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fl) EdI.- l. W l..l IM
The Author at "Gulliver.
ietwitlan :t1 d i I I, for a dozen
yearr Swift ritt ueali ta Ireland, with.
ett iatermassiola, altogetter apart from
public Hfe. At the latter .iate hie went
to Litndiin, pratlatvy neistiaitl aa' ithanqg
of sneen after the ahilak of Miss Van
btanrag i-s death anl t he grievous as'ne
he nmtwt have had that it was he who
haid killid her, and it was then that
"GIulliver" was pulbliaheal. The latter
purtions of it. which the children have
Sejectedl, we are glad to have no a pace to
dwell uapn. The hitternetisi passion and
ntaivry of them are tatyiand parallel. One
woutl like to have any ground for te
litving that the hltiybnhm' and the rest
caive into baeig after Stellae death. but
this was not the aeaa. Site was 4itnly a
woman and was taut, after all, af such
vital Inttjortanae in the ta an's existence.
Withdrawal from the life he loved,
contluaaenwt in at narrow sphere, the dia
sptatintmaent 'if :t tali which felt itself
born for greant nta- and had tasted the
hagh excitementa'' f poIwer, but now had
nothing to do buit fight over the choir
with his aratlbishop and gaivetocisan
fe a haudrerI at-iIi ten in that' Dublin
eoterie, hal matiuatt the atgry laissitin
In him and -itreil the awt'tneaSs of na
ture. Few people now. when they take
up their ai illiver go ia vata ilrohi
dinltgt.g. 'he rest 1" like a suic'i-'ssti iil /i}
bal dreatu .. the caafutea anis iri-s if ii
fever T . I.:.k th..L I a. I .ain-rv. that
5ealmai sia- t i cl esii ti aluInxuryi waitlh
in io niy f ' atindral hells at. thli
rhrit te h-' - briPn raLrk an'd
di trau"' I :un" .I sh, sotsr o .su l tsorsh!l
have i , nd a' wi t' h ra i !.:t ii .
thoritlow i' !I lpp " i"" ,t " a tihe
ith-r d yv ,i.t lv t. 1 I
A t a i itoi teiiv . i t
baby of in ii.ii t ii a i . .aa'iI I -:t t- it
lit i ' a it ,.at aita t ha hu t t
dri n-it . Witia i h.- t awnitaiwai w.it go'-1i
fortably clfu. th at t apaartit teta'
were pasty iatu nhiaitoi aia'I" . a aii": if
uniwh *-ni fuont anl ill ven slat,"d
tai inte hert is a rat thepr oaa ti't.
The t"rmer . urihtedly was, tur each
child was runnueing ai large slice of nut
touirip, nor tonh Itn wate~rmeiloo. houi::tt
from ~ni' if thw is-iiling fruit stands
which Mananid lit that he uality. The baiby
is arms keptr at his piece with his tooth
less gumts until lit had secured several
bits, which Iv* sw'allow'ed with ;nsto.
Alarmed for the effect vsque his tender
er at least youthful stomach, a plassen
ger, another woan, n.pproatched tihe
"Aren't you afraid to let your baby
eat thalct! ,he asked. p. .iit ineg to the fruit.
The woitan Iheekel npthrstjtieel "*)h.
he li'ie it." ehe naiad.
liect it tecace' cni hetee nick, ite' ic uc h
a yout.L, babh .is rilteeI tie .tiher.
"*h)i. tee' utnc'e. red the anotheer genal
aatureue lyc il- l tel to it teel
peachIes. 'ele addeld. with an aire f pridel.
at ien eIgee ce proewe.,c.
And the othcer wom.tsae ceetle only re
turts tee her seat vanquished, whsle the
waternelon pursnete its rolicky way.
New Yerk Timtees.
..emuidreratC..se leea Stter Mine.
mIt is Vet'' a-toett-Ing." cail a gentle
man whoe .ttunese freeetnetly requires
long purneyie 11t,. the interior of the
eunttry. Ihc.w tnacty %. ltple. of innate
eetmee'teset e.f ftee'lttig one emee' across
aneeg the reughleet of turn. A year or
two ago I hall a survey to make of eelrue
land t lelegting to cine of the lergest eil.
tre neee ce -- terretery I had taken
my wife with we. and ee 1r. - , the se
pertntendlent" was- eoest kind let showing
and expclaIntng e'eerythtig to her. One
inorntitg we were all standing near a
shaft. Istectnng with great Interest tC
xs tjexplatatCoes ecetieerning prleee let.,
veite of ere-. values and esttimates, when
suddenly we heard enuecnfueed sounds
ot falltmg, followee by vearicn ectc axclamtia
tinets anid. we thought. gre e.c
" What is the tecatter eclattimed tty
wife as the cage camne up and a big,
sturdy fellow stepped out. Nothing
atucti. lady, he answered. and he whis
pered anietuhg to the suplerintendeit,
who turned c t.e us with an elxpretion of
great e rtileni on hi: face. oate of the
metn who ts working ce-lw had had a
bad fall.' he -ail. hii -houldcer is disc
located aned the y et r hie leg is lerceken
Why dee they nout bring hum up at once?
bIe cnntwtuec. addressing the great,
brawny, red llurteed ruiner who had
brought the news.
"' 'Tom was afrald of frightening the
lady. and .anted we to coi. lrst.' he
amewered."-New York Tribuea.
Costly Mallneads.
The coetheet mile of railway is a mile
meteaured on the steel portion of the
Forth bridge. The lentigth of this por
tarn is a mile and 20) yards. and the cost
al it was considerably ever £te00.000.
The moat expensive railway system in
tba world is the ''Inner Circle" line of
London. which co"st. incl ugi~l the pur
chase of land, from £6t1O.uieM) eo nearly
1,t000.(t00i leer tmile. The lout eonetruct
ad mile. between the Mansion house cdu
Aldgate. C et altogether. including
iosompumeations." nearly £2.0A0,J0.
Leadon Letter.
Ik n.ic kil. %n.. the mIltod State.
N ."a .n,., Iitnrrass in nI.rmtellinnanfudd.n
amnd snaurn.rninn. hmeang.. Em the Ates.
n.h.rr- I. in rl n. inellne..
line i iFuil miiil.ir-tt-int of the gK'
-runsn't at--:dter uireau in predictin
the dtes'troins t(Prna~dl*- il Iowa !.4
hoart indvam,:e of their awful isilta
Ii.. In briinght i.t.o new prouninenie the
n-,iimarkabil wa-rtiny with which in
th.-.t"days. f advantced sets-nce w.-ath."r
for.- a st c(iI lie minaile.
Tih.- prediction (f the Iowa tornado
offers a noteworthy ixamnple ofthe value
of the government bureau and illus
trates the perfectionof the system it emn
ploys, but the forecast in point of acci
racy is dplincated daily. It isn't every
day that a tornado starts on a wild stam
pede, but the weathermharpm are expected
to keep the cities and towanof the coun
try posted in advance in regard to the
weather The daily forecast has becomne
an all important element in all calcula
tions. whether of pleasure or of buaineas.
and could no more be dispensed with
than the telegraph or any of the othir
agencies which have revolntionml
Several years ago a couple of young
army lieutenants who saw tornadoes in
every cloudcap kept the western farm
ers dodging in and out of low ground
cellarn until they became round shoul
iereis and neglected their crops, but the
young lieutenants' experience is now one
of the annusing traditions of the ohfie.
It is told, too, possibly as a joke, tlht
the colored janitor who had rheumatismi
and icaked upon his left leg as a reli
able gauge did the prophenying busine-s
when the lieutenants were invited to
soeone swell function.
Things are run differently now, as tini
relnability of the predictions and tin'
able administration of the bureau at
test. It i. doubtful. moreover. if aty
cointitry on the globe has a letter equip
ti-i Neirvice. This, is indue in ranoe ni.-ai
arc to thinoopportunities of study offer,-it
by tin, iivens-r. lituattic pejnhiarities of
-lie U'nitedl States. These Iswouliarities
miake the work of weather prophrisini
un're a tiont ditilit task, requiring ati.
Finiplou iiti it of nun of wide i-xls-n rict
-u1 it-;nrtnii. It is by tio tnalll iu lin
consulat vicuaret~tatunce for lth- weathet~
buriian to chase half t dalzin diffiur.t
varittiis of sturmnns ovcr liit country i tt it
utzi it may In- biniling in North i:u
kota. i turn:iti tmay tie making ,
havou in thli wsti-rn fizrming hl-It. a
iititititin ilily Iii iowling along til
Atltlem rIC L.injeriling shipping.iutc
fur ur fite thuiniier-stmrtus tiity in
crt-ating iltturm iii is many differ-tit Ws
tI ii0i.
With all these consplientions, a shortt
thickset mtin. w-i ia ;ray eyebrows an'
gray mnsttthe. cailly looks over tit
maps which are timde on the repirt, of
evtre one ,f t he goitrntent ohwnrer,
thrirglitut the country mnii figures tort
last the kind of weather that may bt
expected in every state anti etion
This ehoirt. thickset man, with grad
eyebrows and gray mustache, is th*
official who,. on examining the map, as
the night of July fi. paused for a itn
uwnt, and then, to the surprise of hi
assistants, mnurmuretl. "This looks lik
it ttrnado."
M1ajor Dunwottdy was the officer who,
read the signs bright. The gtivernznt
observers at Sioux City, Des intjiew.
Kettluk and t nahat had all relirtrttl
threatening antospheric conditions. anut
their reports when reduced to traciigg
tin the nutps showed that the renter of
the atinnspheric disturbaunces was at
Chevenu,. with the winds racini front
all four polintc of the compass towar.
the Wyomii g capital. Major Dui
wtstly has had tin intitmate acquaint
aune, with storms for years, and this
tornado didn't fool him by pretending to
rendezvons at Cheyenne. The major is
an lhd army officer, who understands all
about flank movements, and he began it)
figure out where the main attack might
ie expected.
He was sitting ott a high stool in the
forecasting room at the weather bureau.
calculating on the tornado's probable
evolution. The major read the report of
the storm sentinels at Sioux City ant
Des Moines over again and then drew a
circle, with the center at Cheyenne and
the circumference toward the east.
touching Davenport. The major's ex
perience taught him that the mist:
trouble might he expected in the south
east segment of the circle, and before 9
o'clock that night all the observers who
furnished Itho alarming reports were in
structed by wire to send out warnings tot
cities and towns on the respective set
tions, and orders were also given to em
ploy every teans to inform the country
districts of the impending peril.
Hours foo-ftre the storm broke with It
terrible fury express trains running
through the isolated communities had
carried the bureau's intelligence, and
thttse who htved far from the railroatil
station were warntd by whistles wheilt
were blown according to an establishaltt
;'il well understood code.
How quickly all this was accomplisheih
illustrates the efficiency of the goverte
ment system as directed by Chief Har
rinirton. Attit'tlock on the night of the
5th the observations were made, and an
ht our later Major Dunwoody with quick
judgment basld on long experience, had
located the storm and had sent out I
forecast to the threatened community.
t..llingeof the dangers to be feared. How
much greater might have been the dane
age to property and how much greater
the loss of life lit for the warimngs!
The weather human did not attouice
that a toritado might ite epaxs-ted. a
t'rnadu h redletrtnnl went -,lt of fimsu
it itih the %o~urg army lieutrcinsis The
It . ' 'i-,x M.n n it ,alt. w ax ,+ till, ..If It
i* 10..41 tth tdtlttar i-n wen
'I .itnt thei fasrnusa knew ail;
e1 I- na nt As 110,te r -rt
l t 'te I t lu t a& gri tatd cellar
S ."1 .!i.-. in whit, ii lits s1i tl
\.-hri au dar dew
A V 'I'" I Player.
( 'lie v I alba a r 1v. ; pjayiaag arar " n
aal.!it a ' a',.' r:.. la'n"" in fill
t I ' at :... , aa'e af tha 1.
N. i In , I. ntle. 1' 1 'it \:.r' 1s .Ft*lil ., -
t- -a l, raa :a. .aI ..ra'a, wv -ra.
to,+. 1 .Vai ' 'hel ,:: Ipr'i
S t 1"swrn
I t m.ne: It -a
I t..I I
t"Ia. '. 2 1 s .
- t .-. . . a i '- ,a ' a : ý a : - a
S1 . --'a:'. In
- 'I
i .. a. :I I
AlIii"a a a C a
an''. a . a '1 ''.l
i t . . Ia a- I .a a a".a I tI. -.. aaat
pa'rti 'r a :Iuv ..: -r mn
as t'. l l . i ' aa'a'l.1' I in san
a1a-1a'"i: a-.a-l r1:a . aa a [-'Ial I :ý sas. "la a
kitwm t::1 I""l ". " a l-. t L" t h aril o
tlaa'aia':si Ia :' II ra'a: a a aita'zliaag witla
nsa-il.a a 2.: - .a - . . . . a :- a a als. 'li e
tri'sa .r ata'aaaa : . a* ' ,-i~a th. maa r ~al
cleanv i t':.I:: : "'.' 5s,. the. I -sIs th.
fire.--t. uia 1ai a.;!ilia.
The Best Medicine.
.1. 0. 1Icteiso, Contractor and
Imilder, Sulphur Springs. Texas,
tlies speaks of Ayer's Pills:
" Ayes's Pills are the test usedicine I
ever tried: and, in mny judgmeent, no
better general remedy tecold tee devised.
I have used them In mesy family and
recommended then to ney friends and
emuployes for more than twenty years.
To my certain knowledge. many cases
of the following complaints have been
completely and
Permanently Cured
by the use of Ayes's Pills alone: Third
day chills, dumb ague, bilious fever,
sick headache, rheumatism, flux, dys.
pepsia, constipation, and hard colds. I
know that a moderate use of Ayes's
Pills, continued for a fewcdays orweeks,
as the nature of the complaint required,
woeele bI found an absolute cure for the
disorders I have nmued above."
"1 have been selling medicine for
eight years, and I can safely say that
Ayer's Pills give better satisfaction
than any other Pill I ever sold."-J. J.
Perry, Spottaylvania C. I.. Va.
Prepared by Dr.J..C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Every Dose Effective
ads.te~ Tr ur. e-c anrp net, - 1
t td re1 Ptelnt batceeve c. etyuted ear
lnfermatecn and advice givea to esvestatewithat
btetrg,. Addrnes
Man.&egig .tttorney,
P.ct 4^. We^eette re.TONT(.C,
e,; < o mamaxcd by a cemheset eceaf
ttc. I t u "t i . ct ie luec e.t.ie n, e sp p re 1 c se
te It.i4 t j ., f I r ..." expIrc "t Icer t. of eetr.s.
has thie ta ssu'ertbtsm n:ce.t Ue "r .i.e:us
3,rt lce .e t c. P ct _t'. n. .t t .1" eh
printh ia " anl gyn :. ". .",, rth, r " ntl
b1iet _. .... " 'as u ce.e C 'oe tueeatae
Csweaslss TradeMharks netained. and stl Pat.
eat beseess conducted for leerMocsAT is.
OseT Owrece is O,9eset U f PA rem? rM
ant 05ee canUCS jesepaten ee c I. t~une then tiece
eeeeec::.ce trues ild~br ereceat
.aed maecdel. deaewcr g set . deip
ci.cee. We a.Svi.c. t eestetad or nDt. tree of
goue~ge. (Cu to inomet due tell atentet is seceured.
A PASr~esLE " H~ow teO btaei Pacetent,. with
IaSot ,. bra(- to thss U . sand foreig ceceetelss
Ose. pseectN Omesoc W55eeesTON. O C.
ý1 .
ýyýY ý.ýs psý
4 -r-ý:
Lump.ýc , Sdlatlaa
- metack, &&.
Latent raeN.a~ta US Iw 'a~eewKta t
Wtr-I..eteotrx o lt.,'ratlC..m retlitfo
sees,., a ..w C eht.tL~y. els., -Ces~ese. 5ast...r
r~hs,,'rt,.m,. kidnsey. liver and b5.. .1.1' Cosepul..'"
W.'ra ill Mwt, rte. Tisa*4e ll .tneor 11":e.,Itut*
srl mromlots e~r all sihe ur'.. t issr
let111satly folt y .. rar or we fert,,,t 35.01 ttItlO
N .cstl a~llof the Plae. ditereaor nr., {r.. tieS.
aneds haee taen 'sered 5.. ti~smtvle r orrl.
after all ether rytrisedle failrd, aed leatrer Lwldited
Idt tiesimoniuls in this end t~vel3 otherer lb.t
(Jew Ihenefel Jepeesed tLtr1l3It' NIt1lC tstRY. the
0.a~du.f Ne6.n for. 110 ls.lnrAa/ 1.aýt~t u. Iý. ES
OtdeC 5..lfel 'a' t.l l' irt. .:,e..r~l c"r . . lis
Cd AS.. At Ed 11t. MIe % e \:"U1.13. EI1e .
Cauatgry, Laur, Poultry and Rabbit Feucu.
14. 116, 1111 and MSO. V1asrt $1.. Chicape. IlL.
oftwnr tw a
Oke*W 1Ic .r* a -r
tie"? . "rn 'c . r .('i fl
riarm t I N"! W ri i
The a. An. ifem. at.h
'tat nfactuirai by
Th Evans Chemic' C . I A
Ys a.A
Running Through Gars
SI. Paul
hullt sad
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