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The Yellowstone journal. [volume] (Miles City, Mont.) 1893-1901, October 25, 1894, Image 1

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You are Sweet
Enough to Eat
'ToO are sweet enough to est, he cried.
At which her beart turned cold;
Per abe was a mlaeioeary fair.
And he was a canibal bold.
w m uap mbA Smut,
Ur oNr thpe vs w wew,
kr pm wb ns Fmt
u prim mbs begu
Sir mlei Larb t,
6il Wlm b I . Waglu.
We are receiving to-day a car
load of canned goods of this sea
son's canning right from the fac
tory and can make lower prices
than if we bought in small quan
tities. We save our customers
money. Why don't you come
and buy where you can buy the
cheapest. Come in and see us
price our goods Reduce your
famil expenses by trading at
.W. W. anDUS,
e'r n. eea ý e -' ~
L- IIi
;? _.· ..2_
rl%·P,-*:c· ~-C~~T ;.' . ~
The Fatal Disease is Gradually
Wearing the Life of
the Car Awry.
PrJam.m Alls Arrive at Avadle Wml
Will Seos Wed · ue
L.VADoS, Oct. 2.--The following bal.
leti was made public bher this evelang.
It sys: "During the day the oer was
languid. There were elight convuleive
symptoms. His apptite was better thba
yesterday." The bulletin wa signed by
Mrs. Leyden. ZEncharine. Popof, Ben
aminoff and Hirech. phylscians in at
teodsene. According to advioss re
cealved by physicians the ileias c the
czar is taking its usual courmm towards a
fatal end. His majesty was better Sun
day and Moneay rad wose today, while
it epected tomorrow his strength will
carry him to another light rally. Thus
the prgress of the dimsus will ebb and
flow until the patient sccumbs.
The primmess Ali, of Hemse-Daru
stadt, the betrothed wife of the ezaro
wits. arrived here at 5:30 yesterday ac
companiedl by the Grand Detchess Eli
zabeth. her ester. wife of the Grand
Duke sergins of Rusia The journey
of Princem Alit through Crimea was in
the nature of a state prgre The
princess was met at the Russian frontier
by the Grand Duchess Sergius At Al
ustha the bride-elect was welcomed by
csarowits and his uncle, the Grand
Duke of ergius. As the prinseso and
party drove through Yalta the csaro
wits and his intended wife, mated side
by aide, were heartily cheered by the
The imperial castle wau reached' at
dusk and the princes. Alu was immedi
conducted into the presence of the car
and czarina. The imperial sufferer
greeted the princess with every mark of
affection. The bride elect. accompanied
by the czarina and other members of the
imperul frmily,. proceeded to the chapel
castle. A solemn religious service was
then conducted. Princess Alis kneeling
beide the empress and joining in long
and fervent supplicatiose ooered for the
recovery o the czar.
After the religious ceremony the
princes and imperial party returned to
the room occupied by the csar. The
Grand Duke and Grand Duoebes Vladi
air, the former s brother of the empemr
arrived Susday ani the King of OGreene
is on his way from Viesm.
Lomor. Oct. T.-Today has pro
daced practically mothieg is regard to
the situstlon of the sar. In all the
6ttianstal eapitals and Ia Loaeds these
hre bas streams at people at the se
"as ea*:--.. To themse, howevr. hMl
siormatbo was vsomeened,. and that
little smeistld of ferebodlngs Plmars
sad eme.maese mesametly oaied fromm
t. Phtrees sg to Vlmadiva ok. 1mm
Rome to Basses Ayres The wld ru
m-r s-rt edmfy wer m -sse d
today i still wilder farms Plum ese.
ew eome the sepat that thmee
m- people these who issst ith
the msoewits has iefusd to med I
the thms, d that the er is
.r tomempel him to do n hep a
deaed his i..edil. mauneto r Pity I
AUs. The Meeeie Ier tlat,
SIthe smm ens peme to bhe bmeth
hr a1111 s toM * aswst - pa-e
no O r-' --- r-- P Zir a a
- r.- aimm^b.ý  -
d oeea. to r·Irll ýd -01
- - umYL_.m
IIJqII Mr -L-t4 am
so" iii 4Mir. NI~Li,: ý11^
The Republican of Custer county
Montana being again assembled on the
eve a campaign take occasion to again
declare their unwavering faith in the
cardLnai republican principle o1protec
thin to Amrian indadrtiS and Ameri
can labor. rlwpe pon which the
battle o wan oug and lost but
which ould have had no abler or more
compete demoetratioe of l political
ti.as and necessity that that given to
tbh' world by the demooratic congre
recently adjourd that individually
elamored and fought in piecemeal f
what they ooademaed as a whole, and
aldly, by a s.lee d the moant question
bable prod that ever disgraced a
m aI of oougv throuh the uck and
eime of _ p d prty dishonor,
sueed in iddn gmoeg the statutes
d the constry a tar law that protects
everything but wool and makes the
democratic platform of 1U02 with all its
high sounding condemnation of protee
tion as the culminating atrocity of clas
leslation, a thing to be jeered at as
l as democrat endure.
se epre sour thorough appreciation
and approval of the able representation
by Han. Thoma C. Power and Hon.
Char 8 S. Hartman of this sovereign
state in the congress of the United
States, whLich repreentation though of
f the minority wan aone the icm anal
oue and active and not without impor
a at reeults
We heartily aedorse theadministration
at Hoa. John E. Rickards, governor of
this state, and particularly commend his
action in protecti.e the state from the
hame and disgrace o a apecal session
of the third legislative amssembly.
We denounce and disown the traitor
republicans of the last legislature who
bartered for money what little honor
God entrusted them with, and point
with concous pride to the unsullied rep
utations of Custer county'e delega.
tio Henator Swift and Representatives
Huffuman and MeKay. who pured
through that fire of bribery and cor
ruption untainted by suspicion even.
We especially denounce the bostile at
titude of the democratic party toward
the wool interest of the United 8tates
whereby one of the principal industries
of this state has been ruined, and which
has robbed the woolgrowerm of this
county alone of the vast sum of $1000,
(00 anod reduced hundreds of our citizens
to absolute poverty,thus depriving many
of them tie autumn of their days,
of the fruits of years of hoo labor.
Mindful of the depressio brought
upon the mining industry in the western
portion of our state by legisation hostile
to silver we declare in favor of a poic
that will place that metal on a parity
with gold, and thus restore to a large
portion of our state. the prosperity it
once enjoyad.
Ever faithful in its fulillment of ante
election pledge, whether they be made
to the nation or to the people of aeunty
we congratulate the people of this
county on the delnite action already
taken by our republican board of
county commissioners for the construe.
tion ao bridges and the improvemeat of
reads, promised by the pbhan
party in the lasbt campaig and we baee
by renew them praio-em ana standing
pld frm one ampaign to another
utl diepdmt or dangerous stream
isrl and every mad e it for
treuli. a
p "T ea -e f w ans wdo e ner
taM -t a teid" sd The Wa rg,
tha millios meme smo be peti de
i$g the season tiahe geustionable -haps
if "elstastry" gifta or gradtit s
waeam ead ish. watch dofaopeck
ls aW bL. wRp o does yon
y servce lak foar hsor
her "rhwMld" beem y-ea spas. The
wed geN upo em assen e sm. d e
0 brim (ISt aliap e El1 T
mm who swems yes wise water at
,ebumesepsebmsma y measy stea
$ Na-el Up-pemm Isle a imwif, MA
1 inb M wham s qu 960 FM
ply em_
U-l, augl. -
bw t -e .. wr.
qumibbWstwubbs us*a M
b wweVw ·rr v ·
dI - o -ap .-"J od
fal g"$ dd"~'1C`~
Tbi. Tie Lest Tear.
For the convenience of those who
wish to make comparisons and tor the
benefit at those who can sever remem
ber, the JoItNAL will hereafter eep
stsading a table e'the eehejpomdisg
mouth at last year, showing day by day
the priscipal meteesolagi.al oomdWaLs.
as obtained from ts record t by the
Utited States weather obsrver la this
city. Following is the recoe4 for Oct.,
DAT]E. waru s. TrKPUATUras.
1-Cloudy..................... 39
S--Part cloudy ................ 4
3--Part o.................. do
4-PCloudy ..................... 46
7--Partlloudy .4............ . 4
8-Part Cloudy................. 42
-Clod..................... 50
11-Cloudy ................... 3.
12--Cloudi................. ..
14-Clear ........................... 4
15-Clear ........... ........... s
S-Part cloudy ...................... 4
1-Clear ..... ................. 4I
In-Clear....................... U4
21--C................ 54
21-Clo ouyd . 40
2-Cl y ...................... 42
.--Cludy ..................... 34
Te figures in the Mright hand eorum
dsmota the average thermometer reeding
tor the day. The highest temperature
dauring the month was 44. The total
1.25 of an inch.
PROPOSALS will be received by the
truatees of the Montana State Reform
e.hool for furnishing coal, wood and hay
as follows:
nite coal as required at the seool
buildnfrom date until September 30th
1805. sleated at about 200 tom in
all. Coal to be delivered direct from
the mine. Th weight of each loaed to
estimated after one or more
leds on scales in Mie C1.
Crd wood-2 cords at ry pine wood
(not charred) to be thrown off the wagon
at the building, not pled
Hay-20 tons of timothy or blue joint
hay free from weeds and in good cod.
tiou, to be delivered i the loft the
stable as required, about two toes each
Btili for fur aneh.rsup are Sp
loard f P aiEis at HelJe. prompt
Proposas should be marhed. "Propos.
ale for Coal. Wood or Hay" as may e
the usand delivered to J. W. 8Sevel,
Pres., on or be.ate 12 o'ecoek moon,
Oetober Uhb at which use they will be
opened at his cues.
H. B. Wate,,
krnl ..i1. th. r ir beviq e..
t,. .bme -df orn , o.
quesd to adds w uaudindae at
DIa. U. Dow.u.,
=as wars umavm~in.
mttm hM.. ari ndId
ap eIwo at to [email protected]~
' aw stýM rr X1
~--J -T
-Sr~ rr -~t·~~~~aaaaa,
b --. i
Highest oaf ams L msvmins Powm.-Laest U.L Go,'t aqdo -
- -.
W. B. Joapix, President. G. M. MILa, Vie-Preside. .
H. . WILy, Cashier. C. L. Ca r, Ass't Cashiw.
W. B. JonDAs, Gao. M. Mussa, ,
H. B. WILEY, J.W. -rasaLLu ,
HaNry TLsar, Jxo. (.aria,
F. C. Rosaarsos
Tntýse mpaid on 'Poat dpi..,. se
afssa oce!! assa..m..m.
Live Stock Broker.
Ral Esttan d Com prCil.
Loan Broker and Notary Public. First Class Ranches, Far .i
Town ILots for sale. Settlers and Intending Purchasers
information respecting Northern Pacific Lands sad Lob.
Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and W.sterm CaiCr l
sale. Urn bIha psIdht.
.-W N
- U- 4
s I1ýu mibrit ~ o`B-N
I wbrOq -

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