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opear ish, Monday. Wednelday
T ogue River, Mondays. Wednes
daya./ ml Fridays .................. 7 2)) a. nt,
lotus e y.... Ip. m.
Ylolt. MonhytndFrdas.. 73. "p. t.
-O open from to I p. m.
('HAa. W. SEYDE. P. M.
Northern Pacific Time Table.
No 1. Paci. Expr..s ......... :a. in.
L. aclP Scll Mail .................. ll.. i: p.i m .
o . pr..s Freight ............... 11 p m..
li. Wai. Freighlt........ . :10 Ua.
i,. 2 Atlantic Ex . ....... ...... , . .
o 44 a tic Mail ........... ... ;: a. mn.
o p;res Freiht ............ .11 :1 a. nt.
NotE Way Freight .......... n.
lfficial Directory.
Memn.hr (of ('ollgre. .('. S. Harttmuan. li.Z.tllluln
(lovernor..... J. E. Riekarnl,. Helena
Lieut-4iov ..... Al.x Iotkin. Heluna
Secretary o State. ... L. Rotwitt. HlJlena
State Treaureri.. .. F. W. Wright, Helena
State Auditor .. Atdre.w I. ('iCok. H.etina
Att'y tirneral Henri J.. Hankell. Helena
npt Pub !. . E.A. Stleer,-, elleena
Asoci.atl.Jtstices H arweoI. hilling,
I W.H. h'.Witt. luItti.
Surveyor liegural . i.,. O. Eat,::,. tiltuin
C. S. Mar.l .. ... .. Furry HIe,-a
(Collector lnt j . J.. H. Mill. Dteir. L.lgle
Rrleister . S. L. . .1. Gordon. Mile l"it;,
Receivjer. .. . T. (atl. thl. Mite ('ity
Weather Obererrer H. H. Illynton. Mil.s (City
Judge teventl .In uirtll Dicstrict
. l on t itno. H Milburn. Mile Pity
Oliticial St nulrlipher ..
.. . Frd W. Kreidtler. Mil.s i ity
State Stnalltr . ... . Swift. Ekalaka
State Reprv'ein':ti,,. J. H. Mr0 Miiriily
L. A. luffman..i
Sheriff.. .... Hawkin.. Miles (ity
Treaurer .... W. E. Steagi,.
ilk anid Helr . . H. Swerdfltgr.
C'lk Dii onurt W. J. Zimnmermann.
'County Atton.ey . 1'. i. Lou:,.
Surveyo, r . .. ....('has. Sexton. "
('oronuer .. .. . Li"thrnr.
Sunt of t cslna. . Mrs. J. . Light.
Public Adm.. ........ l ry Nay..
1W. N. Hat ...
Catnzineoneere. W. S. tlt.|li .... Hathaway
T T. J. lirahamn . RIo.ebud
Ju tice..... ... . .tJtl1 B( ib, . Mi.is (City
S ". Sune n . .
('nalahb, ... . I. Hlogani.
Mayor. .. . Je.tl, RyanU
City Altlir t) .. ... . H. Middleton
Clerk ...... ... ... S1. Giordo.
Tre. surer................ . li. W Allerton
Chief of Polair...... ... S. l.ackson
Police Magistrate .... .. ..ho (tiib
First Ward H. W. Mellnir. N. P. ..,rrents.
Second Ward--TIa.. (iibh. WV. H. lullardl.
R. R. R . REDD.
Ofice at W. E. Savage.' Drug Store.
R. E. F. FISH.
(Arat. Wundarat and ((rburtshtller) Ofir e at
W. E. Savagrin D)rug Store.
AS. Whlirtu.y.
ain Stret over Stockgrnwers National Hank
Work guaranteed and at reambahle prices.
Practices all
improved n.t
hds. PatE
dLee blrok.
miles City.
A. O. I A. K. Tellorwtoa Lode No. a meet.
SMasonic Hall oan first and third Wednesdays
L 0.0 0 . Custar Lodgee No. 1. meets i.
ait f every Monday nRight.
1y aiEnamptmlent meet. Art and thi.dd d ri
5. aP. (u oiagder Lodge No.7. meet at Odd
llows al the first and third Thurdays o
he mouth.
1. O. 0. f. Star of the Weat meets at Masonic
ll avery Thursday evening.
SA. U. .S. Grant Poet. No. 14, meets at Odd
lowghalon the first and third Thursday.
A. 0. U. W. Tonmgue River Lodge No. Tr, meet.
4b tbeiad a L4th Thursdays of each month.
a Of V. Col. E. Butler Camp. No. i, meets t.
aond and fourth Saturdays of ese month.
PAL Emanuel ChTe a. Palmer .
ha. J.fm l . T Pritrhard. Reetor.
NM EDIS? Churc w'ener Eleventh and
santscWflee at 7a. a pd Ipm..
and1!: llChurch Coener Male o rset
?N waBne v. UyOeis s andays at 11
Rev. J. Seott Miller, Pastor.
p "the .Scim mg l sate one hour
pC 6Uen of the Sacred Res Coener
ofeams the mauth. abs !1e an
 ad gE ,dMl at 7p p.m.s
M& CWu eht eoaea Tnth ad Palmer
hL ~~Eloe - ma0aie~r c~~
9,aok a. d sadffsadeotonl erle
~:'~;2;·~ai,~ b at 1 Oia
am cosmandada
Suspended Banks Opening
Their Doors, and Money
Pouring In.
lft)y Manufacturing Estabhlshnhents and
Twenty tanksk Have Resumed is
the Last Three Weeks.
KAN5sAS CrTY, Mo.. August :). -The
statement issued today by the national
banks of this city shows that since the
height of the financial flurry. which was
reached July 19. deposits have increased
BSAn FKA,'ist-o. August:IK. The Peo
ple's Home Savings Bank. which closed
its doors June 2,f. opened for business
this morning. The bank has deposits
of r 2.IKJ0,0(Ai.
DErI..:a. Col.. August :0. The Ger
man National Bank opened its doors for
business at the regular hour this morn
ing. This is one of the oldest banks in
the city and one of the last to suspend
during the July panic. Soon as the
doors were opened County Treasurer
Hart deposited S21.(xK). and other mer
chants 2US.(Mi), several others nearly as
large amounts, while the list of smaller
depositors reached to the street. The
other two suspended banks expect to re
sume this week.
W.Arr'Ac. . Wis.. August :L,. - The
County National BIank. of this city. re
laened its doors for business yesterday
after a suspension of less than a month.
N:w 1'oRK. AUgust "3). -The World
to-day prints a list of twenty banks
which have resumed business. also a list
*,f about iftty manufacturing establish.
nients which have resUllmed lwlrations
since August 12.
C'.sos Crrv. Col.. August :1..-The
First National Blank. which closed its
doors about a month ago. was opened
again this morning.
LE: M.Aa. Ia.. August .1I.-The (;er.
man State bank has opened its d.ors for
business. and is now transacting the
business of this town. The other three
banks will be running before long.
(Ihlitrag ('title Market.
CIIItcA(o . Aug. :M).-Manhattan Cattle
Company. 97 Mont. 1!.)31b,l3.65; 0) cows.
l(0S4lb. $2.lI. R. F. (,lover, ti Mont.
1:KM)1b. is3A5. Four J Co.. 72 Mont.cows,
11(M;lb. 3L.tt,. Murphy Cattle Co.. lr2
Mont. 1:l161b, 8|.r:0; 10:2 Mont. lto01b.
6I3XL; ,4 bulls. 1:;i5lb. $1.75; :8 cows,
Itl0aIb. e2.t3i. Columbia Cattle Co., 24
Mont. cows. !Ki;lb. i245. W. Gunderson
:197 Mont. cows. !5ilib. .2.7:i. Holt a
Murphy. 41 Mont. 11931b. 1'.2. Mc
Donald Bros.. 89 Mont. 11471b, L3.25; :1
cows. to101b. *e2.4;: (14 Mont. 12841b.
3.0iO. Keeline & Sons.177 Mont. 12Il3b.
:t3.14t. Floweree & Lowery. 13 Mont.
heifers. I2.:llb. *1.Zi.
WilI* andi Factorie. slart IUp.
().HKOMH. Wis.. Aug. :).- The present
industrial conditions in this city are
much improved over those of a few days
ago. Several mills andl factories which
have been idle have started up within
the past week. and others which have
been running with reduced forces or on
short hours will soon be running full
blast. Within a month the Storr furni
ture factory,the Northwestern car shops,
the stained glass works and the Osh
kosh match factory, all new concerns.
are expected to start up.
Elevator Barmed.
R.E WalN, Mann.. Aug. :1O.--The ele
vator at Diamond Bluff. owned by Matt
Dill and operated by one Johnson, was
burned last night; supposed to be in.
cendiary; lose, 8 1,000.
Valr Attendsrs.
('csweoo. August 30.--The total ad
missions today to the fair were It4.=,3,
of which 1,i,912 were paid.
A Hamauitarl.s Plea.
En. ALLuowaTrox. JOUR'NAL:
While I write I listen to the piteous
calling for water from dozens of cattle
on each side of the fenced land where I
live, and I wonder where is the justice
or reason or humanity in this feneing
up of miles of the river, scanty enough
itself, in these dry times. Is there no
law or no hope of one to compel the
building of lanes to the Water? Each
man who uses the river bottoms would
find it a small hardship to do his part, if
he must.
I see they are having trouble in Texas
and I hope it will keep right on until it
reaches every man or corportion of men
in our laud who thus dihonestly cause
suffering and death among the poor
dumb animals to profit and enrich them
My husband owns sheep, and I would
be glad to see a law that would cause
him to open the wire and build lanes for
his neighbor's cattle to drink, even
though he get but 5 cents for his wool.
A Wouar.I
Ro.t.-.., August, 180tI.
t.ausdlordl larri.,,. Iowear-,. Ients.
Curw.,.o. August N1).--lnstead of re
ductions in wages, Mayor Cart"r H.
Harrison believes in reductions in other
directions. He today announces that he
has ordered his agents to make a general
reduction in rents.
"I have done so." said Mr. Harrison,
"because times are hard and money is
scarce. I hope my action will be the
means of relieving those who are em
barrassed. I believe that a general re
duction of rents is in order, and it would
be a good thing if landlords and agents
generally would follow my example.
The Ultiln ll.. Iletweaa Several Wor:'t
a.nd kS.. t fiey May IU Used.
An interetsuia di.cussion is goinr on in
the colunlas o. sonte newspapers ovc.r
the use of the words "lady" and "'won
an." There is no real difference as tc:
the occasionas upon which each word i
to be used, but there is a frank acknowvl
edgment upon the part ofsome that they
do not use the word "'woman" whenre
their good sense tells them that tihec
should. for fear that it might give of
fense to the person to whom it was di
rected "as not sufficiently polite."
There are certainly no words so abused
as "'woman," "lady" and "female.'
Among certain people the use of the sec'
cad of these terms is like the wearing of
fne clothes or jewelry. Originally be
longing to a superior class they insist on
appropriating it to themselves as prc,!
that they are the equals of any other t:,
cial body. Now, while all that may ba
true enough and while class distinction:
have no place in this country this use of
the word has led to some strange an.
amusing coafusions. The humorist who
depicted the servant as addressing het
mistress, "Man, the laundry lady it
a-wanting to speak to the woman of thi
house." did not have to depend upon his
imagination for his facts.
As absurd things as that may be heard
in any one of the large dry goods storer
in town any day, and almost any news
paler will yield a rich specimen or two.
Bishop Warren. referring to this same
point, says that lhe glanced at the wall
opposite him at the moment and saw a
diploma from the "- Female acade
my." and then turned to a bookcase and
read as the title of one of the volumes
there, "Female Holiness." In the report
of a southern woman's Christian temu
perance union convention appears the
fact that "Mrs. Blank was chairlady."
Now the proper word in all this is
"woman." That is always and ever
right. Than it there is no nobler or
stronger word in the English language
"Man" is a general word as well as a
particular one, and as such includes botl'
sexes, so that the term "chairman" sig
nities no subservience of one sex to the
domlinatiou of the other. If called upon
to address a stranger, a woman, then the
proper word is "madam" and not '-lady.
this way" and "lady, that way." as sc
many ushers appear to think to be the
only solution to the problem of address
"Female"is never to be usedas a syno
nym of "woman." It is a term common
to one-half of the animal creation, and to
apply it to woman as the substantive o'
designation is an insult. "Lady" is ap
plicable to every well bred and educatee
woman. but it is some.hing that is ra
served rather for social usage and has
snot the sturdy strength and nobility of
"woman."-Boston Journal.
A Shigalar Aeeldeat.
A cycliat was riding on an old fash
ioned. ordinary mac-hine. the wooden
handles of which were mi~aing. It tying;
the iron spikes exposed He dismounted.
nut in starting the machine he missed
the pedal, and the bicycle falling he
fell on top of it, and one of the hatnlle
spikes entering his left breast and lene.
trating right through to the heart. came
out at his back just under the shoulder
blade. He died soon after being taken
to the hospital.-Whole Family
cas PeopSe sio seal.
"The Christs" are a curious sect it.
Russia. They worship each other! The
chief ceresonies are a crazy species of
.eaning, yelling as loudly as possible
sad pounding stones with sticks.
The "Skoptsys" believe in self mauti
Iationa but will not submnit toamputation
ree though it would save life. Like the
"Ourit," they dance and yell for hours
withoe ta insemrals. - PL d lphi la
Geed &..s.
Good looks are more than skin deep,
lepending upon a healthy condition of
tl o the vital organs. If the liver be
nactive, you have a bilious look, if your
stomach be disordered, you have a dye
teptic look and if your kidneys be at
'eted you have a pinched look. Secure
rood health and you will have good
moks. Electric Bitters is the great all
arative and tonic and acts directly on
ohse vital organs. Cures pimples.
lotches, hoils and givesa good complex
on. Bold at Wright's drug store. 0 cts.
ser bottle.
W Arrum- leeen, to sell our choice
Id hardy nursery stock. Many special
*arietle to oaer bothin fruits and orns
nestal, and controlled only by us. We
my meaaission or salary, give exclusive
erritory and pay weekly. Write us at
moe andmecure choice of territory.
MAY Bsroseaa.
Nursrymen Rochester, N. Y.
Ferewarned of Wer Chlld's Deatsh.
A few months after my father's death
lbs infant son. who had been pining him.
sltf ill for 'papa." was lying one night
in his mother's arms On the next
morning she said to her sister. "Allf
nag to die." The child had no defnite
ea. but was wasting away. and it
was argued to her that the returning
spring would restrethe health lost dr
lag the winter. "No." was her answer.
"Hte was lying asleep in my arms last
sight. and William (her husband) came
to me and said that he wanted Alt with
aim, but that I might keep the other
Iwo." In vain she was assured that she
had been dreaming; that it was quite
natural that sheshould dream about her
bnshend. and that her anxmty for the
child had given the dream its shape.
Nothing would persuade her that she
had not seen her husband or that the in
formation he had given her was not true
lo it was no matter of surprise to her
when in the following March her arms
were empty and a waxen form lay life
ess in the baby's ot.--Mrs. Annie Be
Tragedy et Literary Disappolatmems.
An English periodical says disappoint,
nent in authorship over there sometimes
as tragic results. Recently a gentle
nan committed suicide because he had
lad an article rejected. and a confec
loner's assistant shot himself because
bough he had written severn I tookas
hey were all rejected. The .: coes
sagely "'Yet he went on n.. .,g to
be last. unable to see that he was pro
ucing what was not wanted. Nowa
lays there is a market for what is good
n any class of literature. and the writer
who cannot secure a publisher may rest
snsured either that he is not ready for a
mblic appearance. or that he has been
Lenied the gifts with which he fancies
dmself to be endowed."'
The Dwarrf Palm t AlgerIa.
The dwart palm. which furnishes con
iderable quantities of fiber. grows in
treat profusion in Algeria and is one of
lie principal obstacles to the clearing of
he land, so thickly does It grow and so
lifficult to pull up. Its roots. in shape
seembling carrots. penetrate into the
round to the depth of a yard or more.
ad when its stem only is cut it sprouts
at again almost immediately. As its
amne indicates. this palm is very small
ad can only attain a certain height
when protected. as in the Arab came
eries for example.--Monde Econom
itey (ite) etn at 111 to vij . -T live
is-ed or to 'itiorat- vsith ti' a'.c:uisl,
' affection which ure the i:::;:, i::,i
ationls of I ':.f:t'rvem nlt. --"~lile i i ;l.s.
legion of Kentucky."
Fronm a letter written by Mrs. Ada E.
Hurd of (;roton. S. I).. we quote: 'Was
taken with a bad cold. which settled on
niy lunge. cough set in and tinally termi
niated in consumption. Four doctors
Cave me up. saying that I could live but
i short time. I gave myself up to my
3avoir. determined if I could not stay
with my friends on earth. I would meet
.ny absent ones aboxe. My husband
was advised to get Dr. King's New Die
:overy for consumption. coughs and
oNlds. I gave it a trial, took in all eight
bottles: it has cured me. and thank (;tl
[ am a well and hearty woman." Trial
bottles free at Wright's drug store. regu
The World's Fair-What Il Means.
It means that from May 1st until
)ct. 31st there will be on exhibition in
Chicago-the triumphs of all the ages.
rhe rarest and choicest specimens of the
handiwork of man from the nations of
the earth will be there to instruct and
That for six months Chicago will be
the most cosmopolitan spot on the globe.
That the American people will have
the wonderful opportunity of mingling
with and observing the habits and
:haracteriatica of the people of every na
tion in the world.
That "villages" of the different foreign
ountries, constructed by and made up
mntirely of people direct from sucq
ountries, will be a most interesting
'eature of the fair.
That the American citizen, of what
ver foreign birth or parentage. may
tarry himself back again to the land of
xis origin by visiting and studying these
oreign "villages."
That a few days or weeks spent at
he World's Fair will be worth years of
That this is the grandest opportunity
be American people have ever had for
ntmsitg.t. dy ad plesure. and
hat-a trip to Chicago duiag the next
Ax months would be the event of a lie
The Chicago. Milwaukee A St. Paul
Aiiway osemt the best and most fee
.mt train srvie m St.f Paul nd
ighti Its tras b electrlty. The
ao- -e dlnle a rve and the
our agent f tickets via "The Milwaa
cse"-the Government's PFast Mail
Jne. or address
J. T. Coxzs..
Asst. Ge. Pass. A,
t St. PWul. Minn.
Nor--Write for a C. M. A 8t. P.
World's Fair folder. It gives full p.r
ieularsas to how to vislt the Fair and
ld whst it will cot.
W. B. JORDAN, !Fresident. G. M. MiiES. Vice-President.
H. B. WILEY, Cashier. C. L. CARTER, Ass't Cashier.
Directorr s
Interemt Pa id on T".ase 1Depoitsll.
H. F. BATCHELOR, President; E. H. JOHNSON, Vice-Prest;
E. E. BArr.ELOR. Cashier.
I"teremt Paid On WTne eie
CQiven A.wayy
the present scarcity of money we will introduce, for a short time, the plan
of Outfitting School Children with Shoes without any profit to ourselves.
We have. as you know. GOOD SHOES. and among them many "'Sample"
Shoes bought at '25 per cent. discount. ALL to be sold at COST. This is
a BENEFIT for YOU. You should seize this opportunity NOW or you
may lose a rare chance of securing bargains at "RAW MATERIAL"
C7. . TO)W MjM CO9.
General Insurance Agency.
Homue of New York. Hamburg-Bremen. Imperial. LIe"
National of Hartford. Niagara. Scottish Union. Traders of Chicago.
MVdaxny People
waant EicTycle1e
But have not the needful money t,, pay for them. For such as them
We Eave a Plan
which ought to please and satisfy. Briefly it is this: We will rest
Bicycles by the month or season and will give a due bill for the ful
amount of rent paid. These DUE BILLS we will accept as so much
CASH within a year towards the purchase of a new bicycle from us
-any kind that we sell-at the regular price current at the time of
purchase. Don't delay if you want to rent. The best riding season
is at hand. First come. first served. We send out only first class
wheels. For full information write us, enclosing stamp.
The Harry Svenspard Bicycle Co,
Peraum aeLa, Wmaa.
Big Bargains in New and Second Hand Wheels.
Cash or Monthly Paymeon
Wo '. u a o olt.ao .... . . .

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