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A Chat About
Dress Goods.
Here are those beautiful and
dressy fabrics which are conquer
ing the town-- stuffs in silk and
wool serges in many colors; chall
ies-dreams of loveliness silk
crepe, just laid on our counter, at
5oc.; cheaper than cotton and
twice as pretty.
Black Waterproof Silk, so
largely used for traveling pur
poses. The real article, imported
by E. T. Mason. of New York;
price 75c per yard.
Ladies ready made wraput.rs. new .tock. .Sl1.
up t, 53.00 each
Jackets and Capes dance to the
tune of low prices for a few days.
No last season styles here, and
none to be carried over to next
year. Small losses now are better
than greater ones later, so the sale
on Jackets commencing to-day
will be especially interesting.
.t o8w t fill ' Z' l gI u.- salit- inL IS ',-d
each -nit.
The story i. too l,gt to teli;
come a:d ask for vhot b ,,u w.ant
and judlge for yourclc.
I came near forgetting to mcefi
tion the New ilome sewing M~a
chine. We have it.
retc Tntmp. Windi Wther.
T.nd 9 . .l.. .... :. .. 4I('loudly.
1.;rd . i i.... ... (51 ..... ..
Maximum temperature, 06.
Minimum temperature, 46.
Mean temperature. 56.
Precipitation in last 24 hours. 0.(0
WA sinIoroN, May, .
To observer. Miles City. Montana:
Montana :-Fair, warmer.
Chief of Weather Burean.
Nora:-The above forecast is for 26 houn
from 6 a. m.. its date
C. M. Locke of Minneapolis is in thi
A. J. Munden of Chicago spent to-da
in town.
Lemp'. celebrated lager beer at Bul
lard's. *
J. C. Taylor of Glendive came up lasi
night, and is still in town.
For Budweiser beer call at Protfeses
Bach's. *
Colin Hunterand O. Willis came uj
from the YT ranch on last night's train
C. F. Burton do Bilihngacame down or
this morning's train, and is still in tin
Doa't be torturedto have a tooth Slle
or extracted when it can be done pain
lessly by Dr. Adaas. *
Life is abot and time s Sfleeting, bul
Hood's 8arparll will bless humanitl
astheaes rollo. Try it this season
Lawn mowese sharpemed and re
* W. F. Mn.aan.
The Gods have conpired against tin
goddamms n the efforts to produce "At
Evening it Dreamaled" this eveaing
eoeaequgutly eam eat of rain, th.
massm t lemis p)sple. Mile. Clt
will have to await the event until to
imorrow (Wediesdiayv evening 7:30 sharp.
Tickets at Savagt's.
I have a HgoolI ladies saddle horse for
sale cheap.
Eletri,,ian lhiats has put in 2 in 4 incan
dIse.clt liights for tlh use of the enter
taininjnt "A.\ eve-ning in Dreamland." at
the postofli.-t e-ori-irt .
R:ed. Itri. tIed. chills. misses and lad
its .Oxforis. tihe c.:rr-ct thing.
* C. 13. Towers & Co.'s.
Sloww Jo,hnson returned this morning
from his trip to White Sulphur springs. i
and will at once tgo into practice for his
shooting mattch with Will Savage.
.\ tunch of keys last Saturday. Fin
der will pletase return Paine to Darnall.
(;ibl &, C 's. store.
Fred Orsehel will depart for the east
on to-inmrrow morning's train. intending
to attend his brother Ike's wedding. and
then make quite an eastern visit.
Mrs. W. A. Atkinson. mother of Mrs.
Edgar Campthell. has arrived from Oak
land. California. and will spend the
summnier in the city with her daughter.
On forenoon of May JISrd; on Main or
Park streets. a ibunch of keys. A liberal
reward will hal paid for their return to
this office. *
Mrs. A. ºstrander would like plain
sewing to do at her home. -in log house
north of school house.".will do children's
plain sewing. make infants clothing.
comfortai.les. etc. at reasonable prices. *
Ilnrkle·n'K Atrsn salve.
The best salve in the world for cuts.
bruises. sores. ulcers. salt rheum, fever
sore., titter. chaplped hands. chilblains
corns and skin eruptions. and positively
CIrt's piles or ni pay r ,tu-iired. It is
guaranteed to givet lperfect satisfaction
or moiney iefuntled. Price 25c per box
For sale by John Wright.
.- Fate- lIt or.
It was rutllrtld ottn the street this
muruing tant i sudli,, had hloien rohld
mtiwl tliteni li tramps last irevenin so
hba ly that hii l -ad dli l, at tht [ast this
,rliug..A reporter wail.d a trip to the
p.it lnvil i.tilell tht isuch 'as i not the
cas,.t t 1 1 , ,, t r. it wil . , oiv tl'.ilr dl th at
t'., "ldi.rs ha,1 I,.n ini town yester,lay.
iand v ili ri.tirnini t ttt . i ,ost beecanii
ini .,ltei- iin I i.ght. bith i eing inllxi a
t .,L. n i t. of th e ui w its i t- wetli hat
ti-ri up. int left lhdsid,- th- totrack.wheri
Ioe wate slpi-k,1 til v S ie su ttavs. an-I
auled to, the lpost. AIt tirest it was
ithilrht that hec had been erio usly hurt.
but lt- caetil out all right to-day. and
this is prolably the cause of the report.
ietutrn Your .-se*Intment Li.t.
A large number of assessment lists
are still out in the hands of taxpayers or
agents, who have failed thus far to
make return. .A I have to close my
work at a lixed dlate. I will soon pro
ceed to list upon information in cases
where the return has not been made lby
owner or agent of the property.
C o. E. Nu;w sIAs.
.Atl .eVre Yolmnnet.
Mrs. Kelly. a colored woman, who
lives opposite the old Drover house on
Sixth street. and takes in boarders, hav
ing at present the three inmat's of Con
nie IiotTman's house. On Saturday
night. after supper the three women
were attacked with violent pains.followed
by excessive vomiting, and shortly after
ward Mrs. Kelly was taken in a like
manner. Dr. Rtdd was immediately
called, and gave it as his opinion that all
had been poisoned in some unaccount
able manner. The effects of the drug
were soon destroyed, and none of those
afflicted were seriously injured. The
whole affair is quite mysterious, and the
officers are at a total loss to account
for it.
The Omaha Herald of the 25th inst.
In speaking of the annual meeting of
the Omaha Athletic club, for the elec
tion of officers, says: "C. F. Tuttle and
Colonel Butler were elected by accla
mation to fill the offices of president and
vice-president respectively." The sel
ection of Colonel Butler for the position
was a good'one, as aside from his per
sonal qualifications in other respects,
he possesses well known athletic
abilities, and is likewise an ardent ad
mirer of all kinds of out-door sports
The colonel's martial figure clad in
sweater and high boots, was often seen
at an early hour last summer, taking a
morning spin around town, and this, as
well as his close attention to his physic
lal health. accounts for the fact that to
day the colosel takes fully as deep an
interest in athletic as do his grown
emsssets Almssal ammaam a5 s.aea
Notice is hereby given to all owners ot
horses, mules, swse, casttle, sheep, pgoats
or swine within the city limit, that tfrom
and after thisdatesay o ambatoeaktoad
running at large and unattended within
the limts of this city and upon the
streets and alleys thereof, will be im
pounded as provided by Ordinanme No.
42, and held subject to thepenaltims pro
ilded in said ordinance.
K. f Jacgsow,
* Ohiet it iaoe and ad Keeaspr.
Gieorge Frinklin, A.n AII-.iArolundt (-iru.
In flaming characters on the hotel
register yesterday apilaredI "-( rge
Franklin. John :Roinson's 1Big R. R.
Shows." The gentlinan who wroite the
nalm wias a ille:it talker, wei; posted o,
circus doing, and at om-i prece li-ed to
nake hlinise-lf agrealel,, to p,,v'r 'hne
with whorim he acaitiri in c(illttlpat.
Hi inquired for a tlpewriter and giien
the proper directiion,. Here he had a
number of contracts writte.n forb ,er awl
various other supplies for the big show.
lIe called uljn S. 31. Bruann. W. B. Jor
dan. lIi .\stli,. tithe Miac, u .n and sever
al others. saking the custmarly rates
for such entertainmi.-nts, and pndteavord
to negotitte. "rtke-offs." a coninissions.
in silione ca'ess. but au near Las can h
learned. faiied in eairl inlstapnce. (Onl of
the principal reasons for this being that
he had the tylpewriter agreements. when
everyiboly Knows that circus agents are
always supplied with unlimitel printed
matter. the name of the show being the
principal document.
Franklineien went so far as to open
negotiations for a fine gray team
for the band wagon of the circus, and
spent a goaH deal of the afternoon in
driving around town behind them.
When the western papers were read
during the day many persons saw the
following accornts of one Lester. who
claimed to be agent for Sells Brothers'
LivI ,.s·l ro. May _.u.--This evening a
man arrived fromn the west on the pas
senger train and registered at the Alber
marle as William Lester. Sells Brothers'
Big Show. A few minutes later he
went to Harvey's meat market and or
dered ( .000 pounds of meat for the show.
On the strength of the order he hor
rowed 20t of thie proprietor. but the lat
ter became suspicious later and had the
officers look the man up. It was found
that he had no contract blanks of any
kind or anything going to pro,\'e that he
was a circus uan. lie 0was ordered to
reuturn the money or go to jail. but he
was unllablie to return Imore than el3i of
it. iHowevi-r. he was allowed to go at
Fronm Livingston Lester jumped to
lIutti. and among his work was detailed
the followmng. which was developed by a
row he i,; with Fred Kerth. a bill pots
ter. whomn he also tried to swinlile:
liCTrr.. May 21. A.,niiig others with
whonl h iphas dlone usiness inl the city
is lfenry Nickel.the butcher, with whom
he ente.red into a iicontract to supply the
circus with iueat to the ampiunht of Ciii .
liefore awarding the contract. however.
Lester dt-iui:tliled a cinlllisulsion orn the
amllunt. claiming that all agents got a
•rake ift." Mr. Nickel accepted the
its psition and agreedI tio a counissiin
if per cent. makging Lester's share 3P)0.
Of this amount lie was paid one half in
two paytnents, one of i10 and the other
of e5. he visiting the shop twice during
the day to draw money. of which article
he appeared to be unusually short for a
contracting agent. He also made a con
tract with the Eagle bakery for a supply
of 1 read and arranged for the usual com
mission. The bakery man. however. re
fused to pay in advance and gave Les
ter a due bill for the amount. with the
agreement that. when he paid for the
bi-ead. he would leave Lester's "rake off"
with Dan Tewey. propretor of the South
ern hotel. where Lester is stopping.
The baker appeared to be suspicious of
his man and in the event that his sus
picion proves to be well grounded he
will not be any of the losers.
Several days ago the Spokane papers
contained an account of the transaction
in the city of a man representing him
self to be contracting agent for Sells
Brothers, but, as it was found out when
too late, he proved to be an impositor.
This man followed Lester's plan of
making contracts and collecting com
missions on the same. This fact came
gether with a letter he has from Peter
Sells, cautioning him to be careful
about making contracts for bill posting
with men pretending to be agents, made
him think that Lester was not what he
claims to be. As nobody preferred any
charges againt Lester, the chief was
compelled to turn. him loose, although
half inclined to think as Kerth does.
aster says he will remain in the city
until next Monday, and advises all who
doubt him to telegraph to SellsBrothers
and reelve proo that he is all right.
These statements were shown to
Franklin yesterday, and he quietly said:
-That fellow is not Sells' agent, as I saw
the regular man in Minneapolis ten days
Franklin registered at the Macqueen
early yesterday morning, and claimed to
have come from the east, but it has
since been shown that he came from the
Late last night Franklin became in
toxicated, and while some ladies were
passing along Park street used very
rough language. He was arrested for
being drunk and this.morning was fined
10 and costs by Magistrate Oibb, in de
fault of which he was committed.
Chief Jackson also has a telegram
from Bozeman. asking his arrest fo
fraudulently obtaining a eastward ticke
from Bozeman to Livingston. and thi
will be attended to later.
A.n Old Tiat .r UGone.
Christopher C. Harcum. a well-knowl
early settle'r ,t this section died at th,
poor hoiaes last nirht. "Fronlt frangmen
ttry irncidelntr. f his life tl it he has a
til.,es reiate, i to the writer, it is prn
sutdl that ti- wai oie of the giold seek
ers who ,ent to ('California in 's4tand hal
sitncet thln been . sl y drir ftin bhacl
eastward. i,. w,.- motno . th|D earlier'
to maki a st-ttiemin.i t at .Miles City. tak
in_ ut p it cllliul oni 1t ,.i-!tind it I.tis of
ithieh Le ro'-,I upji in l.) and subse
,iuently so,,ldi to th, 1 iatnov-l h ioni
pany. 5hrtl" aftr ht, %.,,t to Etna t<
live. i lit.r. 1h- sui-tstted to a hand-to
tmounth nanli-r util . a hort titue aci
when srolt' l;.t t. l, frl'lh l - ro tl': wr'e
inr yea,- an,.i ,hiiy a . ,"t . he r'and
to twni and PIlt up at th, r Iamachmani
hotel. Here he was taken sick abou'
two weeks a.io and l,ein., entirely with
out nleans. ht- was sent to the iu,
hloulse. Thihe ,ceaseal nas a man of edu
cation arti a tr'iat rialjr. he being i
stealy: eilust ,rlii for the old exchange:
that accuttllt 'latel in the JOtU:NA.L office
by means oif " hii ih heI k-I,t well eiste,
on th,. affairs ,f the dlay. lie was a con
sistent Jacksonian deneocrat and was a'
all times trou I of his political faith. Ht
was about 1i0 years old and for the pas
ten years has been much broken it
Held His Grmund.
Yesterday afternoon about 5 o'clocl
Jacob Everett. the colored barber at
Fort Keogh. came over to the city, anm
the river being too high for fording, he
walked across the bridge. When oppo
site the tank. he noticed quite a gang o
tramps. and one of them asked him fto
a match, while another stepped in fron
of Everett. and roughly remarked. '
want to say something to you." Everet
was rather quick on his feet and made
his escape. IIe came on into town. ant
Sheriff Hawkins. Chief Jackson anm
Officer Hogan went to the tank ant
rounded up six tramps, four of whon
had been only released from jail at noon
Everett was sent for. and indentitiet
two of theta as the men who confrontec
him. All six were taken to jail. t<
await an examination before Justies
After the lmen were arrested Mr
Everett indentilied Dan O'Brien any
James Reddy as the two who endeavor
ed to interfere with him.
About daylight this morning Office:
hogan captured another hard lookin,
stranger and he was added to the six al
readly in jail.
tlmo.t an Accident.
Last evening Mrs. C. B. Towers went
out for a horseback ride. and upon her
return. Mabel. her littledaughter, begged
Mr. Towers to let her take a ride also.
Mr. Towers finally lifted the little girl
into the saddle, and started to lead the
animal across the street. The horse
made a frantic lunge to run. and Mr.
Towers, with much presence of mind,
grabbed the child by the arm with one
hand, while he endeavored to hold the
horse with the other. By the time he
had the little one safely off the horse,
the latter was making a pretty lively
pace, and when Mr. Towers let go of the
bridle. both he and Mabel rolled in the
dirt, but luckily both escaped injury.
The horse ran around to Jesse Haston as
stable, where he is kep, and then
stopped. He is a very getle animal
and no one can understand what could
have frighted him.
A Leader.
Since its first introduction Electric
Bitters has gained rapidly in popular
favor, until now it is clearly in the lead
among pure medicinal tonics and alter
atives-containing nothing which per.
mits its use as a beverage or intoxicant
it is recognised as the best and purest
medicine for all ailments of stomach,
liver or kidneys.-It will cure sick head
ache, Indl eton, constipation, and
drive malaria from the system. atis
taction guaranteed with each bottle or
the money will be refunded. Price only
50c per bottle. Sold by John Wright.
Chleek the PWet Appesash
Of rheamatism. and farther atteeks asy be es.
caped, if proper precaution agaastasposare
are taken, and these be no hereditary predis:
position, U.-ortaatelyr, people who Itt
at-ly becamme cebrels safrers, too hels ow
leet the triller twinges ad pemeite
stistabs whis herald the advent of this aO
-IaIb maled.. Among te disseess for whisk
Reotetter's Stomeek tters has hues h led
emeaines this is one,and the medilas hetwis
perfeetly sae, It is eartalayi to be pefersred to
dres sed for Its ear, whibh ase tequeatly
e eridsdet mereor, is thmeas ose
sc this dnemit a
Is hnhPerr.. .('Y1ýe r - Y111z. 'tb li
wad in trr#-u of Awn" 0 0 y tLIbg-
Move Woedl.
Cottonwoel or pine, cut in stove
length. Leave orders at Case, King &
Wodlzitzki's. * P. G. WHITr).
$3 Worth of Hood's
Cured When Others Failed
Sait Rheum or Peoriasis-Sew r
Mr. Ir. J. McCowas
Kingsley, Iowa.
"In 1879 I had an eruption appear on my left
leg and arm. Sometimes it would ulcerate and
on account of It I was unable to work a great
deal of the time. I had seven doctors examine
and treat me without success. Some called it po.
rasis, some eczema, some salt rheum and one
knowing one called it prairie Itch. All the doo.
ts in the county had a trial but none did me a
particle of good. I spent all my spars money
trying to get sellef. Finally I was persuaded to
try Hood's Sarsaparilla. After using one and
ahalf bottles I saw the benefit. I have now
ed thethird bottle and ameemspn etlyes-.
I leeelved more benefit from three dollars'
worth of Hood's Sarsaparilla than from the
huadreds of dollars paid for advice and other
medicine. Any one suffering from skin trouble
will surely get relief in Hood's Sarsaparilla."
-. J. McCo ,e. Kingsley, Iowa.
We Know This to Be True
"We know Mr. X. J. McCoun; saw his leg
and arm before taking Hood's Sarsaparilla and
know he was terriblyafficted; now he is craed."
"E. H. Ba.xs, Druggist "D. A. OLTXAxx,
"J. P. GASPAR, -" B. ELLsa.
"C. C. BARlEa, Kingsley, Iowa
Hood's PIlls arethe best after-dinner Pills,
assist digestion, cure headache. Trya boa.
Tin, Copper and
Sheet Iron.
Pumps Set and Repaired.
Plumbing and Fitting for city water
General Repairing Done. Bicycle Re
pairs a specialty.
Shop in Creedmoor Armory.
Jcb O :. I ,rittua .',
I.atest rtyles,
--d-rW @383---
1 607. 1 89s
the library of American Literature,
Compiled and Edited by
Eki CbNs Siban ski Eftl IIKa, lihlAs.
Alone contains more carefully chosen, ably edited, and artistically arranged
Adventures, Correspondence, HumorousArticles, Theology,
Anecdotes, Criticism, Narratives, Travels,.
Ballads, Dramas, Noted Sayings, Wars,
BIographIes, E Orations, Witchogafbs, and
aracter Sketch Poems, Wonders,
istories. Poities.
than were ever before gathered within the same space or ofered In one clleS
The Stedman-Hutchisonm Library of American Literature is indipensable t
en personsa whose time is limited; to children whose tastes are to be to
ho nse who use books for entertainment and instruction, and to all who l l
now anything about books and authr, or who wish to Improve their ow m
reaton and wrti Sold only by subscription through soelicitors aue h
by s. Not for l irtno by ay bookste anywhereat any time. Flor e
-ripion and purchase, e
Miles City, Sole Agent for 3
Mmm it. jMIL
iAIcElIadtC .
4 gmau sguss O , - 4
we mm.~a. m~a
ILII1I 1·1*~~mm~-L
Ruys and .ell, town and ranch property Lo.
ratrr ranir,- de·irjoo of attling on chr.sn
trnt orH. R. land. Attl dst to tte renting at
houM"t. Payn tax:" for nun-residents, etc.
Live Stock Trades a Sp.eialy.
Any hunsitater tntruetd to my cats g:w re.
e.iv"e pro mpt att.,.tion. ('orrepunmdenEe noie.
ited. O).icx its otork (itrouere Bank block, J
t11lle t C.ity", M aCMO*t ea
Cheaieral EBrol3s.es
OrO irE-EMfain street. Mi e (City, next to
itrevell & Porter.
Sherilfs Sale.
HOltl1 M. Howard. plaintiff, vs. Ann Glraham
both as individual and executrix dof the
tf John J. Graham, deceased, and Louis
as atminittrator of theertate of Eliza t raisam,
To be nold at Sheriff a sale on the fth day o
May, 1P'R, at 2 o'elock p. m., at the north doear
if the cMirt house in Miles (ity. 0'"tategu oo .
Montan%. to the highest and lest bidder !a
oash in hand. the following decribed ro
to wit: Loft numbered seveonte. .l
righteen [1v1 in block numbered fort-fosr (.1i
ccording to the iurvey and plat the tohag
Miles (ity. tiled for record by the N orthsIa E l
iflc Railroad company. in tmhe on oft the r.
rorder of deeds for atd coaunty of b Mater,
Dated Mae 2d. RI. .W
Sheriff of ('st- t conat, .
Are now ready to do all kinds of
work in their line
Suits Made to Ordi,
W---Shop opposite \Wright's drug
;tore, up stairs
RLEE. fifUt PAM.
ME rsrrru T roua n A w FU a
14. 116s aUd12 al. 1 h0 L ..I.. uiw .
** laniaa= bnn. -, a
-.y. MLSaTLC _.

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