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Daily Yellowstone journal. [volume] (Miles City, Mont.) 1882-1893, November 09, 1889, Image 1

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Th1e OdPral rPape'r of/' ·t·air .'onr.
Every Morning Except Monday.
Population of Miles City . . 3,000
Terms of Subscription;
Daily Edition, one eAr.r................... .......(.. i
ally E'ditio lln, six II, l+ I. ....... . ...... .,)(
vaily Editlen,on. tYwI h ........................... 1,'r)
(arrier, EKv-ry M.or iig, at 2" (lIiI per w.4e,
One Ye r .......................................................... f:t,
wiz Months......................... ... ................
Ihree M ,nth . ..... ...... .............................. 1.,
Advertising Rates.
rigs S - ; : o
,ay....... '-."0 0 ) .'10 4.00 10.00 14.(10 20.00
. .y....... i I 's) 7.0J 11.U0 134.00 14.00 25.00
Sys...... I I II. O 14.00 15.06 21.00 30.00
. .'1 ....0 I4 '.. 16.00 18.00 It.O0 35.00
" ke... %.'r . I).'0 12,J) 10.00 24.01! .2.() 15.00
s .... ,,) [..l, 14.(51 22.00 24.0C 3,.00 50.00
",' uth ... ,'i 14.1) 16.4) 25.01) 32.00 42.00 61).1x1
I atba.. 2 '$1 ..PI4 22.I5l 141.410 42.00 52.(10 45.()J
S ' ,,ril. . f h l) .'2.11 t2.'I() 42.,J I.'$) 66.00 1(1.U)
" ror .' 2. '" $'.L') 611.01 74.)11 14)100 Th050.4
. .e otlceOs-'Te cents peIr line for e~dh Inalr
. rite -ul," flfteen cnt per line. Address
PH 1(IA N.
1. LEOSARID. M4. ID., I'hbyaiciai and &ur
Sgeoon, uas locited in Mt eh City and njay
be f 'und at1 rlghlt' D)rumg rtrc
IT)lataaep or o ,tuowti antI Chldreni :i aja laity.
1'E1"rtt'IA AND) rl'RIKUN
Office at W ' ,-at ag'o drug .mre. 12 tf
avage's drBri gi,,r(, ii .a s IC, M. 1'.
C. S 'fl1E'
t it,. sitmt. ,%,.r ^toiKiowcer4 Natlonal Bank.
Ail work glir ii.. d a' I rii n. a lnal, rawav.
RB. tUR'ti 'IA.t
R. h1i \.-erinary iur~li.' "iiutilcy.
Krienl.rir )f!, 'jir. Calls iii, 'ii Iday or
Sol:ht. L*eave olrr iit P..Ita e a +.i%, Mule (Cu1
;.potldeuce ;.r, 1t I an.were
C. B. LIEB( If EK. DI..
I hy.ivi )lii lat ~ugiiIn.
Emamanuel t'burn It Epac~pal) I'aluwt it -ýewt
else iuudar. at p:9i a. wu. and 7:ji p. w. Wleu.
If aItlat ('burch-% tin. M. Week's, atring pastor.
'nacblngn acrwer 'unday at II a. in. aid n p w.
- aj and Praycr Meeting, Welnewday at :415 p.
A cordial irnvtatlati to all.
Ietbodlat (hurch-"'erycvea Sunday. Ii a. tim..
, p. In. Prayer MeetIng Wedneaday evening,
:,:der NuttIng. pastor.
'r.abyterlan CIhurch-Rer vLcte Suliday, 11 a. m.,
p. in. T. C. Artuirulug, paitor
burt), 01 ra red Heart, t Iii hI(--tTblie,
'ery tnt and thimi ri-uiay omf the amotith. H11gb
/lass a 'I'; . u . riiiita7 hi .oI at '2 p. n.
ni)('1 LTi I:,.
A. O. H.--brirviurr .o. I meets first and second
Lundaysof ean . Iiuontb.
K. of H.-M- te first antu third HCednedays at
. . &A. `l.-Yelluowtonet ,1 n, . o. 26, Ar-t
.d third Wed isldays.
K. A. M.-YPIllo"w-ult hh4p!.r, No. h, second
u.nrday In rIch 'llll
K. T.--Damuuetls ;u'll.e.nt try.,tourth Thurl
,. O. , F.-t '~utr I.odK.. No. 13, every
V aday al their hal..
1. 0. O. F.-Sentinja; EncaItm,,'Lent, No. 6. Brst
a~ I third Friday.
K. of P.-- 'rllrat r Lodge, No. 7, Thlursday
or'lfngs at Odd .Felow. ' "stl.
SK. Ko A .-;]lu. I t'ty raOr'h, eYey unday at
r . in.
K. of L.-F-rht and third 4auturdlays.
.4. A. R.-U. -. Grant Post, No. 14, Ant and
third Tuesdays.
1. 0. G. T.--:tar of the West, No. 24, every
thurday evrenin4g.
St. of V -(a.bon (rsmp o. 4. 4Meets Ant lad
,ur Modaysa of each month at Good Templai
Will be at the Mncqueen aoe Nov. 8th
and relman as lleg as busines will war.
raut him In so donlg. All operations,
whether on the natural teek or artlaelal
sutetttute,. perforoed aceerding to the
latest lmprovements t o the art.
this adminitered for the plaleme extrac
to of Toeeth.
Come to Ladies' lEtranee.
Wulllm ýMf W killaw C
IWhatthe cold wave whistles.
It laibn y savs, winter I at you, r dl,,i.
'ITHAT )oU mIiUst changU e with the wave, el.* It will nmake you whaitle.
) THAT you are oblli.ed to do o to av1i i dloc.or.r hill+.
TIIAT it is not only c(heaper to nlmk* your purchasMes of warm t1hnnel.
but al.. much more pileaant.
'I'THA' you knlow all about this atid know the clahM 'of gI oi hib.st suit'ld
and k' ow where to find them.
TII.AT we bave made this a study for the I at eilght ietaonBf and'are proud
to know by your liberal ,patrenave ltht we .nv(e s.trlck the whistle.
THAT we will not move OUT O)F TOW' N lhu' I' TOWN.
THAT our stoak of winter goods is lerge a.id it It()CK B(OT f(oI ('CASH
PRI'IC will redu'* it beftre we move, we a.sur ou we we will NOT PAY
UIRAYA(Eon name.
(a lI and see what we are doing anyhow.
('all and wee us, neighbor merchants, and tee soclable. If I am not at
home the boys will treat you well.
e e Lrr ) I E ISENBER .
W. R. STEBBINS. President, WM. HARMON. Vice President.
H. F. BATCHELOR, Cashiir. C. L. MERRILL. Asst. Caub
h.-rEv .".. -CITY', /.OTTT'IA..1.
W. B. JORDAN President.
0. i. MILLS, Vice President.
E. B. WEIRICK. Cashier.
B..B. '\ILEY, " STP.st" CaOhier
Main St., Corner of 6th.
Under the perional bupervrlion of GEORGE REITZ uad tt-4 k, I ifom Mou
day morning till haturday night with the CHOICEST DELICACIES in
MARKET. Particular attention I aid to family trade.
.................. I now e-tthid rhed ................
...............And ready for huIwln t . ........... .
Watches. Diamonds and Jewelry.
Watch Repairing a Specialty.
li ilMl I II l ll''- ' D1 .. = ,
We ar3 too busy unpaoking goods to write adver,
tisements, but we have the largest
and best line of
Ever shown in Miles Oity,
Miles, S v l r.
Chas. W .Seyde,
0 Fair LI.e an .M n b. nsllr.. fy.
OiOM ~i.l~'illli~ileSi~llV|il ila.
M!ontana Beciame a Sovereign
State of This Great Union
A Big Storm In New .Mexico Re
sults in Disaster to Cattle
and Sheep.
Hire u r (uue.
JORNAI. J-M-.iuna was aIditteJ to
the 'iUnion to-day, and J.e Toole in
sugurated a~ governor. $bauke!
. 'I:EE'I z
ITo hetr .I t-rs in tL.e uluriour Ulion
( f Mtate, SMont sua, toir Irighteht genm
in the diadeal, of the tuatlon, enuds
Great L)w., of Catr.4 Mald Shellep in New
DA\YTON, N. IM., Nov. 7.-I'ulesa the
snow .torw which has raged for eight
days abates Ptou lih.re will be a Iaw of
stock unequalled in tte hlitory of the
c,iuntry. The depth of snow at thlls
tine is nRot le-s than twenty-six inchea
on a level und in nltny pliers it has
(drigted s-ven f':et high. Five cow
lmen are known to have frozen to
delth. Hllerv Mlr lier. John Martin,
Cheas. J Ily sl'tl two unkntiownl. Two
lMe-xictan sheep herdtrs hil\( bten
ft utnd frn zed to deuth. Two* men
mI cohing in this morting report drifts
in sonie Iulaest s-venl a'td tight feet
hiih, waile there ,ire hundredlof dead
.tock. many wlth only their headsand
horn. albove the slnow. In one drift
thirteen werecounted ad another ten,
omwe of there were alive but unab!e
to move from their frigid prison.
Herds of sheep are e(oipletely wiped
out of txite.nce and the range for
thirty miles lroaj town Is covered
with dead carras-es. It is estimated
that 241.1)o sheep iuert-hed in this part
of the territory. Every shelter In
town it. beirg used as tarns for the
snow bound horses. The hay supoly
is nearly exhausted at To-line. Nine
miles below ('lay'on two ps~oenger
trait:s have Ille n snow bound for two
weeks and rl,rvidu, a are running out.
The t1-s of life and property cannot be
udge DWlfDrWole Derldes the Last Polat for
the Ikmucerate.
BUTTE, Nov. 7.-Judge DeWolfe de-i
riled in court this morning that Mr.
Hall. as an individual nwmemler of thl
county canlvaiing board, had no right
to appeai in the name of the board and'
that tihe appeal as filed by Campbell &
Knowlh. would not operate as a it iy
of iroee.ditg-. In con.luuence the
court l,.rud a pirempt ry writ of mnan.
date ordering the county reanvasulng
board to at once count the vote of pre
cinet 34 fir J. J. M.Hatton. An
omoer of the court bas been sent to
compel Mr. Hall to meet Judge Irvine
and camnvass the vote. Up to 8 o'clock
this afternoon Mr. Hall had not been
BrTTr, Nov. 7.-The argument oI
the right to appeal of Mr. Hall as an
Individual member of the Silver Bw.'
canvaaoing board was completed be
fore Judge De\.'olfe yesterdav, and
the mandamus ease is nearly fnulished
a far as the district court is ooneerned.
Affmdavite were preented on both
sides. The democratlo lawyers read
the affidvit of Caleb E. Irvine, which
sets forth that there has been no meet.
log of the canvassing board to author.
Ise the taking of an appeal. Thomp
son Campbell then read an affidavit
from Wm. E. Hall, stating that be,
Campbell, had been retainod by the
canvassing board to represent them In
the courts. Argument was then be
gun and continued until late last
night, Tools & McCoanoll denying
Hall's right to appeal and Knowles
and Campbell upholding it. At the
evening session Lawyer Campbell
asked permission to file another al
davit, that of Clerk Sproule, to show
that Caleb Irvine was aware that a
maority of the beard bhad eogaged
ounael In the ase. This propuoltoo
elicited prompt obJeetlons from the
opposition eonil. They demanded
the right to file addavils In rebutal.
The court allowed the lillg of the
Sproule affidavit, and alse the illng f
any rebuttal by the other side.
A RoIsm OuusN)i.'rY"w o1 g. Us.
HILawA. Mes, Ne. 7.-T'e g. ·
mel ustLmem sd hcl IbI the dee
.+loup6. eleheI um Inl la hesv4h
loes oh ehe.es "dIsu mmlii S
rJloglea . ma . Whle Sh dIn.
norait f-el sore over their ,l.feat, they
cannot lint feel that it .v ar glaid that
the state will ,soon h- . . 't.d, and
say h11ey will keep uIIp t.,i,.r n, the
flir f th. legilIature. Thlii- they will
be e',hbled to tin frItill t1 f '-t that
the pnlhwrn of th h, ,' ure have
two litferelt certilo.at . o. AeelIon,
oue ;rlom t.h*Ie ti t'v I. rk oif the
county. from wlhirh thrv t r.re letered
andti *e frotl I'(e stati.- utlva-.ing
Iaittl. The old terrl',triol low naLkcs
it the duty or the '"otlty clerk toi
i.uts cC.rillfatots of ,lecitio' to UmerI
Ir,, of the I.lilslature, while the new
Ce Untitut.,un :mpoI*..s that dlty ' on the
state board of eauvasirr* In O"llver
Bow county both denrratio and r.
publirtn legislative .it'didates have
received these ertifirates, tle formler
from the county e!erk and the la'ter
from the state canvas-ing hotrdi, con
sequtntly there will probably be two
eta of candidater from that ?",unty
applying for weats whel the legislature
eoLvenes. Insomuch as the .epubli
cans have ab-olute control of the cen
ate and a quorum of hoth houses, no
doubt the repubilean members from
Silver Row will he ceated, a lthe lieu.
tenant governor and state auditorboth
republlcans, will call the legislature to
order. Still, .so eloe Is the result, the
democrats, rein.orced by the ten dem
oaJitlc candidates from Silver Bow
who bold courty certlflcates, will alao
number more thanl enough to consti
tute a quorum. It Is now openly
stateditl t0t tt- dnrolrnts will organ
Ize one lres.lHturcl and the repuhlicanls
another, each having at quorum. If
this can he *on there will he four
Unlited Stt'e senators elect co, two by
the repuhliem tn and two by the demo.
erate, whic'h would further comlli.'ate
matters ann throw the Montana elec
tion contest into the senate of the
United States. But the consummta
tion of thia plan Is Iouhtful. since the
democrats would find nobody to call
their Ilouses to order, both oflfer
charged with this duty being reptibli.
cans. The democrata are desperate,
however, and if there was any way in
which they can accomplish this pro
gram they will undoubtedly use it.
There I. no danger, however, but that
1Mootana will rend two republican
senators to the nezt ongnress.
Ohino Repbltklan Except Governor.
CoLUtI1nt~, O., Nov. 7.--Chat rnan
Neal, 'cf the demogratio committee,
left for his homre in Hamilten this
afternoon, to attend a jollittcatlou
meeting to-night. The ctmmittec re.
celvrd but little infornati.on during
the dyy as to the state ticket. but con
cede that It i. very close and unless
('amphell', plurality runs above 1O,010
the chances are In favor of the repub
licans. They hone 'he tIcLket is ife,
but can give no tick, t lurtler than
to say bhat the averag' gain for the
ticket in fifty counties is htvmt 3.330,
which if It ke*s, up, will eeh t the en.
tire ticket. While the figurs err yvet
meagre, the election of republican can.
didates fir treasurer,attorney general.
rchool eommiweioner and clerk of the
court Is regarded as certain by republil
csns. The ome.lal vote is coming in
and the result will be ascertalacd by
The Vote of nassewhusetts.
BOTOr, Nov. 7.-Tbe vote of the
t6wn of GaOnold, received to-day,
completes the eleetloo returns from
the e .tire state and make a total foot
Inr for governor: Brackett (rep) 126,
801, Russell, (dem) 120,817, Blsekmer
().o) 13,864, Marks(labor) Ill. Brack
ett'. plurality Is 5.986. The senate
will be composed of 29 republlans and
11 demorsats, as competrd with 82 ret
publilcas and 8 demoorat. In 1888.
There are 162 repubilican and 78 dem
ocrats returned to the lower house, a
republican loss of 18 representatives
from last year.
Vlerlllga'i Ltlat' W.
RICHMOND, Va., 12 a. m.-Beturne
from all but 7 counties show a demo
cratle majority of 42,715. The bors
stands, 71 democrats, 14 republicans;
doubtful, 7. The seaste stands, dem.
orats 29, repubUesas 9: doubtful 1.
This is the smallest representation the
republloas have bhad In the qebilatue
in the history of the state.
seta dems C.owm aveethms f I. lews.
DSs MoItxs, Nov. 7.--Oomple us
emestal returms gie Bol (dea.) 6,748
plurality feer ovserUw end the tle"
edes is eleeted. The repeblfasn
pebabably retals eoatrol of the seate
by *wo mrerlty; bern pobti rN.
TU 31lSl33I _IGU.
D M. ot. , 1 s. Lm.-he eeed
fgeres at the ,.S.t's .0m give_
sles 4,'N9 plurality ad lUes0s a
el it of all the rlepmbin ta
-,gg ALA WL
DuUaQva, Nov. T.-Veuplsete uea
i cial return.rfom every county in tb.
state give B'.ie~ 7,110( ru''rality for
(governlor. R.epub~lican cla m.'I.14of *Ioe
lioni of part of their ticket are ground
lees. Tney claim the legi.lhtur. by d=
mIasiority. The ruault is "o c'OM' 13
t cveral diitricts that th. otflcigl oount
aione will det.rnuirie abo is eletgd.
4enator A1le'.ru is LIir'rrdI" at teb out
hlwk. H*e visited Dee Moines today
arid wai' In (nnaultatiofl with the u
puluiiu'an 'anauers all dlay and ir S
turned to Dum uu.. thii morning. It
Iequire4 7hj v t'i ''' '*t a republlem
senrator. If their claim. a·e rellied
Sthey will hmave Th, but several of tbhe
wvill r.fwro to -''jut nrt Allison and tbhi
is what eaUmlfi thei s.nrator'. anxiety.
In this city thue utnlflrm'4 are tmlkimg
of electinu Hirrre Ibis, to suceed
Alleon Tbe devnuu'raus of Wa-erleo
Bole-' hroms town. will ratify Pa'aru
day and hay- invited all democmb
Rod indsperzvent. 1uf tbe state ti Join
hIdew alk i formaton.
The !oostion of it P new sidewalk
whichb is now inder process of cmn
atruction from Msai street to th1
south sid- bha been i snged "lightly.
ao a4 tobuild from Ml n street to the
'. P. right of way, no '0th s*reet in
stead of or Ilth street sa at fir.t lonst
ed. The reason for th q is thatoon lOth
etr-et the railroad have alreadv ooa
strue*ted a goo d croew g which Il
never blockaded I"y traint standing on
the track, while on 1lth street, where
thI lldewalk was tir.t In.,4tel, the.e is
uI e'r',r-inr, and f,,r hIl.t repun it
would bei dlll'ult to i'nprel.. u: on the
minds of lthe train men I1i.t it would
b enecewsary to keep) statinery trains
olwn for the accom:onurlatl i of the
pubtlic. As a aidn-walk on e therstreet
wl 1A tl sqSaily c nvenient for lh- rea
idenIts of the .outh -ide the city ,noa
*.i1 a.e·ded to the rlsueat of Nunt.
"M1rsh, of the N. P. R R , to have the
location changed from llth to 10th
streets, and the railroad c(mpany will
ptroced to build their portion of the
s'dewalk at once. Chas. Lare-n. con
tractor for the remainder of the walk,
has the work well under way. and will
have it comp'eted in -, few dave. Geo.
Blanck, under direction of the oom
mitte, 'n streets and :I'e'., is putting
in the crossilgs of earth and gravel
combined, which it is thought will
make a much more durshle croan-walk
than those made, <' " 'rber. This line
of walk when co..,pleted will tw a
grat blersing to the citizens of the
south side, who have had a Pretty
hard time of it during the winter and
spring monthq.
"We Point with Pride"
To the "Go:od name at home," won by
Houd's $areaiarilla. In Lwell,
.Ma s., where it is prepared, there Is
more of Hiwwd's lirwaparilla 'old than
all other medicine., and it has givea
the best ot $atisfactlln ,incet i it lntru
dtutio ten years ago. This could not
Ie if the medi. lne did not po.tee
merit. If you 'uffrr from impure
blood, try Hood's Sarsaparilea and
realize Its twoullar curative power.
ta 3M Oy Ias. wiwh mem.
Small Boy-I saw my sister kim
your photograph.
Umith ldelig ted)-When, oh wheat
Small Boy-Yesterday; she kissed
it on the other side where Charlie
Smith had written a few insulting
lies to your mem wr.-Epoch.
Gralm of Oe- .
Family matter should never be ai
cused before strangers.
(oo annlilers are made up of petty
sacrifc&. -Emerson.
The only thing certain about litiga.
tiol is its uucertainty.-Bovee.
bitai of modern caliber ordinm
condei:n teverything which is beii
the limits of their comprehenabo.
Young Ladies' JemuarmL
e.me 1xe...a In. mauI.1 .w
One of the needed eforms of tbs
present tine is a reform in out bill
of fare. Why should a bill of r Irar
trmned a meunt Or why h
American dishes be diued under
f an names! Why should not seup
umnam soup when served on tL
table! Why should not the pboh
after it passes through the biad ha
the cook, not continue to be •a W
Why should a fish when . ed o
boiled assume a French conomafme
Why should the loong array d
that are prepared dally Ira b.uiý
Americans be given foreigan
Why, in short, should the avs
citisen be obliged to carry a
language dicuonary to every t
I the pronunciation and defition of
the different dishes of the bill of fao
A scholar may profitably fid f is~d
to wmn le over the pruaii- rn
C aos but life Is far too aboet bte
,ajhortyo ~do to wal iiis
Svmaar iou .t the min ý t
So meln terms ý a sa
I in good absinb Y UE
I ot food N tm

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