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Daily Yellowstone journal. [volume] (Miles City, Mont.) 1882-1893, May 05, 1889, Image 3

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uest O N eff c laetiona .
Mar ml lo....-........................... 0:50 a. m.
Wetn mall e.s.... ................. ....800 p. m.
00M.u3und4y 121
& maile emlo d Monoad y Wlontdays and
Frldy at 8 a. m.
STo" rl mall eln osm soadays and Thuis
OA elo.o.....»p - - -........................ p. m.
Neomq order elous............................i m.
_S l rlý clous .*................. .......... . ........... . .
othoern acil Time Table.
go I. Paotie Ezprwe................11:29 p. r
i.L txpre Freight ..........................650 A.
16. FR leht....................................8:25 A.
,e. ! AtlaUtlc sre...- ............11:2o . K.
S1. Iprm Frgbt.............. ........ 6 A. N.
S 14 I nr lht .............................. .... 1:40 N. .
Oflicial Wircctwv.
e toConlrwa.... ...WeL BK. Toee, HoBlo
gser... ......._ .. .A. r. Ialk. Helena
d. Maer...................... .rw llan, Helen
a(lente ,,..............Me a 6n11u..,m Helenl
(tephen DeWolfe
aeelst Juatlori«»-......... I . J. Lddeli
r oue.ea .......-BeJ. . Greer, Helen
trMdder t of Public IAAtractlou .....
. .. ...~............. A, C. Loan. Helen
U. I. .. º ...... »...S....S........T 8. KeyI, Hrlenk
OLeer. 8. In.tefle..mo......Jm.e irbleld
ClrI U S. land O......A. Grover, Miles Cite
S ler U .. Land OieoAbrns m Hall, MNlle City
Oelas............................ . M. ddlwton
M beme the Houe ...... ....... { A. nr J. Re
AI ...... . ... ... --- ............. . o . Irv e
O "k said re.rd. ................. C. Deur
e'Fler k 01 District Curt.Jsmoe McFulene
l s ebot..... ......ý....._........ M. Reb.hwut
o AUanoireneyo............... . AA.Berleigh
Amlerue........ ... .. T. J. Thompson
IYs.W r......... ..... P. H. IArime.on
Oseemr . ... .... ...................eun**. rcet
Medea ........... . .».. . ·." ,
7esinlmle.e'e..........» . W. Allefleo
1Geo. lebeets
timdo the Peeee. ................. . Idelal
I . Thurmsi
o wablee .............. .................. I .
CIt ter ue....-.. .....-.....»..C f. Middleton
Clerk ...................... . Oordon
remm.-'-. ..... ....... -H. F D.telor
Chef of Polee ...........1... rrU C. Woetrvelt
Polee Mqlgietite......................Edmood Butler
First Ward-A. L lilger, B. K. Holt.
boond Ward--Cbu Brews, W. H. Bullard.
A full line of mixed palats satavage's
J. B. Allen, the astrolorloal tramp,
was given a $15 ine yesterday wihb a
ssmpeasio of the same for two boars
In order to allow him time to skip the
town. He skipped.
Martili ooektalls at the Club Saloon'
Owing to the exlotence of scarlet
(fever the city and to prevent as
meus as possible its spreadlng, the
school trustees of this district have
ordered the school closed for one week,
or longer if necessary.
Manhattan oocktalls at the Club
Saloon. _
heems. t. Marty.
A marriage IIcense was issued by
Probate Judge 8hwarts yesterday to
Andrew Anderson and Caroline Nel
son, both of Foreyth but formerly
both of Virland, Swedeo.
Pb. Bed's oelebrated lager beer a
sere Sales.
Dole A oKsay, breeders of ine
borses at Cutler, Custer county, report
the sale of o lmported Pereheroa
Norman stallion to Mr. R. 0. Wear, a
Cleveland Bay stallion to Oapt. Har
non and a grade Norman stallion to
W. W. Beasley, goinlg to show, as
Mr. MoKay says in referring to these
sales, that "good horses will seP."
No trouble to preparg mixed drinks
at the Club Saloon. *
Anoethr seow.
Manager Fred Tully and Prof.
Potter will give another solal at the
Rink Tuesday evening. All partol
pants of the pest wanter are cordially
invited. Prof. Sberwood will lead
the orobestra.
Chblago mixeod .panse In every
known ab.de at Savage's.
H. naps th pri.klug amn.
Wm. H. Bullard ha levied an at
teehment upon the ohattel sand efeots
of J. P. Fox fort ho som of $19. The
partoular ohattels levied upon were
two homr and a street sprinkling mrt
with whlo the defedamnt has hereto
fore bees esaged to laying down the
dumt along the thoroughfares. The
41a.om.t grows out of a claim of
Apilaud's that PFo owne him for fur
iphing him artesian waler for two
year. with whlch to sprinake the
grets and furnish beutomers. Fox
laWms he has a oouat.rroldm. The
mater will probably be brought out in
the eurtb.
whlm hbF was Rais, we a r an. .ua,
h A , a C, *d,.rit foraesu,
*as baemW Ma. s dihe l a i Ca ,
n what steab i Dr. Blohmond's
mar'tla Nervie In the greatest do.
and? In a Drunkes state, In a DI
elate,, a DetNeiU s tat, a s
Ms hel a ta b utatg emllu .
,arbSL MInsuhbit
general debility.-Oliver Myers, Iron
ton, O.
Cool and refreshing soda water with
pure fruit syrups at Savage's. *
The later novelty In summer bhv
erages, can be bad at Havage's *
Now is the time to paint and lt,
place to get your paint is at Savage's.'
The big discount on ladies shoes
still open at C. B. Towers & Co. *
At Miles City on the 4th inst.. Ga, the infant
son of Paul McCormick, of Junction City, Mont.
Montana and Wyoming papers please opy.
It I. with sincere regret that we an
nounoe the death by scarlet fever of
little Guy McCormick, one of Paul
McCorrulok's bright little boys. The
little fellow made a brave struggle
with the dread disease and at times
gave reason to hope that he would
pull through, but the end came yes
terday morning at 4:40 o'clock and lit
tie Guy passed to the unknown here
after. The body was taken to Jt.nc.
tion City for Interment.
Artesian Water.
John McDonald desires to remind
the people of Miles City that be Is prt
pared to fill all orders for artesilan
water and respectfu'ly sollcit the pa
tronage of all who desire to b- prompt
ly and faithfully served. Leave orders
at Smith & Haynes' store and you
can depend on their receiving atten
tion. *
More Grinding.
Yesterday waw a busy day at the
feed mill. Lelghtou & Jordan had an
order filled for 2,000 pounds of feed
and 200 pounds of corn meal, and sev
eral other smaller orders were con plet
ee. A run was made on graham four,
resultlong n a product declared by
competentjudges to be as g.od as the
beat. A very superior grist of golden
corn meal was also turned out from
corn grown by Mr. Lansinog, on the
table lands across the Yellowstone.
Tlis cornmeal is about as handsome
an article of the kind a ie ever seen,
and is as good an advertisement as
could be had, both for the mill and
the country that can raise such corn
on uplands three hundred feet above
the river.
Prof, Bach has just received a quan
tity of Imported family wine, which
sells at 11.50 per gallon. Tbise i a
splendld summer cordial and its puor
ty Is lguaranteed. *
Artielsa Well
It may not be generally known that
two more arteeian wlls are now being
put down In this locality but such Is
the fact Mr. Jepp Ryan is boring
one at bis reidence and yesterday had
reached a depth of 126 feet, at whlob
depth the rock formation that (i usu
ally enoountered at from 60 to 70 feet
was met. Progress will necesarily
be slow for a while until the roce
strata It penetrated. The other is be
ing put down on Col. Scheetz's ranch
near the old McElrath place. It Is
being bored by Towner Savage, and is
downabout thirty feet, work having
only Just commenced. The advan
tages of an artelon flow for either do
mestil or Irrlgating purposes I soo
great that we expect to see a number
of wells put down this season adding
to the already large number that are
already flowing In this locality.
T.e Kegsb utssaUr at tkhe Mk.
Tbhe Keogh Minstrels repeated the
performance given at theb poet o Tues
day evenlog last at the Rink lest might
and sod oed a bie sooess. The Aint
part of the performance was well ren
dered ad .the speelaes were also
flne. Tbe bones were W. A. Willy
and C. W. Watkins; tambo's, M. E.
MoManu sand F. E. tlobards. The
lnterlocutor was W. W. Copp. Many
of the selections were rendered witb
fine effet. Mr. Maher's ballad se
oured hearty enoores, as alo did those
of Messrs. Copp, Golden, Kramer and
McDonald. The jig danced by Mr.
MoOonnell and the Indlan lub
swlnging by Mr. Toomey deserve
special mention. Donnelly & Smith's
negro specalties were also good and
the ovation pronounoed by Mr. Willey
in the personlfleatha of $be Rev.
Whangdoodle Baxter was a plece of
fun. TheIrishspecialties of Donnelly
and Maher went off well and the
three-round sparring match between
Toomey and Smith was atteded with
gret lnterest. Those In obhrge of the
show were D. B. Holtnger, Ohas.
McIonald and V. 8. Tomnklns. Man
ager Tully Is also entitled to great
redit tor blh part in bringing about
the show I Miles. After the peo
hmuance th was a ball whlie kept
up till I1 o'oleak.
me Wats It Stepped.
The old and venerable Chief Arlee
came nl to se the Misoullan yetwr
day In onopany with oL.h fteso the
reervation, to complain about the
methods of puolshtmet employed
the reervation. He made earleu
oemplal t about thilp *ome moQthb
ag bt It mems the sesl inhu.m
trms of pualhmuen aattil inB voe
ua eatioe by the prevmdlt ferms
of puslabmet. TIh eh slsight bn-d
s tblsmM I a te m r l wsk as
Indian who had broske jfil wa hung
o bhy hili bandit aud kept there for
forty-eigbt hour.. An Indian woman
who I. supposed to [email protected] de.ereted he
husbanI was giv n 120 I3 lac, and it
nlow lying In t pre"ariou' cuhidition
satid her rto:iverg is eztr, iu-iy doubt
Lunt it P.rt uf Hiii.. Fingr.
Joke llt1'r, .a Iv'gro, e'mitaytd by Mr.
ArchddtIl., while endeavoring to mount
it wlld vye4 I ronrcho yesterday after
bIoll, L.t a.t. ut .u Inch oft ILL- end of
ulk widdlel~ ll-g- r. 1l,. 11H41 it I.*aught
uInr the waddle strpli in some bocue
)CIusS mutianer aMud wh' t le sdtcnll.tod
to thirn b imselr ( ov'r the sraldile:hth
Clv'ou..e sheered sanal thenI IIlu.ir look
ed dtowni on the around and saw the
;1-1) of hie finger laying there
1 sitnug like a spent minule ball. H.
Pict.dl it up aid taut It in hi.. vrt'
p I i'd th' u went up to Doe. Leb
0 141'4 otli·e whetre the part of tbe fin
ger whi b was yet cn his itarrd was
To D~islodge the Cueuasi.
When it ta!:ra the form of diatuee,.f the kidnns
or bladder, it is a talk wpi nigh itnpoerible of atc
oomrpl.ntruen*l t. Rtenal and 'eeteal maladies are
mnre osrittatie than any other (;,untferel., thai
fre. ,tia earliest Indication of itactivity of ite
inanyorgac. cub Hestetter's stomach bittn,
which ptM es amongu' .tbl r ezeellen' qualilis.
tbose of efficient diuretic. The degrne If .tiuiula
tion arpar. ut from I a ure teaches, hot Inerer g.
beyond, th*- t, ',ulsl of safety. It invigoratea al
wars.n., vr irritatea. itrisni's disease, diabetes,
eattT,'I *f the blIadder, ,rie ja.«a'teo eessluti7
comuiIl'. . in their inc, i· r t i: ii this ben 'go
i. .x.. -ut iulait h nd t'tac. It k t reinforcing
Anid regai.' ti t i~e ktln·rys and brad let, the Bit
Cr ! 'ihll." f.." fe er and agjue, a .natiprtion
`t.tt.!?, N-We wi,! a ..w tlrn In it. '.-u Ut*«I
by sat"'yd, to the wh Ie-ale a' .t rn t il: t, i rc. I e.
eat ntanlt'rs to our te. tie.EcW ' c~ t e, et .t
Wa'gon g. per day. l'.ruttn t p ,i! a". No po"
ta'+ a'swere,. -lut.". ,I'' tr!t- Inr warr ad.
vertialii, PiC. CtTEPTt\tA, M.A I't ( u., to.''
C1v , 1110.
Is that impurity of the blood which produces
unsightly lumps or swellings in the neck;
which causes running sores on the arms,
leg, or feet; which develops ulcers In the
eyes, ears, or nose, often causing blindness or
deafness; which is the ort-in of pimples, can
eerous growths, or "humors;" which, astean
Alg upon the lungs, causes consumption and
death. It Is the most ancelnt of all diseases,
sad very few persons are entirely free from It.
By taklng Hood's Saraperlla, wbieh, by
he remarkable cures It hba sacompllahed
has proven Itself to be a potent and pecualar
gmdlelne for this disease. If you saer from
aesrula, try Hood's baraparill
"very spring my wife and ehildrea bhve
been troubled with soret ula, my little boy.
are years eid, being a terrible sulerer,
Last spring he was one mass of sores from
head to fee. We all took Hood's krsapeilla,
ad all have beeo eared of the serofula. My
UiLe boy is entirely free from sores, and all
bar of my children look bright and bealthy."
W. 3. ArPurmo. Phsamle Cty,. J.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
etdbyanldru8g8sts. $1;slzforP. Prerparedoty
by C.L HOOD A CO., Aposhearte. L .
100 Doses One
Tbe on
set In the
Wcrld In
the latest
Wat-h fur the prIc.t on a new In
volt, of Iuen'r .uoro to be opened In
afew days.. ... ...
C' B. TOWERS di Co.
1m1 a psu ibrme a
sse.p"N T Die ' M& I
hg ma uibidombse haa
O ~ th eod -h IrIs
m~e. a~. emad~
- bi rAinucaa ceihlD. U
w thu hm, sd be veer
tr those of he miboga
ted Tus IusceSo Dsan
auam, i inamsha i.s -poE s. dq-o.
a sseloa s ash-s It M by n N on
" "Oakfar swnlbs srew nM o d
cama Ilm Tt m I-k wm %*I
Ou EraIm
DatGofru qflsskssam"~
hn.d t7 the lnited ateg Go.ernment. 1ndoued b the beads of the Great tu.trnities
and Public Food Analyta, as the trons Puret and most Healthful. Dr. Price's Cream
Hkinl Powder doesnot contain Ammonia, Limeor Alum. Dr. Price's Delicious Plaoria E
tract., Vnilla,L mon, Oange, Almond Roa, etc.,do notonta.la Poironoa Oilor ChemLal
PRICE BAKING POWDER CO., **ew ork. Ohoaso. ft. Loule.
HavLing reeiv'Fd the aboi'e agency for Eastern Mon Vno. .1 1I.I Him'
), ºPipfId tI, r(Ji.c rOrd~rrfo, C'LOTi1L\ 0, either reldy lflead#. or "fAIDE TO
0 AFbE. Pjiýres.fin'j the Li R&E.ST ('LO TlING HoUAE i~i tht United
Staff, , I Clin A1f9y f/uatornhe tm, patrons ptrfect a(ijact'ion in, the (,iTiny it
their orderjs Mt a nrplce inetdude all the lathst novteltlP in /flisi' i wear 'ur
SPRI'( h'& anid N I'S ER aud our custom nmade garmenta ac06 lCut tip in (
style a.cond to none.
The fiqure's I 4lou atlc to givce you uill satve, you from 20 to 23 per cent
unetr antI etoithint house or agency int flee territory.
As I guaraintee all work my p'.tronsu will haave the pritihgfE of thorTough
exo mination b ;lore acceptiin orde,'.
slake Agent for Ofemeu wltb
Th Bea Iea l liifor Gati
kere1h1i.g First Cils.
Moae .oo.. Card Roots. Billeard ad a" Sr,
atmekd with the ebolea UIgq. dispeased by
the bet of "bareueps."
C.. arctf UMzt mwd N e asees toes
We make a specialty of
File Fanily roceries,
Keep nothing but the beet and fr sr heat
tu ever line and are oonfdfnt
of givlug the utmost eails
factilon to oOr
t I it,
nu o Mllc JBA TddrZ
pda ma n a nvsasbUr
m'ea aemfgon ala.
norms uh iob can In
earb lull,
~Ir.L or
aur p 4 IUI I1~I
Wholease and Retail dealers In
New goods constantly arriving and
We handle the largest and mrs!
varied ssortment of
In the 'cty.
We respeotfully solicitt as inume
patronage pledging ourselves to give
the best estsfacotion.
CMAIMi hgpelet
jo 10 BUCUER.,
TrAlm IwEPS xlmd.
pwoW~u~ llbat
mamU Pussaham
P-p.S rU r50f
SE~lr N8E~r)IlUr FJ
A Hits -:- Cb$y
The Creodmoorlat
flrivin Glove
Glove of All *k
No, 216 218. k2 ,E AST FOUBTB 3T.
:t. Paul Mnn.
sIwrlEr tk.r our Llthograph sa
grmvirn of new ityles.
Preirld .y
Scarlet , O r...
Obk' t!i r(fote p,.r Plut r (ONE iML
L.AR . r E.illou sena lubjee
t", your apprvydi
Sal isfrae ii' Guramtacd Ko (hrgs
$06cootAvss.um at Lg.Usdb
Eias Ctr& Sparlia
stags LN,
DMyr*m Ur stye let~t~ :
Nb mqs sas sibems
=11 tIdaU mi. MS
oe myll OImFuh p
Kwm.o. PATRrs .ON
Jlro. "" tw l osmprs:
Ir ýr" f ,& w Ewa 4
oubth Dakota. North ItDebta, KeI l,
On Febraw 2. 1U, the PrrMsidet signd t
billcreamlImlth Dlaker. North Dakiite M
Sans, and WaUshiml stat~s of tZOenls.
.oUTr DArOTA.-The gret Praire aie .
Swhich the t. Paul, Mlnmapolia. A MueA
Bulry h1r6 three OaN U" 1s 0e=hU 3i
Abterde. lue, WatirSown, and gla
o ut Peth Datt vita t he . Pal, M ll
SNaniltob Ratlh'ty -d pai» thvr.gh ..
and Mintrawpoll aM route.
No.rl DAKOTA-.-'Wh*re I ~r e L t
Hard tcotch Fib Wheat; whosei rlM
natures the most vigtos and ra lM t
ocn a r ; whrs sninle ematime tl mr w
oats and barley tk eta e state : d
whose fertile pradries rtJoe lhur St h lr
the Nile; vlers the Tartle Mea ala.,
Devils Luer laid distriosl toav* Ita o
to seure a fee hbom. Mlaglsta
servie to Paqg, QUand FI8 . m
Laki, Botinm, and a o U oter
mtines o preclos metal; we"h la
h adof live stoek; pal mlld r
crops than any other Mate* or
country per Inhabitamt ul e ith
la unversal; which hasl the bt pi
world; a balb wint ar llu , teumm
winds from the PMeUsl. T It. P
ieI & Mamitolh Bhli'gla tesheo ei
log throfgh a Osmam
from M asapels to
acres eC tid, fr to set.m. la ta d:
Val*l. Wend, wler, a d s l Ia
IrruLes required; Mhe fall m
Oulln Failk. with itu1.1lO1l.
etls; immemr coal v"ims, a
irrlu$ ogty of -M lead;
itee"S!tal city ad "noumeuw"al
am. and PttS, the wviat
ewLrt.to Fsmetms bw the
Valley, PM.rlA sada
rtak, to C('aslfeuts Lt s.
tim =ea 1 ti.a e"an
n tao to Gn uat Blg
mel lir shtesit It m It m
WAuxnpo.--The IN
twe by Pugel esal, the
.w a

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