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The Wolf Question Causes a
a Lengthy and Spirited
Preeldemt Beett se-Eiseted for the Neveath
(e.eemtlve Term-The Eseerutive
Cemmiu-ter Chese..
C. H. Loud. one of the "Wolf" comr
mittee. said the committee made a com.
mittee report of thenr ideas for the
purpose of engendering discussion in
the hope that we might arrive at some.
thing practical. The legislature would
not meet until January next; the elec
tion of two United States senators would
take up all of the early part of the see
moon until February say. We all know
that the present certificates are in the
hands of the bankers, and the apprep
riation next year will first go to pay
these off. virtually leaving no benefit
from the state law. Mr. Kohrsa plan
could not go into, effect until next March
at the best. We must organize and do
something ourselves. It was a busines
proposition shall we lestro) the wolves
or permit them to lestroy our cattle?
Mr. Connors said the matter was too
serious to ie dropped. "This rman Wolf
destroys T2 per cent of nmy property
every year." he said. They have killed
F per cent of the calf crop for four or
lie years, and the wolves are increasing.
He hadl furnished strychnine to his bo)s
they were as good as the average boys
-and had furnished them board and
bait. When it was right cold they
didn't go much further than the barn.
occasionally poisoning a cat. It was
necessary to put a bounty on the wolf
that would induce men to go out and
locate themselves ^' the head ,of the di
iwdes land get this wolf. We can't do
this aluoe We oi:ut go at it and give a
bounty dof about $8 for gras.; give the
hunter the state bounty and the hide.
making $13 or $14 per head. Then let
all cow counties make a levy of 1. 2 or
cents per head on stock; have a respon
sible man to punch hides in each dits
trict; let the range boss go with the mian
to punch the hides. This will kill the
wolve off in a year. One county cannot
do this alone.,
Mr. Kohrs wanted a uniform tax to, be
leved. in all counties, but Mr. ('onna,rs
thought we could not expect anything
from the state or county. Neither can
we afford td) loose ' per cent of our
Mr. Neidrioghaus said thuat the) paid
Wi on wolves in Texas and killed man),
but not all, and he was in favor of the
best way that could be devised to kill
them off in Montnnu.
Mr. Loud said since he was last on
his (eet a gentlec.en had made a sugges.
t.on that recalled the action of the as
sociation a year ago in passing a resolu
tion to turn over one-half or two thirds
of the stray fund. which had accumu
lated for Iwo years. to the Boardof
Stock commissioners for inspection pur
poses. If this was lawful.why not make
a simmlar one for the purpose of hunting
wolves as well as horse thieves.
Col. Bryan would go further and have
the money turned over to pay hunters
in proportion to the amount paid by the
diferent counties in the tate. Some of
the counties have not levied any sepec
tioe tax for one, and sometimes two or
three years and those counties that
have paid up should get the benefit. If
we get earnestly at work. we ran sou.
destroy the wolves, but it is necessary to
have un.ormity of action. The time of
hunting wolves is a esetthial point. and
we generally neglect them the latter
part of the working semion, having so
mush other labor to perform. We put
f poisoning until the baits frees. so
bird that the wolves refuse them or get
away for miles and the men do not get
them. but we frequently ind them in
the spring. In September, October sad
Novembr we could destroy 75 per cent
of the wolves on the ranges.
Mr. Green mid that in Dakota they
had the sne conflict as in this state,
the cattleme ato the west end had to
seaolted agalst the farmers Is the east
end. A polon m was now put with
amh eo wbta i thehl., nd he dd
as.a se. This was a ew Ide, but
was gms y lid. wther M. Beois
SMr. Wibhe beid a a dead we
weed a muek as a Bive w. sad
Mr. sesm d msid tft wasmsestdsLk
turn t dea ea.s
mt the fttheMits tpoises. last
ti M puebt -o a owe and mIpru ,
iSt tie, bed hsed sed Mia thetm
Ulmew msuumia . The s·e.
pumda bhsuu Mum,,d
2;j wolves as the result, and undouLted.
ly many more. He, therefore, moved
that each and every member of this as
sociation pledge himself to put a poison
man with his beef wagon in September,
October and November. and carry all
"big jaws" and cripples in the herd
the man to do nothing but poison.
J. B. Kendrick offered an amendment
to include June. July and August. and
also suggestted the looking up of
young wolves.
Colin Hunter thought we could get a
larger bounty; the silver counties would
not oppose, and we should get all the
bounty we can from the state. lie said
he struck off ~5 per cent of the calves
branded each year for loss by wolves in
making up his assessment list and was
certain that he (lid not cut off too much.
i Hence the state woud lo se nothing In
the long ru'n lb paying for exterminating
.1. J. Thomipon gave his experience
with strychnine,. but said we wanted a
d,lid. quick. portable po.iawn.
Mr. Brown acce pted. Mr. Kendrick's
aeinlrainent. saying that in the spring
the wolves were hungry. but in the fall
they couldl kill enugh to eat and would
not take the ,aits. In the spring !;3
per cent of the calves branded were wolf
markel,. but none were in the fall.
Col. Bryan moved to amend the mo
tion still further )b adding that each
roundl-up district appoint a committee
of three to looak after the matter to be
chrsen by the stockumen of the district;
said committee to report to this asocu u
tion next year; the expense, incurredl to
te paid by all pro rata.
* The resolution nimay e thus eummar.
ized. aind in this shape it passed.
PReslvel. That each and every meen
her of this assciation pledge himlself to
emnploy a man to d, nothing but pouson
woives. togo with ever) round up from
June to, Nernlber inclusive. in each
year: the stcskrnern of each rour.dl-ulI
up district to select ia ,munitte=e ,f
three to have sUleerl ewion of this wrcar I
said ('ciOmmitte< tc rep.irt to this cenven
tion this year. th expe nse to e, pro,
* Mr Hendrick 's motion that the secre
tar) notify all me.huers of the passage
of this resolution was carried.
The convention adjourned until 4
p. m.
The association a.et again at 4.30 p.m.
The tirst order of business being the
reports of committees. Joseph T. Brown
read that of the Bound-up committee,
IR und up would respectfully report the
f, ,owing
Itic.TI1rr .O. 1.
The work on said round up will be ar
ranged hereafter and announced in the
public press
DITrTir No 2.
Commences June let at 8 H ranch on
Tongue raver. working up Tongue river
on west side. At lBig springs wall be
joined by the Owl creek round-up and
work that sectioa, of the country as per
)Owl creek round-up program. This
round-up <No. will. after working
with the Owl creek round-up a stated
work down the Rosebud to the Chey.
enne Indian village. Owl creek round
up will join No. 2 at Big springs on
Toue river. June 16; thence screo to
end on Rosebud; thence workling down
Rosebud to and inmeludin Indian creek;
thence move to mouth of Sqnrrel creek.
on Tongue nrver; theoe work up Toarue
rier and tributarseelong the north side
to Big Hora mountains; thence down
Twin creek to its mouth; thenem down
the Little Hors to the mouth of Owl
creek. working upOwl creek to its head;
theaee down Little Owl creek to its
mouth. niashing at Reno.
Durrme3r ao. 3.
Begins May 15th at mouth of Loging
creek on Tongue river, working up the
river to the mouth ao Odeil creek;
thence up Odel creek thence to Otter
crmk at mouth d Paget ereek;
there the rond-up splits. one section
working dowa Otter creek on the west
side to the mouth and then up the est
sido. The other secton works around
the head of Otter creek; workineast
tfork o Hanging Wom meek sai, Lee
creek, and thene down Oter ereek on
the east side until it meet the other
owerum r No. 4.
Commences June 5th at the -Double
E' ranch on Toeage river. sest
idke ol Ton river to moath Aof -
ka reekt; there to meot and work tot%
head of PumpkL m crek with romd-up
0r1ae5 r o. 5.
Commees may th at the head at
ottonwod . ; work dow to Tel.
lowee river: des the ewse to
wetra river o abr.w en het
d., Is momth of 3 t ,t
Lesenos ,n. .
see w te ead
we ew hae r .
LO reah. ý t .krr 1i wE
stets eo the mo ae Gugs
smutema mm ijs l 4.hr weetN
IemI m i
t~lws tr
the mouth of Timber creek on Big Pow
der, working up Timber creek; thence
working up Powder river to mouth of
Little Powder; thence up Little Powder
to mouth of Olmstead creek: thence up
Olmstead creek and down Bitter creek
to Big Powder; thence down Powder
river to mouth of Little Powder.
urWrircT( No. 7!;.
Commences May 15th on the heed of
Box Elder creek, working down to the
mouth; thence up Little Missourl to the
• 'Hash Knife" ranch.
DIoTRI'Tr NO. 8.
Commencing May 25th at the mouth
of Little Beaver. workiag to the head,
thence down gallon to mouth, thence
up Cabin Creek to head.
Commences May 15th at the lakes
above "Froze-toDeath.," worwing the
country doown to the mouth of Big Por
cupine, thence up same and over to
head of Little Porcupine and down same
to its mouth; thence working the coun
try down to Sand creek and working
!Sand creek: thence down to lower end
of government bottom; thence acroes to
S"iow and Arrow" ranch and up south
Hunla) creek to head; thence across
divide to head of north Sunday creek
and down same to Yellowstone river;
then down river working Sand, Harris,
Muster and Cabin creeks far as mouth
of Custer creek; thence up Custer creek
to head and across to head of Crow
Hock: thence down Crow Rock to Little
Dry and up Little Dry to its head;
thence across to head of Big Dry work
ing hand creek and on down Big Dry,
working Vail and Fraser creeks and on
down to mouth of Little Dry.
Commences May 20th at mouth of
'uster creek. working (down Yellowstone
t, Fort Buford; thence across to Mis
souri river to mouth of Redwater, thence
up tiedwater to the head.
i)mi'riIT Nro. 11.
Commences May 25th with Flat Wil
low round-up, at Little-Wall-of Rock on
WIllow creek, working down said creek
i e Musselshell to the mouth of Calf
*" .; thence up Calf creek to the head;
i e!re over and up the Muselshell to
n....e....n stage road; thence up Hawk
.-.",c I, the head. joining round up No.
S. . ',lnmpey " Pillar: thence working
.... ;he Yellowstone to divide west of
l.,.; 'uocupmne.
Driiraicr No. 12
Not reported.
DiserI(T NO. 1:1.
First section begins with No. 11. Sec
ond section begins Lower Crooked creek
corrals. June 1st. First section works
north side of Musselahell around the
the mountains meeting second section
on Boxelder creek.
Respectfully submitted.
T. J. Bavwt,, Chairman.
J. T. Baow.. Secretary.
On motion the report was a.cepted
and approved.
John T. Murphy. chairman ai the
committee on nominations.recommended
the election of the following eicore. to
myre the association dunng the ensuing
President-Joe Scott of Miles City.
First vice-president-John T. Murphy
of Helena; second vice-president, John
M. Holt of Miles City.
Secretary and treasurw-W. G. Preuitt
of Helens.
Beaverhead-James selway, Josph A.
Cascade--s- . Rmmey, R 8. ForFad.
Cbhoteu-J. MeNamar, John Harris
Cster-Jesse Hases. F. C. Robert
soe. J. J. Thom . C. H. Load. T.J.
soe--P thMe-Wibeu. H. 8. Phil.
lip,. J. . Day, Fd. Matrie.
Debr Lodge--Joh ellebeg . . sOed
-Charles Asossey.
Jeersoe-8. 8. Huatlr.
Lewis & Clarke-J. T. Murphy. J. H.
Fraser, D. A. O. Flower. H er Ksla.
Madisom--Ale Metel,. . D Bla.
Meagher- David Pratt. Lea Lewis.
Par- 0. Clark. W. J. Adermnea,
qAlved Gofry Lavelle.
Tetom--W. K. Flowers..
Vly--D. C. Kye. . Miser
Yellowsan.-Paul MeCormick, Thou.
State of Wyomi.g-J. B. Kendrick.
North Daei-J. S. Orses.
South Dmha-e-M. C. Convees.
Northwest Trit.ry-W. F. Cockes,
D. MaRokaebra.
Onmod=s t S. P. B. BD dl the s
port was aseepd, the rles wee sns n
pueaded. ad thesuoeary was,.s..wetesd
to oust sem ballet for the eatse ti.kt as
nmeminsd, whisk was dias.
okewed his preleta a oft the grea
sem is wMio be is hed by e maY
m her et the aaslim, sad Is a I
las wes driudr insr as hu ol
sabe is Aod sagu.ae is pse his
pamedi sbr his deshse as puedinat
Jer u e ,e-k ko.a Mn apsl8 " r
he bud Is o pset d- &l*pu ib a esn
iso Sbhesatof hi ships * on u he
sawM iseies thehdmese vanset be
weM" top is ere tm .st er Jeri
the me asl the pais.
Mr. T dl Md Wit, speaL s deie
ss-, smw .m seem** ** m **
general deprecation of hiring wolfers by
the month, explaining that much better
results would follow an increased bounty
system, each holding that man who had
to depend upon his catch for his living
would work harder and to better ad
vantage than a man who got his pay,
whether he killed a wolf or not.
8. 8. Huntley, from the committee on
resolution, reported a new law regarding
the apportionment of membership on
the executive committee, providing for
that given above, while each county
hereafter organized in Montana shall be
entitled to one member, The new sec
tion was printed in the brand book just
issued, and the committee's action was
simply to legalize it. The report was
unanimously adopted.
Col. Bryan moved for the appointment
by the chair of a committee of five on
legislation, giving all the time necessary
for publishing the names. After thel
adoption of the resolution. Prest. Scott
said that he could just as well name the
committee now, and with the consent of
the association he would do so. There
being no objection, he gave the names of
Conrad Kohrs, John T. Murphy, C. II.
Loud, W. G. Preuitt and Iavid Fratt.
There bein- no further business on
motion ef J. J. Thompson the meeting
adjourned sine die.
A Pri..eer naeape4 ad Leaves Locked
boars Behild Him.
Thia morning aqout 7 o'clock. when
Jailer Will Hawkins made his customary
morning call on his involuntary guests;
he discovered to his great surprise that
one of them-and he only had two
had taken French leave sometime dur
ing the night. but without leaving any
evidence of broken bare or forced locks
behind him. In fact the jailer found
everything as he had left it the night
before. except that the cell ip the cage
that should have contained James Doe
was tilled with atmosphere only and the
elusive James was as effectually non eat
as if he had never been. A careful ex
amination of the locks and bolts failed
to show any evidence of their having
been forced in any way, and the only
conclusion to be reached is that they
were opened by the regular or duplicate
keys. There are two !ocks between the
cage prisoners and liberty; one at the
iron door that gives entrance from the
hall into the cage room and one on the
cage. Each of these is formidable
enough to repel any but expert operators.
There are two sets of keys for these
locks, one at which is kept locked In the
sheriffs safe, and the other ir the pos.
session of the jailor, and these were in
his pocket last night when he went to
bed, and he found them there this
morning; the keys kept in the safe were
also found undisturbed. From the radi
cations, heriff Hawkins is disposed to
believe that the delivery was effected by
two men from the outside, who found a
way, either with duplicate keys or es.
pert lock.picking. to get in and resue
the prisoner Doe, who it Is believed, be
longed to a gang of brglars, who felt
ruliciet interest in him to help him
out. The only other prisoner in the
oageroom gives a very cloudy statement
oncerning the escape at Doe. He says
that some time ne morning be was
awakmed bye a ooaveratioe ad looked
arend sreiestly to wa Doe and two
menone wom sid, "You are out d
bondage now." which he ays conveyed
to his mind the impremsai that Doe had
bee released on bods. and thinking t
a neguler proceeding he turned over and
resumed his lmber. The delivery was
dected so quietly that Jadlr Wll
Hawkins ad R. O. Besa, who were
sleepig in the cder a cdBe and the
djoaing rose, wer not disturbed at
The esped prisoner is registered a
James Dos. and was under arrest 6w
burglary committed at the Reachman's
hotel about a math a At his pre
liminary esamiation be was held under
bonds at to awnit the notion at the
district ourt, and wulld have ome to
trial thi term. That he very mro
tested that the outeme is evidnod
b7 the ntes thathe worte, whic
(whan end by the sheeWiaes Is mntl.I
wmre und to espen.a mast easmnnt de
le or hisl te do , l im .t. and,
lathe eaut atlime to de Lthe al
_6wr~de of Mdi g to dedl -was
seesk d aw·aI and a nteator
at dnposes aml a the elnie tadqr,
atf PtrhagstsienAle
Si b megt s to e
r, eage s aba e
Un erve
W. B. JORDAN, President. G. M. MILES, Vice-President.
H. B. WILEY, Cashier. C. L. CAHTER, Ass't Cashier.
X Iteresmt Paid. on T*ime 3Depowc:a.
annow otr, asoasmmmas.
Live Stock Broker.
Real Estate and Commercial Amacy.
Loan Broker and Notary Public. First Class Ranches, Farms aid
Town Lots for sale. Settlers and Intending Purchasers furnished
information respecting Northern Pacific Lands and Lots.
Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and \'..stern Cattle for
sale. U"I Sue a I ilpul.,
Engelhor1n Helena Business Collegs
ShrMWd , Telegraph, humoerip, Arklemral ka aid Muek.
The leat and mut Praetial School in the State. Perfect eoipmmnt. Latet a. t
mthoda usd. (ompetent protecoo at the head of eaeh departmentt.
POSTAL INSTRTCTIONS in Shorthand, (Pernin. Graham and Pittma.)
Bookkeeping and Penmanship. Satistaction Guaranteed.
Instruction on all Brass, String sad Reed Instruments in Music Dspartmwat,
First class Boarding Accommodations at Principal's residence-.tudst's w
Latest and beat Commercial text books on Bookkeeping, Arithmetic, C
pondence. etc., for sale.
For referen. tesatimonial and ounerse of stady. etc.. send for Cirelars.
ddressall lettes toa
Rrf. N. T. ENELNIE N. A.. Frsdpl al Frpier.
cA.Y5OM.- . daeals sa.e W. >
]Pe .m'] wi~e-- -,- ,.-m -
Livery, Feed and g O.
Sale Stables.
Sd "
W. Lw DouoSt
$sa 0 snoa "an
WC. MTA. Rep.snv 6r w
S name and prie on the bntna,.rh,
Light and Heavy turnouts and ;t"h'' a( Wu Lhn. rs sa ho
Saddle animals by the day week hi. : to i.,....or..yicr .i
or mouth. sa ae Ilce an ·Ira rn a aIm
Plea Tea a "specelept. r~, n ii.
Hrses, wagans, buggies and bhar
ness on hand at all times for s oa
sale at reasonable figures.
is bo wp as leat L C.
CaI., stss s r .b : t- "- -w b
a £ Ra - i fseime
s emEe _ m £
~ IICe ceLL~rL
' -bhR.C
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