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Highest of all in Leavening Po er.-Latest U. S. Gov't Renort.
ItX., Powder
Sea 5i-- - -
ClM I but have my baby back again
reom the d;m vastness of the great men
Mew would it ease my poor heart's ilent pain
As I sit here in shadow and alonel
That heaven is vast but makes me more
Who shall its hesitating footsteps gulde?
War coster the nest my love had made,
Or as my heart feels, since my baby diled.
COd was the night it left my boesom warm
A night of wintry tempest harsh and wildl
Into that world of darkness and of storm
Went forth alone my little toddling child,
I amy alone, for who hears angels' teat
Passu at the threshold, though we drsam
they come?
We hear not even death, the robber fleetl
We only know a void is in our home.
Mother! the very name is sorrow's owra
A synonym for heartache and for trial;
'Tis she most tread the wie wine press al alone,
And when the tears would start must wear a
What is the faith of priest, of Christian broth.
umltered bishop, though they kiss the rod?
Weak seems their worship when a trusting
Yields up her pretty, smiling babe to God.
-Arkansaw Traveler.
The Va.ous Processes Through Which
Wheat Passes It. the Mill.
The noise, on the it -ide of the mill
are deafening On- v :o has never been
in a flourng mill of t e largest size can
not realize what a p. uliar lot of noises
are made by the iutchinery. As soon
as the wheat enter- the machine from
the long spout w:.ichl brings it down
from the upl.er flo r it falls between two
rollers of iron- -chilled" iron they call
it. and very hard iron it is too. One of
these rollers revolves rapidly, the other
more slowly. in order that the separa
tion of the coat, or bran. from the ker
nel may be more easily accomplished.
The wheat first passes between rollerp
separated just enough to allow the coat
to be crushed. It is then carried away
to the top of the muill a,.,.i;. to a room
where the sun vainly tries to shine in
through the flour s.ated windows far
above the city's roof-. It next palees
over a wire -ieve whi, h soiparates ti:,.
bran from the kernel prlper.
This bran. which contatine much of the
flour material. tagin tpasses down and is
ground once more, this process being re
peated four times, making five grind
ings, each one liner than the one preced
ing it. Each tint- the fibrous or bran
portions are more comtlletely separated.
and at last the brat comtues out a clear,
brownish husk with every particle of
dour removed.
The insidle lart O f the Kernel has meanu
while been going throu"hi an interesting
process. After the tirst grinding or
breaking it passes to a big six sided re
volving reel covered with a fine wire
netting or sieve. Through this reel the
finer portions of the, kernels pass, com
ing out in what are called "tniddlin;ig,
a granulated massn which goes back to
the rollers for all,,ther crushing. This
process is r.lwate- ithrouigh five re-els., all
but tie fir-t iing of -ilk. The last one
has 12o thread. to the lii,.al nich. The
flour which e, ine ott o,! the fifth reel,
while white In hu,. I- yet not of th,, fin
est or 'Ilatent .grak'l,, but is classed as
"baker's" or ,e-,ond,i :trade flour.
The mniddline, aiivie referred to are
purifie l by an interesting lprocess. They
are passed over a fine wir-e sieve, through
the upper part of whtich it strong cur
rent of air is passed. This holds in sus
pense the tiny portions of fibrous matter
which may have been in the flour, and
at last. after this process of nuddlings
purifying has been very carefully car
ried out, the flour appears a spotless,
snowy white--the "patent" flour, as it is
called. In the process of grinding in this
gradual and repeated way, the germ of
the wheat. a tiny particle about the size
of a mustard seed, is separated from the
white flour. It is what one might call
the life part of the wheat. If it were
ground up, it would not leave the patent
four so white and powdery, so it is sep
arated in one of the sievings and passes
into the darker or lower grade flour. It
contains, however, the best and most
nutritious part of the wheat.
The last thing that happens to the pul
verised kernel before it is ready for
market is the filling of barrels or sacks.
Down many stories through a smooth
tiube comes the white or "patent" four.
Under the tube is the barrel or the sack,
as the case may be, and, as it begins to
ll, a steel magur just the size of the bar
rel bores down into the flour, packing it
carefuly and solidly beneath the broad
baisds.-Bt Nicholas.
net star.
The coaductor of a cable car ap
peashed a hard visaged woman and
aeiM fdr her fare.
"Go a with you, now; i've paid you
ame," mid the woman.
"No, you haven't."
*Yes, I have."
-Give me a niictke or I'll put you of.'
"Do if you ,'rae.'
Theconductor stoppel th ciar a:d tl
"Rather a hard thian to :o," said :'n
Ie the passengers. "but it served ter
right, I suppose."
"Oh," the conductor smilingly an
*'it wasn't hard for me to do, but
' hi't often I have a chance to get vepn
wilh her. I am her husband."-Texas
Be Was Ast esaded.
After a division of the house o f
menton a motionof Mr. Foz, Bir
Young, who had been drinking all day
Instead of attending to hLs parlamsntary
dntiee, insisted on addressing the houne,
but, beginning with "' am astonished,"
could proceed no further. When hebad
repeated these words seven time, the
house was convulsed with laughter. The
baronet appealed to the speaker, who
pleasantly inquired what he would have
him do. Sir George grew very warm at
this and declared he would not give up
his favorite word. "for," said he, "I re
ally am astonished, Mr. Speaker." By
the advice of friends. however, he was
presently prevailed upon, after repeat
ing the word about a dosen times more,
to change it to "surprised." after which,
"having entirely forgotten what he had
intended to say." he sat down. -Argol
The MIesIean oundary Line.
The internatinal Iboundary line be
tween the United States nd the repub
lic of Mexico is Iuarked by pyramids of
stones placed at irregular distancesalong
the line all I he way fronm the Rio Urande
to the Pacific ac-ai.:u. Wherever it was
found practical to d, i. s these pyra
mids were built ,. i tromin.ntt 1pakls at
road crossilngs. torl-. .,;c. The line wai
not surve--'d. .is i- , ;c usual austom, thn
location ot tiisr :I,,,1;I' h - lkjing based
on astroun,::c.Il c,;,.khi ,~;,s and obser
vations.-St. L :,- i ;l::c.
A Likeness.
Sharple (to photographer)-Do yoa
mean to say that this photo is a good
likeness of me?
Photographer-It's lifelike, sir.
Sharple-Why, I look a regular swin
dler, and !it. hanged if I don't act up to
it. I shan't pay you!--London Tit-Bits.
of either sex, any age, in any part of the country, PS
at the employment wnich we furnish. You need
not be away from home overnight. You can give cm
yourwhole t im to the work,orouly your spare mo.
ments. Ascapital is not required you run no rik.
We supply you with all that is needed. It will
cost you nothing to try the business. Any one
can do the work. Beginners make money from
the start Failure il unknownwith our workers.
Every hour you labor you can easily makes dollar.
No one who is willing to work fails to make more
money every day than can be mnde in three days
at any ordinary employment. fend for free book
containing the fullest information.
so..eERS WIDOW-S -
Alofnfr $e'dlers and Satlors disabled In the lib el
Sti athe retIvse, Armyygr tsa'y yýS the w
stvon of lhr Indian warf of 1tt I *to
eir widows wretititd. Aldn jrteddS
Spet ' ilter . Toaose ndt eantiled to ntstaer8 n b
for nw Iaws. .W FOnrg for adViCe.
A .ucCef eIL es
th n alle. w ht o stui asa .ra fees
sn Is their sad rh.e sit u, r
ps.sans . Attondey.
It the largest and moat influential newto fa lo rt t
ig heir u bacrlhesn aau rouer 00 .
Yinayaadl a Uinhbiu·P llr W osCu eSa
Toe Math e6 a Nw.
8irWilliam Fraser tells a good story iI
at Brigham Young and "The Lady of It
Lyons." Young took his wives to see a rot
performance of Lytton's play at Salt TI
Lake City. When the agony was piled h
up, he rose, and, followed by his spouses,
left the theater, exclaiming, "I won't
stand such an infernal row being made
about one womanf'-Agon'aut. .
A lnp of the Tesg*. of
A man was tried for theft at the x
ford assises. The forenam of the jury
when giving the verdict made a mis
take and said "Not guilty" instad ofa
"Guilty." Though he wished to resti ci
the mistake, he could not do so, and
mau was released from estody.-z ,
-bange. M
SThe asW im. Waltham Waishoe
RE E wthosdr ef ear
aothe maa trbi.h to
-ador asto anaera
dlhsI wathe s
. yfht w ro g ht, arbe e e aps.
e we pur hase dt
ed o t heM nufactt en As ulgin orwthn
our .a. Tce.e.t
hto eal fin s tnea ls
P Wa.iC toAe OPiii andm.
Stae is h apd ia ettlaln
ss works a .nes a'
The e iors adof so od i two lates
strngt. i n the cenI with an composit
heon nl afctues gusratthis
We wilt givis wa delver e
*to any oem who wll m end us 40 -
. d- ealr mubscrits ourst foa o ora
Stwe will I t outright to a susoriber for'
Swatch which), with
tutsr hunt- auttirate I
vure. n O given..t4
osa d Ifa t nl e Tes, wath. a ti . sn
P frs n_ .w. .
aon whes o hwi·ll seu ne p-up
yeatly subcrtpt Dlo~neofor
Oud Jura.l is o soidodeldef
Mas a !allyet car-q
Te old homeof John Howard Payne
Is still in a good state of preservatou. Ay
It isa lowly dwelling with quantities of
root to it. covered with gray shIngles. is
There is a garden attached, in whichk
hollyhocks grow, and there is a pietr tin
agrw old well aee by pe
Corduroy Portieres. ho
Corduroy promises to be a great fa- eve
vorite, both for hangings and for the eil
coverings of divansandchairs. In some thu
of its newest forms it is strikingly hand- the
some, showing figures of a lighter tone Th
upon a ground of the same color, and in ch
even the familiar plain it is both good thu
and desirable. For portieres it is esp- to
cially to be commended, as it takes rich, Ia
deep folds and gives just that sernse of do
warmth and freedom from draft that is leý
to be dedred.
- AND -
ewadrs nearly every sad hey ow es
or wants to own a Ries. Heatiag is always
popular and often a necesity. We have thee
feS.declded to add a Rilde and a Shot Gun to
our numerous premium ttrs. We
want to interest evrybodl ad every
clam in our publication.
As In other premiums, we have
sought out the best articles to offer in
this column. and have made very
favorable arrangements with the sell
ing agents of the Marlin Arms Co..
which will enable us to offer the cele
to er readers as a premium at whole.
sale prices. This Rifle has many ad
vantagesover other repeating rides.
"The point in which this arm
di(ffe mast from the old style of re
pasting riL 's that the
top of the rseelver is ean
tirely slid, the empty
shells being ejected
through an opening ia
the right hand side di
rsatly over the loading
a hole. In this system of
side ejecting the empty
Sshells are never thrown
into the face, never ane
Stheline of sight or in
rany other war lntertere
In taking aim for the
I ean ho -- c always ejected to the right
sad away -me the shooter. Another great
advantage is .Lat the doing away with the
opening on the top and the closing of the side
slot by the bolt makes It impossible for any
rtin. snow. falling leaves or dirt to get itto
the action.
"In case a defective cartridge giving out
around the head, as often happens from re
leading or from poor metal, no powder will
e blown ta the face or eyes, as the selid top
terms a perfect sblhld."
The Marlin Resting l:.ilte Is made i sev
.eal ealibres. an any make of cartridges of
the same marked calibre of the ride can be
se4d for It.
This Rile is made in the following sm.s: H,
U sbd M calibre.
SThe R.ifwe, ffer as shown Into this dra~ :ug
en Is the standard else, with pistol grip stock and
Is inch halt octagon barrel weight 7 pounds.
sp ea holds IeartrIdgea.
We will give this Rifle FREE
to sa e.e seeding as 4N ew paid-up yearly
of embaaipi.se. or for I0 new paid-up yearly
a tpirIies aed W-.A Is cash addei or we
Me wils see se t se as a eubseatbee lee
400a4 ia seas. express ehagse as he aold
b the rresder. Ret lss >giese of ite aMIe
We sffer as Imported Dulde
artrled Seot au, by a Cele
brated Maker. PRlB to
beascrlbers .id
i sevemes Polsled maeal gaoreleuamt
i g. fail eheaesed . tgaseM -
-u n a ,es fore-e ead rwbbr bt Peaubed
v ethis elseset Gus P~He
toemyr seediLg Is mew gld-ag yearly
mbeaipdeas. or for U new gold-up yearty
r eIaeruptones and SIs ei s adineor we
wl1 ash It a aherer for Ig r . is
em *5 a tU. seurmely gakhl be paerga.
absr ae
" A City of oeeot GondO.
The majority of the houses in Bosnos
ires have but one storw, whose flat
of serves all the purposes of Yankee
wns and door yards. While the patioa
a frequently utilized as dining and sit
og rooms, it is the universal custom to
*omenade in the cool of the day on the
msetopa, to sit there at morning and
rening enjoying the refreshing breezes,
rtensive views and varied panorama in
a street below. The children And
teir favorite playground on the roof.
here the nurses bring their infant
lrges, the seamstress her sewing and
a~ maid her mistress' bedraggled finery
put in order again. The clothes are
ried and aired and ironed stop, and
uing the "heated term" of this dew
a latitude thousands bring up their
edas sad sleep with starry sky for a
oatesspmse-Phiuddpt hi ecord.
ri. Laset Patter In Quadruple
sllvr Ples.
ut tey aimo quadple ilter .e ne Whltte
etal and will wear a lifetime. The a.enta of
We manufactuisr. knowing we can readldij
goraoi of a ur, pqant ty of there good. at the
we fer nthe. have ta * y lo tor
them below the rela.h wholesale rata. and
w r peeeo to hes prices to indue our
toget us t umew sucrib ers..
set .l ss or Teaie
I. r se,.omP;whru spnoe orHeade .r
pa ott the Tray to hold the set beL!7 it
ihe wide andi very handeomely band en
iaed a are ail t lhe p ieces.
The full se...: rtoing a T»a Pst. sange
!ast. Cram ijtsher, apes el sad
S m~r*Yk
St. PHl
I, Farp
ra FMis
No. 1, Pacific Mail.................. 6 p. .
No. I Atlantic Express...... ...... mil P. ý
No. 4, Atlantlc Mail.................. 1O m.
For Rates, Maps, Time Tables or Ipeclal
flomation, apply to Ageat" Northers Paucir a.
B. at Miles City or,
Gen I Pass. and Tieket Agen
St..Pasl. Mias
hLumha tc, Scia
win .ll.e wrltut.qd, lnes a landt b k Motr h n,
aear teatl ..r owefrn O mr We toraem 1." I .ro iodic
reTtion. tu r T .ot s rb otyobpl s h, alenuo
i u r k1 y. Ii.e r ad bleddyhs r eepaedi nta,
aoe bLc. loErta., SeIatT. all femalaed caie sta
iýlhnrl 111 h. te. Ti electrsr .HeSl etoum
It aln ter s s faile d. aid and wl.e erit e
ar fo U.iA. toWpus'l aptacta 2atlle.asaed,.1
OdATv. .Iacdat. MYi.APOLt1. MIgr.
IM Next Number Espcally &Ael
dte4bh* burl-que poea wai.
cimre.. com the btane of Pnmr - s
of tha much ted-about New Test Sed bi
.0urnl, Tows Topes. wbeb his I.
S"T"tzrm Ne.Tog Topc together. atth
2 Went ad steer, . .Y ON
SIron and Pump Works.
Megsay Fr ..
.69. FauSmsE.r UswuIas. .

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