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The Yellowstone journal. [volume] (Miles City, Mont.) 1893-1901, March 05, 1893, Image 1

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Northern Pacific Time Table.
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Official Oirectory.
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4144iR 144,, . . li,, . . 4 · City
Tre ,rure *rr. W. -4. . 1:,1 i(?
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F'uin.t .r I It. . 4, It. \* . 44r'.-r
r. . 44 . 4.1444 kHI!I
inn,"II 1 ir:nnn .Ito-.lea
DR. R. ti. REDb.
(Mi'n at W. E. lNavaisr Itrug Store.
Pny W Ie.'Ie SIt.C Ei lINl A t t)HFTETRIII t!.
'•(rat. Wunlarct .nd tiehurta.tllfer, tttlue. ae
W.. . E. Savha"' Itnlir Sltre*.
PHttIt'l.. N and SI'Rii.O5)N.
ice' and re'idenc, Main St. near Tent Ih.
S. Whitn'y. DENTIT.
sl ia treet over Stkgr.nwere NatiSmal Hank
Work euaranteead aand at reasonabli prices.
IKLNClOPAL mnel ('buCrtlh n.r. Palmer and
mth at.-t.era eiee. Nutday iat 1 a.m. and
S pym. dy eulmauamion enrt te.det in tach
noLmb after srul. air
mot. J. T Pritchard. Rector.
O.INT 'Church onnear Eleventh and
t atreets nrvlees at lla.m. and Op.m..
er.OP. ,. H 71aw. Pastor.
ad etams .Avenue r e. Servic aeat
a.m. and 7 p p.m. Rev. Jan. , Pastor.
CA OLIW ('huthb at the iered Heat lmeesr
ataind T th ist Ar. elecvdta st andr
thiY ofdath of the nenth,. Hi
O die.m. iuday Slhoow at 1' p. m. ieeper.
and asedirtka at n t p.m.
A. . s . M. Verr owatuue W iaiso .o. mrets
t allaemv ait oea i and third Wdnedays
L. O.0 V. V'ahser loeliee No. t. meets in
sti ReampmnntY t meeta rd t anbd t IFri
S nthe mei. th Il . m u
1. 4.. T.. ue of the Weat maeet at Mason.c
ba' evec'y Thacay evesing.
('iosINt; 1'ItAI'TEIt.
The End of a Futile Attempt
To Elect a Senator
From Montana.
$t (rr1.lidh.nl (iraphctcall-i lreecerllue
ThIe* Trartehrr. of ix Mlil t
ania I.t'.Islatur-. ile lhe
I.ul Icatlh.t.
.A siecial tit lwh . Annemtda Standard.
diatted Helenic. March 2. thus dcscrilws
thet closi!g seneni in the joint us
smlnIly fr thel ele.tin of a Unite'1
States senator:
The grandestt tight that wacs ever
fought in Montan;lai took place at naen
htal)3 in the .\ndlitoriunc of this city.
It was ni a part, fight. It was not it
tight Ibel,, n re.pIll iienans andi denlo
I crats. It w lls i death strugglel llt tweeil
e'orruptitio sind hilnistl for the honor
of tll state. A ind frell tlih te'rribleh
crisis. thet greatest crisis of its histor:y.
Montana .',necrged triueplhalnt. With
all tite furc..es if c'.crrul.tiin tdoiig tttheir
It tniIost fr weeks. the legs.lnter ii itl. the'
joint aissc.'tly t.lay ilecl.r,., I h? ; 'vote
of :l to .:P tha;i t the' lll;Ii +'/ i,t- cc"
lture is ho ltc t.s aid that ~ ;e1at i ti,
'nihted States senate al';iotit' lche i b t.
It wias l t ii' thatLe will tie historical.
It tc.ek place in the .|uiceitoriiin. a
ha-ll that us ai s.tutinig c' uei'iti c lof ;',"
thant 2.i$l#. S. .grea't was the' intere..t
Il tnifcl tel'lst that it i tl e it tc ii certci|ihl
thait ntll i h1idireth Irt of thlsel' ceni
xills tl 'see' the final vIoth c.nItl Ie ac
co.iiunc late'l in the legislatie hall. A.
r(.,illticoll ,was initratulced in b. h itlbu'eis
this ncmrlnling anlid isseid that the joint
sessiicon ,f the ida shlould I't held in the
+Aulitoriun. .s1 the hour of 1fts.,1 uil,
lcprcaic'ht'd. the grl't eeild hitling rapid;
tep.lutlicinna frmi aldl c+uacrlters WIi'..
Iciin hlilL t 'ave thleir party frltml ttwin-lt
s cl. Inltic.'rates iln the intere 'st.s .f
('lIrk Ihave ieen plentiflil ever sic.,e icte'
'sisitcn cIct.ieiiJ. and ide'oc'ratls o lho
wanted teot see' c cllceul,'rit niminaitild
twhit m.old Ie' .lctited . ithiiout cpure'htslh
illng viots.heii c' lsoiit c'c tci)en . tihc' greLlcicc.
'J'h""se' were the forct'ts Iltat ihae Ic'ten'
,eeing the skirmishingi in tlhe great iat
Ile' i't*tllieen hoeln'sty eind .oerr fption.
which rea,.chle its crisis at lai0n t,.lay.
Iu)uring the fcrnrl sliln. the sum of .Ml5.
t1111(l wais toflerled one Han te tote for
S('lark. i'ut h t refused the ,cter. Thei
iredit due the ie n lsn'rs of the legislie
ture' whec rlemaine.d ihonetst anld lhyal may
It- proeehrly estimliateJi when it is ret'metl
i etred that tuni not worth i+1Jll, were
Ite'rerl' entctgth to maIcke then in easy
eir'cumtlnesta'es for years.
It was just tilh. hour of 12i.'chl..k when
the sergeant-at-arms made, the usual
announcement iof the arrival of 'the T
honoraibl. the s~nate of the state of
Then Lieutenant (iiovernor Iotkin in- ih
structed the members as their names I
were called to vote for a senator in con- m
greCn. The roll call of the senate Ibegan. t
and the immense audience listened a
breathlessly as each name was called 3
until the response was made. It was 8
known that there would be trai
tors. It was not known who the traitors t
would be. 1
Senator Hatch proved the first. He t
annonmwed his disloyalty with a burn- I
iug face and searcely arose from his seat '1
an he cast his vote for Clark. He made I
no explanation. His vote told the whole I
tale, and there were those who com- t
mended him for not endeavoring to
cloak his crime with falsehoods.
That was the only change in the sen
ate vote. The roll of the house starts
of with Annear. and Annear voted for
Clark. as he did in one other grand coup
that proved a tiasco. The ballot pro
ceeded as usual for several names.
Benn. who was one of the five repub
licans who vteM for Ctlark on Saturday.
atood manfully by his colors and voted
fur Mantle. Bonner. a Dixon democrat,
was next on the list. He arose in his
place and delivered a speech which had
evidently been carefully prepared for
days. The speech had the efect of
Sgreatly inceasing the excitteaet. yet
the excitement was suppresd. As each
name was called. every head was beat
a forward and ears were strained to catch
the utterance that would pro.lam the
voter an honest mas or traitor.
The ame of Burns was reahed., a
Sman who had vaed for Clark at the
iprevio . coup. ;bt turs toted truly
and honestly this time and was heartily
- apptuuted. rer. the runaway. voted
ufr ('Lrk. as. wvam. w extpeted he
wouul. No hel eturand to tu e hufor
the paturias of er(uraing r s ud al t
of steavheu r to his piart and disace to
none %a*.
'hift War. . ,l tf rth ilr at ige lu til 111it
n t.t of S. W. irtes of Siiler hoiw was
1erealch d. T"ere was lro Ialt in all tilH
republitin.i rai+lk. that was trunated imre
imtptliitly than way (Iraties. II1 wits a
nman whlnsii h.amety anid whose loyalty
ail not ltien olutibtlied flor all intallt. Als
he alstr, and betanll.It lto lak. Lei. ~an
tie. whLi at ii the se.nt dirtrtly itbhiln
hill. Ilanlill hits hl l . ili hi hatld antl
look.i down to.tIt(, flt or. Wilbur F.
Sanderls. a few swats further hack. ct-i
eve . his face with his hlans. W. A.
C(lark. who .at on the frlnt row of seats
with his hand on the si.eelh ideStineil
never to Ibe telivered. trightentllled Ill
watched (;raves clksely.
THE TRAITOR. (.Kark.o.
i(raves spoke slowly anal at great
length. Ill said it was the last day in
which a senlatlor to eungress coul tie
uheetied. lHe thought it better. ihe sIl
for thei inltrestst of Montana and thie ill
terests iof the Ination that a dllltten.ral
-shohld gn, in ardhr that h.e night to. in
aeltrd aith the laministration. *"Trai
trl: Traitor:" yelled Tallant of ('asaih'
li...her liftel up his hIeavry -ane to
strike Talliant on the htead. Walkup
grableldI the vane an, l c.heeked lte.ehe·r.
lahlh url, t o l al pl nt if or,, ,r anl in
siltedl that (:raves IS" h11'd 1withont in
( ottin inin_. (l'lVet pulhed t Ilntition
from, hit ljitlket which. he saitl. had tl.n
:i'itne Iytll hillIreds of mlen ill Silver
li,,n cluty. irrtes.l.etive of party. Hie
slowly unr11e1 , the pealtit. ,n to Shw thel
lii l ith of it. lil Innounced his votei t fir
('lhrk and sat down.
Tit. 1:XI . TF"1. .1TI'Aot(i(. I .
Thi" switch of (;raves. insteld of
italcr ,I ilng theil republlit'ai .party fir
'lark. \ aw t evidently anticipate.ld.
e.nled to thav(' the ioiitaltry ltffet.
tI"rIl 'r, ,litlill ai l every ixon nit.
i i, lllelltU . but , lto ils true is st l.
it.u.. tt. Ih tile for T'ou (' i rteri . lH isk.
tel flrkr \C... (th'rk. aI hn litd tilne e.
lr,.e blit e..er.ybo,,ly . pl t''h.d that.
t ier cti -. thi llIn elra t w ix rote l f r li
canp: liHatch. ring te grat part Cf her.
is,+in. switchedl bacrk to ('lark. Van
tllt votedll thfor (';,rk.l utl; in doi ngTr,.
hI Il . l httt . t it i noh t lu ggrn i uattc his
tracl.ry y eneavoalring tt ,xtuse it.
THE II .. I.T.
Chl roll call was co, hluded. The re
silt was announced by Lieut. ( nv. lbii
kin as follows: Whole numlsr of v,.ts
cast. IM). nee.ssary to, a ch ,ice. : .: C lark.
:1,2: MIntle. 2137 Dixon. 11: ('arter. i.
('lurk lacked three' of tan election.
He re c-,ite d the vote tf six republi
cans: Hatch. .linear. (.raves. Cuher.
lewis and Van C'leve. He alte gainrd
l(onner frnm the Dixon nen. and Tier
ley. whose vote -ad been ..atteredtl forr
twvrral weeks.
The Hutt Editnor to Ripre.sct Montaa I
at Wsfilaiaton.
Information was received in this city
last night to the effect that Governor
Rickards had accomplished in fifteen
minutes that which the recent legisla
ture could not do in sixty days select
an able and competent man to represent
Montana on the floor of the United
States Senate,
At 12 o clock noon of yesterday the
term of Senator Sanders expired. and at
12:15 o'clock the governor announced
that he had decided to appoint Han.
Lee Mantle ad Butte to fill the vacancy.
The new senator is the proprietor to the
Butte Inter Mountain, and will be an
honor to both the state and his proe
She Champiepm .lar Ielates a tWar WhIes
we.l se t A Smaai t. a.ham.
He blew in fron it. Panla day or two
ago with a slouch hat and a reptaon
as a liar that has rarely been equaled
and never excelled. Hle had cappedevery
story that the ring of drummers who sat
contemplative aad expecturative in tLe
rotanda of the trand Pacile could de.
vise orrecollect. Then the talk turned
on the present reign of crime and the tfP
tarity of the Islice force. and a weary
man fron tSan Francisco had just oea
pleted his 5et yarn. in which the hero.
a detective, carried two dusperabe bar
I glara three-quartesof a uile, o wua er
each arm, dragging. meawbhile. a third
with his teeth. It was iteep, ad the
dramatrs looked with some seprct on
the sa frcm the ceous. B1 te cheam
t plrevaricator was equal to the os a
S*That aia't much," he aid coaident
ta, and an expectant grnwa ra aruand
*Lea.ats tell you a ittle something
that eup our way a year or two
Swas a fellow by tLhe anle
l v oth Haskins---Chicago croak be rear-
and the pules ldowa here oeult'at de
I nsthia with hima; U they ouled a ro
t wasd & hime aiult tit g at that. I
r pue he faae it baahr ah iathia
t place ad wantted to atbre a N r towa.
*AAywW hs deOriates WV * r and
tqr i w 4 ii. assh* MrS to
whli n it ·;.:, all ..:.:. '1 h.y lpinclld hinm
a dtzc'la ti:inve wthltn t wverylbily kn',iwvl
he Wai., tii' ! ",Ly v',t:at, . but i-: y
couldl n't ot', viit l11ni. lint they -ca, ,.t
htimnt in the ai't ait ia: 1, l I was the m.1.
as did it--li.tlVtways it w:a- my niha.
"You (see. it wla just this wnay. I re
tmetitmr jeit a's well as thoa'h it hiap
pl+w'd ywttertlv. It was at- . ,n y
night. tre zinl Lh;1r' enough to ,,"lrrii ":
furnace. arnd they was. layin for Jim.
There was:.n ffirtier by thea naile of [(ul.
lagher. a:d lof course we-ralleii him t'Lt
.r'go.t HeIIt t.t a Jtili"t.r asi Jim wasit g.in
itl, ta jb.i, at a hardware tore' lit lt]
wa',s out tin the s.hbors, and I sary,
'You try my scheell anl if it eomne. I,
we ll wlhak up (lon the reward.' 'It'. a
go.' says he.
*'Well, Ji gets into thi astort all right
anid lidil't ilapicanl ats (fallagher
knowwt-il it Blit 1allaghl'r was right
with himIt. It sllilltl toff his ,ih i.'
andt ctrawIle tup ii.:,iil Jim. Jest as
Jim was ri :whin ,,, Ii. try a key in thi:
alsh draw,.r u.,ll.guli"r fliln a big alag
ln-t i nto.Ir - Is,. ' r lt -*, . IW hat a
that ii aysi' I. ':I . r .'t w i:t
nmor . f r 1f r i ""1 ' " " w te,
' .la l i , t . . . . . . . .. i
bti. l shl.' r ,, , " t. .. " ,,. i w,
ait ro. tb I t,. . i., _ l I it k
ofr t; , r ,. " .. ' : . , •"" • +. - i t.I ,'."
tf ' ir i;. 11 t t a , , , . . t,"t l ta:l,
wtirn r , w t
Ilt lhl i I. ' . I. lt
t-Ill-I. , .- , tlL".. ,.:: , . r I li..'"
ltlh'l iri 1I i : ( .t. it ti a t : a .n-a
pil til i ir l othernel lrllo hnt. o
S. o 1ru .,1 l . %- . " IT, ..
tovr ,1hi V. -r l h " lll t .t. . i I all
tihlt 2:tlitiig t"i ,lau hiltng, ainf te
1w-Il :t lnl lt :. i . u:I. .l.i.., t r hi .ll, i'
twey .i:e. li-, fLar,, uoe o d the ta
adjournel. :awag Ti.: '.
The other ?ytr iva. Cohi p.se darnint
tinvel lthe :Ia. -.-itha i sk Ialt' chronic'le
utilrtinr. Thi y risll h te t and down the
elevator, visiting the tdifferent fthrs:
oltni:::: lit,,re of .+veral oftf.es, a|l
par.itly for titl other piurlpose than to
wre whiat w:,4 inside, meanwhile all the
tiltle jaihrtr:uig and laughing, as if they
were mtlch iutse-l. When asked whom
they were hloking for. one of them an
swered. "We no look for anybody-we
alli the samn slunming."-Argonaut.
t'elloWlag HI, Advice.
Prisoner- Yes. your worship. I cm
nuittetd the tI I ft with which I am charged
entirely throu h the instigation of any
ntulical ailvis,,r.
Magistrat.---on mean to ary that in
i';lrrying otit antl explrimnen1t in hypn.,
t'sll |It" hte 'su t: ".d the crime to you?
PIris.oner--l .dn't know ala nt that.h ut
ir.. thing its certain-he told moe to take
aneot1hing befot re" goir:g to elal.--Agenda
l iiIt.utis.
Tbh. Idesl "
"Now, for example." said Mis Well
along, twirling a corkscrew ringlet in
her fingers. "there is my Cousin Penel
ope's little girl Fanny. Think of it!
Reading Plato and only 11 years old! It
is so strange andl yet a charming-don't
you think so. Mr. llankinson?-to see an
old h.ad onm young shoulder!'"
S*Y -ye." said Hankinson rather dubi
onsly almd amoving his chair a little far
thlr away.-Chit'ago Tribune.
Two tsreasser.abte.
Chauncey Depew met his old college
professor of languages the other day.
and wishing to say something pleamat
" Inderstand. prosr, that. yao
have mastered all the l ows tagues."
.*No. you are mistakes. I haven't mas
tered two-my wife's and her mother's."
-Detroit Free Press.
The iem.e. War
The Chicago Milwaukee & St. PaulI
railway is the favorite:
It is the oldest and was first in the
Its train service is the very best.
It Is the first to adopt improvements.
Its sleepers are palaces on wheels.
It runs elegant drawing room sleeps
on all-night trains.
Its trains are lighted by electricity.
It runs luxurious chair cars on day
It is tit only line using the electric
berth lamp.
r Itsb dining car service as unexeiled.
Its trains rt, Aid to Milwaukee and
t isthe best route to S. Laie and
the south.
It is the best route to Kansas Ctty
Sand the But.
It rue tou, r tid's tilu to Mw wm--hee
sad Chicagis
It ruas two dity 404is to S ts.-4
and Masses 'ity.
it is the goverament tet ealt sevsk
it is popalarly style the 'lat -e
It twedsee eest. edet and wsaeu
i Wl r tahamatm sa tas W ho aleW
o ftam points in the V at d arti
iasl iuh" tils em." qo to
4 kPas 01 4
In IXansas
.1 m,:,, .,. . I, , ihut -,ck- and hi ,iihance fer bl coming a con--o
S gre.,tt re arc a t Ihe atverage.
In lVEontana
It i, ,li'ff.tr.int. If \,,u d(,nt a cwar ,,ck. your chant-ce are pretty slim
for becoming anything. c that sho, w!indo,. of socks at the
store of
Case, King & Wodzitzki.
- 'YA.. $50,0oo. SURPLUS AND PROFITS, Sl
\ 1 J,,: ,,i\, ! 'idnt. G. . A la .:., Vice-'r, <i.ient.
I1. I :: V i. Ca-hir. C. L. C.\RTER, Ass't Ca-hier.
I)ra It )raft- ,n l o.u,,n, l'aris. Berlin. Dublin, Christiana and ma
It,,rign Ciices at Current Rates; To New York,
Chicago, St. tPaul and Helena.
Accounts of Stockmen, Merchants and Indi
viduals Respectfully Solicited.
I iTIl. . a. 4URPLS t PROFITSl, AM,@
MIr..-mas OIz*T, tC)Wrt1'.M NA.L.
I. . IB.; r iini aR . P'rc-i nt; \ 'm. Il .\Raxm , Vice-President;
E. 1 . B.\t rcI E i.,l , Cashier.
Interest Pftjl Or TiWame Depoetll..
D YOU If so \ce arc showing some caxt
quisitc .tylCes in ladies' buttoen
LKE boots.
Laird. ichober & Mitchell,
NOBBY Gray Bros.. ii. II. Gray's Sow
shoes cannot help hut pitate yoa.
LO one finer made.
LOOKINGo =on.m, d
Laird, Schober & Mitchell li
dies' shoes less io 1 per celt
9 .6oc c - $40
GOOD Gray Bros.' ladies' shoests.50O-
less to per cent. ( 5sc º .14-95.
W. ARINMG e.go buys the "Towers" britI
dougola shoes.
C0. ML. ToWUS C- C Ock
wr itta
te.a rr W..
- ~ -S- rr~ aC 11
- r see sN.

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