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Daily Yellowstone journal. [volume] (Miles City, Mont.) 1882-1893, January 05, 1889, Image 3

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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14 lmnghs..».......... »................14u4 r. I.
..«.....w. 3. Webb. Hobo.
P..J. ozts.. Helm.
lgItJande......ý«.' »_.....Mia usU.l H.Mu.
A.mobos JsInoa............7. OIbO DoVolA
]«be. C. M3ec.
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.h+.tu( T.bu O~ia.teel..«.
Usabo ......bs ..o.A. C. K.p H.MJosoe
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w~a..fY.H......... _.«. s. H. b ..es
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Fl. A.I mlf o........... .........»....».fi.. H. WoeN
mmlies................».«».....C { R LAMOiU
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~s. W. W.LkU.
1.y, sdpaamslt. hotatToweem'.
Th. teurk fir, brisk. bsb obsrm.
U~katlu M lb. roller risk t .stgbL "
Pret. Duskh I.ustting es..s very -us
fha . Tu~gus river.
A tow arss falt shein a Tower.'."
Ouuuy lerksi Dssr isaM work ups.
W~ eameal dalteuswu
1s. /aeer Mo athe Club Bsle....
Va. T. Elekles, ofX ~a supoUs,
-. M arrlval lost slih ubSi fro
Bed Mt but tea st lbs Club Uasleau..
ApU Keut~he l~ .se bsKt YeS
Ibwsls~s -es t s P~, b. kept siss
"r skatug.
now York tooonot o es. per ea Sa
Johb Carter'u .
Tbe eehre club had a pleasalt
Mt at Jepp Ryea'I oommodious res
oane0 lhat alght.
CLD cotton rn e wauted at this
T. P. Borenson, a New York travl
bIg mea, who ha beea bore before, is
isiting the odty.
Gred reduction sale of goods a)
Mansuer Bro's.
To.oight the Whist teus will be
prepared to oommenee play at 8:30
o'elock sharp. All four tables will be
No trouble to prepare mixed drinks
at the Club lMloon.
Attorney W. H. Hoe collected a lee
yesterday na the shape of a cut off, 8s
eal. Colt's revolver. Cbarley is now a
bad man.
California wines, pure and unadul
erated at Bullard's.
Paul MoCormiek was here y er
-ay from Junction City sad Is baring
a eolsultauon with his attoresy, C. R.
Hanamer Bro's. ofier ) per cent. re
duction on all good until Jan'y 10th,
18 . *t
Wbm behr w u, " py.m bL cmaef,
Me down a OSduio brcba..h
lbe Nw insin It apweud led
alght wu aseotbs p[Mrs~ of oebula
oImdsw uss o only IthoSOUP$w of
Touiy I"e ApU bin pod is
dos dim w~r sft, the mw ame
gut ednull the IsA boft. w"
wag -d* vb . mmd d* Wt
*J*,dh bye ON~s yearn&V, tos
spsetacle was one only to be ssjoyed
by loealitles posseessg aselear as at.
.oupbepa aete.
Inquirse of J. C. Callahan for tiokets
Is Montana InvetMmest Company's
lottery sobee.; $800,000 for $. "
Do you seabr with eatarrh? You
an be cured if dou take loid's $arsa
parilla, the Neat blood purl0er, sold
by all drurget..
Phil Yortb drove his team ia a little
ahead of time last night, baiang bosn
apprised of the dessrueotom of his
stable. His loss Is estlmad at$100.
Hugh Murray is now at the Mae.
qe*as house, from Helena. Mr. Mur
ray was ome of the old Black HBlltes
and had sle" a grads eontraet on the
Northern PoelIo In 1801. He is now
located at Anacoada and I.. i bustnse.
there. Many old acqualltandss were
diseovered by blMlile. City belog a
town of old timers.
Sus-d.e Wasme.
For geoeral housework in a private
family or chamber work in a hotel by
a competent woman. Apply at this
The season of Ares seems to have set
in. Last evening Just before supper
the old Elephant corral, owned by
Major Logan. t.iok Ore from the usual
cause, an overbeated stove, and in a
little time the buildings inside the
fence were burned to tbe ground. Old
Jimmy Clock occupied the bou.e in
lbe corral and was up town at the
time of the fire. The loss is nominal
tad no insurance.
A rileamn Mmsew
)f health and strength renewed and
if case and comfort follows the use of
Syrup of Figs, as it acts in harmony
with nature to efectually cleanse the
system when costive or bilous. For
ale i 80e and $1.00 bottles by all lead.
ag druggists.
Elsewhere will be motIeed the dlsse
mlos of the arm of Tbos. J. Bryas £
,u., Mr. Bryan retirag sue Mr. Chas.
Larsen woeseding to the buesies.
'Charley" Larsen, as he I. best
inova, needs so inuoduotion to the
[ills City publie. By his strict as.
sation to business, and amble man.
osr he made a valuable member of the
id arm, sand ew that be is es his
ýws boob he will reap all the btemess.
Life is burdensome, alike to tb smof
ferer and all around him. while dys
p.epea and its atteoding evil bold
sway. Complaints of this nature can
be speedily cured by taking Prickly
Ash Bitter regularly. Thousand.
once afflioted now bear cherful t--U
moey as to its merits.
At the Naeqmsm Hos., Friday vening, Je
4. lSM, by the A.. Father 3. W.I. lJadmmh. J.
0. aMstlli, t MMaU s. Dak , ad u i M elr l. of
CA Gbnts-. oeards.
The srvimes of Father Lindesmith
were alled late requisition last a.bt
to perform the eremoy whbih united
IN mrriageJ. 0. tollivami of Mauda
Dak., uad Mis Nelson, of Callforms.
Ssmewhbat of a romane is eomneedised
with thiL marriage. Mr. Salvivn e
being able to lave hbi belsem a.
Mmden for the length of Uime
qureld to mak* the trip to Calit.rea
so th e oaident yooun lady mt bi
at Miles Cty by prne-smigtmet and
u.der speclal doipeumatee they wer
marred here. Le Else tber, oa old
arltad n thbe grem, eod up with
bthe ouple and Mr. and Mrs. J. C. (U_
laba were witneesm. The handsome
young couple will eIve to-day for
tbeir home at Mandan.
Ugehe d U.Iueh.M~~
. ubie mUt.. Is b...bj gives thea
he ...psrtoawblp hom fws.. iz~aj
between T. J. Brya sad Chaim. La
.N nu~dr lb. IAt nameat. T. 1,
Btyan I Co.. Is ibis dsy dlsu kad by
ýutual osoheal. Tb.habi ube uslmm
la whieb uaid Ai. hem br~oeay.m
will hereaft r b. oaodneted byChaseis
Lon..a. All aemaunebe du. let. I
Arm. T. J. Brysa Oo.V tllb. peti
1. T. J. Dryan. CRAm.1LAaiMI,
* ~THou. J. NuvAw.
W. C. r. V.
The Natloeat Tempersaee Hoepltl.
What it It and is there any need of
suoh ao lnstitution ? Let us se.
First, It is a hospital from which al
cohol is forever baotbhed, having for
Ie motto, "Wborefore lift ui tbe
bands whiob bang down, and tbe
feeble knoe; and make straight pathr
for your fet. lost that which is lam
be turned out of the way; but let It
rather be healed."
What harm oft arie from using al
cobol - a medlcine? The following
loolddet will seve to illutrao. It is
the story of a woma primnor In a
Oouity Jli rnate4 by heeelf. She, M
one Ume, meoved Nl the highest eIrele
ef (mhiomable msly to a g t ety.
Her bhband les his htesU, nd died
iapa tly fbe nti l ibr agrw ekn.
But the wl11 w" a weat f -s-as-k
Sable emrgy.sad N4ot ahef isto wek
SIr a vIg. WKhtin a sht tiMg,
I hailWo the pnitsr e of It lg
" Hfru ewmakemr N he Imy, sad. bi
m tMsd i koat n ahrl i ap. Uns,
a n reafta tIn 4 ui0 pgamoa
S116o a p aft a ba pea *^ems 10n.
du3i, sha bad fo med the bibt ul
drinking wine at frubionable parUt-,
although not wholly approving of the
custom. But now, that her days were
thll of weary til, bhe often drank a
glao of wine to walp up bhr flagging
energies. At lmt nhe drank to vxc.
and wua turned ut of doors in diuirac
by the woman who bad hired her sar
vi e.
Stung to the hearS by keenest re.
mone, she then gave her pledge to
God. is His strength. sever to touch
another drop. Tae pledge she faithful
ly kept for more than a year. But
ome day she became so fatal frum ev.
sessive toll, that she would have fallen
had not her employer, a profeseing
Christian, helped her to her ooueb,aau
then, with her own hands, she pre.
pared a hot brandy sling for her relief.
"Oh, I would give all the world if
she bad not dose it," said he poor
womnan, as she wept bitter teats, "but
I bad not the courage to tell my weak
nees so that she would remove the
temptation, and she urged me to take
it. I culd not resist, I slipped sut
of the house that evening to get jwt
one more drink, sad I never got weok
again, for the neit I knew, If Ia
myself locked up in a station bouse.
Three times have I passed through
the terrible struggle to contiol oay ap
petite and every time I have, after a
long spell of abstlnenar, been tempted
to return to the bottle by having it ad
ministered to mess medicine." There '
are few people who have not heard of
or known slmilar oases.
What then is the aature of this ap
petite for strong drink? Its bhstory
through proves It to be a relentlss.
master, when one aroused, forging
the ohaias of its slave.Ktrongsr and
strouger with every ladulgemoe.
Thre are few psopls, as doubt, who
do not aeknowledge the fact of hosed.
lty. Not only beauty sad deformity
of perso are traasmitted, but also
beauty and deformity of eharncter.
If a parert's life has been oaeef stde
ag towar lshe true sad the beautlftd,
the nastural tendency of the child will
will be in that directlio. Bus it, .. the
ether baud, the parent has le a diesi
pated, impere life, the obild will re
ielve, as his inheritans, a dealse for
lbe low and the vii.. Physleal as well
as mestal tastes we lbnerited. The
grost enaer that is rseasemlted from
*ese msassies te asther In Chisa, is
bhe laste tropine. bulls in oelvllead
Amerais, isle she laste Se aleshes e i
drinks. The ehbid is bors with the
eppestis .ad with She Iseitabie se-.
eempnanment, a weakend will.
power. If tbis ebld .sid be kept I
away from stroeg drisk altegether, he
probably would rese know he had
tShe demes lurklag within. But when
he ese gets a lul of it, the appetite
Is Inasmed and his Ml bheesalh is '
en. .1 the meet bitae seryltnde res
ean seeslse. A oastber easewel is ,
-u~ aulilvaled sand, when .su as.
qigeed, is slust impeslNW tS he s an
qanerd. 'The vistm may have It In
pariSal enbisslens, but when he has
whisky preseribed S him by a phyui.
elsa who has ae ealeNla.ed thl esel
It le spable. delngoewhenb Agmee..
wvi wIto sadminlisened S hi. at she
amensslen talea, Imsedietely tho
aid habit Is spean hi with lnreased
Sbeb ma are by no mea rre.
Tboe who knew the hoisory of oo*
of the strongst mern o oar oountry,
ad perhaps the greatest letdrer in
his line, or whom we have rot booe
able to bout, John B. Gough, remem
ber bow many times be fell, and what
oontinual struggle be had for year to
obtanl the mastery. He would reslt
for a long time, but at an unwary
momaet the tempter would present
itself In medloloe, at the communion
table or otherwise, and then would be
gin again hib terrible struggle.
Public sentiment Is apparently
asiloosd upon the question of
temperan, but stern facts extet aod
must be met O! that ChrtianU men
and wo woud oen w stdy carefully the
presel condition and tendency of our
Americ people, ad aroue to deia
Ite and immediate ation. The ladle
of the W. C. T. U.. seem to e thingl
in their true light, and tb establtb
moet of bse Natioona Temperans
Hospital in the elty of Obleao is o
outgrowth of their convetiona. It
ws formally opened at 8411 Co tel
Grove avenue, on the 4h of May, 18.
It bh, In oonnection with it, the
Clar Barton tralnlogohool for urses.
Any phylelu., who dlres to be ad
mitted to practio lIn the Hspital,
meet ubsrib to toh follownlg agree
ment: "All medline used in the
Hospital must be prepared without al.
oebol, sad all pbhryalaie smiapuia
posiltons Oa the mediaed sta of the
Hospital or Dispesaroy must pledge
themselves mot tadilalsor aohol in
ay form to any pUtiet in HoBpital or
Dispesary, nor to Ual ln erseel hr
sob pattutay phrbb s who will
advise the sme a seLe."
Pastist me take wiVtlsM Mega to
40, 004, ue m 41 1m6 a Auug
them hao been tthabue t a# pt.
1t1%, whIto Ma OUsM. ONlWMk,
and ahs m age .
41, m '['<. ,*'*' A v *- .J tth
uran h s . .
lbe Seospt, Isludlng sasue sad
cbroole d , medsal sand wnuu
"wse, ad n but be.u a me h.,
De tbl p $onshboi sat sleboel I
Indl~p.gaebie la medic 1 pu'motioui
Thbeemims Dr.Nichnls sleof Bostra
wbo, for seurly Aifty yous, mad. d4se
soveries Is pbshmaey. eb.mistry sad
mediolae, maid that If 'bh natural
vinnue fitteretstOiv pocesm should
ovase, sad the art of distilieti.a be..
Come "lesht at" aot a life would pi
aserieod Is esasequeen, et s ascet
dismseg would ti relted d In "6 pro.
owm of oure, not a palm would be 1*
grsvated, and not on. of the art prce
ossqes sufer detrimelt.
Ti ....me dlmaIMrnln &t 1ha U.
The prset dimeaslons of the Heo.
pitl aee too Ilmited to meet the de
mand, aid isi s proposed to add several
wings, esob of which will be set apart
for petaiote bailag a speela diase.
This will .sewulte a eeoaiderable ut
lay of moesy, sad the substaatlal
belp of anyoe. who waits I. aid In
this moat wotby Msise will be thank
ti'lly received by Mrs. L. H. Plumb,
rtreator, Ill.
Toe followintt i quotsd from as ad
dreas by Mica Willard :
"Every army must have Ite sanitary
department, but nose ever had one
calf as good as ours, because In our
National Temperance Hospital we is
duer our theories to praetios and Old
Alcohol from his 'uoat cherlahed seat.
This eniterpie, -u well begun sad
steadily pursued, is a, far In advnsoe
of the average medical idea as Is our
temperance host in advance of the
average method of life among to
people. By means of the Nationsl
Temperance HuspItal, we seek to ap
ply salemtlfo tempersooe to medical
practilee, which means that we do set
ebsage our princIpals when we fall
slok. No unnertaklng of ours bas
ever been more prosperous, it I. wia
nlng as well as working Its way Into
publie recoguitlon. There I. not a
state or territory in the Union where
its plass and purposes are not knows',
and hardly one In which sotive work
is not now being done. Of whatoth *r
hospital I. Amerisa can mis be said?
Tan TyLEa DesK Co.. of eL. Louis,
Mo., aie sow pushiug another Ilget u.
one OMAo Device. Thi. time it I,
Tyler's Royal Automatie Type Writer
Cabliet and Desk Combined. It Is
Adapted to every Macbi. new In
me, sad said lo be the anest es Barth.
FMe Tyler Byetemn of Dank Csnters
mn also attraetlsg a peat deal of at
smtleS, while the naaoes Tyler Desks
-same 4Y styles-esn'isse to grow ia
Pubile fever. Illestrated Catalognes
lee. _______
Are We to Have Amether War?
some peritles prophete er that we shll. Be
tht a It ma. te tUttle waged by melrle
selese agals dimssee will wor se ustil we
arrive at that teapsm peah wbhe the hmmam
tmlly rMaseW be auilstati w bodily all
msom. O0n ot the most pate wempem whie
uhe armery at medllefe trmsbes. I Beesetter
iemauh SMe1y whlb hs at si tlal utilty a
a eaily somty, Us is adlap4d lto tIm l-a.te
uwlletf and *limate muw o them diuseode of the
asr IsIm diemtle. bilM. a essom mad Umot
patin -. .aprbl ee ipemi . ma theme all
mt- s~ees eaelemal b the isitem.
;;=e sepee of thimhvety whele
seme Ms A w mee d mtae ee oervo
alimets, rhmematlm mad kldmy tIomblm; li
mes l* I theseI, si the ther cam . rTg
oaer ia td meu tho m MghsUe.
Pimaty keSam of dismae Is e geammely dia
wUbTem t amog es l whole pmp9Jhal m st eare
Ahms every lotdeinat beas tie J~aeste pises
sem ham n hm. The , e a- til stmgs --so
dem1 by these alsted vwith smlem sesM
mem be o uderst4 by othrem th1ir sga
ten S adsasmedrly tLht mees them, m
ihm b awe pr. Thaewmddmul pmer at
Hood's Sarsaparilla
th seassag ay tam ot saealm Was eams
sterly am fully IrmontUmea that M leaves m
dIm ta tht e greUats mrtemis disery at
bis nmorlea. It l made by C. L OOD A
lwell, Us., and Is sold byall dragnls.
100 Do.* One Dollr
7% be ml of" mlyfor Om o
Ald d muuamlm y m1 ofqm
* ahw, IXMwa, Omin mo Dmdi.
Dr~qql Ask RUlao CNWP~b
ywtuk.fyto Is, a bummum lfts mý
I~~ tti
Sam toasft I
W OW Mumma Vpbmwinmb
is. bmM read wob, am
ha.Um410018 Fubomt oa O*a
As a Ned 6 =airoo
'4UWSC...thaaquaWSef~a *5Ui
used yth U. to/ed~. Saeuem.i~M
bath. eb.is of Wh GOeM Umdewses - the
PIl... I, ..m metin Powder ieee sa
henal. Amnoeha. Ur. . eAL1... lel omi41.
piiez [IMOe POWDER CO.
NEW yOur CUIC&eu e.rw. q
Meals to Onlr at all
hours % the day or
Omt5mmpPm. 0".suE
LAN Mr GAliM.55t .mWt
kti. bile w.d . M
US .0..A...... 1I, L .b .
l flg $Onn #41c
Wholesale and Ret
; m, bim r Upr
Tbdmls asd amb duis . b
Dl.w goon eemt.aeml eMSu a
We bEadehrfý e Femi U
vrtted murtuest O
t. the city.
We resljeetfully moillht as ligvmes
psironque. pledgiag oemeNves to
the beut estlsetf~oo.
ýN~M~6 . ý ý X
-~. 3
Stas U.,
Wlr rur. k

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