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The Yellowstone journal. [volume] (Miles City, Mont.) 1893-1901, March 04, 1893, Image 1

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44adsi- 1, "..'rfl, ,
Northern Pacific Time Table.
N.. "r. I ',wilie 34,4 . ... · :1.1 ,. 1,1.
fit, 1:22l.rl... .` i.
Official Directory.
4.11 " . ..1 .V,.r, ~ 1. 1. Ii,,. :
1 i, ltl (r, r, y~ x . I. I...Ihr·( II : ~ ,:t
!it~r"t:, , ,r tt·t i. I: ( ·.·L. if ..t,:
lit:. .2 I-4, t-.1, 1
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% 11":'I, 1 i..·Il~(·il JI-t~(·
S2. l 4 ·.~..t,, , V. ) '241.2.
41.....",,,,, 2 I .,V..1,
It:,t"" . "I2 . ,4 , , I. 1 ' 2. \11,¶
1.·-. .. \:. fluffilw
('62 rll1t, ,. I T . 1.- ki 2', ¶2144 I . .4 .
('16 II 1'., , 1 1 .. .. I. 44 I 22
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124,l \1I I .
I'n·:- lll··, · , ·( '11'1.·
1'I 24.,, ..t'. I,,4 r, 1t2 ., ".4 :," 4 .1
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-2,2. ,i~t I: I'. ~ '.2 41-..N.1' 4.r," . , 2
444. I)n,. 4.".,,,, VIi,. ~ h 1. I I / i4 :rl
IH. LE.KlibHEl. 3I. I).
llfric lnllll rs il l.ne. 31alil, l. 1llllr T .ntl.l.
jt. Whitn,,y.
R ('. R. PritSH
%n or *t. %tlndarri er Iie"lrtlll' Ifl r (ttlil at1
IWk EI.r oiuo.lr uitll [Ioih Ir" o
ro DIST t l u mer Eleventb and
Wom. and? 1 p.ma. Rev. Jro p.l p astor.
o. t'RTI. ce R nn. .
El at.l nd, ll ie School at n 1 tp. a. Vese-rs
ad . esetl atd 1et s. :.:p.m.
at Masoic Rall on fir and 2hi Wednesdays
-f selek month.
da ef r tan A u. e tt.
SoL Churc of dte S.,ed H at Omdd
A. F. LW.U.a Yei3Arnade No. 3 meets
at Masand Htll on fadan third Wsedslda so
of .L sutlIh.
1.. . VE . Cater No .W 1S, meets1 in
tes e a r ea t O rf a a nd taad Fri -
Ai1C i ;u : t iS ':j E~c ' i iii
crca . the Ni:1rnic. of So
prt1c Judgt'S.
e; ,"1 .. .1 \ 4*4I*....rl i. 444 lt! 1"4 ."d e.,..
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I4 H4"444I.II 44441141 3111 day i4,1 lr.hsft . h1ut
dlii nut4 I ransas"i 44444h l,u4.j141444. 1.4.1 4414
killing t144 ~iII to4 44reatte a~t railroa vimP4
44i44.4iun an414 444 rig~slatin4g. freight
T'19e geLnth Ie41444 whit are I44ki1g; for
14494441 ill 4444441t o44 t144' 1444prIP e 144144e'h hllatI
Ing 114r g ii, it 44'4'l an4! a:'vot th'cwwtiiII..''n 14
!u he n'It- n- o lw. he il in'ras ogthenulln ~r of justiwHts front thrii 1 to
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1444444.4.414ruing 1144, 414rj44444 4'44'444i444, 44
t4.'4t4'r41141 . bll4t 4.444j~l 44441 vet t144'444'.l4g.
4411444411 444ll 44 44444 ''tii'r I4i the- till.
and 44144.4. 4141 r 11 44 44t.4.' .111 , ' 4i'4 Itlt
4111441' ll4. g4'4 a 414441 Il. r..44a4d144 r:! 1144
441141.". 1441 1144 tiiIIII igl41414i.t il 44144 .
i" 4.1.1 Ill it 1441j4444' 4-'lI t1i. 4:., s4.
14144444 44441 44'144 k'. 44 1-si 411414- 4414,' t444
444ii'. 1144 .u.444 co4 44king 1444444'4 .4:i. 11
1,44 Ir %% Ii.1,1 44414' w11,-m
bil .' 4'4j'4 t.n14414 144 4111444 t I~ac tilt fast
! 4t4'a~ 4.144414441 44k. 4t41Iiav. 1144 14,4 :
,144114414'44 for. .'eI ...4 I tIthrou4gI4 41444.4.
1I4444419'44. l'lt- 114444'4 44144 1411n'i ..I 1..
I.!,1 ti111Tna. .C44 4l.i4.,1,1I.01 144414414414444.1
1.4114" Iili..'st.. tur 1413441 I. 44 . E4". ..fli'
4144414444444, 441 441'4444'4.l it' ill: 11he 144,44.4'.
tt-1i4'I44~~4t~;4 t1'4'1' I.9 '"i ;,IA 4.'1
'I h,,. i ', n 0s it r. . :V.t i- I l1.1 t
,11.,' . "Its· , . itl t l;; ,.1 ,t 1,,ti i a ,. tit. , ;lll· ,
thug ,iri"t tl.ii, i .-tit d, --.% it iiie r,"pr,
Lill :il l cI ,i anj irt bill was c,l t IthrV u h i
11Ih thI. . "t:: . apllK,:.t?,rt, d n, t : hasris , tI t
11th." ý, ;,",:. t thlti J 'sllt i. l t. ilti nal of i
:1i' di, g i I I . p la t ie ii ,o ci urt l iii. it . lle s
t.e, ,l ,lstiitutiin r plcuir.s. A+i .iin'gi di
l nceh sul. the alpportion ll latr·t minugt just t
aus w.ll haRe l'rn auhl ,On the hbai.
of 'hurch or 'tln|ludy stho.ol atten, shutl.
;tov. Rii~kairl has viln d tihe bhill iin
reiasing the il luht. isi ln itek destroy
ing teninals. he says: " sxp.rience. has
shown that tes tutchli care eaeuntt he
exercia.l in th. e e-o.eit ted ocf inti enty
hlaw. WInVii great cr -:er is nct taken
they may iniiliet a het%.V tax ttule the
tinancial resnurcits r f the state without
t .-erre- uleiding I e-neclit. It ie etill fresh
in the tileery itf us all that nly a few
ylears a.e it was meteccseary to rteconvene I
the legislature teo re.eal tlhe iunty on
prairie dig.sundcr the operation of which
the treasury was rapidly being depk't
hrd. I regret exceissingly that I cannot
it is in many respects an improvement
over the old law. My objection lies
against the proposition to increase the
bounty on wolves and coyotes from .2
to 15. In support of this objection I
would respectfully call your attention
to the fact that two years ago the legis
lature appropriatec $12,000 per annum
to the payment of bounties. Not only
was this appropriation of $2400 entire
ly exhausted. but the deficiency bill
shows valid claims against the state for
bounties In excess of the appropriation,
of $2.1000. This expenditure by the
state of nearly s50,000 in two years for
bounties was under the law providing
for the payment of $2 each for wolves
and coyotes. This bill increases the
bounty on these animals to 85, and were
it to become a law, it would, in my judg
ment, ofer a premium for dishonesty.
encourage fraud and necessitate an ear
ly session of the legislature to protect
the treasury of the state from the de
mands made upon it."
Ma a Watekaway.
Cnsc*oo, Feb. 9l Carteri. Harrison
was today nominated by the democrats
for mayor of Chicago. scoring an sy
victory over his principal oppneant.
Washnlagton Helsing. The convention
was called to order at Central Music
hall. Several homs were onosumed ia
listening to the Clhime at contesting del
.gtions. ad duaring the delay a deleg-.
Sti.n from the Fifth ward gtrew lapatieut
at the delay and kelebd la the door. It
was pacilled, however, and went outside
IBax.U March 1.--The questio of
internatieanal arbitration came up in the
t usiebstag today thresug a quanta
"::. i | si. if l i, i l i.,, ,(Hiu , i H Kf lxii|,"
rI t- arl,itrzeti,, anild the ;irbitratirs
e1,,idied that at e . sheuled I slu-rrIlle-r
Altaic- Iorrmi;.. thee enatioe n ould refuse
t, tu'leuie'ce in the etctisiren. Iathr
tIthan give. u that :ountlri; (tlerli1t."
w1'hid jlrefeer to, slcdt the last drop of
teir Iecd. Tihe chaceIllor stlt"tietmnt
was gr.eteil wit hi cheters.
Will RefleRuelie~ul ,erletn~lc.
('lcl'.iio,. MIarchi 1. In vicew ,f thel
flitet lt t IIf . ii. hlint. ,ncle ill the
erol',dlrie.teere lf tile Illtr c.eiaen. is chcn eof
ithel t -l'lstees t Il hle lll (;ci . MeteKillhef v
t uirliei ,'ee"r his ,r:xil.rthe . tu idito. ria ill
that ipaler Is sigcniticallt. It snye that
MlcKillev dieelts nse.e, ti, tie ireetpressii
teh. nettil that the trustees . eetutitS ii
thh.. il2ullri at thi't th('\ will t ithfulllyl, i
pled to th· Marjch.t in view ot f t.
thait ll.e r v se11et niti. It saysll ii iles .iuitlt i
r t t I e. hi .ai r l tshe Ifndt.riiar
Ir.fkii.e te, i: at it. hut it wil l le. perfect
It rit!it feer his frienids te i ahe d taend
le ld c ehr t'l llti ttir o the i triustieie . es , iti
tihe ts.aurilu i that tihie xill i-i feitheftlly
it tlithl te the h.ijoeet eeiltilidee..
I.llilleef. r.r ihee telel Wihe .
It.el. rolTllt. M.ertl 1. 'l'hls hl ian i
a!iproee ritti n hll ai ti relsirte.k ,i t thel
1 i'tnah eeelt. ft i t h tlic idesrl . lTh;.:i i for
ie' tilure'teih L" t the ('he lkee..* e iith .
nikir thr the, liid taietcl f the hill c tii .
:llltii. .ii. . tiih!g the iteis addied ti .
tnill weert letl.o t f.ir the irrieti .n fe the
athe i.a r llitioi .d i .t tla fee(1. it itiI
tiet e ie (hierlekee c liiiiiixosii fer
thel fihe rti n he riiicaitl ne i lt cli in lis.
:!0.ltt l. telte f i t ieeit iliiic.
tee uettler ill tite ('r.en. ('reek itnde Win
t .tint i t..ir tiblti. t iit ui l) Dkite I
ullalttii feet Iluetii't in u cel stritil . he ls
llieltlioetI i.e tanedl lh.e Il.
i' eletireit left the ('+eilthit iint e ik iik
in.ay te cake lDi i tit tit f tier iiei
h%'iii dietp waiter. i whtieh it leii ini
teierneel tie sglsil her. laes rashe ii thiec k
wltettier incite et liat it wlas ,i..i hell te
iet tin the th e it. tll tlihti i a .. ateiii as t
tile, liietsl in thenill is th ere dir .t te
tue ertatienes mtiadee.
watcher*was . eriisd ire to obterve im
L'li- .,*'l .' 'i t i t 1 i in tltat. s t iitii !xt I ' t
Ile t Io bdc:i,1 op en' i;" ulee tiIo then o"edi t
witn nila ieuicl, moct ltin acty tracetit leis
tnilsiie et.c.urctteeeet. .A groeat iiettutilcr eei
slhirts dijici."eulene in thi.s iicealali let r
eicucdther. ained ac d every ctuok unit e-rtn.e
It, -tehe i.exii w~as sceirtihed with till tre
stit thee blrotet it iaste told one of hise
intimate flritend:. and re.li.eted him itl I
sit in the ronm all night and watch isers .i
veloxelnts Thia the friend did, and
aIudible evidence thae t ie wae amleep the
watcher wse surprimed to obsetve him
get out of bed. open the doorand ptoceed
with at quick pace along a cotridor. de
seend the atairs and em erge into an oy deng
self of his only garment. seized a ttcha
fort and buried the limte in a dunghll.
Afterward he proceeded leieuly becdk
to hisbed. in te monlng the beumaet
i to t dughill. and attw dig.1
stowedll away In this anything but ple a.
ant eceptacle.--aesten Globe
when Troass was asusmes.
Houndow heath, Ptacobley -omm
and UeMdll. mn the neighborhood of
London. were celebrated haunts of the
highwayman. and the secluded roads of
pplag forest. on the root* to (oU
bide. were often the soesm of lunder
in broad daylight. These desperate rob.
bers at last became so dangerous. and
the peril of their attacks so serious to
travelers of all kinds, as well as to th
potme, that the gKverament passed a
law making highway robbery an ofUitoe
punishable by tbe death of the cri!minal
and the oonwieation of all his property
But robberi" still .s~nrr.t.t
In 1788 nail c.+l.e' protelted by
armed guards. tank .hw place of post
boys. The coach.I carrted peeastaen.
al,. and as these generally carried arms
the mails were better protected. but
adI darting and oftentimes sueoeful
attachk we maade uine thesm.---.
(a speaker.alebtrtag to the prevalent
Igoerance about emmoa tMLas, sot
that he oaceu, w a b dlna olrs
s tLe chalk and a.lbd lm it he tiheush
gunem a t em ony ethmY
s. h beer rmuit iO he a
l vigewtee, " ea e tU tM a .er
wik a later awl s ag loth t-hus
t WVe,,,:. ', s':.trl; :.r 0 l. ;.'nn k
I ie Int.r.,sinm li i.il. alt. . ( tal Ilull t f
T'ld That a,.. \r.|t I.. .Ii¢rlI> Known.
WiIy i.o .i .l. s la.li . I i-I Tirled andl
r V.rrn Out After t i.iling the Morrel.
S"I secured a splendid bargain."
r I overheard a lady make this re.mark
to a tompanion just after cor.ning toult of
,one of those extensivie houses that icn
duct btargain .counters. IHer face, was
very earnest and her eyes sparkled. but
I couldi se in the paleness. in the lines
upon her face. that she had ten suffer
ing. and was even then suffering. I un
derst al that she had saved llmoney in
the plurelhas. shel had made. but I c(ould
seei. that she. had list the greatest of all
human bargains giz.d health.
IHo w Ililanty women there are today
who are unhapply and suffering. and yet
whit dol not full. realize why it is so.
They f! .l weak. \aiarv atnd ,,ftt.n dis
S w. ,airn,. ed. Thley are little for fesal and
Iess for exercise. Their sl*eep is dis
turb.ul. their maitnls .are not at rest.
They are unhaplp. To, all suach the fol
.oin ug .xperien-.- will Ise interesting
tit ;. valuable..
Mrs. M. .. lrtnsing. who resides at
N, 137 W. 127tl strnet. New York. has
)psse-dtlr~l lih it thst atIlltnerfl exl..
riecw. whi\ch shuit l lc t oft interest andi
\ale t Ci all lath-. Sh st4aid: "'.\ fhew
llh).-ss whi,.chtll I touhlJ n t ail nttllnl for.
JIB btnl% w.as in cuolstant pain and very
;.-nsitit.. pu that I te ldh not ISar the
ontal.'t of any1' but the lightest gar
iii.Iats. I canll s;carl'.ely tell of the agtoy
that I stffertll during that tilut-. They
pht sit-tia s inlfrtted ueii that I -1oldl] nut
p.ssill? li te. and Iue frituals were aialell
in to Lid aef farteweli I was alatatt ill
ithe emltbrae t-f death when tmy hushba:,d
aent f-r u rit-lell of, which he had heard
:nd gave me a small quantity. After
talking a second disc. a peaeful andti
restful feeling s..ettd to steal titoer mte.
:Ind for the first tilte it sieve-ral nights I
slept. From that timune my rtel,erv was
tasured. I grew gradually b.atter until
omy health was fully restored. and I
thank thxl that my life was spared
through the agency of Warner'a Safe
Cure. It cured me. and I know that it
will cure others."
Testimony that is beyond question is
given by Mrs. R. F. McMurray. of St.
Paul's avenue. Staten Island. who says:
"My mother. Mrs. & A. Vanderbilt and
myself owe our health, and I almost feel
our Ilves, to Warner's Safe Cure. I
speak fro a long exprence. Recently
I had a severe attack of inlluena. ari
ng from a cold, and the Safe Cure made
me feel like a new person. Other mem
bers of our family and also many friends
and acquaintances have received equal
benefit, and all highly recommend it."
Mrs. J. F. Ble. residing at No. 3114
Lexington avenue. New York. amid:
"About eight years ago I sauffered from
peritonitis and general kidasney trouble,
and in spite of the attendance of skilled
physicians my ailments increased. Up
on advice t some friends I began the
use of Warner' Safe Cure, and was en.
tirely cured. I feel as well today as In
my early girlhood, and it is entirely due
to this great remedy. Many of my
friends to whom I have recommended
the Safe Caure have been cured by its
use, and their live prolonged and their
happiness assnred"
Mrs. M. M. Simoan., of Buckl-y, Mo..
says: My daughter who was once the
perfectin of happines and health, was
ior ye.s asited with kMdney ad iver
disase, eacmp lead with seslrual. tl
hip oint being ae&ted. l1w emme
hbad that the doetes wansd toeas
iJlat the hip. I weaK steossat o lto .
and began dmimam1eelng asinsedy I had
heard mack about, and am hap to ea y
beis noew cred, wvll and healthy by
the se t Waarners sm Casa"
Reader, the greaast hegales bases te'
the wnrM is g-d health. De you nat
wiek'to secre ad rems it
*ewe W.s.
CottoSwood oa ps. eat in sve
length. Lave orders at ewe. Was A
Wed fltal * P.O. Wm am
It ff r . If \-(, dont \. ar vi k- ur chancie arc pretty slil
for bcolnitin anyt]iin r .'ti thJt shi ll, , dai of socks at the
;torc of
Case, King & Wodzitzki.
W\. i. J, R:A N, I r id.nt. G(. M. M.ei:.. Vice-President.
II. It. \Vii.r:v. Castier. C. I.. C(.\ A.sst Cashier.
Draw D)rafts on Londo,n. l'ari,. Berlin. Dublin. Christiana and 4a
F ircitn CitiC.e at Current RLate: To New York,
(:Chica,. St. Paul and IHclena.
Accounts of Stockmen, Merchants and Indi.
viduals Respectfully Solicited.
S.APIT.lt. $ .i'n. StP'll' s A.s PROFITS, psl
II in Preident: \\ . IIhihmis, \Vic--President;
I:. I. lr . ,, C ashier.
Izteresr t Paicd .sn *I e Dep stai 'l.
DO YOU .f ,i, are sin hwin ome.x..x-.
Slunisitc styvle in ladics' butto.
Laird. Schb,,bcr & Mitchell,
ON Gray Bros., 1H. II. Gray's. Se
NviB shioes cannot hcll, lut please you.
LOOKING one filler ad.
OO ING, 10 pr cent. disct on ad 4
Laird, schober & Mitchell Imo.
dies' shoes less o pe'r cent.
S6ocI S%;.4o. :
OOD iray Bros.' ladics' shoes ..5-
less to per cent. ( .;c) 1$4.95.
WR.EARIN G St. .o buys 'the "Towers" brigd
dongola shoes.
c. 8. IowPC U VI d*** af
PoWr ale or E est
IIIuII n mllslt MIsIII
m- m-.-" n*

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