sec ,nd. In other word., a
mail w bo is hulig has his "enies out one
fortieth out a second ater the ,.uc is taut
1"a a Lu.np o lza In HIs PcLrt.
at 11 1 "ni 1. (Fta. ) trAj I
A white mnau from away down south in
the ()k1 eehubt e lake region caie up to
Gaiaaesvilit' last week on bu~luess at the
Stilted - talec land o lice. Wlhile here he
saw the first ice he had ever seen. Ile
noaiuife-fed great interest Iln the frigid sub.
stance a al paut a half- )oundl lump iam his
pa .tb iao 'ket to toia homne to his ts:uil.
I le .o Lak it out of ills po trt, how
ever, and as be did so he said I *in
aicurd it wit sidhe wy ter km:.CL
to ma n f *r Cu.ter.
Whaerin I us'r the troopral of the _,lllea
lot k,. wAas , sn, the fasaitairs and t1(111.
min;, eaf ItW lo Iru~n.s r .and w1 h"w- it
h aors I jInall u. I?. '1.. were t'r'aie- Lalacti
as a sign In Ala oi 11 1" arIyV s 1"
week, n a 111. IaI'a.', I'rha.rvl d alast'v h'
till' " I I-I 11a 1111'w ei amer , It, r · a r.ar? l
W a1:1 at ., "1 .. t :- I let 1s r Ir 1 a.ai h1;"
V a......Q .....C a U .1 I
St~al f la 11 a1'1 V :
] V't Tt'EF.if anor cer if sale ii iy haid.,
S- -ued out ,of tie llttrlt I t(,urt .of the lFr-t
.IJdi ui l Districte of M., tina Territ iry, in . .d for
the (t unty of u('l*ter Int the suit ,I4f7I Ilhoma J.
Hrtrl against Wilson I . Slith tas adminltrator
of Ii state of Josel,h .Miller, de. eased, arid I'as.te
1i t1 ,r, duly attenlte, the ]'th day of .eptetmber,
.A. . 1-, ., I have levi, I upotn all the rnll ,t, title
:nll antirenst of the said ý%ilson D. lliitth aund
(l-i, N Miber in tld to to te fodlowiltg ldecribed
real prpertly, situated in Miles (ity, Custer
'runty.l Montalna Territorv. wns.: .lits nunIl.,r
ehi v,, 11), twelve (12) anid thirteen (1 I, in lh.k
niullml.lr eight (, . In said M iles additionl together
with i all alnd singular the eitnelitSi, hlereditatluenit
and appurtellal. .'a thereunto btlo.Ingng.
Notice is herelby gevll that on the '211h day of
N.oveluer, A, D .. lsM5, at the hour of 2 o'clock, p.
0I , of said day, at thle fronlt dutor of the court house
in Mib a ( Ity, County alnd Territory aforesaid I
lisa! sell all the right, titlle and nlterest of the
said \% ilsuor I. Smith aset ('aasie Mlitler in and to
the sls,ve descrit.td real property, to the highest
bildder for ca.sh n hand
(livettn umiir lily hand,. tthis ti Itth day of
N.lot, .er, . I ., 1 ., ('Ii . 4 . . {\'VAtK.
I.hat it s'er I'.s.I.and Notarrv t'uic.
pMEe. l.a .) L.awer,
I orato1 and I eal I I
otr.n lent and aill I
It,.ad and. I
Loamu Insuranue and tecnlePancIng.
We are prepared to make complete abstracts of
titlee to r al estate, having two ets *of abstract
records, the only ones in Custer county; Ranges
and Ranches located and sold; Prepare llomeateadl.
Timlber ( ultuire, and Denert Land Papers; .ell
G(attle and lhhw condlgued to us; Write Policie
in lient lnsuran~ eI ompanies on Good Risks
I as now prt*lartl to deliver ArltUian Wall
Water for Bils, or Laundry use. Leave ord.ur at
Wright Bro.'s ilth and Main etrecte.
Capital Prize, $150,000.
"We ,d, hre.byr ertify that we nu errise the ar
ranture, t fhr al.i thl Montthly a;nd ýIuAntlllAl
I'raw,-I,;.t the l.utiL llanla t.le I ote y OiI.ilpa y,
lian it. je*r on manal tge lland cntllrol the d awli.re
theIallltt i.., iul tliht the name arle Iuductlnea d with
ho1uet . l, lhelllss, andl i ga fat ith ItwIa all par
Ilt. :,.i W. a uI t rie the Ionmipath ( * . o1e tlll l hi. s
e*r if, ,t p,, ith f:ac--c i l e l our r atute" at
I onlriamaiaunert
(Olllll l~ Orl
Un:precedented Attraction !
:vtB ALrA xu.u IC: t sTMIr:.
IIi., ,; , ~, ti for Syitr' Iv lit. l.gi'la
Wit1. I.,r t l, ·If.'1I.1 I alll (·'harljtailli· pIIrl* .C~cs
with t, .4 ý,Lr, "ym-iu hitehi "t ro..rve
fund of `,I ^ ,as nlrtce been added.
B si t .'. ro lI(·Ih, IITh oI ular t.,te it fratcijhi
was mu r"11 irI.r" ' ~ lh e it .ta e t nn*titunu1
It. 4,ram,m %I,.kle Number Drawimegs will
Lake~ I-, In ',I It Ilever qtales or pitpoie'.
Look at th I I ~'I I· , it, - II·. ii·trl'tut ltou
197th, (.rand Monthlyl
tm Till:
12'Sd:::I A :LXI-1IX74L 7t::'u.
lit thme Atcadleuu mI Musir, A..w trleans,,
Tuesal.y Iiertbiihir 13, 16143..
huh-lit uI
GEN. G. T BEAUREGARD of Louisiana
GEN. JUBAL A EARLY, of Virginia
Capital Prize, $150,000.
a r . " l I \. I IuIvin .l
'I t utiL,", "?I.
L:'i OF I a /
1 (A.1YllAL l'lIZi: (IF
1 I. ". \'I) PRIZE (1F
ii iAl iXOA IN (O
'L ~ ~ I, It(u IhI~ F 1
111/ .. t 11
impr huthrr fo l I m , II,
, the at the uI llce of th ('o L1p1 1· t :u New 1*·11 ·1·1
1'`., lumber 111tfor11a11 1oo write (1(·lrl), CFltlli·
full :ildre,- PO'TAL NO ill, I %prr-, Jlnu.lm
(Orders. or New Yorrk Exrcharie hIm ordlltarv lortr.
tlTrrl.li yv I.e F re,- (all '~ul of :', an-ilt l.a ,rd
at our e'l 11i t ats: Y
New ()Irleam., La
ft Mhllllhh't"., I). C.
New /(rlemah. La.
New I rlteau-. Ii.,
.' A I' N\ A1r'1(O\.l. B 'L\ K.
Nuw Intuit-, Lia.,
Ntw I Pt ,mII., Lat.
of every d..sription. Th ILA.,,A. T '.rti"l
of Heavy Sharpe' Rifle, In the we.t.
$ .";innlitthlltu ad ite aliring of all km-,|
N.eatly d,nll aInd V'Warrant.-d.
Main Street, - - Miles City, I.T.
I u ,, I,-' 1. I i , ,I al l tll l k in i . I - ,dn : hI a
carpet .t~Ltcbnw. .Wv M tti l id 4 hmon.Y
clesning al t re .lsiRi. l -1 e I. I plklcit publlt
pstronaKe. It eave Cr, . stt Irl lefII A1L, rdlw r
No.11 KI.rmy IgU, F i% Oj.
Teera ALL Citmo.r gr.-IAL LW, Pu P I
vlnja VHomua·uI. Uua~
d s nd i
Mi u heUudlver
ef Pennq"Ivanla, w11
N' to iorftut PiW for
Scse of thid kind the
Eel RI..ruvy (un.
derv treatruent) will not cure.
eibu60 r a estquantity 4, set tlo
!anyddlas 0 leoalt pp rOi. I vate
will be sse l to, no. lplyl3Ef by I tirs, starti
l ~plam. P s 55W5 aearcy lu repid
Wlb,~au IftfllSOU
Live Stock, Loans, Real Estate and Notary Public.
Agent for twenty-five first class fire insurance
companies; also, for the Equitable Life. New York
Mutual Life, and the Travelers Accident and Life
insurance companies
Money loaned on first class security.
Several fine farms and ranches for sale at very low terms of payment.
Several comfortable an commodious dwelling houses
and well located lots for sale at a bargain.
Parties esiring to locate cattle ranges will obtain
full and reliable information.
Montana and western stock cattle in lots to suit
Agent for the best and most reliable shippers of east
ern and southern cattle: also, for imported, pure bred,
Polled Gallowas and Aberdeen-Angus bulls.
The First Nationl Bank, and Stock Growers Nationl Bank of Miles City.
ilade. and rwil reotrn t to pu lt the wo npI in :rn
part of the olulttry.
Custer, Dawson and Yellovwtone
Excelsior Brewery
I" I~r n 1- p r "p e I t r 1. r. f .r Ir
Ir LIrl l ' 1 .r 1 + nu I :ltral. i. ahi I " II , i:t . I I t 1 1 It
"lure III I"Ir.
The College of MONTANA.
New & Co.plett
Open to both IUS i ler
FOR TERMI , c., apply to
REV. D. J. gcMILLAN, D. D,
y.I- of the College,
UgM WODGE. Xontana.
A *OWA=-ý'!41.1. XT
91L OM
TfgY~SoA Sto
U'N d FE
B. ULLAN, Proprietor.
Fittings in brass, iron, pipe
and hose.
taiaer in engires, boilert, and
all kinds of steam. force and lift
General repairs no all kinds of Macbisery
done on the shortlet notice.
ibops on silth street opposite Stock Grower
National Bank.
And all Points in
Minnesota, Di keta, Montana,
Idaho, Wa.hiaigul Territery,
Britidh ollal Paget Sol and
rzprte Trains Daily, to whh san attahed
On Any Class of Ticket..
The Only All Hall Line to the
Fer full Infourati.m as to Tine. aLm, 1e. W
o0eI ftmw A4We
Ir. PAML. Iass.

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