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Daily Yellowstone journal. [volume] (Miles City, Mont.) 1882-1893, March 06, 1889, Image 4

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soh K an lbUaI v. Wblk
CvaoLd Four Now
r'-. t That Ought to B3 Studild
by £ll Northwut
H Mo (bpyd ofi e blaest Our
layer bir Mtre Ref
AJUM to provide for the divlilon ol Da
es ainto two states Rd to enable the
mple of North Dakota, South Dakota,
11t.a aem Washington to form con
mlMtnlou and state governments and to
e admitted Into the Union on an equal
oting with the original states, and to
make domatlUo of public [email protected] to such
Catkomn That the inbabitauta o( all that part
d(b ares of the United htate unow constituting
Itarritorim of Dakota. Montana and Wuhlng.
-qw at pres.nt desribed, may hbtc:e the
Ms of North Dakota South Dakota. Montia
al Wahington, respectvely. ua hnrrnina
WL &. The are comprtiing the trritory of
D Uta shall, for the purp.es of this act, e
dlsed on th Uine of the seventh standard pr
rl produced due wet to the west-rn toundary
datml territory: and the delegtats elected a
ellMafter provded to the iostltitilon.l
ain-etjol in diricts north f said par.
l shall amrme in conventioni. at the time
pC lbed in this act at the cit of Biimarc;k
ml the delegante elected io ditri, t south of sid
pgllel shall, at the same time, assemble In Con
amon at the city of Sioux FallU
i. That a. perm who aMe qualified by
lle oft said terrodres to vot. for repreer
rs to the legMiswn aarmbl.s thereof, a.e
b-em' autbhoessd to vol tor aud choose dele
-ae to form noeeotiom to aid proposed states;
Sthe quaMeadioe. for delegates to euch con
o s shall be sr as be the laws of said ter.
tes rlp.ctvly paraom. are required to pes
m o be elible to the legislative easemblle
beof; andtbe afonred delegtas to form said
aLemlons dU be app Inted within the limits
4de proposed atns. I ,n such diltrica as may
tMaabliahed as hetse provided. in prooton
L populadtn la ear a sf sd ooude andJ d
t as may e, to d e aaOertained at the
s t llsal 4 id portioaments by the per
Shenbe aalk rid to make the same.
mth best ialotIu tae otablahbe, in each of
Altoditet thew delegates shall be elected,
so elector shall le frmore than two per
e for delegates ta. msuch coventions; that said
ItuMaU shabll be made by the governor,
chiet Justibe, atl the secretary of said teril
m: and he o eor of sa territork shall,
prodamcaati, order an election of the deale
Is each of said proposed state, to bw beld
hb. Tueday after ee seond Monday in May
which proclamatoa shall be Ilued on the
Sdy f April U1l; uad each election shall be
rntao returau made, the result aaertalned,
mi the certiN teas to persons elected to such
enesmtion Issed In the same manner as is pre
aged by the laws of the said terriltorhies
Ia edctions therein for delegates to
mn te mber of votes cast or dekeats In
sh alllb also he returned. The number
to smid conveutlons respectivel shall
meva ty-ve: and all perons resident n aid
std ates, who are qualied voters of said
io lorlas Y heelu provided. shall be entitled to
Sum thfelection aof delegates, and under
a flenssad regulaios as aid co(anvetions
WArY eshe. not in oalict with this act, upon
tSe aIctLon at rojectioan a the con ltutloaa.
e. 4. That the desgates to the convectons
dgted as provided i thiM act shall meet at the
@ of goverameit of each of aid territories,
m pt the delegatsa elected la outh Dakota,
%% s.sll meet at the dtof of lox Falls, o the
f day at Jily, US, aid, after oarsginsatoa,
l declae, m behal o the people of said pro
-Mtd satee, that they adopt the oosttutou of
te Unittd Salsa: whwreupa the sad oven
n shall be, and re hereby, authoriled to form
altttions and state gove for sar dpro
a stave, rapctvely. The constitutions
n be pub.la i to m, and make no distne
In is .v or polical r ts on account of race
Wo ealor, except as to Indian not taxled, and not
be repUat to the costirtution of the United
musd the rinciplea of the Declaration of
e .e And said conventions shall pro
S ordbanesa Irrevocable wilthout the con
s1 the United Stels aid the people of said
i t-a~tprlem tdoats of lirous me
pall be secured, and that no Inhahitant
rd ate sh. ever be molested in peron or
aoooat of or her mode of relig
-- Wldooa tIhe Ven tao
imelaien a right and tlb to thee
"M oarndlusi 4 WiMthin said mIt
mm- . es Y a I dis tres; d
,.. ; tao taie s.WIl be Imposed by
at. as I roparty therl n belogg
Swhc t may hmiat tih purchdby t e
laLmdmt or sroved for ai e. But nothb
orh In sthee so nacee be provded
N .. er tsd e said stai r tao ng um
Slme rr ed uy tahe owned or held by
iamL who mee severed his tLhel rlaom,
im ob.a.ned from the United Stats or from
o r titl thereto hi pnteut or other
ave ea nempit Mach fadn m have ben
orumy re granted to ay IndIan or Indian under
ql at of congress Cmtitlf a provlionI Cx
t lat. the lands thus ranted from ltaation;
mauM alolaICneCfm hllS provide that aU sabh
m hall ie exempt from taxation by id
daes lkng and to such etentu asuch act o(
mrr d in es prrtcrlbe.
r Tht t det an d Iablitle of rld ter
,tnri*. '!i !1 b uo ed and plad by said states,
&£ý . . tnatiprvihm shall 1wtoa d.f for the
@%"I osl (ý!.q oldI· Inll llfr-·u ance .4 -)%t4.lop of
L.·ak il *.i. uiiih. 1 l likfl 6 y.fliill thf
111mc Thatl ii, iiiu.l,. o t ti~r iibgi ·iiLI IIIn,
We at Hipmjarcc i-hall Iiinli it in-t ilti ai md
%?Air Ilaif,% ari f, a. wit. t,, iti wilI %tia.i
North Dakrtlt. and ti- ooll, 111"11 %h l, It Aaln
innhl.. at liii ill Fall. %hall fI rr a n I-11,10-11,1,11
sl state gov..rnnimuit for a r ii.r . k oiiAn as
gonuttb Dakota. Pro% Mi-. UI. tt 1 it . I., ti to
South IDakota, as vimriinI·t .r.- 'i ' ii
alwr flray bany ealtf.'n or int'lt t to bullt
tis worde '-for tbi. Si. fix Ia6lt l ir
U* worlds "alrawit Ut. t i..uioxll. l il I ·-tit , Fi
e the vfl on tjIs qolifiifi liauI I- ttol
caaivaq.din fth anlO nialilrl"I. 41 f-i I
uishon p ltrovl st for tii mi.wtlfi tlin.I i0 1Afll
midf a la)tly rd alIT fll vauit III 1ioq. 11'
dI shall lie "fonr fbi emlx FlIls, ionailhlfltn it
" b the duly if the- ttv..ntiii mitwllhirtUly
ntble at hioLux FajI... a.. l.rirm l ,mmvlll.
rummihnift tit ite 1".o.len m.ilt lINkita. fir raft
itoo or ri)-,i-'I;- at fj,- - t-1-1 ij lh r tuaft* r
ti 1for it Ithis R1. ft. 1w onsl It l it in fraioit l
FIJI.al alnd lcpf. l N, ., ! I - . mani alt.,
Mehat.fporarad atlbr imi rvitlP. iilt aý tilait jill
n) $wary MW ýi~~llll,~n rrllmlmI
yug yajim reltate. tit f 1 tiatii.- Mui ii. linrtlhj
staei4 lb.. mmp.a~pftiým...li if
JI'ta and1 k'i(isltiAv- .;.-U, Is, ileli OWIN
adMM'mIS Ul f7 tti nfwviary in ,ril,-r to
wlh Uth psnvilt-s of ffiuhs aet and If a
of the votes i't Ion) ti mil ftlafln or
Of the i4'oottlitt", pu ~fli t" con
I pmati-tvr.of tb.. mrtPiO-iq ilipiirsuily
og &mth Lr k,, & Pboll Ow itillU
provided: but Uthe amrbltv
b stooas. tof territor -of Ilotis
nn @A VII tIIuu th. mpital of
theret Is ftcbr4 1,Y sam
iN t the aatloto fnt desetrate.s t the
wOven" Itn South Ifkois a m
efUb* ..v " at a atm Aw"tle muiall lie
IL h..Um abL .maIWU~r~o."s rhisd
rWM uuI at t fty 'it SIoM Fallk
~4t o y IUI to piobiwd to form a
amot a. providPin I
-itqintuoan b aait low
~i~hdW~ya.Ed ps,-D*"of Mouth LS.
111 beha do o a the commath
~~~r ~~ kth Dase ~ Lo b oW
appobt a o-int u m to be eampond d
acO km than thrre memlrbm dud convegitom.
whom dry sul ba to iannblh at Uhuarek.
te pM mt es eat of goreufest ofmid oakt oey,
aid agiw upon as equllable dlvidon of U prop
w17 tekmgltng to the tewrrory of Dakota. the dr.
po*100 of all pudIe rtoord and also adjust and
nree upon the a unct othe drho and Iab4Ilthu
of the territory.. tloh shal be aswtmed ad paid
Dk oah ao the proposed shtt resacNorth and Routh
Diakotar; and 6the agmrcenet rebed respecting
the rmt ortal debt. and LabUlite bsal be boor
purated in the rartive cocettutbono.s and each
of said states shat obtijtw Itself to pay Its propor
tion of such debta and liabilitrn the razor as It
tehad hero emted by sutch MItes respect.
.ec. Ift th constitutlons formed for both
North Dakota saut Louth Dakota shall Ie rejected
by the people at the elections for the ratification
or rejection of the respective comtltutlons as pro
vided for in this act, the territorial government of
Dakota shall contioue in existence the smine as if
this act had nrt been pained. But if the consti
tution fonnel for either North Dakota or South
Dakota shall I. rejeted by the people, that part
of the territory so rejecting Its proposed consti.
tutlon shall contilnue under the territorial govern
ment of the present territory of Dakota, but shall,
after the state adopting ts constitution is admit
ted to the Unmon. be alled by the name of the
territory of N.orth Dakota or South Dakota, a the
case may be: .rvided, That if either of the pro
posed states provided for in this act shall reject
tme on.itutlon which may be submitted for rati
Seation or rejection at the election purvided
therefor the governor of the tearitory in which
chw proposa~ constitutiona was reject shall Is
hia phroclamatoan reconvening the delegates
ad to the conventlo which formed such re
v constlitution, the time and place
at which said dee shall assemble;
and when so aremb they shall pro
esed to form another constitution or to amend
the rejected consttution, and shall submit such
new constution or amended constitution to the
people of the proposed tate for rattlcation or
rejecoa.at such time as aid convention may
dte : and all the provisions of this act, so
far as spcale.shall appl to such convention so
reasembled and to the constitution which may
be formed, Its ratiication or rejection, and to the
admission of the proposed state.
Sec. R. That the constitutional convention which
may assemble in South Dakota shall provide by
ordinance for resubmitting the Sioux Falls con
stituton of IIlB, after having amended the ame
as provided n section 5 of this act, to the people
of South Dakota for ratflltion or rejection at an
eection to be held thseen on the first Tuesday n
October, 1,; but If mid consttutional conven.
tion i authorized sad required to form a new
constitution for South Dakota it shall be provided
for submitting the same in like manner to the
people of South Dakota for ratllcation or rreject
ton at an election to be held in said proposed
state on the said flr Tuesday in October. And
the constitutional conventions which may msem
ble In North Dakota, Montana and Washington
shall provide in like manner for submitting the
constitutions formed by them to the people of
said proposed states, respectively for the rattlca
tion or rejection at elections to he held in said
proposed states on the said first Tuesday in Octo
er. At the elections provided fr in this section
the qualifed voters of sid proposed states shall
vote directly for or against the proposed consti
tutions, ad for or against any articles or propo
sitions separately submitted. The returns of said
elections shall be made to the secretary of each of
said territories who, with the governor and chief
Justice thereof, or any two of them hall rcvam
the am.: ad if a majority of tlegal votes
east shall be for the constitution the governor
shall certify the result to the president of the
United States, together with a statement of the
votes t thereon and upon earate articles or
propostions, and a copy of said artlcles. propo
to and ordinances. And if the constitution
and governments of said propose I states are re
publican in form, and lgall the provisions of this
act have been complied with in the formation
thereof. It shall be the duty of the president of
the United States to ssue his proclamation an.
flouncing the reult of the election in each, and
thereupon the proposed states which have
adopted constitutions and formed state govern
ments as herein provided, shall be deemed ad
mitted by congress into the Union under and by
virtue of this act on an equal footing with the
original states from and after the date of said
Sec. 9. IThat until the next general ousn, or
until otherwise provided by law, said tates aball
be entitled to one representative in the bouse of
rpresentatives of the United States, exempt
South Dakota, which sball be entitled to two; and
the representlves of the Fifty-Aelt congrms,
together with the governors and other oaoere
povridtd for in said colstutloas, may be elected
on the same day of the election for the ratitcation
orrejetin of the costitutnon; and until maid
state offcers are elected and qualiled under the
provisions of each constitution and the states,
respectively, are admitted Lnt the Union, the
territorial o~iers shall continue to discharge the
duties of their respective olmas In each of said
Sec. 10. That upon the admission of each of mid
states into the Union sections numbered 16 and
S in every township of said proposed tates, and
where such sections, or any parts tbhereof, have
been sold or otherwise dispomed of by or under
the authority of any act of congres, other lands
equivalent thereto, in legal subdivisions of not
ess than onequarter section, and as contiguous
a may be to the sectio in lieu of which the same
is taek, are hereby granted to said states for the
support of common schools, such Indemnity leads
wo nlected within said sttes in such a manner
as the Ilslatur mar provide, with thhe apoval
of tihe seretary of I nterior: Provided, that
the lbh and mectiones embraced in pennanent
reservatines for nstional purposes shall Dot at
an time, be sbject to te rat naor to the in
demdy prt sevle of ti allt, nor shll any
reservatios of rai. be subjet to the
gret or to srdthe po bl this ea
tll the rsration shall bee etnu ed
mad sob leads be restored o, and become a part
of the public domain.
ISe. . tat aI landhs iereiagmted for edu
eaUnoaa purpoem shall be disposed of only at
public sale, and ata prig no les than $S0 per
cre, the proceed to oomatuI a parmanent
obool fund. the terest of which only shall be
expended b the support of said seboob. But
said lands may, under such ar the
asturua han prescribe, e br Ld periods
aof mt more than u ve yers, in quantities not ox
endling one ection to sny one n or compny;
and such land shall not be subject to pr-emptlon.
homestead entry or a other entry under te
land laws of the t'nited tates, wbther surveyed
or unsurveyed, but shall be reserved for school
purpuses only.
4ec. 12. That upon the admission of each of
said states into the Uniok, in accordance with the
provisions of this act, flfty sectIons of the unap
proprIlted publi lands within said states, to be
sel'cted and located in legal suIb-dlvisons as pro
vided in section 10 of this act. shall be, and are
hereby, granted to said states for the purpose of
erecting putlk hull.llngs at th.. capital of said
states fur legislative, executive, and Judicial pur
Sec. 13S. Tlt five per centum of the
proceeds of the sale of public lands
lying within sail state w hieh shnall l sold by
the United Sltate" -ubsequent to the admission of
said states nto the ulonion, after deducting all
the expenses Incident to the same, .hall he paid
to the mid state, to be used as n permanent fund,
the Interest of whli' only shall be cxpe1dcdl for
the suplport of the common schools within said
states. respectively.
Sec. 14. That the Ia, 15 granDtl to the tentrr
tories of Dakota und Montana by the act of
February t1. 1Il1, entitled "Au act to Krant
Ian.ul to Dakota, Montana, Arlzona, Idaho andi
Wyo') ing for unltiersity purpose.'" are her)by
vested In the states of South Dakota, North Ita.
kotL and Monta.s, respectively, if lonh states
are admitted Innt the t'nlun, as provided in this
act, to the extent of the full quantity of stveuty
two sectlonu to each of said states, and any por
tlon of sald lauds that may not have been cs
lected by itelr of said territriel pf Isakota
or Montana may be selected by th! respective
states aforesald but said act of February 18,
IMAl. shall be so amended as to provide that none
6f said lands shall ie sold for leas than l1n i.er
acre, and the proceeds shall constitute a per
manent fund to be safely Inveted and hold by
mid states severally, and the income thereof tIw
aned exclusively for nulversity purpOaw. And
uchb quantlty of the lauds anthoiried by the
bfurth action ofthe act of July 17, ItbM, to ie
seervod f unilversity purerpoes in the territory
of Wasahngton, ase,t sher with the lands con
lrmed to the .eodea of the territory by the act
of March 14, 1884, will make the full quantity of
seventy-two etln setlons. are herer, granted
in like mnner to the state of Washington fbr
the purposes of a snlversty In mid tate. None
of the land. ranted in this motion shall he sold
lees thau $10 ace; but mid land. may be
dn the Ka nsr as provided in section
11 thbi act Te la, eolees and univer
sidU provldeh Ir tl this at all furevr re
under e e cottaol of the said
.fi, ly, :a -e,. atn lands
Sa~uted lbr ed lani 1sbe
i lS oSste4 for edlofo" .a
n sehVeleollee w ueive . The
rel o /0IgýofMe a- 8
e. t1 That muaeh of the lands belone lag
t the United States u have been acquired and
st apart for the purpose mentioned in "an aet
appropriating mone for the erection of a pe-l.
Statlary in the Territory of Dakota," approved
earch 2, It!t, together with the buildings there.
on, be, and the same is hereby, grantel, together
with way unexpended talacee of the moneys
appropriated thereobr by said act, to said state
of South Dakota for the purloses therein delg.
nated; and the states of North l)akota and
Washington shall, respetllvely, have like grants
for the same purpose, and subject to like terms
and conditions as tprovia.l iln taid act of March
2, 1"1., ior the territory of l, kuaen. The peni
tentiary at leer Lrlte. 'ity, .Moltans, and all
lands connectedl thleareihl lad ~t apart and
reservedi therefor, are hereby granted to the
state of Montana.
Sec. 16. That :.a,a) anets Iof land, to be selcet.
ed anid locatedl as iatle I\ d th sectianu 10 of this
act, tar hereby graltatet I, each of a,il. tates, ex
rept to the astaLe of South I) kts, ti. I hich I2".,
Et) acrt,,, re gralat' I, for the u tic and sn51lrt of
agricllltuIrI college.t i ll . lid tate, pII oi deal
in the alts of ,llngress makilig dnlatlluun of
lands for Euch purIl's.
Sec. 17. lhint tin li tf the grant of land for
pnrposes of internall Impurunovemenllt timade to new
states by the eighth sectiunl ol the act of Septem.
her 4, 1I41, which act is hereby repealed as to the
states plrovided for by this alat, and in lieu ofainy
claim ar demand lby the saaid states, or either of
them. under the act of Sepctember .", lK'a, and
secUton 247V of the revised stlatutts, making a
grant of swanmp and overflowed lands to certain
states, ahich grantt it is hereb)~ declard Is not
extended tao the states provided for in this act,
and in lieu ut any grant of saline lands to said
states, the followinug grants of land are hereby
made, to-wit:
To the State of South Dakota-For the
cbool of mlnes, 4O,0)t acres; for the reform
school, 4'0,(1 acres; for the deaf and dumb
asylum, .n..tdN acres; for theagricultural society,
t0,00 acres; for the uriversity, 4I0,00. acres: for
state normal schools, s0,.tt acres; for public
buildings at the capital of said state, t50,Ooacres;
and for such other educational and charitable
purposes as the legislature of amid state may
determine, 170,O00 acres; in all 5Ou,000 acres.
To the State of North Dakota-A like
quantity of laud as is in this seo.on granted to
the state of South lDakota, and to be fo like paur
poses, and in like proportion as far as practic.
To the State of Montana-For the estab
lishment and maintenance of a school of mlines,
IO0,ttt0 acres: for state normal schools. Itoo.0)
acres: for agricultural colleges, in addition to
the grant hereiubefore made for that purpose,
.50,000 acres; for the establlshment of a rate re.
form school, 50M.tO acres: for the establishment
of a deaf and dumb asylum, 54.,, acnres: for
public buildings at the capital of the state, in
addition to the grant hereinbefore made for that
purpose, 1o0,000 acres.
To the State of Washingaton--For the
establishment and maintenance of a scientifle
school, l(0,00. acres: for state normal schools.,
1o.o00l acres; for public buhltdi * .1t .e state
capital, lu addition to the grant hereinhbefore
made for that purpose, 1isi.,0 n eri; for stat
charitable, educationall ýenal and reformatory
isltitutiuns, oO,. acre.
That the states provided for in this act shall
not be entitled to any further or other grants of
land for any purpose than as exlpre-lv pr, ided
In this act. And the lands granted Ibv tli* see
tlion shall be held. appropriated and da.i s.ed of
exclusively for the purpotse herein nitntiolned
in such manner as the legislatures of the rtlpec
tire states may severally provide.
Itec. 1$. That all mineral lands shall
be exempted from the grants made by
this act. But if sections 16 and 8.A, or
any subdivislon or portion of t.ny small.
eat subdivisiao thereof in any tos nhip shall he
found by the department of the interior to be
mineral lands, said states are hereby authorized
and empowered to select, in legal sub.lvisions,
an equal quantity of other unappropriated lands
in ad staies, in liheu thereof, for the use and bent
fit of the common schools of said states.
See. 19. That all landsgranted in quantity or.
Indemnity by this act shall be selected, under the
direction of the secretary of the interior, trom the
surveyed, unreserved, and unappropriated putelie
lands of the nited States within he limits of the
respective states entitled thereto. And there
shallbededucted from the nunlllbr of a res of
land donated by this act for specific objects to
said tates the number of acres in each heretofore
donated by counrame to said territories for similar
.ee 9.. 'hat tae sum of =$0,000, or so much
thereof as may be necsary, is hereby appro
priated, out of any money in the treasury not
btherwise appropriated, to each of said territo
rles for defraying the expeeae of the said con
rections, except to Dakota, for which the sum of
O.OO is so appropriated, $O.OO each for South
Da.ota and North Dakota, and for the payment
f the members thereof, under the same rules
and regulations and at the same rates as are now
provided by law for the payment of the territo
rlal legislatures. Any money hebrey alppropri
ted not necesary for such purpose shall te cov
!red into the treasury of the United States.
Sec. Pt. That each of said states, when admit
ted as aforsaid, shall constitute one judicial dis
trkct, the names thereof to be the same as the
names of the states, respectively; and the cir
cult and district courts thereof shall be held at
the capital of such state for the time b.ing, and
sac of said districts shall, for judicial purposew
notil otherwise provided, be attached to the
Cighth judicial crcuit, except Washington and
Montana, which shall be attached to the Ninth
judicial circuit. There shall be appointed for
each of said districts one distrkict judge, one
United State attorney, and one United States
mashal. The udge of each of said districts
shall receive a year salary of L.a00, payable in
four eual nstallments, on the rst days ,of Jan
ar., A , July and Octobar of each year, and
thall r ide the district. There shall be ap.
polated clerks of said eours in each district, who
shall kep their omeos at the capital of said state.
Ibrertrms of aid courts shall be held in
each dtrltat the ple atoread, on the Arnt
Monday lt April andthe Art onday n Novem
ber of each year, and only one grand Jury and
on pet tr shall he mmomed to both said
circuit drict courts. The circuit and dis
trict courts for each of aid ditricts, and the
judges thereof, nreprctlvel, sbhll possa the
same powers an d jurisdictions, and rform
the same duties ulrsd to be performed, by the
ther circuit and distrt courts and Judge of the
United States, and shall be goverewd by the same
laws and regulations. The marshal, district at
torney, and clerks of the circuit and district
courts of each of said districts, and
all other ofUers and persons performing duties
in the admilnstration of justice therein, shall sev
erally .xmes. the owers and perform the duties
lawfully poassessednd required to be performed
by similarfomeers in other districts of the United
Sate-: uiallsds l for the ,.rvk.e they perform,
reeive* the fees and compensation allowed by law
to other similar omfers and persmns performing
similar duties in the state of Nebraska.
Sec. 1. That all case of appeal or writ of e.
ror heretofore prosecuted and now pending in
the supreme court of the United States upon any
record from the supreme court of either of the
territories mentioned In this act, or that may
hereafter lawfully he prosecuted upon any rec
ord from either of said courts, may he heard and
letermined by said supreme court of the United
Rtates. And the mandate of execution or of fur
ther proceedings shall be directal by the mupren.
court of the United States to the circuit or dis
trict court hereby established within the stae
succeeding the territory from which record I or
nma heo Wding,. or to the suprebme court of such
itatl, al" nature of the case may require; Pro
vdd, That the mandate of eecution or of fur
ther proceedlns shball, in cas r In the terr.
tory of Iakota, be directed i by w supreme
court of the United States to the circuit or dim
trict court of the district of Mouth Dakota, or to
the suprenw court of the state of South Lakota,
or to the circuit or distrct court of the district
of North Dakota. or to the supreme court of the
state of North Dakota, or to the supreme court of
the territory of North iakota, as the nature of
the. ase inay rquire. And each of the circuit,
.Lstr"t., and state courts, herein named. shall. re
III'lv-ly, ie the suwcesM r of the Uupreme court
or the. trritory, as to all such cases arlln;t within
(be limits embraced within the Jurisd"tlon of
such courts reslectively with full power to pro
seed with the same, and award mnise or ina
was frthir.:' old that from al Judgments and
.rsaof th. mprenm court of eitr of the te
~lrosse rwentiots in this a1t in any came arising
ithin the nlita ,f any of the pseposu d statue
prior to adsitenios, the parties to inch Judgmet
idal have tlhe same rnht to proesoute appeal
l wrlits of e'rror to the suapem court o the
Unted Ltt.g. os th,.y shall have ad by law pruor
It the admise.In orf said state into lth Union.
H~er, AN That Pii Ii-l.jct to uil vas.., piis-il5&
lvign. fand ,iil'it. -A 1.ling In fla- . 1'li- "or
diri(rI evirtaii , I hle lrril i w. men-
low the t.niri -i , u.4 fi t. iat.- iiwmiti.
in thi Lact, owl iainitby mi tin 11w limits 4 any
ourh itate, isl e Jflip th ,Ircult or dlietrit-f itrTa
I~ this Se twmlliiihdl might have hodl juriadf.
Yon S unlifw laws f~w ti.. IutirI HtmnL.. hat l h Mb
csurta e',istedl at tlw tii, 4lii ti-H ciiinmC mimnimpeol
of mita uamiu. IIhe' tal URil ia d district v.ilqajia
reapetlwe'ly. WWdI lip the. luceumOrt of Raw mo
aenus mini timtect COUrtm 4t emll m terrtki,ry. m4 In
gmpeot to all other cuinu. ;inxevi-dllig and. t
teml ptd~i In tha haurim' or diagtct,.urt o
... r LC l tuiI1 Writi t&.A 1. bthi . a .9Op
dirf (f th. mdnilumlssm ot mucb terr"tlirybtO
ibm Union, nrimbg within the linuitet 'T,
jrq5oo5d gauth' t~he emiugim i-itatiIU
by e a"ll resplectlvly, he O0
oacmon of sud p.e and district tenitorll
courts; and an th ilm, records, indictments
and proceedings relating to such cases, shall be
transferred to such circuit, district and state
courts respeetively, and the rsme shall be pro.
ceedd with therein in due course of law; but no
writ, action, indictment, cause or proceeding
now pending, or that prior to the admission of
any of thestate maentioned in this act, shall be
pending in any territorial court in any of the
terrltories mentiloned in this act, shall abate by
the admlwsloin of any such state into the Uni'lllon
but the satne shall be transferred and siroceeded
with in tihe proper United 8tates circuit. district
or state court, as the case may he: Provided.
however, that In all civil actiolls, eauses and
prtwcedItnes, in which the United States is not a
party. transfers shall not be made to tthe circuit
and hli-triet courts of the United State. except
upnwl 'i t1n re `l`est ouf ne of thei artiesto succ
altion or lprs,etidling filet In the prol.tr court;
andtu in the ahIlNe of such re.ue't, sout h 'ases
shall bie proc'esekd lwth in the prolce state
Set. '1. That the constitutional conventions
may, It orti nulice, provide for the election of
of.ivers IJr fuIll state governments, inc|lluding
melbers of the legislatures and representatlves
in the FII.y-first .,ntgress: but said state govern
merlts shall nrenain In abeyance until the states
shall bt a.minlttel into the Unlon.teslicetively, as
providcl in this net. In case the conlstitution of
any of Nil pruo~aoed states shall be ratified by
the leople, but not otherwise, the legislature
thereof may s.-Iintble, organize, and elect two
senator oft the United States. and the governor
and sta retary of state of such iprilopsd state
shall certify the election of the senators and re
presentatives as required by law; and wshen
such state is admitted into the U'non the sena
torsand representatives shall be entitled to be
admitted to seats in congress, and to all the
rights and privileges of senators and representa.
lives of other states in the congress of the United
States: and the oficers of the state governments
formed in pursuance of aid constitutions, as
procvided by the constitutional conventions,
shall nircced to exercise all the functions of such
state ttli'cers and all laws in force made by said
territoris, at the time of their admimion into
the Union. shall be In force in said states, except
as moditied or changed by this act or by thecon
stitutions of the states, respectively.
Sec. 25. That all acts or parts of acts ill con
flict wi'h the provilsons of this act. whether
L ased by the legislatures of said territories or
y congress, are hereby repealed.
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