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To-DAY the annual show of
the Westminster Kennel Club
will open in the Madison Shture.
Garden, New York City.
The display of canine. pro
miises to be extraordinary fi.r
variety and high bred qualiti.-.
MIastiffs, bloodhounds, fox a;lt
deerhounds, poodles, fox terrier-,
.4kyes, spaniels, St. Bernardi.
N twfoundlands, pugs, pointers
;,;c setters, bulldogs, and all tihe
,,.i:,r blue bloods of the caninei
r,. c will claim attention and ad
. urt our ne line of lad iies and
chidren'rs hocs.
\V hve added some tine shs
and .greatly enlarged our -h,, dc
part i ient.
Ve solicit your trade in Pout
wear; ou'r Iu.i'ity i, ri;.ht a
price, ' .
Sl)i cial disc lOnt fr ;t a c'\ dc a s.
Our SI .o ladies' kid is the best
thing for the money we have
Spring wawsh gt-oods are now in
Notice of sa;mit ]ater.
Cash only.
IH.tttCI . dt.
D. It. 6I. RtIElD).
OfIce· at W. E. sa.v'a.w Drug tttr(e.
OR. E. F. P15H.
I Arti~ttLt Stmuix AtD OMaTETSI('IAX.
(Aral, Wuateret ui rl .Iprtehoircrl Ofkr at
WS. & SaItae' Drug stare.
an eld reasece Malin fi. neTrTth.
fites ovrmaoe. (i ereb eat.onale eank
guaraneed. eyseSea atd at reaonl prss.
> atmineakl e Reet Uada In oathas
d Rector.
Xrc ODI Cheran corner Reayemk and
ws ter~eae rviee aetUaje..a.and7 Op m...
Zsv T. O Taws ac Pastor.
PR YRINCoareb Coreer MMI Street
and ba Scwet Ulase eg at It
a bRer. J s01 .ap. Peetor.
CAHLC (ebare to f rthe ledHer Cwoger
asS Teet Stee thkerIbfrus eet
hI p. m. ecpere
qato c ip. m. a~n
A. A A. N. Teflowetace Lodget1.M eea
Hl .mlh estatd Wednesdays
300. a' . (iee a Ldeae Sc 13e mnets ia
?eE retmectfiif aimS U"~ Fri.
a S? Uler ti.West neastst Hameai
r,ý".` i ticllnKeMidlmccaat r Odd
p t aeeie.
aE ioti ai/rarr ui ti
A Glance at Some of the Pro
visions Contained in
the Bill.
It Will h lf Mulh lll.neflt too IthI the
City " eind Ili..
In a review of the work a'eomplished.
by the legislature lust week the Helena
Indlependlent sitys:
.\ very important bill that passed the
sehnate yesterday was one to provide for
the establishment and hI cation of a state
reform sch, sl at MilesCity. The school
is to be for the keeping and reformatory
training of all youths bltween the ages
of M and 21 years. who are residents of
Montana. and who. on presentation to
the presiding officer of such s'hooml. by
an ael'onnplltying officer. parent or guar
dian. shall tIe aicompanietl by a certiti
ate of t colrnitlnent front a court legally
authorized to make sucI'h toliniitnient.
The schstil is to consist of two lelpart
llents. Ialie and female. The inmates
are to t,' trained in morality. temilIs'r
ante and frugality. and instructed in
thet different trades and iallings of the
twot, sexes as far as Istsaille in the st'.iya'
of the institutin.
Whenl a h.,y lor girl of sane Inld. ll,
twieen the ages of M and 21 iaurs. shall
in any t ourt tf record in this state. hie
found guilty tof any cirilme,. 'exceipt lurIr
delirr r manslaughlter. or if for v .nitt Iof
ptrie'r paternal tare., is growing up in
ent'lllii'an'y. or vaigranlt. or is ini'origit
hile. and complaiint theireof is i1al1 aindi
prolerly susttained by evidnce,. the
court mayiy, if iin its opinionl the itetuellsd
is a proler subjec·lt therefowr. iinsteaid o
enti.tring juildgi.ient. elnuse tilln order tI, I.t
'enteredl for such htoil or girl to i senllt to
thl statet reforml schnol. . clly of the
oirder. uindler seal iof coulirt. shall I,' slti
.itent warrant for ltrrying suih Iso ) or
girl to the sih'il and t fior his .r iher iicoi
niitment to the custodly of the director.
Whent a boiy or girl fit sane mind. It
tween tlle ages iof M andI 21 ye.ars shall b
convictetl ItHfre a justice of the peace
or othler infelrior court. of any crimlie.
ntindicancy. vmagrant.y or ineorrigilhility.
it shall lte thet duty of the mlagistratte
leifiore whomlli he tr she mitay have tlen
citnvicteti. to forthwith consign suich
hity or girl. together with all papers tiled
in his olice on thte subject. nnder the
control d stiilltie itficer. t the judge of
a court of record. who shall then issue
an order to the parent or guardlian of
said Ibyt or girl. or such other le.rstn as
may have him or her in charge. or with
whom he or she has last resided. tr any
one known to te related to him or her.
then to such pereon as the judge may
appoint to act as guardian for the pur
poses of such case, requiring him or her
to appear at the time and place stated
in the order, to show cause why said
boy or girl shoulnot be committed to
the state reform school for training and
Each boy or girl committed to the
state reform school shall remain there
until he or she arrives at the age of 21,
unless specially paroled or legally dis
charged. The discharge of any boy or
girl having arrived at the age of 21 shall
be a complete release from all penalty
incurred by conviction of the offense for
which he or ae was comnmitted.
Nst That BKlnd.
Mother-Henry. before you go out I
wish you would bring up a hod of coal.
Henry-Why. mother, you know that
violent exercise doesn't agree with ime.
Mother-Very well. Kate can bring it
up. Where are you going now?
Henary-Only down to the alley to roll
a few strings of teplnp.-Boston Trna
masts Uassudmss.
Mrs. Jones-I hear you are going to
marry again. and your husband basaoly
been dead three mouths.
Widow Smith-What! Me thinking
of marrying again? If I were to bea
widow every six months, it would never
occur to me to marry agaln.-Te-as
Coroner-la this man, whom you found
dead on the railroad track. a total tran
Mike (who has been told to be careful
in his statementa)--No. so. His leg
was gone intoirely. He was a partial
thbranger. sor.-Trnth.
Parr a. apset.
ahs samv ef ai I play toda
is assdt baioed ti at
Tla· imes s Iby I nwe t plSar.
Whena was New th.es.sat.
The ash I'sm eauhing now are askssh
To thus that is me youth
I threw right isck as set as eaughi
Te psaadevs theyr. ia truth.
IAth s I dlh tar days nsP bry.
r heart tseds-e does
And rees rme wlinaes at ml aea
Fer tmaes that asedi t was.
-O.imtyls a.mls ti iL.
Nth r e t I v ,cc rk.
. 1;. , 111 i, ,, l . :,t I" .r i·t.. ·l.
Nolet 'ill. . i . t , i . % t. l'i T:., ' tz l
((Ti h , .itel I' !I 1 t"r u utmn, r
; thinl t <.+ I , . *hil t I:I
.n thh n. 1:11 ,3 . wait.
i` . .:rt.u .,ne. ht7 r i.r o
11thi. ' : U a, h t ! ('t ' 1 ti'.cr'ie
v. ...,J , ? ,, .lto 'h ~ iti fooryt.
.' - "." i 1i : . t I ' ', I . t " , i l, l t i ttli ,ni'
a l a . t illr it: 1, I t.. t.l ir , .r tnF ts
tilt .% . Faci.
('fill lctrr l. +,.o. - *ll1t.., .\ t. .
Ada · ~ n · . - o "hi o,+, :rrnoon
kthti is et lii' -Nw o rrt Ik W etey re.
hA ,Ain i (' n'.
Mr. .il.it. - V. L at a sh. d fttt'i tlihti
1r'- . Il' ".l--Yes. ptoor thing! She.
th u'lthorize our adv ertied., ' druggist
to sell Dr. King's= New Discovery for
ichtesum:ttt ie ,. - oughs atnd cetlde. upelt
this condition. If yue are afflicted with
at -tugh. codi .r any lung. tihrot or
chest trcttle. and will rse this remedyl
ts direc'ted. gilt ing it a fair trial, and ex
l"'rience no te l 1neit t . y a return the
iottle and have yoer , money refunded.
We couel not make this offer elid we not
know that i)r. King's New Discovery
could lee relied ot. It never disappoinints.
Trial battles free at John Wright's drug
store. Large size -Ale anel 81.
The . eaet .. Why
The Chicago. Milwaukee t St. Paul
ranlway is tie ravorite:
It is the oldest and was first in tie
Its train service is the very best.
It is the first to adopt improvements.
Its sleepers are palaces on wheels.
It runs elegant drawing roomm sleepers
on all-night trains.
Its trains are lighted by electricity.
It runs luxurious chair cars on day
It is the only line using the electric
berth lamp.
Its dining car service is unexcelled.t
Its trains run solid to Milwaukee and
It is the best route to St. Louis and
the south.
It is the best route to Kansas City
and the west.
It runs tour trains daily to Milwaukee
and Chicago.
It runs two daily trains to St. Louis
and Kans.s City.
It Is the government fast mail route.
It is popularly styled the "Old Bella
It turanides safety, comfort and speed
to patrons.
For information as to the lowest rates
to all points in the United States and
Canada via "The Milwaukee," apply to
any coupon ticket agent, or to
J. T. CoaLtr,
Asst Gen. Pass. Agt
St. Paul, Minn.
Tebesee Users Utrale sEmaistes
When told that tobacco hurts them;
their wives never do, because shattered
nerves, weak eyes, chronic catarh and
lst manhood tells the story. If your
husband uses tobacco, you want him to
quit, poet yourself about No-to-hae the
wandertu, harmless guaranteed tobec
co habit cre, by sending for our little
book titled: "Don't Tobacco Spit Your
Life Away." mailed free. Drug stores
generally sell No-to-bro.
Tar raauaw Ramur Co.,
c Indimns Mineral 8prind Indianar
3n br w es en Atseiere
Orren or waso aonV Car
OFr COevra CoCurv
Murs Crrr, Mast., PFeb. 6 IL
calh attendance (includlag ssdN l
for the sk poor at the a , an
seac othere as ma be oua b
for theobr year s 4ccmbeedag
wll be recelvead attBo as u to I
o'clock a., M daM March , I=S
Th board reasrs *e right to raeiject
aaorall bud.
I order at the ased at Count
A. a Swaneassa,.
Clerk at Bard.
Or the Isergetle At..l(nt »n.t the Draweg
Tht t k ::
Merchant - Mr. New Clerk. please
reach into the upper drewerof yourdesk
And get me the document we were speak.
tg of.
7..4` . .F"Iý
3Tr. ( C.-. l i- ut t drawer
ticrk4 ti;:t! Y: r up -;t" . t. i no
tHERKe G0oar
"Pardon the shower of ink, my dear
sir. Here's the docuunent."--fHegnds
A Leadetr.
Since its first introduction Electric
Bitters has gained rapidly in popular
favor. until now it is clearly in the lead
among pure medicinal tonies and alter
stives-containing nothing which per
mits its use as a beverage or intoxicant.
it is recognised as the best and purest
medicine for all ailmnts od stomach'
liver or kLideys-It will care sick head
ache, nladigestion, coanstipation, and
drive malaria from the system. Satis
taetion guaranted with each bottle or
the money will be reunded. Price only
50c per bottle. BSad by John Wright.
C.sap aM.. Re t. teasasmarasa.
For the Inauguration of Cleveoland
and Stevenson at Washlngton on Mach
4th. excursion tiOckets. reading via Balti
me and Ohio railroad. "The Picture
que Route," will be placed on sale at the
ticket ooes at principal raileode of
the west as well act the ticket oaes
of the Baltimore and Ohio company.
The tae from Chicago will be $71.0 for
the round trp. These ticket will be
add from February SIth to March rd
Inclusive, and will be valid for return
journey until March th Inclusive.
The Baltimore and Ohio is the
shortest route to Washington from
nearly all points west. Its tratins re
vestibuled dhom ed to end, and carry
Pallman -lping awe,
No railroad Ih America is better
equipped the. the .A O. to transport
with dispatch, saety, and emedft the
large crowd which wMil visit Was.i.gto
to witnaes the inasugmtiosa easeemmsas
Its long eapeeksae la treaspseiig
mowds to rmero Oausatines,. .A. 3
E~acmpmrr ats. Kigi Thmar C.n
claws, and similar ehd a sn
eatenasive meale, will peevm melt vahai
ion arranging for the coming eangues
For more detailed alegsation a to
rsatethed atemse o ap to L &
I*1uspenders ?
\Ve havc j.-t 4 n c,Ied a bl,i line of the al,'.:c-mcnial lCid, tuscful an
nccessary adjunct, to a .cntlcman' s todlt.
YO'U.r C:.oioe ot thle L..ot O;tg@.
This sale %wiil last until Tuesday evening. Some of these suspend..
ers arc %orth 51.2; per pair.
Case, King & Wodzitzki.
\W. I. JoRlix, lesident. G. M. AI MILE, Vice-President.
II. B. \W\.l:v, Cashier. C. L. CARTER, Ass't Cashier.
I)raw Drafts on I.ondon, Paris. Berlin. Dublin, Christiana and all
Foreign Cities at Current Rates; To New York,
Chicago, St. Paul and Helena.
Accounts of Stockmen. Merchants and Indit
viduals Respectfully Solicited.
Ht. F. BAr.:IEIo. P'resident. \\w.t H.\tRaxto, Vice-President;
'. i. B.\ircuLioK, Cashier.
Intes**st P3ala Ona 'rSie IDopotage1 .
Ought to fit feet; feet shouldn't be twisted to fit shoes:
that's blacksmithing. There are plenty of shoe-theories,
but onlv one true model -the natural human foot. Now
if all shoes were alike, it wouldn't matter where you
bought your shoes. But they are not all alike, so you
must put yourself into the hands of the dealer as to qual
ity, fit and value. Size price :::d looks you can tell.
That is all you can tell. Time must tell the rest. So
your confidence is not in the shoes but in the dealer.
We want your confidence. It will not be betrayed.
PWcr W1e !r Rent
*I I I&I. llr. eI ye
iu mx mvts
J N I .
a.... -MLn-A AH5
IW M IR --m-
- - .....m w ...

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