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The Yellowstone journal. (Miles City, Mont.) 1893-1901, February 03, 1893, Image 1

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TI',-1I) 1V" C(harlte.Iitchlll th,
i~n i:lnt ch:mipit, of the Ir -
lislh prize ring will be rele.a;i
front the I'cntonville Pri, ii.
where he has been a bhardtlr f,,r
.olme tilte past.
lie will at ,, e sail f r
A.m\rict- to act a. sec.ndl 1,
Jimn Ilall in hi; meeting \ithl
l itzsin .,n, at New ()rlcan.
Sbi.e!i .i y, . he will il'rc,
fi!hat wiitih C.,rblett afterwairik.
1),. no,,t t-l, folr It'tld i. Ibut \"to
art ct,,rliaill\ it\ittl t,, .ee. 'ur
nt1f phrice, i retducttionI t. \ierv
article ini tck l t. pricelt-ti 1 ill
\\'. quotlre , r. i 4) h li 1, ,m1
,+li ,_eg ; lS : ,, tiff i ltt 81. .c;
Jlack-,t tne re.lut tl fri I (f, ta
(;eriman Iienrifttai.urSi griule,
7c..\ll other gflrtol. in l 1~'l't'r
t ilnl.
Try tilhe cah 111 plan antil ,tx
iii) le'\'V.
tpl cial nftict Ito our ,hi ctis
tlfulmer, and pcarticular friendls:
"e llant your trade ;anii ask
wV<fl to try tour nti sXMsteim and
,1 n t llnlit\.
R . IHi. RiEVDU.
PHYa4II'I.t A .~It RIrt(#iEE)N.
tMito. at IW. E. tavu..s 1)51s 1tn ..
AA. E. FiSH.
PIttat.It% Its(O) 311.5 tf)(ttBaT1.TMI, IAI.
Y+..Pat rauda un 1(o ffnrt wlf .r t(ter,. at
P. Li+IC IX:R . I,.
UPHYkIV. ai.' IhulrItt Rt.O.\
AU t . r a n d r et d e a ea M a i n Mt t . n ea r T e ns h .
DH ntt AItr.
Ntwaat .rn' Unc rkgowew National Rask
as muaatoe aad at esanuathsr prier..
flflSOOPALIIIW.uag ('harsh cow. Palmer and
Jl. g .T ritrsarda RDeetoha
Seeviasa at Ula.a.. mosm ..
P33TR. LtNi Cuuch Corner ain ittrest
and Eta ven ueon. Nervrl.af updaasat i
ulRec. J a Doomo w Pastes.
1.3 ldpr . ISV. Jm.1.IMSMPPmS,
(' WC1 Church of the Seered Heart Cora..
Joe and Teath Siaaa pmlea. Styat, and
meemai~ ts I ?Sp.m
MawLB~uM'. rrrl
A. ". & A. U. VetowovatiiaLdga N so. m
at Knsamni Hall on Seat and thir wcdrd~
of .makh mouth.
tR masta SI it and thtd Fri.
inA Woat moeta at Maonica
Q ' _ Orni Po et. N. u~ at oii
ra haDM a tL rwlm Saanthd Thsdat a
the'.4 d eiwaa4st sea ouh
samm ai ac tbatuaiays otaa& mntsh.
ase rved and y uQ(uh es wrrth.
I.nH';anJ(l, Or o ith. S)tPriOus- ..lint*
1tull Iiccefil' .c Ihl: ei'| a'> "h tIll ec- ) ~irihic
lt :l . occn l Vciilic he , ir-i. i
I' N Co . I**,|b. I. (;lcan anld Meette
er ,]'el sicrcl]. in lih, eenacte this aftter
nfrn. tanet it wcee a sphlcndid tight. IlatinL.
ni-tlny teul.r haurt.
If thel fteUr Idclllt-ticlinal institutiion
i hill. Matts' teill. Inentinlg the state. uni
ve'rsitv wac the flirt. In eim.nit'te, of
the- whelte (;ih~um Ild Ilff hIv mivinlg an
,atmiititnlilcent prevriding that Miecula
I mu1t elctlnlitc til thit cniv\er'itv 141) ac're.c
eel htiil tiiie tiO.tWi its tif endwmntla ic
fund. If this aunltidnmceit arriincwel Gib
ciein inetictitjni tite to rfi-er the- bill hec-k
ti t thie iedlu-ctitnl i',rnillijtti-i. Mtitti
eluclmcce'I tlll tht t' ille'nnllllmnllt In' iine l;i
unitil'? eswtjscni'et. I uitesiin teOik the flteeer
tutu it spech 'ic'c ri'etirktilet ence'r'y.
citt'etcti'u tilut ic i ~effcrt weic heein imealceceI
i ,,sulitti hnicte, tIle itnlaerl.lcts lt hieglccr
c'uiti'ton itnc ii w hIcto 'ccteiuc ;u juctiI ir ec'kul
iund .cllih iin tersts..
Iji.,ll Itllhin riad' I fr'lm a histjt'i ofl'
f1,c'cle't' itcticletluic'l'~ tiicl tee1 alcuttttci rliii 'c
f.d.,ral aI " Ilt .I anli to, i lnz 1ihtion for
hiI r hic'e air cic uteititi, lislaci hI lhe hiu
Icetcinittuli, ucb'nl. furcie.c.d Iy thiu. llic.I,
tcriccltec. i iiJluscunllt t.dcl ht e I, llIlr ,
Iure-I tee caluk, this l,'eclscsitietc en Ici'nalf
clf the' citji.tns ou ticrict h'lcllc Icicil lilt tip
ictlc.. in a w,,.k's 111cin. I·Ir iti ]ncrtu'lriu
iitiii. tilii. c ily: fcc r t IIe'. It,.liacte d ii
sltit lite cii, I ri' llt 'ttall. c wociutl gii ,',' 4.
e'il clt llct nuc cl lin eit ni iee ciUiedin
1McOI ts utniu t rIc e' ri'e thi't' tee se-c. t 'h,
Stlin. htir tolc ( 'ise.ioi I tin~ iii ien hIiuhi
ilt lhijc iai?. This wn. ctimplr a ichil Te'
te dthler etc'ting. Th,' ftilure, ,if ithe' lhg
iclaturtcti te tlitc t, lthe inle litttclls tlwte
eti l' re7e ht r|lee ie 'cist flh ttillie e re.!li.
cwthilh tit was entitli tere 'i-'e'i frc' cli the"
ftie'irn t .cilc'rcel'i t'tll. ',V ti't' c itir ee el
la?. is c,,istileg .1itcea tPnlllilll. The' hlrl.
:itii iimiil'di hc liiti' se'inelter frIncit ('(lea
'enile alic .1 iiIlei'rcnnur'iilerv ii'. It leisite'ld
thfi' reel thlat tend pil he uniivtersitc.' upitto
e tit let elneeld i te the heiglteict heihhcie'r:
il h lilt ictf i'e eiideretttictn tiAcllethe-r
thiii tien-ece aend adltci itnllt cit lof twin fier'
thi unitlrii. (limth i nnt' hytIgienih
• ullditionlll wiere, il prlilti iinlpotrtatlll.l.
tIisecti said tliit in ceratecr'y hIe' wlas niee
ite'lhh fier thle lclt Inwye'npittcc againist
hiim. T'hce- wacre' ue.el t dealing in
einephiatrii's and tln eleetelring uije weiuk i-aws.
His lericij-cWt was necifttihiue , ndi wieeuld
<imillmeiind ilw'tfI tc ail fair-nindetd unc.ic.
Hof.fuan slpoke up' for llhorman for
the agricultural college. He said far
na'rse l.ys would not like to attend such
a conk te if it were a part of the univer
sity. for the other Ioys would ridicule 1
and call them hayereds. Hofman at- I
tacked the pamphlet of the State Teach
eru asrxiatn on the ground that the
signature of W. W. Wylie was a forgery.
He had a letter from Professor Wylie.
saying that his name had been used
without his knowledge or unaent.
McDermott followed with a brief but
forcible appeal for Butte for the school
of mines. He thought that it could and
would draw students from all parts at 1
America and Europe.
Matte then began his great speech in
favor of a egrgton. He spoke for more
than an hour and reached.a very l}igh
pitch t eloquence.
Without a division the vote was then I
taken on a motion to recommauend the I
passage of the bill. These was a chorus 1
of ayes and only tour or ive noes. It
was observed that, while Eggleston and
bteele took no part in the debate, they
both voted in favor of the bill, so that
Anaconda and Helena played even. The I
school of mine bill and the agricultural
college bill will be considered tomorrow.
Hasata. Jan.,1. TimUo lasdropped
out of the race today and his two sp
porters went their ways, Senator Gib
son voting for Dion and Representatve
Beecher for Clark. No remarks were
made by either Gibson or Beecher, nrw
was there the slightest demonstration
when they voted. It has been known
from the start that Dixon was Gibmsos
seond choice. and as for esecher, his
sop ,assbeen suverally expected ever
lse. ie we t to dBule last Saturday.
What soosioned more arprise and gow
sip than the changing in the voting was
the absence from the joint ballot of two
nspbleam An.aur and C. IH. Bay,
without being paired. No stal.mtetof
their absece was fortheomnia. The
Herald msa tonight editorially: The
nagortunate abenace of two members at
the bouse from the oint easembly this
anon does sot justify the painful -pi- I
.\1,nt r :,.| )loh . ('. ii. lini.? talk with
the t:.,*st d.]"ot,, r,'publiain.s and Loi
lull ml it in \I.iullilla,. tlloe their til
. llnl . h. %"h i' ,o b , rucret, l,,I. iill]Ill,.n .
ni'ither their irtegrityi nr their rei-u,i li
Ca i. il t."
Itlwe re, -r. vtb.tiot i ai lls.ttt"istl on llie
repultlilteitn side'o r Ci"he hutllti e iililltnu
alnd e nrea'c it will Iht iiltlsile' teo sup
pr..s ihi' lpainfuil lencilusionls.
The r. te st(trl: Sandral;R: l('lark :,;
Dixet 1:. .\Absent 3 A.\nneur. Bray and
Da vidtein.
. Ittlh.* Girl'r xpe'rieneie ii a Light
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Trescott are keep
era of the gov. lighthouseat Sand Beach.
Mich. and are iblesse with a daughter.
four years old. Last April she was tak
i en down with mneasels. followed with a
dreadful cough and turning into a fev
er. )onctors at home and at Detroit
treatte.d her, but in vain. she grew worse
raipidly. until she was a mere "handfnl
oif blunIt'". Then she tried Dr. King's
New D)ieservery and after the use of two
andl a htall beottles. was completely
e'l'ed. They say D)r. King's New Dis
e,,verc i in north its weight in gold. yet
you l mly get at trial iiHttle free' at Jolhn
Wright's Ihug stlore.
.1 Va-shie Cli,.m.
'Worth ilicke is the mInllid.
'I he weant fit hiim the gawky.
lin tver town from I Ilvel,r to lShel
itiw g'.
'IThI e itihor of tilhe bove lines tviie'-n
Il ,i~tes not agei,. with Tthoutten that
i tliei-. is. whetnit indoitiuretl. adornted
thnl moist."' We'\ sshall inot atteie ejt ito ti
tit tuelitlir of tthe tisate ie fettitjnine ash
iins. but iil., tiletid to lltack tip lthe mlt
hosid that thtie tetrieeen'tjn tumcid und
litr tilll , is t .ltl i sole i attrtat iv.l femalet
ilinividiual oni tilt, round i l .It n ith, h
gell mttl inaw'lls. ol r icolrwlt. thue'e maiii's
gions its t nu' t dlesigned bly Wort j.imut ie
oi dunl sayi thati the le k ith leHl Paris
eltti-miltlineer's woirk uieskets tily nie a
gtiwks,. in any toewn treli Dcnvier tt ('hi
'tagi. Alny tlnie who has travtelie to any
iectnt. lin th liilurlington l.Routee i n
whiih. aril situilte te inatlst till the tilltit
ir tlt iemieortance letwteen Dlenver eandI
('liicg neenll for that imtter, the tlwns
freote Minneap.lis and St. Paul te ('hi
itl age t St. Lunii) cani have' failel to
note the nunet'r if wellidiressed aindi
hiandsuine ladies wheo fvour this mIagni
ie'iient line with their preis'ence and le
I tronage "VeW'eertlh i et the Parisiuan imake's
the ne: tithe want fet it the fellow." andl
its sterling worth in equipmentei. ielrtee
tion. and reliability is what ntaket tthe
iiurlington Route the peer of tany and a
general favorate in ten great states of
thei west. Any agent of this or etnne. '
ting lines can sell you a ticket and give
you valuable information er you' can
adidre.ss IW. J. C. Kenytn. (thet. Pass. .
Agent. St. Paul. Minn.
A t.&aguq mLme.km.Lt.
A colored nuu arrayed in a mih
tary coat and helmet and carrying
over his shoulder a knapsack hens at
tracted c.tusderable attention around
the bridge .ntrance of late by hie
fents of whistling. He whistles in
season and out of seasone in low key
and high key. with pitvulo ,r clari
aet efect. as deesred. He always
takes a patriotic tir to whistle. like
"IMarching Thrnugh Ueorgl*" and
SThbe Star Spangled Banner." Whet
he wbihtuas trowds gather. mad when
e has finished his tune he turns
modestly away, revsling on the
back of his coat as he does osamotto
in large ettlem that tbll the people
where to gut the Irat clothing tn
town. It s ten that he toys with a
popular air like 'Comrades" sad the
"-lowery." and the crowd disases,
feeling as if they would like to kick
that fly colored man.-New York
Prea _
5..pumd.i M .a s., r.m..,
By msbeas of prolonged and ingem
eus remearchesa Londoan esetist has
now succeeded in. demonatrett the
long supposed presensce of stpemded
matter in flame-a questlon se much
dtiscused by entim . some hlding
to one theory amd soase to another.
It now appers that the way this a
opltally proved is to coadease esa
light on the dame, the light beai
then scattered by the soid particles
It an extaemely thia layer, both
where the bema eters the msea sad
where it leaves it-it is pdteised in
the ~ame of redactisn. This pe-s
neameoa, however, does ant occur t
aIme where the adiaum is in the
form e vapor instead o particles.
New York Inn.
was wo.e.s As.
A weed is a plant that grows in
abundance out of desiredl limita
Any plant may beceae a weed by
seaing from cultivation. Many
plsats that with us are highly as
teemed in other countries grow as
weeds, while. on the other hand, ear
weeds ae in other enetmUies Mease
tes highly prs Tb cormet
me of the waohogetMe
Ch'tarley fields 1.as r.'uil:;.r.. f .t"or
e LAei Tucker has juntlll.d the TV i. 0l11h.
iEd. l'uagar has nrturnedl frotli il'5
City. where he went to prove. up oin his
º; hrnometsted.fl.
!' Mexican Joe will cook for the Circle
liar the coming sealsn.
Joe Moore is over from Rosebud.
Jim McCarty will ride the festive
broncho for the Converse Cattle corm
pany this summer.
I Mart Eberly. formerly inspector for
Montana, at Suggs. Wyoming, will ride
for Capt. Howes the coming season.
."Kid" Anderson has gohe to Wyoming
Son business, and will be aebsent some
two or three weeks.
It is reported on good authority that
"Shorty." of the 2 outfit. will take unto
himself a fair damsel from the Sucker
state. when the robins nest again.
Frank (ilianm says he poisoned 16
gray wol.es one. night recently on Pow
der river. I don't doubt Mr. (iilliam's
verac~ity, but ain comnlusllthl to say it
isounds a little frisky.
The Otter ('reek Wolfers held their
secondllil nillllnil IeIeting at the TV ranch
the '2th inst.. which was largely attend
ed. President Lotihuis called the ni.s't
ii to orider. Thil following resolution
was offered h. Mr. Adaiias of Miles
('it,. who imunort its adloption:
"les.lvted. That wie. the nielllalw rs of
thel (Otter ('reek W\olfers. will potisoln ino
iore. alrees unless the lbounty is in
treaseld on the sinl'."
oIf inlurce the resllution was adopted.
The milnutes were now read and alp
prove.i, and nil further business appear
ing thell meeting adjournedl until Feblru
ary r Jth.
The iBti c'lin.sk wns a i (ielsend to
tlhe sutockillen in this vicinity. Had the
cold weather continuedt, nd lthe snow.
remaineli two weetks longer. the has in
st..ck would hive been somnething enor
imoullil. As it is there will Iw no lonss in
native stuok to slpak of. There may Is'
Ii small lous in dogies. especially those
that cameli in late and had no chance to
rec.luperate ltefore cold weather set in.
MtIrrn.glh and Health.
If 1in are not feelinig strong and
healthy. try Electric Bitters. If "La
liriplll" Ihas left youl weak and weary
use Electric Bitters. This renmedly acts
directly on liver, stomach and kidneys.
gently aiding those organs to perform :
their functions. If you are afllicted
with sick headache, you will find speedy
and permanent relief by taking Electric ,
Bitters. One trial will convince you
that this is the remedy you noed. Large
bittles only :kt'. at Wright's Drug stor.e.
Tehrreu Uer*. Misle muttueeason
When told that tobacco hurts them;
their wives never do. because bsattered
nerves. weak eyes. chrnmic eatarrh and
klst manhxil tells the story. If your
husband usre tobacco, you want him to
quit. pout yourself about No-to-her the
wonderful, harmless. guaranteed tob.c
co habit cure, by sending far our little
book titled: "Don't Tobseoo 8pit Your
Life Away." mailed free. Drug stores
generally sell No-to-bee.
Teax Srsauto Ramnor Co.,
Indiana Mineral Springs. India.
Te s .a..s. W y
The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
railway is the favorite:
It is theoldest and was arst in the
Its train service is the very best.
It is the first to adopt lam weasents.
Its sleepers are palaces am wheels.
It runs elegant drawing room sleepers
on all-night trains.
Its trains are lighted by electricity.
It runs luxurious chair caes oe day
It is the only line using the electric
berth lap
Its dining car service is unexceled.
Its teals run so.d to Milwaue and
It is the best route to t. Lais sad
the south.
It is the hat brt to Kaas City
and the west.
It rms ear trains daty to Mllwaluee
sad Chlmug
It rems two daly trais to St. Loebs
and Kaasn C5W.
It is the gveramnt tt mall rmnts.
It is popularly styled the "Old * ,O i
It furnishes safety, co t and speed
to patewa
For inaormatima as to the ewest maira
to all pIlate in the Ua.ltMd tas sad
(maads via "Pa.e M snhge," apply to
may compo tictmt apset. r to
J. T.VOauaav.
An'a Use. M am. At..
at. Paul. hiss.
We offer you this wv ek a rpeci:l discouat di
2t per cent. on Overcoats,. Heavy-Weight Ce
ing, Shirts, Underwear and Blankets.
'I'im WTeek OxlgLy
Case, King & Wodzitzki.
I . F . I rr. o, I'r nrid : \t'r. II l , t x. \ice-President;
E. E. R1vr< n11-.i ,.<. Cashier.
En.tereet Paid Ocm Time X.0epoaitnl.
\V. H. JOIDAN, .ocs dent. G. 1H. l. s. Vice-President.
II. II. \\'IE:v. Cashier. C. 1. (ARK ER..\ss't Cashier.
)raw I)rafts on London. Paris. Berlin, Dublin. Christiana and aa
iorcign Citice at urr ent Rates; To New \ork.
Chicago, , t. Paul and I lelena.
Lccounts of Stockmnen, Merchants and Ind...
viduals Respectfully Solicited.
Not for Smith and credit to
0 a tio ME Jones, but absolutely cash to
Sis everybody; we will make no die.
crimination in favor of Jones .
y+ cause he may be "go.d"---all u
on the same 'lvel." ---On t ib
1 line we will commence busllggl
SFebruary ISt. ,193.
C.. MLw tOW M ast CO.
* ' Uset Y$ AW. * W
senne Ms *
` inimuiU

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