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j:it, ''t Itlt ,. ;.
1 l : t n c1. t:
can nt -m cr *-tnl~etc ~t ith the,'.
Tarecalhti I i the cast un
ill.; a t~uii ttlcir ct i
Ritnnicihcr the eate I irliiir'
i -t and bring vtur 1p(ckct- hink.
H. H.I. RI~I
;%t t,
1"H 41 1tN.
if l 1t. 1'1.\IAi AI'i Ii:.D ANID ()..TFTRIziI 1N.
W. E. gariaen Iirui Mtore.
BH. LEHI'HER. M. 1).
PHVSIt'I.N andl I'R(EON.
-i.L anl residiIence Main St. near Ti nth.
Main Street over St.eckrn.wera National Hank
Work gnarantelnl anI at rasonable prices.
PISI'OPAL Saauael ('hurch nor. Palmer and
.-veoth etre.t. Sernl. Snday at II a.m. and
x pm. Hiay mmaaio frst SUnday in each
moath after senurvies
i J.t T a Pritha a rd, Reethr.
a It tOrsea .Sente.. at Un... and p dlp.m..
rarer meeting Wednesdny enealasa
® Rat. .O .Boylan, Pastor.
PREB Tugu AN t(onoh Corner Main Street
and Motaa Aavenue. Servaee 8da at it
a.m. and 10 p.m. Rev. ano.ap. Paator.
CATHOLIC Church of the acred Heat Corne(m
of Main and Tenth Streets. Servie rst and
h o l ln."m Sunday o e : at 2 p. n Ves. apt
and Benedcltion at -z pjm.
A. 0. VA. tuter Londgee LNo. t meets in
L Cir ha ever Mneda night. m in
alhna lras at meets rt alnd thid Fri
day o ream tb.
K. at P. (~aae Lodge No.7. meet. at Odd
FInwaatmul on thec Iat and third Tharaday of
L . . Q T. Std the Weat meet at Mauonic
ha-. evey Thradnay eveig.
batlku bo an .eal airs JrA d a
I~ rL ateaLL uatd I kray ei mathe
-- I
nood lad lll lliw OO
Possibility of Military
Usurpation and a
ºi i
Carnot's Enemies In
triguing to Secure
His Ruin. '
N1 w IVlin. Jan. It;. The Suns PI'aris r
ctlrresfolndent says the situatiol has as
sumed an ominous phase. Btulangist
and socialist leaders Ihelieve a military
usurpation is at hand, and todlay signs C
multiply that soll. sort of crisis tmay tor
expe'.ctedl at any hour.
|'Ln'TINGI , I'| - li )E.l P i T .IL (lRI1I1.
N l.w YlitK. .Jan. It;. The Tribune's t
Paris corre.lponldent says: The master n
strtoke of the tentrnies of Presitdent ('ar
not is tthe attempt to connecitkt his iasulle ti
with that of M. Wilson. whos relations (
with Ml. (;revy |drove M. L(;rvy from ti
thei F:l. . 1. ('arlnt was as.ked. hl en it
litllis r ,,I til, nce,. to renmit a °h r i* off' i
lI.(N111il1 frlws liie to ti he ttreasury it i i
't is:i;rlti )l fee i t ii the ir. l r yfi l iet a l | , ,
iontrtei. l. W'iir n eiat'keid this Ienti si
i''i. M . (lrl'ot t'i efuset| . butl h . fi to' lln" ,
iutll . tof t tlhe pr Ih.ils t sto y. i 1. ('arr,,,t t!
atthr refusii. lln . ilion in !tth ne urun t
iini . i th e a trn.m n r ers tii l' 1. iiIll I b
| 'r 'l t w s t o b e r e p ua i , I h i l1 1 " 1 , a la r g e f In " "
of whii h thlii,,. go ili rn i hIhad i.littrol. fi
This str ,llndllj i inarratll i not pult iii t
rvtl} ol tihe Pari.s nI ' k,,t. hI t i: .,.,.n g
hinl, i a h Irtl enii for l :'i 'i criial. thin nl i t
liton. It oplp red i i at little tilalr of ii
yes .lrdityl i .le, r th "t i. ('linit : " i'ie eI
f'resie t, rtial ('rii t t il It i
S i ilar 11 sp1uon ti-i llthe - ir-ll titutn st l -
ti.-n sent to a n"iil othei r i pra ileiul jor ll.
pmis. but they were stopped by the, rain l i
isthr of the interior. His Il-gal ri-bt to tl
,stop the, I i.uin t. i.lsti enm d. his frit, s ,tf
justify the st't on the ground of in.li}:na, r1
lion a! -,ein, .\. ('arnot i ttucked in tr
this way if very IFre.nh ex.es"l. .1 .("- w
nial of the star} Is ixpi.,ted in the i
cotiur.s olicl f rt t la e hfoaller ild tb ii
fresh invention tomorrow. and a flesh
contraditiion the d;r. after.
it is no hangel olsilbh to deny lthat Iu
there is a presidential crisis. though - t
quite lossihle to refrain front predicting. h.
as rime d|o. that 3,1. ('.nrt will ti erl
forced toh resign. or that le, will not. It th
is one llore step} in the developnon. t of
the Panana ll nus.pirany and the eaten. id,
siun of the coalition lt.twe-n royalists ºi
said radicals from the chamnls.r to the ti
streets and the pre.s. th
ITth. the murnlrer of Mrs. lemuene.
met death hy electricity at Clinton
prison at 11:5; o'clock this morning.
The condemned man slept well last
night and arose early to attire himself I
in the clothing prepared for him to die
in. Breakfast and devotions with two
French priests occupied his time until
called to prepare for death. Loth I
walked firmly to the death chamber,
where the now familiar fixtures for ex
ecution were in readiness, He knelt
down facing the chair, and murmured a
few broken words of prayer, the priest I
raising him and kissing him. The
piessts murmured a few words of conso
lation as both sat down, and, more
quickly than can be told, the guards ad
justed the straps, and one minute from
the time the man had entered the room,
he was ready for the fatal stroke. As
he was being strapped he said:
"Take it easy."
Dr. Ransom, with iS watch in his left
hand, raised his right hand and the
state electrician at the lever sent 1.I5
volts into the murderer. The body
stiffened up against the straps almast
imperceptibly, and as, in accordance I
with the new idea. the voltage was de
creased, it resumed its normal attitude.
An interval of five seconds elapsed. dur
ing which there was no indication of I
life. Again the current was applied;
the body stiffened up against the straps
once more, the electrician reducing the
current until finally it ceased, and the
man as dead.
aaeth Ameresa iIotes.
VAs'aAamO. Jan. 16.- The Heraldear- I
respondent at Buenos Ayres sys that
there are 100I0 men among the revolu- I
teiests in Oaurrientes, but they are bad
ly inneedf arm, and have not been
able to make headway against the A00S
federal troops nmbed with the victory I
of Moete Casimos
la spit of the federal deoree to dip.
arm, the lsebhl lated to only mai I
ly a nmm al submiea, giving up ealy I
eh arm as they ar .ompeed ts and .
than gain tioe pr. sger r am use
ksfridebe othrek. The rwrehattim- (
TiHe . llrll c' '( l,,: r i-ýl . rt ;it M:,nt.
a i .the, telev phi ith;t cwin ic toi:: c'e
Itr;c with I , era (;er i i tirm , if lo.. I la.
e:marwr:Iy enn 1't get .11auser r'itrid uolri.
I 'ii .c ii l ' trl'l itt M|iecii e't' a'le|e'f Iijilcce'
rg, ti ttei a i hi -r r u,-,cient. cii)l che
will tIkI M;,a :ii ' rl.: i;s.lie l. New at
t,. k :u^r. r, im,.i r.,, Th, It.ic ;ralae
f-tder'li'ts t ,I thc" i,.iiister ,f waar hua
' tl't( tltee th ir( f iRc ' tier t akI' " t, ii ll lhn l ef
the, toren;ps n, pticln .
Of the' 1Ute a'ai arreste'd on ae.l) nlt of
the r eeolutiollary ,,hs..iraiy in Sautia
go. ('hili. last )er'ee.,nder. -5, have been
releaesa'l. Thi tise'al has up to this time
r,'eonme.nded the- death se'nta.nc'e for ete
idition in thre' e:aetsls.
The Ch'lian government is using its
intluence' with Tooth political parties in
(Ien.gress to RpaLs an alllnesty law in favo')r
of the Balma.eaelist military ofl.'ers.
(I'alla.aadi Ietp Water''way..
"TowIa',e r. (nt.. .Jan. 16. The aEmpire
(clrhieaf governmnuent organl. in an elitarial
llon "'( ;v'rlllllenellt IProgratunw.el.'" says a ,
swift line ,f e,.'at steamaeirs is to I' es
tablished running laetwee'tn Canada and
G;reat Hritain and ceompletieng the
through Canad.iian line frim (Irea t Brit
ai, t", . Ji a'. The )ountry is t(, I I ma1e
'inell? iir'hl a.ls et of the Unitell States
i le'rescli()llon up n,) ('llu ldllitan ell'l 'n l ea I) file,'
e',Inui-ll i jlion ol thi' leanlt lanalil i1n|11 .tiiour
,.'a il ii , tw ' )u ' rsel ] . if the' tll l' it. t
'i. r. T"'he d,,l .tlni ng na t i ti if e' a ni , )i
t1!, tt. Lin - 'a ,'' and ,l.:.'h.ire is to Lt
t Hill,. d h .! ,nl iltn utl il'o"n- 11 1'o,)t
te is . ao l i ts i, ,ii r-' tih.i . art . f
" IMiO 1 t' 11 1 h ,t -1 w ill i,-" ::i,:-" t~ F+--:tnll
rl't , iri a l ei ' 'iita ilt, L.':" Svi ri ,):r.
r itin i . ithth . !r,,,it.. ..-,f th, 'Ircat
Srain cc , c.- ofl ti '* e. ,tin't'(, . cithiittt
t "':sýh.lipl nnt. t our :hhnit ie h ' )arl,."
in the e.ether lan. The '.onse',in tiuhie
part; Hill .ntic ue its Ii .liry e withtllt
lolkin.t to Wa ehuingto o,, tiF tici'ing,
',ntailijji int 'rsts uel on the' ali itr oer
wte ri.e'ii,' C w ,,, i ,h ip, iin,' utlnp atri , tit i ',n -
tiie'lntuditn. T'ii taritf will I+ chlng.e' d.
ieuennl hci and i ,eiroeil ics tilj' alteaetlan
,,r tistal laws in oilwr culntri.s lr tho '
i'hanilgic 'calitionai o otu c-n ii i an
try ,.An:)nd. bits alwav.s :, , .vIry-%
awhere. 'udia iljtsrests iawill Ie.- cafe -
t uard h ..
Ilhf ull, Hosts \WeII.
H IN TaI. N. Jli. 10. .M r. laine
pa ted a very g4tt l niiht and r''st.'
,eli." sail rth w't ant uthllt ie t hl r .r the
- nm.. at :1 s',hw'k this mrningm. Neitlh
er .f the phjtiysit.aas hail vall"d up i.
thut hour..
1)r . Jt-hlton v!dhtl at the Ilaine, re- I
elhnce shortly after 10 an chwk this maarrn
iln and remalainted ilnsidae longer than us :
al. He stataed on leaving the hlourp
that Mr. Il1aine's condition renmainedt
anchangeel. He said further that the
ahysicians would give a statement this
afternton as to Mr. Hlaine's condition
which woult Itb fuller in purport than
tho.e heretofore issued in the papers. I
At 1 p. mit. Mr. Biailie's condlition was
reported unchanged. The doctor, post
owmed their protmised bulletin until some
time later in the day. All that could be
elicited was a denial of the statement,
never made in any authentic press dis
patches, that Mr. Blaine has been kept
alive by the use of narcotics.
oMught M*'OlyI'ss Lfr.
Asracav PAKn, N. J. Jan. 16.--Rev.
Edward 8. Young, pastor of Weetminis
ter church, was seen last night regard.
ing the report that Dr. McGlynn was in
danger of aseassination when he spoke I
here last August.
"I learned from Secretary Ventor."
sid the doctor. "that a clerical-looking C
man in the audience had mad4 threats a
sgaiast Dr. McGlynn. Chief of Police
Bailey was notifled and we had also a
volunteer force ready to seise the
tranger in case he made any more to
sttack the speaker. The crank, whose
name was afterwards learned to be
Savin, was heard to mutter during the
speaking: "This man shall yet suffer
or this night's work."
"aite that night Bein appeared
the hotel where Dr. McGlynn was stop
ping and asked to see the register, t
his request was refused and he lettthe
hotel muttering to himself. Theinert
morning Dr. McOlynn left town." ]
Wer a ts t 1s&ly aIta.
N-wa Yoa, Jan. 16.-William Ziegler,
a well known ral estate dealer. has pur
hased a one-ifth in the Brooklyn
eagle, and he intends to secure contro
- the paper if the stoek-holders can be
inced to sell their holdings. On Sat
ardy be purchased William Van Ar
an's intest in the paper. Mr. Van
Arde. he. twenty shares, which made
Sthe urgewr Iivial holder of the
The dirsets of the Regis sasonltina
held lr auls meeting hst Tuesday.
Mr. Zieler made a ppalloa inh writ
l, bat no aetio was tabe. The
at ad pepIuty ins raied at about
W41it. itiealdaEltr . ailer
... i. u o, , , , " , . '. h,, :\lf r-i
,.'e.td a ti ,,t', 'ls t. Iar e a failt !e.
Un u"r." !.i, rin wl tilr 1"1 ,"nn i,
It w h,.ill ll r.u.nri itr. ,. l,,atr " s»iuk ltr,
e , .",'t, l an, fe" \V illiars ti;H and.r 'fnr
Sfur ti. sau rnPi". T"rh e arl
hi. Loin, . Jlanl. it. .l tashinutoe
lorreqiahiilent says: Tih hn, retlrn
p,'stal 'na1 is de.il.,i i, 1N- a failure.
It will smul run it, .'ours. and sink into
oblivion as did h,' l,"tter sheet which
%%-a!IF invented a few ytars ago. anl| main
ly for the same reason. The new card
while being transmitted through the
mails brelaks in two. The letter sheet
was the same way. After a journey of a
few hundred miles and frequent hand
lings the ends dropped off ani the sheet
unfolded. I have seen hundreds of
cards on their return trip that contained
no messase. postmark or anything hut
address of the sender. The cards had
broken apart in the mail and were start
e 1 back by the first clerk that got hold
of them.
Idaho Hilt ('ae. ito tlear mupr..e ('ourt.
W- .oII .uroTN. .Jan. N1;. The United
States suprelme court todlay advanced
the cast of Pettits.n. et el.. the striking
-(',ur d'.Alneu miners in Idaho. and the
Unitte States. and assigned it for Jan.
10. O)n F b. I the court will take its
IusualI February re'V s. reas.Iitlmbling oill
Sh. : ...
Thu : 1: - - .
If - .... :' t.
i i . . ,
i, . ,: . .
. . i , ,i i" i -.
11 ." !. 1 . .
Ibue int . .. , . l la,
Bo Ilat :t - .i I t '.. { ." . lit.- I '. rit-a
11'hl- r t .., I., ".'no ..i vu. fIrdt nnr.
YAntU a liv. zo n i; .~ur a-n lre-rark cwhat o
But ' th, l cIn th 1. it . a tinwr
"Air v. 'l. t itt al ul itr e-It tur land.
There aontt Ilkepre t)y'. tlleetee-e--s
I"i',i.. ting). f
She is t!w da-a-rlhnt .tav ay heart.
rmy ha a-&-a-art,
And she liv tli.g, adown n itingt. ntur a-a-Ie r.
Padere.eski. the lPose. i- all right In his way
AnLd Imlosrtible munsic can handl..
But compared with the girl in the flat he'sas
Jay. I
And against her he catn't held a candle.
The musei ain't sweet or lathetk withal.
Blit the noise is Lm dit"jFret and roomy
Tht I cannot help liking t Ulame for her "Il.
And the Pates that necora her to me.
(Ah. a lang: w'nU Ustean.
"On SBndlay ight we take a walk.
On Monday we take beer.
On Teseday night we take a tbth.
Aud trom r to year. liorse
On Wedneday e play poker.
On Thersdy ilght we ramm
B t there is so .ls on Gallaher
Whes Mary Murphy's bean."
Pee inenthme a lew of the ballads she yeib.
Js m shoe he snent a my pati ee.
Ani the wary beest ptat my eate Lebels
'Olass this macsags at al peeples and us.
/Whash.e -ss emai e. ai belees.e
1 etlen re it to the m asr e
And warble amd .rbia. eslows
(As- ug by Dave Martl and T. r. Coirter
eer shoe we were men.
uI o sash eitheraolaaptrap.
C-radrs whaen Blaine 4pke at OphbI
IWs ghi wer might be bdt r
Whees theldad ti the l eady oli wal.
Wisherei by t a e .
-l.J. D sliy sIn . P Webs.A o
"Is thins wher I aetetad a tdt d -T
,*Athelady otb. clark in the tie
sal amba. "
"HET much dots it c dP
"Where to, ma am:
"Depends oe the suabier atwomrd..
"And will t gt tthe sr a a?'
"esm. m'am"
"aie I eat it ts alCar t mrrw
inSaI gt w.1 g tiers th at -r
I Mai a, ta l Good ."
eps"wU.l si so h eii*.*
I moe a . a b. et. depc la o
* a .geoa tar
m algt- shest ss yea sumaia
LYeak ~ ' sen astg th
Ybda MU"aibi
To participate in our Great Bargain salef '
this month. We offer you as our New Year's
Gift your choice of
300 Overshirts for $1.00
160 pair Wool Pants for $1.75.
110 suits Wool Underwear for 96o
85 pair of Shoes for $1.00.
Send Mail orders quick or come and se
these Bargaids for '93.
IPITAL. ;,. . .URPLL' .~sj, PROFITS ,
II. ". R.:'lix . isi.itcnt: \\"i. Il \H ~l, i . \Vicc-l'rcsiden t
I E I < C I I x. C b .Ler
Eitoro t Paid. On T'Pimae Deopo.ýci.
V. 1. J, ris, lPrcsident. (G. M.l i u. Vice-Pre'sident.
1I. B. \V .F:\'. Cashier. C. I.. C.\RTrER, ..,'t Cashier.
.Dra) Drafts on London. Paris. Berlin. I)ubllin, Christiana and all
o,rci n Cities at Current Rates: To New York.
Chicagio, St. Paul and I lclcna.
Accounts of Stockmen, Merchants and Indi- .,
viduals Respectfully Solicited.
The cost of doing a credit business to either Merchant or customi
is fully to per cent. WHY OT save this? It will make you moneye
well as your merchant-It is a mutual affair-The larger our busiages
grows, the greater advantage we give our trade. This has been as
unusually busy season with us and we regard the outlook for tll.
future snaGHT. With eleven years of close application to business is
Miles City, we are thoroughly convinced of the mutual advantage at'
a casH business and on and after FEBSIUARY IST 1893 WE SHALL Bs
ABSOLUTELY A CASH BUSINEss.-We want to do business with you-.
We ask opportunity to prove that we can save you money --Write ut
-Ask us any question, we will answer to your advantage -
MAI s O U11, ,.
.me s W.IS, 'w
asmaese - V.no

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