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Daily Yellowstone journal. [volume] (Miles City, Mont.) 1882-1893, November 11, 1891, Image 1

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uuas cri C UONTANA
" uH OFFICIAL PAP3II OP vr'"Ea "0.
avery Morning Except Monday.
!platss of EWna City . . 3,000,
Terms of Subactlption ;
itue m ou........ ...... .._1hn
Edtds alI mooth ...... .._.«C
Sits.ogamaatnh..... ............. I A
IOM iha. ...................._. p " n
.wb... ... ..................
Nod..+ for l'mblleI~alo.
Moth... Ia hmebi at e. that the f., l..wlng
uanmi moutt bs honSld antilee of h lna. itat ."in
to sak. Baal prof i wuIa,,rt .,f his clain. and
jssdýkwobr ofth . Kt. L. tr. at M' e"Ciy
Uostia. ca Thursday. Ineet.Iitlwli. iml. at x
ossp. in.. Vi.
D. K. No.. 11M.f..r the. KW, SEa.
ý i., R i M £ and .1 and 5K',
No rases thea f..liuwIug wutnarsm . I.uYre
hii omasolnn emldmasu aopus, and eoltaratuos
of said land, vli
firnsk K 1k. James H. Iiil"pe l.M
Yamit. Uo~aeai R. ohsidma". al fAia
S. (E)ROINN. Rosn~er.
Gist pob&,eatioa Ntev. ?. ltO.
r a
Jul VOL llts X Jp D rim jifintt%
maid 0.1 A Rw ImL~t ?Ik I.V ..
mred tot iosta dart
SPEKAW B 3IWK. Lmmat. X...
WýI -. ýI SsSb wB VWý uný
""Sr"IM" MEbm. ,"Y". beww. w - ý
Ib 1..W6 khd1..1 .wmiad +r
4 T
" t ' ' -e
We reC(*ved to day a line of GE0T LEMEN'S OVERCOATS, LADIES'
FUR SETS (ltuaarid Muff), FUR RUGS, CAPS. E c. t
The continued warm weatber .forcea us to marne epectal priees on all cold
weather goode, as they mutit be mold before January lot.
"All Wool. 4-locb FLANNEL, 60 cents per yard to-day.
"hdiles City, tentaP a.
'CAPITAL, $50,000. SURPLUS and PROFITP, $55,000
W. B. JORDAN. Preeldent. 0. Y. MILES. Vi.-Presidet.
H. B. WILEY, Cashier. C. L. CARTER, At. Cashier.
Draw Draft' on London, Paris, Her:in, Dublin, Christiana and all Foreign
Cistes at Cur ant Rate.; a'mo on New Vora, Chicago.
St. Paul and Helens.
Accounts of Stockmen, Kerchants and Indivil
nals Respectfully Solicited.
-aPITAL. ST.eO@. SUPLUS and USOFITS. =3.00s
i ZLS C~ZTE. rr.rA
H F. IiAT IrIOR, PreeidnI : Win. HARno (, Vile-President;
E F. FANrwuIAiM, Cambitr.
SInterest "Paid oni Time =Deposcita
This !ese a we bougths
as ahe poil reOTaC a E!
",Am riODa Hosiery Co." 'mom Is Wlh is s.'s.
eadsr#OSr-1bhe se goods kusJad& o.'* U
made. W* saved B awer Evefy pair hs
east ea the puiebeer. Ye as ag
-s get 41*tbeeeat ofhi.
Whoa Is mose seihtteletr
thee 60* Uaderwsart
The Old Reliable rwpe Store!
NETs, 3 w r
, ,QZqi ,,.
As Chili Quiets Down,the Regu
lar jouth Ameridan Revoln
tion Breaks Out in Brazil.
Threateneo Extermination of
Deer in Calorado by the- Wte
Indsans-dcKinley Felt.
Fonmeeb Ia Tremble.
LoiNoo, November 9.-Dispatebes
received here from Pernambuco *bow
that the troubles In Brazil are ap
proaa.hing a crisis, and there Is much
ansiety expreesed In financial and
commercial circles regarolog the out
come of Preside t Fonseca's action Is
div.o:ving congruw, and agaln to the
role of dictator, and rave doub's are
expresed as t.. the succ ae of tbis
move. Thes dispatebes state that
from the province of Rio Grande do
Dal comes intelligence to the cseat
that the local government hae refused
to acquiesce in the amsumption by
Foosees of the power of dictator, sad
has declared independence to the
province. The dispatches further my
that there ia great discontent through.
out all the provincas becasas ef It.
3.n1sd r nThear au...
Dzeva, November 9.-GOov. BRott
today received Information that the
Utes had been off the reservation and
roaming through Lily park and along
the White and Yampa rivern, eommit
miting depredations and wantonly
slaughtering ga*m*e. It io estimated
that during the past month they have
killed 3i00 deer, mostly' doej and
fawus The hides alone a etaken, .he
wmet eling l.-ft to rot.
MeK. key BIll. 03
Iox0ox, Novewbr 9.-Tub. Dewe. El
c omrlestit g on the Board of Trade tit
returt a, asyr: The decrease of ) per
per cent Io our trade with Am.-Oesa
may fairly twattrnbut.d t.the M'Kiu- "
liy bill, wble th- diminuaion in the o1
demand frow nwher coni ruas must be
attributed to the financial deprce-lon.
A Laot Child Pat to Communeatiea with
Bee People Threugh the Mediam be
of the iesreaw. e
Several days ago, on the usual mvi- o1
taiton "sexchages please copy," the
YKLlawS?0ss JOURNAL publahed a
card (which is reps oted below) froma
girl a ho wee auzione to Bad ber
parents. A copy of the paper eame to it
the bands of someone in Boene, Iows,
who knew the parties, and en laveati
gatlon elicited the story which we t
cony from the Bonae News.
The mard Arst referred to was as fol- n
I am trylng to And my Miker. I am
eat bhat ak nama is James . Baliley.
I knee *e leeatleten t me, nor do 1 "
emsember that 1 seer leaked an tbe I
iebs gae staved. My meltba dilIS l
Webltn I as . ae sube aher
amem tes******** n mewe Sn
.l aso beit -w ies b rat
-ms.-. selt asAmea hey e
we a swe o e . aa
b m41s5smat
-! byana upwimn Iw
he... so....dmsnh.. bean
a bne.. art r 51 ill
to sanekigin
..- ,-* se
an bium tlM Bn.
1AmineR Ses orisimfi +
iitnaa w~al 0 iln
per longlng to get away from "strartg
re" a little mysterious. Miss Bailey' h
who is no longer Miss BaIley),though I
lulte young, was married reerally to *
)euar P. Taylor, a lawyer living at
tan Bernardino. It Is also learned
be b her adopted parents are wel-to. s
to people, who sever bad any children
of their own, and lavished the tender- t
at care upon Lots, whom they in- 1
lueed to believe was their own daugh. t
*r. leer own father, when he lived t
n Motngona, was a man gives to I
jrink, and Ia. a roving character at 1
present. Why the girl should deelce I
o leave her pr -eean home and search i
for her father, at she is arquaioted I
with these clrcumstaces,as a mystery
which lobe herself perhaps can best I
Her adopted parun's live in Ban
Bernardino county, Cal, near her
husband's bome, and have everything
to make them comfortable. Mr. and
Mrs. Morgan were quite welp known
when they resided here, and were very
estimable people, Mrs. Morgan beings
sister of Dr. Deering. There are ear
l2 n the legal profession booting for
. Dailey, probably Iastigated from
the ,wane source. The case Ws an later
esting one, and if there Ia any great
good td come of fading him it is to be
sincerely hoped be will be found.
TRZ 5Ta3s0a3 AND MUsT.
Th. O~uiaI Uawese of tha Utaia..a
Dairy and wesd ammmieasoer snows
tae Deeul msa atkew se tde 3m.s
The last sepers of the Miameasot
state food and dairy enamlesson eon
tala the detaile of the state cheates's
exprriments and aealyees to deteraine
the strength and keeping qualities of
the vario..a baking powders. Samples
of the numerous brands on sale to isle
state were purchased and frst analy-d
to ascertein their leavening power.
The Royal Baking Powder us shown
by the tests otwoth atatesnalystit Piof.
Eberman and Prof. .)rew, to contain
the greatest amount of leavening gas
of uie cream of tartar powders thus
purchasel an. tesied. Hunse this
pon der to fReially ranked at the head
of the list.
The report attaches greas itmportance
to a -eries of experiments made to as
cer abn the dbaracser, emteoov soa
keep iig qualities of tbe powdere.
dakiog powders thst vary in atrenst.
before use, are unable and will not i.e
even results; besides, it is an indicatonn
of the use in their compounding - f
improper ingroleatee. Tase tests
were pplieI to a large number of
samples of diff-reot ages of the three
cream of larts: powders brat knowo
in Minnoeata. they showed the
str ngtb or leavening power of tse
Royal very moth greater than that of
theothere. Thesuuitureaiti otstreugtiu
of sli the samolee of Royal it sted as
remarkablae Il* eWavening power was
peteseally seatmpaired eves is the
oldest spedmenas. The dr~sreses is
the amuesa of leaveaisn gas to difr.
eas samples at beth the other basead
wea so genest as es eainely impale
I their esmfuleaes is batlag. As amus
a it pe ell Mica was Hfead to seus pl
a hw mesthe eM. All mhe samples el
I Dpel esmaed by Ir. Drew weo se
rpsgema of[ !aih g areagth and
-UIl t'.. eQNegi a
?em - km In heffer
.q !m mesasg no" gkeihh at
V~s,.S.D., wtIfiv~.e lI o I
WW I@thessht of the Wpwir. as
hemsLb. +ew"=seshm e
rnem1ak as~
atsi Aibs im -
year whea" his eastern boa Is isar
hound In the icy grasp of winos.
Here lbe sower are In bkom cadeem
mer clothing may be worn with ea*
The arrangemeuls for the fail and
winter's traveling by the Union Pusls
"The Original Overland Route," sed
the Moutbern Pacifc, are aboletely
perfec;. Yo-emitc valey, the glass
trees of Msrip pa and ('averaa. Mees
terey, the queen of America's watering
placer, and the great city of Hisa Pram.
cler, are all the bee', and the wiside -
trip over the Uti'n Paciec andli -
srn Pacific road. e the supremeets
ury of railway traveling. On the 1s b
of each north round trip tickets, geed
for six moths, will to sold trom Beude
at the lollowing rates: To Man Vrar- *
dieco. $76; t) Los Angeles, 346. Wribe
the geunrat .gent, Butte. for informs.
lion as to change of routes.
A trip down the lordly Coltmbia
river, from "The Dalles" to Portlymd,
Oe., on the Uni"nPaeifle is eohest'
lug. asd will never be Sorgetten.
Bear In mind that the Unios Pselib
takes second class pamsesgers tbrou
on faet express traies.
Cbieve Cawtle Maret.
The following sales of Moslems best
ctciUe were reported in Chiesge ea
Mon iay:
No. Wt. Pre.
West Bacbh. Dek......... W IM 4 M
J " ADW Siltb, DaklS 1I3as $
J18 mitb, Dak ........... 1IM 3 5
Weare L 8 Co, Wyo...... $1 110 $ 35
Weare L S Co, eows..... *(6 LB
M CConere. eowe .... 1 611 I5
J se one, Most............IS 13. 89
J Heston, eows............. 4 3 52n
J Hsaton, Most............267 IM S!
J Hqetou. cows............. 41 164 34
The seasies opnesee.
A tua not especially well knowa t
given a lecture in a New HampMIs
town without romusing much enthumi
asm in his audience, and as he weds
away on the top of the stage onach th
next morning he tried to get soma Mat
of opinion from Jitu Barker. thedrivet.
After pumping in vain for a compfl
went he inquired
Did you hear nothing about my
lecture? I should like very math be
know bow it was received."
Wal, no. stranger. I cant may as K
beerd much I gumes the folks was
party well pleased. Nobody semsede
a be agin it but Square Lothrop."
a -And may I ask what be maid"
f Wal. I wouldn't mind, V 'as yes
a what he said. He says just whet he
q thinks. right out with it. no mese
who'a hurt, and he usually gitshte gh
tnt. But I wouldn't mind what be
paid: the public was putty gss
"Yese," persisted the tortured usl
ii "but I do want very much to inse
what Squire Lothrop'a opinion was."
t' Now. stranger. I wouldn't Wibil
i anything more about the Squire. eslb
'5 got good common resse. and mesli MW
s the snall on the bed. but as I tall. 7M
r- pleased 'em feetrat."
Is "Yen, but I msest know what 1b1`
ir Lotbhap did my!"
fa "Wal, i you wI have IY it.dha
. and the 8 apt be as th* teat asto
*g eel beam bothnghStw.1555 e
on mytbstbom mintwses& UI
N -Zoo's clumk. I
W~ Dr. Thin.sS 'ws66
Glow. b r 0. ..A -- u
-- Peomba h mtsome
601k u. a.919 M
mai >r ~ wb
ar t~ I" me,
IbmW Wb

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