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1) \V i tlt' nil iin the
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:! I. bi (it l is I th
+ hb " ' o>li.1 f fcatht r <I hi
"1 l nlitd Stt S, sice
..":" h.: Ini" chh kt''len its :t
he it t.-dern-' as ;t
'a !trver is for his
+.u "hi i. The entries
th it twenty j::dIes
!t, make the
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chiirenn, hue,.
lYe has oblded print. fne .hoes,
anti :0 l nire urso e
We solicit your trade in tout
wear; tur quality i' right and
irice. l1,w.
Special (discou1nt fur a feti day..
)ur Si.So ladies, kil is the hest
thin. for the money tc have
Spring trash goods are flow inl
Notice of s;aie later.
('ash only.
O®R. t. G. REltD.
(Mice at W. E. lanage' DrnK itorr.
P30al'itAK~ta t4 3030 AO ONThTallIitS.
"'onatWundtarainndflehnartahwtfrri 0411c4c at
teand reeilience Main Si. near Tenth.
Whitney DENTIST.
wao Street over Sto National Rank
Week guaranteed nand at re anao~ab priea..
MSQAL mntChardharre. imaler
r ,W~am tIIaim.
*eP. uHly easlano g- adalatt am.9
. J. T Prithabad, Rector.
p ST (harsh crner Eleventh and
aiem treetameevlee at lianm. and l*ps
(meatIng WeitndnvP evela&1il
Rev.VG Rtitan, Peator.
lrJWWMMUA?4C urch Coiqgerpu *tre"
w m. sad 1 .U p m. Rev. Jan. D ~~Pma.
9ZUOLJ hrbof The Reered ret {B~eent l'qai
s of the moath. Hsa.a
Sehdabaid at t Ap. m. Veepee
a t at S d p.m.
A. . hA IEAUwta.LoeoMet
ao u-ehtlkhD on flent emit thir Wedmed=.
T' ~ ~ 2 mee naet, to
.ýd is~ý rt sd Ibi~d Pet
1ý10 \s,ýt i1!!!lN 4 41( .
714 .. iet .$..:tu" .: vr. 1.... Ie u -
Theo opef io igs of t.e rjitifhiean i
Full hloe iltt 14 t!i%. nh- it teiernitih for sied
ft.. Vnpul11ist .Sttt.esue t tu./.idea
/' mtl rill.
TorE1: . Kan.. Fib. 1W. U-p to the 1
hour of asaemebling; of the republiean
house at tI . clan~k this monrnhig fur its
legisiltive viay of Thuraday the klgisla
tite war has tbien ia hISwvollkwtn one. The
republienn still maintain their jlutition
in represintatiets hall. and the ponpu
lists still maintain theirs outside of it.
The situation ipp*ars ln its ftae fully
as belhiejo* ter it did yesterilay. 1.vv.
Le nellig still asserts jsatively that he
will drine tt- retpublitnars from the hail
at the Isoint of the bayonet and thtre
publienau as'a rt with eqyual po~sitiveness
that they will resist ejectiotn. even to the
use* of anus. (Col. i uges. in evtntunllv
.f the mtilitary force, now% station,'d in
thti sity. has for a third tin'
l~ilA .1Ni.0 fI. Ti 0 tt. 44H. .oV I:iNuI
to hies trn to ejert teilt republi.s.t . The
sheriff still refuses to take a hand it the
titruble Surf the govsternor'$ only; alter
naetive" forties are three msneaer muuiagn
iou of pro inional trooteoos ionsii oieiiI of
populists. Thau tre greil reiroito,.
haelks organized awl~ hwiely .1rilled soul
Lire not 0onsitereo . et0 n ley tile laoteirn
or. etlejtivenontgh to diootoiohi the re
puiliistis ft-r,. their hj mition. They
may Ite reinforeo dutiring the ot.i toy
the floroatiot of other prot i.ional rom
pounies. ao init that event :on atttek iat%
hte intude upon the repihliau strong
hool. l Itherlioeo . friii prio'ni inliea
uions. thie day will itrobaitly pa psioiace
(ool. Ilughel t ill. in al! prohaJbility. Ire
relievl froiii his ommaunnd toolay. Iii
iuoeiiately he receites n0ti$it of t iieltte
he will retire front ono n*iil. aont him
regiieoot. ahioh intlules miost 'if the
ionsIOnie s on the igrounil. a ill retire
with hint.
The plans of the 0 p1to plists inlouded
aln assault on the republioan stronghool
at :ti ci~kel{ this morning. Thuy holed
to take the enemy by surprise and to
curry the Iosoition withouttlitle ulty.
Col. Hughes. although not officiully
itfortmeol of the plan. learnel its details.
and opprisod the republican hooutso oft it.
giving them to understand at the uame
time that they hail nothing to fear from
him. A little later he was summoned
too the governor's office. where the plan
was laid tufore hiet. and he was order
eol to carry it out. The colonel informed
the governor. in forcible language. that
he waoon dott to
The republican house. he suaid.was the
legally conastituted house of the state ot
Kansas, and he dki not propse. to inter
fete with it in the transaction of its
When the republicans learned that
Col. Hughes. who had been placed
In coummand of all the troops, would
take no action hostile to themr they
couutermanded by wire many of their
requests for men, believing themselves
to be
Then, the popullats throughout the
,state, being mostly at the agricultural
clas, iroukI be hard to reach by wire,
and many of them did not receive their
newspapers until late this morning, and
consequently knew nothing of the seri
one nature of the condition of affairs.
There are now on the ground, all told,
about 509 state troops and an equal
number of armed citisenas, 100 ot the lat
ter being populists, and the remaining
400 republicans.
It was a cold, dreary night for the re
publicans besieged in representatives'
hall. The hard-hearted janitor of the
capitol building refused to turn on the
beat which he had turned off yesterday
in the effort to freese the republicans
out. The hall was miserably cold, and
the republicans were forced to engage in
walking matches and other antices about
the hall to keep ups tree circulation ot
blood. Sleep was out ci the qustirom.
The members, however.
CAD THE coDmior or rooD3
which the military guards is the
grounds below >ily allowed to be
hoisted through the windows.
"We're absolute masters of the sttua
tion," sald Col. Warner. rsprassntative
frm comamehe ecuaty and ehalemea
of the republiens easues steeing seoa
altaee. "The miltth are with an, and
as for veluatsesr, why. I reeson we can
master as may as the other illows.
These p-u e empee detk
amounst to aaythles. They as. naling
bet pat liabs. Weaw welveeasw.-ad
utll that is Isn ne to ::. k." e>: .1." ur
thorn isfli .e unit' . if i I ,she i
ail a u ianeak this hall. ajur Ii l i t
ta inlati ., e.cnihrn h
atrt iath of au r i:N ra eib - . ni 1ii i ii ll
tf'ei ":1 } r 1 e"\*en n t oe.i "1et" rn ine" : es
ver vi \ithstoexf attack. t ur re~sistunere
will nut IN- a pa-sire nwas \'' \% ill C", 'ht
to IIi luanst uII uanrti.r i a otlsiti jur t1 1
wte muaintain t"e lauayant.l anTh ri;gt: -
an1 11 reahejvek thhia govaerinr s-ieht a tdesa
saige to thr. anal tooskatiig tluat h"a wouil
ga.. the utatlb l t a i
.I t i T tr 1 FTrlr N and Nl the Tdu 1.\f teI
the hall. warning then that failuren it
vacate would fherce him tolejea t thne at
the point of the bayonet. The republa
can" rec~eiv'ed the messuge with deriaire
laughter. and took n action ulton it
They at o tce doubklw their guards in
the corridort and all the daoars of the
houair and waited expectantly to reieive
the attack. At the end of fifteen nuin
utarl tlai soldiers appeared to enforce the
governor's threaa . An hour puai ed and
still no tr1s: s ap.a ared. and then the
republicaat'l settled iowf to routine bus
iness. At nrsin it wagoahik.d of provis
ions were i ttliieret to the republicans.
and Stteaker i'aht asi s statejui that the
heus. was now provisione"l for twitde o
At 12:1ia p. ing. a relalution was aaihptr
e i. under ststtansion of the rules. diar
fending t htat tempted arrest of ik n ii .
Rich. populist reading clerk. Tuesday as
siuply an attempt to get the a usltion
n! the lsgality of the organization of the I
two Iouses before the courts.
Newsbuse rirrulatedl itrotund the roomt.
p.Istmuen brought the- mail. and in their
tittle workll the re~publica s huge pro
."ided for a:l l thir necessities. Riepre
tettative If. C'. tihsh. of Ma1rian. pre
sidled is the stead of Sixawker thouglase
for semi - t ime during the morniing. while
the speaker went ill the ho~tel fur his
I lf:LIY e. beb. 17. Party line. were
.ell adhered to in the joint assembly
yesterday. Representative Tierney
being the only one vimo vited for a gen
tletetn of the oppijqsote olaitiedt faith.
The're were only two absentees. Nel).n
el and Tallent. so that the total vote was
within two of being the full strength of
the legislature. Mantle lacked six votes
of an election and Clark twelve. For
the first time sinte the balloting began
Sanders did not receive a vote. but Car
ter got one. that of Csaler. Tierney
voted for ('Cuch.
The senate yesterlay concurred in the I
house lill locating the state normal
sch451l at Dillon. Hofftoan introduced I
an important bill. by the terms of which
the state board of education is to select i
sites for the state educational institu
tions from the-chool or the public lands i
of the state. Steele** bill to establish a
state bureau of health and vital statis
ties was unfavorably reported from com- I
mittee and inditinitely postponed.
The house, in committee of the whole. I
took up the hill to submit to the peo
ple the question of a constitutional
amendment reapportioning the state into
twenty senatorial and sixty-one repres
entative districts. on the basis of popu
lation. The smaller counties opposed
it, as they said the effect would be to
cut them out of a state senator apiece.
They were beaten, however. In com
mittee at the whole, by a vote o twenty
one ayes to twenty-eight nays on a mo
toin to strike out the enacting clause. It
was only a partial victory for the friends
of the bill, nevertheless. as the vote in
committee shows that unless they gain
accession to their ranks theycannot paw
the measure. The vote was a large one
for a committee. of the whole, being '
within six of the full membership of the
house. It takes a two-thirds vote la
each branch of the legislature aseembly
to propose a constitutional amendment.
Giving the friends of the reapportion.
meat bill all the six aheentees and their
strength would be thirty-tour, which is
just four short of the neoesmry two
thirds. The bill asys the legislature
shall provide by law for an naumeration
of the inhabitants of the state every ten
years after 1M1, and that at the session
next following the ceosas, and also the
session following a federal neesss, shall
revise and adjust the apportioament for
senators and reptesatatvhes o the basis
o seuch enameration, aesedgeda to the I
ratio to be aed by law. The sion at I
the bill whics Sass the beeld o espee
estation is knows as a amemdmeat to
seotion three at article six c the oaail. I
tftiun, and iees follows:
"For the purpose of bhoeslng sam
baes d the legislature. the dfate shall be
divided late twenty seastelel, and
sixty-e espessetative ishiles, at
may be. amdoesiupesd at denaleus ter
ritory, toheesli se acuel d d sepi
sentathe sdieau 3seh ssad
distrite shot sleet see sesster, sad sek
seprmaslte dislt e sleet -*
sssehberd oIe hoeusr vas,
the ssme t.il disiestat u an he asm
Ibasd Agam eas to tomer oashmlea ino
no~rtitvin botun lary of Tht* vtati. ani eMt
irigr a i time w hern hou'a lti ltlsr
a! the fi rantion of cat dstrict on
cunnt' or vil. arol tco:uty shall tI 1
ided mnleisi it cintuins un:lcient piopti
intior, within itself to forme two or near
districts: nor shall a parti of any 'it
and county be united with any count
or city andi county it forming any dij
trict. The enumeration takes in ti
year 11t?. as provided in this artiel:
eha;l Ia' the biaris of tiring and adjust
ing the senatorial and representative
districts herein provided for. and th<
legislature shall. at its first session afte
such enumeration. and after each othe
enumeration herein provided for. estab
lish. adjust and appirtion the represen
tation so as to preserve the senatoria
and representative districts respectively
as nearly equal in population as may te
but in making such adjustment no per
sons who are not eligible to become citi
zens of the United States under the nat
uralization laws, shall be counted as
forming part of the population of ani
Enuarraes'lu ( l.re.
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The 5etmisrs Why
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Its train service is the very best.
It is the first to adopt improvements.
Its slepelrs are palaces on wheels.
It runs elegant drawing rsinu sleepers
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Its dining car service is unexcelleds,
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It is the last ri.ute to St. Iiuis and
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It is the government fast mail route.
It is ix.pularly styled the -Old Relia
It furnishes safety. comfort and speed
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Canada via "The Milwaukee." apply to
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Asi t (Gen. Pass. Agt..
St. Paul. Minn.
[OEstal Publistleas.
OemosAUCK no. 54.
An Ordinance to Prevent the carrying
of Concealed Weapoasand providing for
the punishment theeor.y t
Sac. 1. It shall be unlawful for any
pg=within th il aits ot the said city,
tobar ocae upon his pae~an, a
17dggw, pistol. revolver., or other
aywisma othinmciL upon
ha fno es than
marse than nes hamied dollas. hi
P RN- tonshl not to 04108rs
la, the dicarg ai
An ea =ovember 17th. Irn.
Acting Mayor.
(Attest) S
Sam r Mejisat Asesdsmeo.
On'was arm Covmr OCas
Or Ccemaa Cona??
Monas Crr, Mast.. Feb. e, I.M
for then leb poer at the .
sash ethessastay te
aw tWom as atap I.Wtee
for the pw to
oapek anspee aý ýmsse lha
pagto ma sns n ee sa
Ta eoraal bib. slt M meet
Order ateef. th Doed oa Coae
A. H. *winuwm
Wherm to oup to Dsaa
Confr nslty -am whe emsi Bib
aesu d ump Sta a the New Baia~V
*d.L It i 1 ! at eatad, e" 4
beth Nurepaw med Ameasln pbm a
sals med% a" wa
1 in nwJlOA6MI
If yoIi dont I tae'viantns oI f iei cry '.-r\" A ai uatmaking
o(i clothing and oVerc',at .
One lof of mnenI co at, ( h iAe ;2
One lot of laoyw coat, Choice Sti 73.
()ne lot of mien' overcoats -{ hone S4. C.
( )ne lot of boy's overcoat,---Choice S3.
)ne lot of boys' overcoats---Chlojce. $1.:.
Call carly and get first choice. We offer you immense bargaing
during this sale.
Case, King & Wodzitzki.
W. I. o Inix I ,ies dent. G. M. Mil:is. Vice-President.
if. II. W ic Y, Cashier. C. L. CR:EaH. Ass't Cashier.
Draw Drafts on London. Paris. Berlin, Dublin. Christiana and an
Foreign Cities at urre i t Rates; To NewYork,
Chicago, St. Paul and IT elena.
Accounts of Stockmen, Merchants and Inc,1
viduals Respectfully Solicited.
MT am r CzWY, Mhol17ALZ4.
II . F. {i r(iieni ., President: War. II tsmgo', Vice-President
I . I. HtuAtHE IN. Cashier.
Interest Pat. On ''ie Teim. piom
Ought to fit feet; feet shouldn't be twisted to fit shoes;
that's blacksmithing. There are plenty of shoe-theories.
but only one true model- -the natural human foot. Now
if all shoes were alike, it wouldn't matter where you
bought your shoes. But they are not all alike, so you
must put yourself into the hands of the dealer as to qual
ity, fit and value. Size price and looks you can tell.
That is all you can tell. Time must tell the rest. So
your confidence is not in the shoes but in the dealer.
We want your confidence. It will not be betrayed.
0. -i LOWU tO .
+1s H~w

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