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Highest of all in Leavening Power.-Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
Sleep on. dear, now,
The last sleep and the hest
And on thy brow
And on thy quiet breast.
Violets I throw!
Th" little life
-as mtine a little whilst
No fears were rite,
To trouble thy brief smile
With stress or strife.
Lie still and be
Forevermore a childl
Not grudgingly.
Whom life has not defiled,
I render thee!
Slumber t, deep
I would not rashly wake.
I hardly weep;
Fain onl tor thy sake
To hare li.o t eep.
Yea: t, dtai -
Tied ! t. ith thee tulast
'Tn-t~ rt., · ..! 1l3 :Lee t~, lay
T atye 1o I, c-t .
. t .. ~t ah , t rltn ," way
Altd. nI, :, I, re rr-.
- E-n:ret JI(,. - ,.n in Atalanta.
African Fruit tuir, .1 by Insects.
Half lltsurest ire of Io auvail in deal
ing with the parasitlc .ly ceratiris-that
scourge of the fruit fariuers in South
Africa. Mr. \illiar' Tuck of Grd.hamo.'
town, who expresse this opiniuon. is a
high authority on r.uit farming. He
t lls us tlpt in tl , eastern province
they can never dep, id on any fruit ex
cept grapes comin; to ripeness without
damage from fly , trve. though where,
owing to high dititude-2.0uU feet to
8,000 and over-there are sharp frosts
every winter sue h fruits as can stand
the cold are fairly free from the plague.
because the larva cannot tide over the
It sometimes happens that scarcely a
peach ripens in the whole province with
out a worm inside. Mr. Tuck is for he
roic remedies. He is decidedly of opin
ion that if a general and perfect destruc
tion of all the fruit grown in any one
year could be brought about by the com
Imun consent of the whole body of fruit
growers the fly might be stamped out.
but he mournfully confesses that the
universal system of "go as you please."
added to the isolated life of cape farms,
renders any such united action of a year's
self denial for the common good quite
impracticable.-London News.
Humau Curiosity.
The inventors of the penny in the slot
machines make their profit out of I. -
man curiosity, and their experience has
shown that a very comfortable revenue
can be derived from that source. Prob
ably few people have any idea of the
number of menl. women and children
who daily buy chewing gum or other
trifles from machilnes, or learn l tr
weight by sterlpitng tUlon it little plat
fort and putting a ccint where it will do
the most w. .1. In a down town .stre
much frelu.lntell by tlh ,se waiting for
cars i. on(i of th.: weighing mnachieas.
which hal t r,.c'rl of ctirluig t'; in it
month. Thaiit tan thiat it that ti:ae
5,000 port; . , ::il1 a lelnnly ani..ce to see
the hatl .,: Iti, dial , rnud.-New
York Tiu, .
with a i:,:, - ct f!h.: ,! - .,,t, its iii
ergies to I i: ,:. plh - vwhre it :
not want. d i'" -:i, ki:nired ext -.
elsewh re. 1-:t * ti..ri, h..- been so mum
freedoll of w'('.--- t t, tle lhoni..s of met
wloie care-rs .1p !.l upin popularity,
and so much tdra. d tingn those in hxrbh
places of unwittingly trampling upin
influential fe-lilg,. that the breed is es
pecially erct:uragl 1 there. Then, again,
there are two nuotable features which
mark the -.1,. v oft tlhe capital-the pres.
ence of offcial anrl statesmen who are
known tar and wide. and the absence of
men wh1, are di.rintfuished in the sci
ences and the art,.-I-. L. Nelson in
Harper 's
bt. Dunstan and the Devil.
One of the most famous smiths of the
Weald was St. IDunstan. archbashop of
Canterbury Maytield in Sussex is the
site of an ancient archiepiscopal pal
ace. anld i,, r-. according to some, took
place the terrific encounter between St.
Dunstan ;lt, the devil. Atanyrate, the
anvil, hatnnuer aln ton,;s which are al
leged to have belonged to the samint are
still proeserv:e at Mayfieldpalace.--.en
tleman's Magazine.
No Need ol Praise.
"You never sit and talk to me as yao
did before we were married." sighed the
young wife.
"No," replied the husband, who was a
draper's assistant. "The guv'nor told
me to stop praising the goods as soon as
the bargain was struck"-London T'_t
iott jfissaleratood.
uest ( wc-a ring large diamondr--I trust
ye und nertand amy bringing a detective
with me to o,.,ur reception?
Hostess-rl. lprfectly. You could
msily be acquitted if we uilsed any
thing.--Vog u.
A curiou- i.ioek. in which the text i
neither writ.,.,l or priunted but woven.
has buen pubtlihed. it. Lyone. It war
anadeed sof and w*a- jiubh.h.ed in 2.
ea b lipart con--ttog of but twe
Do Ants TAlk?
I one day saw a drove of the small
black ants moving, perhaps to better
quarters. The distance was some l:0
yards. Most all which came from the
old home carried some of the household
goods. Some had eggs, some had what
may have answered for their bacon or
meat; some had one thing and some an
other. I sat and watched them closely
for over an hour. I noticed that every
time two met in the way they would
hold their heads close together as if
greeting one another, and no matter
how often the meeting took place this
same thing occnrred, as though a short
chat were nec.tssary.
To prove more about it, I killed on,
whoi wt.s on hi.s way. Others being eye
wit ll,.,- to the mur tlr, went with
1h.I,.and wv.iit viy ult ti:evy met tile
talkinz t..ik I.Le :es before. But in
st-adl f a li,. ;i-::Wt .:reeting,. it was sad
neis stv y, .i to ,o.n;:;uicate. I know
it was s.ti news- fr every ant th::t thl >
parti,- meut hlis: ily Iturn-, back and tied
on aniother cour--. tas luIchi as to say,
"Fior thii kin.:' sake and for your s:lfty
do lnt go th :ce, for I have seen a miui-in
ster just behind that is able to destroy
us all at one blow. I saw him kill on
of our family. I do not know how hilrny
more are kill. d." So the news spread.
and it was true. I-How was the Inews
communicatedl if not by speech.--:.aga
zine of Natural History.
Not Too .Mutch Gold.
Gold-not yellow, but the hue of the
priecious metal--yi his the most satisfy
ing clour sen-sation of which the human
retina is caplable. It behooves the de
signer to employ it lluit sparingly, save
where an etlf.ct of utmlost splendor is
aimed at. Unhappily many persons with
no right to splendor desire to hbe splen
did: everybody, seeing that society has
beI-ceiiu iinpatinnt of sumiptuary laws.
has a legal right to be as splendid as lie
Every hackney driver on his cab, every
publican on his premises, every publisher
on the miserable cloth covers of his
Christmas books, may vie with his neigh
bor and rival in the cheap and lavish use
of what is the id-al of costliness and
rarity in the fit tii.us display of what
nel:e to be tlh emblem of truth-pure
The evil reenlting from this is twofold.
Gold has alike ceased to be used by the
deeignor or r ;garded by the beholder
*with any reverence, for, taking excess
ive advantage of that prolperty which
makes it tpossible to spread it in infinite
simally thin layers, it is used to impart
merit to faulty di sign and spurious
value to cheap material. It is not a sin
gle jackdaw, but every contemptible or
obscene bird. that flaunts itself in pea
cock's plumes-.-Blackwood's Magazine.
.Men Are Not Interesting Invalids.
Woumen take only too kindly to the
role of an invali'l, the sofa. the fleecy
white shawl. tihe little cups of beef tea
or plates of o,,teors. Uiince let a woman
taste the dri-:utvy 1,laliures of this sort
of existenc.,. nlll nl: -s .ome shock or
sliSte of dllty roue : her she will calmly
conlti.ue for thie r"-rt of hrcr days in the
plea: int path before hr. She smiles
sw,:etlvy et the little atte:itiens offered
hi-r. -,lh Ilrs.-iis in the ,aintiv.-t of semi
toilets, awl she ooiks so pretty and gen
tle and patient that it seldom dawns on
her husband thtthe existence is an ig
noble one. But let my lord fall ill, and
oh, dear, what a differmnt t·ile to tell!
The valet comes flyint from the rooim
followed by ita iot, the cook gives notice i
because the master called the beef tea
"beastly stuff." the h~on ,emaid is in tears
because she is not allowed to sweep or
dust the sickroom. .Man. noble man, is
a pitiful object when he is sick. Get
him thoroughly ill and lie is a better pa
tient than a woman. but if he is merely
haid up for a day or two with a cold or a
bilious attack he persistently kicks in
stead of wisely enjoyiung the rest which a
beneficent nature has imposed on him-
London Ho-pital
How Laco Acts.
Loco is often called "crazy weed"
from its direful effect on cattle or horses
when they '.at it in any quantity. In the
beginning the poison is slow in showing
itself. The first symptom is usually a
dull, glassy lo,,k in the eyes, which grad
ually dilat,: and become wild and staring.
If after this the animal is left to graze
on the herb, the symptoms will become
more pronounced, the vision becomes
impaired, and the victim develops an
aptitude for grotesque antics, sometimes
rushing madly about. A "locoel" horse
will balk, back, rear and often hurl it
self backward, and has the greatest ob
jection to having its head touched.
The last and fatal stage of the disease
is a gradual wasting away of the ani
mal. Cattle born on the prairies seer'
instinctively to avoid the loco. High
grade beasts most easily fall victims to
their partiality for the weed.--Chambers'
Th)4 P., Glass Cap.
The first glass cups were made at
Alexandria. ,'1n-me were colored like
Bohemian ,la-- anI decorated with gla-,
pastes, i lu.. a t u., pr± iour ýt'le s a"'l
cameos. r,.:, w.r, ,,.lhet, ot.', us clar
as ryrstal. :, i. rtil , of U' t .lrut.-l '.f
fka 1t :,.u..s." %' i1- ; a 1,1w
gro , . . .. i..r a. li !:ýe fur
1 ahil,;t : v..w
en Whoe id Sollitude Ina the Very Cor.
ters of Liveliness.
One of the most interesting studits in
human nature about the city is the mani
who lives in hotels. I do not mean the
commercial traveler or the man who is
engaged in business of any kind, but the
man who has nmIl.ing to do but to loi
around himt andi enjoy hinmself. He mad
actually enjoy himself, too, for all I
know. I lh, : he dots. l!e is interi :t
in;g nas a illhstration of what some nt It
call enjo ,yment.
The fasihionable hotels of New York-
andi unfashionable hotels for that mat
ter-are the shelter of many men who
are not in business other than the busi
ness of looking pretty and observing the
rest of the world move. I do not say
they are the homes of such men-they
merely shelter and feed them.
In many instances this life is that of a
hermit. Possibly a man accustomed to
the wild, hilarious career offered by a
country hotel may cavil at the expres
sion in this connection, but it is because
such a man does not understand city
ways. A year or two ago a well todo gen
tleman died in a New York hotel. He
had lived in the hostelry for years, and
yet not a soul-if I may use the word
soul in speaking of a h ,tel corporation
knew him per:-onaily or anything about
him beyond the fact that he paid his bills
promnptly and regnlarly. He chose to
make no acqnaintances and was satis
fied to appear to tb. h. itel managers as
"No. 61. K.." or by whatever number his
room was , .i s;inated. The Ihotetl nlan-l
agemitnt ho:d clhage::d se.veral tiimes. but
he lived on thcrer, a calm, unruffled ex
As a guest such a man is a ji wel, and
as may rettably be snill.p.s, I he. was
not likely to ,t. harass.,d by tutnect:ssry
attentions. Whein hie died tnd it was
found that he swas a cltllleall of illde
lpendenllt fortulln-tlhe Ilewspailers, of
course. making the discovery--swme Ieo
plee marvclcd for a day or twot and then
forgot himnt. I recall the incident now
only to illus:rate that in a great city like
this what ali.pears to 1b, the most Iublic
life may be in reality ihe most exclusive.
There are Ip.lty of men living hermit
lives in New York hotels-as much sons
if they occupied a poor hovel in the soli
tary fasithn sees of the wilderness.
I know cmen who reside at swell hotels
who do not seek to avoid their fellows.
but who might as well be confined in
the penitentiary or be dead, so far as
their usefulness to society is concerned.
They remnind me of convicts-so appar
ently listless, aimless and inert their ex
istence. They eat. drink and sleep.
Life holds no monre inviting cup for them
thatn that offered by the hotel corridor.
They have exhausted what men call
pleasure or are bycyond the age of phys
ical enjoyment, with no reserve capacity
for mental lleasure. To a man of some
temperametnts tuch ait life would be a liv
ing death.-New York Cor. Pittsburg
A Negro Voman'us wonderfal Hair.
Hearing the statement made in Holly
Springs that a remarkable negro woman
freak lived only a few miles from this
town, your correspondent determined to
obtain the facts in the case.
A middle aged negress greeted the visit
or. The woman is quite dark, of a pro
nounced African type of physioginomt,.
5 feet 3 inches tall, and in fair heiltit. but
has never had any children. She wore a
white cotton turban tied about her head
and tucked in at the baclk to support the
inmiense weiglht iof cr hair. This sie re
mloved anti laid upon the table atnd n
woullnlh' It., I irl of Ihr wyond ,rful hair.
wthich lwnit inaty tit, s ar . lIdhTer ad
anll dropI,-d up,olt the florl'.
It twa. intltel d an ::imzin iigiit. Thrt c
bral- all ,t a- thick as a ltat's arii
cI)>' to tli h ad. biut tal -i:ria t ti l
thl:itr als tf a fin li it the ( s - , .o.ly
plitrel ar l mneaJ rilI fTeet 6 incsDh
braitl.,Id as it is, in 1+i: lti. It lh :,]: :d
go,,,, du al like Al- dea.h i,-s. but i- dark
er, oriukl,.d and _rizzled, coarse and al
mnost repulsiv:, to the touch, suggestin..
gha.tly stori,,s of the abnortual gr,, tit
of hair after death.--Missisippi Caur.
New Orleans Times-Democrat.
A Rermarkable Statue.
Some years ago a melodrama was be
ing performed in a country theater, the
chief actor in which had made himself,
from his haughty and overbearing con
duct, disliked by all. In the last dcene
he was supposed to visit the tombs of his
ancestors. In the center of the stage
upon a marble pedestal stood the statue
of his father. A heavy fold of drapelry
covered the figure. Enter Albert. who
thus addressed the statue:
"Iam here once again to gaze upon
those features which in life so often
looked on me with tenderest affection.
Fatlhr. thy lnouroing son now comes to
pay thee adoration. Let me remove the
veil which from, the vulgar gaze shields
the beloved image of a ,once dear parent "
off went the dlrapery and, lehold! the
father stool up.n, his head! The effect
cannot hse delcrihd. It was electric.
The lhu,t, of laughter which followed
the ii ltake of the super effectually ;put
an enc to the scene, which changed to
the next as quickly as possible, amid the
jeers ,of the audience, the anger of the
manau"acr and the uncontrollable rage of
the ac:tor.-L,u,lon Tit-Bits.
General Grant'.s Well ~ euat Pollteness.
The story is toll of General Grant
that while engaged in an animated ar
gum, blt with Mrs. John A. Logan onone
occasion he Olpenel his cigar case and
offered her a cigar and took one himself.
He lit his own and procededl with the
dic:u..cion. Mrs. Logan quietly accept-cd
one, too,. int secret,-d it without attract
ing attenttion. She now pres.wrves that
ci.ar a. a , cuvenir.-Springlfield I pute
L',okla.L I .r lformsatleua.
A .' (eI icjti, r o 0ccn r' ctrdrlý *ff'rcl
lrra:, r a a i' % l, 't" C ,c ',
cj L .'-- V'.r:. . . .
Will Vote
as usual at the next school election
but for many candidates. They giv
a unanimous vote-every day m thr
week-in favor of
because they knowit has no equal as
labor and temper saver on wash-day
The "White Russian" is a great soap ,
use in hard or alkal water. Does no
roughen or injure the hands-is per
fectly safe to use on the finest fabrics
JAS. S. KIRK CO., Chrcaga
Sy* iama Tare gyp. *ua:I:1L s
Ca ents.n Trade-:T . wa tainecd, ad all Pat.
en busonens conduct,' tfor MODrA S rt FE.
{ Our Ovrlcc I. OPPeoSIT U. S. PACN r. Orrict¢
and we cu r n secure .:; -t l Pl l owe. t 0iaa th os ?
remote from tta.h:n;t,,n.
Send nmodel, daw,::g or photo., with de -rip-;
tion. We advise, if I atentabld or not, free of
charge. Our fee not due tll patent is secured.
A PAMPHLETr 'Hoe to Obtain Patents,'' withb
Lost of same in the U. 6. and freigu countries
Seat free. Address,
Lumbago, Soliatica,
Kidney Complaints,
Lame Back, dc.
With II ro*MaDn.tllo SUllTEN Re.
Latest Putent. /Ilt.t Imprlvement.
Will lore witltnot m,,lltr all' , -skeu rsJ a.t:.g tr'e
oier-tixanlon of Bran nierte Comfeit exear ur o ii ,
cnrOion ns ar"I dIito y rnOk.-D k r, o
rt. oiuim. r , kl.!ll ,. fi r ncd t2'tl]jr c.si, t..
lanre tc . t ol , mu s etutagl. , all tt Fre alt .o' oll , n:"
ýtorrelra InI healtho, etc. Thi crttt.- ef tc ...
In-toatlly eltlt upr o ovrenar all er, .. t O.
. teltnt y ly e lglb We er or re for,"t R,5 tO,.ti:..:";
will Curealtllo the atoe i .ite.o ,r Io . i'.hi,
sanda have bht n cured hat-e.s . ln rh. ,Tiit u
Slter all other ,.*n lie falltd. lod ce .tlre h+ulc i
ote lttmotal in tl l atln thIer te s toI.
Our lseefl fusreed ELFtTetIc etoertoonl, tEl,
Idelrtt lonul er uor-rtd w lv utak en. .1E . t ; I _."
all'l Url.Nb Sd ltlamweLu o Pm SiSt k.NTtl? I, ie t,
5a0 ,.% Hend f rll:u+'f p1rhl.,At.t.ul,.,at 'e , t.
7o7E s C N rt M.
Also, for Fottl:re nn a itlorn tltatebld Ion the tIer of
duty In the regular Army.,r Na, a.lurtth- war.
Rturvlt,trs of tII Inr.tln wr.tof 1h4' ttd1942,tnd
thtltr widow-, now enttitled. idtand reJ1trtt ctlailltoS
a tperrtIty. l'hi,osands Ilnitlld to htlher rates.
Rnd4 · r er,,*- tlow. ior Cs gro for advic.. Ng fe
until sRacc _at-l.
to act an our a. at. .- furi. l Yt u xa e
Outfit aud all o r it'lJ lr,,. It cost. outhitng to
try the Ii-il,.-.. V, Ill treat )ou welt, ustd
help you to ,ar'ia . t itle - . rdiinoy way'.. Itith
nex.. of all fil.- .II: li, at home allnd work ill
bparr tins,. or :ll It,, tin.. Anlyni ou uuan whlirl
Ceaut t t a ghtat .i'l.ii it t -Ut. "itty liare qtud.i
Two litdrid lnaltare a hioll sob. Not clla. o
oppl+ it, the1 wl,.r lll :i tttkitg .O ta clil ottnlesy
Wilthout capital a- lth ,I-,, ..: k ftur u-. Itulise",
pleasant, strittli l.te, r:alt , ali guay- totter tlhan
lan other offlrtil to na. :. YlL tlana. Iel.it
Held, with no lntllllt iti, l 11 i 't .luiip yotu illtlt i
everylinug, and i -lot.Ih rild tlrdiirnctiotl. fr
beglinnen hitch, if .,t~ t d t,.itifullv will brtin
motre stmney tt:i t will an, e ier hutitts.. fit,
tpros. sour pr,-pia , -' %Il niut oI' u cast tol ,
e.iln and .urin it te,\r r fir.r u-. lea.tltabtet
lHoO Nt.. 4853, Poertlud. Me.
analhesk. T 1 s' . ,
,.. r++.i. .; * 'i - .... ,+. ..
" :I+.iui..llm~ l,+• . "
; k~. . E.t.- I* - "* +..-, +
A San Francisco Paper
Would Form an Interesting Addim
to Your Winter Reading.
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as aetilt, the whole collection bound in a handsome bamboo leatherette case;
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Columbus at the Court of Ferdinand and Isabella.
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aster or New. ,- : r Th.n, hasstv , .. e., ! -."1 the m:lter, c - a , r , : . .i;
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The Forum
1893 - .C. Pueta a W. Eateru
The Forum.
ý'J]I f e "NEW S. t uo ratted et, vast ' m loss'
asst tror uyfrrdfolasng r n m a r .
t" I OK a.estOlr lu artlee aheet wL a .
re aesw u.tng a th lmlf hr
Them amt taedeso dyatrowsA lrI s
Bs tedmet ste eSt 7o sr5 loe ellw
W. E. usstee t aesesei yerm thelatedth i F.Etsms
mbe eethe ;theresolim;t saeme.
The seeret? of TIsj lonwasU its eas is
tat its wrm-tse asItk t allwthi. * li
Its "SAM a t e 1 _ d b s r*
eat hethid a bat Tan loau r sed to us ar
H rear as ass so ad n odit.e issa
Ineead f ef elm in.m the ore er aa
Isisre5,t, t ,. ,, toJO lr|ro st 70P
only to take a fcw t.tS Aathealeie whes the .pami broke, tu iirbecoes
asy ac" ysot f,'l '. if an a'el u-f mercy had nohm td hile rsps of te fm inger
,f dealh. Tihe hps,,." t moment itf your lire wsi tie whea have usaedebwhet
of OI Tts's ASTHMAtLE E and it ha's crte v ofwu r A as
Asti .r We n.e.l. o anv Ath suffre.a teslsttl tha. .i ii -t
km. 5 t, agss. D. Ta Sr. U.C , I

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