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Daily Yellowstone journal. [volume] (Miles City, Mont.) 1882-1893, November 14, 1889, Image 2

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Theeditortf TuI YILLOWtOr N ' JOUrNAL
to Sot responsible for any if the opan*
as or atteranes of its correepondents.
Notice is hereby given to all coneorned that
bOlds the contratt to do all prlntilg and ad.
weirtsngl, owhatever natue chargeable to Cue.
reeluaty,and is also the designated and on'r paper
a OCaster eounty in wbib services by publle. tiun
Sbe legally made. egal notioee pub.sh". in
th r ppepe of Custer county, are wvId and
Cs has been decided by the courts of
tU LtsHNl CO.. ontracted by any of the employes
ersaid paper or otbers, will be recogilerd unlema
Uenfmpialed by a written order signed by the pub
Wher or buinesi manager.
Thursday. November 14. 1~59.
It has been long the cu.tom of our
People with the elsrlug of the ytar to
look back upon the sble-sings brought
them in changtnl the course of the
seasnsU and to return ue)lenll thanks
to the All (Givntu source frontl
whomu they flow. At no recurrelre of,
that periodt hs the reaiou for uniler
sal thank.giving by the people of ,'ur
avortd territory h-.en llore conspiull
oU', more IlllIri-t or mn're uuiver'oal.
Now, therefore. I, Benjnamiu F.
White, Gov'ernor of the Territory of
Montana, conformin~ to the r',ealu
mation of the President of the Unite I
States, do lp; oint and set a'art Thur-
day, the 2Nth day of Novenawbr, A. 1).
1889, s a day of thalk*iriving and
a praise. Let the day be one of glad
ness. Let tho-e who enjoy the re
union of f4mwllee and frieuds around
the hearthstone of pea e and pleuty
remember thr widow, the orphan and
the lone ones. Let tho'e who are the
Iolpienis : f comfort. cheer and social
enjoyment hie mindful of the poor in
deedsof charity. Let those who labor
ao I toll be given by their employer. a
day about their own huearthstones for
. thanksgiving and respite, without the
loes of their daily income. Deeds of
tlndness thus seattered and burdens
so lignt, ned whll be but "bread upon
the waters," and will make the first
thank:Ilvingannlversary of our grand
young .rate worthy of her law abid -
SIIa, g lerous and Christian people.
In v.itnesq whereof I have hereunto
set my band and caused the greet seal
of th,' territory to be affixed Done at
the (ity of Helena., the capital of said
terrltory, thi.. the 4th day of Novem
ber, A. D. 1689.
By the Governor.
Lous A. WALKER. See'y of Montana.
FOR the first Itime asie prohibition
became a part of the organic law of
Kansas, the question of re.ubmislion
was made a direct Issue in three coun
ties, at the last ele tion. In idwick
county, in which Wichita is located,
the reeubmi-siou tick. t carried by ma
roritles rang ng fr r,rum 20 to 800, wip
lng out a probitinn m jarity of 2.000
last year. In Leavenworth and
Wyandotte counties the majorities for
resubmisrion were equally decisive.
There il a de, p saignlficaue in thin
reault. It is a vg,rou4 extpression of
popular feeling that prohibition, after
afair trial in two leading citles of
Kansas has proved a failure. It is the
rumbling of the st,'ru which will
eventually wipe out the republican
majority in the state if the party I. ali
ea persist in upholdi.lg prohitiii;t as
a politllel priucitlle. 'tie le.")ll o(f
lowa will be rdp.'at. d.
The Kansas low o.,ild d,, credit toa
Ru.it all province. It -"' ;i ed liilutr
Us a c'rin equi.l toi uiurde r, in!po-ed
cruel aid unjt..' lrinrhiment on con
victel vendeal, and yt t dil not slo
ceed in supprlltr-ir tha tratui. Dur
log tle past year lthe 1) ppulatiou of the
state decreased fifty tlourand,taxes
lnere:iHtd, unl the lieases issued by
the internal revenue vt111er -how no
diminution. It is an ildisplut'ble
fact that triperty values have fille.
fiat, business is stagnated, caplsal
turned away, and the social structure
disrupted by prfltle-s conteutions.
The only people who profited by the
enforcement of the Iaw were the po
lies and constables, who subsisted on
the fees derived from seizures, and
were thus given an incentive to apy
and prey upon the homes of respect
able people.
The victories gained in Kansas are
the begnningal of the end. They are
the forerunners of the reation which
will relegate the liquor traffie to the
domain of high licen e and rigid po
I ce regulation.-Omaha Bee.
A irp..s who Cspureld a Native as a
Plalthing for Her Cubs.
The ntorious Jounsur man eating
tigres has at last been killed by a
oung for..t ,.fticer. This tigress h.
beam the scurge of the neighborhood
ofd Cakrntu for the last ten years, and
her victims have been innumerable.
On one occasin she seized one out of
a number of foresters who were sleep
lag tog ther iin a hut, carried him oil
and delilrnttlyv made him over to her
eubs t playwth, with, while she protected
their jinlr's'nt L.rrnhols from being
disturlM.lI. 1li, crmipanions were
eventuallyv f,,.rv.cd to taike refuge in a
tree from hTr rnvage attacks.
Hlr.o, In v v Itnt:..' , the following
hatla trs_;.'dy. 'l'h tigress went
back and :,t,~d o,,v.r the prostrlat,
form of I, vi' itn and purredl in a
eat i ,' .,I it ,'onlrl.ph ictt waiy to
her c·u i. I,' ,tc r'oniutpi ._ about
and II, .. , , , 'r tlir l' lu ' "t' n'ly ihfe.
less I, t , 1i en lhay it h ., . I t f'i.. w
YaO .. . lh blini, ,tr , e (,r p v ' '-·
ed a , I s" of her I ý '' . ',l.
a Iý, ru tl,,d to INat the '.,u I,- , .hr,
hint, % i,W , .,e I n' ituald' it Ir1 rut,4 at
te t I tA.,h :i., briu lle-f frf ' nIrl i irt,
of Uui u u.. but .xfore lie c, ,I ,' t
twenty yards the tigress bounded 6ut
and brought him back to her cubs.
Once more the doomed wretch had
to defend himself from their playful
attacks. lie made renewed efforts to
regain his freedom, but was seized by
the old tigress and brought back each
time before he had gone many yards.
His grelms and cries for help were
heartrending, but the men on the tree
were paralyztd with fear and quite
unable to move. At last the tigress
herself joined in the gambols of the
cubs and the wretched mlan was
thrown Iabut and tossed over her
h head exactly as manay of us have seenl
our dolnstic cats throw rats and mice
about btfore beginning to feed on
The num's efforts at escape grew
feebler. 1F r the last time they saw
him try to get away on his hands and
knees towai\ d a large fig tree, with the
cubs clinging to his limbs. This tlual
attempt was as futile as the rest. The
tigress broughlt him back once again,
and then hliid him down under her
fore paws, anrd deliberately began her
living meal Ix-fore their eyes.
It wa;s this formidable beast that the
young Hl.ers llill officer and a stu
dent attacked oil foot. They were
working up her trail flfteeen yards
apart, when suddenly Mr. Osmaston
heard hli younger companion groan,
and turiting iound, saw him bound to
the ,nground by the tigress. Mr. Os
maston fortuinately succeeded in shoot
ing her through the spine, and a sec
ond ball stllped her in midspring.
Meantime his companion rolled over
the hill. and was eventually discovered
insensible a few feet away from his
terrible assailant.-Calcutta Cor. Lon
don Tinmes,
. - .- ,- -=
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a million a week-and it costs by mail a5 cts.
a month, four months sl .-~oow ct a day.
Ower s Pounde Cain In IO Weeks
Experieno*f a prwml n ient Oitizen
TamnCurosr ocm ,roa mn
Bureuassao or Vics.
s a. acuco. aJuly 7th. les.
I took a severe eold upot.
hyehest and lungs and d i
not give it proper atten.
tion; It developed into bron,
ehitis, and in the fall of the
same year I was threat.
ened with consumption,
Physielans ordered me to
a more congenial climate,
and I came to San Francis.
eo. Soon after my arrival
loommenced taking Seott'a
Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil
with Hypophosphites reg
ularly three times a day.
In ten weeks my avoirdu.
pots went from 1ir to 180
pounds and over; the cough
meantime ceases.
NOTES ",1 ,e f tp r it tu'ir
il -, .i tPMiu n t It iI ra'11 -a
T':1' ItI.. Wisconsin Central Ih:: tth
Ilii!y~itI ' .h i 4111.1 !-l0l ll( l -,! .I11,
'It tit , I \. isccnsin Centrrl I,:+ It-dayI
the t I- -t I, I u'nr lile Ilve \" tii M ID
neapoli,, St. Paul and Milwaukee
iat.l Chicago;
''lhaI !i h Wisconsin Central is daily
-addliui tpo itM ihliiM e "1 a1 the- re.i.og
iiiZIl Pullman lilue Ihtlwoetrl Minne
apoli, St. Paul :ud Milwaukee aind
That tie Wisconsin Central touches
tt.t Illst protu tl t Ioliuta iIlln WlU.
co2tsin, anid that iJ hays nor' lasuuort
alt busitnes' e.uters onl its thronu h
line than any other railway In the
That the Wisconsin Central hlis made
~n enviable relputatol with itl peer.
leu. Dining Car Service;
That the Wisconsin Central run.e faut
trai s ou which all claiees of t' iMI
gers are carried with (cmOlirnll.usi
and distinct accommodatiou for all;
That the Wisconsin Central has repre
setitatlves distributed th, oughout
the country, who will cheez fully
KIve any information that may be
desired and that its terminal Agents
are specially il.structed to look after
the comfort of passengers who may
he routed via its line.
For detailed information, apply to
your nearest Ticket Agent or to repre
sentatlves of the road.
General MaIzer. Aet S e,..U .ar.& TkASt.
Ast. rol. Prw. & Tkt. At.
F '. ANION, Northwestern Paslotngr Aet
A Perhot Fce Powder.
J. Wright
II ~ ,,i l t k I Di ir I r i In () xford
c hi l d r n r ! 4 r11 1 rp.t c h e rCh ,tr ill .
Children Cry for Pitcher's Curtorl:;
for Infants and Children.
Mouuda.I..s.we~aapldqsuitdt.mtMaS CrIb env (9tUie. Osimapi~e.
I rcommend itssUPMerior toaypttl iptos Sow stnmach, GDia.yt Enactaans.
karn $om.'" . A. La.... M.D., Mlet Worms, giavs leep, gad promoa"
Si1 . Yui US., USPo 7, N. T. WM tljurtiows mdalic.
Tu. Cwri T u C(PAu'* Y, 7 Murray Street, N. T
-- "= s s - ---- --- --- - - -
tlTABLI8HED 1877.
MinneapolL Sheepskin Tar
Ginseng and Seneca Root.
101, 103 s 103mI.a4 St. N.rth. MINNFAP"LI. UL1I.
Skupment. Solxaatem4 Wrg roE.2 o ( irnua" a
- :Z:z:zz:a Z:Z:':z:Z:
B. UI N, Proprietor
Consulting Engineer.
TRAHERN PUMPS i.:, sind of ork.
STOCK PUMPSJ" . 'oeo '""oo
RU ER HOSR oleAget (forth. lonareh
UB Wtada4Ard Rubbir fs Co.
l·frit one s
and yet tI
Ih e csort
l, t tIaiw. efl
Irtycu points1; for
1 M ' aiii ti lte'. R a w y
lea. (o.vtr ,5s t.il P2'y 1 if 1
t' '1211.11 a2Iijtire2 ly Cejnit
ple I.'.] uuxItytrit i'. , r" a
or Ihist t .wtty tnnhcý tl·uln~~ll; ~ l ~
aI it itsI,' I " he I r (' r', fa ripe It
a1I-m'01 ill I ti .2 , -,I..,r ion? a.
e~.n1Hg c"n' ic of tll, \N'itwe~t; I. Ithe
f. ~h rt'l ar lan l r ,,t he- m ie l krier t aley~an l
,12r2 ,* I tn1 r eofrn i n ITrtolhCt( ia,2. 1still
22'am i, III, 1',,iti I ill i. tiiLP+ PL'?Ill. recI~pO
ilu,, lee) l .aka uani t B it v. It 1, Itill- toe '
lIe to 11l.Ik, I 1.2.3d au 1ijar;1Id the
ju rney I 211h Il, 1221tf ( 'oust. \*Slce.i. '.- Ta.
c' 221, *alleI i' ort andl and gnu: F, aune'ico
w il low ,eo.ei,.tlred r" te tie'ig-Iht of a
1,11'"OI 020' ,.ire ad't 2 .oughi the won.
d,CTIUI ceue,ie7 of the S4aiijtotha* t'i
tlit rolite. r.o fishI and hiujt: to
w tint' u..agnitleenee of ralur
tlwits I the I.1Iit2 res, o(r Itle
IcoeII; p el ize the dreg.u of ti
Fo,,, saak r, the goe'.se'ker,
11w totllet or Ihe capiltalist,
ri-it the countr r'acbc dby
th1e Mi. Paul, Mnneapoise
t Manitoba Hallway.
Write to F.l.W IHtty,
G. I. & T. A.,il.Piu.,
Mlam., for mape,
lrooks and gcitdta.
If yor want as free
fartn In a lovely
land, write for
the"fireat Rae.
Itand It ad e
solve tn - Oa
goldh FORTUNE!
ý1i1;UL1 C' PA1'RC'"1IZTNC
Juc.. Ca: tima £Itaurs
(11o . Soread Month'. W Mu, Iet Y"n r^
Owing In tthe ret sue.
e. I n1 Ol. - erw
cae rednund tIhe prior fromc OW
to M1, wIeI.Ic uskesltthe cIap.
* vt fIYtt'*c'tIA-41UMT ix Sline
i' P. ºu 5119,e.?I Ite others wimieb are
SSold lit Ir is. Oil, le SR.1 Prue. by healý
I rV jerTlI HI I-.I 11.1t Ire O.ý,,celfnerrire'clar.
A qdr~p. 'aMlifurnia ei e* Wtll Vu. Bon 12114
sa Wrsaclvcu, Cal. or ccfl aL ?tb Markeetdt. n F.
,r~a8(1···' .r., Inlp.I'
I l 't. . . e tS. R
l 1., , l ur,.
.iff't '. '1111
Ohaial'coatl r w
t,.. 11 .
W. B. I~ivaue, Agent.
childrn Cy for Ptchbr' CastorW
Drs. Liebig & Co.,
Permanently Located in Butte
L'ity at Southeast Corner of
Main and Broadwav. Pri.
vate Entrance at S
'snaau C'itv, MIo . Mn Franciwer, Cal.,
and BUI'TE CITY, Mont.
Dr. Lieblg & Co., are regular graduates in mod
leine and surgery and sleclal practitlterscn au.
Ihorized by the ttatcl of .issourl. afllfornlia son
M3').nTANA, to treat all chronic, nervous and pri
sate dleass., (whethercaused by lmprudence, ox
, iesor oontasgion) emitnal weakmais lihtl loss'r)
sexual debility, (loss of exual power) Iervous de
Illitv. (!ou if nerve( forve) dinseso of the blo id,
(,) phils, Golnorhuoa, ,leet, Iand tricture),cored.
Curable cain guaraIuted wit , life WmeCllerThip.
('harges low. lhIusaidt of cases cured. All
Uedicines are .pecrilly prepared for each' indrlid
usl case, at a aboratory. No inujurious or polson
ouscompounds used.
N, timtle Irlt fro : business, Patients at a dlls.
lance tr(tled by letter and expre-.. Mediacue
is:.t everywhere. freeu rom gaze or btrakage.
!a diseases of the blood, brain, hemal and netr
ons srstemu, us well as live,. kidney and Gravel
colil liatuits, rheumatilatu, iparal)bls, and all other
(chronic diwas.es
Hrit.- for ill atrated Ipaplrs on l)eforinlea,
('lub Feet, I Lrvature ,I th,, pi t'O , I'le-, ' . 'o or,,r
I a:iter, fa.larrh, Hroubitthl Ithalaaton, i..itri -
lil, y. aethent~, Paralyata. E1'il.p1r, Khilne?,
H adder, A.e Eur, 1-ktin ad, bloo , and all ."U:iui
a(I I tlHerat Int.i.
I ;eai s of Women a lc ";ia ilty. Slparahte palr
t. Ifr la.y na. t it.l.
The ' l!y i te!i;le l,l dei eil' tnt Tit.l a1 1' sti
All tit loe . . I '-n ' ,r ie I ul'y" anlit Id" l"ythl
Itn I',, ' a rel:lS ',u hl t. l I. n . .)le. l w:I1Jltl minerl -
ii ty. i a w it.tt .il. e 'i Atlllien t for IL:,ib Ul
V ii 1i lPow 'er ' 'r ,l, , ui .(i i I. to vli T IIts m ay It,
Ir(a i d a t Iiwo ,t hy ,ru mep ,u d , rite . . l i " hm t lun -
ihatio.,n ound.n.t.iai .11..ic:nya or ulatrlume .ts
tiltl by aii I ~or expr. n icciurely ipa.(Ld. oir I
il.r tl;al intervieW .rcIfhrred. C('all ail cennlt
is, or e.iti ih-fury of )our case, and we wit 1 rnd
In plain wrplilplr our I'o.k F ree explalning wihy)
Ihulu-a:d calrlot I+ cane ,l ofl rivate. bl.p i;al a.'lI
Ncrvous I+vJ.sasr., 'aeninal 'Weaknett l, thal'n'A
torrhboa, Iupll. noy, .ypllillis, (tonhurrbuau,Gleet
Varicocele, etc., etc.
Dr. I.leLtig h o. ar, the only q galiled or re
: onsible specialista left in Montana, since the
itw imedical law
Once hours from Ii to 6 and 7 to 9 p. m ;or b
appointmlt lit olbscure and urgent cases
t "}'Newton I-ros.are agents for th .aleof Dr. Lie
big's Invigorator iu Butte City, Moutana.
* Pareted
1' 11 1' . BmZX:
W i D IET 3rtNI E
imOYý- TI Et WI N
a ares %1lb gebeJ
CURE (* ¶iII7JJfS~b
Ijol,.? MoWI E&%tII, .U t~,l I.,~,.nl IS*, .' as·
g...hd: bus . * . I T C
r · kls), n all~u m( , fl " on :.., · ·r
I * rcb I·l)r· l··rrrlý P· FJ
iu: rnl of tl'pCl eerI~n··lU~ ··l~lr(I~·l'..'I~(a
.n 0, In?.
( A. 1. I "" d.
Chiid, n 7wy Castorbl 1
Something to
We are now ready to
take your order on cus
tom made suits.
That is, for people who
do not desire to wear
ready-made garments.
To accommodate those
who are in a hurry for a
suit, we have" obtained,
in connection with our
o New York House, an
agency from one of Cbi
o cago's principal Mer
N chant Tailors, and are
thus enabled to get you
x a suit MADE TO ORDER
Our Sample Lines are
the best we have ever
Our fall stock in Men's,
Boys' and. Children's
Ready-Made Clothing,
Furnishing Goods, Hats.
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first pick.
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.. ,, , , ,
-Are the Lamrget Importers of
. In the world. HIavIe to' r I "i, S
timnes the num1n*r of tlrst-o4i Pln
winning horf." of any us b O
-' 1llnltd Statpo, and haVO noVw kb*
." " *-r "ctual .lle overl 220 h011 14
Sutfolk Punch, Clokn'Sa hi
ý r te:,ae- And Naokn Statl.ll
t1ý1, {w 1'i % .modrrmr, ternems On

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