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Daily Yellowstone journal. [volume] (Miles City, Mont.) 1882-1893, August 13, 1889, Image 2

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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I'b. -.dta r,., I aI - KLL,'4'taaýL Ill .deL
l'a r.i..' as ha tr any .t thbe opau -
.ao air uIltr4wu". ul Iat rorta'.. oYwletit .
',otto. a. herebyta? acan ao all ,'.aair.rai .atI
PHU VEU.l.a)Woo TO Jul KNAI. Pl'ra,.I ,I.' . t o.
bolud, a La ca tral t o to enl plnni ?. nta . ad
vertisaanc of cli t,'er ilatu'a. elaradvabla a,. a ia.
atarcuuuavIaad 1. a nthe l..igiatad and 'ila'r palatr
ID In t'ou-V county au w Ira ik.rvle a b yu auIe Iuwfn
can be lga'lly we1 ar. La aiatetalu puataih .l in
Lb r jaaacp Uf O'utwr qrulaty are a. 1.1 and
a hai tWio atcl hJ bay lbcotara. ut
No rallia agiall. t T' KI. .i)KLLOWA.T JOtIINAI.
POLISHay4G Cab.. eoutrtUa(tI lay at of the aaplaaie
, .a·id paper ir utlar., Willt ieaa r g lnlaaa unin.
BoCaw fl a.I aa a wr Itt: aarl'r aigaiCi by aha aaaata
arhar ou"l haaa.+ Yaaln t
Tummoy, Augu. .1" bsH.
Call fotart aI iepuhIaaY an County ',Inaanutlu.'a.
InL . ltauaiti of the aCtion of the lK.1ibtn
t'eitral colummittee l o'l tl.'r 'olnny. NI. F., pri
mnal electionas ar oroc(el it I.. hilI l iii the v'I J
nr ftal~ naewe lwlr.V oni ~l lay., Augu-1 IL'.
IA9. betweeni the hlo ,- .4 and ucloek ;'. w
for the Ilurpoae or .1.. i R d. lera. s alit al'terna
¶lv to lb' &kpubh ivan ('..unty I ,nLiouIItII., to to
Yeld at the courl ti.,'e In Mitle . i,'. M. '[.,
MOInday, I,.i ot Iri li DLM. At It o'clock a. m., for
the purpose of .ai nig Illn nom ilatlot,. ch county
Seery a.. Ilb o,ll- 1111 ltill ((ilinlnltn lo ay pIro
vi.a shall hie e'ected. aud the e. I. tcliulon o s del
ogatles 1 rjIrprlc.inl l Ul tl.'ounf in the IRejub
Ilce.. eta.' " OlvllntUII 10tw it i Stl AiImCoude.
The app. rI I Iwctit ii ru nre-er,! :,t of t he diii
fereit lureciuci. of the. coiiulty cortllulion ri II te
Sr fO'li!&':
Mil~es tity 21
Iuir..yth .. . .. ......... 7
l.aeau' .o . ............ .
Ha a tby ..... . . . ......................
Ih·n . .. ............ .......... 1
Aililee .... . ....... . . .
Wtatchlil I .........
Terry . ........ .............
Fallon. ....... . .... . I
1a Iv l........... ......... I
A :11,!:11 .. .
ELtica.. hb ..... ..
I~. R ,, II It .1. I
I ,.e e. ,'u1111a 11 t I{ 4! 1 N. -vi". 1 1
I' eirr' ,.tu I.:i I,eri-i l ...h ... '
1'.,t i. iir ............... I
I rningsRan, h. lii n i' i it. ,.
Ie.ays a indaul l I' .: l-A:: t r 'el .... 1
ZoiI." Ranch. r..iutu.w 1r"i r. .
lageta Ranch I..cue I:iu" ............ .
RIore Ilt.ul i',ead.t R-te................. 1
Isia.......li [......
tol Raniou. h.it I ungue r..e I
H ' I..............ier... ................ I
IHIu 1.Ilit'. tt a: i ... ...................... .I
A1leDa deer ici................ ............I
$11 R:Inrhu. it.tle l'o'er.. ........ I
oArd 11............................
Aluddey.....nh......... .......... . .............
Hiy 'crlng, T~~ir'·e I:i·. ........ 1
Ho ward .. .... ............. 1 ·· ······· · · ···
eMuddy........... . ... .........I
Hue'"Rauc - ii. el. l .......
Tuual .....1,k 1te .rth l i niu
pruaarc a r..lnin- m: lb. ir ilt iiti..tvi Inc iall. in
taernt thi-ir Yr: It ,.. coti-al-sr lull theII
Iant.-tt lsn iu.rv b. debl.. e ned.
J. ItI ill 'is
jr. !ir1 "r.. tun Al y {,." a n ti.
i!, al! - 1" 'ir r!" IilL H e ",, t"" It
t n. n. 1 , r'' ti' .i " tleJ t!:\ 11. H'11, too '. U I."· t Y Uiall$
Li'it r , ,i1-kt~ rea.g feaiIt to p:*rIN,
I..g r. dii ii lii e1 terrA ory aind uta
oe .rihg wink fir Ia. ca."u-e, .-aajitlia.
him fu cur opauioni ii a ardiour.- ern
-'"~~ I 'ti tv c Lea' Bitty fliaau..cer-.
ow.tu unudr a caruibaaau aIaycicel nii-
funur n.' wajld ciot at. asut " f pl*.i'-e u
th- office o; cbief trxi'u Uiv. of oW, t ii w
Nt'ui', alkd it.. ugah ~il r.' ate autiet':
wlI o jra' ;j',urudantiv~ tjrt.- ti a ~!i.rua
ttil- lilgi pallata.on tvt ti ( th; I ('"I
I."tkar. haItuuld eir Ie 'ele I ill i a
tira.' rarnk.
I'm. meek :,ld aunjlI' aci anhiar in
v' hic'ha tb, rack. and Mle at! the dernuce
racy a'ieal I a dii iini I), ula" hat.-adro
a ri nuwry ni.-e' Ia- h:.! Iii, pi rallid
in hae ri uI,l ":.i Iowr!. Tit'e unto rri
fi .1 wu'uk up ai,..i t k." Ithe di he I Ma'
pareid I'r Hil in w~t.ou't a fUrtn!r.
I . - n aa "i ! ' t ,'' a l~h tiii Ti , " In '
1,ile Pages.
A uin f'"ynr. I;i" Jiust ts, u'; to write
"Th.i I1 In -of a Titre Pu. ' It ma iy
- puct i t i ,, je t. t, I i ,,' ' , -
till', ill , t.: rila '. o 1 . ,' . i, Io
t '' ll, '. h rl, '' ll ' r .,!i' aiti.
ali:it it,\ I - ' - , I i!.III
et cil t, i ' ' ' , l i
of l.l, "' ' II
t ,l l , - I ' I ti ,'
t Ill 'US I' I .. I '·
Io Ii !" a 4
.of I ,.. '.-jr' '
atl , , ,' f Il,-I t 1. , 'i r ,
-.ti , . J j':t th 1 . t. :t' ea
all l . ,' "I 'l int
t1:, ~!i " i . 4 ' L I, ji, . f tit
l04? Ii. I . no M'" t of
t''il . d t , ai t I it
tugiii i '\ l' , 111 i c . .. a Pid
t1, ;i0 - . I I 1 1 ,I jIt lIt
iYof l ,ii , ul , t' " uir
cl ,-t ,, ' ,, 'Ii:II iI ,"t Illl ', ," ~ , ' ltt
ut! -.' u-,'I IlIlip , ., l, u< wl ,
wl'r 3 l"', ld.- i '-- IIo , null i
hi, 1 i+, ,r i., ,lter 10
V . . I .t ,, , .ij ., ( 1 iii i , I ll 1iii
V+tbuiiri . ... i"" (or l pi. 1,1t 11, gIIld
li1M t,; ,,I Iae,, .'. ( 11 i0i ,' lui lit o1iP
r 1i " nt l' ' IL .-'s!( fuor , l -,i, lb le-act
n!lq.t , , Ith" llit of ii,, .n 1119i. 1on
evert + , g:, i tie dati., ,,I till, year
in avi, ,, i + ork Is, publ d,, ,. There
ar" I ,,, ..:" I'- w ll l'yst* Ai aticully
evl, h .1 , duly, ulld the re',ult Is that
Ol" and I.t till whether thi.r publi
catiolaiur,, ld or now, without mnal
(Jqliilln ur's which colt tiun', and
which i+houbt1 not bo forte'd upon the
weary 'tadcut.--Loudon Globe. ;
coyar Cor ldwein s.
Since American children aor all
kings and queens, it is only natural to
suppose that they will be interested
in the corrsipondence between the
Princess Wilhclhnina, who is likely
soon to be queen of the Netherlands-
notwithstandiing the surprisibg reeov
cry of her father, the king, from whiat
was expected to bopernuuientat i-saty
-anld the infa-lt king of Stlnl.
The princess. who isin her 8th year
has always been delighted to hear all
that her tmuother, Queen Eintra. could
toil her about the baby king of 'pain.
A day or two before her last birthday.
euItulrIly of her own accord, sie sat
diown and wrote her coistr. -all kinizs
lad queens are cousins- a: lettir, in
SLicht, after givintg hint a list of het
prin icipal trueasures, including her fa
,write big dull Pauline anid her pet
piny, she wenlt on to tell Ilin that
omie day she should be a lqueen.
though she did not want to be one.
,,ne bit.
She added that she supposed little
iings liked toys as well as tllhr little
boys, and if her zniiLIII. would allow
her, she would send hint tie bi:gg.ct
Noah's ark she had ex er seen--w hich
had in it every animal inl the AZoologi
cal Gardetn at Rotterdam, and others
Both the letter and the Noah's ark
were sent to Madrid, and in duo time
the Pr'incess Wilhelminra received
roem the kinlg of Spain a chamrming
little a~swer, .vrittca, of cours.e ),y
his dleoted umother.-Youth's t'mnt
o. lion.
In the "tltrict Poirt oft he uiarl ludlfeiji
,ltridt of thyt Terntrn ttu f 'ii.1 ..,i I1': slid
jr t it. county of C'uili
AI' 1 7.I .,llg t it
t liit I 'i-I ill ('oiiif
%I t ltf il I ,ll..., :1 -ii n a d i.. jl tii~iri, of
Itofli ."" ad HiItitti'4 F. Intl.'., tf.* 'lerrit-.rr of
aIoni..a. ii iu ii
1k"Lt to' C for I.,.\ a litly if
f'Ia..iiifs, I 'a-icr. atid ihe
Agauiiii v.raj'.:i't filed I.
Frtii.k A Za ii ant(Ctrrie Zab I, "2111 cluuiat o:
f ie of tile cleti
of "-aid iJI-tuas
* ." e of lie Terri;or f l oll it ia, iei1 I Y. t
lu "Irdluk i./. uLaj a 'I 1ije 7,.Ii .:tletiI.
I ui are hIeitef i.e, ir.l to apf; a.il. al ii 811111
Ill 11(e Ii,-i lrti ti l of ' l a ird ...10 iil ll Ir ,
Ili t .t .he Il,.rrt or) ail liil ·1 itt : o h for I he
" a l l rrrert· 1 o I' 1. I\ ~ 1. 1.:r1 I :il' , rt rt fuly .til
tllcd lhtn'Iliu, with I. 1, n .n" t,11"I'lu tI(\ 'it jl.l.'.
II ..rnxce) al ter li. i: i II. )1 ii of tilt., ii
iiioi.-it irveiI aiiiii, I- ,il.tV or, if -eriel
I Ile naid aeii..n in f~r..*gbt to obutauin lecree of
sliii 11, 1 Iout r the forecioiure of a etetaijil M, TI
gag, Id. rinI dII to he tld Coinhlalii. ail ePr..
cliri I I vlie raid 1 raik A /ahl and I irnti Zall
ot. lii. _1'1 day of Ity. A. IIU. ln7. si e i. iie the
jr ci tnitu. a icrtit iii i i nih I,,, toe1,r !IJ..
wijih iwllli tint hr (ii- pir nu m1o .i en pr
lior r rt. -t ar *. l ncl'lu.t l to " a14 I'll1 4 ' a. II""
it' it. l ilea " 1 ý of fi ·cll in. 1111,", "1 l Ia I 1'.
a.d i. ".iiut ".i.1, a. I a 12. norih f Ka I e
raid. lu1'1- i ll' lin'igh M."i'r a. ihit tie t .r in.
-is cuoneyed by -aid Mr.gag. iiiy b." ,lt, aid
the plot,. vI ajj1lied to the farli.C it of aid pi to-"
I i -or) ii... filler rI and at I nntiey fer-- lin g 1,ca
iuch j~roi.ed" ate tiot co ilitieo 10 t .3 t lv iitiit ate,
xit. to'1 in an siti4.-ri'i a.ai,.t ii l iai º
ZIah A 1 ia11ti 'I it., Zaht j (11* the blainc.ir. iL -ijuing
1'e, iti aa si Ihat the raf.! lit-I1da,tla" nu illI~
I lier fro.a claiming. I.) . thiruglh or rind, rti hi,.
,nay hr barreil anid Iiurecioifl all rwiell tiiI,
iIa:iii. lien. .+ui \ f r~liiuptlon. widI ititireit in.
.1.d ti aif iinurin~i d Iteui .e.. find fir 'illier
at fur hier r. li.e. as %.' .I wore fully siipar iv
e-trance I lie riluplaiii on tily bivacut. a "I for
theIr coila 11 111
Al ayou :iir h1 u-by11 ti~li, d tlhit it yli fI I.1 t
op~ r amidil iiw. r I Iii- + I. ii..Iiilldlli i', ai iiýlUi
enjuir..I il e ":ufI gl~uilitl- ii I ,;"I lI., to: e 'sun
or iihe r1if t 'en ltut Iii i Itil .l: Iu~ .'iij il.
(;Iveii inder toiy lianIi ,dl le hr . al oft I I" lulttlct
tour. ol liie I hii I lt. Inf Lit ilurit of tie
lTrriiury l 7 . iii.uta jilt f1II r It'. .iuaj
l..l..ii.fb.ylar of our h-.i~l Of. T1hu11naui
Eight fbi. rrd iii.l.i hi~ v-in te.
"I I yfliA - A. A~.i FI'li, Clerk.
JW. G~.ln.tli alit J I I- lii I. V. Allot qys
fur IlaIi~fidi-.
Igmllin u Iml-.(
in the Ilitrict ('ours of lils T fird .Isdieial Di*- I
1th Coullnty of (tuoter.
Ac· lie llforl rou t it t
- it h e w B o l es ,, . i',h l r ,i hI 'I t ller l
ls. till Richard F Ho|i *,I i trie t oft s'e lr
pIr'"it r, ds ing Iui'lI,'es as V ritor of IMonilmn.
usris I ta . I. of I ster, a ll it r
Frank Cuiee aid uull ti lllll I i
)efe of .I ei l iI I k of rs
Ili.itri I * ,, i.
slir i»" i e ,t 1 its rll s t Ill i" of Itlalt's e ill
,. et: , it s ly r IF si lt t. ..ni I ti uit es, li,.
i lt.iait'
i {, I '1 I- r t t i ss Is t 1. ;lis, 1. . i,
tsrI,. t ts trill o e tt sf s, I , I I sr 1,"
l l , 1111 r 1' I , : I i t 1 I . .
11 ' , ' .. ,' 11 . . . ' I,
- r s ' ' .. u I I r r.
I t I t ni 1' .1 I , rs Ir t r i l . 1
S 1 I i ,' i. I
" 1 x"1 , 1 , , I ,' [ll - 1 1 ! I, , 1111 +l Illt "
, I r f rl r . ' I I" lh c r le 1 t'r i I ,
' i t 1 hi s.*, ir ir ei.
I 4I .,* Il .u 5 1
t I,''- In 1, ', t ar, t , - 1 *1 l
1pa ' , 1' Il, l ..'
S c,, .i 1 I , ' s ,e . .I
1 si s 1'i,, u f, u r,; ',, I . i" .1" , r, i "I , 1,u i
5,5 r , .' r 5 ' ris p ,, f'ii
L" v 11 ,-t 1 I
l . t t 1l sl y i "I '' 1 ,,, It
,r l II t. a , us 'I I s i r l
SrrirIr r' 'isl ' ts , , I s r 1' r 1'I 1,1 :i , -
-i I n t 1 i 1i , 111 i ',ihIIi I I' i 1 , is . ,
f 'l.it.
n, t I s 5 ~ii I I' ,Is I.'l.li llt' I» 1,Ih ,s
- - i r ,il i i I t r h.I J I -- ' l. I l 5 . -
111 I r , f .A ,litlr I.'o l t"u i. , r i Ji ' 1
I'us , iis ,ilrsl,;d sl I I i s -rv city*
I Ifs- 1A ,,.II l.,is i . I l 'rk
Iii, t WtM , ,,. I It s , "h.I,-,1l. i <lurk.
t. It bi l' . i dllJ I i 1 .I IIt'r , I fttI ilri '
fis I, , .
\ 11,11111~1,....
lorllr l oiiiir ,I I e~lg
Iii tii Ii, tri 0,gri .,f i ,,i I ,~rd lI iullel
Il I1,t f .u 'Ie"ngn., ef Mtealtauu", wi~hInancd
folr t b 1 (,ujut . f -itr
At lhon broughag Ii
'1 r II I ,-irte' f'ouIl
%Iuth,"w IkIi..1. ' - , ' cc iii' 'h" I lord cudI
r(.iii. lr cn HItItaid I . Ihi, eli I)tltricu of ih
i,,rcIi tIr, duing 1,0"u Ii"- cý I '11 rn n cry ul Muu
i.'e & Co. ale. in cii I fur
lieliutti'. te Iunuuu of ('u"
PaIler" A jiutr A .IYri, r r., 1I.u* tl'r1i m el ri
IAIt Hull v i. it .coi
Detedalt~i Iii t. e- 1c'r n, the
C .15 Cef '.1.1i Ill..
The IteiItIe of the T~erritory ccf Moniiana .c ju
£Rrteiultu to Walter A. Murleig Ib, .Ir ,anl Iclan
R urig Defendanuts:
You err Iereby re.1ute-d te, appear In ii , ie',c
1'Ic lut agaislt you by th. ulove nulund I ' *h1
IslIant of the Terrtirv of M.. ilan, In and fr
the said ountllvof o('llt r. sand to asw , 1 he cons
plaint fled therein. within ten day- (exclusivel of
the .lay of ernevl) after the servle oil you of this
inllimisllS-ffperyv d withn ll thllis ('ounty; or, if
served out of Isla ('otilty but in this dlsltrc,, hen
wi him twen y days. otheblwM' wilhtsl
forty days-or judimn. ,It by 'elault will Ics
taken siamalt you, aIrudinlsg to the prayer ou su:ld
iThe sasl a.thlltisl brosilht to oibtslll a seer. a of
tha t'ourtl tfo tIhe fre r lsre of i cerstain Mort
gagedeerlheds in the tudl I'outi tlllltnt I. aln xe
Ssited by the said V\altr A lIurtds'ig -I.., tand I
('nra K. liurleitlh, ll th. Itli 4. y of A riI, A II.
1t7. to secure the Im a Iciil of I cerlltain prohii
seirv note for il)e,. with illnt.re-t a* tihe rate ol x
lIr cellt itr alltsum as ietr copy li,ereof alissached
to a.ld Complalnt. anSd reasnlisble attorney lees
to be allowed by the ,r.urt ,it loue 1.2. . 7. $, 9, I,
sand II in secltio 12. Tomship t nosrth Iamuge fit
east, ('uster Coul ty, MontitSa. t Ilia s .lh presht im.se
i ol'veed by laid ;:o-tgare. lmay il sold, and the
proceeds applied tothe paymietllt oIf clid prosllli
or' isote and Ittorley fet sald illterel and Iit
casesuch prxeedsl re lot sulticient It pliSy the
.Nmet. the tIo obtainl an e.nlr.iiuOll agsinstl .tlI
Walter A.Birl ighl,J r ,ad rll'larH . Ilurleigh for the
Ibalance rtrlintlnlll d"e, . ilt also tIIht the splud lie
ft nldiants and Ill other iLerletln ,laimied (by.th uugh
Ir tnderllsem sny ie barred anlld tuleelo edr of all
right, till , cliss. lint, equity of readc lption, amii
illterect ll anld toI said mluirtglged premltni slid
fr ot hler and turther relief, as iIll more tully alp
pear lu 'referenice r I ho cottpiia Iit o1t tile tsureli,
and for their c..ts of suit.
And you tire herleby iotiied that If you fail to
a.itar anuid Ilswer the said ('utiplaltil. Ias hlur
requiredthe said i'lailttlh will appli to the CoL.rt
fir the. rlief detnsmded et the said Compltant.
Given ulnder my hand and the seal of the Iia.
Irlel (Col t of Ithe Third Judicial District
- of the Telrritory of .lontlis, Itl and tfo
(L.a. } the said ounlty of I u ter. thibs. 1 day of
- August, i the year of Our Loid nue Thou
sand Eight Hundred and Eight-.linv.
TI)m A. (;AKRF.IT, C'l rk.
tI IAtrES IF .tat:;.t ithput? C'lerk.
.1. W. KINLELY aIldJutIlN FAItRFIELl, Attorne, a
for Pilantlffs,
I u thei [) r'" ('utit t f. IfIle i'Iuird
Jul ci e ui UitulCt ,1 1I, , "f k (,: rlt.,% u
.lultutlt:Ai , It. iL it (I (lit (.uUh:y ("f
Cubit I,
flat Iu 13,111..,\.. I1 111)I"I (I1 _u11 -11
uau lltIatrCI I. I), t o;,,L l oi IeTe-r
i Sý lien, Ilrrri lle rt Illll .if c, ula(lca,
u Illr1g Iluplltl g* n i t luii r o Il. dvg ui
1j. hIlIItr. & Co , 't.y 1,1 Cu.tr, I(ll0(
1'lI1L'l lu l",L I 1 llt1111
Jt..epu,- I. 1. (ir.e· er. IC ri.i the i1tfii
b.cl!usd ui.t. o I? I let (4k o: It till
IIW I.CoI l.- of the '1'.mtrlstuy of M·o:
I aIIM, Pt0ttt gie'r.C? g to) Jus.jI'. ki.
lil'-', Le', iidau I:
You are at~r-i y re',j.. d tit uiiite:r
Ill 11t LI°ilid Lir..tjli~i 11.4A11-t. ),Ol it.%
Ilht11t%1 ililt~l '5 ISV lititi J., jtj ltj
t)lil iici Coal 14i , t x1 1t, e 311 L iii- duay)
(.I~I"e i tilter It":ltl our~ie III n.un ee
Lto .-1., r 'MIl.'t 30(U. ac it Illt~iit I li, e'
pn hty¶ rt1 1tsI ru/ of theII d'jjtiyl
"- e t * it-t ,- )d ill e Iii- el ('oI, S liut ,i ,i, f
l iii! (uI uuu11 as(.-I per'.i X-t,I %eI 11 11
ltt ,x'eI* J 1 (It . 4.'. W1 . I" it'I I PIl, I
at Aiat~I, A. ll-(Ii. !, LI.r I lrt- i
,ia'y (e..zt t it al et'*r.dn pei rue4 -orb L, le,
ii, wlt ah I iie,*Iip al. b per celij Ipi-i
altllUII1 as per cagy t urn n ri attaelr,·t to
Il y Irtr to 1w Mlli)W.el toy t lhe tourt on
U'.. -(,41,rlletci ulf tae -iuthw. t NIUal
lei *I 41 the 'U~lhw0.l ;4 if lile .Hutha.
- . j ,.ll Julot 7"lid b aall iii .*cl'fno
Ili. 1T"l424htll ti, fort', of H ai.'e 421 east
iii ('tast.zr (.i1iaiaiy, \loIt.atJ15, thjai tile
priuuino- col vertid IvIt MII . rj,
0113 li, 14.1.1. 1414(1 Ithe pijroeed.. 'I'1'" 1
I' tihe' a,;IIYeut ''1 14aid1 p.iEf) ,ar3'
ilu t 41ld 1 ii(ere,"t d"iil HtttO'1j Vl. t-t.
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(Ie. fur tre aloalnce rminaliilng due,
a1.d(al) J tIIt thesitld 1hfendant and
all otlher persozas clahnim g by. tbroughi
tar under 411 Iilaly lit hl'ir-l alid foiea.
i II..dS of lil rla·lit, Ilil-, Iaima, iii. ,
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t~i~ll. yoU lare sut.ciI i'il Il~t
And yo riit.i) utitdIhti
id. fn! wilt ali, If) l ( '"turt tII,,
',11' a J oild In the .Ir l
Scarlet, ý I i.
F'o'ot N K .l
I ~ A. r..
-- p
Sa U r'iiu r11; 'n egI oir no' Oharag
50 VooW$Aipmua. . IjulI. M
Qimdn Cry for Pitcher' Co"
Great English Remedy
Murray's Specific,
A Ruhr naie t t ap 9(11 all o."rvu
ulrr U"" . fitch et o ..k .D*.ml,r)
*uC of lire ht )'.we ( I* 'bt.(
Ilfal tiea , Yal~u lie 111w /.ark
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un mte. leun.. rrlaemue. L mci v..r*
cud I imarlsafrr. niIcMIal \ Cuc.
Ia" ue *' a l4 ,npm.nleri c d .Jd llcrl iucrM
01 loom of 0 the (Ausr~lra~y Orllna'
In teither el muied Iby In.I menlull ur "cr ecxc: I
thou, Mild llhl It ultl~relc! lead lu I'rl.lllrlurr
Old Aire. II1m el1ll and (outI·III) llo( 0 I.II
abho: oral Itti ma for 05.cA(i. SeInt -
by utP nu re'tOt ijit of p.rie. Fult l~
I to even' *dii tillnt.
We Gwsaetee s fiLes
lijittit MflrlC. Fort very I'.(ei
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the' woery Cr our aiceltic duacl ot
t~lletia, o re~. (tri. Tr L '( Q'
Atttn-au It toiu tuDIcSCoDS to the mo isni
Kaisas City.
l.Mt Pt II.P!ItCNN t (41..
hultabmtalr cMld IHttum Agent,.
Heulrmm. MIccct
Nu,, lot North~ Mule Mr·~wt, Iortrrr 11ru~u1
W'NS, Ituttt. 3011/111
I ?%dicd l and Si.rgical institute,
*I *
;p I , · .4' N'attý: at h r? t'ty
Fran I·I'I;F.X , Llt%
For thr t reaent of all
Appliances for Deturn.ties.
y iin i 4;- r.1: u 'II fo r j ahiet Ie,t . 4
Wrat -*w nw rulu u tid;iw l - NI-4` l .E ' k.
1'11h"t fur 1:! 14?r.IIe jZ £y,er4 i Ilr j i.if4 th..
'lut, fret, IIurrv.,tur ^1Il- % huu. 1'l .~ I -..ur".
t'a rc , ' la r .,i Ua C'lm , tlal. u Ut I ,ti
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O.II\ or IL-t...e I r. alllutl Jr r ul
I ' 1' .1 ,, a,. I o d tl ,,tcat, . to vi'tt a- uhI I.h
r a,"" 1 rr DtlC rnles
Iat ' i :14,1 :t II .is I, i 4,,ttfP ite.4i 't c AU.cs.
.r11at , ii a iii .C r cur' \I· . u Jr. ;. *.l inh'
IsI'utlr a·, ( ,ý.lrll. lIr~tll 11h1 ..4"n' WI·"II11. Iil au r"
tr'it ' t I io t ura 'lw ir. t rr I *J,,t r I.. i. t
,'! I uIwrtI Ij .', v it i,,aa. ton :,. It wo Ia'' In.
tn jtaita a ,,ulf hr r I a. r .,,' '!a Ail t''tIg why
1 xii.aaI ri 1,1,4,1ti a rdlan : or na ahr.ita l at.
arfu , ,n acil l . r e'L r.." a . iir'": y .t .4 r1 *
I'taoatI, ( .aa ' I tI r t, ttIr I1 ater js lrd tIn et"lyl a
*j.ta~r orlj Ia a.'lthy. It %lri ca,, arv14.4 Weuiu..ui,
%:,ruaI- ' aa .h r I of I lia lla l lr.4 t (a ck. "'I
torrblll~n . Lupotrury, .yp h·llll'i", (;U1I .rrlllV .t l *C
Varl1l*'cbr, e c , .'t
Ian t, -C 'l.t tatitill ta. ea r.i ura'd tar ear. y at i
.Ilarllrr of a e. atu y. I oil. r'.1 "uyry a nd .\I~oil
Lieblg World Dispensary.
Icall or adlr"aa I Ki.aaa City. mo.. ur oan I-ran.
cil-co ('·1.
-(IF Jill.
Capital Prize, $300,000
()c urM Aug' I4;"Ii.
11I~k''f1 ~IIs-"I1RI r i -týE+
" .
(%nr~ot be Exr I-d. TL ,y are I. gazt 1* Desliga ft
IyLo 'rit'n Pr:... Ab~r, r" uIrt vE ae Vurmtun, a1A
°-nu 4AO btv, a of *t . 1)-ak. Obadre. Table.. Eta.
100 Paee Ilk. 'r td C. .1. ,gue Prue. Postage 7 I a
' FIR Ur;"'i Co.. Si. t.Guls, Me.. 'ICS A.
I - - - . .
·Cl'." { e''' 00 A TWO''TII d1 '.( i;
ýI jt"AP. t Ic %..*'. .wr king f""r a", Atl
r. r I , 'r,ti,,,h t~r ' h ~.,1d gir *t..'h i -~
"ýu"..1' , I i 1. 1"u l","l, 1 (lM Inn·11011 mat I,." 'i .U !I
\I\l r Illll l llti*tl .5I11 1II" 4 . 'rh( I
ý,ý l li - nr dntI u ,1- ''
*:tflItIIO oi d In the %tt' I ¼ ! "',w ri Li'.
,tuck Iti...p p], of Hu ,n:,,, i. 'l, Ca,,
pith! w .10 0 1c$'at tar ItOf · .,'', vIIle of i
ceIt ac ot ti e O and u t Ir. .lr,· -r ii # p i
Sl dlrlnmon, unonl 0.6 0 I I Iii I 7uld I1kkp·CII
Sfie p~tcetit dirt Innu 'I i' ITri. . t Ito pu Lw.
yeltC ithU1t(I elIlltN. .
SuIit lt~e k. Ark
.,OEed ymadooý
PO$ITIV k I U~ ~ pngPA! SOu I
CUB :(/,for p eeYe+J
e .Ale lh, I d r n,.. '
·,A·L s l* /AIIE· l I U MIWSM w . Fk~r
SUMMER,-zzzzz z
Sz..z....zz CLOTHING
We Offer for the Next
Our Entire Line
Greatly Reduced Prices.
I r I t, H ,rld. JHotr Impidu tMu
ti l In Ill. utniiai.Ir of flr41n ~ pG
t' r ' ttýýtl" I horrt"N of ·I as a tlr'
_'l¶ I.'. 1 a.i t nd hall' L'
T. ;r5,=E~ Suffolh Punoc, Ok34J 01
_.ý And Haokmy INO
" ýýý 1'rl rH ort~stw ý Mý
ýý j.'.." :ý. Minis No.

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