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Untlerrwe r
Depr rte.en
is as inviting as a picture galler)
because it's full of bargains; hand.
some bargains that are invitationo
to be comfortable for the winter.
One line of Natural Wool, Jer
sey Ribbed, Ladies' Underwear,
we might mention as a special
We bought the above to retail
as a bargain at $2.5o the suit, but
concluded to make this sale one
week at $2.00 II Sift.
Ladies' all wool Camels Hair, a
splendid garment bought espec
ially for the S4.oo trade; this sale,
one week, $2.50 suit.
Elegant Scarlet Underwear at
$3.0oo per suit, for one week only
Child's all wool Grey Under
wear at unheard .of prices.
Buy your underwear this week.
By special request we continue
Ite Kid Glove SI.oo sale another
week. Positively the last week, t
Remnants of Dress Goods on
sale cheap. o
an'l m
et Temp. Wind Weather.
Maximum tetmlerature, 27.
Minimnnum temperature.. Ill.
Mean temnperature, 23.
Precipitation in lart 24 hours, 0.00
It. it. BOYNTON,
WA-:samorTo, Nov. 18.
To obseerer. Miles City, Montana:
Montan -Fair, except local snow in
northeapt port(ion; colder in north por
tion by Sunday morning.
Chief of Weather Burean.
Nora--The ahove forecast is for 36 hours
from 6 a. m., its date
A. M. Cree is in thecityfrom Albright.
Lemp's celebrated lager beer at Bul
lard'.. *
D. F. MacKay came In from Ekalaka
Mrs. Thorpe has returned from her
eastern visit.
Som Gilmore returned from the eat
last evenin--g.
Red McDonald came up from Terry
this morning.
U Se fssai -s in from Powd.ril
for a eow dl
Nte Spangler ame up from wry on
P.C. Robe...r eame down from
ia *eel p e at te s I ltany..
t eIr Saturday holiday atingt .
Umakgle Aante naese.
she best lire la the world for olte
enoIem. es, uloer., sit rheum, fevor
des letter, chapped hands. chIUblais
e and a ki wrumptu and positively
em pile or no pay required. It i
muntleed to give perfect east.eotioa
Lie m yr efunded. Prino i per boa
Ito sI by John Wright
The weather has again assumed the
conditions and indications of the bestti
Morris Rothschild returned from his
visit to Livingston on this morning's
Father Vander Broeck went up to
Butte last evening, and will be absent
about a week.
Miss Ada Bennett went out with Miss
Orpha Brown yesterday, and will visit a
few days with Mrs. Humphreys.
The merry-go-round has been taken
down, and is expected to leave some
time today on its western jouzney.
Eugene Tracy is confined to his room
with some minor ailment which up to
ry date has not been named by his physi.
d. cian.
s lien Darnall. having served his time in
r. the district court. returned to Rosebud
last night, and will re-open his school
:r- You dont know how much better you
r, will feel it you take lHoxl's sarsaparilla.
al it will drive off that tired feeling and
make you strong.
C. M. Stoddard, of the firm of Stod-.
dard & Howard, who have long been
heavily interested in Custer county, came i
in on last night's train. I
c Invitations are out for a Thanksgiving
hop at the Jordan hotel, Terry, on the
30th inst., and Mr. and Mrs. Jordan will
royally entertain those who attend.
] To make the hair grow a natural color,
Sprevent baldness and keep the scalp i
healthy Hall's Hair Renewer was in. a
' vented, and has proved itself successful.* a
A. A. Campbell of the Helena Inde- q
pendent came down from Bozeman yes. e
terday, and will rustle the town in the a
interest of his publication for a few ta
A deed was filed for record on Satur- g.
day by which W. B. Jordan conveyed to p
Florence L. Alderson 279 acres of land ti
in section 7 north of range 48 east In th
consideration of $5,875. c.
Mr. and Mrs. John I. Zook have re- di
turned from an extensive eastern trip,
the larger portion of the time being
spent at the World's Fair and Johnnie's to
former home, St. Joe, Mo. co
Under the new Northern Pacific time nit
table which went into effect yesterday at uli
noon train No. 1 arrives at 6:33 p. m., the tli
same as formerly, but No. 2 from the co,
west is due at 1-04 a in m., five hour earlier
than the old time.
Notiee to Creditors.
in Creditors of the First National bank
of Helena, Mont., who have not received
the notice of the proposed plan of re
sumption are requested to send name
L and address to the bank at once. *
There will be a meeting of the execu
tive committee of the Miles City reading
room at J. B. Co`llins' office at 8 o'clock
this evening, at which meeting the offi
cers of the Good Templars will turn over
the properties of the reading room to
the new organization.
()OF INTERI..ST TO) LIunI::. The scalp
may be kept white and clean, and the
hair soft. pliant and glossy by the use of
Ayer's Hair Vigor. This preparation
never fails to restore faded and gray hair
to its natural color. Sold by all drug
gists and perfumers. *
Measdames H. and I. Orschel entertained
a small party of friends on Wednesday
evening, in honor of Mr. Rothchild of
Chicago, who is visiting them.' Pro
gressive whist and elegant refreshments
contributed to the pleasure of the evn.
ing.-Livingston Enterprise.
The fall of the' year is a trying season
for elderly people. The many cheerless,
dark, dismal days act depressingly, not
to say injuriously, on both old and
young. Now is the time to re-enforce A
the vital energies with Ayer's Sarsapa
rilla-the best of all blood medicines. *
Post Obtlu.. b
All that was mortal, tangible, respect
able, truthful or honest in a Journaliatic
sense of the late Ghost Damnes, was
transfersed to tbeerthoumo yesterday,
there to be digomd of by the she a
for the beast of the principal aedia t
the glau City Newspaper nlaon, This
jourmasl eabosrtie baense*esdauer
ame mmtthp ago4 Juat whe, mo au
knews d akems tes, eap prl es
the NwtSto diqsse.t ba. wagbij
ie to paw sub emels ad.
1aIlla,~~r -4UU·
to At the skew.
The formal opening of Fireman's Hal
was acoomplished on Saturday evening
| last with marked success, the attendana
's being larger than the present seating os
pacity of the house, though this will t:
remedied before another performance Ii
Sgiven. The fire department deserve
much credit for the cosy appearance e
the hall and the effective lighting of the
auditorium and stage. Asit now is, the
hall is a very cosy andcomfortable place
well adapted for any kind of public en.
tertainment that does not require stage
room, for of this, alas, there is a very
p limited quantity. Of the company and
play that dedicated our new Thespian
temple, perhaps the least said would he
the better, although the entertainment
was not devoid of good features-or of
bad either. A young lady who essayed
a wing and dance in true variety hall
style, and was positively "rotten." reap
peared much to her credit in the role of
Topsy. and made one of the host Topsies
it has ever been our good fortune to see.
Marks, the lawyer, too, was very good,
and the negro quartette made good
music and some fun besides. The big
attendance showed how hungry our peo
ple are for amusement, and is a hint to
the firemen that they can safely make
engagements with show people for a
while anyway. The "house" counted up
8187.00, twenty percent of which was re
tained by the fire boys as their slice.
On Saturday last Clerk Zimmerman
issued a marriage license to Alfred A.
Arnold of Hathaway and Miss Mary C.
Schario of Miles, and yesterday after
noon at 5 o'clock they repaired to the
Catholic church, where Rev. Father
Vander Broeck made them man and
wife. Miss M. P. Steiner acted as brides.
maid and Leo C. Harmon as groomaman,
ank after a wedding supper at the Mac.
queen house, the happy couple took the
evening train for a short western trip,
after which they will return to their fu
ture home at Hathaway.
The football players had another lively
game yesterday afternoon at Athletic
park, and seemed to enjoy it hugely. AsJ
they arrive at a better understanding of
the rules and become more proficient as
catch-as-catch.can wrestlers the game
gets more interesting, and will soon
draw a large crowd of visitors.
Charles Swart.s, the popular represen.
tativo of the Northern Pacific Railroad
company, spent Saturday at the court
house, and proceeded westward on last
ight's train. Mr. Swartz is on his reg. |
alar annual visit for the purpose of set- It
fling the company's taxes in the various ti
Bounties through which the road passes. '
Yellowstone Lodge No. 26, A., F. & A.
M., will hold a Lodge of Sorrow on
Wednesday evening, Nov. 22d, at 8
o'clock p. m., at Masonic hall, in respect
to the memory of its late secretary,
George Usher Swaine, deceased. All
Masons, members of other orders and
friends of the deceased are invited to
By order of the W. M.
* Secretary pro tem.
The Proper Thing.
Miss Keedick-Mr. Gllely actually of
fared himself t,. Miss Darley on a posti.
Mies Gasket-What did she do?
Misr Keedick-Refused him. Shesaid
she preferred sealed proposals.-Detrolt
Free Pres.
ler Reason.
He-So we are engaged. Isn't it lovely? E
He-I wonderif anybodysaw me when n
I kissed you last night?
he--I hopeo. A
Be-What? f
She-I hope so, i
She-I mean business and want wit
nesses.-London Tit-Bits.
9ael"r s of Miss Braddee's Pen.
The assertion recently made that Miss
Braddon had realized $.0..000 from tiar
novels has been verified by London
Truth The continuous sale of Miss
Braddn's books is unprecedented in the
records of British publishers, and it is
believed has brought in a good deal
more than the amount stated.
To owers of stok running at lare
within the city limits: Owing to the
numerous coanpalats c depredatios
and dainage by loesm scook. that have
been made, it has beeom asassary to O
rightly e aoe the edlagnos relatig to
domestic animals runaing at lrag, and
te is hereby givsen t I wil at
aimals thae igpsni t
ac Iýdtr l a
" ·· . i iap e + .aR s
WI e l Pwsam oCfr a Powder -. ,. : a-t; No AMm.
is Mýur'. Hof oi--a o the St°aai,
OrIsgl of the raf.
[all The following Chinese legend acco.nts
for the invention of the fan inarather
Ingenious fashion: "The bsatntaj Kan
S81, daughter ofa powerful mandarin, was
assisting at the feast of lanterns, when
be she becumoverpowered by the heat.
is was compelled to take of her a. St
res e it was illegal to expose her face she
of held her mask before it and gently Bute
he Iterd it to cool herself. The court ladies
he present boticil it, and in an instant 100
other hands were waving their masks
, This was the birth of the fan. which to
nD day takes the place of the mask in Chi
ge ua."-New York World.
ry -- -----._
d Ae nlpreouble r.Yan
"One of any ayesa'tors won a battle
during the crunules by his skill in lan
dling his art:llery." said the baron.
nt "But my dear baruo,." said his friuend
f *at the time of thn crueale gunpowdkr
l had not yet been d. 'overod."
I "I know that as vell as you do, and
so did my ancestors."'
"How did he win the battle, then?'
S'"He brought his artillery to bear on
's the Saracens. and 'the stupid fools, see
e. Ing the guns, supposed that powder had
I, at last been discovered, and fled in dis
1 may."---t. Louis PosteDispatch.
Miss Helen Cooley, from the east, has
e opened dressmaking parlors over the old
postoftice, where she will be pleased to
see the ladies of Miles City and Fort
P Keogh. Allkinds of dressmaking neatly
and promptly done.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
is the senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney & Co., doing business businesin
the city of Toledo, .county and state
aforesaid, and that said ftin will pay the
for each and every case of catarrh that I
cannot be cured by the use of HALU's
Fnuxx J. Cuasxy.
Sworn to before me and sub.
SEAL. scribed in my presence this
' 6th day of December, A. D.
1886, A. W. GiLEASN,
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internal.
lay, and acts directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Send
for testimonials free.
J. F. CHE.EY & Co..
Toledo, Ohio.
W9'Sold by druggists, 75 cents.
SDistri jn iais tec
IBt eartburla. Slk H$-d
g8- ache, an4d otsr yspmp
et-. toms ra SspopAs
Ui troubld n for several
-year. ineo l hauebeen
Bs* taking >ew anAn.
Ischanged. Dyspepsia
troubl s olongsrbothers
A. me. Idonothaveheart.
D burn a.t l am tfr from
Sheadache. Ihavegajt.d
la fesh sad feel be::. r la.
et cvcryw.y." Sns. J.::. e".::, Martlinavi!., lm
o Sight is Priceless
now at my store. Call and have
your Eyes Examined and Glasses
Adjusted correctly for any imper
fection of sight. Those who have
been misfitted by othlis are es
pecially requested to call. Satis
faction guaranteed.
T. J. Newman
Begs to announce that he has just
oppe d a choice stock of
for Ladies' and Gentle
men's wear, including
omwesses, ee, ES
ass, eages,.: aneead !
-*-ea"Bn mm ee4111
Having purchased' direct of thei
annufasctersr, I can save you
Ut fes wasmiia vT.
In addition to tbea bove lines I
s tiapy many puwinty of
I also offer t ~ my trade a sow
thing la'the shape of a p.
fly Ur winter wear. A sdenadid -
substitute for arctics and irll .
shoes. Everybody likes them.
011 amen 8miYW m.1 mmtu
mu "Only the Scars
bau ,ys HENRY HDwsope, of the James
Bhe Smith Woolen
But Machinery Co.,
she Philadelphia,
lvt Pa., who certi.
15 fies as follows:
as "Among the
tMany tetltnoni.
h. mal which I see
in regard .t ,cer.
t rain medhines
Sper forfmigi
tie ull :. ean.i nlg
to the blood, etc.,
non. itlplrest me
d snor. than IJy
kr own case.
,Tve.ty tars
ad ago, at tile age
of l arsi, i had
swellings ',en,
o A on my legs,
WE which brok eand
dl \ be'amen run
is ling sores.
Our family phy
sician reotld do
me no good, and it was feared that the
as bones would be affected. At last, my
Id good old
SMother Urged Me
ly to try Ayer's Sarsaparilla. I took three
bottles, the sores hla)id, and I have not
been troubled since. Only the searse
remaln, and the memory of the
past, to remind me of the good
Le Ayer's uareaisrllfa has done me.
I now weigh two hundred and twenty
pounds, and am in the best of health.
I have been on the road for the past
twelve years, have noticed Ayer's SBr
Ssaperilla advertised in all pert of the
B United Utates, and always take pleas- ,
it ae in telling what good it did for me."
' Ayer's Sarsaparilla
Ptsepseby Dr.J.C. Ayer &Os., Lvefl .es.
Curesothers, will oure you
a 5
Lovett's Meat Market
I - 5'
SPorter House Steak......... i..... c10cd
Sirloin Steak.....................10c
Round Steak......................Be
Shoulder Steak.................5c -
Rib Roast...................8... to lOc to
Shoulder Roast......................5c
Boiling Beef ....... ...... c
Leg o Mutton............ . .....l10 te
Mutton Stew ......... .......5c
Mutton Chos ..................10e -
Veal Roast ..............10 to 124c
Veal Chop,..................... 124c
Veal Stew........................ 6c
Pork Roast and Chops..............15c
Front Quarters Beef 4c, Hind quarters
6c, Side of Beef 5c,
ov.tt's Meat Market.
In thle District Court of the Seventh Judicial
Diatrict af the itate of Mlontana. in and for the
county of Cneter.
Mary S. Waite, plaintiff, v. 'hairis Waite.
( i.fm.nant.
The t:ate of Mi ntinn rend. greet no to ab.vo
nannmed defendtant : Tor art lhrrbhy roqtireid ro
4p,'n*a i un a, tihntiun:.tt a.,:yitt ytu b the
allyht\,"l- in eiit+iait T in th,. Ihi.tri,* I, .rt ,f
the S ueitn I: Judicial Iit-icu ,f -,h., :: Ire ,f
Mo1 tans, in anti for te c. ,ty 4lltV f t' .teI-r. n1 ,j
to answ. r thie cimplhaint tiled ther .i-,. ,.ehi
tendai. lext Lt. iit If 5+, iij i of tl . - ., I atss .
thie service in youiotf lthi Snltlnmio. if u"rwd
within thi .int}": or, t if roed ou. of thun
county. but within this distrlet, within twenty
days " ttherwise within forty da s, or judgment
by default will be taken againt yo. aeeonrding
to the eater ..f said rominaint. Thet :aid ac
tion is hnugli tit disislye the taumd. if ma.c
mony now . xisting ietwein pilaintiff nd do
fendant on tlhe grounds of dlrnnkennuno and
eraren eruelty : also fir fhe cuntoJly of ljer.oe
i. Waite, a minor child of said plaintff and de
fendant. anti for rc.ts of thin suit. an.d fr aull
other and further relief, as will mnor fully ap.
pear by referring to complaint on Sie herrsa.
nand you are hereby notied that if you fail to
appear and answerthe Mid romplaint. as above
required, the Maid plaintiff iIi app :y to the
eourt for the relief deanis ed in the coaplaiant.
^", (toven tinder my handand Seal of the
DiEA. nstrirt Couri of the te eath Judicial
I fLdintrit of theStateofMontana.io and
Sforthe county of4usther thbtuth d5 of
October. in the year of our Leri one thotusand
eight huudred and ninety-three.
.W J. ZtwxxMuAs., Clerk.
Strechl & Porter. atty. for plaintiff.
--woK IN-.
Tin, Copper and
ft" ~ak.w
%Fea1l . ate
ti line StoSL CUmISisL
he Office:-Stockgrowers Bank -M.
a" Room No. 2, Correspondence siIe
rHr. Has the following property listed:
es A comfortable four room dwell 'wab
g summer kitchen attached, lot
ug price, $450.
c., A neat four room dwellingsta
ne rear, desirable location, 50 ftet ý=go
4y price 81,100.
c, A commodius six room dwelling. ea
re cellent cellar. arteesian well on prelesea
stable and hen house, small fruitss j
, vegetable garden attached. a prime ba
gain; price. $1,000.
A neat one and one-half story dwell
' ing house of four rooms, southern ex,
posure; price $400.
A fine two story dwelling house, aix
rooms. southern and western exposue
with large commodius stable in sai
fifty feet front, centrally located; price
I An attractive Pleasant street dweas
one and one-half stories, fifty et-g
ground, southern exposure; price, .
A large two story frame. .
e house, northern and western ex
t brick stables In rear, fifty front , e
..lkingidistanceýrom Maincstre.t.p
a A snug brick dwelling hoas, Pl ar
Scomfortable rooms, southern exsi
y delightful location. rflfty ro .
price $850.
A comfortable five room 4uedd
house, southern exposure, fifty
feet; price 8500.
A five room frame dwelhalhouate;
front feet, convenient to Main sesea,
northern and western exposure: ,plse
A large number of other cholcee shm.
rigs and building lots in the city ai is
I the different additloca to the elksr$
sale ceap .ad on est.afestcs i .
suitable for business purposes, sad s
terms to rit purchaser.
Ihave for sale tract of leaeas
anlp timbered, that can be p
at $5.00 pr are. Have aio a ab
tract of somle t4 acres, lying aeis ib
ditch, that I hold at M05o0 per are
l Having a complete "block bok" i4 as
Sity property, revised up to date.Ia
be pleased to havre an one nt
all ad inspect same. FullinforMe
Sgiven on all properties. Clear titlegiqg
c to all property offered by me.
Select bands of sheep and horsae Or
sale. City collections promptly at.
tended to.
" . . COacZaw ra,
Room 2 Stockgrowera Bank Block,
w p _ om:wr nr a tt~tr;tiº
do'pa$ to$8, rym$?, ,.5,films
fibs,.bo Tay it oral to custom mace and sktt
'd i» by prrchaeta . L Douglas Skew. ow a
U M a etamed s the bottom, look for ;t whin yso
nr ,I W L. DOUGLAIL - *Mir
V7. vast aas RES SOLw'ad t
b t W Lo og- a e."
d Makin $ft., Nit. 7 h and MEb.
Choice Montana bof
tiom guWa~e&d
~ Clur;LIY~l0r
clc L·C~- C

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