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ILma ars. MrONrAA.
Every smnisg Ezeept Sunday.
Terms of Brbwcription.
ldiltio , one year .. ....... .....Si.. 0
ititoa. si month .... .............. '.,
Edltios, one mo nth .................. .(O 0
TO c!r smracuNlas.
a emarrM, every evening, at a cents per week.
Thu:slay, April 19, 1804.
wAs Ame Il.a. Ot ..f Clay or e a Cmart
by Freneh 'hemleta.
This is the story that a retail jew
eler on Broadway tells: "A man came
in here the other morning and took
out a magnificent stone, which he put
on the counter and asked me what I
thought of it. Well. I thought it wa.
a ruby worth about $7.or ,s00t. The-,
color was a deep pigeon's bloodl. and
while the magnifier showed little
spoets, like bubbles, in the stone they
didn't interfere with its transparency
r brightness. 'What' s it worth : said
t'Sixty dollars a arat.' said he. I
looked at him in amazement. 'Then
it's paste.' said I. 'Not a bit of it.' said
he. I tested it fe r hardness, and it
was all right. Then the man ex
plained that whil : it was a real ruby
it was produced by artificial means.
A French cbemi 4, made it. Very few
of these stone' have come to this
country so far. nmd in most of those'
that have ther was no material that
could be used for jewelry. the crys
tals were so . aall. This puts a dif
ferent phase -n the business.'
Artificial ystallization of alumina
was accomI ished several years ago.
The color a the resulting mineral
was super . but the indivdual crys
tals were so minute that a micro
scope was needed to distinguish their
angles. They were united by their
aes to a crust of amorphous alumi
an and sparkled like tiny red star
whenever the light played acr,.-s
them. The natural ruby doubtle,
9gok years and very likely centu
, ries to form. The chemical rul,v.
which is precisely the same as tl e
natural ruby. is made in a few week..
It is almost pure alumma-the earth
of the metal aluminum-the red col
or being due to a fraction of I per
cent of iron. The sapphire is the
mame as a ruby. exeipt for its c('oi.
ing matter. and it has quite a ranue
of color-yellow. purple, pink. "ray
and white C.'~rundum(I i- the co'r,
mon variety ,of alumina aunl Ls nmin,
used in the art.. emery lbei!, -'
commercial f" ,:"tl.
The ruby i. t?.,." ui t ,'- , ,f a
gem s. a -t ,ne . ,. d ". ,. , r f :r :
rankin: the ,I::., a .1 .. ..:. :
db covery that i' ' ea: :.:. :: "
laborator'y is '¾ i..
wbo deal it tht . . : -:
. has got iuto n''-. ,
already in i
money paid for , .._" Ct': :.
was that the ci,:::-.d Id. ,-L ,.
right to bhecui."i,' . rl a n:': . !
jp$e of the fact that in crys.tal fo: '
-, ght. liardners. c,,eor and (chemm...
awnposition it L a ruby. Artlficl;t:
-sbcss are employed to Iprdwellr i.
It iitIs nature. assisted by the cuhei
it. to be sure. that ehape4 adl ctlor
and hardens it. It would be aL- irdl
to say that machine made ice is nI,.'
ice because it was not taken from t:l,
sorface of a pond. The artificial
ruby. to allow the term, is as dura
ile and beautiful as the best prod
act of the Burmah mines, and it is
aoly the magnifier that shows the lit
.tIe bubbles in it It is the only one
at the precious stones that is manu
facture,. although science may du
plicate the others m the future. The
report that diamonds had been chem
iMally produced_' authorntatively de
mied.-New Yolt Sun.
Poutbful Precocity.
Mr. Ruskin is an instance of pre
a-ity as remarkable as Thirlwall.
Iough he did not begin to publish
i early. He began to write "books'
at 6 years of age. His first dated
poem was written a month before he
leached the age of 7. A poem he
wrote when 7 years old reminds Mr.
(oulingwood (see "Life," 189, vol
in 1, a~ IS) of "Blake's best
o His arst apearance in
s S. Mswagime at Archi
"- -. S ti when he was 15.
Shik, too, was at talst prod
wsoIs mte a m al...of
It istory" se thee can
whtim tis: 31 r as,
w "-,al lI w ello
rmly age at wMh io to
sadas qe in low boot-
m. y..r. a ....
Sedaitor of a daily to be rqsestor
e eb l nsage, " What Isto the matter
Ul yeo aisead?"
"bse matter? Jat this: I was told
Sma had been a colliiaon as the weat
- ! s-l killed, 0 injufored! I wired
Seprtsicasus. Nothing; sot the slihb
ask saeddast-s't it vmlng?"-Vs.
amme A4Yelsmea
atian uersao avetsasssts
of tuile.men, tofu a -l teueeng
eam: Here isomotouh aninler ,
"I' yoa want inseripoosm or
have any need of marble work, you'll
get it here." Another enterprising
man at Bologna annomunces, "A bath
in town style and every conven
ience." A similar notice meets ur
only eight miles from Rome, where.
of course, most of the customers
would be able to know whether they
really had "town style" or not.
A curious example comes from
Lyons, which may be paraphrased
thus: "Here Mercurypromises profit.
Apollo safety and 8eptumanuns be
an breakfast. He whohas been here
before will be treated all the better a
second time. Stranger, settle on your
lodging beforehand." A more inde
pendent tone is taken by another Ur
keeper, who doesn't hesitate to de
clare that his house is not intended
for people of only moderate means.
"If you live in goodl style, here's the
house for you; if in poor fashion. I'll
put up with you. but I shai, be
ashamed of having you." There are
a good many tIhwlrn hotels conduct
ed on this principle, but the proprne
tors are not as a rule quite so frank
in expressinm their sentimeuts. -Mae
millan's Magazine.
Johana BStraus.
Johann s;rau.'-. the comrre, of
the -Blue Duut L u- 'i o,..tr -u..tu ..s
waltzes, is at thla. e.:i:cia.&td. sickly
old man. with rI.-i;;llatt.in and the
gout and the various ill. of fashit,,i
a.ju wealt';. A tUtoU'and uwriuua
play hide and seek on sue oncet et.au
titul faec:. The eye whicih ui v"l
mirror a genuus in hi.itent lvct
stacy and toscinate thousands ,. en
thusia-tlc devotees on the w;::.
floors of ft-stive halls nlow u.
weary and cllouded. Tihe ideal of ,e
muses no lougier co)mmutne, with tier
elves of fancy, lbut stlokes a pr..-:ac
German pipe and longs for his "lutri
and schnitz 1." -Lldon Sun.
In time to any irregularity of the
Stomach, Live, or Dowels may
prevent serious
headache, nau.
sea, bilious
ness, and ver
t igo indicate
certain func
tional derange
mIents, the best
remedy for
which is Ayer's Pills. Purely vege
table, sugar-coated, easy to take and
quick to assinmilate, this is the ideal
family nmediciize-the most popular,
safe, and useful aperient in phar.
macy. Mrs. M. A. BttOCKWELL,
Harris, Tenn., says:
"Ayer's Cathartlic Pills cured me of sick
headache and my husband of neuralgia. We
think there Is
No Better Mediolne,
and have iadneed amany to se it.
"'Thirty-Ave years ao this Spring, I was
run down by hard work sad a saueeslon of
olds. whichb made me so feeble that it was
an eeffort for me to wal. eeelbAd the
deters, but kept slaking lower mWl I had
gives p al hope of ever being better.
rappeulag to be in a tore, one day, where
mselnes were sold. the proprietor notteed
my weak and sickly appearanee. and, after
a few questions as to my health, recom.
meaded me to try Ayer's Pills. I had little
faith in these or any other medicine but
concluded. at last, to take his advice and try
a box. Before I had used them al. I was
very much better, and two boxes cured me.
I am now ao years old; but I believe that
if it had not been for Ayer'! Pills. I should
have been in my grave long ago. I buy e
boxes every year, whch make 210 boxes up
to this time. and I would no more be with
out them than without bread."-H. H.
Ingraham. Rockland, Me.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer &Co., Lowell, MBu.
Every Dose Effective c0
.,o TU s-ats, hlup Pdah.i .e,
hnd al Patent budasem coadacted for
hfaemation and val iesgiv to avesmwiisse
doI s wuqwCs
P. o. nz . 4M aPovpu D.0
w , f .u w .. U4t . ge . -. S eeS. S a fl
an ese.....rs5 as r e r
a sne melpesets ae sst.. m..ie o ee
asoanew men4wdw the r idvc. lloII e
I nbro
8heyc'rb'II..-.adqailo-4 '.! Ivnb-lseol~ The
o isbe arwwula Anrwy' .rs T asla 1R swar
wtd,, ., w ""r'.'I. t Sa nd relr.. ieIEg
cts-. Mn1 M sol l t.to frum.
fornew lace, ho. lhrs. for adi ce, 0
Ancient Streets,, Theaters, Temples, Panoramas, Villages, Castles,
Encampments, Shops, Pagodas.
There is no denying the fact that the jolliest and most amusing recollections of the Fair are connected with the world famous
" Midway," whose entertaining and bizarre features seemed never to pa'1 on the millions of visitors who from May until October
thronged its streets and alleys and crowded its vaitous places o,f amnllulcnt. from noon till long past midnight Its features were so
numerous and contrasting that though seen and seen again, they ne\er can be all remembered.
To revive the memories of these delightful trips.. when dull caise ai left behind, and pure and unudulterated fun the only object,
the YE! LOWSTONE JoUNx.\L has secured the exclusive prit tlegse ,t furni..hiti. a
executed in thcjh;,,.est st} le of the lphototran cr s art, which is ,iftered ti, the r a!er. t the Yellowstone Journal on the terms outlined
A Fac Simile of the Cover of the IYellotwstone Journal Portfolio of .Vidavr 7T'pes.
3eI Hlalt Tone Pictures of .idulway Scenes Divided into Fiteen Parts of Twenty Engravings.a.k.
The Yellowstone Journal Portfolio o,
11 IS UNIQUE and interesting series Mill consist oft oo Halt-Tone 1.ngramings di\ided into Fflteen Part-. sxli each, containing
Twenty Pictures. .\ new part will be issued each Ceek until the series is complete. Coupon No. I appears to-day and will run all
the week: then Coupon No. 2 will begin. Bring Fif Cltk and uIp IO . I to the Yellowstone Journal Office and Part No. 1
will be handed you: or. send FIftIH Cult and gag1 and it will be ma;icd to your addre,s. All mailing will be done from the Yellowstone
Journal Office, and orders w.ill be filled same day received
HCOUPO Coupons can be procured in either the Daily or the Weekly 'ellowstone Journal. One Weekly Coupon or Two
PLAN. Daily Coupons, of different issues. accmplanied by Fifteen Cents, will be rcc.ve'l in exchange for a Portfolio.
THE The Complete Set will be mailed to any addir:ss. without Coupons. one each seek. as issued, for $2,5o, or can be had
COMPLETE in single numbers, without Coupons, for 25 cents each, at the Office of the Yellowstone Journal, or mailed to any address
SET Remember, the price with Coupons is Fifteen Cents, either mailed or delivered.
SDUA Th0 Ydlowstmg Journal Portfolio at
,.,,....... MIdny TyIps
PARTN O. 9, i
Bring or send two of these Coupons of different number and
11 gi to the Yellowstone Journal. Office and Part o*. 7 of
Midway Types will be delivered or mailed to any address.
Addrem. YI.ellowet ame J.. eMCity Meat.
Famous5 Fascinating Midway revive4 apd bougQht bck for i5 cents a week. The Peculiarities of Race, Oddities of CGosum., Dh
cordant Music, Babel of Tongues and Individuality of Character which proved so iexhaustible a sourcea o pleasure to Ii8as will ~
brought fresh to mind.
An Adomle from the Nile. igh UpdH .U A. ONe Tie Qeartette. Dmhome7 Warrior
The Drummer ot Cairo street Chl. Mie W.e. Veadere. The Good io.
The BReturn from Mecc. Shop W Imr gthe Prl c. A Venetia I
Betwee. the Act.. liSave.hp. htt Colmbia.. Two
Cairo Street Looking East. The ReasUUoa. A ,lbty ? .rlt PRt.
The Egyptian Muiean. A Groap atd . The Jos theetre. Turk. of
"Noce Bum-Bum Candy. A Curio~u Contract. Sme AsetIe Vialtor. A Syrian
Thbe Water Carriers. The Runner T. Beoemanas Quartstet Tyns.
A Cairo Street Dancer. Cairo Street. An Alp inr. Siotne
Egyption Theater. A Daner l Street Costume. A iap o Te from Jobase. Aril

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