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Daily Yellowstone journal. [volume] (Miles City, Mont.) 1882-1893, November 30, 1889, Image 1

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Thet fllfhlc l I'°ap* " ; ",I (, ,N. rf ( esttly.
Every Morning Except M: nday.
Popula:ijn of M.:!'e. C:ty . . 3,00.0
Y .1'IT , 1I .A N ! I' ,T . I .\t
1).. M. , 1 >1 .1 1ea. ",ý r ...... ....... ...... ...
ULi.. l , . . . . . . ..o.
(i.i Yi.r.!l...,, . ,.i ......................... I,,
i Mur. th, i...................................... ........... ,. ,u
ihrre Mo,nthli ............. ............... ............... ,
Advertising Rates.
... . * r - - C
" " ·· g i, r!
...... :.u. Y.i 4.00 4.0I lu.00 14.00 20.00
/, '" ..... . 1 0' ;.'a: 12.J 13.00 13 .00 25.00
.,.r ..... * .01 1. :4.0 15.00 11.00 80.00
K . . )01 1". 16.00 I.ll 0 24.001 36.00
S*...s',., I' n.iP '.., 20.00 24.00 32.00 46.00
,k .... • :. K).o :l, ,0 K wo 1.00 50.00
t t,. .... . '. ..' .1 .'>> *4 ., )32.00 42.00/ 0.00
'. >", ' I . 'Ii 451.00 56.00 100.00
2. p f.', 6 0 ; 4.u 011 1-0 010.00
'IIt. 1 +- ,t 1io . p r Ii II for eai II lus r
11 r~l.-+i '.1ýr h. r'titn t .. I n,r'"1 1 . A ,|trl.+km
' " \ I I - I nI
`u" 1 " '·
1 .* y '
0::.' IA"a''I u n r- at S,4Ie *Iluq m wet Cot.
- I I HI' w wl.:·11
Lwi iabuel Churt Ii (k.I. ,a l aI I'almear St-st
'IC. SI..it day at I Ia. 1,. and ' .. la. BMWUe.
r'a tl 'i ' Itle, l--' it. ,,l ,'I.,, a ,t-ing I asto.
'ft I: b1a~g.e Itr 14 1a4.6tl4) Itt Ii 1. Iit. Hod - p, 11.
:L t nit I'r' *r M. *t u,2 ·?ti Iiy at ::151.
A I II!11 ItA1.. 1 1 4l l \&o l all, t. -aaia .
* l'. J " I N , tat ,. II: ý I \ (I I."d r I n
I. 1 ý tII . 1 ,"IIr
'I . Il"1 :;'L 'I:. r. II $, ::'I ,IB w. c~ut
II. 1 ~ . '. ,r, 1
. !" . I ) "I..1.
I-. I *1I ' I k1. ý
A. U. ii -ldlv:'j,,i \u. 1 muti laset a,. t *scuuud
K. ?it H.-M..i ors, anJ thbrl Wedacelya ,:
Mup. in, at Odd' FeOihA.., lusll
A. F. &A. M.-Y.'luusiI't.e Loulg1, $o. 2C, A:."
*d tlra Wednesdays.
R. A. M.-Y.Ilovsilune 'hiapcr, ?to. ., second
'hsmJ·a in paubh wontl
Y. T.-DamaUcus (iu'nu audery fourth Thur.
I. ). 0. V.-lustetr Iadje, No. 18, every
Vlraday at their balt.
1. 0. 0. F.-U.tlnoal Euca·,aaeaI, No. t, rat
aaI third Fridair.
K. of .-Crusader 1Mf ., 1o. 7, Thursday
"ws~sp at Odd F.1l.'w Hall.
U. K. of A.-Miis City Dlhawl. every udy at
. f L-irst ad third &stuordys.
Y.4 L-17t. I Groot Neat. N. It. firt mll
1. 0 .y o rth Wii. o. IS. 0901
6,-tag.( mo. 4. owes nta BI s
bias mmdm fw. 6mbssia at Good T..1..
rwy l hr mowu a~rar afar..Now. i
ýM trnr/r a. a. hwlrr. wll war.
rem ht.. is . .. All .parrM~ra
K hal~r so th naturl Ink or aSb war
.WI Iag peammd 3asAug sI. IMi
lIatet Grjrn·t r kPIart.
Ila rrrlrl·trrd [ter the palrlau ··(M-.
tlor of ?eath.
Coons to Ldkdh '·trrrc*.
low-eq. 60"0. in om rc
A'v beil to ; lnt| d .i.y I I w| cav si o.O v yi'i to fl.. -I Iotjl
MI st ExiensiV2 Ling c HadIer hl[e aid Mch ii the Cit
A.\rte still t.' l exhilitioiu t o ur pjOu:ar Irrei* . L'ok at ,.titecr .pi,.eiul .sal price
utd st e how' ttJy-V em m.tare with th- I.r'.,e .u es . , Mw you bhCght of
Ur at our teular nttirreMa,,n t.lu -. (OU'374.1,,5OC,
75e, $5 and $1.00 g.rlleuts
are hard to Ibrt.
W. P. STEEEBINS. P: ýuit, WX. %HA'MON. Vi e ?resi~,u..
:i. :. LA TCHELO', C.,,h. r. '. L. ,..-R EILL. As:,t. C.,
THE 1I.4I , It.l! ].ET AM.' 1ii iLIIRLh R!I*TANb 4
W. B. JORDAN., President.
0. N. KILES, Vice President.
E. B. WEIRICK. Cashier.
I. B. %I1EY '" .~r:, Ca.ster
Gold and SilierTurned and Twisted
lit i1."re novt l ha'ti- , t hi- in. than ever In.lre. at pricm- withi tlit reach
f i'.1 ,1' . all hel. i i l t ll II\' l li tl I' :'l-1l,8. \ I l('\t
door to Fi"ir .Nat'I li:tk.
For Xias Presenlahons.
])i'i.'t imaali in'e' 'tl o ' ,iu't affolrd to otuy of 1 IiectttUe we ''rtry strictl v first
-la'. jewuelr ad nver lie rerew, it ai0thlng
we ~ell. All I n-k is a visit to
The lowest prices on genuine grades ever shown in the city. We lack space
to mention articles in stock. We have all that
is new and novel in Jewelry.
Mie Otty. i I m ontn
-OF -
Miles, Strevell & Ulmer, Hardware
To the the people of MI'se City and violacty we send greeting, asknlog you to
oall and oonspect our stook of
=GaI war Whichb i superbly elegant, always reasonable in
a prl.ee, and something that Is the best.
Cro k-ry We have a stock of tbhi article that will make the bouse.
- r kelper'eye glisten with pride as bhe views it. One
dinner set of 100 pieces at $1800.
H lan0n 0 Lamps We have in great varluty. Saometbhni to
suit the must fastidious and as usual, at the
m.et reasonable prices.
Hardware and Table Cutlery. o, this la'e of
goods we always
keep the best quality that can be secured and In a large and varied assortment.
or other presents You cannot help being pleased
after looklng through our stock.
Miles, Strevell & Ulmer.
Chas.W .Seyde,
Fire, Life and Awecient e--u-- a
SO, ee Isns 35lrmc· mb U s.l ui
'Ii I' Ii hr C
Ii|:l'-.:ii Nllý , Il:1Ill\ " Ii"' II r ll l t'
I')lll,. li. 1 : .u- , it nlU.
Iig.Fire ia Iuo.tou.
BcMTON, Nov. 2S.-The moMtt diJum
I trnui. fire which Bo-too bal had sInic
I872, which in property wore thtan
rivals the great fire at Lynn Tueslday.
broke out at 8 o'cI..k a. in. today in
the fihx-utory gra,,le titildlng o.wned
by Jordan, Mar-b & Cii., aod occupied
by Bruwrn, fDurrtll & Cl'., d~ealers in
dry &rorIs nui Be-ldord 11., (*o'rner of
11419.?oii. Tlit urft fire f 1 72 bIrokr
n'I~e- rtc., h~nli ti1 - idima o
S. 4I II- · Iin.. the 1 1; ;:.\ , N1 I! a .!
n11 it 111". Oro to- , 11( 11 \"'a+ rn..11111
'. n ofI~ I r"i r'' i . " t . ' .
4" 1 , - -' \ '" i
I I ". I
N . , r i r .. Ii
iii .iii heel. 'ri -I t r L··t r r r ' ril* iitl!
the fire would lciti.- Iiritin; it & eii rtI
alarmI~ was Netrttout. T'1,1~ 'H, Wo#n i:,1
I iwrd by e'tlk4 upon all tVie niritghiwr.
log diti' i and towbA for a111;Ntji'ir.
The tri( wu ait on pourIng from all the
wi9t44w"'.. tilns at S:50 o'clck they hiad
+I g.tito Itlet l Situtrnd Leatheir Ex-I
elia·tgr bluildling aNl s'tother granite
hlitiittld . Friomii Brown & C, .'a on
Bedford surie', t!i. 11111*n-4 sw. pt It
gre 2t ImIai-l. t,41 ii*1s II'-dford ºtrte't to
thue i4.r,1K1ie 444rluer, I thence aerti
Ki g (ton rt I 4t alon 141t Irdf irdt t~i
in thtat r* ail Ea.rley, Harve\v & ("a..
the up:. er story sf w.i*af wepre uretd.
TlIre. . nrr- aioIlol ClhauII'ev .tr.-aI
t. ward nllrn.l r .re burned. (.)On the
moutlh iidie . if (tolf-ral Mtreel tlhe in)t an
.Jlmpt d aleraU Kinitson .stret, fronmi
the hot blaze fra ,,I r.own, Durrell &
Co.'s big vsndtone building, owned
bly F. L. Ame" anl oi'cupied by Tay
lor Bros., and this was confumed. The
great granite buildia'g known a, the
Ne hins block, at the orner of Cha'Iun
cey street, wa the next victim fr the
iat.es, and the entire block end
around Rowe Place and Kongston
street was consumed. After croesing
Cbauneey street and burnlng all the
stores wieh are enelosed ln Exeter
Plae, A small stret running from
Harrison avenue to Cheuosy etreet,
the Are was get ader cotral. Ae.
seerding to the moe reliable Informs.
tien tbe losss of Sthes Imnserses oem
peule who agents could be lad
aggragf 50. 7,000. This ire, eom
tag a it does on top of the
grnst hiss. at Lyan Is a
erweblal blow to many of the maller
Inrserass .m.aniei. and IL is met
I sras e m .aaless, sad is Is not
ast ll ualtely tias It willl me theb
,*epeulin of many of them. The
burst distrlet begin at Columbia
street on the east aod esteado two
blooks westward along Bedford street
to Chaunoy street on the west on both
eides of Bedord street. The br coon
sumed the entire blck bounded by
Bedford, Kingston. Ezeter and Colom
bis streets. Westward of tbhis the en
tire block bounded b) Bedford. Kloe
too and Chauncy strets sand Rowe
place, and westward of Ible thb build
lois on Ubuncey street from Redford
to Exter. It also badly damaged the
buildings on the southeast corner of
Bedford and r~olumble streets. North
of Bedford rtnet it ooneumed the
buildings on the northeast and nortb
west corner of Bldlord and Klolgton
streeta and namaged theb block at the
corner of Bedford and Chaunesy
Within as boar after the Bat alar
was sounded the whole etreture of
Browns a C. was Ia ralis. VPias
were darting flrm deom sad windows
sad the uaterie of the bleek we a
glowing ornas., dry good sad ther
emabetlle makaoele with whiskl the
loors wer peeked burned to a .iLe
heat. Oreals esbled and ture
ldrder melted iMe le. Stream ftrep
eanllc werevapoalted b'tm' t~-e
resebed tke fie. ,The wv.le s all.
lug ba." The e .d rl ha s
bwock *rthelir My is. saused bp
the sfkeS, theL rmen dpre Sllkei
he,-. iand r.~n. r a" L'aj.p u; .* 1"""I in
tjh' wA !' . -- : .fr r , 'or"ic em
Tht- ~- 1 1,I- j "l a ;,! 1 1 1 1' IIIE
r : I Y t" - , ir I "' o
"_"z'o on *.. t "u I k..
till -4 · r u- d1t llir:'kr :t'll I t,*
ab*out .ij I ,r'
Time LAn t aaI Rtet.".
Thu funeral of the I't.e Lo!-in;; 1t
Rea tonok pls. Z '.iu 1 daut-day *.roe,,
at II) E'CIOE'i from the ie-':deg e.. of the
deotaaed. Thr. 'wremornoe, c uia.Ited
of an elQoqn"'iat bII touclling triinute to
the meG0orv ol thte deemned. delive'red
by Rev. T. C'. Arnctroui,, fdIl,mle1 by
a short prs.::.r find a rrg'aIezzml in-Ihi by
Nira. Grifilt i' .+n M , Itic'h'trI (Ihrk.
yello'wct,. L 'L' No2. A. F. & A.
Mr. thaent 1' t~Imrdem. nt'i t I. t N nl " r' I,* I . .. 1! '
t. la"I 1J ,y : t"I ·i!,,r·- o' . 11- c. 1
N :t h 'It ' "n l ' "t. l' ,t, 'II- ! inmjV n!
" , tto er 't. 'I,,
n * · : , t J .· (i t . i;' , I ; r"
N. I ' . O . 'K " 1' 1',. . U r tin . I I1 \I
It l Ir Irt-. A ie' i. " , I li'"" ra-I:
" ,..I. s-:'. . ": e .,,: r :I.-, i'n'l
t~;Ii Itj Ia 't' th r **"I. t * I"i"
"n rrt in ." ,:ui i t: n n I, r dit',-n '.1 an
b"" u f.il s naiit of in!i.. *'rlIr, ant'r
ien~uaint w . r " snoutiveyd miu aoarm for
"h pmn-nt ito tht: Itime of Ithe dece~ased
near 13 wuo'i. Mill,. Ti- .emohin4
were acecnpuipied biy Mfr. Farnhatmain a
paltter of Mr. Re.in in the LiltInI b.eit
II amer Precinct a. Preemlet 34.
The lt-dnio-rtic Iptr'P Mt ilntervabk
r4frs 0 the vot- ot lion nr ,rec.inet.
werc ,out 'if a total ,f 132 \v,'c- east,
1.) we re r(l)lli.ibl and 2' 1. nn.rii4,.
T ,' It1h t' . hll Ir in a ree'-.t I -i
mlug " .p tr!i' t lit IretC t a "s
w I'1..' 1i1 C'.( u t &m1 r. tti .r PteinC 3'4.
Wheln it ap,'ar. thlrt nlolr thaan two
denollcrat vopd at Blonner prrellelt,
or I "at the clerks of t-e/ctiLn :.wtI L tb b
publie wt re exelu te. fronl tlhr i.:re
niony of (cunflin g the votr*, i'r Ihat
the judges relaired to a private rwinl'n
and locked thel:selvta in. and pealed
thick lpaer over the windows of the
apartment, we will airree with the
Miner that Booner precinct is a fit
subject or Inve.tlpaton. The crime
at Precinct 84 was not that it was al
most unanlmously demoocrtle but
that there was a false ao fraudulent
return made under elreaom taoes 'bat
brand Its as act of fraud. Probably
the ms elreamataasea that made
preelaCt 84 so strongly de.ooeratle,
operated to make eamner prpelct
uearly u str egly rpbilcas, bus the
two demerater who vrted at Boeaer
bad their vote.s 'msted, whbil there
were Ave or els republiase who voted
at prelmet 4 who wem lgnored. This
is one point of dlreseee hbtweel
Bonear proMlut sad preelast 84.
aGms On lab m1 Y asmag.
&.epwrt was ourrens o the streets
yesterday that Arshur Maxwell, who
formerly kept the Drover rHon..
this oaty and who more reently was
euaged Is the botel bulnes at For
syth. ha4 disposed of his business there
and gone east, taking with bli sosme
peuronal property In the shape of fast
horses, ec. Maxwell was under In
dictment for an assault committed In
July last on a reporter for the Yx.
owr5oTNK JouNNAL and was to appear
before the distract ouurt at the ensului
term for trial. At the preliminary
examlunation he was put unJer bonds
of 1.000 to appear before bte graud
Jury, but it seem Ihat when he wes
Indloted no further bond was required
of him. Syd Paget sad Jobhn ook
were luretia oe b fist bond.
Nether of the parties are now il
tows, but It h elalmed by their
friends that they are sot hbela, a
the eooditdos fa their eetaguleM
were faild whea Maxwell appeaei
before the - Jury. The appears
io be ea sme lene smewhee if the
ftasI are as stateed.
W hmigS spS~utal: CbApeiM
CW is pereparsaga a mbs r of
sensulne whleb ho will asU
en as pos bs aftSer t
sogtea. One st theN
ha UlIu dewe of uhm mlay aid
eiides meryetls hi Mietais, ir S
:r*1.:. a..1 II /,I- /o!`~~~ ia
1. I, , . . I, A t
1 I : - , a " I 1 3': ..Kb i
hIiv . . -. (A! :, I h ,n, I s
'1I :.t''. .'1 . \. 1.1 a'1 ' .` . :! :I *A-. M r
Tiap K. uf L. Bail.
Thu d ur'I.s gii'.n Ivy tta I'.nlI awm
I* " t'ae K. eaf L. tla.ug 1 tnut a rouI.
i . rucý"ý .« ftiiaaa'avly, Wa a Very
plu!-rit m.flair. T'ruue grand march
iltul urllld uwt at aui 9:44) with abogt
c.orty '"ouplec. Iu"1l}" Cthai. Joburom
aIt "t Mtea ClIfrfl. The march wa
Vtv . r tV rur Iaut tie mnet pleauiog
f.^,I",Ir sa the .venihu,. Tile order of
,'ra' " Ai wr; :ls atly 1: rangd anud that
re 4I o'rt wnrI' 1 r e/d ot t)rit ty well
111"" ''a'rza.iaw. At ill ut 12:31l thec an.
; '.-f1"iaat thut Il" Wouft M all
II-- i I Ii ','. 1 - ur tli.' f.ra -
uI-, r w , t." u!y rod v.4e
!hi· Iul1rý . r'u..':.d to
" iril l- ,r I' k i't l where
-1 r :l !"" r . r. * er
""'" 1I +. " ' I' L ru t i t j Ib
* *.:**I 1'1*. . ' ..;.I
!1i I.~u u. tel lu;: -"I" ' *?to )aL. * tir0
aI ,Ilug. " ljf M t 1 u0 r Iwii .. 1: '. liav
" Ia re.u Itur her of"tUeI ai't . : .amploy' r
I 11'\t" hadl a I;o tucu in t ',. SrIse.LUW
STUN E.\~J' sIRN.41. I 1r (III- r~c Uu~ilk
ilft'riiiitig Ithe I ..II.e tht I war, g. lug
uwti f butir-"it-- and r~,tjue-ling~ thosem
I' J tl sl- it, flkr t' evil and setle.
'I·~I CLI I Uetrll, \ tutu "rt u- tt r Hidrnt
tlrit -n 'it* - .s, 1 t I 1) e.-, ir I Iai
gudll'.ss 1i.w Inaw. sand awlt1ut* . of on.
EkJ.ºUw-1isNE J~i lKNAL for a p rg
ni' tfirty da.sys a U auIes-a~ltismeIll.
iliac slowds.
A vsrc tine ltalae htaos,." ear war at
tssh'd t t ite ea-t birsl ipsayacrtgr'
irain yreterday, chslaiusstg rilght of
Martcua Usly's uued1 .. The
bores are on their way tsp New onrk,
wber :bhe wIll be cutrrs-sI It thb
spring in some of tte at'wt race. It
is to toe hoped that on. of tlere bouth
will Cain for ilntas'a -mue a repue..
tine - did Spokase last seanamer.
toW s t$* Yy Owrrr. .
Tb. book. of Ubs Hanauer wIll1, m
li further motses, be Iuwod at he
Fivrt Natneal Dank of MJlm.Oltl,
where esltlemneot of all apes meosmeb
esa be made. l'a s kuewlag thema
isle. to he 1nn44a4 will phgm ear
smd make as .mutly s.tNeemet.
J. T. Omimats,
" A east.
;ITig el baLad atited hmms-.
ber You Hae C(bidra .1 Yors
Own' is not apps lted," said a
muuarrd man reaomdy. "It M a
-n fiet for a youg father i
member, and he cannot he o m(dml
of his languae when his youmlam
are within wubut. Now the ether
langu aga l(oe I U54
ýwhn ýhI c homeotnhato yo jt -
anrhod had walley he ainI e
nftingoon wnd had sl y e
her howl sher b tllwhe w
we atsdi wnt, up.a I f orgot hetob
careful ouL the language I usedh.
to her: 'DonTh crybe but who
Sewud his torws a ou er m
and hi happwarhy the be n
bahll' Onr aid mhe would nar d
mrlnng my wife heard an uroa a
the sdewak. Recognizing ourdaugh
We' bowl she ran to the window
w y a n tR ad kid who ~
rseda rer
al4 the hUIn ow MW
big nail ah nd in the ethe
shen hbemer Thyweaalothewoo
toardu~ his boa and err lIaf;
Wmrr a L ·U' #t wame a
.Iymr. I ai, bas.
ba L No. Yu be cto, terr
aipraphýumeau a f.4
7es sw ·.4
lap a

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