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The Yellowstone journal. [volume] (Miles City, Mont.) 1893-1901, February 19, 1893, Image 2

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THE I)S 4tlY .ltl 'U .X1,L.
MILE* CITY. MINT.t'. '1.
Every MLirnin l g 1: I t I nl.il l .
o Ter. .< .
't MAIL.* I ,h I'N j c r + .. . (ll i rnti p't.
thai e v l.Et , I., .. ptNIe. .ra
D. tinay nprltie,..II" ,nI'c it pI
To th1 t" I t t a tit. .:an.
WEre c IthLat InIgTI&II, ELIil' ltln I th.
¥,.I l ra.......... ..... . e I .i te
teI l M rth.l ... ... ... IiI
Sunday. IFebl;rllary 19. 1$L'.
(. IFro-m Our Itirular t' rr+nul" ,ntlrt.l
W asHi.rory. Feb. 1:1. 1S9tI.
r. Is the victorius del'rll ratic party
on the eve of disruption1 D)emc1'rats
of national prominence in congress pri
vately express the belier that it it is and
prediclt trhat long )tfore the end of the
administration to begin next month the
separation between the wings will be
opeln and tinal. The princip a .aulrs e r f
this Ibelief is the wide gult that texih' :
betwen JIr. C(leveland and the sInuilth
ernt ll nwest erern l crllls.r on the silver
questi il a gulf h tii' h the f +ilu're i ,f
ueMr. ('. to force the relytal bIy ont.tress
of the presernt salter la has widenedi
and made ait parently inlsp(sable,. No
tice has twen publicly se rved onr MIr.
Cleveland by I(fepres,,tative I;laird.
the leader of the silver t'uallolits in the
house. that further attempts alolng this
line waould bringr al t a nawithdrawal ori
the silver men frohe the party. The
forctfulness of Mr C'leveland's charac
ter is so well knowt r here that the gen
eral oplinion is that hi( will continue his
fbht against shiet bty calling an early
extra session oaf tl l'fty third eongress.
unless convinct d that a bill for the rel
peal of the silver law would be votedi
down ifeither t te house or senate. In
that case he woiuld postpone calling an
extra session until he had n-converted"
a sufficient number to carry his point.
The selection of Judge Walter Q.
Gresham. as the head of the cabinet.
which is accepted here as an accomplish
ed fact. will also be a factor in bringing
about a split in the democratic party.
As a rule the democrats in congress de
line to publicly discuss thin sell u: M.
but privately they are showing their
anger and disapplintment. The feeling
amunong tlem may be judged by the
fact that Senator ;nrmlan. vwhi is (ordiln
arily the most indtlifferent of mn to,
newspaper strtis printed of him. to,,'
special pains to go around ounon_ the
W~ashlington co. respondllllles alndI conlltra
diet the I,uhlished rumIors that iG;resham
had lweln seleted on his ahvic'-. With
the naturlil shrewdneuss ,of the tactful
political wire puller ;,,rnman lost no,
time in disavrowing his reslnsibility
for (iresham. he hadl seen and note` the,
effect of the annollunell lent rof his sI.'le.
tion usin his party uass,.It,. in 'n
tteI1-| r dlilll I lt 1., "!"n ,i'. llll i ll l it Iso nd
tent oF votinW aglainst his (clllntilmlllltin
as a niember of the iiine.t. If he ran
secure the plell.,. of a isulliient 1Iii!t
her of Sn.lators tl . il i ]it lfhe t i.. nti n i ti oil
he prolw.,t 1' tl,, it. aIillth, h it wouhl
tb ai' lir nhillg IrI,', before atltemllpted. al
it has I,,el . i.nslired one of thel in
written laws of the -nate. to .ontirnt
cabinlet n,niuiati,1,s without u,tI, -tiol.
Prsiur,. is bel.in. hrui, t to hear to
.alet St'.'iYll t it atISi i.lolr of the
hon.. ill.. loniiiis4iiner oaf pensi ins. if
the hrnl i," f transferringl that lureaul
to the War "lpatr lt: anl iii .Llu.rling
the lpesins rt if all w idliws married sinc..
18711 or ta!l l.nl hai id inr,r , in x, '.P.
of itl04 a dear. ii ii. e.x.ept for total in.
eap.it. 4f all alieL nonn n risi,.nt:s, fail..
as it wril. 'The ,iolntisi.nership is nire
ly to be used, as a steppii ston', to the
dem rlllat ii' noeiint ion for I iover nor if
Ohio. The claim i. ins h.li,. l, Y.lrs
friendl that his ,,nne tilon with the U.
V. U. will .nalbahh l-imi ret he loth s of a
sufflieiit houtl.r .f ,1i .,idil erS. here
tofdre re.llliean. to1 anc.hr hlhio per
manently in the d o',,iirati, ,oilun.i.
The helnd ,ot u.miihtt, un wa.sllt rl
meant is oi a wi.llo u es. Tabe after a
silly nwo w,;s , r ruo.r allowing tht
, cr.'iarc foster hail aireI t o sell
SitMi.ENsNIi worth .f lands .to s.i tali
eatt of N\,w Yrk blankers for gdl.
There iso ail, I ,ord of truth in the
runi,. Si '. Fost" r Ii'. ma444fh n., air.g.
men.t to s.il nIs alnp, has no ite.tio,
of makini sucih iIni agreement. 1il ll:
has no ide. that thse tinanieitia,t atnl, ,ln
will tie such ilurirjg this a i.ist;l t =.
as to caiue him tto even take isuch jl ","ln
ainto serious consideration. l.esih.es. is
well known to thusie who V iinjoy the
president's confiilen.te that he woull nut
permit an issue of isondls.
The democrats in the house attempt
ed to railroad the i propqI.iil radical
changes in the pension laws through
the house without debate. tbut they were
hauled up short by the republicans.
who told them they would filibuster un
til the end of the session if the fullest
debate were not allowed. The detbate
will go on this week.
The president has fully made up his
ind, and will. it is thought this week.
send a message to congress favoring
Hawaiian anneration. .u majority "f
augress favors annexation. but wome of
the demorats wouV.ll prefer t.o pl,,stpni
it until the next almnistration. anI it
i possible they imay attempt t.o do so.
It is really amusing to hear the den,
crate with their big lmajority in the
house plead the bhaby act and tr- tol
eh.argei' the rt.,ublici.... .':i the r',.rnsi l
siility for defeating M-. t.ve.a' i
Ie tH.erhr.;ari the I'atht.tle .:sll of it tout
Ladly aen SDeal.t With a lRequest 'romi
Alonzo t:l.'h'.er of F:ant Iawlee'. Center.
(')I'ollhtll. 150, by Edgair W. Nye.i
TIh able critic who his held out fir
years that MIrs. Stowe had excluded the
possibihties of twe'tic license when shi
.epresrented Eliza as esnapilng over the
Ohio river on cakes of ice is now dead.
He died in Florida in January from ex
'os.re while skating on the St. John's
river, and when they found him friends
had to cut out a square rod, perch or
pole of ice with his body in order to send
him home.
He always maintained that the Ohio
river never even froze enough to make a
-ake of ice between Cincinnati and Cairo.
Last January Eliza with her infant child
could have crossed over with bobeleds
and a 4-horse team.
In West Virginia we had to have all
stoves and a furnace going all day in the
opera house, as well as the entire gas
service. including footlights, in order to
warm up for evening service, and even
then we worn white sweaters and
shoulder breakfast shawls over our dress
sits on the stage.
Natural gas is getting less plentiful.
and the demand increased so that there
was great suffering from cold among the
poor, who had to return to the electric
light and cast aside their parlor gas logs
for the time. Heavy manufacturing en
terprises also decrease the quantity of
gas for home consumption, and as usual
the corporation sails gayly on while the
citizen has to go to bed to get warm.
-HtIow strangely mankind does!
We go and leg on bended knees for
l:r;ge corporalions to col.e and build
and do busilne' ii our town to raise the
)rice of our okts, and y..t how long is it
before we write a pii ce for the county
paper saying that we are driven to the
wall by these great corlrations. and that
we hate thel-t like everything?
We are only children in this life,
ressed up i: mlei's clotlihs. and I holp i
with Dr. Briggs that there is a chance in
the future state for growth and develop.
utent. I can see how I could grow in a
ruture state and add to what I now i
Lurull the trrible re igns of the coldl
We Imet on It rit ((21e d1(ay bounld west
the ra'c-tt tuin,: I ever saw oln earth
viz.. a "issy" traveling loan. Travel
inAg tt l aril most generally blsines.
men. The: i:ave tle. They nrt.,maostlx
pretty rugged. ilas,.culine oIn. wit!l
voices that yo can hear "the darke.t
nighllt that ever blew."
This one was auratnntly running t.,
aaain::t thlinua.. that wvore jwut its rulde .
they conuldl be. That was as tar as hi
ever goat. So.le l,',ple were real hateful.
andl l he c.laini,.el that once his blood boil- 1
like ev,ryit hig.
NIayh, it was the nmrninlg wh-len lie
took a sponge ,ath in the north end of
the sleeper at Pittsburg. as the train
took breakfast there. You must know
that the sponge bath facilities cannot 1Hi
just what one would wish on a sleeping
car, especially when one has to do it in
the front doorway at a mneal st:ttion with
the thermometer at 1I degrees below, zero
arnd a great deal of passing in and out.
Still he had probably promiaed some
dear one solemnly that he would tathe
every morning if it cost him his life.
People filed past him filled with won
der and amazement, and to each one he
said in a light, thin, girlish, voice, "Beg
pardon, lint wuulal you mind shutting
that door."
Nine of us. after we b:;l passed by
him. went to the other end of the car
and pa:.sed thro;ugh again three timeas.
enjoying it heartily.
On:e we wet the man who bring:, ill
the ice for the cooler. Hie wias near the
young man who was trying to l,:atae.
We had *,uiti a long quarrel widh the
Ieeman ove r the right of way. aaad oneaof
aur party josttle himn rudely against the
young man. w1hao was trying to towel his
back. The iceman ali!,ped, and his large
cake of ice and the great coarse tongs
also fell against him.
It was horrible. The young man gave
a wild shriek, and with a moan of pain
his Boulanger whiskers went back in
side and it . said have never come out
Later on after breakfast I tried to
uake up to him and be friendly, but he
turned upon me like a wild beast and
exclaimed. "'Oh. botherr"
I overhlard yesterday the wail of tlhe
anort, stout lajy. She was looking at a
fashion awagarane, but she could not find
anything to suit her.
'"Did lon ever roti'e." she sail1 ,to hr
eom sanioa. at tall. liti yoauti-a v.a'..,.
•vho was a.o laom, wais-t:.l t:..t .
seenaI t, -i 'wun at all. or ta i
on her fI. 't a -ha" , l sit dolwin. ',
e r ,. : nothlira.g i , r -e
for te 'a it wot\a;an in tie ".
azin -. I : :
"'. not r-! unal,.er i-, r to hla, e
'een an "., ia-s for short, phla.p Ii: "
tle." sai-l t :1 shooting her cool. liral I
neck out of her collar so acs to look still
longer waiaitecd.
"'No." csaid the :h rt. stout lady;
"shortu:es:; sind stiltltn. - !re re.ardld ,ry
t11he ftshi . l::tt ic;l ', r-.~. deft'co.rlc:iti s'.
::iltlc t i l h ,. ' ri .: t 1 ; g , . i :ti
urist to vYi ::::.; is b "t s;: t, vo r e ýc : l <
justlt o, y '.;wi :i r'o to a slci:li.t if
yacc I;tn l ac l: : i t l h i et h:l gethn t Iilo ,. i
yotr loot for "o:-'.
"W hity is it. rii yt !cpcc'" E::r i
askccd. wvitii gr'eat. \tvo:iclic c"c 'es.
"'l i do not t kiocw." s:,i1 tLh :-iortt. Si cit
lady as ishe swncg Iher fct laick :.i!
forth like bt iscy l n it hl:;h cha.ir. "Tit' r,
ale' surlvy entiogh of c ia., an1 :ow I cof I us
arn qtite r filned. You knnw: it hi not
genirally Is"lievac" that stout women are
reltild. A titan uay get tso stout th:.t
even tie precidcntiial chair isn t bict
enough for him, and ye.t he will net
lose any prestige, but let a lacy
along albouat :.0 to 410 legin to weigh weli
and shun the slot macchines. and then
strangers in a crowd look uian her ai
they would on a man who rides on one
railroad ticket and carries a hive of busy
bees with him In the same seat, or Iputts
the hive there, at least. and lets the bees
select their own seats.
"Yes, that is so." said Ethel. "but
these who know you love you if you
are stout. That's mnore than sonme can
say whom I know of."
"I hope so," said the short, stout lady,
with a tear in her eye its she tried to get
her overshoe on Iby kickiing it against
tile other fict. ibut only suicecleald it
fracturing ai whalebonle or two and tip
ping her hat down over her notsc.
"There ought to is oi;lcni'e rec'nlltpnce.
We acre ashiellldi to ca:k for clo)thilg i,f
our size. and tlcolh y ctcver :ttl·tclctl-d toi
design anything for c ·lpucialcy, for
we wouldn't wecar it anyway, no ntlltttr
how letominu it waccs. if it ilad cccot to ie
the uniformtl of the fat Vtwomen of the uli
verse, and so tlhere you arci."
Then they Ixbth had to get off the train
there. and Ethel had to bocrrow a trav
eling man's sampletn case for the short,
stout lady to step on as she got off the
I have not bwen richly endowed by nt
tlure with the fatal gift of beauty, but it
might have heen worse than it is. though
when I pass through a car and afterward
look back and see the Ipssengers exam
ining their watches to see if they are
still running I can think of the short,
stout lady and say. What if 1. too. had
been thus?
Written in a childish hand comes a
.*quest from little Alonzo Belcher of
East Rawlse's ('enter asking this paper
how he can cure soreness of the tongue.
Alonzo, it seems, during the cold weather
was actlng asunderc tucdy for the property
man at East Rawlsc's Center. and one of
the other stage hanls, a ibright young
whaleback farmer. got Alcnzo to cacceptl
a wager that he (Alonzo cc,ucld not erase
wtth his tongue the cnace of Pictach'.
Olesocn. the rising young S:edi:ih nigh
ingale and child w tmter.' whicih lche (MIt-4
Olccnt) had writtle ill ble chalk on the
gas ilpe of hcr dretsc.ing roomt while at
tlie Grand l je'ria Hlouise of i'Eat Rtcwlse s
AIti1ZO aRcettlei tile waiger anli now
writes to ask about what he shall do.
Alonzo hal a large, coipious totlgnl,
which almost etnirc.le. the g.- pilpe. and
outlines of it may still be se-n thern.
For one night he and thle op'ra houlse
ocicupied the sane alpartmliits. The ne:· t
day they jogged ahl ig tIoe.ther till about
noon. when the othir stage hands told
the aunthorities. iland st,·lm were taken to
arrange it so that the (p ra house awl
younrg Lkbcher coull he uoed separately.
You see, yon daire not cut tout a piec
of gas, pipe that way for fear of asphyxia
tion. and they c.ould lot cut it off at the
im.ter. it seems. a. the coimpany had ar
ranged it so t:hat gas wouhl he **'on
suntd' (-very evening, whether the house
was opened or not. and they did not see
how 'i y crold1 change it.
A hot shoehorit. however, wins are
I lied to thei ttn;:l.., and soon the little
stI'ferr was renovetd tromu the real ies
iate and again became his own ~ rarsoal
hra 'lwrty.
Ile wint home, he exclaims in the let
ter, feeling like a man that has a redhot
cuttle bone in his mouth and cannot get
it out. Ever since then he has com
omunicated with the outside world whol
ly by means of the pen. No one can
even think of his great sorrow without
a -hitter and somewhat brackish tear.
Htow puny are our efforts when we
find ourselves in the act of violating a
great natural law! We must not get on
the mighty turntable of creation or try
to cross the side tracks of solar systems
unless we are employees.
Mr. Belcher will do well to bathe the
more place with witch hazel as often as
the idea s-e.urs to him, and keep a piece
of oiled silk between the tongueanti roof
of the mouth, so that the two shall not
unite and Iecome one grand whole, to
the injury of th: grandt hole that he has
been in the habit of swallowing through.
01I.'- Nye
I i
F~ .ilat the tuII!i 11 to o- sling-a
gi., ".. ... p .: ';. :- ":" "r l lk··· c~ircurll
* u~ IE'E. not a--i-t Ih,
~.1 it inKIHE" t
", r"., 1· tr "cl . Om 'of Ii.,
inr *.* itr!'e Jlpu j r
at nhnn·l a time.?
it, :,y the ca, i. im
ply a p.eudonym) writes also regartlin4
his future, inclosing a chart of his I as t
and a I:.'k of hair, askin°. to know u.-lat
the futnlrt (f one pai..*sain a those tlhin:.s
may ie.
T''ho tt:., b is marked straongly and
would in;i i:ate that in yanr earlyit life
you whitjt;,1 taw:trd ', ura-lf t ta L..l
det.a.; tl-tI thlit ot matnyV g.ineri aationu
back: y)our tlesta rs comlltettl with the
wsualltar.ker in tiirlatI. tree ai"tile Far
fotli it the' forl'at;: ai:o tlat during the
early paart of the ti~lhtei,'ntl cantury,
p;m ,iblsy later. your fo lks walkied at tn'.
I)ahtlll the. hal a Igoaa0 dIeall iandtl rall t l
bhL,.. li:i:-a-hintd or Jliuin..,e I halt
inl aaf lake 5 ),ntis. in elinantorial Afriea.
The hetalline runsal i.kward: towa;rd
thei wli ;t illlsta'd of f,irwatrait. thlls idli
i.ting that- yon will .nradunthly. ats yearn
roll on. ll..t sloret atlld llore to tlihat youl
da not know.
The hair does not indicaite anythiutg.
and I woutld have reslaected you mlore if
you h.a0 taolld ime you had olne..
It is go.,.l. vigorollus hir and seemr; to,
grow quite rank, indicating that you
are of a lympjhatic temperament auln
have at cool skin well adapted to thi
growth of hair and whiskers, too, that
will to..s tatiand fro in the bsututer breezet
as yovl graow to Is' a Ia:a11n aandl while you
are ailing aill the time to your lack of
ittelli_.,nc'e, this titling yourself for
duty as it jurotr in the future.
ounr h:ir wonull iml:iicate that you i;,
hearit fra n, yu,,.r f;llla'aat itla. aletnd thlt
you are nit strou) lphay-icnhly. Ttu initel
out of dat at eaerciats. ( haerful (cotpany
andi : :la:1t aata.
Ili caiota, in.g a wif' yo-n hadl laWtt.r
slact a la lad" witih 11 at:tltta litnh. Tha it
yat ('can k,, ,a i) ht limb lo tkesd up in the!
hartian drawln,-r. all 'he will niotuallat ire
aain ati ha, me t., "r' than sahe otlharwis:e
awould. ut ai,'tihld ii- t miarry one what
conll easily tes':tla.
1 ý
"Vhat line. 'r in tw., Jinnmy?"
A Ti.'..spii..r.
The P "rtlanil Tir.:n, ii t tells a quniint
Stoury if 'V l-*.iaii s of tiii, tt capitralist.
". '%C. fhcnnisai,: : hue11 n uot" his tiiiiiat,
:I ~r. 'ii:"":1;i ai.. liu fai es ,.n I ):u:f. nh
st ri't., Lis t:ii. nit's fo~i yvietr
the I sin join. III fuo.i ,.Rte (he sl':it e t
ieis ini' n~pi~rt" 1.1y it high in ard Ma..i
overril: by w a.·ljiiu.- (hin' lnuiintifnl
in rilingi in `, j~ti":! 1 M~r. ThfitniiM('illi'd
vere 11u-le·'t. ;'mi i t grit n1inl uiliu r de
lillcl"'," t'; (· he kA t\ ·1· l, )sri ~l foi~l hisI
grui.il I). ui v I :iii if of nin avail, alit
finaIl l ry Mr. T i. - iti i t1" "ii. ol di
the 1'ile,: it'l -he ii h tis its ls ii ties
pa1. ant tie '. n,:. 'state, tlli result
Ti,-- as I 11.:4l t. i,.:" a i~refll . anal no:lit
pri's li'v Iitli f1,,I; n l's his nur
In~. i.;l ti c cid~ ~~lrr
1 pr a ira .1 fliv, i
Ceiit, to i:y iis n 1 V 1 " tia."i\ti
nuclsii 'l tii( el'i IV'Iroth-n,
" ýhIis iit, a
wits ta." r."plyi'.
T'ha a ive iii *, ints to bn the inoni
Ii cs'iomes lint.'.
rfIi' Iirsthlisr (-":1"I nut resist.-Texas.
Ill,,a anal ells iiow, .iisd moth i-rsoisss-t). L.,.
mali",. parthie ituuir -,*..f -sritli, uIr"n
nen orR.R livit tiws t.h- tuss r ,smsig'stf
sins r.* PaBatax st s." t .. s n -rs siil. - iitc.
Live Stock Trades a Specialty.
.1n)" Iiwisisiim-s- stun -'m"l iii 1i,1 ca t il r
Pl."il: pren~i~t uItllettiil.l '(,lrt·r*, l llll. I· NI:
tisi. Oticsn i tiu Blers n k i
MIAeino arty, Mcrntsa~ai.
Ght.~twhiterf ý~4
. t uim toa w .a
N~afaeaufegu by
lbs Ivans grmkul Ci.
@INc.Mmy,~ 0.
U. 6. A.
t 4 º I Z i
Wholesale Dealers in
iesPOMT 3 ai OrsMaDIgaIs
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
- ea.Uy earmnd by any one of either alc La say
part of the ouontr, who i. wtliagt o work lad ..
triomaly at the eindoalaet wimI .l t we furnish.
The labor is light ainl dlsruaanl. andoayut run no
riak whaltever. We it you oult CetajCdt.., mo that
you ran give tht itanltne- a trial without taproa
to taoraelf. F',* tlh..e williayto do u litak work,
t I tld Ithe gratclr.n o*lr Ierael. You ean work
all day, or inl lte rveraittl o Itt. i you are erm.
ployved, and Iltare a 1. ho:lr. Ioura at your di.
pot.at, utiir tlc.,. t , anal add to your inome,
our huaIne,, will not int,erferr olt all. iou will
he aneaz*l on thre 'tlrt at th. rapidIkty and esr
Iyv whiahlt you aata. iaboir Iut'On doliar, day la and
Iy me1t. v*vt It iyinlrr. are -uce.r'.ful from the
lret hottr. t11tta , ,sle ranll tle hltloit-a - non,
fail. Ylou ilOlld a rv notllilntt It - u, nttil yo .rc
fir yor.eirlf what you tanl do at the Ihntinr.,
wi.h-h we olr.r. No cupitol rtl-kel. Women t ar
grand worker.; towaday thev make a la. ,a.t
an temn. Thea" -htl, i ttIr thli hain, a, i it i - -n
well iadapte'd t, tlhent. Write at one talnd nae lr
yourclf. Add,'- - H. HALI. rT !h CO..
HIs a11, Portland, LS,
vra. Ur =u 'm
Via~n ~mrawlnamnla dlw5 Hu
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Saflnua . lim v abmom . mea e Mona taelnen
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Coretndo Ik 3rd St. MesmmMps. Sloa
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I. i dijeaLes. Museum
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- j &c s. Admission 25 Cts.
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Iron and Pump Works.
B. Ullman Proprietor.

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