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The Yellowstone journal. [volume] (Miles City, Mont.) 1893-1901, April 21, 1894, Image 1

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, %ti p. in.
SPaeSb. M..ndtay.. Wimdnr·da. il ian
aatda 7:4i T51ap. m.
Teaa live. Mondaay.Jwdr.Inr.
i d Fridays .. 7:30a.m.
lU . aturday, . . .. .. 2 !l p. mn.
5~wtna, liundayt ant Fridtay-. ::I0 p. in.
dspeeial. Munday. and
SAS ap. . ".
on arrival of Pastrern
aIl, at or htwfw.e 7 !A p. m.
Lion order clime, . 4 4 p. m.
y". el~rw 6 U) . m..
is-Oderoten (fromn llt, I Ip. M
('HAm. W. )tar P. M.
Uertbern Pacific Time Table.
LmA·m MtLUaiITy iniil~. baT..
.a 1. Pacifi Nail. . p
Sa odltlpr slr. gi, ..~h I tt. fi
WFeaI Way Yr.jgigt t ..r .. ii
LICALE UiLa LKl i..,i%.:
5.. 2 Atlantle Madl n
le S Epr..a.. Fr*.gs!t 11 .:t1. iii
HallfWay lVre.-Iirt
Official Directory.
sT ti ..
Meeri.f Ji . I It:,- ... 14..zorla
&ir.tary rot 1tatr 1. 1:"m at. H "lean
eat.. Tr."a.ur'-i F g klt. It-b1tinx
ýae Autat.,. ni, wi I. t ".k. Haklena
StI Eiii,-ral It.., .I tI . k.1,l. Heltina
put. la. F . \ ýt" " r"". H" 1."nw
Aw at Ju .-tie" It I. "--Irt.t. Ililli,,..
41k ktK~r""m." I r l It r. tI I.t.r If, I""na
i~lllr~r% N H 1. \'\'·'·' l lllutte
F' I I14.1.-n a
3.Il.I mr. na."rr I .,N .ki- .il.. lt il,-al
l. T.l l F ar~ l Nn.. Ir·B
Oraalt Iitii n i.. I Nij.r, . Hil..ln
Staes~ . .N .*4,1 ! A a?.,r ) II 1 - 11 . R emoak
i· R. 1 ..Q llmrn,,. ." F N K - ,,I r Nil e. t it)
eatbrr Ot() errer H. H. 14.) ..r.,,, 1 it) I~
/I'. It . ti
~Jadte ketl, Jurat c . Itlitra,. N
antIa Set. .n . Ii mtlt"lr
ititun y Attrn..- l.". t It n. " t ,r) I
Aaammm" ii.- 1. % ".e ,a .r
Saryn, i. i; ý,, w."
andr.. e ir 1. I. I 0i-tar r.
4I11 LtifI.nu. N J kln.tnemlx..l
ieAttarn.) tIt fl ..
J~or .',A Wa. . ...
4iu~iraaer 'A·I t· Hann,,ii.0
fT .orHmmn..,i i
/i'r,.ue T N. LN.Irlrt.
tbl.. II--,r) ýHg.."
t at ,
MT r. H .mm ql -t Iat:
JCLuer.. I Jkho lirkl, M11,» Cat)
? a r i)n h.n. A i ..
chie-fPhlar.- I-:H'. .
( lil
Mayor . J, 1. 1, Ran
('itl Attnrayy
Pialini- atia.?,.. .I.ni 1 itin,
Treaour.r it. N \l.rrtou
('hlr f..f i'..Itr ) . BI. Jxrkrw
Ftr.t Wart ItH. 'A NIitir.-. % I' l..rrrume.
See..nd War t - Iliei. b ' I t,~, 1 tfiutlardl
le~r o~ i .e.1 $t ch ti..M.r. Hank h..rk
OS .. h..un it a. Ili . rnl.. : t., r I. m.. andc~
%d w, formo~rarl7 n npoiud b m~. FIuh.
® iSI1 (. I..DD.
O" at W. IL Hata@a' Dhug SntaW..
owenWLYr t oSrtoekgrow.,en R ank
g uart.ad sad at reanabol. prinse.
sad iteses. afe·tieaDoo
U: . a..; aba Sun·d aweula at 9a
Frr a tra Wseduawday .wma. i imsma
alr. meUtatuda1 .twalta. ilaei
C. X. artin. Paaaar.
dL auia at etar
G.o. Rda.u sada
at uj
ma,. J. T PSaMag,. Pinki.
Im son, sub- ~ub
~rr~r g w ·rr4 rma
4.06 P a a w m a..*aki m um" has
a l athst Pasto
..t U b tMatmis do "t`a. mwwridis
omob of dow
4 +. ý .r'n i rý~,L~1~~I
Defendant Takes the Stand in
His Own Behalf and
Gives Details.
The (rows-I.:aalatlsoa Was la.ll Uder
When the Inlted tataes Coelt
HELENTA. April 0.--. I . . Batchelor,
the dlefendant. was the only witness on
the stand in the United Mtates caurt yes~
terday. and his examinnatiion wasu nt con
elulded at adIjurnrIriant. Under qluattiaons
of hIRs eoun.,I he went ,ier in detail tllhe
history of his i,',nec.rti with the hank.
e'lcainal the unlderstanding hetween
hotun..f anrd Stit.lirmi as t to the stock
traTnsaICtioiri; real the letter from Stel.
illns rreCaieed hby himi. anlt iuntinte the
desire. hy l,nlion s.aaile to purichase the
,',,ntrol of the bank; said that ht an'd the
lthi.r dlire.tre fit that it would i . .
ahitintag..e t, ,.t St.ih!,na ou.t of the
lanik n accunt f his unicertain tinan
,'ial ýr latioan. andl state.. that dle I.Jsts
h la, fallen from ,, e1 .Itsialawn to I.I.IIi.t .
w I. h h*I, ta- Hu. .-. I tio terie, to, Steb, ins"
i' r+ieition a ioth ther Iank lel sail that
,.le. sits haIt anr:rr..i.d from :'-,.,r5a to
':0'u,. :> la,.t1 ' li. hit always oi
tlc'tl tio piay 'he. totes that he ha ,l
'en\ to thel Ihaiau at iiaturitt. oir ass n.,
the rafter as he r.ould lobtain 'be nainei
td, lI ue,. While had taken the money
fro,,t the bank :, senid the Sb;.:i draft
for the Iillings estate stack. he had Ic.
fore i.eprsiterl the pr.e'Ils ~o( a loan
imadte with the NStional Bank of the }L -
puoliti In aln amount greater than the
pa!y mnt i manH As to the entries in the
irl s re-.ceiuahile rpeiter. the history of
th.r nut w, ult i., e written ,y one" lwrwn
an I the tine f p iarlent ti anolther.
.As to the. Merrili enlorrlment an the
*' Tiri noite, hle had ipruiably ntilected
to make the endlerwellmelnt when he orig
r.uall entetreal it lie unly had charge
,i the collection register, stock b.nks
a.l rewe-arad I.skas. and the entries made
ir the. other hoor-c would tie merely to
aldI tihe ls.ikkeeper.
Concerning the redlued interest upon
his notes watness aid he conceived the
idea that the nleq that it was no more
than right. in view of the fact ,f what
hie was doing fr the bank and the long
tlIII' hi woulid hive to carry thesi notes
tlhat he shi.irIi gel it at t: e.r cent. )n
.Jul; :. l-ri. when he gas.e his personal
not • for part of his father's debt the me
rurit% was not hlangei at all. .s to, the
lt r:an I,iotes'. I.. statest that the origanal
no tes had l.es m.eit to Mlajor Ljugan for
signature. anil rseturre,.l. li knew this
by the creasms ulin them; he had writ.
telln siesoral letters andl couldl get no re
ply. anli the entries were made in the
slsk for the plurpose of cleaning up the
oli paper. It made an apparent liffer.
ence sol gIt,.i4 in the undivided profit
account, but the sonly actual low to the
bank was '_i. He aid there was no
deception and claimed that the notes
showed just what they were. He gave
similar testimony as to the Burleigh
stems. He explained the election ex.
pense proposition as had the witness E.
E. Batchelor; claimed that the prop.
erty of the Miles City Water and Elec
tric Light company was worth SW0,tl0,
and that the bank was secured by mo-t
gage. He explained the Belway note
transaction in accordeace with his let.
ter to E W. W. Kilght Jr.. receiver, hereto
fore read in evidence. girvin additional
details. Wittess deoied the stlatment
teetfed to by Examiner Wilson that he
had draws out of 5e beak everything
in sight on his and his father's name.
"It ten't likely that a man under indict
meet would make such a statement." he
said. "Never mind about that. Mr.
Batchelor." said Judge Callea, one of
has ounsel.
Continuing. witness said he had a4
ranged for a sale to Johesen befnre be
purchased the Clowry stock. Hecdalmed
the Clowry stock. He claimed that the
directors knew all abshout his bhease
sad said that at the Uime o th peeahe
of the stock he had no intetin uos
lag the beak's moey. Witnesl spoke
of te mestitge of th di.sseat ems
mittee sad read axtretn teem the mia
uss to shbe that his stie was always
ne m m sUed
athm.Hesuld the s as U
lie Ws th aher or fhe stsak M o
Aqutst N U Ma li teat egggas96
tiss d ma e them appear die
tist; and sid that be sen e ast.
meaber whethe e bLgLt thl stoas
s Wilyd er or me. Afeaenamentes
delly depe balaes has he msed e
daily halaeses ter the .ais tboa
Fyear aq ap bead hsi tiraslbpem.
bher. atr ns t mho ea sewhsi e nu aU
the depoeit hod gswd**k *ea t e
I bobsF s
principal and interest. as upwards of
0'2.1 I. Deferndant read the balance of
the letter to Stebbins. of which a part
was read in the morning. showing that
he considered himself under deep obli
gations to Stebbins for patience in col
lecting. He stated the amount of stock
that was outstanding at 100 shares, and
admitted that the notes given on June
11th by has father were mere accommo
dation paper to take up his own paper in
the bank-, as his indebtednes was grow
ing very large.
* The cross-examination was not com
pleted when the court adjourned until 10
a. m. to-day.
OeGreg Ellet and the Oypsy.
I never detected in her any trace
of genial humor. though I doubt not
that it was lat-ent in her. and I
thought hesr a srsion who had drawn
her ideas far more from hooks and
an acquaintalnce with tcrtain typei
of humanity whom she had set her
self deliberately to, study- albeit with
rare" wir''olption-than froll an easy
intuitive familiarity with all sorts
and conditions of men. But she
worked out thoroughly what she
knew by the intuition of gemnus.
though in this sbhe was very far infe
rior to Scott. Thus she wrote the
"Spanish Gypsy." having only seen
such gypsies two or three times.
One day she told me that in order
to write "-Daniel Deronda" she had
read through 245 books. I longed to
tell her she had better have learned
Yiddish and talked with 200 Jews
and been taught, as I was by my
triend Solomon the Sadducee, the art
of distinguishing Fraulein Lowenthal
of the Ashkenazim from Senorita
A4uado of the Sephardim by the cor
ners of their eyes. - "Memoir of
Charles Godfrey Lelan."
Mest. Be War.
A minister m IAttle Rock has de
nied that the south was defeated lbe
catuse the strains of 'Yankee Doodle"
were more inspring than the music
of "Dixie." In pint of fact. "Dixie"
had and has every advantage, music
ally and sentimentally. "Yankee
Doodle" was conceived many years
ago in a spirit of derision and has
never lost its burlesque quality. It
is a lively tune, well adapted to
marching purposes, but when there
is serious businme on hand and it is
aeoeasary to stir up patriotism "Yan
kee Doodle" isn't much of a motor.
·lrkty, Glory, Halleluiah k" has won
a dmn great battles where ''Yankee
Doodle" gained a skirmish.--Kansas
aCty Star.
h. k.d the JudgeL
Mme. Ella Zeuln. as a performer on
the high rlne. has .rod well up iii
her pnonfe'sion for year s. An aaius
ang incident in her care ir halppenl
it Louisville inl IsP.4 One of the
items in her exhlbitlon uonaisted of
wheeling a chilI. larws the rope in '
wheelbarro,w Judl.. Wakefield Iper
monally attend-.l to stop this feat
On his arrival he was quite indignant
to see Ella Zuila in midair, with the
barrow laden as usual. After a m,
ment's hesitation the fair perform.r
tipped the barr,w. and its occu.a
aell to the ground with a cra. to
the great consternation of the judge.
He cooled considerably when he
iFgndit ws only a dressed up doll.
olomoa is credited with sylag "there
a mothing new under the srn;" sad a
striking prof that human nature in all
ages has bees about the same is the tet
that from the erlie time man has d
roted a great deal of attention to herds
it cattle. To go no further back than
ble patrisares we lad that Abraham
ran a hib cattleman, and on noe ocean
ha. when some heathee "rustlrs" cot
st a bunch of eattle from his herds, he
muetered three hundred adl eighteen of
his cowboys, recovered the teer nd
hung the thieve HBi herd mest have
been a big one to need so many cowrbys
na the old deys cattle were about th
Daly portable wealth, and the hi"t
meas of barter. Th that metal money
was damped with thle gme din e,
sad our word "pecuaary" om Irm
pena.," a hard of cattle. Is the United
aste, Moditaas, Wyl . asem and
sams are the hoeme o the geat herd
at cattle. Oisae IL the Chicag.o .ek
sis Lare sesaerl t e ee ma !heed
of caote (belim eGer satek) and s.
Ib andle a sm City as emr mevem
Ihe apphlais of the abeae is that the
eat ieu-t m tapm rm wt _
amaStp &ofh t hry thle n mwn a
per ptaea s das e su then a . t
Mas rho the a3 0 MI i airnates
er it es wit s dulth eimaIun s
of psdaol wall and mama AID
whee yea emsthARmaleasptages th
beat ead is the SeeUnMag Week ahe
b delems Gr tr iagen h b s !gust,
lee el us Msm w
ThlE Time Last Year.
For the convenience of those who
wish to make comparisons and for the
benefit of others who can never remem
ber, the Joc.RNAL gill hereafter keep
standing a table of the corresponding
month of last year. showing day by day
the principal meteorological conditions.
as obtained from the record kept by the
United States weather observer in this
city. Following is the record for April.
1--Cloudy ...... . ............ I1
r2-Partly cloudy ................... 32
S-Part cloudy ................. I4
4--Part cludy... ............ 4.
5--Part cloudy. ............ 4;
i --Part cloudy... ..............
7--Cloldv .. .... .........
n- Cloudy ........ ..... .. .. :'
' ('lear ....................... :i17
Il1 Parth cloudy ...... 4:
11- (C!ouhy...............................40
1 (.C,,uty. u .
13 Partly.duly . . 10
14 Partly cloudy 10
1 Part loudy...............
Sart .I . . ...........
17- Part cioudy .... ...... . 6
14 Part clu y. . . .. It
19 (lo . . . :
0- Partly clouu y ............. ..
21 -(.'lear ....... .. ........ 3
"2 Partly cloudy 4;
:I3 Part cloudy .........
2l -Cloudy . .. 4
' Cloud . :17
:; Part ,ioudy ..... ...... 42
27 Cloudy... ...........
S('Cloud) . .
"1 Part cloudy. .............. . 10
30 Part clouldy. ............ 44
The tigures in the right hand column
denote the average thermometer reading
for the day. The coldest snap during
the monlth was 1;: on the night of the
4th. The warmest was 7*; on the after
norn of the 7th. The average for the
month was loat)ove zero. Total anount
of rain and melted snow duril,. the
month was 1.41 inches.
Ii the pi'.i'
Nearly everyltlly nreeds
cule. 'The nupuritiecs
cumulate-d in the bhool 1l , . ,l
months must he expelled,. : he
mild days come. and the .t, et : orac
ing air is lost. the Ialy is liable to be
overcome by debility or some serious
disease. The remarkable success achieved
by Hood's Harsaparilla. and the many
words of pi:s;ae it has received. make it
worthy your confidence. We ask you to
give this medicine a trial. We are sure
it will do you good. Read the testimon
ials published in behalf of Hood's Sar
smparilla. all from reliable. grateful peo
ple. They tell the story
-The value of petroleum to the
arts and .sienceM i- simply inc kcula
ble." said Walter Francis. a gentle
man who knows all about oil 0of
course every one is familiar with tht
chemicals that are selparated from
the liquid in the course of its refine
ment. but how few know that most
of the carbon usod in electric lights
Domes from the same source, or rath
er from the action it exerts upon
metal. Yes, sir, the edges of the pots
in which crude petroleum i refined
m now chipped of ad sod to the
-Cetrio companies, a the actiom of
the ltaase beat upao the misture
ha the efectot fo.ming almost pore
earboa as the rism."-Detroit News.
was wass ava.t.sh,
ie eoeKYm
That afds esr lt and most oIm
fortehle tachtis-The MilwsaUke
That traveses a delightful aad picter
sIque portion do the country-The
That ha (ad merits) the repatetioa of
mtsmth ad reliablisy-Thm.Mtl
That easoys popularity and is sta.ped
with public approval-Te Milweu
That has a uheatantiasl adbed sad meest
freqet trae serv - The M
That rasrds, always, the eas, comfort
sad mlety ecs patreas-4e M il
That tarshes the best priasts em
part-mt seesad bsleatuearyh
fst emkisgeae-The Milwashaes.
That Lt mihes p e doant dwltsg*m
parlr assa ee sM iaeh eir ea
and seempteus igi tas-he
That se m embld a et e het
4- a a Deses as wr
tA wassepsse is eamiss aggil sl
enps lhase )Finds se ash lY e6
Itsight " y ea s ss li bAwee
b a n a . I a m e
W. B. JoaRD,AN, Fresident.- G. M. MILES. Vice-President.
H. B. WILEY, Cashier. C. L. CARTER, Ass't Cashier.
Directorm s
Inter-st Paid on. Time DeposIte.L.,
Ml.es Cits, dtotaraaa.
Live Stock Broker,
Real Estate and Commercial Agency.
Loan Broker a;r.d NJotary Public. First Class Ranches, Farms a"
To% n Lots fur .a.c. Settlcrs and Intending Purchasers furnished
information res.ccting Northern Pacific Lands and Lots.
Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and W.stern Cattle for
sale. Ura Stock Specialty.
Engelhci: Helena Business Collp
Surthead, Tlegrapyb, Pneasesbi, Arculeeral Iralg ead Maei.
The Beet and met Practical SchI in the State. Perfect equipment. Latet aa-I
meths, uard. ('ompte.nt profeors at the head of each deparnmtnt.
POSTAL INSTRTCTIONS in Shorthand, (Pernin. Graham and Pitman.)
Bookkeeping and Penmanship. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Instruction on all Brass, String asad Reed Instruments in Music Departmaat.
First clamss Boarding Accommodations at Principal's residence-Student's lsg.
Latest and beat Commercial text books on Bookkeeping, Arithmetic, Cosm
pondence, etc., for sale.
W-For references. tatimr,,na and course of study, etc.. sed for Circulars.
Address all letters t.:
Pref. H. T. EIIELAI N. A.. Mileipal ad hrWdr.
CAVION.-u a assist .Sgas W. i
rL Street «'I«s'asae ..e
Livery, Feed and 50*
Sale Stables.
W. 1. moves"s a.aacre
or other ,. Tere ensg. a.
. dn@wbm atais. spake. T..l .
nae annl Pri, on the bhtsmn, wib oa
their aI"'. .aa thiaaaasa e d111a4 s
us and w wCe them. ahuse wha
_ abightn d and Hesvy turnouts and ` . . aý q W .ga D a.l -
Sadtle a1haIs by the day week , _ w" bes w. L." "l,,..r..s tr ,,
or month. ... .-- . ate. ae at a
as in
Horses, wagans, buggies and bar- V.3...eise tl
ness on hand at all times for CA E j fu
sale at reasonable figures.
Th - .- - beret - - - . 0 6 to fe - C
.MS " . i ! [
i . .~ 6,
.mlmmm mf .

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