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The Yellowstone journal. [volume] (Miles City, Mont.) 1893-1901, April 20, 1894, Image 2

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diti ooe sm oth.................. 1.C0
orr srascazuaas.
oeri4sr, every evening, at 2 cents per week.
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Friday, April 0. 1894.
oraereb are being wade of cowhide
b Australia.
A Leon (Ia.) pony recently died at the
age of 47 years.
George Starr will drive Anderson's (
Nightingale this season.
Break o' Day. 2::14. by Dark Nighlt.
in in the Doble stable.
Grant's Alwlallah. 2;l0. has to hi
credit .54 heats below 2:25.
The Russian time for three versts (two
miles` is a few seconds under five man
Lew Trotter has abandoned the stll:y
for an indefinite time on account of ill
Avoid the horse or man that has b!t
one idea. Both are unsafe to ride b\hin I
or follow.
A big horse show is to be one of thi.
feaures of the Midwinter fair in lat.
The horsse use I as the model for the I
statue of Gener .i Logan is the hackne.y
Hopeful II.
According tc the Russian rulem a horse
an only mak, three breaks of six jums 1
each in a race
AM .-onda .ad Butte, Mon., will han:
up 000 f, - their meetings, beginnin;
July 14 and Lug. 4.
Accordin. to the latest official returns
mere are 1 .081.139 horses in the United!
States wh ,e assessed value is $769,224.
The h, se usel as the molel for the
sfatue o" (ienerai Grant to be erected it.
New Yl rk c:'r is a gelding by Chest. r
, nest horse ever owned by Gen,.ral
Grant is now owned by ,. R. Bailey, .:
Amesbury, Mass. It is the sorrel mar.
Nellie Grant.- Horseman.
Henry E. Abbey expects to sail for
Europe in a very sh .rt time.
Ma:;.ie (line has signed a co,ntrac:
with Mee.-rs. Koter &: Bial.
Lillian Dailey has j .tiel Jan,. -
DN-eill's coml a4ty a.s leahlin.g laty.
That xce'lt act ,r. W ... F.ruzn,
has sig-nel wvithI "iarl s Fr ,t.n, t,,r at.
other year.
W ils.n BI rrett s,%l- i,." w;.:tli t.. st;t?
In Amerit : ..T. I "ti t;an. n f",...1._
io New York ,.o:.
R. A. Rot, rt-. i. w." i l.T ,v.a :
comedian, is :: . "r e . ,:,r.r t : , '..t
E. Rice for n.e xt -. ;-,rn.
Maggio M ll , .,at.- t'_
seriesoffar.-'",-il p f atr.en.. 1. . tr ..,.
takes her leave,- f t;,. -:age.
Justin Ada.-. the come,.han. and 3M
belle Marlowe. a ii, nlrofe-sio., al. wi.r,
ecently marred at Chelsea. Mass.
Eastace Vernon. formerly in the -r,,
part of the late Rosina Vokes, ha- |lee,.
ngaged for Belle Archer's company.
Mr. Robert Taber is rehearsing in Neo
Tork the leadmlr role in the romanti,
drama which ("iyde Fitch wrote last wa
smn for Harry Miller.
Herbert Hall Winslow. the author of
the comedy "A Fashionable Girl," is at
work on another play for Daniel Frou
man. to be produced in the spring.
Lewis Morrison. who has won fame and
fortune as Mephisto in "Faust." has pur
chansel for dl.. M5, a handsome residence
ia Irvtngtn-o n-the-Hudson, adjoining
te old hou- of Washington Irving.
A prize awarded by the Italian gov
arnent has bern taken this year by a
play entitled "r4 Muller." which depicts
a phys tan's metal struggles over the
question whet hr he shall cure his wife's
liver or kill him.
Alm-*Tadsems' Earul IEtbrts.
Mr. Alma-Tadema is ruthleeuin de
sroying results that do not seem to
Iim to be satisfactory. I have oft.n
en him wipe from his canvas a
-isutiful figure or a lovely object
whea he thought that by doing so
se line of his composition would be
improved or that greater simplicity
wasm. be pined by the eacrifie.
I haveheerd Mr. Alma-Tadema tell
st7y at the fate of two inmeoems
eat o s at ba studest days One
at tem 'as s.arned ascid by the
Imdtte eof the ls shibitlon
M Ib. The mabject, I beslve, wa
d a hose. s Oa , with ople aes
eso se wsima aIS w studets
qshso e to the Bof te d -
dpaler and wave ~evited to
edin thg thwa wy' h "
W40te y mlofrd a a lgse sued.
eam w hieh w ob m as back.
ty, again ad tsin, to the'
sel d its creator, atil at last it
W aot out of its trame and was
to ea old woman to mas it as a
ayer, and who remarimed that
S"was mauch better than those cout
ma eicloth things that always lee
e water through, for this one of
Mr. Tadenmas making was a ges..
tIh aue, with plenty of paint v*
M -gm K. Goese in Century.
The interstate ommern e emmalesto
has igured out that omne'm killed
by railroad accident in IU. eotry out
of every 1.491,910 who 4 ma.
An once has been opened by the Le
high Valley at New Haven, the repre
sentative of which is L. W. Frost. for
merly the company's agent in Boston.
The Lehigh Valley company will soon
have its own telegraph line in Jersey
City, having completed the stringing of
a cable weighing 2.800 pounds across the
drawbridge over Newark bay.
The latest railroad enterprise in Utah
is the incorporation of the Cedar City
Terminal road. The company will build
a line from Cedar City to the coalfields a
short distance east of that city.
General Passenger Agent Heaford of
the Milwaukee and St. Paul says there is
no truth in the report that his company
had decided to discontinue dining car
service between St. Paul and Chicago.
The Wheeling and Elm Grove road,
that operates between Wheetint and Elm
Grove. W. Va.. has decided to extend its
line from Elm Grove to Triadellhia.
seven miles. Work will be commn t.:ed
next spring.
A change is tbeing made in the color of
the freight cars ,n the Central Railroad
if New Jersty. The l1,i standard color.
yellow, will Ibe abandoned, and dark
brown such as all other roads use, sub
stituted. Janney couplers are also be
ing applied.
Some very - * 1o Ik1kn::g p.. Ile are de
formed on tih in-.f i e.
A lie a mile away is alway - trying to
Ioi e cl:,a: : 1i the truti.
As nlt h ;Ia' . i "an .1 *iletitei-s he put
int, a ',,rdl can tbe tireti out of a
Some Ipreacher never seem tn think it
worth while t,, work at their Irau;. in
the middle of the week.
A '. .1I manIIy boys have turnot out
badly because. they had father- as ho
made them work with a lull hW.
One renas. i why there is not Inre . ,..al
beuin It,h- i l," ,'au,- ns lany i .. l,
In time to any irregularity of the
Stomach, Liver, or Bowels may
prevent serious
headache, nau
sea, bilious
ness, and ver
tigo indicate
certain func
tional derange
ments, the best
remedy for
which is Ayer'as Pills. Purely vege
table, snlar-co.ated, easy to take and
quicik to assimilate, this is the ideal
family tneudicine-the most popular,
safe, and useful alperient in phar
macy. Mrs. M1. A. BROCKWELL,
Harris, Tenn., says:
"Ayer's Cathartic Pills cured me of sick
headache and y husband of neuralgia. We
think these Is
No Better Medicine,
and have indaced many to use it.
"Thrty4ve years ago this Spring. I was
run down by hard work and a succeasion of
colds. which made me so feeble that it was
an elfort for me to walk. I cousalted the
doctors, but kept sinkiag lower il I had
given up all hope of ever belag better.
Happening to be i a stere, one day, whre
medetaes were sold, the proprietor notieed
my weak and sickly appearance. and, after
a few questions as to my health. recom
mended me to try Ayers Plls. I had little
faith in these or any other medicine, but
concluded.at last, to take his advice and try
a box. Before I had used them all. I was
very much better, and two bhoes cured me.
I am now so years old; but I believe that
at it had not been for Ayer's Pills, I should
have been in my grave long ago. I buy 6
boxes every year, which make ,10 boxes up
to this time. and I would no mor be be with
out them than without bread."-H. H.
Ingraham. Rockland. Me.
'repared by Dr. J C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mifs.
Every Dose Effective
heTal.rke, 3lw Pabpjup
Aad all Patent busines cooductd foe
soeala aea adlvisat gta to laveatwieel
S hWAP. PAdores. -
.LfaltAtntsemp . a~.
PrO. ro: . kO *A.. raie. D.C.
me - ssu..s ..4 lags9ee a-w..mais s>at
assempsu atve nchmsesf4rtape
.Oi. B'WA Y .
for 0.,l~tle-rs snd Raloor, in .la'. tin tt tIae
Is'." r'Ocgur An. -. .- iarmectb.wr
oil .,-.no+. -,led. r lau~ire-I, Acrhia
-or n-w laws, ho chatrw. for dr/e a Irks
Ancient Streets,' Theaters, Temples, Panoramas, Villages, Castles,
Encampments, Shops, Pagodas.
There is no denying the fact that the jolliest and most amusing recollections of the Fair are connected with the world famous
" Midway," whose entertaining and bizarre features seemed never to pall on the millions of visitors who from May until October
thronged its streets and alleys and crowded its vastous places of amniu- ent, tronm noon till long past midnight Its features were so
numerous and contrasting that though sue n and seen again, they never can be all remembered.
To revive the memories of these delightful trips,. when dull care was left behind. and pure and unudulteratcd fun the only object,
the YELLOWSTONE JOURN.\A. has secured the exclusi\e pri ilege ,,t furnishing a
executed in the4highect style of the phttogla\tucr' art. \ hict: is 'fitered ta, the r,tader- , t the 'cellowstonc Journal on the terms outlined
A Fac Simile of the Covet of the Yello'wstone Journal I'ortolio fI .'1id'liay Type's.
3vou lh altT ,ne Pictures ,1 .lidur.a S.ens Diivided into Fif'teen Parts of Twenti Engravings.eah
The Yellowstone Journal Portfolio of
LItLAnt dinteresting. k rs re 1c it
IllS UNIQUE and interesting series hill consist of 300 Half-Tone E:ngravings dliided into Fifteen Parts. Sxl each, contaiming
Twenty Pictures. A\ new part will be issued each week until the series is compllte. Coupon No. I appears to-day and will runall
the week: then Coupon No. 2 will begin. Bring FiftiI Cits and CUM s . I to the Yellowstone Journal ()flice and Part No. I
will be handed you; or, send flftg*ll Cll and C~gg and it will be mailed to your addriess. All mailing will be doie from the Yellowstone
Journal Office, and orders a ill be filled same day received.
NCONOI Coupons can be procured in either the Daily or the \ecekly Yellowstone Journal. One Weekly Coupon or Two
PLAN. Daily Coupons, of different issues. accompanied by Fifteen Cents, will be rcce.ved in exchange for a Portfolio.
THEr The Complete Set will be mailed to any addre s, without Coupons, one each week, as Issued. for $2,5o, or can be had
COMPLETE in single numbers, without Coupons. for 25 cents each, at the Office of the Yellowstone Journal. or mailed to any address
SET Remember, the price w ith Coupons is Fifteen Cents. either mailed or delivered.
DAILY The Yellowsaue Journal Portfolio of
e,, o. o.. . Midway Types.
Bring or send two of these Coupons of different number and
IS gggI to the Yellowstone Journal Office and Part No. 7 of
Midway Types will be delivered or mailed to any address.
Addrem Yellowetome Journai, Miles CtI, Most.
Famous, Fascinating Midway revived and brought back for I cents a week. The Peculiarities of Race, Oddities of Ostrue, b.
cordant Music, Babel of Tongues and Individuality of Character which proved so inexhaustible a source of pleasure to mieas, will LtL
brought fresh to mind.'
Oci pf r'zrwt 'Pwo ~P.rte
An Adols i wom ths Nile. Hi U p and Happ. An Oldm Time Quatette. Warr s.
'Tbs DreamerĀ· Cairo street. A Meahe the Nile. Mia Fruit Veders. Ua.
The Return from Mecca. .an Bbes shop. Waitii hr the Princes. A Vaea etOoie .
Between the Acts. An gi lav. Ilttle Chs Columbus. Two Pret
Cairo Street Lookin East. The W Pocesaon. A Jaoly Turk. P ro.
The Egyptian MsII a. A Group o d . The Java heatre. Turks of Bluk ~gve
"Nice Bum-Bum Candy. A Curious Cn.tract. Some Amrel Visitor. A Syrian
Tbhe Water Carriers. Thb. Runners. The BoummansL Quartette. Tpe . .
.t Cairo Street Dancer. Cairo 8treet. An Alps r. Bout S tis.
Egyptian Theater. A Dancer in Street Costume. A Bip ot Tea from Johors. A PRds l Sealper.

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