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SPea¶.odv Wro Iy 7:( 1t. in.
Rh. Monday., Wednesdnay
a mad Vrtday . . 7: Ina. M.
ardaý ......... ...... Y 100 p. m
o M a Friday.....
f i=dFida,n ..........
Speia onday. sad
0o.as .14:15. m.
u ten no arrival f arorn
.$U. atorbefore ................. 710p.m.
order clones 4 SO p. m.
open fom. ii to I p. m.
Uertber. Pacific Time Table.
L3AVU 51133 (ITT 00130 WEN.T.
Ma 1. Pacific Nail. :tp. m.
q EzpoimFreiht 11 41 p. m.
M Way Freight . Io.·a. m.
.I!AUaaeic Mail L
la Dyes. Freight 1I ..tt p. tn.
Ml Way Freriht Y:ISa.m.
Official Directory.
Mamber of Tngr.. . it. Hartnlar. 1Lsn.an
r J. K. ekwardºr. Hrlrna
at~lo, Al.-: Ik,tkiu. Hilena
ofSae L. Ic.twitt" H ·kuu
Treasurer F. W. Wright, Hrleaa
Auditor Andrew H. Iok. ilaelna
, (ienerl Henn J. tlrrlkll. Helena
Pub In. IL A.ta.", re.,Helena
Jagua... W'. Y. P..nert"..,. H ilrim
SUpnen. I rt ieuj W,".tter. Hei.:m
Aawriate Jolie ) F:. N. Flar,.ýf. Billing
W. I. 1)-Witt. Hutt
r nr Iieaerl .. H'o. (). Eat... Ife1#.n
S. rsal Wit. M~rIM.n.,tt. ltittly
e forluth..r A. W. Lmaan. Hrlrna
r 1 . L.1 ) . ri.rl.n. Mile.lity
reart '" T. lam r1.t.l. Mile I ity
Atrn. If Lee. Helena
Eir Obsrverr I. k. i,*.i.o. Mile.City
itd~ l...iin i..ornlr I II. k~r'it3'r ai t
lio So..,. It Mlburn. Mile.( ity
Official ttenrrrapr~h."
Fn..I W,.
fate sater . It. w flt. ihajaka
!late lletri..entati.,.. .1. IK. Melts, Mil" t it)
e1'J. Hakl.i, Milt-."'t1)
rr W. F. !,argue
or m led. A. H.I it.. ruthg..r
1'n rt . . Z mm rni,,
AiOI7n ttolriey V. J . H. mer"ii
Iiwo ft. Newaman
oeeyr I lea. tri"ii,m
t~mewowr . B.t. L.4aieu. -
a~itof lietio,tg Mr.. J. ft. Lute.
dIlIur, Na
J. W.. War. tii...
Jamtier... )John huihb. Miles Pty
Coastable H. Hogan.
LaeAtirrarey I. k.4 .dlt
err Ii. W Ill-rtoi
Ohtief of Police ft. it. Jack.in
Palice Magistrate JoIl,t tihb
Ftr. Ward--Il. W. Mclntire. N. P. S.rrrtn.n.
Sna·t4 Ward-Th.... niiht W. H. Bullard.
W. ANDSI'Wt. N. IW.. I. N. F
L P, IA. MIrs.ur~h tanK At'.'.. acts.
.Saand2S. t.c Iir,..,.q. ank W..ek
O b O ra Ar-- t", 1)a. n,..: t. 4'".. m.. a"J I to c
LeAdmmc~r, formerly ..crupaud bj.1)r. Fish.
)· T Pi c'IAND SURtO1. t
O~a. at W. E .v~ages' Drug Sto.
Sk Whi"e. D
5 Sree over Meauckgrowme Nationaa Be"a
oak guý a prtae& a
11:uIIme. II
eNM agead uting. Alae ia.
C. N. Mauin. r. J
AL am .'
~ mba.,·· i·I·L.
Ie &.babtaa ta sad
uilm~ aEt abarr mmibr. 31Ur ath
0. U. ardorl. Y ar.
A 1 6 waru
latei· r = aa·.
atý !. EL e ea.
16-A. 0 IU~Wo
CL~lr prrr U 3% S awa
W 11)5LI IUCrr
649 ~ lrr
The Prosecution Closes Its
Evidence and Rests
the Case.
The tefee.se Will Now Endeaver to Et
plain the DIfendalnts Dealitln
With the Bank.
HEL .EA. April 19.--The trial of H. F.
Batchelor, of the suspended 8tockgrow
era bank of Miles City, in the United
States court yesterday. the examination
of Witness Wilson was concluded. E. E.
Batchelor. a cousin of the defendant.
was called by the prosecution. Hle show
I d that Maples ,t Stuart to whose credit
ruoney was deposited in It~t. were con- I
tractors and builders of the defendant's
house. lie could i: t remelmber whether
the defendant made payments to the
Electric Light company in 14$$. lie
said that when he tought ten shares of
stock of the defendar :. he gave his note
for l1.tt,. which defendant discounted
at the bank. using the proceeds in the
bank funds himself; that on Dec. 1. K12,
he had by the defendant's direction.
written a letter and sent back a 10.0tJ.Ot
note to W. R. Stebbins. which note was
on account of stock purchases from
Stebbins. and that the rtneys deposited
and sent to Stebbins on that Ida were
in payment of the amounts due from de
fendant to Stebbins fir the purchase of
stock. and were sent and deposited by
defendant's direction. The draft for
3.5". sent to the Billings estate was
sent by defendant from the bank money.
and he sent at the same time two notes
:or l4tsl) each. and alse three certificates
of stcsk of tift) shares each. which he
understu. i were to hi held by the Bill
irgs estate and returr.ed from time to
time as the amount paid on the notes
justified. lite said that he sent these
papers by express at the direction of
defendant. and that the drafts and notes
represented the purchase price of the
stock. A letter signed by himself as
cashier was enclosed in the express
package, and no copy Af that letter ap
peared to have been tmade in the bank
letter copy book. As to the election se.
pease items. the witness said that the
moneys were paid out. but not on ac.
Scount of any election expenses that they
a were paid month by month as interest
i n the county deposits; that wherever
the entries were in his own handwriting
witness had paid tover the mone)s. He
,. knew nothing of the arrangements of
this transaction except what defendant
- had told him. and all the entries he
made and payments he made were at
the direction of the defendant. Healso
said that the item of $1,(Nxo. entered as
paid Merrill on account of back salary,
was also for. interest on account of the
, county funds.
The croetexamioation elicited the
amount of the county bala.ces in the s
bank at the end at the end do each e
month, and that it could not make any
differeoce in the end to the bank wheth
er this sum was charged to expense or
icterest account. He showed in whosm
handwriting each entry was in the book c
on this subject, and said that his ownI
had been trandered and was In the I
posmemson of H. F. Batchelor. though it
did not ebow upon the book at the
bank. He also teetifled that it was
Bookkeeper Harmon's duty to copy the
letters. On re-direct zaminatioan he
admitted that he wrote the letter to the
Bils estate, and that he himself s nt
it in ao zprems pecksge. ad that it it was
cusaomwry for him to put mch lettees as
be wished to have copies of upon Har
mo'a desk.
County Recorder 8wrdliger was re
called and produced a ertiled eopy ot
a mortgage trme Newman to the beak,
give on the day that it closed ad re
corded at 6 p. m. t that day.
Am A mor Newman. we-calld,e teetied
to the value of the property lacluded I.
the mortgage and the ameant WeIsled
upon a els of the property. He also
identiued soma partnership articles be
Stwee himelf and J. W. Batehelor. ..
s lag that the articles wnre executed by
the defendlant on behalf t his fater
and that his father weas et is the ooem
try at the time.
O(pt. armea, a dkeeter and vie
Sp.Mes i t the beak up to PeL ary 4
SW ws ea d ead ___gM that he
bad foeda wlek adh an tahent th
Splvrhae o the Uwewer M- i aU
eatem etak. .l that k was a e
-ri to hbi that delmdet ' she haw
dos ea as dAtadat bad enatrl at the
bak an,ad mld wL adid it, al d.
deadnt gave hi masamer. H elas
Saeli so to the menad lk had with
ddadM..A M,.rwdn at the ntd ed
saeI ie, o l I h- d etat ail
o bisn that he ad aer am eI s
rat the e b ekmd
Ir thshukr ~ C L (i
never told him that he tdefendant, was
borrowing the bank's money to pay for
the Stebbins stock.
Col. George Scheetz, a director testi
fled that he had never been informed by
the defendant that he was using the
bank's money either upon his own or his
father' esper for the purpose of paying
for the Stebbins stock, and that in a
talk with defendant at the Hotel Helena
in November last defendant had said to
him that of the moneys owing by him
to the bank he had ured about $,500 on
his dwelling house, about 3.,500 he had
paid to the Elentric Lght company.
2.,000 in support of his father's family, a
couple of thousand for charities and
612.000 for bank stock and the rest was
for interest.
E. W. Prosser testified that the indi
vidual indebtedness of defendant stand
ing in his own name at the date of the
suspension was over $40.000; that the in
debtedness standing in the name of J.
W. Batchelor was 612.300; that the in
debtednees existing on January 1. 1891.
of both of them was 812.700. and that
of this amount 61.540 was in the name of
his father J. W. Batchelor. and that the
balance was in the name of defendant.
Hte also verified the statements used by
the other experts. saying that he had
prepared it. being assisted in its prepar
ation by the witness. Leo Harmon.
The prosecution also offered a letter
from the comptroller, asking defendant
whether the J. W. Batchelor notes rep
resented his own indebted or wqre com
mercial paper, and the reply of the de
!fndant thereto, insisting that they were
of the latter class of paper.
The case for the prosecution rested
here. and the defendant begins the intro
duction of testimony this morning.
Dr. Mitchell's neautirl nlese Brness.
D)r.R Iox;1E. April 19.-Dr. A. A.
Mitchell's new heuse on Missouri aven
ue that promised to be one of the most
beautiful and hospitable homes in the
state. was burned to the ground this
morning about 4:30. One of the guards
at the state penitentiary, returning to
his home after his night's duty, discov
ered the fire and at once gave the alarm.
The fire company responded promptly.
but the building, valued at nearly
$0.,000. was doomed a structure. Dr.
Mitchell intended to occupy his new
home in the course of a month, and its
destruction is a great blow to him. It
was insured for $15.000. It is generally
supposed the fire was the result of com
Mealsas Appsatnoamtl.
W~maMHlcTON. April 1l.-The president
has sent the following nominations to
the senate: Registers of land oflces:
Charles 8. Wright. at Miles City. Mont.;
David Hilger. at Lewiston. Mont.; W. E
Cox. at Helena. Mont. Receivers of
public money. James G. Romsey. at
Miles City,. Mobt.; John P. Barnes. at
Lewiston. Mont.; Jermiah Collins. at
Commodore 8kerrett to be rear admir
al; Capt. Joseph N. Miller to be com
salver le Osls Away by Teas.
New Yoa.. April 19. The steamer
Majestic will take out tomorrow 300,00
ounces of silver and 2,000 Meeican dol
lars. The steamer New York takes out
tomrrorw 0.000 ounesa of silver.
Tb. Very Lseris Lamp at ea.
The very largest lump of gold ever
sees in this country was on exhib
Man in fan Francisco in Jnme, las.
It was not a natural nggt, like
somea of te mmses desribed in
. m od items la "Notesor the
aupo~u" It was a signpMa come
as It. from t g pond d f. the
Basqua iase mlae {la,,{ ,It
w athe loduot of 4 days' rn at
tah mame ametioed, w ed W
msisa d was vales at ,P000.
k Louls Sepblio.
-h eagllofaovereiga'e som a...
amdboas, when ereted pems, are
mattSed to asats in tbhahosof d oeu
as a ltll of the them bt who un.
by 09 death of their bather, they be
acmmedy collatesaly ated to the
- ss they lt ammos fo hes.
-ewis bubeais aed masuh
law, ae t poll pop
rwr t(re nw be Pte'ina
*wm w batmesb a dp wonb i S
Imn easheasulg ter Se a wee. Is
eakm.s Wenih gieda t m
agt am h 4U .
ir etkp d dtir M° al alhe
er Oeau of g- ~ ·i
-~ ·C-- r
This Time L st Tear.
For the convenience of those who
wish to make comparisons and for the
benefit of others who can never remem
ber, the JOCalAL will' hereafter keep
standing a table of the corresponding
month of last year, showing day by day
the principal meteorological conditions.
as obtained from the record kept by the
United States weather observer in this
Pity. Following is the record for April,
1-Cloudy ..................... 42
2-Partly cloudy .................... . 52
3--Part cloudy .................. 4
4-Part cloudy...... ........ 9
5-Part cloudy.................. 46
6-Part cloudy............ 54
7-Cloudy.......................... 25
8-Cloudy ................ 32
9-Clear ............................ 37
10 Partly cloudy................ 43
11-Cloudy......................... 40
12-Cloudy... ..................... 28
13 Partly cloudy............... 30
14 - Partlycloudy .............. 40
15 -Part cloudy.................. 40
16-Part cloudy ................. 43
17--Part cloudy.................. 46
18 -Part cloudy................. 42
19- Cloudy ...................... 35
20-Partly cloudy .......... ....
21- Clear ......................... 3
2- Partlycloudy ............. .. 46
24 Part cloudy .................... 8
-4-Cloudy ................. . :3
25 -Cloudy. .. . .. I
20- -Partcloudy... 42
27--C loudy ...... ................ "I
28 C loudy .................... . 3
2 Part cloudy .... . 40
.0 Part cloudy ................ 44I
The figures in the right hand column
denote the average thermometer reading
for the day. The coldest snap during
the month was 16 on the night of the
8th. The warmest was 76 on the after
noon of the 7th. The average for the
month was 40 above zero. Total amount
of rain and melted snow during the
month was 1.43 inches.
t tihe tprig
Nearly everybody needs a good medi
cine. The impurities which have ac
cumulated in the blood during the cold
months must be expelled, or when the
mild days come. and the effect of brac
ing air is lost, the body is liable to be
overcome by debility or some serious
disease. The remarkable success achieved
by Hood's Barsaparillsa and the many
words of praise it has received, make it
worthy your confidence. We ask you to
give this medicine a trial. We are sure
y it will do you good. Read the testimon
isles published in behalf of Hood's 8r
separilla, all from reliable, grateful peo
pie. They tell the story
"The value of petroleum to the
arts and eciencea is simply incalcula
hibe," said Walter Francis. a gentle
man who knows all about oil. "Of
ourse every one is familiar with the
chemicals that are separated from
the liquid in the course of its re.an
ment, but how few know that most
of the carbon used in electric lights
comes from the same source, or rath
er from the action it exerts upon
metal. Yes, sir, the edges at the pots
in which crde petroleum is reined
are now chipped aosad sold to the
etetri compades, as the action of
the intern beat upon the mixture
has the epsotot im.u sha prs.
arboi on the rip."-Detroit News.
wU w "A wn&vaLs.
im s hense Us asnes asie. abem..s
That saeeds esesllent and meet com
testable tacilhtls-The Milwahkes
That tvmse a delightful ad pitar
equee pestle. of the coastry-The
That has (and merits) the mputatime lo
treasth aad rsility-Ths.X.l
That eeoys popelerity sad is stamped
with public approval-The Milwas.
That a sebatstal roadbe d d meet
reqset tms mrvies - The Md.
That raad always, the em, comirt
sad misty aw peaese-The Ml
That trishes the Ibeset private s.
-k - - mdlahe s ylahLt
e emabisesso-Ths M ahes
sdsm semlkei e--s Msekeds
·Isss' -`da ei Jim
Tha emmomhal me te U am
p .eor l te e i ds har
ass eap bmses dialag aea-The
tibl, bas s tree.semees d
W. B. JoxDAN, Fresident. G. M. MILEs, Vice-President.
H. B. WILEY, Cashier. C. L. CARTER, Ass't Cashier.
Directors s
X terest Paitd on W'i.Z Deposait
MlLwe ctr, stolaafa.
Live Stock Broker.
Real Estate and Commercial Appy.
Loan Broker and Notary Public. First Class Ranches, Farms au
Town Lots for sale. Settlers and Intending Purchasers furnishd
information respecting Northern Pacific Lands and Lots.
Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and :. stern Cattle fe
sale. ULe SIk a Spedilt.
Engelhorn Helena Business Collegs
Skrtlla, Tdegh y, salusip, AnrlsIdraI ka*g Mglids
The Bet and moat Practical School in the State. Perfect equipment. latest sa~ b
methods used. Competent pro(esor. at the bhead of each department.
POSTAL INSTRTCrTION8 in Shorthand, (Pernin, Graham and Pitmand
Bookkeeping and Penmanship. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Instruction on all Brass, String sad Reed lastruments in Music Departmeat.
First cla Boarding Accommodations at Principal's residence-Studeat's am
Iatest and best Commercial text books on Bookkeeping, Arithmetic, OaCe
pondence. etc., for sale.
For re renes, timonals and course of study, ete.. send for Circulars.
Prf. N. T. ENIELISi M. A.. Isipual sad ptlplisr.
CAWTeIOl-f av a leM cosa W.
SPa Urlt Sel f reet be.g. . a am ..
Livery, Feed and r0.
Sale Stables.
Horses, agas, b s and ha
sale at reasonable ftures.
5 a
tieg sadis ee.rr aet a C.a attoe aris ad.
t e ansy other make. Tr. iL~
.e - .a-i.- - . I.e _ap iae W.a" ... i "
amL .. aea pric en. the h=m, which m
Wthr vale. cams thoseesie s( ati..sese
SLight and Heavy turnouts and tog tee gin. e vh ait
Saddle animals by the day week Ic b aIs to arelq· e st
or inth. aujee Theym t seamtal
r- Horses, wagans, buggies and bar- w"Lyý°s
M ness on hand at all times for UNS I& U11
sale at reasonable figures.
T masenhamS leat pa.
1 *gs W WAd Assams. A11sess *
- ,k ee
: i.uslYssI.IUIIs C m
- .
'~- rlL

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